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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 31, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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news in the washington, d.c. suburbs. just 15 miles from the white house, there's a massive manhunt for an escaped hospital prisoner who is armed and dangerous. this is who they are looking for. police say he overpowered a private security guard early this morning. >> we all need to be concerned because the information we have right now is that he is armed, he's a felon and he's attempted to flee. so we need everybody to secure in place and report any suspicious activity immediately to 911. >> let's get the latest from the scene in falls church virginia. casey hunt joins us this morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, jose. as you outlined there's a manhunt on for this man who was actually a federal prisoner. he was known locally as the bicycle bandit. he was stealing from banks on his bicycle.
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he was being guarded by these two private security contractors. he overpowered one of them took the gun, resulted in a room to room manhunt at this fairfax hospital behind me. at this point, officers are sure that he's no longer in the hospital. they say that he's traveling in a 2002 toyota camry. it's silver. residents here in the northern virginia area are being asked to keep an eye out for that car. at this point, local officials have been in touch with his girlfriend and family to try to make sure that they weren't part of this it escape or that it wasn't planned. we're still trying to sort out the details of how he ended up in this silver car that we're now looking for. so at this point, a lot of unanswered questions about how this was allowed to happen. we know that the fairfax police are at this point leading the charge here. they are the ones that have been talking to us about what's been going on. but at this point, bedon't know how it was that this inmate was in the hospital room.
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police said he was not handcuffed at the time, which was against fairfax police protocol. a lot of questions for federal officials who were holding him, jose. >> and casey, adding to the tension, there was an unrelated police chase going on at the same time this morning, right? >> reporter: there was, there was a pickup truck that was being chased by police. initial reports said that was potentially this particular suspect, but we were quickly assured here at the scene by fairfax county police that that was not, in fact related and we are looking for this silver toyota camry. . >> casey hunt, thank you very much. impressive video of this earlier police chase. we'll continue following developments from this active manhunt in the d.c. suburbs. now to another major developing story. all eyes are on switzerland where it is deadline day in the nuclear talks. there are just nine hours left.
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nbc learned there's a good chance of some sort of deal being struck. but don't expect a sweeping agreement. everyone is wary of just kicking the can down the road. negotiators are working on carefully worded statements that will say even though major issues are unresolved, enough progress has been made to keep talking. andrea mitchell is in switzerland with the latest. >> reporter: jose, at this hour there's no final agreement, although they are working on a statement, which would be a statement of principles. they are not going to jointly sign anything. but there may be a statement that individual foreign ministers will read or read jointly which agrees that a certain number of centrifuges that can make weapons fuel will be discarded. that iran will step back from its current level of 20,000 down to 6,000 or less. but there are a lot of details
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to be worked out and a principle disagreement is will the sanctions on iran will lifted in june when a final agreement here is reached or will they be phased out as the u.s., france and other allies want. if they are phased out, the u.s. officials believe they would have more continuing leverage with u.n. inspections to make sure iran is not cheating. iran, which says it's always wanted a peaceful nuclear program skpin cysts on its right to nuclear technology development has been resisting that, but is very pressed economically with the u.n. and u.s. sanctions and is looking for immediate sanctions relief. so those are the competing pressures. it could be resolved by midnight, at least to the point they will issue a joint statement or statement of principles and come back and fight again on the details another day. jose? >> thank you so much. i want to turn to our bureau chief. what are the biggest issues as far as the iranians are concerned?
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>> reporter: jose, as andrea mentioned, there's the lifting of sanctions. there's the uranium enrichment. there's also the big outstanding issues of the research and development in the nuclear issue. i think most worrisome for the hard liners in iran is how long any deal is going to last with the united states. for the hardliners in iran one of the pillars of the revolution was anti-american usm and they are proud they haven't had relations with america for the last 35 years. if they sign a deal with america that's going to last 10 or 15 years and is going to have checks and balances, that means they are going to have to a working relationship with the united states and that's not going to make the clerical elite in iran very comfortable. you can be sure they are sitting right now behind closed doors calculating amongst themselves whether -- continue animosity
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with the united states. the head of iran's military force said this morning that the u.s. intentions in these talks are not to curb iran's nuclear program, but as to have a foothold in iran so they can meddle in affairs. that's what's really worries the clerical establishment here. that's what they are mulling over and how to make a deal with the states that's not going to affect them and will keep them in power in iran. jose? >> ali, thank you very much. someone with me now who knows plenty about these kinds of negotiations former ambassador to nato nicholas burns. he now teaches at harvard's school of government. pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> what we know from andrea mitchell is there seems to be some agreement on principle. if these are the principles that they have agreed on it looks as though iran is pretty happy with what they may get out of this. >> well we'll see. it's not over until it's over.
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there's a deadline approaching in a couple hours. the key provisions here for the united states are can we have the ability to reimpose sanctions should iran cheat on any agreement. and iran's pattern of behavior over the last 20 years has been to cheat. a pattern of deception of not telling the truth about their nuclear program. obviously, that leads to a second important factor for the u.s. and europe. that's verification. will the energy agency have 24/7 eyesight on the plants that have been producing enrichment illegally under international law. and i think if this emerges, this conceptual deal in a couple hours, it's going to be a good step forward for the united states because it will mean we can continue to freeze iran's program in place. it's far preferable to walking away as benjamin netanyahu has been counselling because you'll lose this unity to contain iran.
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>> if you walk away and then you have these sanctions still in place and it's not just sanctions from the united states but worldwide, i think that would continue to keep the pressure on to get some future change from the iranians. >> no, i don't agree. i think if the u.s. were to walk away because this was not a perfect deal then i think you'd lose the international consensus on sanctions. and that sanctions regime would slowly dissolve and that's not in the interest of the united states. so i think president obama and secretary kerry are right to negotiate, but the devil is going to be in the details. . we'll have to look carefully at what they announce today. what we're looking at as a real deadline of june 30th when a real agreement hopefully will be reached by then. >> the iaea in its role in monitoring future situations in iran, they have as you said they have had some difficulty in
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the past with iran. how do you deal with the regime that is hell bent on hiding what they are doing. they gl they said iran has still not answered the question about a military deal. what we need to do is maintain maximum pressure on iran. i think the way to do that is to stay at the table, to keep the russians and chinese with us the europeans already with us, to make sure they don't go back to importing oil. iran is only at the table because of the sanctions and the severity of the sanctions. so we need some -- we'll need to see a tough-minded attitude by the united states to make this stick by june 30. >> until june 30 the sanctions should remain in place? >> without any question. i would hope even after june 30 the sanctions would not be lifted in one fell swoop, but there would be a gradual basis. we need to see if they are going to comply.
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>> thank you for being with me this morning. french officials are begin ing a news conference on the investigation into the crash of germanwings flight 9525 a week after the co-pilot crashed the plane deliberately into the french alps killing everyone on board. a french prosecutor arrived near the crash site and french authorities say they are making progress identifying the remains of the victims. the french president and german chancellor are giving an update. here's holland moments ago. >> there are 800 people mobilized on the site right now, 400 policemen and specialized personnel to continue identifying all of the victims. french interior minister has just confirmed that before the end of the week or at least by the end of the week hopefully it will be possible to identify all of the victims.
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>> what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, jose. the emergency workers have been excavating to allow investigators and workers to reach that crash site by car finally opened this morning. we know that a convoy took the investigators there. this is a massive improvement because until today the only way to get there or the fastest way to get there was to lower those investigator es two at a time on that crash site. it was a slow and dangerous operation. this way they cannot only get there much quicker, they can only bring back a lot more material. we're talking about thousands of small pieces of debris scattered around an area of o ten acres on that ravine. they need to take every single piece to analyze to see if any of it is of any interest to investigators. the chief prosecutor from france
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arrived here. we have a whole bunch of press conferences going on. we also are going to have the head of police from this region. we'll see if any new information will come from that. >> thank you, we'll be checking back with you throughout today's program. we're just getting started on this tuesday e edition of "the rundown." today the defense gets its turn in the boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the prosecution ended its case with gut wrenching testimony. we're going to go live to boston. plus the pressure is on the state of indiana after a passage of a religious freedom law. we're expecting a news conference at 11:00 a.m. eastern time to discuss and clarify the law. this after hundreds turn out to protest a city hall meeting in the capitol. among them former diver greg louganis. >> i felt very embraced by
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developing now in boston testimony is resuming at the marathon bombing trial where this is the first full day of defense testimony. the prosecution rested its case yesterday in a very emotional way focusing on the youngest of the three victims an 8-year-old. prosecutors showed jurors this surveillance picture of dzhokhar tsarnaev right behind him and his family. the fbi says dzhokhar tsarnaev placed the bomb loaded with nails and bbs just a few feet
6:18 am
away. video shows him walking away ten seconds before the bomb exploded. his parents and members of the jury were seen wiping away tears as a medical examiner described the devastating injuries the 8-year-old suffered. ron mott joins us from the courthouse in boston. what an emotionally draining day yesterday. >> reporter: the defense has their work cut out for them but the prosecution made it real. i wanted to remind jurors what's at stake. three people murdered at the boston marathon and a few days later an officer was ambushed and killed in his cruiser. now the defense has their opportunity to do what they say they wanted to do which is establish that tamerlan tsarnaev was the one who master minded this and was such an influence on his younger brother that he pulled him into this terrorist
6:19 am
plot. they called a couple witnesses yesterday. we don't have specific guidance about their plans, the defense that is. we have heard local reports they call may just one witness today and rest their case. then if they do that today, the judge will go through procedural issues including the 30 counts 17 of those could include the death penalty if convicted. it will take some time for the court to tell the jury the instructions on each of those counts and perhaps the jury may get the case later today or some time tomorrow. but we're thinking this week for sure that the jury will probably get. charged with this it case and go off to o deliberate and then we will start the penalty phase, if there are convictions. most observers think there will be. >> ron, thank you so much. i'm joined by former prosecutor kendall coffee. what a day yesterday and what a way for the prosecution to wrap up their case weaving throughout this case the human toll. but yesterday was particularly poignant.
6:20 am
>> it was emotional, the jury was visibly heartbroken and i'm sure quietly and silently outraged as they heard the details about how tleez three human beings bodies were ripped apart by the explosives. one of the most compelling cases in any u.s. courtroom. >> what can the defense do and ron was saying just put one witness and say i've had it. >> the defense is wise to be very limited and strategic in their approach. >> should they put him on? >> they shouldn't, not yet. they may have to put him on in the sentencing phase. this is just a question of whether it's life in prison or death row. what the defense is going to do in the guilt or innocence phase is simply try to say that the planning, the preparation, the bomb making was likely done by tamerlan tsarnaev in order to reduce the role of dzhokhar.
6:21 am
then in the sentencing phase, they are going to say the older brother dominated the younger brother that he should not be forgiven for the crime, but not put to death. >> if you put him on the stand on that point, what does he say? >> that's the biggest problem with putting him on the stand. the only thing this jury wants to hear about maybe is remorse. and that doesn't seem to be in any of the evidence we have seen. we have a young man who 22 minutes after the trial said he was buying milk. the next day was tweeting friends that he's a stress free kind of guy. if he can't present remorse, there's no benefit to putting him on the stand. >>. thank you so much. what a heart wrenching case we're seeing in boston. thank you for being with me. we'll keep our eyes on the courtroom and bring you developments as they happen. after the break, we're going to zoom through the top stories including the latest on the fight over the immigration action. and we're keeping a close ya on that breaking news that we
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♪ hands. ♪ you got it booking right. ♪ booking.yeah a vigilant in new york shooting outside the nsa. let's zoom through some of the top stories. it was emotional in new york city at the site of last week's deadly explosion and building collapse. the family of one of the victims was among those attending a candle light vigil. two were killed in the explosion and dozens others were injured. 125 adults and 5 children have registered with the red cross for help with housing. the fbi says terrorism is not believed to be the motive behind a bizarre incident
6:26 am
outside america's top spy agency. we brought you this as it happened. two men wearing women's clothing and wigs tryied to crash the gates of the nsa headquarters in maryland with a stolen suv. officers fired shots killing one of the men and wounding the other. the two had stolen the suv from a friend for a joyride. they found drugs and a handgun inside. an update on the legal fight over president obama's immigration action. the justice department is now filing its appeal urging a federal appeals court to lift the temporary hold a judge place u eded on the action back in february. that action could spare as many as 5 million people from deportation. it was challenge edd by a coalition of 26 states arguing the move was unconstitutional. a court hearing is set for the 17th of april. check out this video of peru. massive flooding and landslides caused by recent heavy rains. the government has declared a
6:27 am
state of emergency in the northern part of the country. the mud slides have killed at least 28 people and e destroyed 1200 homes. much more ahead on "the rundown." a manhunt for an escaped prisoner. and indiana's governor under fire for his state's new religious freedom law. he's expected to speak shortly. i'll be speaking with the state's republican house speaker, next. ♪ ♪ you know i tried one of those bargain paper towels but i had to use so many sheets per spill... the roll just disappeared. i knew i should've bought bounty. bounty is 2x more absorbent and strong when wet. just look how much longer bounty lasts versus one of those bargain brand towels.
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store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big running this clean will be much better for the environment. we're proud to be a part of that. we're staying on top of breaking news from the d.c. suburbs where police are on the hunt pr an escaped hospital prisoner considered armed and dangerous. and they are looking for this man. police say he overpowered a private security guard early this morning in a hospital there. one shot was fired, no one was hurt. he got away in a silver toyota
6:31 am
camry that may have front end damage. we'll have an update at the top of the hour. now to indiana, the backlash over the state's religious freedom law that continues to grow both inside and outside the state. check out the front page of the indianapolis star. a clear message from the editorial team fix this now. governor pence will be holding a press conference in an hour and a half. he's defending the law writing that the law has been grossly misconstrued and insisting it's not a license to discriminate in indiana or o elsewhere. this is nine ceos signing a letter to pence call inging for a change in the law. and the indianapolis city council approved a resolution against the law. >> it's important that everyone knows that indianapolis is open for business. we are not going to stand for discrimination on any level. indianapolis is known for its sports conventions, businesses
6:32 am
families, and i feel indianapolis should be open to everyone no matter what. >> indiana's house speaker will join me in. a minute. he's promising clarification. but john yang is on the ground in indianapolis with more reaction to the law, john good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this is the message you're hearing around indianapolis and around indiana, fix this now, as you pointed out. it's not just from the ceos, it's from people on the street. before last night's city council meeting, a rally outside the chambers before the council voted 24-4 to urge repeal of the law. it's also from ceos around the country like from the head of the marriott hotel chain. >> this legislation in indiana, there are some bills being considered in other states is not just pure idiotcy that you
6:33 am
can tell businesses they can discriminate is madness. >> reporter: as you say, the state lawmakers trying to get some sort of fix o to clarify the law before this weekend when much of the eyes of the nation will also be on indianapolis as they host the ncaa final four. jose? >> john yang thank you. i want to bring in a key player in all of this, indiana's republican house speaker. speaker, thank you for being with me. >> thank you jose. >> let me ask you about the clarification. what will it contain? >> senator david long the president of the senate and myself, we met with ceos, many of those who sent the letter to legislators and the governor yesterday, in fact we were in all-day meetings trying to determine the appropriate fix is
6:34 am
here. that's what we have pledged is we're simply going to fix the bill. . it doesn't allow discrimination. as we heard from the ceo of marriott, we just are going to fix it. we have to bring this to a close in a positive way. reassuring everyone that indiana does not discriminate indianapolis does not discriminate, it never has, it won't. this bill didn't allow that but we're going to fix it. >> why has there been such reaction if this law doesn't lead to discrimination? i mean was the state ready for this? >> well i don't think anyone saw it. the bill doesn't provide that. this is the same law that is in effect in 30 other states. most of the ceos and others that we hear from when they say we are not coming to indiana, they have the precise same law in their state, it's just not controversial because the law
6:35 am
doesn't allow discrimination. however, once people say hey, this allows discrimination against the lgbt community, then, of course, people react negatively to that. i do as well. we're going to fix it and make it clear that that's not only the intent, it's not the effect. it's going to be a fix that many of these ceos that we have been chatting with also agree with and those discussions are happening heen this morning. >> you talk about the governor said the bill simply mirrors federal law and certainly some other states but this federal law that clinton signed into law in 1993. doesn't this law give religious rights to for-profit organizations that that law did not? >> the federal law does the exact same thing. after hobby lobby, that's really the law of the land. so it was just an updated version of the law. people have pointed to that to say this is some sort of differential. it really isn't if you read it with the hobby lobby case.
6:36 am
it's a technical, legal issue. people don't want to get beyond this allows discrimination. as soon as we hear that all of us recoil from that. >> if that law exists, why the need for the state of indiana to add another one? >> yeah well first of all, the federal law doesn't apply to the states. the supreme court has said that. that's what began the train of 30 now states being sure their standard mirrored the law either through statute or through the supreme court case law in that state. after the hobby lobby case, legal scholars 16 of them from all over the country, looked at indiana's law and said your standard is not right, it's unclear. so you need and these were professors and legal experts, some of whom support gay marriage, some of whom don't,
6:37 am
this is the right standard to adopt in indiana. no one saw this as a discriminatory issue, but the mega phone has gotten so loud now, it's time to fix it and move on. >> what do you think needs to be fixed? >> a simple statement in the statute that says you cannot raise this law as a defense to service or accommodations or the sale of goods to any member of the general public, removes the issue. there are going to be those that are making this political. there's plenty of political moxie behind this as well. they are going to say, no fix will make it right, but this will make it right. we'll be sure the ceos that are involved and concerned about our future, as we all are, buy into that program as well and those active discussions are taking place. >> do you think this law would be in existence if the same-sex marriage issue hadn't been passed in indiana? >> some are connecting those
6:38 am
two. there was really no connection. >> just a coincidence? >> it was the hobby lobby case direct result and the review in indiana of the legal standard that would apply in similar government directives that interfere with religious believes and the legal experts said, hey, your case law is not good in indiana. this is the right case law to apply. >> when do you plan to have this fixed? >> pronto. >> days weeks? >> days we are actively looking for a means to resolve the situation yet this week by thursday, hopefully, and get a fix signed into law. it's not easy to move that quickly here. government doesn't move that quickly, but when we have to we will, and we'll see to it. >> thank you so much for being with me, i appreciate your time. the next front is in
6:39 am
arkansas, which could enact a similar law as soon as today. we're going to go live to little rock in the next hour of "the rundown" and the governor of kran indiana is expected to speak in about an hour. you'll be kept up to speed on what's going on there. turning to capitol hill and two big developments that may have significant fallout in 2016. a decision to challenge mark kirk and harry reid's decision to step down when his term ends. one side effect of reid's departure, latinos will lose one of the loudest voices for immigration reform. but the long-time senator is already taking steps to ensure his legacy with latino lives continue after he's gone. reid won out on a political limb. it failed in washington but it was a big hit for him at home helping him win 90% of the latino vote, enough to secure his fifth term.
6:40 am
it also provided a template for how president obama pursued those votes. senator reid says he wants to help bring a new face to the u.s. senate. he's urging nevada's attorney general to run for his seat potentially the country's first latina senator. the only thing we know is there will be an open seat in 2016. one of ten democratic seats up for grabs. 23 republican seats will be in play, many picked up during the 2010 republican wave. for more on all of this i'm joined by buzzfeed's reporter who wrote about the legacy. also mark murray, senior political editor. you described reid's legacy as big and complicated. how so? >> i mean first and foremost he's known as a partisan. he's a guy that wants to make sure they keep the majority, but as you said, in 2010 he went on
6:41 am
a political limb. polls were saying the dream act was political suicide and e he told folks close to him that he wanted to introduce a dream act and this was the right thing to do. this is a guy who when the white house wasn't sure if daca when they weren't sure whether this would survive legal challenge, he pushed them on this. he went on spanish language media and basically sort of boxed them in and said they are going to do this they are going to protect dreamers from deportation, so there have been a lot of moments that people point to as well as he has 15 latino staffers. so a lot of people point to him and they say he gave them their start in politics on the hill. so a lot of those issues like that that while he is a guy that
6:42 am
everybody knows that is also a calculating partisan when e he has dreamers going up on stage and telling their story the effect that has to sort of hurt republicans on the issue, he certainly has been someone who has been an advocate, as you said. >> can you put the departure in context of what it means for democrats? >> in 2016 this is going to be an open seat they are going to have to be able to defend. the 2016 map looks better for democrats than in 2014. but still, there are going to be tight and competitive races. we're going to see some of the top battlegrounds in nevada. but also like ohio, florida, wisconsin, new hampshire, what do they have in common? they are presidential battleground states. the presidential race has a big impact on senate contests. a competitive senate race goes the same way as the presidential. so if you tell me who is going to win the presidential contest in 2016 we'll have a good idea of which party will control the senate from the races in these top battlegrounds in 2016.
6:43 am
>> and mark just the nevada seat may be very interesting. >> absolutely. katherine cortez there would be a primary on the democratic side if others decide to get in. is it even governor sandoval not all that popular with conservatives. if he decided to run and had no opposition, would have an size path towards winning. how it breaks in the presidential contest will probably give us a good idea of who win it is in the general. >> gentlemen, appreciate it. after a quick break here we turn to the growing cryisis in yemen. saudi airstrikes have done little to slow the advance of iran-backed rebels. is a ground invasion next? also take a look at the
6:44 am
aaron hernandez trial. bob kraft on the stand. but first look at this it live picture from pennsylvania. that's a lake where mother nature is putting spring on hold. it's been e snowing pretty hard there throughout the morning. could be more than 3 inches before it's over. what is going on here? when is winter going to be over there? american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon.
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i want to take you to another developing story in the middle east. the situation in yem season going from bad to worse. this morning the foreign minister is calling for an arab ground invasion as soon as possible. despite six days of saudi airstrikes, the iran-backed rebels have gotten all the way to the doorsteps of the last big city in government hands. take a look at the map. look at how important yemen is. let's talk about this with
6:48 am
christopher dickey, foreign editor for the"the daily beast"." >> good to see you, jose. >> it seems like it's just a matter of time before ground forces are going to go in there. certainly the folks in yemen are asking for that. >> when i was talking to the saudis soon after this began, their hope was that the bombing raids would be so quick and effective that the iranians and their clients would back off and decide it was time to talk. that hasn't proved to be the case. there's been a lot of bombing raids so far with nine countries involved includeing saudi arabia. but they show no sign of giving up and continue to advance on several frants. the latest news is that refugee camp where they were trying to flee the fighting was bombed yesterday and killed more than 30 people. >> if ground forces do invade
6:49 am
what do you expect to happen? some are saying it's really a shia/sunni battle but it's much more than that. >> well yes, first of all, if ground forces invade, it's not just a question of rolling into the capitals. it's going to be a protracted war. they are effective gorilla fighters. they have been at this a long time. a substantial part of the saudi army, the ground troops, are actually originally from yemen and many of them are of that background, so that further complicates matters. what this is going to be is one of those incredibly messy, proxy wars that you see in the middle east erupting all too frequently. a lot of people will remember lebanon as an example of this. this one will be between basically the sunni monarchies and revolutionary iran and it's going to go on for a long time and be very ugly.
6:50 am
>> i want to ask about iraq military forces as they try to liberate it from isis. but there's been a very strong strong push back. >> it has been. what's frustrating, a lot of countries, especially iraq where the united states invested billions and billions of dollars training what were supposed to be effective militaries yemen is another country, and those militaries are ineffect ul with a committed unenemy. a lot of people fighting on the side of the islamic state are groups that hate the united states and so it is a complicated, difficult situation. and the mire gets deeper for everyone concerned, including the united states.
6:51 am
>> iraq yemen have one thing in common among other things is iran and its involvement there. christopher dickey pleasure to see you. thanks for being here this morning. still ahead. an update on the fresno california firefighter seen in this video we showed you yesterday, falls through the roof of an engulfed garage as flames shoot up. now he is fighting for his life. i have details next on "the rundown." the place. ♪ ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e does. and so it begins. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere.
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6:54 am
i want to update you on the california firefighter that was seriously injured falling from a roof into the fire below. there you see it happen. the incident caught on cell phone video. nbc news national correspondent migel almaguer has more. >> reporter: this firefighter never hesitated, climbing on the roof of this house fire following protocol as he moved through billowing smoke to vent the blaze.
6:55 am
seconds later. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the collapse. he was trapped in the raging inferno for three terrifying minutes. finally free he was rushed to the hospital lucky to be alive. >> this is a serious, life threatening burn. we are hopeful we are able to provide the care to allow him to get through the injury. >> reporter: a 25 year veteran of the fire department most of his body covered with serious burns, sedated, on a ventilator his wife daughter fire fighting family are by his side. >> every time we go out, we know there's a certain amount of risk and this particular fire is a smaller house fire and you saw how dangerous it was. >> reporter: always a fighter, this morning, captain dern survived the unimaginable. migel, almaguer nbc news los angeles. it has been a busy hour on
6:56 am
"the rundown." happening now in boston the owner of the new england patriots, bob craft, is on the stand in the aaron hernandez trial. we will keep an eye on that. also coming up we are going back to virginia where there's a manhunt going on for a prisoner who escaped from a local hospital. and gearing up for a news conference from indiana governor mike pence. the governor facing growing outcry over the state's religious freedom bill since he signed it last week. lots more on "the rundown" ahead. day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at u for calling colonial penn life insurance company. i'm glad i was able to help you today.
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6:59 am
there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one. and breaking news here on hour two of "the rundown." the massive manhunt in the d.c. suburbs continues. the search is on for a prisoner that escaped custody at a hospital. police say he is armed and dangerous. this video from moments ago from our station wrc, as police conduct a search in falls church, virginia area. let's get the latest from the hospital where it began.
7:00 am
kasie hunt joins us this morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, jose. police are still looking for the man who escaped the hospital earlier today. they say he is armed and dangerous. there was a dramatic scene while they searched room to room to find him. the hospital on lockdown earlier this morning. since then we saw the cops race away, as they followed him they say he is now in a silver toyota camry, 2002. they're asking residents outside the washington, d.c. area to be on the lookout for that car. they've also talked to members of his family his girlfriend to try to make sure that the family weren't involved in his escape. we are still trying to confirm details of how he ended up in that car. police say the car has some front end damage so it is possible there was an altercation of some kind as he drove away. he was being held on charges of bank robbery.
7:01 am
they called him the bicycle bandit. he was going bank to bank on his bicycle, stealing money. he was being guarded in this hospital by private security guards. police say that he actually wrestled the gun from one of the security guards there was a shot fired. at this point no signs of injury. residents here are still being asked to stay on the lookout. we have seen some helicopter activity where officials are looking for him in the falls church area. jose? >> kasie hunt thank you so much. we will of course continue to follow the developments from this very active manhunt in the d.c. suburbs. right now, as a matter of fact i am being told by authorities because i know people may be around the area may be on the lookout for the vehicle, it is now, this is just coming over the wires now, they're looking for this suspect in a hi unday ee lan tra. now to stories surrounding
7:02 am
iran nuclear talks. another hour gone moving closer to the midnight deadline for a deal. midnight their time is 6:00 p.m. eastern. we are hours away. the whole point is to keep one of the world's most unpredictable nations, iran from getting a nuclear bomb. at the least, the u.s. wants to prevent it as long as possible. there are major issues still unresolved. joining me with more ayman mohyeldin. good morning. what more can you tell us? >> jose let's try to set the scene for viewers in terms of who is talking, what the sticking points are. this is a graphic showing the five countries, p5 plus one. these are the parties actually sitting across the table from one another, participating in talks. what do the sides want? for iran it comes down to sanctions. iran wants sanctions imposed by the international community, that includes united nations, the eu u executive orders and
7:03 am
sanctions to be lifted. the question is how and when are sanctions phased out. they don't want sanctions eased, don't want them suspended, they want them lifted. that's a hard sell for the u.s. and allies. what is it the u.s. and european allies want. they want iran's nuclear capacity remains at one year distance in terms of breakout capability. that means from any given point in the next several years, if iran decides to pursue a bomb covertly they would not have the capabilities to do so for at least one year that would give the international community plenty of time to respond. they want to be sure there's a robust aggressive weapons inspection program imposed on the iranian military. but there has been progress despite some key issues that have been resolved. you look at key technical points. they agreed to cap enrichment
7:04 am
and the most intrusive nuclear inspection. this is a map showing how complex some of iranian's nuclear facilities. this is going to be the center of the international inspection program if a deal is struck and also major cause of concern for the u.s. there are so many facilities iran in the past hasn't been open about them that's one of the main points in the p 5 plus one talks. they want iran to come clean about all facilities until the research and development program. >> ayman, thank you so much. joining me gentlemen, thanks for being with me. what are practical implications if the midnight deadline passes without agreement. >> there are a lot of negotiation deadlines that pass with no agreement and the parties continued to talk. this is self imposed, which means that if they miss the deadline, which i don't think they will, but if they miss this deadline they could continue to
7:05 am
discuss things. congress doesn't come back until april 14th that's considered to be a deadline that's when congress to start to impose sanctions, that would tank negotiations. >> david, you have been writing about major sticking points which include the future of iran's nuclear research and removing international sanctions. can you simplify where the disagreements are? >> there are three or four major disagreements. one of them is the timing by which sanctions would get lifted and ultimately eliminated. iran wants them all up front, the united states says no, only as you begin to perform on each of your own obligations. a second big sticking point is how long this agreement would stay in place. looks like there would be ten years of strict enforcement, and five years in which they would be allowed to do more enrichment.
7:06 am
that's related to another problem which is what do you do about research and development on very advanced centrifuges that could operate 10 or 20 times faster than the current ones? these are the machines that enrich uranium. if the iranians get to build those machines while this time period is in place when they can't enrich they could be ready to do a burst out at the end of the agreement, maybe at the end of year ten, depending how it is designed maybe at the end of year 15. that has a lot of people in congress worried. finally we learned the other day we are not sure what happens to their big stockpile of existing fuel. >> let's talk about that. as you know the president has pretty much been successful in holding off lawmakers' push to pass new sanctions or ratchet up sanctions. do you think this is going to be possible? i mean there are folks on both sides of the aisle looking at this and said today is the deadline.
7:07 am
that may not happen. >> supposing it does happen but the united states can't be terribly specific on each of the areas i just discussed, that would be a problem in congress. now, they could give classified briefings, some of that would leak out. the iranians want it to be vague right now because iran supreme leader has said there's only going to be one agreement and it is at the last deadline which is june 30th. >> and gordon legislators aren't going to look at this and say let's give another deadline extension. >> yeah i think after three deadline extensions in the past there is very little appetite to go beyond june 30 for the final agreement in written detail. and actually i think at some point there needs to be an end to the process, and we are pretty much at it at this moment. >> gordon chang, david sanger sanction for being with me. appreciate your time gentlemen. >> thank you. >> thank you. and in a fall river
7:08 am
courtroom, new england patriots owner bob draft testifying against former tight end, aaron hernandez. >> you asked him if he was involved, and he said no. >> that's correct. >> and you wanted him to be straight with you, didn't you? >> yes. >> and you wanted to be straight with him, correct? >> yes. >> and you told him you would support him, didn't you? >> yes. >> and aaron told you he had nothing to do with this, isn't that right? >> he said he was innocent. >> hernandez pled not guilty to murder in the june, 2013 killing of odin lloyd, who was dating the sister of his fiance. also developing now, french officials making progress identifying the victims of germanwings flight 9525 a week
7:09 am
after the co-pilot apparently crashed that plane deliberately in the french alps. they discussed it this morning, saying they hope to identify all victims by end of the week. >> our primary aim now is to be identifying victims through dna testing, those procedures are in place to do that as quickly as possible. until this process ends no one is going close to the site. >> as they continue working to identify victims where does the investigation go from here? >> well the investigation is extremely complex. they already started critical portions of it relative to the
7:10 am
causation of the accident and that is that they've begun interviewing the co-pilot's relatives, associates, his girlfriends. we assume they're going to be now initiating the criminal investigation with regard to his treating physicians. this is absolutely critical because we know with individuals who suffer from major affective disorder psychosis, with disassociation from reality, and aren't making proper decisions, it is not a secret to co-workers, it is not a secret to associates that this individual is just a bit off or having a problem. why he was passed on through the training process is something that's going to be a focus of this investigation and the aviation community globally is
7:11 am
going to be looking at this and evaluating revamping screening for pilots. >> talk to me a little about the liability issue that the airline may have on this. >> certainly. well it appears that the montreal treaty is going to be in effect here and all members are part of this, including germany. here it appears this will not fall under the act of god provision of the montreal treaty. what will happen here is that the airline will accept responsibility for this accident it will be deemed an accident under the treaty, and therefore the passengers' families have greater opportunity to receive more compensation from the primary carriers which include a number of reinsurers and of the lloyd
7:12 am
syndicates. >> pleasure to see you. coming up outrage over indiana's religious freedom act. in less than an hour expect to hear from governor pence. first, george tack eye, why he believes one law in indiana effects all americans. >> there was a time when they could have refused service to me because i am a racial minority. now we are married and we are a couple and we could be refused service on the basis of that. it is an indiana law but it echkts all americans. ♪ edward jones. this is shirley speaking. how may i help you? ♪ oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? with nearly 7 million investors he's right here. hold on one sec. you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one.
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7:16 am
now to indiana where we expect a press conference from governor mike pence as the fight continues to grow around the religious freedom law. it is a fight already in the state of arkansas with protesters yesterday calling on the the governor to veto a law that the house is expected to vote on as soon as today. andrew demill a covers the house, joins me from little rock. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> do we still expect the vote to happen do we expect governor hitch in son to sign it? >> the vote is on the calendar for the statehouse. the house approved an earlier version and the expectation is it will get through the house easily this afternoon, if it does come up. the governor said he plans to sign this religious freedom into law if it reaches his desk. >> what is different about the law called conscious protection act compared to the law that has caused such a back lash in
7:17 am
indiana? >> it is similar to what indiana just enacted and what you've seen in other states. the back lash here has been basically mirrored what we have seen in indiana. you've seen hundreds of protesters at the state capital urging the governor to veto this. and you're seeing several businesses speak out, warning the governor that it hurts the biz climate. >> what is happening for those folks to feel there's a need to implement this law now? >> it is a change in the national climate, especially with the gay marriage debate gay marriage legalized in more than half the states now. the ruling from the u.s. supreme court in the hobby lobby case that seemed to strengthen the argument from conservatives for
7:18 am
measures like this. comes on the heels of another measure in arkansas that prevents cities and counties from expanding local anti-discrimination protections. arkansas law does not include sexual orientation or gender identity in state anti-discrimination protections. hutchinson last month allowed another measure to go into law that prevents states from allowing the protections at the local level. >> andrew demillo, good to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. joining to talk the director of truth wins out radio host wayne best in. pleasure to see you. >> hi there. >> what clarification are you looking for when the governor speaks at 11. >> i would like to see the law thrown out and see lbgt protections in place. the governor has been
7:19 am
disingenuous, he made it clear protecting them from discrimination isn't on his agenda protecting discrimination is. by digging in he is digging the grave of the reputation of indiana, and his bunker mentality is disaster for big business. he should listen to apple ceo tim cook when he says this is dangerous, or marriott ceo when he says this law is pure i did i don't see see. he is putting right wing interests over best interest of the citizens of indiana. >> i spoke to the indiana house speaker last hour. want to play part of his response to the law. >> this is the same law that's in effect in 30 other states. most of the ceos and others we hear from when they say we are not coming to indiana, they in fact have the precise same law in their state, it is just not controversial because the law doesn't allow discrimination. >> so why does one side say something so dramatically different than the other? >> it is about context.
7:20 am
when the original freedom restoration laws were passed it was about legitimate protection a muslim could go to prison closely shave a beard, christians could feed homeless people in parks. in the context now, religious right sees marriage equality laws across the land, saying christians don't have to participate and other religions saying you know what we can make our own laws. we can opt out of this. which is just going to lead to a state of anarchy and chaos. we know this is about discrimination. mike pence the governor of indiana was on board of indiana family institute, created to be anti-gay. at the bill signing he was surrounded by anti-gay activists, comparing homosexual alternate route to bees teal tee. and the american family association on board, southern poverty law center and trying to claim it is not about
7:21 am
anti-gay bigotry, nobody believes it. the governor of indiana looks like he is flat out lying. >> wayne good to see you. thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> we will be watching that 11:00 a.m. press conference from indiana. keep you updated. up next zooming through today's other top stories, a coast guard rescue caught on camera off the coast of massachusetts, and fake crowd noise leading to a slap on the wrist for the atlanta falcons. "the rundown" back after this. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates
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7:24 am
an nfl team find humanitarian shift, the falcons fined $350,000 and lost fifth round draft pick in 2016 for pumping extra crowd noise into the stadium in home games. the artificial noise was piped
7:25 am
in during the 2013 and 2014 seasons, stopped when the nfl notified the falcons last november. one former employee the source of prerecorded crowd noise, no longer works with the team. look at this video of a coast guard rescue off massachusetts on monday. nine crew members from a canadian tall ship forced to abandon ship sales were wrapped around the mast. two lifeboats were launched to tow the ship in rough weather. one man had a head injury after jumping in the sea. two dozen killed in a bus crash in peru. the bus plunged over 3,000 feet off a cliff monday killing at least 21 injuring 38. officials are investigating the cause of the crash. poor weather believed to be a factor. heavy rains caused deadly
7:26 am
flooding and mud slides in the country all month. this is the second deadly road accident in peru in a week. let's check on the latest numbers from wall street in the first hour of trading. stocks are lower after yesterday's strong gains, and cnbc mandy drury is here with a rundown. >> there's a little profit taking today, isn't a positive catalyst to push it higher people are putting a little money in their pockets. the dow is down 75 points. earlier it was down by triple digits. up triple digits down triple digits, it is becoming the norm. a lot of people tell us get used to the volatility as there's not a lot of conviction in the market now. today of course is the final trading day of first quarter. going into today the three major averages were all up for the quarter, hints, up year to date
7:27 am
nasdaq up 4%. quickly, oil is a little lower because of iran and six world powers entered the final day of talks over whether or not we get a nuclear deal. if we get that deal iran an oil producing nation could increase oil experts and get more supply in the global market. something to watch as well. back to you. >> pleasure. thank you. the families of 43 missing college students in mexico continue to demand justice, they mark a somber anniversary. and boston bombing trial, first full day of defense testimony is under way. a live report coming up. signs of weakness where it could hurt the most. we reveal new numbers causing concern for hillary clinton's presidential prospects. at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. our teams collaborate around the world, which leads to better decisions for our clients. put our global active management expertise to work for you. mfs. there is no expertise without collaboration.
7:28 am
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♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my lower back but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain. find a machine at take you back to boston following developments at the boston marathon bombing trial. the first full day of defense
7:31 am
testimony. ron mott joins us from the federal courthouse in boston. good morning. >> reporter: hey jose. you mention the first full day of the defense case. they are going through computer forensic evidence, the defense making the case that tamerlan tsarnaev, all the forensic stuff off computers, cell phones and things of that nature was the one who downloaded a lot of the stuff. that's the case they're making. made it clear from day one that dzhokhar tsarnaev was in influenced by his older brother to take part in all this. whether it will have any real bearing on whether the jury finds him or acquits him in this case yet to be seen. the jury is expected to get the case soon. the prosecution rested yesterday. had some guidance of local reports defense would only call one or two witnesses today. we have to see how the rest of the day plays out and the jury has to be instructed. yesterday to point out how long this case has dragged on in some aspects with the jury one juror
7:32 am
was found to be nodding off, heavily nodding off in court yesterday. for folks presenting the case yesterday, not pleasant to look in the jury box and see one member clearly not with you. that's the latest in boston. we expect a light day in terms of witnesses, that's the guidance we have gotten. back to you. >> ron mott thank you so much. now to a story we have been covering on "the rundown" from the beginning. 43 mexican college students missing since september 26 from the town in mexico. six months later, tension and frustration remain high as students clash with police over the weekend. joining me to talk about this tragic anniversary, julio vaquiero. always a pleasure. six months later, what do we know about these kids? >> it is difficult to say that we know anything for sure since there's no scientific evidence jose to prove what authorities have been saying happened.
7:33 am
what the government said is that these 43 students were kidnapped by local police officers in guerrero they handed them to criminal group and that this criminal group burned them threw their ashes into a river. however, as i said there's no scientific evidence to prove this only that dna of one student has been analyzed and the rest of the human remains are still being tested in austria. it seems so far the investigation has been based on the testimony of three gang members. that's the main reason why the parents of the 43 students don't believe what the government is saying and are still demanding to find their children alive. >> julio, the fact is some parents and family members have come to the united states taken part in three caravans to different parts of the country here asking for justice over there. what is their feeling about justice or lack of it in mexico
7:34 am
that brings them here? >> they basically don't believe what the government is saying that's it. that's why they want international pressure international community to pressure the mexican government to stop the violation to human rights in mexico from happening. they have marched along the pacific coast, along the central u.s. and east coast, reached washington and new york, asking the united nations and to the committee on human rights to demand the mexican government to improve the investigation in this case and make sure that this kind of crimes stop happening in mexico because the mexican government has said this is an isolated case. however, according to united nations it is well known more than 27,000 people have gone missing in recent years in mexico. >> julio, this will have repercussions in the future
7:35 am
there are elections to be held in short order in guerrero some folks there, the people that support the families are saying maybe the electoral process may be at risk in the future because of this feeling of impunity. >> that's right. we have elections in some states of mexico guerrero being one of them, and what the parents of the 43 students and this whole movement has said is that they have the fear that many of the new governments being elected this june are also going to be corrupt governments, corrupt officers involved in drug dealings and criminal groups. so yeah there's a risk that elections are not going to take place in guerrero. we have to see, jose. >> julio, thanks so much. pleasure to see you. julio vaquiero from los angeles. turning to the race for
7:36 am
president and backgroundttleground poll, new numbers show vulnerability for hillary clinton in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. since 1960 no candidate won the presidency without winning two of these three states. joining me mark caputo and jackie kucinich from "the beast." mark start with hillary clinton, jeb bush matchup. latest poll shows clinton leading bush with a good lead in ohio and pennsylvania the florida governor takes his own state. >> so far she is not matching up as well as she used to. bush is ahead by two, down by one in the last quinnipiac poll. everyone is starting to gain more, or hillary is starting to lose more certainly in florida and in other states. looks like the e-mail scandal might have effected her. certainly the coverage hasn't been very positive about her, over her. in the end, not only is bush
7:37 am
from florida, so is rubio. if anyone shows signs of improvement, it is marco rubio. down by ten last time. now only down by two. >> jackie talk about swing state matchups between hillary clinton and rand paul. hillary loses pennsylvania and the margin is tight in all of them? >> this is early polling. hillary clinton numbers going down important to note this is what happens when you don't get in front of a controversy, it was allowed to go on several days. now you see the results of that frankly. but yeah. i mean rand paul you had been seeing him playing to the right. interesting to see as this goes on maybe if polling goes better if he tries to go toward the center again. >> and mark looks like paul may be announcing soon even after that on the 13th in south florida, some major announcement by rubio. >> let's stop the fraud here. marco rubio will announce april 13th at the miami freedom tower he is running for president. i would be shocked if he didn't. >> jackie you agree with that
7:38 am
it is obvious it points to that. >> seems that way, as these things go you assume but we will see what happens. >> what happens with marco, rand paul, jeb, and cruz in the mix? >> if we gave them knives it would be less bloody. it will be an interesting primary. one of the things i noted today in politico rubio in his first book "american son" lavished praise on jeb bush. if he decides to go negative that will be an interesting pivot. i don't think rubio will because it will look bizarre, but in the end it will be a tough primary. >> jackie interesting that florida would have two pretty important political players looking for the same job, but rubio and jeb have been very close allies in the past how to deal with each other, and the differences there will be pretty difficult to do. >> as if florida could get more important in politics it kind of just did. how these two deal with each other is really going to be
7:39 am
something to watch because yeah jeb bush has been a mentor to marco rubio, so maybe they'll go for the jugular, but certainly it will be a fight sure enough. >> how about if they don't go for the jugular but their people will. thanks so much. pleasure to see you both. up next remembering a music icon, 20 years after the murder of the singer known as selena. we will talk about her legacy and impact with one of the first journalists at the crime scene the day she was killed 20 years ago. minutes from now, indiana governor mike pence speaks live on his state's religious freedom law. breaking news out of virginia, a massive manhunt for this escaped prisoner. we are monitoring that situation. we will keep you posted on "the rundown."
7:40 am
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7:43 am
the country marks the somber anniversary of her death today. in a new interview, the father of the singer known as selena says that even though the family doesn't plan to participate in today's memorials, they miss her every single day. in the early '90s, she took the spanish language world by storm, about to launch an english crossover album, when the former president of her fan club, accused of embezzling money shot her at a corpus christie hotel, 31st of march. 20 years later, her legacy continues to endure. she was a reporter in texas at the time of the murder. pleasure to see you. >> hi, jose how are you doing. >> you were one of the first reporters on the scene after selena was killed. for you, what was that like? >> i was a news correspondent in san antonio, texas when that
7:44 am
happened. they sent me a message saying selena was killed. in the beginning, i couldn't imagine it was selena the superstar, the queen of texmex. we drove to corpus christi, in an hour and a half we were there. the few people there, the journalists to get there, some of the first to arrive when i got there, inside the famous red pickup truck talking to the negotiator larry young, i remember that so clearly. it was nine and a half hours she was inside that pickup truck. when she finally surrendered, i immediately went to talk to the father of selena and it was such a sad day. it was such a personal experience for me because my brother was killed when he was 25, so covering the story became something so personal.
7:45 am
now i went back 20 years later, jose. it was very emotional, the experience again. >> describe for the folks that maybe don't know of selena's impact how important she was and just how 20 years ago she was on the edge of becoming this crossover superstar. >> she was a beautiful girl with a big heart, with a big smile, with music that got to the hearts of every person that saw her on stage. she was the queen of texmex. texas loved her. she was really spreading her music everywhere when she killed her. she was the president of her fan club. she got so close to selena. selena was so innocent she didn't realize this woman was getting close to her, taking advantage of her. stealing money from her. her father realized that tried
7:46 am
to push her away from selena and that was the process happening when she asked selena to join her in this motel days inn in corpus christi. selena arrived, asking for documents, so they would break up the relationship and yolanda had a weapon a .38 pistol and tried to stop selena from leaving the room. that's when she shot her. people couldn't believe that selena was dead because she was dead few minutes after this happened and from that moment really we learn more about selena her plans. she had already many records but she wanted to do the crossover and she became a superstar after that, everybody got to see her music, to hear her, to know about her. it was a sad, tragic moment. 20 years later, people miss her a lot and her family is mourning today. >> thank you for being with me.
7:47 am
appreciate it. >> thank you, jose. up next live in indianapolis where governor mike pence is about to speak live on his state's controversial religious freedom act. first, can you feel the bieber buzz justin beiber aka the beebs, attending a closed door mediation in a paparazzi lawsuit, blocks from our miami studio. the bieber buzz is trending after his roast aired last night on comedy central. and reminder to the beebs, you weren't the first jdb. >> i am going to cut to the chase. justin bieber you have been taking it on the chin tonight. really have. in fact absolutely abused. i'm just here to say one thing. you people don't know what the hell you're talking about. as far as i'm concerned, this guy is doing it right. rement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure.
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breaking developments in a massive manhunt for an escaped prisoner in d.c. suburbs. fair fax authorities say the suspect, wossen assaye, switched to a new car. believed to be in a stolen 2008car. he is armed and dangerous. they're alerting media to stay away from what they describe as an active scene near the poe middle school. he overtook a security guard while at a falls church hospital. police are looking through the entire area in northern virginia looking for the man who again is said to be armed and dangerous. and the other breaking story we have been following all morning, back to indiana, we are expecting the governor mike pence to speak any moment now as to the back lash to the
7:52 am
controversial religious freedom act might have hit a boiling point. john yang is in indianapolis with the latest. >> reporter: jose the governor spokesman says he is going to try to clarify the bill what this bill does. he has been trying to do that practically since he signed it thursday, but the onslaught of criticism continues, a lot of it coming from the business community. earlier on this show the house speaker, speaker of the house who is a republican told you one possible way out may be to clarify that religious beliefs can't be used as defense in lawsuits over denial of service. but it is far from clear whether that will be enough to stop the back lash that's coming from businesses around the country with conventions cancelled, concerts cancelled, and all sorts of criticism being laid against the governor, this law, and indiana.
7:53 am
jose? >> the speaker saying this change clarification would come within days not weeks. let's see what exactly that is and what the governor says. john yang thank you so much. joining me to talk more about where the law might be going ahead of the press conference emma margland. what can the governor say to stop some of the back lash? >> i don't think civil liberties advocates will be satisfied unless the governor says the law needs full repeal and that civil rights protections will be added to the existing human rights ordinance. i think a lot of people are saying -- for the democratic side, from businesses that are continuing to put an enormous amount of pressure on the state, threaten to pull out of the state all together are saying about what they're looking for is full repeal of the law, nondiscrimination protections on
7:54 am
the base of sexual orientation and gender identity which don't exist in indiana nor the majority of the country. >> you hear from proponents of the law, it has to do with the hobby lobby case that's what they're using to back this law up. what is that and why is it relevant? >> right. so a main line of defense here from religious freedom supporters now is that this law is identical to a federal version signed by bill clinton in 1993 championed by tend kennedy, chuck schumer, but numerous federal court opinions including hobby lobby ruling of last year have redefined the scope of that federal law, making it broader than any of the original architects intended and harmful potentially to religious minorities and to lgbt people in general. even if the law, even if indiana's law mirrored the federal version word for word it would be problematic. but legal experts are saying that in fact it is actually
7:55 am
written more broadly than the federal version. it allows for private parties to cite religious beliefs in defense, so if somebody is sued for discrimination they can point to indiana's religious freedom restoration act as a legal defense. typically the federal version, a governmental entity has to be party to the proceeding not so in indiana. additionally, indiana's is the first on the book so far that the first that allows for corporations to have religious beliefs in the way that hobby lobby, that that ruling found an incorporation could have religious beliefs. >> and the question is are there possible tweaks seems like if there's any changes, seems like both sides will continue the issue. a lot of folks are asking for it to be repealed in its entirety. >> exactly. i think that's really the only option to get out of the mess
7:56 am
that indiana is currently embroiled in now. i don't think there's any legislative clarification to fix the law, short of full repeal and adding nondiscrimination protections to the civil rights ordinance. >> always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me this morning. we are watching the flags behind the podium. we expect the governor of the state to be speaking shortly. you will watch that live of course here on msnbc as the governor of indiana will speak in moments from now. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. we will have much more coverage of this continuing story right here on msnbc. "newsnation" with tamron hall begins next. ychic, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah.
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taxi. vo: after years of being treated like she was invisible it occurred to mindy she might actually be invisible. ♪♪ but mindy was actually not invisible. ooh, what are you doing? can you see me? she had just always been treated that way. yeah. you don't have to look at me like that. there are worst things than an attractive woman touching your body. i'll go. join the nation that sees you as a priority. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we begin with breaking news out of indiana. indiana republican governor mike pence preparing to hold a news
8:00 am
conference to respond to intense back lash over the state's religious freedom law which critics argue opens the door for discrimination against gays and lesbians. the largest newspaper, "indianapolis star" has a head line, fix this now. an editorial that reads in part quote, we are at a critical moment in indiana's history, and much is at stake. appearing on fox news this morning, governor pence says he stands by the law. >> i signed the religious freedom restoration act last week because i support religious liberty. this is a law that mirrors what president clinton signed into law in 1993 and is the law by statute or court decisions in some 30 states around america. the religious freedom restoration act is a framework for court