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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 2, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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rallies 124 baltimore.
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wreel go to the streets with justice for freddie gray. the tharjz ghens six police officers dlug a murder tharj for plus we have everything bhut the name. the london hospital left a short while ago with the princess. a baby princess for for instance george. pretesters in baltimore are march manage what organizers have dubbed a victory rally celebrating yesterday's decision by the state's attorney to charge six officers in the death of freddie gray. yesterday baltimore state's attorney marilynn mosby called freddie gray's arrest on april 12th illegal and said that police officers failed to respond to freddie gray's multiple requests for a medic.
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>> the manner of death deemed homicide was due to an injury suffered while in the custody of the baltimore police department wagon. >> nbc's richard lui is in baltimore, and, richard, the first weekend since the violence, the fires, the looting, and since those charges. before the rally even started we saw people dancing. 300 individuals right behind me over my shoulder gathering before the marchers got here. right now we're seeing we're guessing about 1,000 or more. 1,000 to 2,000 people that have gathered to listen to what was originally planned to be about 20 speakers.
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however, they had some 50, 55 seats on the stage, so we could see this go on for some time. they will now move to a concert. now we're looking at a series of speakers. you go out and talk with some of those that have come here, and then they've come afar and continued to arrive. some are saying don't forget freddie fwra. that's what we need to keepure "s auto owner there are others saying -- this might be the second group saying how do we get together now? how do we build on what we have to get to the table and build process, build some solutions? we have two other reporters here with us. we have touree with the marchers earlier, and i want to go to you because i want to get a sense of what that mood was as you were
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walking through the city for about an hour and hour and a half. >> it was a jubilant crowd. somewhat defiant. some of the messages were defiant. it was peaceful the whole way, and people on the sidewalks were expressing their solidarity even if they weren't willing or able to join. as you said, there are several thousand people here at city hall. you can see many rallies this week in baltimore, but this is by far the largest one that i have seen this week in baltimore. i'm joined by one of the folks who marched from gilmore homes to city hall. chris clanton, you may remember him as sevino on "the wire." you li in l.a., but you were born and raised in baltimore. why did you come home at this time? >> i seen my city crying out for help. watching the destruction on the
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news, he was devastated. i had never seen anything like that. i had to hurry up and get home. i still have family here. i still have friends here. i'm familiar with it is problems that are here. how is the city doing today? >> it's rare that you get charges pressed against the accusing officers the very next day after the autopsy report comes in. that's rare, and i commend state's attorney marilynn mosby. i commend her. >> you're wearing a shirt that says change begins with me. whatsoever change do you and other folks like you want to see happen now? >> we want to see better handling with the police
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department as far as the civilians because at this point there's no trust. there's no trust. if they could put them through some type of program or whatever, i don't know what it is that the mayor and the governor can do, but they need to do something to get on top of that because children as young as 5 and as old as 35, they don't -- we don't trust them. >> a lot of people are wondering, francis, if the mayor will lift the curfew tonight. that may bring back some of the trust that folks like chris are talking about has been lost. back to you, francis. >> all right. thank you very much. of course, people there this is a caution that this is just the first step of justice. there are still trial and if convictions will come out of them. toure and richard lui there in baltimore. let's send it back, actually, now to baltimore there in front of city hall with our richard lui. richard, again, as that feel there, there has to be that sense of caution with the people there. yes, it's celebratory, and
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they're saying it's time. this is exactly what they're looking for, and, yet, knowing this is -- if it goes to trial and that should lead to convictions in their mind as far as reaching full justice for freddie gray. >> we hit tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. really day six for monday. they're cautious, but they're very hopeful, and one of the folks that i love to repeat for you is gabrielle, she was 24 years old. she says it's about remembering humanity and that's why i have hope about what we're seeing today with this rally because it is completely different, auz know. the pictures that you see behind me completely different from what we have seen over the past five days. amanda is actually down with the crowd there in the middle of the
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square. instead i would like to bring in brandon scott who is a councilman, and i was just saying here, we have to be careful, but at the same time people are very hopeful and just by the visuals, right? as you look out here with me, this is starkly different than what you have seen over the last six days. >> yeah. we have crowds like this for a saturday, and we know it's hope. we know they feel like the state's attorney has given hope to the city. what we have to do is take that hope and turn it into energy and action to change everything that's wrong with our city. police brutality is one issue, but we have issues outside of that. education is one thing and poverty. also, myself i also say that we have issues of self-responsibility as members and citizens of the community as well. >> councilman, i was speaking with a group of 20-year-olds
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that are baltimoreans, and i asked them how did you feel about what happened yesterday when the prosecutor mosby came out, oh, about 400 feet away from where you and i are standing right now and said i hear you. what is your sense because there is a conflict of interest. >> this woman has integrity. just because someone gave her money for her campaign does not mean that she's not capable. her husband who is a colleague of mine, they know how to deal with that, and this is -- this is something that is not for the public to decide. it's not for the media to decide. the courts will decide whether she can handle the case or not, and we have to running mate the decision that is made in that court system. i know that she can do this case, and whatever decision is made, she's going to deal with it, and if she -- if they say she has to turn it over to someone else, she's going to turn it over to someone who is capable of doing it the right way for the city of baltimore. >> now, if we just read the
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headlines she has not had a smooth coming of age as being the lead prosecutor in the city of baltimore. how has she discussed the previous questions about how she came to office as well as where she is now and how to handle what is happening? >> she came to office because she worked -- that's how she came to office. we have to let the process play out. it will be fair. it will be fair for both sides, and that's all we can ask for in justice is fairness. >> many in the crowd feel hopeful because she did give that message yesterday. we have to go now, but very quickly, you are wearing a t-shirt today for a reason. quickly tell me what it is. >> show it to the camera. >> 300 man march against violence. just men in the community that have been for three years trying
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to stop the violence in our city because, yes, we have to be angry about what happened to mr. gray. that's troubling for his family. >> we have to be just as angry. 3-year-old elliott mckenzie, and we still don't know who did it, and we have to be angry about that and take responsibility for that as well. >> councilman, thank you so much for your time today. thank you for stopping by. francis, the question is as we've been talking about, is this a shift or are we going to see what we've seen in the past week? perhaps more protests. perhaps more violence. we don't know at the moment. what we do see is a festival-like environment. as i was speaking with some of those that were here, the only thing we're missing are people selling food because it's very much a festival environment for now. >> certainly two-fold there in seeking justice for freddie gray, and also healing the community without culture of distrust between the community and law enforcement as they have said they've seen for the past few years. richard lui there in baltimore as that victory rally continues. we'll college back in with you
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later on. we appreciate it, richard. the driver is facing the depraved heart murder. all of the officers turned themselves in last night and are free on bail. their preliminary hearing is scheduled for may 27th. joining me now is seema, host of "the docket" on msnbc. she's also a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. now, seema, we know based on the press conference that the state's attorney gave us there that, yes, those officers failed to secure freddie gray in the van. failed to go and get medical aid repeatedly after he said he couldn't breathe and all of that, but what we still don't know is what happened to him in the van? how he sustained those injuries and severing that spinal cord. you have been on both sides here. how strong is this prosecutor's case here and ultimately getting convictions from these officers?
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>> incredibly strong. there was no rush. even without the autopsy report, let's thut pa aside, we have a video. we have a charging document of freddie gray that was in essence a fraud lent document. that's a crime filing a fraud lebt document. we also have a dead person. we have enough evidence to go forward. >> talk to me about how this may come into play. there are questions of conflict of interest when it comes to state attorney marilynn mosby too. she's made it clear her husband, he is the lawmaker.
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he makes the laws. i enforce the laws. there's also the fraternal order of police, or the fop, in baltimore who said that she should recuse herself from this case because of that conflict of interest. how much of that is going to come into play? >> good question. >> the fop is a -- i think those are just red flags that people are throwing up because they want something to stick, and if they didn't arrest the cops, the opposite would be said, right? >> right. right. interesting that perspective. always good to hear your take. seema, we appreciate it.
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>> thanks, francis. >> turning now to a big story we're following in england. a princess is born. an exciting day for the british royal family as duchess kate gives birth to a daughter. the as yet unnamed baby girl joins big brother george who is almost 2 years old. kelly is in london, and she has that for us. nice to see you. i was shocked hear she was in labor, and then just hours later she's stepping out and going home. >> remarkable, isn't it? she does a team, but she looked absolutely fantastic. all of this happened in a time span of 12 hours. she went to the hospital at 6:00 this morning. drove her thering tl himself. within two and a half hours she had given birth to a baby girl. prince william was at her side when the birth happened. the kensington palace announce
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it through a tweet saying that a healthy 8 pound 3 ounce baby girl had been born. huge roar and cheer of the crowds went out in front of that hospital. then we saw something that we don't see very often actually. prince william brought prince george his oldest son to the hospital, brought him through the front door, stopped on the steps, told them to wave to the crowds who got a little royal wave from the one day future king and then he went in to meet his baby sister. the family is now back here at kensington palace. they arrived here about an hour and a half ago. this is where they will stay for the next couple of days, we are told.
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>> we do know for sure a whole lot of pink in that household. thank you. the bridge gate scandal just shifted into overdrive in new jersey. one of governor cress chris christie's allies pleaded guilty in the scandal, and two more senior government officials were indicted. we'll have the details. plus, we'll take you back to baltimore where the victory rally is underway right now. stay with us here on msnbc. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. isp. ♪
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welcome back. the months of speculation about who would be held responsible for the new jersey bridge gate scandal are finally over. yesterday the u.s. attorney for new jersey paul fishman announced that two people close to the governor chris christie have been indicted. bridget killy is christie's
12:21 pm
former deputy chief and bill maroney is the deputy director of the port authority. a third former port authority official david wildstein pleaded guilty in federal court. with knees indictments here, is it that vindicate the governor or draw him closer to it knowing this is his inner circle of aides? >> well, i don't think it draws him any closer. neither does it i have beened indicate him. two of them are going to trial,
12:22 pm
and at trial they are hinting they have more to say. >> let's get the back story here. we're talking about bridget kelly and bill maroney. infamous now we know. time for traffic troubles in fort lee. david wilestein is the recipient of that. he was on the other end and responded. got it. how does this stabbed up in saying yes, he knew and and con1350ird with the other two? >> i think that the attorneys for bridget kelly and bill baroney upped the ante and came out so strongly against wildstein and so insistent upon the fact that wildstein's account is fabricated that it raidses more questions, some fresh questions and, yet, again, we're not done with this story yet. >> sure. fresh questions.
12:23 pm
wildstein said is came from here. snoo interesting to see if there will be more surprises, more bethlehem shells in this case as many more, you'll be watching. thank you so much for the percent pictures. appreciate it. >> thank you, francis. >> well, hundreds are continuing to rally in baltimore for freddie gray. the 25-year-old man who died from a spinal cord injury that prosecutor say he received while police custody. let's go back to my colleague, richard lui, in baltimore with the very latest with what seems to be the largest turnout so far since the unrest there. in this case what's being called a victory rally there. richard.
12:24 pm
it's been that will way since 1:00 since we came to set up for the show. people are very calm. in fact, some are very positive. some are still very much thinking about what had happened last month. s right now the working headline is praesful protests and really demonstrations continue as the city on are things better? we need to stay focused on freddie gray. that's what people are saying to me. >> here at the rally at city hall, there's a lot of discussion bz what happens next
12:25 pm
that the charges against the officers in the death of freddie gray are just a starting point. a lot of people are calling for reforms the police. getting people to vote. getting reinvestments in some of these neighborhoods. getting solid jury. baltimore city is already a challenge, and i had to find 12 people and two alternates that don't have prior knowledge of the case. don't have feelings and thoughts about the case. that's going to be a challenge.
12:26 pm
>> certainly a mood and tone that in many the community can certainly use after the week they've had there in baltimore. richard lui, we'll check back with you in the next hour and a half. >> it is one of the biggest weekends in sports ever. slug just hours from now. horses hit the track in the kentucky derby. wasn't thrilled n ben and i got married. i knew it'd take some time. and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why... the move...her food...? so we tried purina cat chow gentle... ...because it's specially formulated for easy digestion. she's loved it ever since. and as for her and ben... ...she's coming around. purina cat chow gentle. one hundred percent complete and balanced for everyday feeding of adult cats. but i think women would agree... watching football together is great... ...huddling with their man after the game is nice too. the thing is, about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection.
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the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. >> the kouptdown is on for the kentucky dwrish. it starts just before 7:00 p.m. eastern, but the festivities are already in full swing. from the thoots mint juleps and, oh, you know, small minor detail. the horses too. the actual race. nbc's rob is here at churchill downs, and he joins me now by phone, and for a lot of people there, ed, they're at churchill downs, the preparty, you know, the prerace party issing just as important as the actual two minutes there. >> yeah, francis. i wish we were on camera together right now so that you could see the beautiful hat i'm
12:30 pm
wearing. it's sunny. lots of flowers. very pretty. no, seriously, it's an amazing day. first of all, a gorgeous afternoon here. 70 something degrees. sunny. i think we'll probably see a record crowd here today. the previous record is 165,000. i expect it will be beaten today because everything is perfect, and, you know, a deep and very, very talented group of horses running as well. a lot of people are excited about this afternoon. >> you know what i want to ask you here is part of the fun are the names of the horses. fill me in a little bit on who the frontrunners are, who is expected to win, and some of the more clever names out there that we should be watching for. >> well, the big favorites, i think, a lot of people like these two horses that are trained by the same trainer, bob baffert. american farrah who will be off as a heavy favorite at 5-2 odds, and then his stable mate, a horse called storkman who is the 8 horse. also trained by bob baffert. i tell you what, an interesting name story is a horse that's a
12:31 pm
relative long shot going off at 30-1. the horse was named it's a knockout. that horse was actually bought and renamed to promote the boxing match tonight between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao. the horse is actually going off with silks that will have the colors of the fight and everything, and it's literally running to promote the fight, and it's yovrl working because here i am talk about it. >> absolutely. it's knock-out, so we'll be watching out for them, and also watching out for your hat later. i would love to see that. thank you so much rob. we appreciate it. have a great time. >> thanks, francis. still to come here, we will take you back to baltimore where a rally is looking a lot more like a celebration. plus, i'll talk to a local pastor about the role clergy is taking to the city there to heal and move beyond violent protests that left a black eye on baltimore. and it is a girl. from the duke and duchess of cambridge, we'll have a live report from london. stay with us right here on msnbc. with my family.
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welcome back. hundreds of protesters continue to rally in what some are calling a school districtry rally after the state's attorney charged six officers in the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. back with me is any colleague richard lui there outside city hall in baltimore. i'm sure the crowds are going here. the community taking their first steps in healing there with the charges against the six officers. what is the message there as we're hearing speakers behind you? what is their message they're trying to get across? >> you know, francis, the message today is don't forget, but also let's work together and move forward. that's been pretty consistent with the speakers that we have heard so far in the last hour and a half or so. we continue to see more people come in. she just set up this stand to
12:36 pm
sell t-shirts a moment ago. tell me, how have sales been, and why do you sell t-shirts? >> number one, sales have been great. i sell t-shirts to keep the unity in the community, and, you know, to prove that black lives does matter. not only black lives, but -- >> that's what your t-shirts are. you have a manny pacquiao-floyd mayweather t-shirt as well. you have black lives matter. you were here last saturday, and you told me you sold a lot of t-shirts. >> 20,000 t-shirts or more. right behind me in the middle of that crowd of what must be thousands, amanda, i don't know if you can hear me, but what's the mood down where you are at? >> hi, riffed. the mood has definitely come down a bit from when we saw the
12:37 pm
music and dancing earlier today. as you said, the speakers are coming up one by one to really bring home the issues that are here. this is a very celebratory mood. the charges against the six officers were certainly not expected. the police officers in the area had been kind of managing expectations, moving into this as far as the investigation. it was a bit of a surprise to see the state's attorney bring such charges down and the crowd here is certainly loving it. they are absolutely praising the state's attorney for taking the lead, but now they are saying that they don't just want the charges. they want to see a conviction. we're seeing people being registered to vote because they want to raise awarnts and make sure people know that this will be a jury that will be deciding this case further on down the road. they want to have people aware in part of that community. >> you know, amanda, when i was down there earlier, i had the opportunity to speak with some 20-somethings. i also had the opportunity to speak with a grandmother and her granddaughter. i also spoke with, auz just saw,
12:38 pm
maybe a businessperson who is down here. what are the sorts of people that are you seeing part of today's rally there at the center which is right in the middle of the city? >> you know, there's a huge mixture of people here. we have members of the community. we have families. we also have out of town supporters. i've seen some people that i saw in the union square protest earlier this week come here to be in solidarity with the folks here in baltimore. so i think this diversity in the crowd is really bringing this issue to make it more of a national issue. this is beyond just baltimore. these are issues that we saw in ferguson, that we saw in new york, that we saw in madison, in cleveland. so this is just really a galvanized flash point in this movement, i think. >> amanda, thank you so much. only probably 100 feet right behind me here francis, i may not have mentioned this earlier. i was thinking they have everything to make a bit of a festival here, but they don't
12:39 pm
have food, but there is also a food truck not too far away. we now have the stand selling t-shirts here, but everybody being careful at the moment. looking forward to see what saturday night brings. >> sure. and to the bettering and healing of this community. how will the community take a fep forward after these protests end? joining me to discuss is marilynn bishop, harry johnson. bishop swron son, thank you so much for being with us. i can just imagine that this is what the city of baltimore needed after this week, and those images of fires, of looting, of rioting. this is kind of day that members of the community and the public there say they need to be able to move forward along with the fact that these six officers had been charged. i'm part of a national movement called the reconcile chir. i live right outside of baltimore. about 40 minutes.
12:40 pm
there are white, black, and brown that are interested in this setting. it just was in a meeting in orlando, florida, where people from baltimore and around the country were coming, and they say we want to help in a practical way. i want to you think with me, francis, if you look at this cup that the end of this, if it's a funnel, is crying in the streets. violence there. the other end of the funnel, if you would, would be the criminal justice system that has 2.3 to 2.4 million people in the criminal justice system. so we're having national leaders begin to say the problems all over the country seem to say that the black community is adversely affected by what's going on with the criminal justice system. rand paul and hillary clinton and everybody in between are starting to talk about that, so i believe that we need a multi-racial multi-ethnic group to begin to do lobbying about specific reforms and get people back to their families, focus on
12:41 pm
the family was in this meeting. billy graham, eadvantagistic association was many this meeting. prison fellowship was involved in this meeting that we've been involved in, and so this movement, the reconciled church movement was to come not only to baltimore, but over the next 18 months to say practical reform and then boots on the ground and begin to take what we would call seven bridges to peace. >> sure. >> we don't have time to go into all of those things, but that gives you the overview of the idea. >> i wish we did have that time, but, unfortunately, we don't. bishop johnson, how -- given the fact that you are bringing in those, you know, city, state leaders as well, and then clergy with bringing in faith into it too with healing, but when you have, you know, some of the poorest of the poor and disenfranchised of the disenfranchised of baltimore who are saying we've had people like you come and try to reach out to us time and time again, and then this is where we are, same place we've been years before, how do you reach out and get that
12:42 pm
message across that maybe this time it will be different? >> let me first say my last name is harry jackson. forgive me. bishop jackson. i think what we have to do is not just hand you long-term problems and short-term problems. that what we're dealing with in this situation is a need to attack family structure on the long-term. that's one of the bridges to peace. there are issues that we can deal with now. the church has got to serve the community, lead the way to make a difference, and i think if the leaders are significant enough, bishop t.d. jakes was involved in this movement. guys like james robinson, past or -- the famous skyline church. i think that we can change the narrative and breathe hope into folks, but it's going to have to be on this many pronged approach. immediate action. intermediate action.
12:43 pm
that's what we're going to bring together. >> hopefulry we see people in record numbers. that crowd growing in baltimore and the community will be ready and welcoming of that change. bishop, we appreciate your time for the demonstration. also your patience also and forgiveness with the mick-up in name. we thank you for your time. >> thank you, ma'am. our coverage of the rally in baltimore continues ahead right here on msnbc. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year. and that would be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything.
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(boys?) stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america. >> heading back to london now with there's a whole lot of pink. the duke and duchess have gone home with their baby daughter born just this morning. the new princess was born around 6:00 a.m. local time weighing just over eight pounds, and her name hasn't been announced yet, but the royals did offer a glimpse of the sleeping newborn before they left the hospital.
12:47 pm
joining me now from london, the daily beast tom psychs, editor of the royalist blog. tom, good to see you there. there is an old saying an heir and a spare. as a mom of two kids, the kid that always get shafted here. in this case this is the baby girl. now, the royal family that's been seeing blue for so long. in the old days when people talked about an heir and a spare, they were talking about two boys. william ask kate have pulled through this change in the law that's given kind of a quality and inheritance rights to boys and girls. that means that even if a younger boy gets born, this little princess born today is going to be the spare heir for want of a better term. of course, it's a role that's been filled with varying degrees of success over history.
12:48 pm
you know, of course, one thinks of prince harry, the classic spare heir. maybe a little too well known for his love of party and the good life. i really feel that harry, you know, is really showing that that role of being the spare heir, it is really important, and for all his folks, he does connect with the kind of wrunger demographic that the royals immediate to relate to, and, you know, for all his faults, his work with wounded veterans, for example, has been incredibly kind of important illustration of just really how much impact, you know, the spare heir can have these days. >> sure. and the fact that this is a baby girl. they've seen nothing but blue there. the royal watchers can say they watch prince harry, prince william. then there's the pink choices. it is pink for this baby girl. tell me a little bit about that. especially since prince charles will be a grandfather to a girl.
12:49 pm
that's an interesting take as well. >> i think one thing we can be sure of is if this little girl is anything like her mother, she's going to be a real fashion icon from the first day a photograph is taken of her. the last princess was, of course, princess eugeney, the vibrant red head princess of andrew and fergie. it is a bit of a change. it's definitely -- i think people have really delighted for william and kate. they didn't make a very good secret of the fact that they did really want a girl. prince charles spoke about wanting a girl. of course, you know, all we wanted was for the baby to be healthy, but i think the fact it's a girl just it really makes you feel like this is an expression in england sometimes of a gentleman's family, and i feel like now william and kate have maybe got one of each
12:50 pm
flavor and there's nothing better than that. >> the best and the worst of both worlds there in having a girl and a boy. even if they are a prince and a princess. tom, thank you so much for that perspective. we appreciate it in that report. up next, in police. are body cameras the solution? i'll talk to a former officer about to hit the streets in the midst of a climate of mistrust. a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel,
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right now, baltimore residents are holding what they're calling a victory rally, a day after baltimore city state's attorney announced six police officers would face charges in connection with freddie gray's death. community leaders say this is just the 1st step in restoring trust between residents and police. >> so many people in the neighborhoods that you have been filming over the last few days, i think somebody said a little earlier, bishop thomas said it,
12:54 pm
they have never seen a victory. they have never seen a victory. and they had begun to believe that the system could not work for them. so many of them have felt like the system, it worked against them. and so again, we are beginning the process. there's got to be a mutual respect thing, because let me tell you. the police need us as a community, and we need them. >> earlier this week, nbc national correspondent kate snow sat down with a number of police officers and sergeants from around the country to talk about what it's like to go on patrol in a climate of mistrust. >> people have to know that no officer that i know, that i have talked to in 20 years wakes up in the morning and wants to shoot an unarmed black teen or anybody for that matter. we have kids, we can relate. but our job is unpredictable as humanity is. >> they worry about the rush to judgment after a cell phone video comes out.
12:55 pm
>> social media is asking as a judge, the jury, the executioner without having any of the information or letting the investigation take its course. >> are you all in favor of body cameras. >> yes. >> i am. >> because it shows everything. >> and it will show our side of it. >> joining me now is former nypd officer eugene o'donnell. also a professor at john j. college of criminal justice. we thank you for being here. the baltimore police union have written an open letter to the state's attorney asking her to appoint a special prosecutor because the gray family donated to her campaign, and she responded to the allegations last night. listen to that. >> conflict of interest, the family, mr. gray's family attorney donated to my campaign and supported me. i had over 700 people who donated to my campaign, including the fop, so i soent see how there's any conflict of interest with reference to that.
12:56 pm
>> all right, so that question is out there. also, you know, she is married to a local lawmaker there and city council. is there a conflict of interest in her case. >> she's new, she's high energy, and it's a new day for baltimore. if you looked at her conference, you say the faces of the prosecutors. you're in good that office to follow the direction of the people who are there many years, who are even keeled, not avertly political. they regard prosecutoring anyone as unfortunate tragedy because they know it's bad no matter what happens, but i understand the circumstance in which she's working. the city did have a riot, but i think as this goes forward, probably she's going to see the less she says publicly, the better it will be. >> there have been called for her to recuse herself from the case, get a special prosecutor in here. she's adamant she's sticking with it. i want to ask you about the department of justice announced
12:57 pm
a $20 million body camera program for law enforcement. you heard those officers saying they're for it. so could body cameras be the answer to restoring trust in places like baltimore, even the fact that in other instances where there have been video, eric garner, there was video there, but nothing came of that. could that finally be the answer? >> it would be a tool. it's inevable they're going to happen, but if you look at the poorest communities in the country, they're not going to be helpful in terms of what you need to have happen. i would say to the cops. help the political establishments in your cities will back you in the problematic situations, but we are seeing evidence the police will be criticized for bad outcomes and criticized when things look back, and uconn textual, and cameras fuel that conversation. the cops are working in baltimore in some of the toughest real estate in the united states, in the most
12:58 pm
desperate situations with people that have many people have been criminalized by a system that is way too big. we have a drug war that people can't agree to end, so it continues to rage on. and the cops are face-to-face with these people in these degraded parts of the united states that have been disinvested and abandoned. so that's not shown on the video, unfortunately. >> even before freddie gray, it was tough there in baltimore with mayor rawlings-blake choosing to vote against legislation for the body cameras. now in the wake of freddie gray, she said there's a pilot program there. we'll see if that comes into play. in a department that many say needs it. we appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> up next, we'll go back to baltimore where a victory rally, as they're calling it, it sappens right now.
12:59 pm
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