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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 5, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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one of the suspects. plus the other man from hope arkansas former arkansas governor, mike huckabee officially diving into the already-crowded pool of gop candidates. so, how is he trying to set himself apart? and we are also following the new attorney general, loretta lynch, now meeting with community leaders in baltimore, as tributes like this from the president roll in for the husband of facebook ceo -- coo sheryl sandberg. new warnings about the dangers of exercise equipment. we will talk about that. we do want to start in garland, texas eyes is is claiming responsibility for isis' attack on an event featuring caricatures of the prophet, mohammed. the first time the terror group has claimed responsibility for an attack inside the u.s. today, 200 people gathered in pakistan, offering an an seine shah funeral for the gunmen killed sunday. they were hailed as marters of islam and learning more about the two gunmen elton simpson
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and nald deer sophie were roommates from phoenix. simpson was known to the fbi since '06 and arrested in 2010 after a four-year terror investigation, but was only convicted of lying to a federal agent. as for sophie he is the son of a texas mom and a pakistani father. his grandmother says simpson is to blame for her grandson's participation. >> he just shows up and moves in with him and i guess kept preaching, preaching, preaching to him until he just finally must have cracked one day and started believing it and he talked him into doing something that he should never have even thought about doing. >> so this brings us to our pulse question of the day for you, is the u.s. prepared for isis-inspired attacks? so go to, cast your vote there we want to go to amman moweyman mohyeldin covering this from texas. bring us up on the latest investigation. >> the investigation now thomas focus on the two
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individuals, more importantly, now this claim of responsibility has come out from isis, there is a serious effort to try to determine whether these two individuals had any kind of international association to the terrorist group. as you mentioned, both of these individuals have become the center of the investigation with elton simpson already known to fbi officials. he was on their radar back in 2006 and in fact accused of trying to travel and join the terrorist organization in east africa back in 2010. he was not convicted of that but convicted of trying federal officials. so the question now is since that time since he was ultimately acquitted on the issue of participating in a terrorist organization did he then retry -- attempt to join a terrorist organization since then? those are the questions that the fbi is trying to piece together by tracing either any money or weapons or any training these individuals may have had. >> amman, have we heard anything from the fbi, especially since you point out they were watching monitoring the movements of soofi on their
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radar since '06? why weren't they more up to speed on what he was up to or what he was even capable of in traveling to garland? >> well the only information that which have was the statement that was made by the homeland security secretary, jeh johnson who said that in the coming days there was cooperation between local and federal authorities ahead of this event once this event was put on their radar and the controversy surrounding it. given the nature of the event, beefed up security both from a local and private effort full and as a result of that there was, according to the secretary information that was disseminate disseminated to law enforcement agencies. now, whether that information specifically named any of the suspects including elton simpson, that is not yet clear. and whether or not they had any identification on his whereabouts and how he moved from phoenix, arizona, to texas and when. so a lot of questions remain unanswered. >> thank you so much. go right now to josh ernest giving the white house briefing and is answering questions on this. let's listen in.
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>> because of the quick and professional and brave work of local law enforcement officers an attempted terrorist attack was foiled. and that certainly is again, a testimony to the professionalism of the public servants there to keep the peace. >> is it too early to say whether this attack means the islamic state has now come to the u.s.? >> i think before we made about a pronouncement about anything like that we certainly would want to make sure we knew a whole lot more about the facts. we know there are extremists around the globe, including some who are affiliated with isil who are trying to capitalize on the opportunity that's presented by social media, to try to communicate with individuals around the world, including inside the united states. there have been a large number of -- not a large number but there have been a number of individuals, americans, who have been apprehended by law
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enforcement who are attempting to travel to the middle east to -- that at least is an indication of their level of sympathy for isil or extremist organizations around the world and so we are very vigilant about the efforts that are under way by isil and other extremists organization to try to rad dallize some individuals in the united states. and we are working closely with community leaders, law enforcement officials, of course to try to counter that threat and mitigate that threat and something we continue to be vigilant about you recall a few months ago, the president convened a summit on countering violent extremism to try to collate best practices that are used in communities across the countries, and that can be used in other communities to repel this threat but it is one we continue to be exceedingly vigilant about. >> is it time for individuals -- >> so listening to josh earnest
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there field questions in the white house press briefing talking and saying big thank you to those that barted what he described as terrorist attack being foil there had in garland, texas. but then asked by one of the reporters, has the islamic state come to the u.s. based on the fact that isis has claimed responsibility for this attack? he said they are not ready to make any pronounce.of that and they remain vigilant against the radicalization efforts of isis and eyes toll integrate themselves to people who are vulnerable inside the u.s. joining me now is former cis operations officer, joshua katz. joshua -- >> hi. >> based on that and that question, has theist lambic state come to the u.s. and josh earnest saying this attempted terrorist attack was foiled they are not ready to make that pronouncement, but if isis claims responsibility they call it a terrorist attack. connect the dotsome isis here? >> so i think that there's two questions and i think for your
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audience, we need to separate them out. is the isis ideology here in the united states? absolutely. i was in texas a couple months ago and gave a seminar on this topic. it is here. it is alive. it is well, unfortunately. and their ideology is spreading. and i think much -- we are -- our law enforcement, unfortunately, is really behind the curve on this. now, just because going to the isis pronouncement that they take responsibility here because they say it doesn't make it so. and i think we need to be cautious going forward here not to make isis or die yesh the 800-pound ghost living in our -- under our kids' beds. they are an organization we need to watch, carefully monitor them carefully monitor the spread of their ideology but let's look at this for what it is. this is not an isis attack.
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although the attackers had isis sympathies. >> all right. so, josh earnest, as you point out, it's -- they say they have these sympathies they are still waiting to really prove the connective tissue directly to isis, whether they were funded by isis or isil. for the fbi, joshua and simpson known to people by the fbi, how does he fall off the radar for him to be able to do this? >> a great question i think when he was under investigation by the fbi, under close scrutiny close surveillance that case ended and ended a long time ago. he has not been on the fbi radar for a very long time. the fbi has other cases, they moved on. he was not on the radar. and this goes to manpower issue, it goes to resources, the fbi has does not have the aity once cases are closed to monitor and
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to keep them on the radar, so to speak. >> joshua katz joshua great to have you here we really appreciate your insight. thank you, sir. thanks for having me. >> absolutely. developing now, secretary of state john kerry made an unannounced visit to the somalian capital of mogadishu today. the state department is calling this an historic visit. er can vitt first secretary of state to visit the african nation torn by decades of war. he is there to address the somali government's battle against the al qaeda-linked terror group, al shabaab, which has orchestrated deadly terror attacks in kenya. back here at home, move on to 2016 and the politics of t she is meeting with voters and leaders. she will unveil her support for path to citizenship for the nation's nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants. today also marks the release of the clinton cash book the book by conservative author peter schweitzer and subsequent media reports led to a number of pay
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for play allegations involving the clintons and their investigation. in an exclusive intervideo you with nbc news former president bill clinton denies the claims any mistakes the foundation may have made were just that mistakes. >> so we did disclose all to foreign governments, no attempt to hide them the guy that filled out the form made an er. not like we didn't tell every hob gave us the money, put it on the wrong form. >> you say it was an innocent mistake? >> of course it was. it was all in there. >> ripe years before though. >> i know and i can't explain why they didn't do it. >> so also concern for hillary clinton, and benghazi e-mail server on monday, clinton's camp say swhoed testify this month before a gop-led select committee investigating the 2012 attacks. but there are a number of disagreements to iron out first. neither side can agree over the number of times she will appear nor whether she must first turn over that private e-mail server.
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msnbc's alex sites wald is covering the campaign in vegas. we got news about clinton and how many debates she is going to participate in. catch us up on-to-speed on that and bell talk about her testimony. >> that's right, thomas, the dnc just announced that they are going to do six sanctioned official debates for presidential candidates starting in the fall of this year and heading into the spring of 2016 and they don't want candidates to participate in any other debates. hillary clinton has not said how many she will participate n she did tweet she will participate in the events and her political director, amanda renteria told our andrea mitchell moments ago, she will participate but not how many. and they are working out details to come. that he is renter party debates. right. the -- [ overlapping speakers ] the democratic primary and take place in iowa new hampshire, nevada and south carolina and
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sponsored by news organizations as well as a lot of the major interest groups that are generally with the dimmic party, environmental group, minority groups, women's groups those kind of events. >> alex who gets to be in them? there's nobody. >> well so far, bernie sanders is the only other democrat who has officially declared his presidential campaign. jim webb former senator and lincoln chafe fishing the former governor made exploratory committees, they haven't officially announced their campaign and also vice president biden hanging out there, saying he is still looking at it in touch with the dnc about these debates, but hasn't said anything official. >> right now just hillary clinton debating herself. >> we got bernie sanders, at least. >> he is an independent. he is an independent. >> well he is running as a democrat t and he -- interestingly, he has not been talking to the dnc about these debates, but now, he is going to, says he is running as a democrat, going to run in the democratic primary, said this
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bond in new hampshire, switch his party registration, if he has to. >> go that's fixed up for new hampshire, the granite state first. alex sites wald thank you. appreciate it. gop has the third candidate to enter the 2016 race this week, third this week former arkansas mike huckabee officially announcing his candidacy, following, dr. ben carson carly fiorina yesterday. huckabee went after clinton in in his announcement. he sold himself as the populist in the race. >> i have walked away from my own income to do this, i'm not asking you for some sacrifice that i'm not willing to make. i don't have a global foundation or a taxpayer-funded paycheck to live off of. i don't come from a family dynasty, but a working family. i grew up blue collar not blue blood. >> msnbc's casey hunt joins us from hope, a, a were does huckabee fit into the crowded gop field, the blue collar gentleman that's? >> hi thomas yes.
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huckabee really hit on those populist themes very hard in this speech, embracing his past in many ways. ing that's caused him some issue with many conservative groups including the club for growth already up with $100,000 ad buy against him a couple of interesting things first, he took some attacks, swipes at his gop opponents, more aggressively than we have seen some of these other candidates do some he talked about dynasty, you heard him there. that's obviously a reference in some ways to jeb bush and also made a couple of attacks that could be construed as aimed at senator ted cruz, who could potentially be his biggest opponent in iowa. one in particular on obamacare where he said that members of congress who say that we should repeal obamacare shouldn't turn around and taken a obamacare plan which of course, senator cruz did after his wife took a leff of absence from goldman sachs. point out on policy and this populism idea he talked about the idea that congress shouldn't
10:15 am
approve or that the united states excuse me shouldn't approve trade deals that are unbalanced and that aren't subject to congressional scrutiny and that's an interesting position to take in this field against potentially that trade deal that's working its way through congress that the president is of course in favor of, but democrats like bernie hand sanders are opposed to. he wasn't specific enough in his speech to say for sure and i have asked the campaign but did seem as though he was in some ways opposed to that thomas. >> casey hunt reporting for us in arkansas. great to see you. thank you. developing news we want to turn to now out of baltimore, where the attorney general loretta lynch, has arrived to meet with local leaders this have a report from charm city after this break. but first, a special election in new york today could put a controversial prosecutor into congress staten island district attorney dan donovan, republican, leading in this race to replace former representative michael grimm, the notoriously testy congressman forced to resign after pleading guilty to federal tax evasion charges. donovan came to national
10:16 am
attention last year as the d.a. in the choke hold death case of eric garner. garner died while in custody of the nypd no officers were indicted in this case this is that video of grimm. following breaking news else where in new york city today. moments ago, the jury in the eton patz murder trial reported a deadlock the second time announcing they could not reach a verdict after two weeks of deliberations. the defense moved for a mistrial but the judge told the jury to resume their deliberation. 54-year-old pedro hernandez is accused of killing the 6-year-old who disappeared 1979 and one of the first missing kids to appear on a milk carton. hernandez's lawyers say their client's 2012 confession is false. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts ♪ ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space
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just eight days after the being sworn in new attorney general, loretta lynch is visiting baltimore city today. ed francis is joining me with this developing story, a big visit for the new attorney general. >> a very business visit thomas. attorney general loretta lynch in baltimore meeting privately with city officials, lawmakers and community leaders, her visit comes a week after a violent protest broke out in the city and just days after six plifrps were charged in the death of freddie gray. right now the attorney general is meeting with gray's family and faith leaders and earlier, gray's mother spoke to nbc's lester holt. >> freddie was your baby? >> mm-hmm. >> talk to me as a mother, the pain that you're experiencing. >> got a hole -- #i wish it never happened. and i will never be the same. i will never be the same. >> nbc national correspondent to
10:21 am
joy reed does following all this from baltimore. a week ago, loretta lynch, her first day on the job was pretty much to brief president obama the riots. and today, this he is there. what is she expected to say first thing to the family of freddie gray? >> reporter: essentially, we are expecting loretta lynch today to make the rounds in this community. she had a private meeting with members of the gray family, expected to meet at city hall with mayor and members of the city council and then off to police head kbarters where the attorney general plans to meet with members of the police department to reassure them of the support that the country has for them and the difficult job that they have to do we were told that loretta lynch wanted to convey a message that she did not believe that the actions of these six officers in baltimore reflected on any of the other officers who were working in the city, that she wanted to make that message clear.
10:22 am
the last stop for the attorney general is supposed to be with young leaders of this community the young people who the state attorney here said were the ones who made all of the change happen that we have seen the really dramatic charges that were filed in the case of the death of freddy gray. so a full complement of meetings today and i'm sure it's a much-anticipated and welcomed meet fogger this community. good to see you there. msnbc's joy reid thank you very much for that report. >> francis, thank you very much. a big day in politics, a new candidate in the 2016 field. hillary clinton meeting with voters and leaders in nevada today. aides say that clint-unveil her support for a path to citizenship for the nation's nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants. and this comes at the same time that clinton has taken a hit in our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. howard dean is the former head of the dnc and former governor of vermont and joins us now. governor, great to have you here. your reaction to the dnc announcing it is going to hold
10:23 am
six primary debates and right now, hillary clinton is the only person that's really involved until we technically get bernie sanders filed as a democrat. >> right. bernie sanders will be filed as a democrat, the question will he be filed as a democrat in new hampshire, which has blizzard rules of all kinds. >> correct. >> yeah, i think this is good, the same schedule we had in 2008 when i was running the dnc a sensible schedule. it is not given to the kind of ridiculous stuff we saw in 2012 on the republican side and these two, bernie and hillary, will have a great debate. i'm looking forward to it >> all right. so, two that we potentially know of, more maybe to come. and you know, the gop is hitting hillary clinton and doing so on the issue of trust, fallen about 13 points the last year on that topic. more recently her favorables have fallen. how big of a worry should this be for her campaign? she was up you know, pretty high. so, what's up must come down. is this worrisome?
10:24 am
>> it's not terribly worrisome. first of all there's no there there. the press has been talking about this for two weeks and yet to find anything damning and certainly nothing illegal. secondly this is what was expected. i'm actually glad it's happening now. the gop is throwing everything they can at her. mostly had is about politics. i think she has actually survived quite well and i was very happy with the numbers that she showed and actually a little surprised at how strong she was against all of the republicans, including jeb bush. she still leads them by a very significant margin. now, again this is the very early part of the campaign. the polls are gonna change. but i think, you know so far, so good. >> all right. so far, so good. what about -- let's get a reaction to this, so far, so good then. bill clinton's exclusive interview with cynthia mcfadden and decision to continue giving the high-paid speeches with the clinton foundation. take a look. >> she is now running for president.
10:25 am
will you continue to give speeches? >> oh yeah. i got to pay our bills. >> if your wife is elected president, will you step down from the foundation? >> well, i will decide if it's the right thing to do i will. >> all right, if it's the right thing to do and of course they have bills that they need to pay. but do you think that it's okay that president clinton would continue to do with this hillary clinton as a candidate? >> first of all, it's absolutely okay to continue the foundation work. they have helped 485 million people around the globe in the last -- since the existence of the foundation. not a single republican candidate that can say anything like that. for us to be criticizing the existence of the foundation, whether president clinton is involved or not is nuts. so it's definitely not the right thing to do what he does have to be careful about, should hillary win, is where that money comes from, first of all. second of all, he does in the course of making speeches for money over the next year and a half, have to be careful about who he gets the money from.
10:26 am
so, there's going to have to be some curtailing of exactly who he is giving those speeches to so as to avoid the appearance of impropriety impropriety. that's for sure. i think an outrageous suggestion that he should give up the clinton foundation. >> governor howard dean. governor, great to have you on. thank you, sir much appreciate it. >> thanks very much. still ahead on msnbc live isis claiming responsibility for that attack on the event in garland, texas, sunday night. what evidence is there to create that link? we are going to speak live to the mayor of garland texas on the city's investigation. and we are asking you, is the u.s. prepared for isis-inspired attacks? keep chiming in at plus later, he didn't seem radicalized, just unhappy, what a religious leader says one of the suspects recounts. up next, live the president of the mosque where elton simpson prayed. that and much more. stay with us.
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back down to that developing news of the shooting at a texas event featuring caricatures of the prophet mohammed. happened sunday night, today, 200 people gathered in the city of peshawar, pakistan, offering an absentia funeral for the gunman who carried out the attack, elton simpson and nadir soofi called marters by the cleric, saying the two martyr proved their love and loyalty with islam. isis is claiming responsibility to this attack but not provided any evidence to support it and not known whether isis leadership was involved or behind the attack. joining me now is garland, texas, may. good to have you here. your police department appeared prepared for this event, even asking the group that sponsored the event to pay $10,000 for the 40 extra security guards that they had there. so, did you anticipate something like this happening? did your office or police department have any information
10:31 am
that something was going to go down like this? >> well several questions there, but we didn't have any information from homeland security, dps, fbi, that there was any imminent danger. we went ahead and weren't the ones that asked for the $10,000 a school property facility and they were the ones that asked for the $10,000 security. most of the costs the city bore will be paid by taxpayers, not by the people that were here. [ overlapping speakers ] >> ask for that extra security? what was their trepidation do you think? >> i think if you look around other events around the world, there was always a possibility, if you're going to take into those instances into account and be prepared then you have to and if you're going to have extra -- provide extra security certainly think the school district was correct in asking for it. if you look at it all in hind
10:32 am
sight, they were absolutely correct, we were absolutely correct, and the public was -- and the participants were all protected. >> so, were you worried at all, your office worried about the reaction that the contest could cause? was this your worst nightmare? >> no, i mean to be honest with you, there wasn't a whole lot of worry in advance because, again, we didn't have any indications of t there was always a possibility, what you have to do is anticipate those negative possibilities and be prepared for them. >> josh earnest in this hour said the men and women there, very brave, able to foil what he described as a terrorist attack no pronouncement, that the islamic state has come to the u.s. but from your seat there as may terror in garland, texas, how would you evaluate that? do you think that isis is here in the ideology certainly seems to be. >> well you will have lone wolves anywhere in the world,
10:33 am
any time. you will have people that want to be martyrs, whether for a cause or just for their name in the record books somewhere. we have seen this through joust history, nothing new. if this is isis-related, we have no indication of that the vexes going on will go on for quite some time but as a little girl said to me today, if this is isis, why would they want to take credit for such a failure? >> the governor released a statement today saying he has offered you any assistance the state can provide to your city you say the investigation is ongoing. so, have you tapped into state law enforcement help? >> oh definitely. the department of public safety is nefflinked to agencies across the state, assisted by cities of irving and plano, very close by. the fbi has been here since very, very early on probably earlier than most people realize. >> i think that's very bright little girl that you spoke to today.
10:34 am
i like what she had to say. garland mayor, thank you. >> just repeating what i heard. >> thank you sir appreciate your time. bring in francis for an update on our bing pulse question of the day. the little girl saying why would isis want to take responsibility for such a failure? >> very interesting to see. both sides this is where we like to get you our viewers involved especially ask these questions based on what the mayor of garland, texas, had to say, wither asking you, is the u.s. prepared for isis-inspired attacks? you have been voting at and how you are looking so far, as far as the overall result on that. take a look what we are looking at. 66% of you say the u.s. is not prepared for isis-inspired aing at a 34% say yes. let's break it down to the graph and see how this has changed. again, while the garland mayor is speaking, some of you just in the last minute neutral, not feeling strongly that yes the united states is prepared for an isis-inspired attack that may
10:35 am
change, depending on the perspective you hear during our show here keep the votes coming, a look by political party and see how that has changed overall some far, we see republicans showed in red voting the last couple of minutes, spiking up saying you do believe the u.s. is prepared. some independents recently voting. democrats shown here in blue not really indicating too much that you believe that isis is really -- the united states prepared for an isis-inspired attack. seem split at this point. interesting to see that will change throughout the coverage through our show here thomas. viewers keep voting >> we will talk again soon. president obama's facebook post about the late husband of facebook's cheryl sandburg coming in as we learn more about the tragic circumstances surrounding his death. but on a different note, before we go to break, panera bread is saying no no to artificial ingredient. the company came out with a comprehensive list of food additives it will remove from its products by 2016 this no no
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did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. an invitation-only memorial service for dave goldberg the husband of well known facebook coo cheryl band berg died while exercising on vacation in mexico. authorities now calling this death an accident. nbc's joe fryer has the latest on what happened. >> reporter: dave goldberg and sheryl sandberg were vacationing with friends and family last friday when authorities say he was found on the floor of a gym at a luxury resort outside of puerto vallarta. according to a statement from offings in mexico it is believed goldberg was on a treadmill when he fell and hit the back of his head eventually
10:40 am
discovered by his brother, goldberg died at the hospital from head trauma and as will of blood. no autopsy was performed in mexico, so it's unclear why 47-year-old goldberg may have fallen. in america, the consumer product safety commission says injuries related to exercise equipment send nearly 460,000 people to the emergency room a year. >> i think that's what the poll results say. it's early. >> reporter: goldberg is being remembered in the tech world as a successful ceo and entrepreneur. >> silicon valley is full of people who really want to tout themselves, hype themselves and david was the an think the sis of this, which is why this loss is enormous for the commune i. >> reporter: overnight, president obama posted a facebook message writing, "david goldberg embodied the definition of a real leader someone who is always looking for ways to empower others." adding "we are heartbroken by us leaving him far too soon but we celebrate a remarkable legacy." no response facebook ceo mark zuckerberg left a comment
10:41 am
"thank you for this beautiful tribute." >> that was joe froo irreporting and learning more today about the risks involved in using treadmills. 19,000 people went to the er from treadmill-related injuries in 2009 what a sad tragedy for sheryl sandberg and her family. coming up carly fiorina may have launched her campaign yesterday but someone else launched her website. we will explain. plus is there a top secret government plot to take over texas? the truth behind jade helm 15. yeah. jade helm 15. but first, take a look at. this human rights organizations calling on offings in paraguay to allow a 10-year-old, let me repeat a 10-year-old rape victim to end her pregnancy.
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10:46 am
year to bagram where i saw his leader first firsthand. i know joe. i trust him. >> so once confirmed, general dunford will replace retiring army general, martin dempsey. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski joins me now. smooth sailing for dunford for this confirmation here the president having problems with the fact he is a red sox fan? >> everybody thinks that dunford will be easily confirmed. but that doesn't mean that he won't get roughed up in the confirmation hearing on the senate armed services committee. as you know many members of congress will use confirmation hearings like this to beat up on or question the president's foreign and military policies. so it could be a little bit of a rough go but he will be confirmed. after all, his record is stellar. he is combat tested led wars in iraq and afghanistan the commander of chief of all forces in afghanistan for a while
10:47 am
before heeverybody said his acumen is not a hard charging marine as capable and comfortable in the boardroom as he is the battlefield. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thank you, sir, appreciate it. coming up in the next hour sofia vergara responds to a custody battle over her frozen embryos. can her ex-husband ethically bring them to term against her will? and up next from erica cane to jean very yev dell la tour the fabulous susan lucci is here. we are going to question her. can she remember all her married names on all my children asseric ka cane? i have the list and we are going to fact check. a good rule to live by if you plan to run for president, register your domain name get this, tech exec carly fiorina forgot that rule you go to carly fiorina said this a case of sad face emote toe cons laid off by hewlett-packard when
10:48 am
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♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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10:51 am
there was so much buildup seriously talk about adding insult to injury here days after manny pacquiao lost to floyd mayweather. nevada authorities are investigating whether he could be prosecuted for perjury for not disclosing a shoulder injury. this might be more exciting than the fight to see what turns out. >> he checked out he did not have a shoulder injury. we'll see where this goes and jon stewart has a message for texas governor greg abbott. the u.s. got is notvernment is not
10:52 am
trying to take over your state. so there are conspiracy theorists out there concerned the government was planning a texas takeover and here's what stewart said. >> lone star loon ticks. dallas get [ bleep ] used to -- texas, there's no texas takeover the united states government already controls texas. since like the 1840s and then he laughed and came back and then just borrow a textbook from a neighboring state, it's all in there. >> currently they are still part of the union. >> they always say texas is a whole other country. >> it is. lifetime returns for a third season coming up in june and emmy award winning actress susan lucci returns in the role of a wealthy socialite. >> oh, because you've gotten
10:53 am
fat, you've -- >> noticed that too. >> come on everyone is talking about it. >> who's everyone? >> mostly just me but people always nod when i bring it up. >> oh, no. oh no no. >> honey, don't be so sensitive. you lose the weight. >> no i won't. >> here alcohol makes everything better. >> not this. >> why not? >> because i'm pregnant. >> joining us is the actress and author and star of devious maids. congratulations on the success of the hit series. what makes the show so special? >> thank you for asking. we're coming back monday night june 1st at 9:00 p.m. and i'm very excited about the show the series and the season three. i think it makes it special because first of all the subject matter is about latino maids in
10:54 am
beverly hills households you might think you know what that's going to be line but the dynamics are so fun and surprising and twists and turns. >> with that line alone, darling, you know alcohol makes everything better. so if that is classic, then we're set. it seems this character is bringing so much more. how fun is that to take a detour from the erika cane you've known for so many years and bring this person to life. >> so exciting. i feel so lucky i get to do what i love to do play these beautiful roles and great guy nam dynamic between the household owner and zoia many people know her from "scrubs" you wonder who's the employee or employee. >> she has no problem talking down to you. >> she has no problem talking down to me yes.
10:55 am
>> i listen to her. >> you do? >> the writing is great on the show, well done and funny. and you know you did keep audiences enrapt toured for years as erika cane but it is totally different. not the ee goe maniac that erika cane was. >> she did have herself involved movements -- that's the very beginning. >> oh, my goodness. >> there's jax. >> adam. >> i hope so. i didn't know about this clip. >> real quickly, let's do a test. can you name all of your married names on "all my children". >> i think so erika cane martin, chandler, roy montgomery montgomery meric and meric and scheduled to be another montgomery. >> you left out chandler. >> no i said chandler.
10:56 am
>> they weren't both legal -- >> thursday very exciting. i'm going to get to co-host the 14th annual women who care award luncheon. you've been hosting this for year after year. explain what charity this is benefitting and why? >> this is benefitting united ce rext bral palsy in one of the top five health care systems in the country. they provide technology housing, help for people who are disabled by cerebral palsy and additional disability disability doesn't mean inability and uspnyc recognizes that and helps them to have the best life they can have day to day and also in the long run. >> it's going to be fantastic and we'll have a lot of fun on thursday. >> did he haveefinitely having a lot of fun. this is my third year. i'm so glad we're doing it together. you'll bring so much to the
10:57 am
table. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. incomparable susan lucci, thanks for being here and playing our game. >> i'm so glad i passed the test. >> we have a lot more ahead in the next hour of msnbc live. i'll speak to the lawyer for soim p son who called him harmless in 2010. we want you to keep voting. is the u.s. prepared for isis-inspired attacks. we're back after this. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide.
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11:00 am
this hour isis claims responsible for an attempted terror attack in texas. the suspect's speaking out. >> he wasn't that type of person. >> ahead, i'm going to speak to an attorney who represented one of the suspects and community leader who knew one off these men when they lived in arizona. this is the subject of today's bing pulse, is the u.s. prepared for isis inspired attacks?
11:01 am
the pulse is live now. go ahead and weigh in. coming up, attorney general loretta lynch travels to baltimore. her meetings with the gray family and baltimore city leader. plus the campaign trail, hillary clinton hitting west and mike huckabee launches his for the gop nod. >> i announce that i am a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> and sofia vergar ra breaking her silence about the frozen embryos. we begin with developing news of two men who carried out an attack that was an event featuring caricatures of the prophet muhammad and being called martyrs. 200 people gathered in pakistan today offering a funeral in absent absentia for simpson and soofi, the terror group has not
11:02 am
provided any evidence to support it. we're learning more about elton simpson on the radar since 2006. soofi is a mother of a texas mother and pakistani father. his grandmother said he wouldn't have participated in this attack unless he had some sort of outside influence. >> somebody he was with talked him into it -- >> has how you feel about it this? >> no yep, no other way it would have happened. >> ayman, explain what we more about these two men and investigation? >> reporter: well know a little bit more about these two but from two very different kind of sources. on one hand we know from the fbi at least and law enforcement officials and court documents that the picture behind elton simpson back in 2006 popped up on the radar of law enforcement officials in 2010 he was convicted of lying to fbi or to the government about his plans and intents to travel overseas. at that time the government was trying to make a case he wanted
11:03 am
to join a terrorist organization. that was ultimately dropped. with the other suspect, nadir soofi, you're getting a different picture. according to his grandmother, that he would not be a person involved in a terrorist attack like this but he was forced or compelled to do it. law enforcement is trying to get a more complete picture of not only the relationship between these two men, roommates in phoenix but any official or unofficial support they may have gotten from isis or other organization. >> ayman mohyeldin, thanks so much. joining me now on the telephone is -- ushani is live president of the islamic community center in phoenix where elton simpson worshipped for a decade. it's great to have you insight into what you've been talking about your remembrances of
11:04 am
simplesim simpson simpson. you said he stopped showing up. when that happened, did that concern you now or only now a red flag in recollection? >> at that time it was not a red flag because he became involved in working for nadir and his pizza parlor. and also he was brief lyly -- at that time it's a normal story of a lot of people that come to the mosque and after a while they get busy with their lives and end up moving to different sections of town or ended up being busy with the business or personal life. so at that time it was not a red flag it was -- >> does it worry you about any type of radical element that has no infiltrated the mosque? >> no.
11:05 am
why not? because i know what the mosque preaches and all these sermons are taped and put on our website, all of the lectures are taped and put on the website. if any radicalization is happening, it's happening outside the mosque. it doesn't concern me that there's a radical element in the mosque. again, there are a lot of people that come and go and that come and worship in the mosque that work in the area where the mosque is. but the regular people that come to the mosque pretty much all of them that have been there for a long time they are family -- >> what's the ripple effect though through the community at the mosque knowing that elton simpson was part of that
11:06 am
community? how are people reacting? >> like i said for the four years not part of the community. would come and go but everybody is shocked. same with his neighbor or anybody who knew him, he always had a calm demeanor. he was very respectful and always had a smile on his face. kids were close because he played basketball in the mosque. everybody is shocked that somebody like that would start carrying these extreme ideas. >> islamic community center of phoenix where simpson was known to have worshipped. thanks so much. >> thank you for inviting me. >> joining me in a few minutes, we'll have christina sitton one represented elton simpson coming up in a few minutes. we'll talk why the case was on the fbi's radar.
11:07 am
we're checking the pulse on the viewers and here's frances with our bing pulse question of the day. >> interesting take we see reversal here is the u.s. prepared for u.s. inspired attacks? take a look to what we saw 30 to 40 minutes ago this is the opposite of where we were the last time we checked in. 41% of saying no the united states is not prepared. 59% said yes, the united states is prepared again, last time it was like 33 saidy. we see more of you are agreeing and think we are prepared for something like this to happen. let's look at the graph and how you are responding overall. again, this is probably changed. i don't know this has affected your views while we were having that last interview but some of you are voting now minute by minute. this is real time and shows overwhelmingly just based on the last couple of minutes that you believe that the united states is prepared for isis inspired attacks. we're also checking this by gender and quickly we can take a look at that.
11:08 am
you can see how males in blue the past couple of minutes, many of you say yes, females some saying yes, you do believe but overall, a big split between genders here that we're seeing. we invite you to keep voting we have 50 minutes before the polls close. developing news right now to pay attention to overseas where secretary of state john kerry made a surprise stop in somalia. he arrived in mogadishu. they are fighting with al shabab militants that launched attacks in the borders. this is the 11th trip so far this year. he visited 59 countries. a few hours ago another candidate entered into the 2016 race. former arkansas governor mike huckabee officially announcing his candidacy, it's his second run for president and follows
11:09 am
the announcement of ben carson and carly fiorina and appeared to take swipz as some of the gop rivals. in the end he sold himself as the populist in this race. >> walked away from my own income to do this. i'm not asking for you some sacrifice i'm not willing to make. i don't have a global foundation or taxpayer funded paycheck to live off of. i don't come from a family dynasty but working family. i grew up blue color, not blue blood. kasie hunt joins us live from arkansas. what did this speech tell us about huckabee's strategy in a crowded gop field likely to get even more so? >> reporter: good afternoon, thomas the duggar family was in attendance from 19 kids and counting. he is as you say in hope arkansas, the same town he
11:10 am
shares with bill clinton, born in the same hospital. it's now a funeral home. huckabee hopes you don't reach too much into that. he's trying to stake a claim for himself in a pretty crowded field here. more than the field he faced in 2008 when he was able to carve out a space as the evangelical cristhristian conservative in the race. to do it it seems from his announcement speech he's staking out a position as a populist and talked a lot about trade, for example, kind of seeming to wornarn about the trade deal before congress right now saying it could potentially lower wages as far as the dead sea. he also seemed to swipe at senator ted cruz saying that politicians who say they should -- we should repeal obama care should not actually then turn around and accept obama care as senator cruz says he's
11:11 am
considering. >> kasie hunt thanks so much. hillary clinton is spending cinco de mayo in nevada. aides tell nbc news she's going to unveil her support for pack the citizenship for the 12 million undocumented immigrants. today marking the release of "clinton cash" and media reports have made for a number of pay for play allegations involving the clintons and clinton foundation. in an exclusive interview with nbc news, former president clinton denies the claim. and any mistakes in the past were just that, mistakes. >> we did disclose the foreign governments, no attempt to hide them. the guy that filled out forms made an error. the guy put it on wrong form. >> it was an innocent mistake. >> of course it was, it was all in there.
11:12 am
>> years before though? >> i know i can't explain whi they didn't do. all we can do is fix it. >> alex seitz-wald is on the clinton campaign and joins us from vegas. on top of this we know clinton has to start debate prep soon. because we got word about the framework to hold debates. >> the democratic national committee announced it will sanction six democratic presidential primary debates, that's a huge drop from 2008 when there was something like two dozen debates and hillary clinton has said she'll participate in the obvious front-runner there and bernie sanders who announced he will run as a democrat will likely also participate and she could also face off against former senators jim webb and lincoln chaffey and vice president biden saying he might jump in the race. those will start in the fall. they'll be in the four early primary states and two other locations yet to be announced
11:13 am
sponsored by the interest groups that make up the democratic party. >> alex seitz-wald reporting in vegas, thank you, appreciate it. more than two weeks after the death of freddie gray which sparked massive protests we have the attorney general loretta lynch now visiting baltimore, to meet with city and law enforcement officials and faith and community leaders as well. >> the relationship between police and community is a civil rights issue of this generation. i appreciate the fact that the attorney general came to baltimore within two weeks of being sworn in. >> the attorney general is expecting to meet with the family of freddie gray as well. joy reid is on the ground in baltimore and joy, we know that the city has asked the department of justice to conduct this independent review of the police department. how much of that do you think will be discussed in what's been
11:14 am
the reaction to this high profile visit. >> if that comes up i would expect it would take place in the meeting room behind me city hall, she went to the university of baltimore to meet with faith leaders and civic leaders and delegation of members of congress elijah cummings and others. the meeting that's supposed to take place here will include the mayor and city council. i would not be surprised if the issues that have been brought to bear with the freddie gray case will come up. after that the attorney general will go back across the street a block from here and meet with police officers to reiterate the support her office has for the individual officers saying essentially that they are not reflected upon by the six officers who were arrested here. then she meets with youth leaders in the community who led a lot of black lives matter marches. i would expect her to get questions and perhaps do some back and forth with some of the civic leaders in that building
11:15 am
behind me. we saw her motorcade pull up so that meeting should be under way. >> all right, joy, thanks so much. live look at breaking news out of woodbridge new jersey this is at the interchange. look at that -- of the interchange -- exit 11 on the new jersey turnpike a tractor-trailer rolled over and we can see the fire that ensued there northbound truck lanes to be able to exit 11 there have been shut down. a medevac is on stand by and you can see fire teams on site trying to put out the remnants of that rolled over tractor-trailer. you can see the amount of damage it's caused there along with the the traffic snarls. the driver has gotten out and we've gotten word received some burns, the extent of which is unknown. this is all happening right now on the new jersey turnpike interchange 11 where a
11:16 am
tractor-trailer rolled over and caught on fire. we're back after this. (music) boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america. sal khan: khan academy is a not-for-profit, with a mission of providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they can cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need
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...about viagra.
11:19 am
we want to turn to the top story out of garland texas, the gruch has yet to offer any evidence to support this claim it appears to be the first time isis has claimed responsible for an attack inside the u.s. we also have new details about the suspected shooters frances is back with more on that side of the story. >> we're learning more as this story is developing, now we know their names and see their pictures here. as each hour passes we learning more. they are looking into whether the roommates were linked to terror groups and how involved they were with isis. here's what we know so far. to the first suspect, elton simpson known to the fbi and was a subject of a federal probe
11:20 am
that began in 2006. now in 2010 he was convicted of lying to federal agents about his travel plans to africa. that probe included 1500 hours of recorded conversations and among them simpson talking about fighting nonbelievers for allah and plans to link up with brothers in somalia. simpson was recently on the radar of law enforcement because of his social media presence and in a statement his family said they were in a state of deep shock. now, less is known about this man, simpson's roommate nadir soofi, he was a son of a texas mother and pakistani father. we heard from his grandmother and also attended the international in islamabad. a fellow student remembers him as a really nice kid and another describes him as the school heart tlob. she told the dallas morning news she had no idea he would turn to
11:21 am
violence and he leaves behind a 8-year-old son. farce other signs the suspects may have been planning an attack, there's a twitter account we've been hearing about that mentioned the shooting 30 minutes before it happened. investigators what they are doing is looking into that very closely and trying to see how far in advance if at all these attacks are planned. >> we had the mayor on why would isis want to take responsibility for a failure? it really is interesting to hear that from a mouth of a babe. we want to bring into the conversation christina sitton who previously represented i will ton simpson in his 2010 trial. thanks for joining us, explain what happened in the conviction five years ago. >> mr. simpson was charged with making a false statement related to terrorism. we waived a jury and tried it to a bench, a judge. he was found guilty of making a
11:22 am
false statement but the judge found the government wasn't able to prove that he made the false statement in relation to a terrorist attack. >> so according to reports, you previously said you saw him as harmless. knowing what he did and what he was capable of was he hiding any intent back then that you think of in the recollections of this client? >> you know i keep thinking back to that because i keep getting asked that question and the answer is no. there's nothing i can think of that would signature fi that he was going to do anything like this. if you would have asked me about this the day before elton simpson, no completely harmless he's just a young man who talks a lot. >> the motivation behind all of this? >> i would have absolutely no idea. to me if i had to guess, i would guess he just snapped. >> christina, thanks for your insights, someone who represented simpson in 2010. coming up next global spending
11:23 am
on cancer drugs. get this it surges to $100 billion. why costs have hit such a high for first time ever and also ahead, ryan gosling's tribute to a fan who lost their battle with cancer. we'll be right back. ameriprise asked people a simple question: can you keep your lifestyle in retirement? i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry but you worry. what happens when your paychecks stop? because everyone has retirement questions. ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. to get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today. why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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11:26 am
following developing news out of baltimore, we just heard from loretta lynch who spoke during a meeting that took place at headquarters. >> we don't always choose moments, sometimes they choose us. how we live with that and go through with that determines what kind of officers we all are. so i want to thank you for letting me come and say a few words to you. i appreciate your time and i know your time is precious. i know it's really spent protecting people of the city of baltimore. thank you very much and for all that you do in the name of law
11:27 am
enforcement. >> so the attorney general also met today with the family of freddie gray and other community leaders there in baltimore. a justice department civil rights investigation is under way into the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. all right we switch gears to talk about what's in medical news. when it comes to treating cancer, hope is no method will be spared but as more drugs hit the market the costs are skyrocketing. it's the new numbers that are just out that reveal what's going on. $100 billion was the total cost of cancer drugs last year according to a report released today. that's a 10% increase over the previous year. the study notes with those high prices come significant improvements in outcomes as more cancer patients are now living longer. joining me now, nbc news correspondent ann thompson. explain first the cost of why we're seeing such an increase in the skyrocketing for preventative medicine? >> well it's really not preventative medicine.
11:28 am
once you're dyingiagnosed with cancer and treated. they say the reason we're seeing this big jump in cancer drug spending or three things. we're seeing earlier diagnosis which is a good thing because it gives you more options and treatments are longer than they have been and drugs are more effective. half of the cancer drugs are targeted therapy. in that class is a group of drugs called immunetherapies, they use the body's immune system to fight against cancer and good for a couple of reasons. instead of attacking all cells, they only attack the cancer cells. that means fewer side effects for patients, which is good and potentially more protection as they go on and live their lives. and when you think you're asking what are immuno therapies, re-septemberinused breast cancer and you might -- that might ring a bell because it was at the
11:29 am
center of the martha stewart trial ten years ago. >> when we think about the financials here do the improved outcomes justify that cost? >> that's what the report based that case if you look in 1990 half of people diagnosed with cancer lived at least five years. that number has jumped to two thirds of people diagnosed with cancer live at least five years. you can see on the screen. those are the increases from 1990 to 2010. if you've ever been dyingiagnosed with cancer you want every chance you can get. >> it's special for you, of course, ann thompson great to see you. >> still ahead, sofia vergara breaking her response about embryos with her e fiance. we'll talk about what crosses the line when it comes to the question of fertility. and from homeless to howard a
11:30 am
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developments out of boston on day nine of the penalty phase. defense lawyers continue their attempt to paint a sympathetic narrative that they hope will save tsarnaev's live. one noted his father struggled with ptsd and said the culture dictates that the older brother assumes the leadership role if the father becomes incapacitated. that would reference tamerlan his influence over his younger brother. we also got more details of the cruelty of the older brother and the defense maintaining that tamerlan was the mastermind who wielded powerful influence. hillary clinton is in nevada today, one of the earliest contests in 2016 and also the
11:34 am
site of a particularly bruising 2008 battle versus then senator barack obama. her goal is democratic unity and winning the latino vote. joining us now, the director of the national council of lor dz a za. with secretary clinton in nevada expecting to say she supports a path to citizenship. what do you hope this path includes and what do you hope that secretary clinton spells out for you to support it? >> i think the latino voters around the country are hoping to hear from mrs. clinton and from every presidential candidate what is their formula to bring relief resolution and reform on the issue of immigration. obviously relief the full implementation of the executive actions announced by president obama which can help bring stability to millions of american families reform using
11:35 am
older levers to bring immigration reform and modernize other system and bring that to the finish line and resolution frankly because the vast majority of americans agree on this sensible solution. it is the smart position for a candidate to take. >> as we look at how the democrats have been winning and winning so with hispanic vote i want to show a chart to everybody showing how george w. bush got 35% in one election 40% in the next. for hillary clinton to take the white house, does she need just to win the hispanic vote or win it overwhelmingly? >> well there's two things. i think it's important to have an energized latino eelectorateelectorate. when we saw candidates not staking their ground particularly on theish issue of immigration, candidates lost support. latinos need to be energized and inspired by the positions of the candidates and there needs to be an overwhelming amount of support by the democrat or
11:36 am
better than 40% on the republican side in order to get there. immigration is not the only issue that latinos care about but it has become so deeply personal that i think we're going to be watching very closely what she has to say today. >> they are not issue minded but this is a big one. explain from your position how attractive gop candidate like marco rubio or jeb bush even ted cruz is to hispanics and being able to carry a sizable amount of hispanic vote. >> latinos have shown in many elections in the past that they are willing to look at candidates based on their positions, regardless of what party they belong to. i think president bush's support from latinos demonstrates that as many other races at the state level. i think we need to hear a forward lean from these candidates you mentioned on the issue. it's not just a no nonsense type of position that includes an
11:37 am
earthed path to legality and citizenship. frankly, that's the position of the vast majority of americans have. i think the challenge for republicans is that they are twisting themselves into knots on the issue of immigration in a way that takes them away from not only where latinos are but the vast majority of the american public. >> clarissa great to see you, thanks for your time. >> i want to bring you an update on developing news we've been following all afternoon. as many as 200 people attended a funeral in absentia in pakistan for simpson and soofi and calling them martyrs of islam. they carried out this attack at the event featuring caricatures of the prophet muhammad. they were roommates in phoenix. the neighbors can't believe these men were capable of such violence. >> it's quite a shot. >> it's crazy, kind of scary. >> isis has claimed
11:38 am
responsibility for the attack but not provided any evidence to support that claim. we're also learning more about the gunman's background, simpson has been on the fbi radar since 2006, soofi is the son of a pakistani and texas an. his grandmother said he wouldn't have participated without outside influence. the shooting in texas is the topic of the bing question. >> it brings to the forefront the concern for home grown terror right here within the united states. we're asking viewers at home is the united states prepared for isis inspired attacks. interesting to see how the score board changed so far in the past hour since we launched. look at this overwhelmingly 60% said yes, the united states is prepared for an isis inspired attack. 40% says no so again, interesting to see how many of you feel confident that the united states is prepared for that. let's take a look now at graph and see where we've been going as far as the past minute alone
11:39 am
in your responses in real time. take a look overwhelmingly the majority of you responding in the past two or three minutes as you can see this is moving as more are voting, take a look, overall many are saying yes, you believe the united states is prepared. let's look at age very quickly and how the breakdown goes here. those of you who mostly have been responding in the last minute or two, 18 to 24 years old overwhelmingly saying yes, you believe that's the case. those over 55 and more some of you saying maybe not so much and others saying yes. that's the breakdown where we stand right now as far as is the united states prepared for an isis inspired attack? we thank you at home for participating in the discussion and voting. thomas? >> thanks so much. want to pass this along to everybody. this is coming from the justice department that they are offering rewards for four key leaders of isis. they are offering -- from the state department this is coming from the state department.
11:40 am
offering these really huge bounties in the millions of dollars leading to information for these four key leaders of isis. and as we go to break, here's some other stories that caught our eye that we want d to pass along. president obama was on the late show here in new york city and spoke to david letterman about the events in baltimore and racial divide that still exists in our country and gave us a glimpse into his life post presidency. >> what will you do when you're not president? >> well i was thinking you and me could play dominos together. >> dominos. >> all right. [ applause ] >> we can, you know, go to the local starbucks, you know swap stories. >> can you imagine that seeing them at the starbucks just hanging out and chilling? here's ryan gosling's moving tribute to a young film maker who passed away following a two-year battle with cancer.
11:41 am
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11:45 am
kensington palace tweeted out the registration form and it lists williams occupation as prince of united kingdom and kate as princess of the united kingdom. great jobs both have. now to a modern family custody battle drawing new discussion about embree i don't ethics. sofia vergara opened up to howard stern about her fight with her exsuing for custody of the former couple's frozen embryos. >> you say look, i don't want to have a baby with you, not involved with you anymore. >> you can blame me. >> i can't blame you. a child needs a mother. >> and loving -- more than a mother, a loving relationship of parents. >> for his part lobe in the new york times op ed says it's view keeping them frozen forever is tantmount to killing them and this is about saving lives and
11:46 am
being proparent. dr. sible university of massachusetts also editor of my menopause magazine. this is getting a lot of attention because of sofia vergara and this is her exfiancee exfiancee. explain how this type of dispute could become more common? do we have enough laws in place as the fertility advancements increase? i wrote a book about this family building through egg and sperm donation. this is at a point where society is catching up a little bit with the legal issues behind it. what's happening is people are waiting longer to have babies and more frozen embryos and most importantly, 20 years ago i l you could freeze an embryo and thaw it but the successes
11:47 am
weren't very good. so right now the success rates are about 30% with thawed pre-em below bree toshios. >> when a couple enters into this, don't they agree upon the conditions ahead of time based on any time of influence that might happen in the course of their relationship, wouldn't this have been something that both parties decided upon upon entering into this type of fertility treatment? of course they do they have legal documents they sign and agree how they are going to deal with embryos in the event of their death and divorce and so forth. the issue is that things change as we all know times change and when those things change people change their minds on what they thought about them. about 10% of women are going into menopause before the age of
11:48 am
45 and so we have that group, then we have so many women dealing with cancer treatments frozen embryos are going to be incredible common and there's about 600,000 to a million embryos frozen now. so this is just the tip of the iceberg for what's going to be happening. >> thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> pleasure. >> so periscope is out there with not so nice words for people who use their op to live stream last weekend's big fight. we're talking about mayweather an pacquiao it cost $100 to order on pay per view. it took down live streams. a single stream had 10,000 viewers piggy backing on it. a spokesperson released this statement, with respect intellectual property rights and working to ensure there are
11:49 am
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now to a story of tragedy and tree up of. they lost everything with hurricane katrina, ripped through the city of new orleans a decade ago and while many survivors still struggle to find the footheld she has strived, grasping to opportunities, she will be the first in her family to earn a college degree on friday. yes, it is may and commencement season all around the country and i'm pleased to say that she's here to share her story with us part of the dropout prevention program run by communities in schools and how big was that program for you to get involved in after hurricane katrina? because we know that new orleans is still trying to get back on track? >> it was a big organization for me to get into.
11:53 am
i was actually interest dugsed in high school in a program run for evacueeses what type of help to ease the transition. >> you are 22 now. >> 12 years old when this came through new orleans. explain how that storm changed the trajectory of your life and we're talking about what you want to do professionally? >> because of the way we were treated during hurricane katrina is the reason why i decided to major in politics when i got into college. and i was congressional page in the house of representatives, which is also why i decided to do the program. going through that program helped me figure out what i wanted to do. >> we want to speak to this powerful image shows you carrying bricks of what remain in new orleans. now that you are about to graduate, what is it that you've learned after going to college that you want to apply when you get out of college or still undecided? >> still undecided but i guess the biggest lesson is to keep going when it seems you can't go
11:54 am
any more there's always a greater side to everything you do. >> oh, the places you will go. dr. seuss, very good book most people get at graduation. >> congratulations and it's such a big deal we're going to be watching you to see what you're going to be doing because i think you're a future leader. >> i appreciate it. >> all right, so we've got this to talk about, new word from the vatican that a meeting has just been announced between pope francis and raul castro president of cuba it's coming up this sunday a private meeting to take place at the vatican. four months before the pope is set to visit cuba. i want to bring back ann thompson who covered pope francis extensively. we were talking about this in the break off camera and now we get an opportunity to speak about it on the air. explain the significance of this for the vatican? >> clearly pope francis as you know has been personally involved in the thawing of
11:55 am
relations between the u.s. and cuba. both president castro and president obama publicly thanked hope francis for the role he has played so it clearlily is an interest. within the post few weeks, the vatican announced that pope francis would stop in cuba on his way to the united states. so you could imagine that both that the discussion will include i can only imagine that that visit and also the thawing of relations. then once he leaves cuba he'll come to the states and go to washington, new york and philadelphia. again, this has been an issue that is very important to pope francis as evidented by putting himself in these negotiations and encouraging the two sides to come together but the vatican said this is a strictly private meeting. >> has a big agenda through the summer and into fall. i appreciate all of you spending time with me today. that's going to wrap things up for our show. we'll see you back here
11:56 am
tomorrow. until then keep the conversation going on social media and don't go anywhere because "the cycle" is up next. so, what brings you to jersey? well, geico's the #1 auto insurer in new jersey, new york and connecticut. so i just came by to say "thanks." #1, huh? that's great. here you go. a little token of appreciation. oh, that's... that's... that's great... now i'd say you probably need a large. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. (music) boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america.
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11:59 am
ask your doctor... ...about viagra. isis says it's officially in america but can we really trust terrorists? good afternoon, as we come on the air, it is the question of the national security expert are investigating today, was the attack on that texas cartoon contest planned by isis or are they simply trying to take credit here? in their daily radio news bull ton, isis identified the two gunman as brothers and they promised additional attacks. the message did not say that isis centralsen ordered or planned the
12:00 pm
attack. if these claims do prove legitimate it would be the first time isis directed an attack on u.s. soil. the success of the attack is up for debate. remember the gunmen left one officer with a minor ankle injury and failed to reach event organizers or speakers. but in the eyes of isis success means stoking fear. there are reports that followers have been calling for u.s. attacks last week ahead of the texas event on sunday. the president today is of course following the developments closely. >> this is still under investigation by the fbi, other members of the intelligence community to determine any ties or affiliations of these two individuals may have had had with isil or other terrorist organizations because of the quick and professional and brave work of local law enforcement officers and attempted terrorist attack was


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