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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  May 5, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that point there will be annoyed people. wayne and i might get on our tin foil hats ourselves and join the militia. >> gentlemen, good to have you with us tonight. wayne slater and harold cook from texas. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton start right now. good evening rev. >> good evening, ed. thanks to you for tuning in. we start with developing news. attorney general loretta lynch traveling to baltimore and diving into a national debate over policing. today she met with the family of freddie gray. she met with leaders across the city including the police commissioner and police officers. she met with students at the university of baltimore, and she met with the mayor, promising to work with the city long after the media spotlight fades. >> this is one of my first visits as attorney general to
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baltimore and we o where we have partners to help this beautiful city. i assure you that the partnership will not end. >> now we're seeing signs how the death of freddie gray may change how policing is done in this country. a new poll shows 92% favor police body cameras, 92%, and we're seeing the push for change in the headlines. many police departments are rethinking their own traditions about using force. in new york retraining efforts are focused on talking suspects into handcuffs, use force only as a last resorted and in washington stayed officers are studying videos of police shootings to learn how to reduce violence. this was mrs. lynch's first official trip as attorney general, and late today she said that what she's been seeing in
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baltimore has given her hope. >> as we all know baltimore has come to symbolize a lot of the issues involving police and community mistrust that plague so many of our cities but what i have heard here today is how all the people of baltimore, every group that i've mentioned and certainly everyone with whom i was privileged to meet is committed to making that better. >> joining me now is congressman emanuel cleaver, democrat from missouri. he co-sponsored legislation that would help fund body cameras for police officers, and he recently met with house speaker john boehner about criminal justice reform. also with me is reverend todd yeary, noted faith and civil rights leader in baltimore and pastor of douglas memorial community church. he was in the meeting with the attorney general today, and he's also the pastor tooled mayor. we're also joined by jim
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cavanagh, retired atf agent and msnbc law enforcement analyst. thank you all for being here. >> good to be here reverend. >> good to be with you, reverend. >> congressman, let me start with you. how important was it for the new attorney general to travel to baltimore today? >> i think it was extremely important. here's a woman who has an impeccable background in law enforcement, u.s. attorney in new york, and i think that it demonstrates to the people in baltimore and frankly people who have been adversely affected by the -- by the happenings over the last couple of weeks that the federal government is in fact going to be involved that the federal government is not going to push this under a rug and that the federal government is going to stand by to worked with the municipal government of baltimore. i think that this was a very very powerful statement that she made through her visit to baltimore, and i think everybody is going to be pleased on both
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sides, on any sides and all sides actually. >> pastor yeary, last thursday the national civil rights leaders came to baltimore. you co-chaired our meeting there, the head of the naacp urban league and myself, and we talked about body cameras and we talked about a lot. you brought these issues in the meeting with the attorney general. what happened in the meeting? bring us inside? >> well first, the attorney general reasserted her commitment to support baltimore in looking at police community relations, reaffirming her commitment to follow through on the processes that have already begun in terms of the collaborative reform efforts and the reviews that her department's office of civil rights might follow up with and so she reminded us that she is here for the long haul. she is hopeful that baltimore will not only recover but will be better and as you mentioned
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earlier would be the template for police reforms across the country. what the faith leaders asked for is that she would use the full arsenal, if you will of resources at her dispose al and not to leave out the consideration of a pattern and practice investigation because these issues run deeper than personalities. these are long-standing policies about urban enforcement and areas that have been underresourced, and until we get a change in the policies that support the current law enforcement structure we're going to be right back here before we know it. >> did you specifically talk about pattern and practice or body cameras in that meeting? >> we specifically asked for a pattern in practice investigation by the department of justice. she heard the request. she did not make a formal commitment one way or the other, but we are on the record now with the united states attorney general that we are requesting a pattern and practice investigation of the baltimore
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city police department. >> congressman, they are making that formal request to the attorney general. that in itself a new development and something that i think we're seeing all over the country where it cries for a national solution. you just met with the speaker of the house john boehner. can we say we're moving anywhere near towards legislation that can be bipartisan and address on a national level these concerns that are going over various cities around the country? >> i think so reverend. congressman al green from texas and i met with speaker boehner on this past friday. we had a very good meeting frankly. the speaker said that he thought something needed to be done. he wanted to go throughled task force chaired by representative goodlatte, and i think john conyers from michigan is working
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on that task force. he thinks we need a comprehensive plan put forth as opposed to him dictating what should happen. when congressman green and i walked out of the meeting with the speaker, we both turned to each other and said that wasn't a bad meeting. i don't want to overstate my optimism, but for the first time since all this began since frankly trayvon martin which you brought the attention to the world, i think that we may be moving congressionally towards some kind of legislation that will dramatically impact what's been happening with police minorities in this country. >> now, congressman, the rialto california, police department did a landmark study on police body cameras. it found a 60% decline in the use of force by police and an 88% decline in the amount of citizen complaints about police. how big a difference would body
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cameras make to policing across the country? >> a significant difference. keep in mind that all of the good police 99% of them they wanted body cameras because they don't want to end up being tarred by the conduct of the very few bad cops so when -- when you think about the fact that everything you do while you're on duty while you're at work is going to be recorded i think that can change behavior. maybe we can't change the attitude. we can change behavior with bad cops because i think when you see police being indicted for misconduct as they have been in the last two big cases and then the body cameras are revealing things to the public i think that this is going to transform community, police relations all over the country. >> jim cavanagh police are protected by body cameras.
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the congressman says most of them want it. what do you think? you've been in law enforcement as serious as anyone. >> right. well i've been a uniformed officer and a federal agent for more than 33 years and a commander and i'm 1,000% for body cameras, and would i have love to have had a body camera. most police were for cameras in their vehicle. so i don't see the objection to have a camera on your person. it's going to help the officers as congressman cleaver said. it's going to not be -- the good cops are not going to fight against it. it shows up the bad cops. that's what we're seeing on the videos across the country, and it does change the behavior of the citizens and the officers. it's a real positive. but the congressman is doing some action here. >> right. >> and i think the president said in his remarks, a little less talk and a lot more action that's what we need to see, and his bill is action. he wants to do something concrete. that's what we've got to do. we've got to train in more restraint restraint, the police.
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you know, reverend, i was a negotiator, and i like to do things more smoother and easier and more maneuver. we need to train our officers in the technique and that's a great move on the cameras, move towards more restraint and training and get more jobs. >> we need action. we need action. pastor yeary, led the me go back to you. the attorney general met with the baltimore police and talked about the national attention they are receiving. listen to. >> you really have become the face of law enforcement. now, some -- you may say that's for good or for ill i know but we don't always choose moments. sometimes they choose us and how we live with that and how we go through with that determines what kind of officers we all are. >> pastor yeary, do police in baltimore and elsewhere sense they have an opportunity right now to redefine policing in america? >> reverend if they don't, they should, and they are going to miss a tremendous opportunity to
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re-establish the confidence of the mission of police that we've come to know as protect and serve as opposed to arrest and enforce. and so one of the things that the good officers. we keep hearing over and over and over again that there's a relatively small minority of bad officers that are bringing this notion of dishonor upon police forces around the country. if that is the case then every good officer must seize this moment to recreate the law enforcement professional image and practice to make sure that those that need to be weeded out get weeded out so that the police community relationships can be what we all want them to be. >> congressman emanuel cleaver, reverend todd yeary and jim cavanagh, thank you all for your time tonight. >> thanks reverend. >> thanks rev. straight ahead, breaking news coming from baltimore. state attorney on the freddie gray case regarding her charges. also tonight, our exclusive report from baltimore on the
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emotional stories of rebuilding and hope in the name of freddie gray. plus here comes mike huckabee. he's a real threat to the gop field, but a lot has changed since he ran last time. will the cultural warrior still work in 2016? and president obama's final appearance on "letterman." we'll look at letterman's impact on politics. please stay with us. >> well i was thinking you and me, we could play some dominoes together. >> dominoes. all right. >> we can -- we can, you know go to the local starbucks, you know, swap stories. ♪ ♪ ♪ at chase, we celebrate small businesses every day through programs like mission main street grants.
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baltimore state attorney marilyn mosby is responding to criticism of her charges against six police officers in the death of freddie gray. some critics had said the charges were too tough. one op-ed in her hometown paper even said the charges were quote, incompetent and not backed up by the evidence. but mosby issued a statement saying, quote, while the evidence we have obtained through our independent investigation does substantiate the elements of the charges filed, i refuse to litigate this case through the media. she also says quote, i strongly condemn anyone in law enforcement with access to trial evidence who has or continues to leak information prior to the resolution of this case. these unethical disclosures are only damaging our ability to conduct a fair and impartial process.
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attorney general loretta lynch was in baltimore today. she talked about the people coming together to reclaim their city, and she vowed to stay through the rebuilding. joining me from baltimore is my colleague msnbc national
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correspondent joy reid. joy, first, let me say you've been doing a tremendous work on the ground for us. the attorney general talked about rebuilding today. you are focusing on stories of hope rebuilding and freddie gray's legacy. what did you find? >> well thanks very much for that compliment, reevev, appreciate general loretta lynch came to this town to meet with members of the community, the faith community, the civic leadership of this city as well as with young people and the entire focus was on moving forward, on listening to the ideas of young baltimore residents about what they felt could be done to move this city forward, but there's also a lot of actual physical rebuilding moving forward as people try to bring this city back together. the local pastor who as you well know had a senior center that was burnt to the ground last week monday. they are already starting to revive, and we spoke with him, and we also spoke with a local artist who is using -- who has found a unique way to honor freddie gray.
3:19 pm
for baltimore street artist justin netherkut, freddie gray's legacy is part of the civil rights movement from martin luther king to black lives matter. this is the message in a mural that netherkut began building on the corner where gray was arrested april 12th. >> this is a catalyst right here. >> reporter: large three-panel mural depicts gray between scenes of 1960s civil rights marches and baltimore that transfixed a nation last week. >> it's just a wall, but it shows that all the people stood up together and what they did was representing the same type of struggle that martin luther king and the civil rights movement fought for. >> reporter: across town, a different kind of renewal is under way. the $16 million 61-unit mary harbin center for low-income
3:20 pm
seniors being built by southern baptist church burned to the ground last monday. as fires and looting overtook the city prompted a week-long curfew. now, backed by promises of help from national civil rights leaders, hickman is vowing to rebuild. >> just a week later we are already engaged in the process of rebuilding the center by the spring of 2016. the city is about to condemn and knock down demolish the existing structures so that we can clear the site and start all over again. >> reporter: meanwhile, cvs, whose west baltimore store was one of 235 local businesses looted damaged or burned orrin on monday is vowing to rebuild. a statement from the company this week reads, we have a long history of serving inner city communities and are 100% committed to serving our patients and customers in baltimore. we are working diligently to formulate our rebuilding plans. joe brown is one of several contractors contacted by cvs to bid on the reconstruction. >> i think it's extremely
3:21 pm
important for the whole environment, once they see it being rebuilt. i think the entire neighborhood will feel the rebirth. >> reporter: pastor hickman says east baltimore will rebuild, too, and he believes the entire baltimore community will emerge stronger from the turmoil of the last week. >> baltimore has a true grit about itself. we've overcome so many obstacles in the past, and all it takes is one person to say, hey we can rise from the ash sneeze all part of baltimore's quest to return to a new normal and a better normal that many here hope will be the true legacy of freddie gray. and, rev, can i tell you these are three stories that the spirit of renewal has taken hold in baltimore. there's a long way to go but this is definitely a beginning. rev? >> joy let me ask you before you go. what have you noticed from the community over the last few days? >> well, i'll tell you, rev, this is an incredibly unified community. there are incredible economic
3:22 pm
disparities, particularly when you talk about the neighborhood where freddie gray lived and also east baltimore. people are struggling. people are suffering and people really do have deep-seeded mistrust of law enforcement here. there's a big gulf between the two, but this is a community that united behind this movement for freddie gray and they are still united and there's a lot of hope and positivity. the people you talk to here they love this city they love baltimore and want to see it move forward. >> well, we're looking for that rebuilding. we had committed at the national civil rights summit to have a youth forum. i'm coming in. we're going to do that next week and keep hope moving. joy reid thank you for your reporting tonight, and again, great work that you've been doing on the ground in baltimore. >> thank you, rev, appreciate it. still ahead, how mike huckabee would turn the gop presidential race upside down. he's in and it's definitely not good news for some big-name candidates. also, hillary clinton's plan to fight back against the
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the gone 2016 race just got a whole lot more interesting. today former arkansas governor mike huckabee went to his hometown of hope arkansas and said it's time to send another man from hope to the white house. >> so it seems perfectly fitting that it would be here that i
3:32 pm
announce that i am a candidate for president of the united states of america! >> he's in and he could have a real impact. when huckabee ran in 2008 he won the iowa caucus and seven other primaries. he was the last man standing against john mccain. huckabee could drag more moderate candidates further right or split the conservative vote because with all this talk about uncle sugar and criticizing beyonce, mike huckabee made it clear he's still all about the culture wars. >> we are now threatening the cycstic fibrosis of religious liberty by criminalizing christianity and demanding that we abandon principles of marriage. the supreme court is not the supreme court being, and they cannot overturn the laws of
3:33 pm
nature or of nature's god. >> that line went over well today, but it wouldn't nationwide. when mike huckabee ran for president in 2008 just 38% of americans supported same-sex marriage. today more than half the country does. mike huckabee's a serious contender, but if he wants to win in 2016 running his 2008 campaign all over again won't be enough. joining me now is frank schaffer, a former evangelical turned progressive and author of "why i am an atheist who believes in god." how to give love create beauty and find peace. and also with me is dana milbank of the "washington post." thank you both for being here. >> good evening, reverend. >> hey thanks for having me. >> frank, huckabee is someone that can make some noise, a big
3:34 pm
evangelical following. how will it be different for him this time as opposed to 2008? >> well there's a big difference, and that is after the hobby lobby decision that brought this whole idea that religious civil liberties demand that christians be treated differently, and that case allowed to prevent women from getting contraceptive coverage through their insurance plan the landscape has changed so huckabee has a new issue, and his issue is going to be all about protecting religious civil liberties by which he means take away the rights of gay people to marry, and women if they work for an evangelical school like wheaton college that also got a ruling from the supreme court. we've got a new direction here, a new tackity, and what's really happening as i write about in the book "why i'm an atheist who believes in god" we have a country where an evangelical majority that through the tea party and others has controlled
3:35 pm
both houses of congress put president bush in the white house, has been acting increasingly like a minority of persecuted people and so this is a tactic and it's what i call victimology, and that's where we're at. >> now, dana it wasn't an accident that huckabee's announcement was made from bill clinton's hometown of hope arkansas. what did you make of that? >> well i mean it's his hometown, too, but i think what -- what governor huckabee was doing today was really making a populist appeal and that is what sets him apart within the republican party today. he was against trade deals, defending social security and medicare talking about bringing manufacturing back to america, so he's sort of the guy standing up for the little guy. >> yeah. let me -- let me show something and i'll let you finish your point. >> sure. >> because today he tried to widen his appeal. listen to more of this announcement that relates directly to what you're saying.
3:36 pm
>> power and money and political influence have left a lot of americans lagging behind. i don't have a global cycstic fibrosis or a taxpayer-funded paycheck to live off of. i don't come from a family dynasty but a working family. i grew up blue collar not blue blood. >> i mean he's going in a more populist direction it seems. >> yeah. >> dana and he's already getting in his digs at clinton and his fellow republicans, but can he widen his base of support? >> well, i think it's very difficult, reverend because if you look at, you know where the power is right now, big money is controlling politics in general and controlling the republican primary process in particular so you've got these billionaires and multi-millionaires funneling money into various contestants in the race. unlikely that that money is going to be going to huckabee stow will hard for him to have the staying power and that was also his problem in 2008. the additional problem for
3:37 pm
huckabee right now is yes, he's going for that religious conservative vote, but, you know what? there's a whole battalion of cultural warriors in the republican field right now and he'll have to compete with ted cruz ben carson and a whole bunch of others. doesn't really have that to himself now. it's hard to see how he breaks free from the pack this time because he has so many similar contestants in the race. >> frank, let me go there with you. there's a lot of republicans who are either running or thinking about running trying to court the evangelical vote. they are all socially conservative, anti-choice, anti-same-sex marriage. how might this play out, frank? >> well actually i think huckabee may not have a chance to be president of the united states, but he has a chance to move the entire race to the right on the republican side. look he's the genuine article. this guy is not a flake. he's a true believer and evangelicals and right wing christian folks know this. he goes back as a pastor. he goes back before that.
3:38 pm
in fact my dad who was an evangelical leader mike huckabee quotes his books all the time like how should we then live and had you's a dyed in the wool warrior going back to the reconstructionist movement that wants to apply old testament law and he's fringe when it comesed to the koch brothers et cetera and has the power to move jeb bush and the others to the right. this has now become a more polarized race. we all know that the primaries is where this business is done. when it gets to the general election it's another story, but in the primary race watch mike huckabee as the guy who moves it off even further into the fringe loony right. >> so then dana mike huckabee must be taking seriously because he can move the debate and the discussions to the right, frank is saying. what does that do to jeb bush or the other assumed from uners who
3:39 pm
may have to be more moderate for the general election? >> right. i mean certainly his tendency would be to pull things to the right, but it's already so far to the right it's almost like they will come around full circle and wind up on the left or something. there's only so far he can pull that party. in an interesting way it may splitled religious conservatives and the -- those who are out there on the fringe and leave more room for a candidate such as a jeb bush assuming he can break away from a guy like scott walker who seems to be able to straddle the mainstream and the conservative side but certainly all of the weight in the primary is on -- is among the religious conservatives and others within the conservatives. >> i'm out of time but let me ask you there. the dny announce there had will be six official primary debates. hillary clinton treated while the gop debates the same failed policies democrats will debate
3:40 pm
how to help families get ahead. looking forward to a real conversation. bernie sanders also said of course he'd commit to the six debates. will these help or hurt clinton in your opinion, dana? >> i think this can only help clinton, reverend. she needs a challenge. bernie sanders, it's a token challenge, martin o'malley is a token challenge but she needs someone to keep her in practice and get her out there on the issues, so this is actually good news for hillary clinton. >> frank schaffer dana milbank, thank you both for your time tonight. >> thanks, reverend. >> thank you. still ahead, he's got a lot more work to do but over the last few day wes ear learning more about president obama's plans post-white house, and david letterman gets ready to retire after over 30 years in late night. we'll look back on his impact on politics. please stay with us.
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3:45 pm
in chicago, there's been a lot of speculation about the president's plans for his own retirement. last night he told letterman he'll focus on working with military families on climate change and on helping disadvantaged youth. yesterday he announced he was expanding his my brother's keeper initiative promising to help close the opportunity gaps faced by young men of color. >> the good news is it doesn't have to be this way. we can have the courage to change. we can make a difference. we can remember that these kids are our kids. i notice we don't always get a lot of reporting on this issue when there's not a crisis in some neighborhood but we're just going to keep on plugging away and this will remain a mission for me hand for michelle, not just for the rest of my presidency but for the rest of my life.
3:46 pm
>> president obama laying the groundwork for his legacy and to making a difference for long after he leaves the white house. joining me now are clarence page of "the chicago tribune" and richard woolf, executive editor of and author of "the message, the reselling of president obama." thank you, both for many here this evening. >> thanks retch. >> thanks, reverend. >> richard, helping disadvantaged youth. how important will that be to his life and his legacy after the white house? >> i think it's essential to it and i think always has been. when i wrote my first book another book plug in "renegade" he said back in 2007 this is what he wanted to commit himself to. not a short-term thinker. always had a plan and that plan has focused on something for a long time. in the post-presidency for the kind of impact that he could have, and it was always on young
3:47 pm
african-american men, always. >> right. >> and he would talk about, well, maybe when i'm president i can go down to ana kostya and talk to them about how to get their lives on track and what kind of opportunities they have for them. a lot of the calculation around whether he should run for president is what kind of impact would it have on dreams and aspirations of what people could achieve as a young african-american man, and so i think this is a natural extension. i think it's always been there. i'm kind of surprised it's taken this long into his presidency to start getting down to the policy mechanics of what he can do while he's still in office. >> you know clarence you're in chicago. you're from chicago, and the president spoke to a group of students last week about what he planned to do when he left the white house. listen to what he told them. >> i'll be done being president in a couple years, and i'll still be a pretty young man, so i'll go back to doing the kinds of work that i was doing before just trying to find ways to help
3:48 pm
young people get educations and help people get jobs and try to you know bring businesses into neighborhoods that don't have enough businesses you know. that's the kind of work that i really love to do. >> i mentioned chicago, clarence becaused is the president talking about going back to being a community organizer though on a much broader, larger scale? >> he did joke with some kids about maybe i'll go back to being a community organizer, but i think you look at where obama's going, the best way to guess is to look at where he's been. he came from community organizing, came from public service really. he fell into community organizing after coming to chicago when it was a city where he saw dynamism going on back in the days of harold washington when he first arrived there and got brought into the world of saul alinsky and community organizing and he still sees public service as being a
3:49 pm
primary mission of his, but he wants to do it in his own way. that's why he hasn't been all that specific about what he's going to do beyond my brother's keeper which he has expanded this week on the cycstic fibrosis level and on the activism level, but -- and we know his library is going to be in chicago which i think is where it belofnlgts after all, it's a city where he came of age politically and all. >> the decision has been made, clarence. the decision has been made it. will be in chicago. you don't have to keep campaigning. let me take it back to you, richard, because as i sat as the event yesterday in the bronx where the president expanded and announced the expansion, there's a clear need for the work that my brother's keeper does in inner cities across the country. only 52%, 52% of black males graduate from high school on time. 49 of young black males have been arrested and black teen
3:50 pm
unemployment is 38%. so we're not just talking about some legacy removed from a reality of really needing to focus on some very substantive challenges. >> right, and this is at a time when the economy is improving and unemployment rates have been falling and yet, you see this through every cycle. these numbers stay stubbornly high. you picked up three things three very separate issues but who has the convening powers to bring in reforms to education and the criminal justice system and the private sector, too, and that's not a small thing. who has the power to convene all of that? well an ex-president does actually a current president does, so you need someone of that stature to be able to do that public/private partnership which has been part of the work of people like valerie jarrett before she went into the administration. >> right. >> you've got to bring partners in because there are too many partners to be solved with juan thing. won't be school standards on their own. has to be all of those things together. >> and as you said, clarence, to see where he's going and see
3:51 pm
where he's been that was his passion when he was in chicago at first. >> indeed it was and he made a lot of very important friends an associates and supporters around chicago, and certainly learned to carve a centrist path. it's a lot easier as a chicago lawmaker to work across party lines. he found out compared to washington's polarization but he can go back into the private sector now and he's already got at great lineup of stars and ceos and star ceos for that matter to warning with and support him on this mission which is a very important one. everyone agrees. >> all right. clarence page and richard woolffe, thank you for your time this evening. >> thank you. still ahead, how david letterman redefined how you can talk about politics on late-night tv. it was revolutionary and very very funny. also why this video of a baltimore police officer is
3:52 pm
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it's almost the end of an era, before "the daily show," "fallon" or "kimmel," there was dave letterman. last night marked the president's third and final
3:54 pm
appears on "late night." as the 0-year career comes to an end late they are month and the guy known for stupid human tricks and throwing things off the roof also became a key stop for our nation's political leaders, whether it was a top ten list or an interview at the desk. letterman was always on his game and politicians had to step it up, too. >> number seven. >> mm-hmm. >> make sure the white house library has lots of books with big print and pictures. >> i've made jokes about you, not just one or two, not just ongoing here and there, intermittent, but -- [ laughter ] >> number nine. >> what's up gangstas? it's the mi double tizzle.
3:55 pm
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doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, save up to $200 on eyeglasses. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical breaking news. just moments ago hillary clinton announcing she supports a path to citizenship for illegal
3:58 pm
immigrants. she's speaking at a roundtable in las vegas. she also said that if she were elected president, she would do everything she could under the law to help qualify immigrants stay in the country. now, let me go back to attorney general loretta lynch talking about meeting with freddie gray's family today in baltimore. she also spoke directly to members of the police department thanking them for their service during difficult times. >> i know there are difficulties. i know that we have struggles, and we are here to help you work through those struggles in a way that will hopefully be the best and most productive way for this department, but to all of you who are on the front lines, i just want to say thank you. >> the police and the community must all work together we all know it, and the mayor of baltimore made that point today as well.
3:59 pm
>> we cannot afford to faith. i believe that the relationship between the police and the community, it's like a marriage and separation is not an option. divorce is not an option. we have to figure out how we're going to make this marriage work. >> we must make it work. 56% of americans think tensions between police and the community led to the unrest in baltimore. we need to ease some of those tensions and that's why videos like this are striking a nerve. watch this baltimore police officer making an emotional statement about her role in the community this weekend. >> this is my city. hear what i'm saying to you. can you not think that all police are bad. you have to know that some of us are here. we come out here away from our kids and away from our families and i'm here for you and can you look me in my face and treat me like i'm somebody getting up
4:00 pm
this day fighting this fight. [ inaudible ] >> a sense of respect, mutual respect, mutual regard. we need to hear each other and have one standard of justice. we need real peace, not quiet. quiet is to keep things like they are and bring down the noise. peace is bringing people together fairly. thanks for watching. i'm al tharpton. "hardball" starts right now. the enemy within. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in philadelphia. it's one thing to watch the map and see isis in iraq and syria. it's another to see two men in texas open fire and have isis take the credit. to what extent is it isis as an