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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  May 6, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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nfl commission report on the patriots deflategate release an hour ago and the report found it more probable than not that they deflated footballs used in the game and more probable than not that quarterback tom brady was aware. patriots chairman and ceo issued this statement, knowing there is no real recourse available, fighting the league and extending this debate will prove will be futile. we'll accept the findings and take appropriate actions based on finding as well as any discipline leveled by the league. joining me now is rob simmelkjaer. i want your reaction but we pulled sound from tom brady back in january responding to questions about deflategate. listen. we don't have that just yet. we'll get it up. this was the press conference where he denies any involvement in this and being unaware but
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how bad is that report rob for tom brady? >> thomas it's not a good situation for the patriots. this report makes it pretty clear of a couple of things. there were two patriots employees, jim mcnally an official locker room attendant and john an equipment assistant for patriots that these two individuals, not just for the one game in question but period of time going back months were aware of that and in fact involved in efforts to deflate the footballs to tom brady's liking and are even references in text messages that mentioned numbers below the range in which a ball is supposed to be inflated. it's clear these two individuals knew what they were doing and knew it was against the rules. what's not as clear from what i've read yet is whether brady knew exactly what was going on
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aopposed to stated generally he wanted the balls to be deflated on the lower side. >> you're talking about the psi, the levels of the footballs and how likely is it that there would be any discipline leveled against the patriots coming from roger goodell? >> i think it's extremely likely thomas that there's going to be some sort of discipline. a fine is a very high likelihood. loss of draft picks which we talked about when this story first broke is a possibility. i think there's a good chance tom brady will face a suspension of some sort at the end of the day it was a very detailed thorough report by a well respected attorney who concludes it's more likely than not that brady knew what was going on and knew that the rules were being broken. i think given all of that it's pretty likely we're going to see some sort of discipline against tom brady himself. >> we have that sound now from the press conference where tom brady defended himself against the accusations.
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>> i didn't alter the ball in any way. i have a process i go through, before every game where i go in and pick balls i want to -- the footballs i want to use for the game. i feel like i've always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. i believe in fair play and respect the league and everything they are doing to try to create competitive playing field for all of the nfl teams. >> that's tom brady saying he didn't alter the ball in any way. rob, remind us was it just the colts game where the patriots defeated the game 45-7 was that the only time they were accused of this or is there a ravens game? >> well there was a ravens game thomas hope you can hear me, a ravens game in which that team complained at some point during the game that the balls were not sufficiently inflated. and again, if you look at this report, it goes back to regular season games going all the way back to september of 2014
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against the jets in which these officials were involved in trying to take air of the ball. so this looks like it was an ongoing practice by the patriots to deflate balls to a level to tom brady's liking. >> when we talk about the conditions that creates, how much of an edge did it give the patriots? >> if you look at the performance of tom brady in the first and second halves of this game it doesn't indicate it gave him any edge. he actually did not perform particularly well in the first half when the balls were underinflated and it was in the second half when the problem was corrected and officials put more air in the balls, that's when brady performed better. in that particular game you can't point to the performance and say this was all caused by the balls being inflated to a lower level. when you look at it over the long period of time and you question how long this was going on was it an entire season or
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potentially more than one season that the patriots were doing this for tom brady, i think that's where you start calling things into question. >> all right, rob simmelkjaer, great to get you from out there.g pulse question dealing with deflate gate, did the patriots steal the super bowl? we're sure to get a lot of response from colts fans. go and vote and tell us what you think. go to it was an epic super bowl between the patriots and sea hawks. we have harrowing new information coming out on the germanwings flight that killed all people on board. a new report appears to suggest that the co-pilot practiced changing the controls for a controlled descent on another flight. investigators say an dree i can't say lube its -- a new report suggested he may have attempted similar maneuvers into barcelona that same day and some are characterizing this as a
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rehearsal. one aviation expert says there's another explanation. >> it looks like he was actually planning to commit suicide on the outbound flight and made the selections on the auto flight systems but then changed his mind. and so the flight continued on towards barcelona and nobody was the wiser. >> tom costello following developments from our washington bureau. can we call this a rehearsal? explain of change in altitude? >> i don't think we have enough information. here's why. just dialing different altitudes into the flight management system without hitting engage just dialing around 100 feet and 40,000 feet that would be recorded on the flight data recorder system. but if you'll notice this line and that's important, look at the graph. the blue line represents the
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irregular commands that the erratic altitudes in the flight computers, 100 feet up to 49,000 feet and the red line represents the altitude. that means that despite the erratic dialing in and out of different altitudes, the plane maintained a normal descent down to barcelona which would suggest that either he never hit engage and in other words never committed the plane to 100 feet altitude or that the plane was happening with such brief frequency that the plane was maintaining its normal flight and normal descent down to barcelona as the flight was planned. i'm not sure that we can say that he was really at this point a practicing some sort of descent. we know he was -- all we can really say he was playing around with the altitudes. he was going 100 feet up to 49,000 feet very erratic but we don't know he ever hit engage and therefore we don't know how committed he was to this
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process. >> tom costello thanks so much. great to see you, thank you. a former pilot for british airways and royal air force, he joins us now. you say that this wasn't a rehearsal but could this have been a way for him to testify how people on the ground were monitoring the actions of the flight to see if it was something he could get away with? >> well first of all, i can't say for certain it wasn't rehearsal, however, it is important to note that loub its along with other airline pilots qualified on the aircraft type he was flying would know what turning the altitude knob would do. there's no need to practice it. what i think and no way of nowing this for sure what i think was he was thinking about the crash in the outbound leg
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and that would explain why he would be changing the altitude but that he chickened out and couldn't quite decide he wanted to do it then. it was -- he did do this while the captain was off of the flight deck. it was in every way similar to the return flight when he actually did crash the aircraft. as i said one cannot be sure either way. it's just that he didn't have to practice it. he would know what to do. >> and so if he would know what to do, then how would the people on the ground not be aware of this type of change in behavior from the cockpit. >> nobody on the ground is going to know what he's doing. he was merely turning the altitude knob. if he selected 100 feet and aircraft had been cleared down to 21,000 feet if he lifted after it reached 21,000 feet it would continue descending. at that point air traffic control would have been aware but that's not what he did.
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he reselected the correct altitude, 21,000 feet after playing around with the altitude button for a while. one cannot know what was going through his mind but i strongly suspect that it was an attempt to commit suicide then changed his mind. as indeed i understand a number of people who think of committing suicide do have pulled back from actually doing it. and then subsequently later time do carry it out. >> a chilling detail coming out of this new finding. we appreciate it. officials are digging into the digital tracks of elton simpson and soofi, both were shot and killed and authorities investigating the social media accounts of elton simpson where he had expressed support for isis including a tweet sent 20 minutes before the shooting that
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reads, may allah accept us. isis has claimed responsibility but hasn't produced evidence to support that claim. about an hour ago, white house press secretary josh earnest says officials are still looking into the claim. >> the analysts want to review whether the claim is accurate and if so at what level isil may have known or sanctioned this attempted attack. >> coming up more on the millions of dollars now in bounties that are out for information on four critical isis leaders. and we're also keeping a close watch on developing news out of baltimore. larry hogan just announcing that the state of emergency has been lifted. >> i'm pleased to report that all national guard, state police and other police personnel and all of the assets that we brought in have now been removed from the city. and i have rescinded the executive order which instituted
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the state of emergency. >> so we also heard today from mayor stephanie rawlings-blake who detailed the first step in instituting reforms at the city police department. >> in order to achieve the kind of sustainable and significant reform that we want to see, that i want to see, that the citizens want to see in baltimore, i'm requesting the department of justice conduct a federal pattern or practice investigation into the baltimore city police department. >> so the obama administration also doing more to engage with the city following protests over the death of freddie gray. tom perez, and education secretary arne duncan and my brother's keeper are in the city to announce new federal funding for neglected communities. adam reiss remains on the ground in baltimore. give us more details of the mayor's request about this civil rights investigation from the department of justice. >> reporter: hi, thomas good afternoon.
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she's determined to make the city safer. she wants to build up trust between the officers on the beat and the residents orn the street. she wants to change the culture at the police department. to do that she wants to have all officers wearing body cameras by the end of the year and she has asked loretta lynch, the attorney general in town yesterday to begin a patterns and practices investigation into the baltimore police department. here's what she had to say. >> we have to have a foundation of trust and i believe that we need the assistance of department of justice and the civil rights investigation to lay -- to shore up that foundation that is weak right now in our city. >> reporter: now she has seen improvement since the new commissioner came in two years ago. she says lawsuits and complaints against police officers are down but she says there's still plenty of work to go. failure is not an option. >> adam reiss, thank you,
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appreciate it. and now on to this story as we're following something that could be considered the first of the season a tropical storm less than a month before hurricane season officially begins this year. we've got a system brewing right now in the atlantic ocean, east of florida with the national hurricane center saying coastal states should monitor where this is headed. now further inland several rounds of severe storms are expected in parts of the midwest. that's the graphic we had up a minute ago. a video from a huge tornado that touched down in texas yesterday, that could be a taest in what's in store. >> before they vote all of the crazy people out who you know are never going to win, that's where we're at in the republican presidential race. >> that's jon stewart taking on the latest republicans to jump into the growing field. coming up the great nicolle wallace, co-host of "the view" and author and also former bush white house aide is going to be
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joining us to talk about that. she worked with jeb bush too. we'll find out if she has inside information in jeb throwing his hat into the ring. a soldier who refused to give up on a 12 mile march. a test program for commercial drones. how soon could you see them hovering above your house? we're following breaking news in deflategate, an nfl probe finding the patriots probably deflated the footballs. do you think they stole the super bowl? is it invalid? no it's not. but vote anyway we'll see if colts fans out there are the ones chiming in. ♪ [announcer]when we make beyond natural dry dog and cat foods. we start with real meat as the first ingredient. we leave out corn,wheat and soy. and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent!
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make no mistakes not a single republican candidate announced or potential is clearly and consistency supporting a path to citizenship. not one. when they talk about legal staff us that is code for second class status. >> so hillary clinton in las vegas on tuesday with a major shot across the major gop challenger. she endorsed this path to citizenship for undocumented workers and said republicans only advocate second class status for these workers. nicolle wallace is a republican strategist and also the auj offer of a new book madam president and we'll discuss her novel in a moment and a co-host on "the view." this is the book the third in the installment of a series about a female president, go figure. >> go figure. >> mark murray says clinton has laid a trap for republicans.
11:19 am
do you agree or disagree? >> she borrowed it from george w. bush because he advocated a path to citizenship for -- we talk about the number about 11 million people illegally closer to 16 or 17 million -- >> she was saying 12. >> it's a whole bunch of people and it's, it's different than creating a second class of people. it's also doing something that won't work. the goal if you're looking at the security side of this is to bring everybody out of the shadows to sort of make them legitimate parts of our community by putting them into the system and putting them on the tax roll. some people here legally do great and some don't. it's getting them into our system and into our society and out of the shadows and that requires having full participation. i think until there's a path to legal citizenship, i don't think it works. >> do you think she's created a trap for any of the republicans that have entered the presidential race? >> i think she has a difference
11:20 am
of opinion -- i haven't heard all of the republicans weigh in on the issue of the marco rubio was working with democrats and republicans and should get credit to get something that would pass. what hillary is talking about has no chance of becoming law. even president obama would tell you the best laid plan that have no way of becoming law are futile. >> if it helps get you into the white house -- >> that's pretty cynical. that goes straight to the heart of the clinton weakness that people think they do what they have to do to get into the white house, not something that has any potential of actually becoming law. you've got to -- immigration reform is something that two presidents pretty strong points in their presidencies, george w. bush and president obama both tried to do. neither one could bring along the other side. starting at a place where she can't get republicans in the room is not a smart way to accomplish this if it's really a policy goal.
11:21 am
>> the wall street journal poll is showing it's the -- compares clinton favorables to other gop favorables. hers are not great but they are better than any of the republicans. so talk about how the diversity of the field right now on the gop side is still struggling against the clinton machine? >> well listen she's a dominant figure in american life. you know she's been on the scene for 25 years. everyone knows who she is and people are feeling very open and receptive to having a female president, which they didn't feel when she -- didn't feel as strongly even eight years ago when she ran against president obama. i think that plays into it. the republican field is pretty stellar, you've got governors and scott walker is a governor who made history by standing up to unions and thrills a lot of republicans and marco rubio is a exciting star in the republican party. i worked for jeb bush when i was 25. i'm a jeb bush supporter and fan
11:22 am
and he's an extraordinary leader who i think once the republican contest is really a contest of ideas, those republican numbers will go up and you'll see -- i don't even think the clinton camp would tell you they don't expect a close contest between the vul republican nominee and the event you'll democratic nominee. >> let me play a clip from jon stewart last night where he had a certain sense of ire about the gop candidates. >> for all three candidates that entered the race in the last few days, perhaps ben carson's poet laurette said it best. >> it's more like hi my name is -- what? my name is who? my name is wicki, slim chances. >> he's talking about ben carson carly fiorina and mike huckabee. what do you make of those three
11:23 am
that they entered into the race? >> i know carly, i worked with her, she was behind the scenes on the mccain campaign and knows how presidential campaign runs and people shouldn't underestimate how valuable that is. that's one of the strengths they have. they know how it works. she could certainly have her moment where she surges. we saw in the last republican primary, rick santorum was still winning primaries when people thoutd it was near over. i think a republican primary can be pretty unpredictable. and i just -- there's a certain arrogance to anybody in manhattan who declaims anyone an impossibility. anything can happen -- >> huckabee took iowa. >> huckabee won eight states i think when he ran. he won iowa caucuses and six or eight states in 2008. he has a huge base of support and a lot of people admire him. whether he's a nominee or not, he'll be an influential figure. >> let's talk about the book madam president, this is about
11:24 am
the fictional female president all though we could see one in hillary or carly or any other woman that may throw her hat into the ring. talk about the third installment. >> thank you for having me about it. we used to spend a lot of time together early in the morning but since i left the palin experience, i've become consumed with the idea of sorts of things that hold women up and back. i created this fictional white house and it's not just a fictional female president, it's a female secretary of defense, a female white house chief of staff. we have never had a female white house chief of staff and i know you know a lot of powerful women around this president. it's not for a shortage of powerful women in important places but we haven't broken through the final layer of decision makers in washington. this book imagines a fairytale, parallel universe run by women. in this novel i borrowed a lot from my experiences being in the white house on september 11th
11:25 am
when there were domestic terror attacks. and this president, she's a president from the future deals with five domestic terror attacks and book takes place over one day and i borrowed -- did a lot of reporting and interviewed waiters and butlers about the tiny things that happen on that day. >> this is a great summer read that everybody can pick up before memorial day. you were out last night signing books at barnes & noble. >> i was, they are on amazon everywhere. >> i catch up with "the view" in the afternoon. >> i'm so glad you watch. you need to come back. >> who's going to take the seats? >> i don't know. i said if it's like musical chairs in the music stops, jeff garland was there from the goldbergs and curb your enthusiasm and we miss you. it's time for a turn in the chair for you. >> great to see you, congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> developing now, we have impressive pictures out of montgomery county pa a pipe
11:26 am
burst and sending a geyser of water into this neighborhoods. this started just before 2:00 this afternoon. montgomery county dispatchers say the geyser is well above the power lines and it's set about 20 or 30 feet high. you can see it incredible imagery and we'll keep an eye how they get it under control. we're back after this.
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four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. up to $7 million for these men designated by the state department as global terrorists. among their duties calling for attacks against westerners and raising funds. jim miklaszewski joins us now. explain what more do we know about the four men and why they are such high value targets. >> they are high value targets because the u.s. strongly
11:30 am
believe s believes they pose and clear and sprent danger to american targets abroad or the u.s. homeland itself. as you said a moment ago, $7 million for just one of them and all four $20 million, the rewards ranging from 3 to $7 million. and they include among the top criminals or alleged criminals by the u.s. claims anyway is that he was the deputy demander of al qaeda in iraq before he joined isis and is considered to pose the largest most serious threat to the u.s. the likelihood that any of these based on information provided by informants could be taken of live is very slim so the likelihood is that the u.s. would take them out with drone strikes because most of them are in syria, according to u.s. officials. >> nbc's jim miklaszewski thank you. we want to show you this
11:31 am
inspiring soldier, in a video that's gone viral. sara kud wouldn't give up at fort dix in new jersey. it was the last test required to earn the expert field medical badge. less than one in four make it. she fell but soldiered on crossing the finish line to ee corrupting cheers and earning that badge. congratulations to her. we'll be right back. here's to breaking more glass ceilings in golf and everywhere else. kpmg. continuing our commitment to the next generation of women leaders.
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we want to continue follow breaking news about the nfl and its commissioned report on the patriots and the deflategate scandal. in this report we find out, quote, more probable than not that patriots personnel deflated balls used in the afc title game where the patriots beat the colts and more probable than not that tom brady was aware. joining me is steve kornacki
11:34 am
your reaction to this report steve is? >> well the headline is damning for the patriots but if you look closely at the findings specifically it says that bob craft the owner of the no knowledge of wrong doing and committed no wrong doing and bill belichick committed no wrong doing. it is pinning this on equipment assistant in a locker room attendant and saying they strongly suspect that tom brady had some knowledge of this. when you add all of that together people look at this and say a few years ago there was a whole scandal called spygate over taping signals of their opponents. this would be a second offense, would it be more serious now? when you look at the wording in this report where they are saying the organization as a whole was not involved in wrong doing and was not involved in cover-up, anything like that you start thinking in terms of punishment, it's hard to see them coming down too heavy.
11:35 am
>> when you say coming down what can they do at all? we get the statement from bob kraft, he's not going to push back says its futile. >> but the biggest risk would be losing draft picks and just had the nfl draft and losing significant draft picks for years to come and there could be huge monetary fines and the closest you could come in the nfl to some kind of death penalty like in college sports. that was the talk when this started breaking and they said if this report concludes that the patriots as an organization if bill belichick himself and bob kraft, who vouched and said i've got belichick under control, if he has to answer for how did belichick -- but the report is not saying that. people will be very skeptical about this i know. in terms of what's going to happen from now, the report is saying specifically not kraft, not belichick, not ownership. locker room attendant and we
11:36 am
suspect brady. brady's reputation here is probably -- if there's a biggest casualty, it's going to be his reputation. >> you think they would have still beat the colts? >> yeah because it was 28-0 in the second half. >> i'm taking up with the colts fans, i don't like the colts but whatever. so knowledgeable on all things sports i love it. watch "up with steve corpskornacki" 8:00 a.m. on saturday. >> did the patriots steal the super bowl? they had to beat the colts and then advance to the super bowl against the sea hawks. look at that the score board of where we stand right now, 85% of you say yes, 15% say no. as we break this down and look at the gender women think more strongly than men that the patriots stole the super bowl. keep voting at
11:37 am
fighter manny niny pack key yao is in for another type of fight, 5 million are saying they were defrauded, it claims pack key yao failed to disclose a shoulder injury. a surgeon told espn he will undergo surgery this week for tear to the rotator cuff. robert bianci joins us now. what do you think of this lawsuit filed by the fans? >> i don't think they have a leg to stand on at all. this form is only being half told to people. it says you have an injury that requires evaluation. not that it requires treatment. they had also let other venues know and examined by a medical doctor and knew he had some injuries.
11:38 am
he had nofy fiduciaryiry responsibility. i dealt with mike constantino the promoter there, they have nothing to rely upon. >> it's down to semantics between evaluation and treatment? >> if you hold somebody accountable for this either a criminal venue because there's a perjury aspect or civil context, these forms are not meant for betters to look at if they looked at it they did it to their own detriment. they are to keep liability if there's an injury undetected and you failed to disclose it then the commission is free from liability. not meant for people to bet, go to things it's for completely different reason. >> so if he comes out and says my shoulder wasn't in top notch condition or shape, is he trying to present an excuse why he lost
11:39 am
to mayweather. we understand why people would be upset if he misrepresented the fighting condition in the ring and now blaming it on my shoulder. >> it was been a pinata for these professional fighters, they are not going to tell o the the the opponent all of the injuries they have. the question becomes whether he lied on the form. the form is unclear, he didn't lion it end of story. >> has to pull the boxing trunks up over your shoulder and you'll be fine. >> a quick thinking mom got herself and her three kids out of a hostage situation, get this, by using a pizza ordering app. she convinced her boyfriend holding them at knife point to use a smartphone to order a small hand tossed pepperoni pizza, that's when she sent the distress call. >> the order comes through and
11:40 am
she edited her ticket it says hostage help it said get 911 help. >> so minutes later deputies show up at the door, arsz the boyfriend and everyone else made it out safely. we want to show you this story, something caught our eye after a snorkeler came across this a dive in the colorado river, are you seeing that below 40 feet of water, two fake skeletons wearing sunglasses sitting on lawn chairs chilling out. divers will recover the skeletons sometimes this week and officials are considering putting them outside the sheriff's office as a joke. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, save up to $200 on eyeglasses. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar
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11:44 am
site of the operator. it's great to have you with me and fascinating because i'm sure a lot of people out there have seen on their friend's instagram feeds and facebook a use of private drones being used to film certain events. explain the path finder program that the faa will be pursuing and putting out? >> you know when the faa wound up coming up with their proposed rules for drone use, there was a big lapse in a certain area when they said everything had to be flown line of sight and when you fly it and keep your eyes directly on it. unfortunately for big commercial uses like amazon's delivery program, right or surveying crops or search and rescue these kind of things you can't fly line of sight. you need to send it into the air and deal with it via fpv. >> as an expert and someone who
11:45 am
has new york city drone film festival, are you encouraged by this involvement from the faa and how do you think it's going to advance the use of private citizens and drones or is it a bad thing? >> i think any kind of positive steps they are making towards integrating drones into the air space is good. i think also it's the responsibility of drone operators around the world to use them responsibly and not be spying or doing anything that's nef fair yus, so i think it's positive. drones are here to stay there's too many good things they can bring to us. the better we can play together the better it is for everybody. >> how do you say to those people out there that will be concerned about privacy issues of living in a surveillance state? how would you try to explain how they are best protected as you say drones are here to stay? >> if you don't want to be spied
11:46 am
on, don't leave windows open and walk around naked. for most people they don't have to worry about these kind of problems. if you're kim and kanye, you're being barraged with press. i think for everybody, just take normal precautions and don't -- just don't walk by your windows naked. >> stay dressed if you do. all right. >> most people don't care. >> great to have you here thanks for insight on this. how can you concentrate and focus with all of the electronic distractions that you face? the cyclists will tackle that question at 3:00 p.m. eastern. first on this show -- >> you can make all of the difference -- >> pritbritain is a day away from first election in five years. why it looks like the outcome could be very difficult to predict. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help.
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