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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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in january. >> can you sk answer now, is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i feel i've always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. i beliefve in fair play. >> listening in the appeals court says nsa didn't have the authority to collect the phone records. >> this may head to court depending on the time it gets to court whether the program has change sod much there's no longer a live issue. and you've got mail. a state department official's interesting answer to the question, how did they know they have all of hillary clinton's official e-mails. >> you don't have way of verifying you have all official e-mails she processed on her personal e-mail account? >> we have been told that she has provided those to us.
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>> who told you that? >> the secretary. >> so you are taking her word for it? i'm sorry? >> yes, sir. good day everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. one person has died in oklahoma city and dozens of homes destroyed after 50 tornados were reported wednesday. more severe weather is on the way today. >> we've got trees coming down. got to back out of here. got trees coming down on me. back it out mike. back it out. it is trying to move the car on me here. it is bad news. >> at this hour oklahoma governor fallon is surveying damage in her state. 9 million from kansas to texas are at risk of severe storms flash flooding and tornados.
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the threat expected to worsen this weekend. joining me now with more is the forecast nbc meteorologist bill karns. this is bad. >> i was scared for oklahoma city there was a period 5:00 to 7:00 they held the student miss the school. they didn't want them on buses. all parents were trying to get home. highways were congested. a huge super cell thunderstorm with a violent tornado. this is the damage from the tornado. it mostly stayed outskirts away from norman moore oklahoma and south of oklahoma city. by the time it got to the highly populated areas, it began to dissipate. it didn't fast enough. the tornados didn't kill anyone. the fatality was someone that drowned in their storm shelter. i've never heard of that before. hopefully we'll find out more information. our best to her family. sorry for your loss.
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today, we hope not to have losses. we hope to go through this event like yesterday where tornados are mostly harmless. as far as mow, there's not a lot of bad weather. we go through the afternoon. it's starting in north texas, going to spread to wichita. more heavy rain possible. there's a tornado threat, but flooding is deadly. more die every year from flooding than tornados. it rains this hard many days in a row, you're going to get flooding. kansas oklahoma texas, wichita. we have the orange color, enhanced severe storm. s this is the next category of danger. red is moderate risk. this looks on saturday to be a severe weather outbreak. we could see not just tornados but strong tornados on the ground for a long period of time. they're called long track tornados those in our country's history deadliest and most destructive. saturday is a dangerous day. >> oh boy. that's really an alarming
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forecast. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. new england patriots fans and haters around the country are squaring off over the deflategate. the 234 page report from mr. wells clears bill belichick of involvement. it's ambiguous about brady's possible role stating it is quote, more probable than not. brady was quote generally aware of axes taken by the locker room attendant and assistant prior to the afc title game. now the pressure is on roger goodell if and when he hands down a penalty. >> they are messing with the reputation with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. they have to be absolutely sure when they penalize him sanction him, that they have the goods on
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him. >> the host of up with steve kornaki is live in front of the stadium. let's get to brady's agent responding to this ted wells report today. quote, the wells report with all do respect is a significant and terrible disappointment. it is a sad day for the league as it as advocated the resolution of football specific issues to all that don't understand the support. that is the brady defense. this is a huge issue. you've gone through it all. key is the text messages between the locker room attendant and equipment manager. let's talk about that on a larger context. >> reporter: there's throwing yourself on the mercy of the court and what brady and his agent are doing, basically the
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exact opposite. you read a lot of that statement. this is a hot, aggressive defiant response from brady's agent. they're delivering this message to the nfl saying we don't think you have the goods. you mentioned the text messages. in the court of public opinion, those are damming. if you were to take a snap poll the vast majority would say we think brady is on this and knew what was going on. if you take that ted wells report yesterday, the language is ambiguous. it is qualified. there are 23 instances in there when terms like more likely than not, more probable than not, we think, we think it's more plausible. they're not making definitive absolute statements because they do not have absolute proof. they have a heap of doubt and questions. in the absence of that proof,
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bay brady's people are daring the nfl to come down hard on him. how can you come down hard on me and my team when the best you have is we think it's likely and think it's plausible? the news of the day is brady is expected to speak at 7:30 at a college north of here. the first ten minutes t press will be able to roll video. then it's all cameras off. >> that's going to be hot. let's go through the text messages inferences stemming from the locker room about the and equipment manager. first mcally says tom sucks. i'm going to make that ball a [ bleep ] balloon. then i checked some of the balls this morning. the reves [ bleep ] us. a few of them were at almost 16.
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that's the first of the messages. this is complicated. we're not giving you the bleep able language. they're talk about the inferences brady wanted. >> absolutely. as i say in the court of public opinion, that is by far the most damming thing in this 243 pages. it's why most believe brady was in it. it's why nfl is using that a language. they've come as close as they can without actually proving it. brady did not fully cooperate in terms of turning over texts to the investigation. if nfl were to come down with a penalty bray city doesn't like, say suspension of two, four, six, eight games. if brady were to fight, that he might have to turn over texts he didn't turn over. that might complicate an appeal on his part. >> steve, thanks so much.
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"up with steve" on weekends on msnbc. before ted wells' report was released, it was a punch line for presidents. >> i was worry had the 11 of 12 of them would fall flat. all right. all right. all right. >> to point out braydy didn't attend that meeting. covered the patriots for years, dan joins me now. this is hitting boston and new england hard. what is reaction there? >> i think it's kind of predict predictability predictability. fans are circling the wagons saying they don't have anything. this is em bolding the patriot hate areas.
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those people have a weapon to say they were cheating. >> brought up as a yankees fan, i know what it feels like to be hated by the rest of the country. in a different contest. in your own column today, you say it's brady that has the most explaining to do. it stretches believability to conclude that he had nothing to do with. there's too many football people tell thing us that there's no way brady is telling the truth. >> it's problematic. this is not a court of law. nfl is being careful, more probable than not, that kind of language. it's not a criminal case. i think they think brady was in on this. they think tom is lying to them. that's never a good thing. bob craft came out and said they're not going to contest whatever sanctions are. maybe tom brady could, but the team is going to go along with whatever sanctions are levied
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here. that kind of leaves it waiting for the next shoe to drop with what the league is going to do. >> this would not change the outcome of the afc game or obviously the super bowl. >> no the super bowl clearly was played by all even. there's no tampering with footballs in the super bowl. the home game in the playoffs ravens may ask the question. baltimore lost to the patriots in a bad weather game. patriots have enemies all over the place. they're lining up now to say this is what these guys d. >> do we think it's specific to boston patriots or common knowledge throughout the league? >> that's part of the defense. patriot fans will use that. everyone is doing it.
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quarterbacks talk about how they like the footballs. it wouldn't be unusual for other organizations to engage. it doesn't help the patriots. if everyone is speeding in the left hand lane and you're the one that gets pulled over that's still on you. that's what they're facing now. >> thank you so much. the federal appeals court says the nsa investigation went too far. stay with us. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america. how much protein does your dog food have? 18%?
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. section 215 has been a tool in the national security arsenal. the program has been operating under the new directives to the
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president with the view to modify the program. given the time issues involving the expiration of it we are also and have been working with this body and others to look for ways to reauthorize section 215 in a way that does preserve this and protect privacy. >> attorney general loretta lynch testifying today at a budget hearing on the federal and the effect of federal appeals court ruling that said today the nsa a data collection of all phone records is illegal even as the patriot act is about to expire next month. we bring in pete williams. this of course is appeals court ruling could have been anticipated. some would say went further and more definitive than many expected. >> it went furtherer in some ways and not in others. that's interesting about it. what the court said today, this
9:17 am
is a three judge panel ruling unanimously. they say i'm sorry the law the congress passed doesn't let the government do this. what the government is doing requiring the phone companies to give them what's called metadata. records about phone calls, numbers dialled, length of call and so forth. virtually every phone call in the united states. the government says it can do that because the patriot act allows them to ask for tangible record to be helpful in investigation. the court says that's the trick. there has to be an investigation. you have to be looking for something specific when you ask for this information. you can't ask for everything now in the hopes you'll find something later. that's the flaw in the government's argument. that's why it's illegal. but the three judge panel said we're not going to order the government to stop this because of what you said. congress is now debating. maybe congress will change the law, the court said. maybe congress will give the
9:18 am
government the legal authority to do this store it itself or require the phone companies to restore the data and hand it over when the government asks. if that happens, then we'll get to the second question which is whether congress allows it it's nonetheless unconstitutional. the court didn't go to that question. it's not as escape intoing as itit could have been. >> as we have the isis inspired attack in texas this week we see a the concern about the homeland. how important is section 215 and meta data compared to social media, twitter, newer forms of communication by the terror groups. >> a lot of intelligence people think the connection is monitoring e-mails and social media chat. that's where a lot arrested in the u.s. for being isis-inspired, that's where that has come from not so much from the telephone meta data program.
9:19 am
the government will continue to want to keep this. if they had a choice they'd rather throw this overboard and keep ability to monitor other things. >> pete mwilliams, thanks so much. joining me now, i'm joined by new hampshire senator, member of foreign relations committee. thank you very much for being with us. not to hit you with anything unexpected but this court ruled today. i want to ask you about this. congress will have to decide in one way or another. it expires the end of june patriot act, and this program. do you think there's going to be bipartisan agreement? you've got parties on both side libertarians republican rand paul and others and a lot of progressives not wanting these tools. what do you think will happen? >> it's not clear because we haven't had the debate in the senate. last year we tried to reform the
9:20 am
patriot act to address those concerns. i voted for alternative that would have reformed the patriot act and the fisa laws. that reform failed, and we extended the patriot act another year. we are coming up to the expiration date. we do need to address what we're going to do next. i believe we can balance the privacy concerns that we have and still provide for the protection of this country for our national security. there's a bill in the house that is very similar to the one i voted for last year. it appears poised to be successful. i'm hoping we can take up a version of that here in the senate and get it passed. >> and onto iran which is of course the test vote coming up around 2:00 i think. >> it is. >> on this leadership position which would give oversight, a review role to congress on any
9:21 am
nuclear deal. do you think this will now survive the test? is this now going to sail through despite efforts by senator cotton and senator rubio last week to sabotage it with a poison pill? >> well i hope so. it's unfortunate we couldn't have a more robust debate. we've been on the house floor a week now. when we passed the compromise bill out that senator corker and senator carden negotiated. they did a great job. we passed it unanimously in the foreign relations committee. we had a debate. unfortunately there's not a willingness to try and agree with the compromise negotiated by the committee. hopefully there are the vote there is. i believe the legislation will pass the senate with a strong bipartisan vote. it's important legislation. it provides oversight of the
9:22 am
congress to make sure that we are looking at what is being negotiated. we're getting reports on any potential agreement that we might finalize with iran. yet, it allows the negotiations to go forward in a way i think is very important to the country. i think we all agree we don't want iran to get a nuclear weapon. it's better to negotiate that than to have a war about it. >> and one of the key players in all this has been john kerry's wing man, the energy secretary, the nuclear scientist who's been the expert in all these talks. he's been backgrounding all of you. he was on the show with john stewart last night. let me play that. >> this is not built upon trust. it's built upon pretty hard nosed observations verification, access transparency. that's the nature of the deal. >> you trust them? >> we will verify.
9:23 am
>> and they trust you? >> we will verify. [ applause ] >> that is the question how much do we trust iran? is it better to be looking over their shoulder at what we think we're seeing than not having any visitbility at all as to what they're doing? >> that is correct. there are strong verification provisions in what has been negotiated so far. we haven't seen the final details. that has to be worked out. we want to make sure that's the case. we know that their efforts to build center fuses and efforts to move toward a nuclear weapon went forward when there were no negotiations, no verification efforts. we think -- i believe if we can negotiate what's been talked about in this agreement that we
9:24 am
will have something that will halt their move to a nuclear weapon and give us the opportunity to have very intrusive inspections to make sure that happens, that they are not allowed to move forward. >> senator, you're a farmer new hampshire governor as well. died in the wall patriot's fan i'm sure. doesn't take much to assume that. tom brady you going to stand by your man? >> we love our patriots, but the sports that i'm following right now are my grandson's baseball games so -- >> we know there's no cheating there. fair enough. >> no. >> thank you very much senator. thanks for being with us. and up next hillary clinton adds the personal touch to raising serious money out west. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only
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hillary clinton is out west today on a california gold rush raising cash for her campaign. also for the first time starting to woo donors for her super pack priorities usa previously president obama's money raising machine. as first reported by the new york times clinton is starting to reach out to donors personally with the aim of raising $300 million for the super pack. joining me for our "daily fix" founder of the washington post fixed blog and julie, white house correspondent for the associated press. this is the first time she's reaching out. one of her campaigns was campaign finance reform. how does she rationalize that going the super pact root? >> my guess is the one president obama used in 2008 when he opted
9:29 am
out of public financing in the general election, first candidate to do that. we believe in finance campaign funds but the only way is to win election. the only way to win election because jeb bush rubio, or cruz or paul is going to have a couple million is to match that couple hundred million in the super pact. i don't know if it sells, but i think that's what she will be selling. >> julie pace, the money in politics. she went to silicon valley. a lot of big donors there. now she's doing big hollywood events and then goes down the coast. california is basically the atm machine for national democratic campaigns. >> for democrats for sure. you'll see a hillary clinton going back there over and over again. we now know she won't be just holding events specifically to
9:30 am
raise money for her campaign but able to talk to potential doughnors for super pact. if you dig in, there's so much gray area here. you can't coordinate with super pact but can appear at events. you can't technically ask for large donations but everyone knows what they're in the room to do. i think for voters those that want to see a candidate come many and reform the finance rules, this is going to be a bit uncomfortable. >> we have seen jeb bush is working more closely than the others with his super pact as an extension of the campaign. lines are getting more and more blurred. i want to return briefly to the testimony yesterday from the state department official in charge of e-mails. this is more of what she had to say when being questioned by the senate committee about hillary clinton's private server e-mails deleted. clinton will have to testify most likely the week of the 18th before the special benghazi
9:31 am
committee on this very subject. >> i think that the actions that we've taken in the course of recovering these e-mails have made it very clear what people's responsibilities are with regard to recordkeeping. i think the message is loud and clear that that is not acceptable. >> so it is a completely unacceptable process going forward and should have been retrospectively? >> going forward yes, sir. >> going forward. she's not going to say retrospectively. an uncomfortable position for anyone testify on that subject. julie? >> that's not what the clinton campaign wants people saying about this. they want them talking about steps she did take. she's going to get this same round of questions when she testifies on benghazi. what does she say about it?
9:32 am
give any ground and say anything differently than the press conference at u.n.? the campaign will have to consider whether they should maybe apologize, take a step further than they did at the u.n. >> they're confident about that hearing. they think at the end of the day, hillary clinton can take on that committee, and they're going into it welcoming the opportunity i think to try to clear the air. thank you very much julie pace and chris. a big day speaking of politics. uk elections. election day there. it's a cliff hanger. they've never seen anything like this. why you should pay attention to results coming up next. you're watching msnbc. geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think?
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the more you know. if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before. innovation and you. philips sonicare. the united kingdom is facing a nail biter of an election day the likes of which has not been seen in decades. the candidates are neck and neck. it's worth watching here in the
9:36 am
u.s. as are the implications on foreign and economic policies. could be huge. nbc bill neely joins me from london. you're not use to these campaigns. >> no. i mean the last campaign was interesting because after decades of strong single party governments, we had a coalition. the coalition lasted five years. this is another nail biting election. the closest in a generation. really we couldn't possibly say who could be prime minister tomorrow. we've got the newspapers saying the left leaning guardian could not be closer. we have the right leaning sun newspaper saying 34-34, the main two parties. voting will end in about four and a half hours time. we won't really know unless one of those parties springs a huge surprise and wins significantly more seats than the other. we won't know for a few days who will be prime minister because
9:37 am
each of the leaders, david cameron and ed leader of left leaning labor party will try to form a coalition with smaller parties. you mentioned the leader of the scottish nationalist, she's been the star of the campaign. looks like they'll sweep scotland having lost the referendum. they could be the king makers in this election. the implications are for example one of the scottish policies is they want to scrap the nuclear submarine program. everything is up for grabs. the interesting thing andrea is we've always thought of britain. washington has this stable reliable ally. it doesn't look like britain is that kind of country anymore. it's not a united kingdom but a disunited one. we've got labor strong in the
9:38 am
north of england, scottish nationalist dominating scotland. you've got a country which is in a somewhat military crisis. no aircraft carrier, stripped down military. is it the go-to ally in washington anymore? if this produces more drift and sense the people have no direction and the party they want to really rule the country, what does that say about it? it used to pride itself in boxing above its weight. does it do that anymore? >> so interesting. i'm joined now by msnbc senior political analyst david axlerod. you've been work behind the scenes for ed and labor party.
9:39 am
at this point, it's -- do you have a prediction based on your polling? >> well, look, i think that the polls are accurate. this is a very close race highly likely this extends beyond tonight. from the standpoint of the labor party, it's been encouraging because at the beginning of this race they were widely discounted and ran a strong campaign around the notion that some of the same issues we're dealing with here in the advanced economies, how do you create economies in which people that work hard get ahead, stay ahead of bills, have hope for kids and their future. that's been a critique of the mill band economic policies. that's taken hold. one thing that's clear, there's a progressive majority in britain unless there's a huge surprise today. it's hard to see how david cameron puts together a
9:40 am
majority, coalition. >> when you look at numbers here. it's astounding. obama and romney spent combined $2 billion. in this election we're talking $29 million. this is a six week election or so. our elections now stretch for years if you include the primaries and preprimaries. >> sounds good doesn't it? >> it sure does. >> i must say, as someone that made a living doing ads for 25 years and who worked through these long campaigns, i must say there's a certain appeal to a short campaign not fused with money. it was kind of refreshing. the only thing is it gives more power to news media. newspapers are not just observers. they're players on the field everyday trying to push their particular candidates. that makes it an interesting environment to navigate.
9:41 am
>> and if whoever party -- do you assume whenever wins hahs ss has to connect to the nationalist? the end result is that the scottish nationalist will be the key makers. . both parties were unified in their opposition to the independence notion. i think that ed milliband made it clear he wouldn't be in coalition with the scottish national party. they've got to decide whether they can a bide by the government. they said they can't. it will be interesting few weeks. one implication for u u.s. and global global affairs that should be notice cameron's promise if he becomes prime minister he'll have a referendum. that can be a dislocating event for europe and britain in the next couple of years.
9:42 am
that's something to watch if somehow he's able to put together a coalition and govern again. >> david axelrod thank you very much. >> great to be with you. up next a real trailblazer. she's the first woman to become a four star general. does she have stories to tell? we'll talk about her new book coming up. this is msnbc. l day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am.
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if eliquis is right for you. you're watching a woman now piloting one of the most advanced fighter jets ever built. the f 35 lightning 2 jet, first for women in the military. she's can deputy commander of the 33rd wing. took her first flight tuesday from the florida air force base. she said quote, the flying is a great equalizer. the plane doesn't care about your gender as a pilot.
9:46 am
this is something that broke the ceiling, something she did becoming a general in 2008. >> this has taken me back in time like no other event. i've heard from moms and dads that see this promotion as a bea con of hope for their daughters and affirmation that anything is possible with commitment. i've heard of all veterans from wars. many that wanted to say congratulations, some that wanted to say thanks and others wanted to say they were so happy this day had finally come. >> retired four star gentle has written about it in her book "a higher standard." the general joins me now. thank you. so great to see you great to meet you. thank you for your service. congratulations on the book. what lessens did you learn after your stellar career in the military about breaking that brass ceiling?
9:47 am
>> you know in my household, i never heard the words brass ceiling or glass ceiling. i had my mom and dad to tell me i could be anything i wanted to be with hard work and commitment. that was my journey in the military one job at a time with many firsts. >> your father was a great mentor and role model as a world war ii veteran. >> three year veteran. he's still alive at 96. my mother is a role model as well. >> they taught you you could do anything. what about the problems you experienced when you first got in the service and realized that for women, back then in particular, it was different. >> it was different. i joined the women's army core. it was a separate army for women that decided to serve. it began the integration of women into the military. that was exciting to me. no longer were we insisting
9:48 am
women soldiers. we were inspecting men and women, commanding outfits fully integrated. the journey of all women that came in at was to pursue that integration. when i look back on almost four decades and think about a where we were to where we are today, it makes me smile. doors continue to open. >> what about women in combat roles? it happened almost unofficially. they were forward deployed. as front lines disappears they became -- they were in combat in the air and on the ground. >> you're absolutely right. policy is catching up with reality. women have been -- when we got rid of linear battlefields, front lines was a dangerous part. now it's a-symmetrical. no soldier, male or female is
9:49 am
safe. we'ves retired 150 women on the battlefield getting blown up. i think the policy is catching up to reality. i never wanted to be a combat arms or ranger. i wanted to jump out of airplanes. there are women that really want to do that. i believe if they're capable like the jet fire you saw. my niece is an a-10 pilot. if they're capable, they should be given the opportunity to do that. >> what about different training in special forces or of combat bringgade brigades? >> that goes back to standard. now it's the analysis and full assessment of what standards are for each career field. as they do that it can't be one standard for women and one for men. it has to be the standard for the mission and those that meet the standard for the mission. >> the issue of sexual assault and the way the pentagon has dealt with it. we have women senators pressing the case on both sides.
9:50 am
has that been a big concern? . >> one assault is too many. yes, that's a concern. leadership is taking the steps. this is a continuous thing. you have to stay on it monitor. you can't have the issue, put a band aid on go back and monitor. you have to keep your eye on the ball all the time. >> chain of command should be responsible responsible. i appreciate what's been done to bring spotlight on this issue. it's disturbing. chain of command has to be responsible stamping out this issue in the army. >> congratulations again. thank you for the role model you are. we look forward to your next chaptarea -- chapter. a guantanamo bay detainee
9:51 am
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hillary clinton's new immigration proposals go beyond what president obama had done she's throwing a grenade into the republican field. it's an interesting political move. first of all, she's saying that the executive action that the president did for the children of long the term residents is not all that can be done legally. >> doesn't go far enough. what was interesting, she did two things. she described that wasn't enough. if she were present, she would do more. she drew a i line in the sand for republican party.
9:55 am
she consolidated groups willing to settle for a pathway of citizenship. by doing that she reminded americans what's possible and what dna is. we're a group of not encouraging a second class citizen but making sure everybody has an equal shot at the american dream. it was powerful. >> scott walker was the first to tweet out it was amnesty and rebuke to hardworking americans. if you were in the classroom like i was with her, she's with these dreamer who is are star students who have done extraordinary things. you have to ask yourself why shouldn't they be american citizens. >> they're the products of our tax. they're the ones that have gone to public schools. we're training them to be american citizens and now want to send them to a country they don't know or hasn't fostered education for them. scott walker will have a difficult time. he's going against the principles of coke brothers initiatives which is this idea
9:56 am
of hispanic community looking at republican ideals and recognizing we need immigration to thrive. it's an interesting challenge for him as he moves forward. >> it's really -- i think going to be the big wedge issue of this coming campaign. >> it's going to be one incredibly hopeful for latino community and allies. kit go quickly down the wrong path. language is going to be important on this election. how we have conversations on race and immigration. >> we have to leave it there. to be continued. thank you so much. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember to follow online on facebook and twitter @mitchell reports. msnbc live is next. then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you
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>> i've got trees coming down. >> america's heart land on high alert after dozens of tornados sweep across three states killing at least one person. we'll take you live to hardest hit area and tell you where the biggest threat is today. patriot's quarterback tom brady under fire over details in the controversy. brady's camp is firing back hours before the star is set to speak tonight. we invite you to tell us what you think. should brady be suspended over deflategate deflategate? log on to vote. do that now and throughout the show. our other big question who owns an embryo? sofia vergara and her ex nick take it to the legal battle. 12 million across the plains states could be at risk for