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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 12, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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even earthquakes already in the area today. it comes on the heels of a devastating earthquake that has left more than 8,000 people dead. much more as it comes in. now to the new england patriots and their star quarterback tom brady. he has been suspended for the first four games based on the league's investigation into the deflation of footballs used in last season's afc champion game. the team has been fined $1 million and docked two draft picks. one in 2016 and one in 2017. the fine is the largest the league has ever handed out. there is a substantial and credible evidence to conclude that we are at least generally aware of the actions of the patriot's employees involved in the deflation of the footballs. your actions as set forth in the report clearly constitute conduct detriment tall to the
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integrity and the public confident in the game of professional football. his attorney says he will accuse the league of poor disciplinary choices adding i am can have confidence the wells report will be exposed as frail in fact finding in logic. he's bob costas on the appeal. >> the commissioner can hear the appeal himself but he could also decide to refer it to an independent arbitrator. that might play well in the court of public opinion. he could be saying see, look? let someone else verify for you that i have been thorough and fair. that is up to the commissioner. the four-game suspension gives them a little bit of a pad. let's say under whatever process the appeal results in a reduction, at least then it's not going from two games to one. it's four to three or two and there's still teeth in it.
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>> if after the appeal the four-game suspension stands brady would return to action on october 18th against who else but the indianapolis colts, the very team that turned into the underinflated footballs in the first place. made for television. meanwhile robert craft released a statement which reads in part despite our conviction that there is no tampering with footballs. it was our intention to accept any discipline levied by the league. today's punishment however far exceeded any reasonable expectation. tom brady has our unconditional support, our belief many him has not waivered. they're going to fight. let's go to the white house as the obama administration stands next to the original standing about osama bin laden.
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a walk in asset from pakistani intelligence told the cia where the 9/11 master mind was hiding. and those two sources plus a third say the pakistani government say they knew where bin laden was hiding all along. the u.s. government has said they had cure yours. the official story constructed to protect the assets. nbc has been following leads but both assertions were reported this week. the story raises other questions about the raid including that the u.s. told pakistan about the seal team six operation before it launched. a story other officials deny. the nsc insists it was in a
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small circle of senior u.s. officials. >> the obama white house is not the only one to observe that the story is riddled with inaccuracies and falsehoods. the former department krerkt of the cia has said that every sentence was wrong. >> as for what pakistan knew nbc news sources say the pakistani intelligence service were aware of his location. another says the u.s. harbored long suspicions that they were cooperating. saudi arabia's prime minister is dismissing reports that a summit is being snubbed by not attending this weekend's meeting. the white house said salman would meet until the king
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abruptly withdraw. former minister said the reports of the snub were really off base after a round of critical stories yesterday, the king called the president to express his regret in not being able to travel to washington. they discussed the summit's agenda and iran's nuclear program and the upcoming cease fire in yemen. the top leaders bahrain, oman and united arab emirates will also not be attending. >> for the purposes of having a meeting about how to deepen our security cooperation with our partners in saudi arabia having the crown prince and the department crown prince both of whom have leadership responsibilities when it comes to providing for the security of saudi arabia gives us confidence that we'll be able to have a robust discussion but also that we'll be able to follow through on the commitments that are made in the context at the meeting.
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>> secretary of state has just landed in russia in anticipation of a meeting with president vladimir putin. this would be their first meeting since the crisis in ukraine escalated last year. american officials say the discussions will center on the conflict in syria. they met on the subject two years ago resulting on an international meeting with the war. this comes after other western leaders boycotted a celebration of the end of world war ii. 2016 jeb bush knew he would face fire over immigration. last night he didn't shy away from putting himself at odds with some candidates past and present. even defending his support for instate tuition for undocumented immigrants. >> there are few options. the things of making things so
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harsh, i don't think that's practical and rounding people up door to door isn't practical either. we need to enforce the laws of our country for sure and the boarder. a practical solution of getting to fixing the legal system is also allowing for a path to legalized status. not citizenship. if you've been here for an extended period of time you have no neck sus to the country of your parents. what are we supposed to do? there's not to be a porntint where we fix the system so legal immigration is easier than illegal and show some respect for people, a kid that might have been here ten years, so say you're not allowed to go to college, i think there's a point past which we're over the line. >> bush is also facing backlash for his comments in the same interview about iraq. saying he would have authorized the invasion of iraq even knowing what we know now.
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conservative columnist wrote that if he sticks to his guns it will represent a step back for the republican party. huh. meanwhile rand paul is threatening another filibuster this time over reauthorizing the patriot about but the campaign is getting headlines in an early primary state for other matters caught on camera. no campaign likes trackers the people who try to catch candidates in gaffes. a person for american bridge was in a campaign when a staffer licked the lens. the group tweeted this staffer had a new slogan for the state, lick free or die. i hope she cleaned off the lens. serious story now. let's go to hatties berg, mississippi. a police procession escorted the
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bodies back to their hometowns. once they arrived, hundreds gathered to mourn the loss. we have more. >> reporter: in hattiesburg, mississippi, a heavy sadness. two police officers killed in the line of duty. >> they made the ultimate sacrifice to protect people of this city. some they did not and would not ever know. >> 34-year-old benjamin deen and cory tate, a 25-year-old rookie. >> it's been devastating. his mother has this message for her son's killer. >> it hurts, it's unbearable. but i forgive you. >> reporter: tate wanted to be a police officer since he was four but saturday night police say officer dean stopped a car were speeding. when tate arrived to back him
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up shots for fired. both officers were hit. after a brief man hunt police arrested curtis banks and charged him and joanie cal away with being accessories. cornelius clark is helped them get away. >> he's out of him mind and i tried to get him some help. >> these deaths bring the number of 42 the number of police officers killed in the line of duty in the united states this year. the city mourns their first fallen police officers in three decades. >> thank you for that sobering report. let's get to quick business headlines. volvo opening the first plant in the united states in south carolina. auto maker will invest 500
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million into the facility. construction begins in early fall with the first vehicles expected to roll off the assembly line in 2018. georgia was also in the running for the factory but lost out. consumer complaints about airlines are on the rise. the u.s. department of transportation says it received 55% more complaints from consumers in march of this year compared to last. mainly due to flight problems. hawaiian airlines performed the best. frontier had the most complaints. this despite slight improvements in on time arrival times overall. and millennials make up a third of the national labor force. more than 53 million of us are between the ages of 18 and 34. good deal. still ahead on "way too early," more on our lead story this morning. see what eli manning, the man
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who slayed them twice in the soup bowl has to see. and george zimmerman makes headlines again. we'll have more on what police are calling an ongoing dispute that with george zimmerman, it ended up with shots being fired. that and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >> an unusual scene in cuba today. jimmy carter flew to a meeting with fidel castro. he is the most prominent american to visit the country in more than 70 years.
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it didn't look good and figured something like this may
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happen, but, yeah. i guess tom's been a friend of mine. i don't like to see anybody get suspended. any time you lose a starting quarterback for four games and draft picks, that's a pretty big statement, and obviously the nfl is serious about not messing with the integrity of the game no matter how big or little the issue is. >> that was the patriot slayier himself, eli manning with his thoughts on the tom brady suspension. how does it compare to some of the other recent punishments dolled out by the nfl in take a look at some of the initial punishments. ray rice was originally given two games. when the came out, he was suspended indefinitely before it was overturned on appeal. adren peterson son was appealed after accusations of abusive
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discipline on his son. another one for six ones after accusations of sexual misconduct. that was later parred down to four. the rice case revamped a personal conduct policy. as far as game integrity, it's not the first time new england has been found guilty of breaking rules. in 20007 head coach bill belichick were punished after videotaping in what became known as spy gate. another one targeting opposing players. assume this will be the beginning for the patriots and all eyes on them. let's go to the association round two of the nba playoffs. the warriors even up the conference finals. curry led golden state scoring
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21 of his iii33 points in the first half. here in d.c. this guy, jeff teague i was there. 26 points. lifted the hawks over the wizards. a 106-101 win. it's going to go in next game. let's go to major league label in los angeles. mar runs marilyn >> a high fly ball. gone. >> that was another member of the famous dad's club. scott van sliek drives a three-run walk off homer. dodgers win it 5-3. good for him. to tampa the rays hosting the yankees. rodriguez up in the first inning. >> pitch is deep to left field.
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butler going back. he won't get it. this one is gone. a home run. >> hits home run number 662. gives a 1-0 lead. his third homer at the field this season. one of five home runs during the game. a-rod renaissance and resurgence. let's check on the weather with bill karins. >> here's the question of the day. you're a big time bills fan and you're certainly not going to see brady in game two. don't you want to play him? >> i am crying inside. when he retiers, he does not play for the patriots anymore, i will have a $1,000 open tab in d.c. you should come down. it's going to be great. >> i'll do the same in new york the next night. i'll be with you. let's talk about last night.
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people in texas weren't sleeping. in southern texas, all the yellow is heavy rain. the red is torrential rains. it avoided houston. from victoria to corpus christi, a rough night. still in effect for the corpus christi areas. the thunderstorms are starting to head off the coast. that goes until 5:30 a.m. central time. we've had a lot of lightning with this too. that's coming just off the coast. lightning tracker has about 68 strikes in the last ten minutes with those storms. texas for the most part is the area of greatest concern over the next few days. the soil is super saturated from all the heavy rains we've had over the last coupling of days. as we go throughout the forecast, all the rain today sneaks up toward dallas this evening into tomorrow morning and oklahoma into wednesday.
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some of the welcomes from yesterday's tornado damage that we had. we had two tornados. a lot of pictures out of van, texas but also in nashville, arkansas got hit. this was a couple of trailer homes that got demolished. look at the top of the tree. that's when you know you have a pretty strong tornado when it sleds the shreds the trees. a lot of cleanup. it looks like the next big tornado day things are setting up in tornado alley for saturday. it looks like we'll go through another one of these events. >> hopefully these people are spared. it looks terrible. take care. what could be more important than witnessing the birth of your child? apparently showing up for work at tesla, if claims made in a new book about eli musk are true. we'll explain about why changing
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former neighborhood watchman george zimmerman who was acquitted two years ago was involved in another shooting incident.
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zimmerman suffered minor injuries following a roadside shooting yesterday in florida. police say he was hit in the face with glass and debris after another man degree according to police he flagged down an officer for help and was later treated and released from the hospital. he's had a number of run ins with the law since his acquittal of manslaughter charges were never pursued in multiple cases. one in which he was accused of throwing a wine bottle at a girlfriend and another one in which he was said to have pointed a gun at a girlfriend. zimmerman and anner son have a history of road rage. zimmerman reportedly did not fire a weapon during monday's confrontation. police are still investigating. no charges have been filed against either man. a new book out this week offers a glimpse into the mind of tesla ceo.
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the iron man his, e lon musk. what is clear is his commitment to his work. one unnamed employee said musk scolded him for skipping a work event for being present at the birth of his trial. he reportedly wrote, that is no excuse. i am extremely disappointed. you need to figure out where your priorities are. you're changing the world and changing history. you either commit or you don't. one of the earlier employees said musk replied tell the people they will get to see their families a lot when we go bankruptcy. charming. let's bring in mika for a preview of what's coming up. thankfully we don't have e lon musk as a boss. >> i think he might have some anger management issues. that's just my opinion. the latest on the earthquake in
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nepal already reports of casualties. also the nfl comes down hard on tom brady over deflated balls. the reaction is mixed. did the league have a choice. nbc's bob kas tascostas will be here for that. and obama responds on allegations on how they found osama bin laden in pakistan. mike mo rel will be here onset. also former obama advisory former ambassador and retired army general. and martin sheen stops by to talk about his new comedy. and grow your value barnacle my new book hits shelves today and you may know the know your value movement is well underway.
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