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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  May 27, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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orld tolerated it and she didn't. >> if it's way too early -- >> people are grate. best attorney general ever. >> wrap it up. >> if it's way too early it's "morning joe." stick around, friends, "the rundown" starts now. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart on location in wimberley, texas, or what remains of wimberley, texas. we begin with the catastrophic flooding across texas and oklahoma triggered by days of unrelating rain. the death toll continues to rise. as of right now, at least 19 people confirmed dead in texas and oklahoma and at least 14 are still listed as missing at this hour. there are disaster declarations in 46 counties. i'm at the banks of the river blanco which swelled to 45 feet this weekend just to give you an idea of flood stage, 12 feet. the raging waters destroyed everything in their path ripping
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hundreds of homes literally off their foundation. also this morning, a new flooding threat about three hours north of us in ellis county texas. they're dealing with a dam break there. dozens of homes have been evacuated. officials say the recent rain weakened the dam and created the breach. and more misery could be on the way. meteorologist bill karins reports the houston area is under a severe thunderstorm warning this morning. this could see more flash flood producing rains. this is the nation's fourth-largest city where already widespread flash floodwaters forced the 2500 people to abandon their cars. we have a lot to get to. let's start coverage in houston. nbc's charles hadlock is there. charles, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. well, we got a round of showers this morning that put everyone on edge but the rain seems to be tapering just a bit now. this type of rain houston can handle.
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yesterday or the day before we got 11 inches of rain six fell in an hour overwhelming the city just as rush hour was coming on. people couldn't get to work, the interstates were underwater. that water has drained away now. it's raining but it won't a problem, houston is getting back to normal but still suffering. five people died in the floods including several being rescued by a houston fire department rescue bet. it was out on bray's bayou just southwest of here. it picked up a woman and her two parents. it was trying to pick up a fourth man when the boat capsized knocking everyone into the water. a second lifeboat came along and picked upmost of the people but the man they were trying to pick up and the elderly couple were washed away. the man's body was found last night. they are still searching for the couple aged 85 and 87. back to you, jose. >> charles hadlock, thank you. what a horrible tragedy.
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i want to bring in nbc's gabe gutierrez in wimberley who's been following the latest developments. gabe, good morning. you've been surveying this area. unbelievable when you come to this area and see the level of tragedy. what have you been seeing today? >> this is an area that's seen floods before jose, but they didn't expect it. the blanco river as you mentioned had more than 43 feet of flood stage. these three buildings were actually across the street. the floodwaters took them. >> these weren't ripped out from here? >> no they were over our shoulder here, the foundations are right there. you see this debris residents have been saying this looks more like tornado damage than flood damage. and the blanco river just over here on the other side of it it's tough to get to because many roads are blocked off but some of those homes were ripped from their foundations including this home where nine people in the house. >> two generations of the family. >> several families in fact
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nine people in the home eight are still missing and authorities from the texas army national guard as well as texas task force one they were continue their search today for them and the other people who are missing. not just in this area but throughout texas. >> we're talking about numbers. we're saying the river blanco went up 43 feet over flood stage. think about that. 43 feet is a wall. >> right. >> it's a wall, unsurmountable wall of water. >> and 28 feet or so in one hour. the story about the family trapped in the house, lauren mccomb, she is still missing, she called her sister. she texted her sister late saturday night around 9:30. she texted about an upcoming family reunion they were planning then went to bed, didn't think much of it. around 1:00 her sister gets a call from laura telling her that they are in their house and it's
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floating down the river, can you imagine that? >> it was ripped out and floating. >> yes, the pillar it was on stilts and yes it was ripped from those pillars and floating down the river. and she get this is call can you imagine listening on the phone as this happening but she said her sister was calm. her sister told her the family was holding hands. we know later there is at least one survivor from that. authorities found jonathan mccomb. he amazingly survived. it's not clear how but he was found miles away. >> collapsed lung. >> he remains in the hospital as far as we know. and what happened, he related the story of how this house was going miles down the river then hit a bridge and fell apart. now authorities are still searching for those people inside. >> gabe, thanks for being here. incredible coverage as always. i want to bring in someone who lived through this joanne white is one of the owners of the 7-a resort and joanne thank you for
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having us in. this is your place. this was a resort your family built in 1946. >> it's the 7-a resort in pioneer town. my dad started in the '46. >> 32 cabins nine of them literally disappeared. >> right. >> all but three have been affected severely in one way or another. tell me what you lived through that memorial day weekend which was a packed house for your resort. >> i think it was more like unbelievable because it has never risen. and i kept telling everybody "i'm sure it won't come up this high because it's never been in any cabin at all." >> since '46 none of your cabins have been affected? >> none. and it kept coming up and coming up and it was unbelievable. >> you were telling me it was at night when the intensity -- >> right, about 9:30 to 4:00 in the morning. >> you said you couldn't see much but hear so much? >> you could hear the cracking of the trees. we could be down close because
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we were up in pioneer town and the cracking and hitting into the cabins, they would just hit, we couldn't see what was gone until there was light. >> thank god you didn't lose anybody. >> every person was saved from this resort. >> tell me about the future. we were talking about this beautiful town that's been -- you drive through here and it's so beautiful and you see how affected parts of it are. even your place. tell me what you're thinking about for the future? >> i think -- i don't know. some of them we can't rebuild so it's definitely -- it's going to be smaller. this summer will be sort of like gone but we'll survive. everybody in this town will survive. they're fighters we all group together. >> i want to thank you for letting us in. >> you're more than welcome, thank you so much. >> 7a resort. it will be back. it will be back. >> and we have things open now.
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they can still come. >> they have things open now. that's good to know. thanks joanne. i want to go to developing news surrounding allegations of a massive corruption scandal at fifa, the governing body for soccer around the world. just over an hour from now attorney general loretta lynch and fbi director james comey will lay out details. what we're hearing already is explosive. 14 defendants have been charged with racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies. seven of them have been arrested in switzerland and could be extradited to the u.s. at any time. related fbi searches are also under way in miami, florida. the indictment unsealed earlier this morning alleges the scheme to pocket bribes and corruption of the game of soccer as it was going on has been happening for more than 20 years. among those arrested two current fifa vice presidents and one former vice president. one person who is not involved the current president of fifa sepp bladder, who's up for reelection on friday.
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despite it all, fifa spokesman said this morning the developments are a good thing. >> this for fifa is good. it's not good in terms of image and not good in terms of reputation but in terms of cleaning up in terms of everything what we did the last four years, in terms of the process, this is good. >> and that's not all. in a separate investigation swiss prosecutors have opened criminal proceedings into the process used to award the world cup to russia in 2018 and cut for 2022. nbc's bill neely is watching all of this for us from london bill. this was a surprise especially the level of this right? >> good morning, jose. it certainly was a surprise to those executives who got their wakeup call at their luxury swiss hotel from the swiss police and it was a shock to the whole soccer world which has
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suspected this organization, fifa, was mired in corruption for decades but could never really prove it. soccer is known as the beautiful game but today no question, it's reeling from a scandal the fbi says spans generations and involves corruption totaling $150 million. the u.s. attorney general saying to fifa that's the group that runs this, the world's most popular sport, enough is enough. >> it wasn't the wakeup call they expected a hotel sheet is used to hide the arrest of some of soccer's top officials. six men were taken from the exclusive swiss hotel where they were preparing to elect the leader of the world's richest sporting organization. among them, a vice president who runs the u.s. region. fifa runs global soccer. the u.s. indictment charges the when racketeering wire fraud, and money laundering conspiracies in a 24-year scheme to enrich themselves involving
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is $150 million in bribes and kickbacks. fifa generates billions in revenue mostly from world cups. these charges relate to smaller tournaments. fifa today portraying itself as the victim. >> fifa suffering under the circumstances. >> qatar. >> reporter: fifa's controversial announcement that qatar, a tiny but rich desert kingdom, had been chosen to host a world cup, isn't part of the u.s. indictment but swiss officials said today they're investigating that and the decision to give russia the world cup in three years. >> it's a complete nightmare for fifa. the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch supervised the u.s. investigation as attorney in brooklyn. these charges are a bombshell for the world's most popular sport. so it's not just the fbi which will give a news conference shortly. the swiss now investigating that
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decision to give the world cup to qatar. the u.s. equivalent of that decision might be giving the world series to martha's vineyard. highly unusual, not obvious that it's a suitable place or it could be ready and the qatar decision had been questioned around the world for years. now the fbi has this body, the wealthiest sporting organization in the world apart from the international olympic committee. it has in the its cross hairs. soccer is under a legal spotlight today as never before. jose. >> bill neely in london. thank you very much. in just about an hour attorney general loretta lynch and fbi director james comey will make an announcement on this case from look lynn. we'll bring that to you live at 10:30. we're just getting started on this wednesday edition of "the rundown." live from wimberley, texas. rain is falling in parts of this flood-ravaged state. it's been off and on in wimberley. i'll speak with a representative from the red cross after the
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break. plus hillary clinton's campaign heads to south carolina today at the same time as the only other woman in the race republican carly fiorina. will they cross paths? we'll talk about that on "the rundown." to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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back here now live in wimberley, texas, this morning. there are so many people in this state that are in need of so much help after the historic flooding here. let's bring in cameron valentine, regional communications officer for the american red cross in houston this morning. thank you for being with me. bring us up to date on what the red cross is doing for flood victims in the houston area where you are. >> throughout the houston metro area we've been responding over the past 48 hours to make sure people will have a safe place to
6:17 am
stay, be out of harm's way, receive supplies three meals a day, a roof over their head to make sure they'll be able to start their long road to recovery. >> and, cameron, tell me how many people you have housed just overnight. >> just overnight in the houston metro area we have helped over 100 people giving them shelter, letting them a cot, a fresh meal, being able to work with our recovery workers to talk about how they're dealing with this disaster and want to make sure they're going to be able to receive red cross services and be able to recover from this disaster. >> cameron, you think about houston, one of the largest cities in the country, but then you have places like wimberley right here. this -- there were homes here some are still standing some were literally ripped off their foundation and swept through the river. how are you handling such a widespread area of devastation?
6:18 am
>> the american red cross has local volunteer ss there are thousands of volunteers that can help here locally or fanning out throughout the city of texas. if we aren't able to be able to serve the folks, we'll bring other red cross volunteers in from other parts of the states to make sure people will be able to recover from this disaster and have the red cross services they need free of charge and be able to continue to help them through this and future disasters. >> cameron, what do you guys need at the red cross more than anything right now? >> the american red cross provides services for free. the red cross would ask for donations. people can make a donation by calling 1-800-red cross, by going on line thatted region or they can add a $10 adage to their monthly phone bill by texting red cross to 90999. we're always in need of extra manpower either volunteers can
6:19 am
that can get training to be able to help or folks that can take time to learn about the american red cross and how they can respond to disasters like this and future disasters throughout the year. the red sox responds to hundreds of thousands of disasters throughout the year, especially residential home fires, we always need help from the american public to help in tomb of need. >> cameron valentine in houston, thank you for being with me. we'll have much more later this hour as we bring you special coverage of ten i can flooding here in texas. after the break we'll zoom through today's other top stories including two food chains trying to get healthier. and the irs gets hacked. more than 100,000 people could be affected. the details coming up on "the rundown." plus hillary clinton says to south carolina for the first time since the 2008 primaries. we'll head there, too, all on "the rundown" live from wimberley, texas, this morning. meet the world's newest energy superpower.
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welcome back the rundown, we are live from texas and we'll have much more on the unprecedented destruction in this region ahead. it's a big day in presidential politics as well. hillary clinton will be campaigning in south carolina for the first time since her bruising 2008 primary defeat there. the got lost to then senator barack obama by nearly 30 points. badly derailed her campaign but the campaign is hoping this time around things will be different. she'll need those minority voters to win the white house and clinton will have company in columbia today. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. the only woman in the gop field planning to hold a press conference just outside with clinton is holding her event this afternoon. joy reid had made her way to columbia, south carolina. joy, what a pleasure to see you. good morning. >> always great to see you, jose. good morning. and i can tell you hillary
6:24 am
clinton has indeed come to south carolina to rally democratic women to the cause but also to expunge some of those ghosts from 2008. hillary clinton returns to south carolina for the first time since the 2008 primaries and to very different circumstances. black voters made up 55% of south carolina's democratic primary voters in 2008 and nearly eight in ten supported barack obama in the state. this while white voters split. 40% for john edwards, 36% for clinton, and 24% for obama. this time few expect much of a contest. clinton's campaign office in columbia says it's already attracted hundreds of volunteers. there's none of the competitive rancor or racial undertone that marked or some would say marred 2008. rick wade ran obama's 2008 south carolina campaign and advised the president's reelection in 2012. >> and i figured that we could get the conversation about then
6:25 am
senator obama's hope and change message and who he was in in the barbershops and beauty salons it would be a big deal. >> hillary clinton will still have to compete on the field of ideas. >> how do we create a strongly economic infrastructure that's not only good for african-americans but good for the state and good for our country. >> reverend aaron bishop who pastors grace christian church in columbia's eau claire neighborhood agrees. bishop supported clinton in the 2008 primary but says she still must earn the community's support. >> we don't want to just give our vote away. it has to be terned whether she's the only candidate or not that we are familiar with we still want her to come in and connect with us. >> reporter: for black voters south carolina was the low point for the then-clinton campaign including this moment which took place here in columbia that did anything but endear former president bill clinton to african-americans nation wide. >> what does it say about barack obama that it takes two of you to beat him?
6:26 am
>> jesse jackson won in south carolina twice in '84 and '88. >> wade says this time should be much different. >> but i think what we have to realize is that bill clinton is not running for president again, hillary clinton is running, so hillary needs to define her own agenda. >> but will black voters line up around the block for hillary clinton the way they did for barack obama? pastor bishop says maybe. >> we can't ask for president obama to change the whole world in eight years. it's virtually impossible. and maybe hillary can capitalize off some of those things that we're taking care of and if she does that she'll get people out there. >> reporter: jose hillary clinton's events today behind me not too long from now include a minority businesswoman's round table and a meeting and speech before 200 women activists from around the state. >> joy, thank you very much. stay with me if you would, i want to bring in ed o'keefe of the "washington post." he joins me from washington.
6:27 am
it south carolina has one of the largest share of non-white voters in the country. what does hillary clinton have to do to prove she can assemble the coalition president obama built in 2008. >> i think more than anything as joy pointed out she's just got to show up. she's got to campaign and make clear to voters she understands their concerns. that she wants to some extent perhaps continue the legacy of the mantle of the obama administration. this is designed to demonstrate not only to the state but to democrats more broadly that she can appeal to minority voters, that she understand she is has to repair the damage that was done eight years ago and it's an important place for her to visit. the black vote there is all powerful especially on the democratic side. and this is her opportunity to really demonstrate that she can appeal to them once again. >> and joy, let's talk about the republican nominee. they've gotten less than 20% of the non-white vote in the last
6:28 am
two cycles. somehow the clinton campaign not taking these voters for granted. they don't seem to be positive towards republicans in general but the question is how to make them pro-clinton. that include tim scott, the african-american senator who got no more than 10%. the key will be turnout getting voters to line up for her the way they lined up for barack obama. i can tell you black voters here when they were on the obama side or the clinton side seem to be very warm toward the clinton campaign but, again, the question is going to be passion. it's not going to be percentages. >> and, ed carly fiorina is going to be in south carolina today. she's been wowing crowds lately. how is she going to be able to sustain that momentum in places like the carolinas? >> well this is a really
6:29 am
interesting move by fiorina. she's polling miserably in the ever-growing republican field and understands that in order to really pop she's got to get her numbers up before the debates begin in august and certain polling thresholds have to be met. one of the reasons she's doing well especially in places like iowa is that she is seen as the obvious contrast with hillary clinton and she's trying to exploit that. by showing up today literally holding an event outside the hotel where clinton will be she's trying to show south carolina voters generally and republicans especially she's willing to take the heat from reporters and willing to answer questions, unlike clinton. remember also clinton is going to have another challenge there in south carolina, she will not have the state alone to herself. one of the reasons martin o'malley and bernie sanders remain in interest is because they came to south carolina a few weeks ago and made a really strong impression and suggests that perhaps there's a chance for them to rise there as well. >> ed o'keefe of the "washington post" in d.c. and msnbc's joy reid in south carolina. thank you both. some very tense moments at
6:30 am
one of the world's busiest airports after someone called in bomb threats targeting two incoming planes at l.a.x. on tuesday. no explosives were found. all passengers and crew were evacuated safely but the incidents are just the latest in a whole spate of threats to the sky, including a dozen just this week. nbc's tom costello has the story. >> good day, this was eva flight 12 taipei to los angeles. we're told while in flight somebody called in a bomb threat. the plane landed safely at l.a.x. at about 3:30 pacific time and was met by airport police, the fbi and the lapd bomb squad. all of the passengers and the baggage were removed and screened by bomb-sniffing dogs but nothing was found. also on tuesday, we're told another threat was called in against a pacific flight, that plane checked out and was okay. these are just the latest in the series of threats made against aircraft headed for the u.s. on monday at least half a dozen other threats were made by phone to international flights at airports in new york and new
6:31 am
jersey and massachusetts. in one case u.s. military jets escorted an air france flight into new york after somebody claimed a weaponchemical weapon was on board. the fbi is investigating all of these cases. i'm tom costello in the washington bureau. back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. the irs gets hacked. amtrak cameras? the james holmes trial and fast food gets healthy? let's zoom through some of today's top stories. the irs says it's reaching out to nearly 100,000 taxpayers whose personal information may have been stolen by hackers. the agency says thieves accessed personal data by using an irs web site that allows people to download their past tax filings. criminals were about to use the information to submit fraudulent tax returns, costing the irs about $50 million. the trial of alleged colorado theater shooter james holmes will be back in session in about an hour. there was some dramatic testimony yesterday as police
6:32 am
officers read passages from the notebook holmes mailed to his psychiatrist the day of the shooting. in it holmes describes his dedication to "killing others so that i could live." the notebook had been the subject of a long court battle over whether the jury should see it. holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. taco bell and pizza hut plan to get rid of artificial ingredients in their food becoming part of the growing list of places like chipotle and panera who have decided to serve healthier products. pizza hut plans to stop the use of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and remove transfats from their products starting in july. taco bell is expected to make the same move by the end of 2017. the two chains both owned by yum brands. still ahead, another setback in the courts for president obama's executive actions on immigration. so what's next? we'll break that down for you. plus, the waters are receding here in texas but more rain is
6:33 am
falling. meteorologist bill karins joins me with the forecast. i'll get a firsthand account from former texas congressman chris bell as well live from wimberley, texas. after a short break on "the rundown." i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house.
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speed, call, data, and reliability. so you never have to settle. $80 a month. for 10 gigs. and $15 per line. stop by or visit us online. and save without settling. only on verizon. welcome back to this special edition of "the rundown" live from wimberley texas. this is amazing, folks. just think about this this was not here. this was on the other side of this road. it ended up here. but this is what we've been seeing in weapons of mass destruction in this part where the blanco river crested at 43 feet above its average. 12 feet is the limit we have here. bill care vince standing by at our central studios to give us a little bit of the update of what we can expect here today. bill, it's starting to rain here it's been raining pour radicallyrad -- sporadically throughout the day. >> i was scared for the houston
6:37 am
area. this line of thunderstorms with torrential rain was heading for the city and it dissipated over the top so the south and southwest sides of town, that's who had the historic flooding yesterday, they got spared we have flash flood warnings from i-10 north wards or the 9:15 local time. things are improving. the thunderstorm, the complex have pushed through central louisiana. good wind storm with lake charles heading towards lafayette, the houston area is looking better. as far as the only real problem weather throughout, houston is looking better is out towards lafayette, probably strong winds about 60 miles per hour are heading for them. as far as the rest of the day goes jose we are looking at houston maybe a slight chance of a storm or two but nothing like what we saw in the last couple days. we made it there this morning's threat and from here on out we'll improve things. >> bill karins thank you very much. joining me this morning, former texas congressman and current
6:38 am
houston play i don't recall candidate chris bell thanks for being with me. you've been in the middle of this destruction. tell me what it's been like from your perspective. >> well, it's been much more personal than it has ever been before, jose. you know as a former member of congress we talk about flooding and drainage projects and finding dollars for those projects and what have you. you don't expect to be victimized by flooding so i was right here. we live right in the worst hit area in the city and we took in about three feet during the storm. that was good news. i just heard on the weather cast, there is a light rain here but it's nothing like what we saw the other night. >> i was there in houston yesterday and streets that normally have drainage systems on the sides were just flooded and as you say two to three feet of water. now fema warned texans to
6:39 am
prepare for flash flooding but i guess you can't prepare for something like this, right? >> that appears to be the case because in my neighborhood they spent millions of dollars on a drainage project and giant sized new pipes and what have you. we thought we were finally safe. it's an area plagued by flooding for many years but we hadn't seen anything in five years and we had this project completed so everyone thought we were out of the woods. but i don't think you can prepare for the rain we saw the other night. >> chris bell good to see you, thank you for being with me. >> thanks a lot, jose. >> i want to go to another developing story immigration. and another setback for the president's executive actions. the federal appeals court refusing to lift the temporary freeze on those actions, keeping up to five million undocumented immigrants in legal limbo. as this lawsuit brought by governors in over half the nation carries on, the white
6:40 am
house responded. the president's action saying they are squarely within the bounds of the authority and the right thing to do for the country. governor greg abbot of texas responded "a victory for the constitution has been awarded and the rule of law restored." joining me now is msnbc's amanda sakuma who was in the federal courtroom for the argument ss. >> good morning, jose. >> what does it mean for the future of the president's actions? >> this would have been a crucial phase for the obama administration. had they won this it would have been a crucial win for them. we're seeing the score card here is texas, 2, the administration 0. it's not entirely unexpected. we did know this was a very conservative court that the administration would be arguing before and they had odds stacked against them. but the substance of the majority opinion we saw yesterday gave us a small indication that perhaps the
6:41 am
administration will need to switch their strategy. during the hearing we saw that one of the conservative judges was calling out the administration saying they didn't go far enough in arguing they would win this case overall. the judge even today the administration, "haven't you already lost this case today?" so we awe sthau reflected in the majority opinion and basically that the federal government didn't prove the case in their eyes in proving they will ultimately win this case. >> amanda on the other hand the white house will tell you both the decision by the texas judge and this appeals court in new orleans, they were almost expecting both of these processes to go the way they did. they're hoping when it gets out of texas and out of new orleans the supreme court will decide in the white house's favor. >> exactly.
6:42 am
we're waiting to see what the next move is from the department of justice and whether or not they will be kicking it up a to the supreme court sooner rather than later or whether or not they will be taking this issue to the full fifth circuit court instead of just the three-judge panel. but regardless for the millions of people standing by waiting in legal limbo, what this latest crucial step means is that they will they will have to wait quite a bit longer. the benefits of the executive actions won't come any time soon. so the administration needs to taken a aggressive stance when they do -- if and when they do take it to the supreme court. >> amanda sakuma thank you very much. after the quick break we are going to turn to the fight against isis in iraq. troops there are now trying to push isis fighters out of ramadi, a city they claim to control. we'll be back with much more of "the rundown." 're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands...
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6:46 am
news out of iraq where the battle for ramadi is under way. shiite paramilitaries now say they have taken the lead in the fight to push isis out of ramadi and the anbar province. this is new video of iraqi forces on the outskirts of the city while iraqi troops attack the city from the north and the east. isis fighters putting up heavy resistance, even using suicide attacks to target soldiers. joining me now, steve clemens, msnbc contributor and editor for the "atlantic." shiite forces are saying they have taken control of the operation to retake the sunni anbar province. some people are saying that's like trying to put a fire out with gasoline. >> to be fair some of the sunni tribal leaders are realizing -- some of them -- that the only way to get ramadi back and their territory back is to create a temporary alliance with shi'a.
6:47 am
but some worry that if the shiite campaigns succeed, they will there will be more execution. and video is coming out from people's cell phones showing chaos and anger at ash carter who said the other day that there was no will to fight there but people that were on the front line fighting showing video of themselves fighting furious at the order to retreat from ramadi. no one has taken credit for that order pulling them out and a lot of the fighters there are very furious they were pulled back. >> steve, we're hearing isis fighters, meanwhile, are using suicide car bombs, booby traps and snipers to fight back. how effective is this? >> it's not only that they're lashing bombs to bulldozers and ramming things in. they're showing an ability to send people to their death, blow up systems, but we're also getting reports of highly sophisticated intelligence where they're looking at the rotation
6:48 am
times of forward-based troops on the sunni side or the shiite militia side on the opposition. and that they're combining an effort to sort of go bomb and shock but with a sophistication knowing that they're dealing with troops that aren't equipped well and will run out of ammunition. so when they're not fired at, they plant a bomb or an ied, then they pull back, if they are fired at they hold back. combination. we're also getting reports they're worried about u.s. air strikes which don't seem to be coming all the time. so it is a confused picture but what you see is a sophisticated foe. >> steve clements, thank you very much. still ahead on "the rundown," the justice department release asset lment with cleveland's police department. ari melber joins us next. plus would you know what to do if you get caught in a flood, either in your car or on your own? nbc's jeff rossen took to the waters and find out live for
6:49 am
himself on the the "today" show this morning. >> what do i do? i'm in open water like this. >> if you're in open water, the only thing you can do is what we call a defensive swim position and you lay on your back with your feet downhill like i mentioned earlier, you don't want your feet to get trapped underneath anything. >> sort of like in a pool in my backyard? >> that is correct. just do some backstrokes and position your body the way you want to go. >> go with the flow. >> yes. >> see what happens when jeff does the go with the flow and lets the swollen river take him away, but do not try this at home, folks. we eel be right back on this rain yee diggs of "the rundown" in just moments.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
and now to a major justice department development in cleveland, ohio where the rallies continue in the wake of the acquittal of cleveland police officer michael brelo for his role in the fatal shooting of two unarmed people in a car in 2012. that scene is a backdrop between
6:53 am
a settlement between the department of justice and the city police department announced tuesday that sets new use of force standards. it's a settlement the city's mayor sees as a major step forward. >> i look at this agreement and the reform in it not as a program. this is not for us a program. this is becoming a way in which we do business in the city of cleveland, as i said before it becomes part of our dna. >> and joining me now to walk us through this agreement between the justice department and the city is msnbc's chief legal correspondent and co-host of ike "the cycle," ari melber. legally speaking what does a settlement mean for cleveland police? >> settlement, what this means, jose, you have an agreement between the investigative party, the police and the feds the doj that conducted this. they have an independent that
6:54 am
will oversee these reforms to limit excessive use of force, to stop certain practices, one of which was pistol whipping you know, the use of a gun in a violent manner on a suspect, and that independent monitor oversees that and it can be enforced through the courts if there's a violation or view somehow police aren't cooperating. all growing out of a doj review that have happened in so many parts of the country where they found the pattern and practice of abusive procedures, so this goes through the settlement basically allows for a mechanism to fix a lot of those problems. >> so ari, what is prohibited now in terms of police use of force? >> so some of them are specific practices, the pistol-whipping, use of violation, firing of warning shots, as people can see on the screen you mentioned using force as punishment. that basically was a practice they found in the report the
6:55 am
doj, that police were taking people no longer a threat were in custody, and using force as retribution or punishment and that had been common place, so that's never okay even though police, of course retain the possibility of authorized use or force to protect themselves in the community and protect others. as we've seen around the country, these instances of force against people in custody pose no threat that's already illegal. what the settlement does is create a mechanism to make that stop. >> ari melber thank you so much. we're going to see you in the next hour when we'll be hearing from the justice department and the fbi on its investigation into fifa corruption but still a whole lot more ahead right here on this live edition of "the rundown" from wimberley, texas. we're going to get reports from houston and a site of a dam break this morning, as well. plus i'll talk with a state
6:56 am
lawmaker that represents this county that's seen so much destruction. also another developing story, news conference next hour from the fbi and u.s. attorney general about bribery and corruption allegations at soccer's governing body, fifa. we'll have it all for you next right here on "the rundown". we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year. and that would be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything.
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7:00 am
destroyed after the blanco river swelled over 40 feet this weekend. last hour i spoke with joanne white, whose family owns a local resort devastated by the raging flood waters. >> you could just hear the cracking of the trees and the hitting into every one of the cabins. we could be down close, because we were up in pioneer town and the cracking and the hitting into the cabins and they would just hit. we couldn't see what was going until there was light. >> pretty amazing, joanne's resort that's been here since 1946, 32 total cabins nine of them disappeared, and all but three of them in some way or another severely affected. they haven't seen anything like this since they set up shop here in 1946. also this morning there was a flooding scare three hours north of us in ellis county texas. officials feared a dam would break. officials say it's just a leak the dam is not about to burst.
7:01 am
we're going to go live to that dam in just a couple of minutes, but about three hours to our east they are bracing for more flash floods in houston, which was inundated with more than a foot of rain in one day. widespread flooding forced people to abandoned their cars in the nation's fourth largest city. janet shamlian is in houston with the very latest. >> reporter: jose good morning. no relief as this community is just trying to start the task of cleaning up it is raining and there's lightning here once again, and the entire region is under a flash flood warning. we've now got a confirmed death toll of five here in the houston area, 19 statewide, and more than a dozen in texas still missing, but with conditions like these, it's going to be hard to resume looking for those who are missing. even in a region used to flooding, this is unprecedented. streets turned to lakes,
7:02 am
freeways into parking lots full of abandoned cars and trucks. america's fourth largest city brought to a soggy standstill. >> you see the homes and lives and dreams of houstonians crushed literally by the power of the water. >> reporter: almost a foot of rain fell in just six hours early tuesday, leaving five dead in houston. this morning, thousands are still assessing the damage. >> lost both cars we lost all of our flooring all of our walls, all of our paint. >> reporter: further north, utter devastation. two dead and 13 missing in the small town of wimberley, where the blanco river burst its banks late sunday sweeping away everything in its path. laura mccomb and her children 6-year-old andrew and 4-year-old layton had traveled from corpus christi for the weekend as the house they were staying in was ripped from the foundation laura called her sister julie. >> the house we were in the
7:03 am
roof collapsed and we're now floating down the river. call mom and dad, i love you, and pray. >> reporter: all three are now missing. in divine texas, mourners gathered at a prayer service for melissa ramirez, a high school homecoming queen killed driving home from her prom. even as some areas dry out, officials caution the danger isn't over. >> we are going to continue to have rising waters. if your local elected officials tell you to evacuate it is essential that you heed those warnings. >> reporter: the mayor of houston has declared a state of emergency and president obama promises federal funds will be coming but for now the governor is advising that the danger still exists and we can see in the weather here right now, people should take caution. jose, back to you. >> nbc's janet shamlian thank you very much. back here in hard hit hayes
7:04 am
county, texas, i spoke last hour with gabe gutierrez, who's been closely covering the dangerous situation here. we're talking about numbers and saying the river blanco went up 43 feet. i mean think about that. 43 feet is a wall. >> right. >> it's a wall unsurmountable wall of water. >> talking about that story about that family that was trapped in that house, laura mccomb, she's still missing. she called her sister texted late saturday night, 9:30 or so and texted her sister about an upcoming family reunion, went to bed, didn't think much of it 1:00 sunday morning, her sister gets a call from laura telling her that they are in their house and it is floating down the river. could you imagine that? >> it was ripped out and it was floating. >> yes, the pillars, it was on stilts, and, yes, it was ripped from those pillars and floating
7:05 am
down the river. she gets this call can you imagine listening on the phone as this is happening? but she said her sister was calm and, you know her sister told her that the family was holding hands and we know later there was -- there is at least one survivor from that. authorities found jonathan mccomb. he amazingly survived. it's not clear how, but he was found miles away. >> collapsed lung. >> he remains in the hospital as far as we know and what happened, he related the story how this house was going miles down the river, then hit a bridge, then fell apart. now authorities are searching for the people inside. >> thanks for being here. incredible coverage, as always, gabe. >> let's bring in texas state representative who represents hayes county. do you have a handle yet on the extent of damage to your district? >> yes, it's been devastating. good morning jose welcome to wimberley, texas, i'm just down
7:06 am
the road from you in austin texas. my understanding is there's over 350 homes that have been destroyed by this flooding. it's 100-year flood, a flood of record. we haven't seen anything in history this devastating to the wimberley valley and san marcos so it is absolutely devastating, not only the loss of life which is tragic 11 people that remain missing and unaccounted for, it's just absolutely devastating. >> yeah i mean you know we just passed through san marco this morning on the way to this town and when you drive through these towns, they are so beautiful, so picturesque, you can see why so many people love coming here not only living here, but coming here on vacation. what have you been hearing? i'm by the 7-a resort built in '46. they'd never seen something like this. it's about rebuilding. how do you do that when this is so widespread jason? >> you really do and it is
7:07 am
devastating, so we've got to start to continue the search and rescue operations at this point in time and we're expecting more rain this week. i think the rebuilding will probably start -- it's ongoing right now, and we're asking everybody if they can, if they are able to get the debris to the curbs, to the edge of the street, and the state is already under contract with people to come in and start cleaning up that debris immediately. so we've got to do that and just the outpouring of support from people all over this state that are coming into the area to help volunteer is just incredible. i know a lot of the churches in the area are heading up rescue and cleanup operations as well as providing meals for those affected. these are people that are just devastated, lack of sleep, haven't been nourished. it's a very stressful situation going on but the rebuilding will begin very soon. >> and jason, how can all of us help, is there something we could do to help out?
7:08 am
is there something the folks watching at home can do to help out? >> the hayes food bank is certainly looking for donations, monetary donations, food donations, the red cross has been on site so there are so many different ways you can help out. is a website people can go and look at the calendar and see volunteer opportunities. the hayes county food bank go to their website, make contributions, if you have food donation, you can drop it off at the hayes county food bank location in san marcos or at cabelas in butte. again, the red cross is helping. >> yeah yeah sure the red cross, we spoke to them in the last hour and there are so many ways you can get involved you can even text a $10 donation to the red cross. jason, thanks for being with me. so appreciate it. this is such a beautiful part of the country and this town is so extraordinary, the folks have been coming out. you can see how everybody's
7:09 am
united in helping, but it's just massive this devastation. thank you for being with me. so much ahead on this special edition of "the rundown" live from wimberley, texas. plus another story unfolding this hour just a couple minutes from now loretta lynch and james comey will lay out details of explosive allegations of corruption in world soccer. 14 people charged with racketeering wire fraud, and money laundering. seven have been arrested in switzerland, could be indicted to the u.s. any minute now. related fbi searches are also happening right now in miami, florida. first, we're going to talk about the 2016 race the republican field getting crowded, rick santorum hours away from launching his second presidential campaign in his hometown in pennsylvania. we'll be there live next on "the rundown." and you don't want to miss jeff rossen's special look at surviving flood waters. here's a glimpse how scary just
7:10 am
a rescue will be. >> let go? >> yeah angle yourself down. yeah. >> all right. this is how dangerous even these rescues are. incredibly dangerous. thank you so much guys. thank you to duke energy thank you to the men and women who do this all the time guys. i can't hear you, we've lost communication, but i hope this helps. ached problems the way same. always start at the starting. and questions the same asking. but that only resulted in improvements small. so we've got some ideas new. garbage can create energy. light can talk. countries can run on jet engine technology.
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7:14 am
and developing now, some real concerns right now about a dam at risk of breaking in midlothian, texas. it's about 25 miles southwest of dallas. it's in ellis county. an emergency management official says the heavy rains there have caused a leak and water is now flowing over the top of the dam. residents who live down stream have been told to evacuate. officials say residents most at risk are in grand prairie. joining me now with more is the weather channel's dave malkoff. dave, good morning, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, jose we are standing about 218 miles north of you. this is what happens when you have all that rain coming down. look at the dam right here. you can see the hole that the water cut away in the middle of the dam. that's where those guys in the yellow vests are standing. those are engineers taking a look at the dam. it actually had water, lots and lots of water pouring over the top, giving an immediate
7:15 am
imminent warning to everybody standing around here everybody who lives in the immediate area about 25 homes and businesses telling people there's a voluntary evacuation for people to move out of there. there were thinking that this dam was going to come apart at any second and pour all the water in the lake downstream and that's past all those people. so they didn't want that to happen. here's what they did, jose. they took a pipe that goes underneath the dam and in a controlled breach they pushed all that water to the other side very slowly releasing the pressure and pushed the water level down. that, at this point, has bought them some time. they say that the dam is no longer in an imminent threat right now, but jose as you know there is rain forecast for the next few days into the weekend. this dam is made of earth. if you've ever built a sand castle next to the water, you know how fast water can push the
7:16 am
earth away. so they are very concerned about this lake and not only that, but there are lakes all the way from here, down to you, that are in the same dire situation. keeping an eye on all of those is a big job for everybody. >> sure is. dave malkoff, thank you for that live report. coming up we are expecting to learn a whole lot more about the huge scandal that's rocking the international soccer world. just minutes from now, the justice department and the fbi are expected to give a news conference to give us details about a massive alleged case of corruption in fifa world. of course much more from wimberley, texas, continuing coverage from this deadly flooding. the rains continue to affect this part of texas. we'll be right back with a whole lot more.
7:17 am
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and welcome back to "the
7:20 am
rundown." we are live this morning from texas amid the unprecedented destruction in this region but it's a big day in presidential politic politics. this afternoon rick santorum will launch a bid from his home state of pennsylvania. santorum won 11 states in 2012 staying in the primary state against mitt romney after his stunning squeaker of a victory in the iowa caucuses but can he wage a long primary battle this time around? joining me now from pennsylvania is msnbc's jane timm. jane, good morning. is this going to be a same message, different year or a new message for rick santorum this time around? >> reporter: you know, today we're going to hear the senator cast himself as sort of a middle class warrior, the guy who's in it to win it for the little guy. this is not particularly a new message, his team says they say it's a refined message. last time he had to introduce himself to the whole country, but now he's going to talk about what he thinks no one is talking
7:21 am
about. he's going to try to capitalize on the popularity saying you know the banks are doing well but i'm not doing really well and he's hope to do that here. we're here at a christian employee-owned factory, great backdrop for an argument like that and we'll see how he comes out. santorum has lost the infrastructure he built in 2012. he went back to work for the last three years and lost in the process some of his senior staff who have gone to work for other campaigns and they say this isn't a problem, we're doing really well but i think time will tell. >> msnbc's jane timm in pennsylvania thank you so very much. there's also news this morning on someone who's already declared his run for the white house, florida senator marco rubio, who's consistently at or near the top of many early polls is catching flak for new comments on same-sex marriage. the republican appeared tuesday on the christian broadcast network. >> we are at the water's edge of
7:22 am
the argument that mainstream christian teaching is hate speech because today we've reached the point in our society if you do not support same-sex marriage, you are labeled a homophobe and a hater. what's the next step? the next step is to argue that the teachings of mainstream christianity is hate speech. and that's a real and present danger. >> jackie kucinich of the daily bis and jimmy williams editor of joining me to talk about this. jackie how can marco rubio play the generational card in 2016 when polls show the country is changing on same-sex marriage issues? >> well this is about the base. this is about the base of the republican party. he needs to get through a primary before he gets to a general, so he's not really talking to the voters that have moved on this issue, he's talking to the people who vote in primaries in iowa and south carolina. >> and jimmy, the question of course is when you do something
7:23 am
focused specifically on for example, the first caucus then the primaries and the early primaries, you know that may work in the first couple of states, but then as you cross the rest of the country, that may not be as popular as an issue that you just took. >> well that's right. tacking to the right as jackie said is exactly what he's got to do in the first primary states but again, once he gets out of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, then he's going to have to really -- assuming he is ahead, he's going to have to start appealing in a way, if you will, to moderate republicans, because what we do know is both the democratic party and republican party are losing self i.d.ed voters becoming independents, but they can still some of them vote in open primaries and that's going to be a problem for him, because he's absolutely out of the mainstream on this one. and frankly, as a christian, the idea that gay people are attacking christianity is offensive to me.
7:24 am
i don't know of a single gay person as a christian, that is attacking christianity. it's simply a matter of fairness and equality. he's welcome to be on the wrong side of that that's going to be his legacy though. >> jimmy, turning to the left, hillary clinton is in south carolina today. does hillary clinton need south carolina or does the democratic party in your home state need hillary clinton? >> i think that's a mutual admiration society, not a bad thing. she did not do well in 2008. i think she won one county the president won 44 counties and john edwards won another county his home county. she's appealing with small businesses meeting with african-american small business owners while she's down there, she's talking about equal pay, she's talking about equal rights and that's a very smart thing. don't forget mitt romney only won south carolina with 53%, john mccain with 52%, and women make up 51% of the population
7:25 am
there. i'm not suggesting hillary clinton is going to win south carolina but she's going there early and it makes sense to do that. >> go ahead, i'm sorry. >> talk about scott walker for a bit. scott walker is already suggesting he might skip the florida presidential primary, but how does it look for a potential candidate to already be thinking about running off a state like florida? >> scott walker hasn't even announced yet and he's taking states off the table, it doesn't make a lot of sense. particularly when you have those voters that might not be rubio or jeb bush fans. scott walker does occupy a bit of a different space, so it is a interesting tactic i guess, i don't really understand it myself. >> jackie kucinich of the daily beast and msnbc contributor jimmy williams thank you both for being with me i appreciate it. after the break, attorney general loretta lynch and fbi director james comey speak out
7:26 am
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from neutrogena®. and we are coming to you live from wimberley, texas. the geese are out this morning, so is the rain. the folks that are helping to clear some of the brush and some of the debris have also arrived after this horrendous situation, which took so many lives, 19 people dead. 12 of those here in texas. and as many as 11 people here in just hayes county alone are still missing. but i want to go back now to those massive corruption allegations at fifa the soccer world cup organization that led to the arrest of many of soccer's top officials. any minute now we're expected to hear from loretta lynch and james comey on the ongoing investigation, as well as the indictment of more than a dozen
7:30 am
people. with me now, joe prince-wright, lead writer and editor for pro soccer talk on, also with me nbc's luke russert. what does this mean for fifa and the game of international soccer? >> well, jose it's huge. unbelievable morning raids in switzerland today, up to nine fifa officials, seven actually in zurich were arrested. it's sent shock waves through the soccer world, this really has, because this comes 48 hours before blata is expected to be re-elected by fifa's president, so all kinds of questions about a 2018 2022 world cup and these corruption allegations that have been coming for awhile but now they've had fifa and hit fifa hard. >> joe, i mean these allegations are, as you said they are allegations only so far, but they are saying not only did this process and corruption go on for more than
7:31 am
15, 20 years, but we're talking about $150 million or so. >> yeah the numbers are just eye watering they really are. they are looking primarily at concacaf's president right now and jack warner in the past the governing body for soccer in north central america and in the caribbean. that's the main focus of their investigations and over $150 million in embezzlement all kinds of other issues bribery, corruption and 14 individuals have been indicted so far. the swiss officials have helped out the u.s. fbi and are going to try to extradite to get justice. >> luke here's part of the statement from fbi director comey, "the defendants fostered a culture of corruption and greed, creating an uneven playing field for the biggest sport in the world. undisclosed and illegal payments, kickbacks, and bribes became a way of doing business at fifa."
7:32 am
this is amazing. attorney general lynch called it systemic. are you surprised how long this allegedly went on? >> what's interesting, jose is as a fan of the sport of soccer and i have watched it for some time you often will see analysts and announcers sort of elude to what they believe to be this widespread corruption within fifa. it's almost always routinely mentioned in some wink-wink, nod way, i remember that was extensive over the last year when the world cup was in brazil. however, when the dirty laundry has actually been aired today in the scathing indictment and you see the allege of degree to the depths of which fifa was essentially a pay for play body when it came to awarding the world cup, when voting members on that body were eliciting bribes in the nature of $2.5 million, one even wanted to be knighted if he was, in fact going to vote to put the world cup in the uk you see a complete lack of institutional control. so this is really something i think is startling for most
7:33 am
people that's expected fifa to be bad, but perhaps not as bad as this has made them out to be sort of the worst one could expect. all that being said, i would also say, jose there's a lot of speculation about other sports leagues, whether it be here the nfl, ioc, international olympic committee. nothing to do with them or anything going on within their books that could be problematic, but you have to think this puts them all on notice the u.s. justice department is willing to look into your practices if you're a big behemoth league going back to 20 years. that's the big story, if nothing else, these leagues now are so big and important with these tv contracts, they are all on notice now. >> luke what kind of penalties are we looking at here? >> well obviously, you have the criminal penalties off the bat, which could be substantial, and those will play out as they will depending on whether or not these defendants decide to go to trial or they want to plead down. i'm very interested to see what
7:34 am
happens domestically, and you guys were eluding earlier in your conversation a lot centers around north american soccer specifically specifically sports marketing agents and were they in fact trying to embezzle money onwards for certain sponsorship opportunities. in an area of the world we're so concerned with the growth of the game specifically in this country, if there was found to be a great irregularity in terms of how these payments were doled out, i think that could be a serious, serious ramification overall. >> luke and joe, thank you both for being with me. we are going to continue monitoring this situation. as a matter of fact, we're expecting that press conference from the justice department and the fbi in just moments on this widespread 20-year-long what they are calling systemic corruption in the fifa world cup organizing committee. we're going to take a short break and be right back with a
7:35 am
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and we continue coming at you from wimberley, texas, an area of texas that had been pretty much the epicenter of the flooding and the devastation that occurred in the past 24 hours here. it has resumed raining this morning. nothing like what happened here over the memorial day weekend, but right now crews are outside cleaning up some of the debris. it is still very difficult situation, but i want to go back now to those massive corruption allegations at fifa. 14 people have been indicted at least seven have been arrested. any minute now we are expecting to hear from attorney general loretta lynch and fbi director james comey on the investigation. back with me now, joe prince-wright, lead writer and editor for pro soccer talk on
7:39 am
also with me luke russert and ari melber nbc's chief legal correspondent and co-host of "the cycle" with me. ari, this is a massive allegation of corruption that goes to the highest level of a world organization that, well a lot of people look up to. >> that's absolutely right, jose. as you're speaking we're seeing some of the preparations there in brooklyn in the eastern district, where as you reported we're awaiting this press conference from loretta lynch and fbi director comey. this is a massive set of allegations, basically, the idea that this was essentially an organization that has been corrupt through and through. these aren't allegations about one or two individuals going off script shall we say. this is an allegation set of allegations, of over ten people some unsealed guilty pleas already and several more sets of allegations that it was part and parcel the way fifa ran to take bribes and kickbacks to shake people down for money, what they are calling bribery,
7:40 am
racketeering, and in some cases tax evasion with federal penalties here in the united states that could run ten to 20 years for people. >> and joe, we're expecting the press conference to start any minute now. when it does i'm going to ask your forgiveness and interrupt you to go to it but joe, what kind of money does fifa control, what's their budget like? >> we're talking about billions and billions of dollars. tv deals, the revenue from world cup tournaments, international games all over the planet and these guys that have been in charge like the current president, and he's going for a fifth term on friday for over 20 years now they've run this show without much -- nobody else really looking at what they've been doing. now we're really seeing behind the doors and these are incredible sums of money we're talking about. it's the world's most popular sport and soccer we can look back to wednesday, may 27th as a day everything changed for fifa, because this is huge. >> and luke this is not touch
7:41 am
balloter personally and now he's running for re-election friday. you think it's going to have an impact you think. >> one would think, but he's been able to escape any real scrutiny for some time. remember this is an organization that when there were allegations for corruption and pay for play regarding the world cup in qatar in 2022 they went ahead and moved forward with their own internal information from an outside legal source that said as much, there were huge problems with it and he was able to squash it and essentially have somebody else issue a summary about it if i remember correctly. i think we're going to the press conference right now, if i'm correct? >> yeah we are, luke let's go to loretta lynch right now. >> good morning, everyone. thank you all for being here today. before we begin with today's
7:42 am
announcement, i do have a brief comment to make on the situation recording fifa. as attorney general, i am committed to ensuring this nation protects the civil liberties of every american while also keeping our country safe and secure. unfortunately, some of the vital and noncontroversial tools that we use to combat terrorism and crime are scheduled to shut down on sunday making this not an ordinary weekend. the house of representatives passed a bipartisan bill that would extend these tools while addressing important and valid concerns about other assets of the government's ability to protect data but without action from the senate we will experience a serious lapse in our ability to protect the american people. today i join the president in urging the senate to work through the current recess in order to make sure that we can continue to appropriately safeguard this country and protect its citizens. now for today's announcement i'm honored to be joined today
7:43 am
by director james comey of the fbi, by acting u.s. attorney kelly curry here in the eastern district of new york and chief of investigation richard weber of the irs's criminal investigation. we are here to announce charges and arrest of individuals as part of our long running investigation into the world of organized soccer. many of the individuals and organizations we will describe today were entrusted with keeping soccer open and accessible to all. they held important responsibilities at every level, from building soccer fields for children in developing countries, to organizing the world cup. they were expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest and to protect the integrity of the game. instead, they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to serve their interests and to enrich themselves. this department of justice is determined to end these practices, to root out corruption, and to bring wrong
7:44 am
doers to justice. the 14 defendants in the indictment today include high ranking officials of fifa the international organization responsible for regulating and promoting soccer. leaders of regional and other governing bodies under the fifa umbrella and sports marketing executives, who according to the indictment, paid millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks to obtain lucrative media and marketing rights to international soccer tournaments. the 47-count indictment against these individuals includes charges of racketeering wire fraud, and money laundering conspiracy spanning two decades. fifa and the regional bodies under its umbrella make money in part by selling commercial rights to their soccer tournaments to sports marketing companies, often through multiyear contracts covering multiple editions of the tournament. the sports marketing companies in turn sell those rights downstream, that is to other tv
7:45 am
and broadcast networks to corporate sponsors and to other entities for significant sums of money. beginning in 1991 two generations of soccer officials, including the then-president of two regional soccer confederations under fifa one being the confederation of north central american and caribbean association football known as concacaf which includes the u.s. and the south american football confederation, which represents organized soccer in south america, used their positions of trust within their respective organizations to solicit bribes from sports marketers in exchange for the commercial rights to their soccer tournaments. they did this over and over. year after year tournament after tournament. in just one example, in 2016 here in the united states we are scheduled to host the centennial edition of the cova
7:46 am
america, the first time that tournament will be held in cities outside of south america. our investigation revealed that what should have been an expression of international sportsmanship was used as a vehicle in this broader scheme to line executives' pockets with bribes totaling $110 million. nearly a third of the legitimate cost of the rights to the tournaments involved. the criminal activity we've identified did not solely involve sports marketing. around 2004 bidding began for the opportunity to host the 2010 world cup, which is ultimately awarded to south africa the first time the tournament will be held on the african continent, but even for this historic event, fifa executives and others corrupted the process by using bribes to influence the hosting decision. the indictment also alleged that corruption and bribery extended to the 2011 presidential fifa election and to agreements regarding sponsorship of the
7:47 am
brazilian national soccer team by a major u.s. sportswear company. in short, these individuals, through these organizations, engaged in bribery to decide who would televise games, where the games would be held and who would run the organization overseeing organized soccer worldwide. one of the most popular sports around the globe. and while at least one fifa executive served as concacaf president without pay, there was little involved as he alone is alleged to have taken more than $10 million in bribes over a 19-year period and amassed a personal fortune from its ill-gotten gains. in many instances the descendent descendents and coconspirators held meetings here in the united states, they used the banking and the wire facilities of the u.s. to distribute their bribe payments and planned to profit from their scheme in large part from promotional effortingss
7:48 am
directed at the growing u.s. market for soccer. in addition to the indictment, we are also unsealing today the charging instruments of four individual and two corporate defendants who have already pleaded guilty to their involvement in racketeering activity and other criminal conduct. among these defendants are a u.s. sports marketing company, a brazilian sports marketing executive, and a u.s. citizen, who in addition to being the former general secretary of concacaf and a member of the fifa executive committee, was a beneficiary of the 2010 world cup bribery scheme. all told these defendants have agreed to forfeit over $150 million in illegal profits they've made from these crimes. and finally, we are also announcing that agents this morning have begun executing a search warrant at concacaf headquarters in miami, florida. concacaf plainly an organization in crisis we have already reached out to its representatives this morning to ensure that the people of integrity who work there know
7:49 am
that we stand ready to work with them to reform their practices in the wake of the actions that we are taking today. earlier today, swiss authorities in zurich arrested seven of the defendants charged in this indictment including the current president of concacaf. we are also in the process of seeking the apprehension of additional defendants. all of these defendants abused the u.s. financial system and violated u.s. law, and we intend to hold them accountable. going forward, we welcome the opportunity to work with our partners around the world to bring additional coconspirators and other corrupt individuals to justice. today's action is a testament to the tireless efforts of federal prosecutors here in the eastern district of new york as well as the new york field office of the fbi and the los angeles field office of the irs criminal investigation division. i want to thank all of the agents prosecutors, law enforcement officials, and analysts who contributed their time and their talents to this
7:50 am
extensive investigation. i also want to recognize acting u.s. attorney kelly curry for leadership of this u.s. attorney's office, and i want to express my appreciation for the cooperation and the assistance that we have received from our international partners particularly the swiss authorities. i want to make clear that the defendants arrested in zurich this morning had the right to a fair and impartial extradition process and they will receive a fair trial if they are brought to this country. now at this time i'd like to introduce the current u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york kelly curry, who will provide additional details on today's announcement. >> good morning. the 14 defendants charged in this indictment held a variety of roles in the soccer and world soccer organization. the soccer officials -- >> luke russert and ari melber are with me. ari, this is just -- what a headline. i mean this is massive.
7:51 am
>> it's massive and what you heard the attorney general lay out as we were discussing is this widespread criminal conspiracy. not one or two people taking a bribe somewhere, but rather an allegation substantiated of widespread corruption, racketeering, kickbacks, bribery, as part and parcel of the way this organization ran, the way it handed out very lucrative deals from the placement of the world cup, to all the marketing rights what the attorney general was calling those downstream marketing broadcast rights. that's the whole shebang, $5 million over several years and over $150 million alleged in bribes and kickbacks among other elicit activities. one other night, jose as we cover this a lot of these defendants of course are foreign nationals, they are not u.s. citizens and they are not on u.s. soil yet. we heard the attorney general saying we will move forward on this extradition, we have an extradition treaty with the
7:52 am
united states and switzerland, rights for the defendants but basically that means you're going after foreigners in foreign land bringing them to the u.s. to face trial, you only do that typically for the most serious charges and crimes. this is a high priority for the united states right now. >> and luke i mean if these are allegations proven to be in fact, true you know the arrogance of the organization and the heads of these organizations, the arrogance of being able to just transfer millions of dollars from one bank to the other thinking nothing's going to happen. why, because it seems as though they felt they were immune to anything. >> i think that's the biggest issue regarding fifa. that's what critics have long said jose is it's an organization that has a complete lack of institutional control and a lack of transparency. they are famously guarded over the salaries of individuals within the organization how they go about doing their deals, the voting body that in fact
7:53 am
awards the world cup to specific countries, it's famously kept very secret and close, so there's a real opportunity for cronyism and corruption and that's what outside critics have said all along and that's what's come to fruition with this scathing indictment. i would point out two things quickly, jose is one reason this is such a big deal is so many people have known that fifa is alleged to have had bad practices for some time. the reason why they've been able to sort of get away with things is because at the end of the day they are the biggest and best marketing tool in the world. what other organization has that much pull in so many countries and so many continents around the world with the world's favorite game? so at the end of the day there are a lot of business interests that were willing to go along with the corruption because it meant getting their brand in front of eyeballs perhaps they would not have been able to otherwise. secondly one thing i would say,
7:54 am
loretta lynch when she was going to become attorney general, she had to wait a long time for confirmation, a lot of people here in d.c. speculated what her legacy would be. she certainly was not part of this investigation every year the last 20 years, i would imagine, but she will be known as the attorney general that brought these charges publicly and in terms of a world global legacy i think the world will remember loretta lynch for a long time after what happened here today in the southern district of new york. absolutely stunning jose. >> joe, to wrap it up you think fifa's tentacles, essentially, are worldwide, their influence, certainly. new zealand coming up on saturday, right? >> yeah youth 20 world cup is going to be there. as you say, they reach across the globe. picking up on what you said loretta lynch when she said concacaf is an organization in crisis, that's huge ramifications for the usa, mexico costa rica. on home soil i really think
7:55 am
that this is going to be a huge problem going forward to clean up concacaf and that's the root of it right there, jose clean that up maybe they can get to the bottom of this. >> yeah. joe prince-wright in london luke russert, ari melber thank you for being with me this morning. just what a bit of news on fifa. just extraordinary. millions and millions and millions of dollars. these are allegations, very serious allegations. and that wraps up "the rundown" here on msnbc coming to you from wimberley texas, this morning. thank you for the privilege of your time. this is a place so hard hit by mother nature and if there's anything we can do to help i think it's a good time to think if there's things we can do to help. "news nation" with tamron hall is up next. see you here tomorrow. take care. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory.
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7:59 am
tamron hall and this is "news nation." we begin with breaking news. minutes ago attorney general loretta lynch revealed new details in that stunning corruption scandal now rocking the world's most popular sport, soccer, and its governing body fifa. it is the result of two separate investigations by the u.s. and switzerland. the swiss investigation focuses on alleged bribes paid to secure the world cup while the u.s. investigation allegedly uncovered a staggering $150 million in bribes and kickbacks paid in connection with marketing and broadcast deals. >> in just one example, in 2016 here in the united states we are scheduled to host the centennial edition of the copa america, the first time that tournament will be held in cities outside of south america. our investigation revealed that what should have been an expression of international sportsmanship was used as a vehicle in this broader scheme to line executives' pockets with
8:00 am
bribes totaling $110 million. >> the scandal erupted early today when swiss authorities arrested seven fifa officials at the exclusive hotel in zurich where the world's richest sporting organization was gathering for a meeting. jeffrey webb who runs the u.s. region. joining me live from london joe prince-wright, from nbc sports who covers soccer. thank you for joining us. let's first give people a great understanding of why this is such a major announcement and really the earthquake that's gone through the sporting world today. >> well tamron it's huge because these investigations have been going on for over 20 years and now the fbi, they've finally got fifa. it's incredible the amount of money that's been thrown around over $5 billion was the last tv