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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  July 17, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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in the attack have been id'd. 21-year-old skip wells and 40-year-old thomas sullivan. as far as this investigation the electronic devices of the shooter in the attack have been sent to the fbi's crime lab in virginia for analysis. authorities are looking into his travels in the past to the middle east. they say the shooter spent several months in the region last year. he also had a short-lived career as a mixed martial arts fighter right after graduating high school. one of his high school classmates spoke with my colleague andrea mitchell last hour about the person she knew. >> i mean there is no indication of that but then again, he wasn't you know, the guy voted prom king. he wasn't the most outgoing person. he was reserved. so i mean i guess he's more likely than some students. but, no, i would have never you know, justs a suchld assumed it. i was shocked to find out that it was him. >> msnbc sarah dalloff joins me now from chattanooga, tennessee.
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bring us up to date with the latest on the ground. >> good afternoon, thomas. investigators worked through the night. they've been here all day trying to answer some of these key questions. now, right now the police chief tells me that yesterday was both his proudest and his saddest day in his career. he praised law enforcement's row respons in the face of danger. >> they rushed to the scene. they rushed to look for this terrible assailant from across the city. they found him. they engaged him. officers responded from everywhere, from my police head yours from officer's homes to make sure few community members were harmed as possible. >> reporter: as for that chattanooga police officer who was shot in the leg, the police chief says he is in relatively good spirits although he is in a lot of pain. he is surrounded right now by his family and fellow officers. the community meanwhile are coming out to support the victims, their families and law
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enforcement, leaving american flags and flowers at the base of police crime tape. there will be a vigil tonight at a baptist church although we're told all are welcome. >> we know such community support that there was a six-hour line for people that wanted to come and help donate blood, which is just absolutely amazing to see the community rally like this. sarah, what more do we know? we have the video we showed earlier -- about this shooter ear maa background? >> it was about five of years ago. he went to a gym that has since closed in the area although nbc news did talk to some coaches and colleagues there. they say he was into it for several months but they describe him as almost too passive in the sport. they say he dropped out after about five to six months because his family was not supportive of him being involved in it. his last fight that we know of thomas was in july of 2009. >> he was a high school wrestler. his family at that time according to his coach was
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supportive of his matches and meets and a starter for his high school team. i want to go to nbc's pete williams joining me life from washington bureau. bring us up to speed on how they're targeting this investigation when it comes to the motive. >> that's the key question here. that's what they're trying to figure out. they will approach this from a number of avenues. they will look at electronics, who was he in communication with. try to trace his movements. use of credit cards. what did he buy, where has he been in the days leading up to it? but they're also looking at a couple of there things. one of the things that i think of great interest to them is the fact that for six or seven months he was overseas last year. he left the u.s. in april. came back in november. now the family is from jordan. and it seems pretty clear he came and went went to jordan came back from there. but they don't know where he was while he was out of the country.
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was he also for example, in yemen. he had a u.s. passport but authorities also say that he had a jordanian passport and that would make it easier for him to go to places like yemen and harder for the u.s. to track that travel. but they are very interested in trying to figure out where he went because it appears from out washed appearances when he came back he seemed more devout. he grew a beard. his mosque attendance went up. they want to know what he was doing overseas but they also want to know what he was doing in the weeks and months leading up to this. >> when you talk about that this was not someone on anyone's radar, correct? >> well, he was not in a law enforcement database. he had not been of something of interest, you know, the fbi has said that they're investigating people in all 50 states. they have hundreds of people under surveillance. he was not one of them. they say he did not have a social media profile to speak of. we certainly haven't seen one. neither have they. some blog postings they think maybe but that's about it.
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they say he's left behind no suicide video, no manifesto. so he had not apparently raised his hand in the past about wanting to do something like this. and this is the big threat that law enforcement's most concerned about. if someone plans something like this entirely in their head and doesn't talk to anyone else doesn't communicate their desire to do this elsewhere, it's impossible to track them. >> lone wolf trat strategy. he was arrested in the spring on a dui charge? >> that's right. driving under the influence charge. it was in april. >> pete williams thank you sir. much appreciated. want to check in with my colleague francis rivera with more about the victims and their situation. >> we are learning more about the four marines who died in this rampage. let's bring you the latest now and let's start with thomas sullivan. he was a 40-year-old marine originally from springfield, massachusetts.
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he sure vooied two tours in iraq and awarded the purple heart. the mayor of springfield said sullivan's loss is tragic for the city and nation. massachusetts governor has ordered u.s. state flags to be lowered to half staff. 21-year-old marine skip wells from marietta georgia. in a statement to nbc news his mother said quote, my son died doing what he loved for the love of of his country and his family. knowing skip was one of the pleasures of his life. and another friend called him a really good leader. someone you can always depend on. we're still waiting on confirmation of the two other victims. we'll bring that to you as soon as we get that information here. as far as the police officer shot in the ankle, he is recovering in the hospital. chattanooga police chief says that dennis is in a lot of pain but in good spirits surrounded by thomas? >> we can imagine. francis, thanks so much. we'll talk again here shortly. at a press comments moments ago josh earnest was asked if
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the president believes it's time to beef up security at small military centers in the wake of yesterday's shooting. here's his response. >> the president certainly believes it's appropriate for the department of defense to conduct a review like that. the president alluded to this in his statement yesterday, it's important for us to take necessary steps to ensure that our men and women in uniform are safe. >> want to bring in general wesley clark, former nato commander and chairman and ceo of wesk. clark. it's raised questions about whether person nell and recruiting officers and recruiting centers should be allowed to carry their weapons. right now they cannot. this is our bing pulse question for the day for our viewers. the question being should all military recruitment centers have armed service members. we're going to encourage people to weigh in. maybe they will be influenced by what you say right now, general. so should that rule be changed? >> well, i'd like to see first of all the defense department do a study and i would like to have the local communities look at
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the security in the vicinity of each of these armed forces recruiting stations and entrance stations because ultimately it's the community responsibility. it's not the military's responsibility on duty to carry a weapon and shoot it out with would be terrorists. now, if they wear uniforms yes, they may be targeted but it's the community's responsible and the nation's responsibility to provide that security. so my initial inclination is no i don't think we should change. but it may be that local police or the fbi or other people in the community have to pay greater attention to the security of those location where's military are in a community serving in uniform. >> so when we look at this even before americans knew the term ice circumstance isis, general, there were jihadi, and muslim convert, two soldiers at an arkansas recruiting center in 2010 driveby the pentagon and other buildings and in 2012 a
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massachusetts man convicted of plotting to blow up the pentagon and capitol using remote controlled planes. do you feel that isis is well rooted domestically? >> no i think it's still struggling to get roots here in the united states. i think that we are pretty vigilant in our law enforcement and watching social media. but obviously we're not perfect yet. but we've learned an awful lot since 9/11 and we've brought up a whole new generation of people who have dedicated their lives to keeping america safe. i don't think there's any reason to panic. i think we do a study. we look at this. and stick with our principles. the principle is america itself must be secure. the communities must be secure. we don't want to have to resort to an environment where military people go through the streets armed and shoot it out with people. that's not the america that we want to project to the world or bring up our children in. we can do better than that. >> general, i want to get this
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out right now because we have the confirmation and identifications of the three active duty and the one reserve reservist that was lost. we have gunnery sergeant thomas j. sullivan of massachusetts. staff sergeant david a. wyatt of berk north carolina. sergeant carson holmquis and lance corporal squire k. wells of cobb georgia. again now having the four ids of those lost. it was just in the last hour that my colleague andrea mitchell spoke with the leader of the army recruiting center there in chattanooga. i want to play exactly what they had to say. take a listen. >> you know we're a strong resilient army. we train, you know the best in the world. that's what we're here to do is to find those people that have the courage and the strength to stand up and be army strong. >> so how do you feel about a response like that when we hear about what they went through there? are you worried that the threat of isis could discourage potential recruits or do you
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think it's only doing to maybe embolden young americans who feel that they need to come out and serve their country? >> i think it's the latter. i don't think you're going to discourage americans by isis. i think isis is going to provoke america and indeed that's its aim, is to provoke america to strike back. but it will encourage young americans to take up the uniform either in civilian military service like police officers or intelligence agencies or with the armed forces to help protect their communities and their country. and that's the way it should be in the democracy. >> general, you know a lot of people would say you reap what you sow. how do we fix self radicalized, lone wolves domestically? >> we've got to identify the people who are most likely to be radicalized. we've got to cut this off at the beginning. there are always a certain number of young people who are alienated. they don't get a job. they lost a girlfriend. their family doesn't feel happy
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here. and we can watch the sign of that and there are members of the community who will reach out to those people and bring them back in. and encourage them to look at their blessings here. but i do think on a national policy level, we need to look at what self-radicalization means because we are at war with this group of terrorists. they do have an ideology. inorld war ii if someone supported nazi germany at the expense of the united states we didn't say that was freedom of speech. we put them in a camp. we -- they were prisoners of war. so if these people are radicalized and they don't support the united states. and they're disloyal to the united states as a matter of prince principal principal, that's fine, that's their right. it's our right to segregate them from the normal community. i think we're going to have to i creasingly get tough on this. not only in the united states but our allied nations like britain and germany and france are going to have to look at
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their domestic law procedures. >> general wesley clark, as always great to see you, sir. want to pass along to our viewers coming up in less than 30 minutes the gun control debate. it was just last month that president obama renewed his call to restrict access to guns after the mass shooting in a church in charleston. yet nothing happened. how do activists move that debate forward? we're going to speak to a gun control advocate about that. showing you live pictures from texas. take a look. protest getting under way or a 28-year-old black woman was found hanged in her jail cell monday morning. the ruling suicide. the family saying that's not possible. sandy bland was arrested july 10th after police say they pulled her over for failure to signal while switching lanes. police say she was argumentative and uncooperative. she was taken into custody for assaulting a public servant. in a facebook post in march bland said she suffered from depression and ptsd. this tape we're going to show you reportedly of the arrest and
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bland's family says that is her on the ground. however, nbc has not been able to confirm the video does not show the events leading up to this arrest. it only shows a woman on the ground being arrested. toward the end you can clearly hear a woman's voice. >> slam my head on the ground. you don't even care about that. it can't even hear. >> msnbc trymaine lee joins me from texas. what are the protesters and the family demanding? >> i'll tell you what in a couple words, thomas we've heard time and again, they want the truth. plain and simple. the family they don't know what's going on. they understand what they don't understand. and they understand what they don't know. but they want the truth. it's inexplicable for the family and protesters and supporters across the country how a young woman who moved back to this community for a job that she was going to start shortly somehow ended up in this jail cell and hung hers with a plastic trash
10:15 am
bag. if you see behind me there are already dozens of protesters gathering outside of the waller county sheriff's office and jail here. there's supposed to be a protest now. another at 4:00. among those demands, i want to get back to your point, thomas one of the leaders of the new black panther party said one thing they're pushing for is the fbi to conduct their own autopsy. they simply don't trust the local authorities. in the meantime sandra bland's family is coming down from chicago to meet with texas rangers here in hempstead. also going to be reviewing video. while there is no video that captures what went on inside the cell where sandra bland was being held there apparently is video showing the hallways just outside of the jail cell. in a press conference yesterday the sheriff said that reserving -- before he released that they want the family to see that, to respect and reserve their privacy. just at the beginning of what may very well be a very long investigation as it heats up out here outside the county jail.
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>> msnbc trymaine lee. thanks so much. we'll talk again coming up. now we're going to move on and brief you on james holmes. convicted, but the so-called dark knight shooting trial is far from over. we're going to tell you what's next as the jury gets to decide whether he lives or dies. plus, the 16-year-old girl from washington city who not only survived the terrifying plane crash that killed her grandparents but spent three days alone in the woods. her tremendous story of survival survival. and donald trump fires back at rick perry and john mccain. we're going to tell you how his shock jock strategy is playing out in the polls.
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>> wow, just look at this. it is stunning video. this massive tornado making landfall in the town of monmouth, illinois, near chicago. today the cleanup is under way. you can see debris as it rips through the area bringing down power lines, causing several gas leaks along the way. illinois state police say there are no life-threatening injuries. but just massive, look at that. sentencing phase in the so-called dark knight theater shooting trial is expected to begin next week. >> we the jury find the defendant james egen holmes guilty of murder in the first degree. >> so the same jury that found holmes guilty of first degree murder yesterday could hand him the death penalty. holmes was convicted on all 166 counts in the 2012 shooting, 12 people were killed 70 others injured. >> i looked at him when the verdict came out because i wanted to know what is his response, and there's just
10:21 am
nothing. i mean that's how i feel towards him is nothing. he's -- he's aaspeck of nothing in my life and i don't want to give him any energy. >> this was a short deliberation. just two days. what did the jury have invested in knowing what they were coming back with? because obviously there was so much information they were bombarded with. >> right. it took them a day and a half and a big part of that was probably filling out more than 600 pages of verdict forms that were finally read yesterday afternoon. it really centered around as you recall whether james holmes was insane when he walked into that theater almost exactly three years ago. this next phase of the trial is a little more nuance. they're going to look at what are called aggravating factors, he killed a child as part of this and weigh that against what are called mitigating
10:22 am
factor, chief of which is his mental illness. while there was debate in the first phase of the trial about whether he was sane all of this psychiatrists for the prosecution and defense agreed he's mentally ill, that will be up to the jury to decide whether that's enough to spare james holmes his life. >> we'll wait to see as that begins next week. scott conehn in colorado for us. thank you. >> sure. so straight ahead, the teen who walked away from a deadly plane crash in a remote mountain. she's now sharing this harrowing story. . 48-hour journey to the rescue of her, however her grandparents perished in that crash. today another plane crash being remembered halfway around the world. in australia a plaque was unveiled outside the parliament house for the downing of malaysian air flight. 298 people were killed including 39 australian ukrainians this morning created a memorial on the steps of the dutch embassy in kiev. the passenger plane was shot
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this is one incredible story of survival. a 16-year-old girl from washington state not only walks away alive from a terrifying plane crash that killed her grandparents but she endured three days in woods. autumn veatch thought the whole ordeal was a bad dream. with more with national correspondent miguel almaguer. >> it got a little bit bumpy. we were only using like a little tablet with some gps on it. >> reporter: autumn veatch was flying home to washington state with her grandparents sharon and leland bowman, when their small plane hit turbulence. >> it got a little bit more cloudy and harder to see. having to go up and then down and side to side a lot more.
10:27 am
and having to do some sharp turns around mountains. >> reporter: autumn sent this text to her boyfriend. joking, if i die, remember i love you. conditions soon gots were. you couldn't see out of the frontal all. everything was just white. and grandpa, he was kind of just like wow, this isn't good. i was kind of crouching down because i was really scared. and i figured that they would sort it out because you know that's typically how that goes. >> reporter: but the plane was going down. >> everything was white. and then just suddenly it was just all trees and then it was fire. >> so what happened when you went down when you made impact? >> took only a couple of seconds for fire to start coming in and that's how my face got burned. it's beyond me out i made it out. >> reporter: autumn's grandparents were trapped. >> i was trying to help them. i couldn't get to grandma at all. grandpa pulled himself halfway out. i realized there was nothing i could do and they were gone. my instinct was to go straight
10:28 am
down hill. >> reporter: frightened with burns hoern face and body autumn found a small stream. >> that was something that stuck in my head running water always leads to civilization apparently. >> reporter: but civilization was nowhere in stith and after a freezing night in wet clothes she started losing hope. >> i was like, thinking, well, i'm or voicely going to die. why can't i just die fast. >> reporter: she was ready to give up. >> i was thinking about all the things, like so if i die what are all the things i'm never going to be able to do ever again. and i just got this surge of willpower and there's like no way i can die without hugging somebody again. >> reporter: so she fought braving cliffs waterfalls and endless bug bites. >> the forest was really unforgiving. >> reporter: finally on day three, the break she desperately needed. >> i saw a bridge. and i was like that's not real. my heart just dropped. i was like, is this real? am i actually going to make it? >> reporter: autumn found help.
10:29 am
after being reunited with loved ones she also found a new perspective. >> i have such a new found respect for life now. every little thing makes me so grateful. >> reporter: grateful to be alive. proud of her fight to live another day. my gale miguel almaguer. chattanooga shootings reignite the gun control debate. we're going to talk to an advocate leading the charge. plus results of today's bing pulse question. should military recruitment centers have armed service members? the pulse is live right now. have your voice heard. we're going to take you to texas where protesters are outside the county jail where sandy bland was found hanged to death. alleged suicide. later in the show the ugly ducklings of the produce aisle. we're going the el you about the movement to prevent this perfectly good food from going to waste.
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update now on the shooting investigation in the the. nbc news is confirmed the identities of three of yesterday's victims. gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan, staff sergeant david wyatt, and lance corporal squire wells. nbc affiliate wrcb says the fourth victim is sergeant carson holmquist. they are searching for crews to give them insight into why the 24-year-old gunman went after these military installation. last hour tennessee's governor bill haslam spoke about what this tragedy has done to his state. >> this is obviously been a sad last 20 hours in chattanooga. chattanooga will do what it does best support each other and commit to the process for a grieving city. incredibly grateful for the work
10:34 am
that's happened here on the local level. >> yesterday's shooting adds to a grim stat in this country. in the three years since the aurora colorado theater shoot that took a new by convicted james holmes behind bars 387 people have died in mass shootings. 78 mass shootings in just three years. i want to bring in now karen watts, founder of moms demand action for gun sense in america. good to have you here. as we look at new poll by pugh six months ago for the first time in two decades, more support for gun rights than gun control. when we look at this 52% of americans saying there are more concerned about protecting people's rights to own guns. do you think that you're fighting a losing battle? that people feel that it's going to take a good guy with a gun to outdo a bad guy with a gun? >> absolutely not. poirs first of all, we disagree with the finding of that poll mainly because of ways that questions were asked. if you ask people questions
10:35 am
about gun safety they're going to answer given the data you give them. in this case the right data was not given. they in fact admitted that. what we actually see is more than 90% of americans support things like background checks. 74% of nra members support background checks. this is a winning issue. we're winning in the stays. winning with companies and eventually we will win with congress. when 88 americans are shot and killed in this country every single day, this issue isn't going away. yesterday was the 134th mass shooting since 2009. this is a horrible crisis in this country that we need to deal with and we will. >> meanwhile, the president addressed the crisis after what happened in south carolina with the mother emanuel nine. take a listen. >> at some point we as country will have to reckon with a fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries and as at some point the american people will have to come to grips with it. and for us to be able to shift
10:36 am
how we think about the issue of gun violence collectively. >> do you think that that shift can really happen given all the examples? i mean just the ones we have recently given, shannon, and especially with a congresswoman as we use the example of gabby giffords almost assassinated, a congress on your corridor in tucson, if that doesn't send a message to legislators on capitol hill, what will? >> the reality is this is the same congress we had a day before sandy hook when i got involved that we have the day after. this congress, we need them to move. we are seeing some signs since charleston. you know, we're seeing a bill introduced to close the default proceed which basically let's retailers sell guns after three days with an incomplete background check. we're seeing bills introduced to stop gun trafficking. so we are seeing signs that congress realizes this is an issue and they need to do something. but make no mistake, this is going to be the number one voting issue for many, many women and mothers in this country in 2016.
10:37 am
in the meantime, we are winning in the states. we just closed the 38th legislative session this year and we defeated 40 bad nra bills. bills that would haval louled guns in k-12 campus carry so-called constitutional carry. not only that but more than a dozen retailers and restaurants and companies like facebook and instagram have changed policies because of our moms on the ground saying to them you play an important role. we make 80% of the spending decisions in this country and we need you to have gun policies in place. we are winning. and it will just -- it's going to take some time. this is a marathon not a sprint but we'll win the race. >> shannon mots from moms demand action for gun sense in america. shannon, nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you. we want to go to francis rivera with a look at how you're responding to our bing pulse question of the day on this and it has to do with what happened in chattanooga. >> we're asking you should military recruitment centers have armed service members and let's get right to the results as you've been voting at home. i've been watching this trickle
10:38 am
upwards. 73% now of those of you voting yes and 27% of you voting no. and look at that. that's dropped by one point. you can keep the votes going. take a look in realtime as you were having that discussion with that group. a little bit of fluctuation. there was a time when there was a little bit more towards the yes at this point but you can see more neutrals and some nos just in the past that talk. so keep the votes coming., asking you should military recruitment centers have armed service members. thomas? >> thanks so much. now we move on to texas. the protests over the death of sandy bland. i want to show you pictures live pictures demonstrator on the move right now. now, bland was arrested last friday. the activist found hanged in her jail cell fon morning. investigators ruling her death a suicide. however, family members they are demanding more answers in this because the video reportedly of this arrest now surfaced.
10:39 am
nbc news can't confirm the awe thennisity but the family says it's bland in the video. what is filled here does not show the events leading up to the arrest. authorities say that bland was pulled over for failing to signal. and then she became they say, argumentative and uncooperative. she was arrested for assaulting a public servant. in march bland posted a video to facebook. in it she says she was suffering from depression and ptsd. however, in an interview on msnbc's "newsnation" earlier today bland's sister said she was very optimistic. >> i have a voice mail from her on friday july 10th, and unfortunately we weren't able to connect and she said to me hey, i'm sorry i didn't get a chance to formally say good-bye. i was just so ready to go because i'm so excited. and guess what i got that job that i came down here for. so call me. bye. >> so shaun robinson is the executive director of color of change. good to have you with me.
10:40 am
so far, do you believe what we've gotten factually from police in texas that this was a suicide? >> absolutely not. and the fact of the matter is they have video as well that they haven't released. whatever the police did from the point of the time when sandra was arrested to the point where she committed suicide is really open question. we do know that this police department, that these prosecutors have a history of racism in their area that there have been complaints that there have been problems there, that we do need outside investigation at this point because the community cannot trust this -- these local police department local folks to investigate themselves. >> so when you talk about this obviously there is concern about when someone is trying to self police and report on themselves if there is something going on in the death of someone that's in their custody, i want to play you something.
10:41 am
the waller county sheriff said thursday and then get your comment. it's about family's reaction in general when authorities ruled this death a suicide. take a listen. >> i have never dealt with a suicide that didn't have at least one family member or one close friend that always had a conspiracy and was never satisfied with what happened. >> wouldn't you feel that that's a natural reaction for family members but also something that the ms. can talk about directly because they've had experience with this type of situation before? >> well, they absolutely do have experience but the fact of the matter if they have experience why in their custody are these things happening? why, you know why do we have the video of her sort of being slammed down on the ground? why do we have sort of her yelling. why wasn't she given medical attention? we do have the clear understanding from her sister that there was, you know that her arm was in pain that she was in pain. none of these things have been
10:42 am
made clear. her arm was in pain but suddenly she's hanging herself? there's a lot of open questions here. there continues to be a lot of open questions then these type of incidents happen. the is a cities ticks on these incidents become more and more clear. over and over again when black people are hurt are harmed by police, nothing happens. what we're asking for is an independent investigation so that we can actually have some sunlight on what happened and that the community and the family can get the type of answers that they deserve. >> something certainly happening here as we're looking at the live images of people protesting and moving today for answers there in texas. thanks for your time. >> thanks for having me. coming up donald trump's shock and awe strategy appears to be working. we're going to tell you which new poll he's leading and which new politicians he is securing and still ahead in the next hour all five democratic candidates breaking bread at a hall of fame dinner iowa tonight
10:43 am
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[laughs] no can we play again? yeah! he's still in the icu unit but i was telling somebody she got mad at me right here you got a little mad at me that i -- we know when my dad -- he gets in the hospital kind of pretty regularly at 91. he's a little frail. but when he starts telling semi-dirty jokes to the nurses we know that he's on the rebound. so i get this from my mother so you know it's not going to be r-rated. he's just the greatest man i know. and he's still hanging in there. >> we like hearing that. that was former florida governor jeb bush. minutes ago in nevada talking about his dad, the former president expected to make a full recovery after falling in his summer home in maine and breaking a small bone in his neck. he's currently in fair condition at a hospital in portland at 91
10:47 am
years old. he is the oldest living former president and apparently still can tell a good joke. so donald trump heading into a major gop tonight on top of the polls and for the second time in one week a poll has him leading the gop race for the presidency. this as he and many of the other candidates are expected to attend a family leadership center in iowa. he called in" morning joe" again and trumpeted the refusal on pollsters for success. >> i don't have pollsters. these guys pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for pollsters and they're afraid to act and afraid to say anything without going to their pollsters. that takes four or five days. maybe that's why jeb bush couldn't answer a simple question on iraq. was iraq a good thing or a bad thing? it took him five days to get the answer right because he probably had to go back to his pollster. >> no guts no glory. sarah at the boston globe. it's good to have you here. i want to show everybody this new photo.
10:48 am
new cover of "the new yorker" showing trump jumping into the contest really going for it. what do you think is going on in the gop race? obviously again, trump is moving from the political position of no guts no glory. and it's working. >> it is. but we've seen this almost every presidential cycle in this millennium. we see republican or democratic voters quote, date one candidate over summer and labor day rolls around and they realize they have to get serious with someone. >> summer fling? just a summer fling with the trumper? >> hey, remember date dean mary carrie 2004 remember michele bachmann? that whole wave four years ago. i mean, it happens. voters are more open to new kinds of candidates different kinds of candidates during the summer and then when the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary roll around usually settled with someone more experience, more of a tested brand. >> let me show everybody another
10:49 am
piece of the fox news poll. it's one of the questions asking whether trump has it basically right regarding to all of the statements he's made about mexico because he's under water overall. most agree, republicans 70% agreeing on this. should that make party leaders nervous? >> it should make party nervous extremely nervous. the comments donald trump has made about immigration, it resonates with some portion of the republican primary elector electorate but in the general election it will totally bomb this. this isn't kind of election nrk elections, where democrats are counting on a huge latino turnout to bring them over the finish line. i think obviously donald trump's comments are offensive to that entire segment of the population. >> the boston globe, great to see you. thanks so much for joining me. coming up next the ugly food movement. taking europe by storm, now making its way across the pond here. and then nasa unveiling new
10:50 am
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a new european trend is proving beauty is in the eye of the beholder. the european union fallen on hard economic times. they're buying misshapen fruits. according to "the new york times" europe wastes 89 million tons of food each year. people are buying ugly fruit for discounted prices and the trend is headed here. joining me is msnbc's host of "green house" on shift by msnbc. my dad always took me in the dented cans line growing up and still buys them. it's a way to save money. so let's talk about this. >> it's a we to -- >> it's coming here. run us through the stats. you reported on this. >> yeah, sure. we throw out about 40% of the food grown here and a big portion of that doesn't make it to the tables because the farmers can't sell it.
10:54 am
why? it just doesn't look right. mother nature is kind of a for aly creator and the stuff out of the ground doesn't look perfectly round, perfectly colored and we can't sell it or people won't buy it or something. but this movement is correcting that. it's returning pride to all fruit of all shapes and sizes. >> if it takes off here how big of an impact could they have? >> massive impact because think of all the water and resources that into growing this stuff and people can't get enough fruits and vegetables. this is cheaper and coming to supermarkets nationally in the next couple of years. >> we have imperfect produce launching ugly fruit sales in california. we have some items here that are considered to be ugly. but beauty again in the eye of the beholder. explain the good and more attractive sellable stuff and then which is the -- >> so -- >> i hate calling it ugly.
10:55 am
>> the food marketer in me would say these are big, beautiful, round bright red strawberries. they have short stems. no wrinkles on them. smaller on this side and still pretty good. this tray wrinkles bruising long stems. this is not about bugs or bad for you in any way or things passed expiration date but purely about looks. it's crazy we don't eat this stuff. >> thinking about the different markets for different fruits the strawberries i mean, they're one thing. but there are certain fruits you know there's certain foods, people aren't going to go for. i mean eggplant's ugly already. but, you know donald's shaking his head. yeah. >> he knows. >> he knows. but this could be an important transition for people if we can just wrap our heads around it. >> it's correcting the kind of food porn movement. right? they have a beautiful picture.
10:56 am
>> i defollow those people. yeah. >> think about the self esteem. these are hard working fruits and vegetables. we need to enlarge our love. >> okay. that's a freaky statement right there. that's a freaky long stem. okay. tony, thank you very much. stick around because we have a great story right here about food. listen to this. because burger king had the wedding party of the year. joel and ashley getting married today and sure to be a whopper of a ceremony. let's relish the story. when the chain heard about the nuptials they were told have it your way and they'd pay. wedding guests catch up with the burger kings while wearing crowns and special orders they're no problem. a company giving away custom made gift bags and the bridal party might be pickled in the sauce. and as you can tell we have peppered this script with puns and a lot of stuff sandwiched in
10:57 am
here but all cheese aside, joel and ashley congratulations. we are going to be sending you two trays of fruit and you'll decide which one's ugly or not. yeah. >> that's fabulous. >> isn't that great? ugly fruit to burger king. back with more after this. actually helps to support your muscle health? boost® high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein is the #1 selling high protein complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help get the nutrition you need everyday with boost® high protein. join the club at
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this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. ahead this hour terror in tennessee. a search far motive intensifying now after a lone gunman opens fire on two military facilities killing four marines. >> i saw him raise his gun and then i saw him take one shot and then i just saw him take consistent shots after that. >> the most we know about the shooter and the background that might have led him to do this. also ahead. >> we the jury find the defendant james egan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree. >> guilty and sentencing is the next phase for convicted mass murderer james holmes. the question being will he die
11:01 am
for his crime? we'll get reaction from a friend of a victim. new information from nasa on the mission to pluto. we have all of that for you. it's dpod to have you with me this afternoon. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. out of chattanooga, tennessee, confirmed the identifies of three of the marines killed. thomas sullivan david dwight and squire wells. wrcb in chattanooga identified the fourth as carson hall m exist. getting new information now about the suspected shooter? all of this and his travels to the middle east last year. officials say he had two passports, one from the u.s. and one from jordan. and they're still trying to determine qul he did it. white house press secretary josh earnest was asked about the motive earlier at the white house press briefing. >> i know that the fbi made clear yesterday they're looking at a variety of possible
11:02 am
motives, including the possibility of domestic terrorism. >> msnbc's sarah dallof is tracking this, pete williams from d.c. and a deeper dive on lone wolf attacks with mike ikey here with me. bring us to speed on the latest from there. >> reporter: good afternoon, thomas. this is still a very active investigation with authorities on the scene overnight and into the day working pretty much around the clock to try to answer the difficult questions. now, while that continues, community is rallying in support around the victims and families. the military law enforcement. witnesses have been stopping by throughout the day to reclaim belongings in the chaos left behind. they tell us they're still in shock as to what they saw yesterday. >> real slow like it was no big deal. and he was in a silver convertible mustang.
11:03 am
and he stopped in the middle and i saw him reach in the passenger seat on the floor. he bent down. came back up and he had this rifle and he pulled it out like this and started pointing and he went back and forth like this just shooting. and he stopped. he reloaded and he did it again. >> reporter: four marines killed in the attack. three people jird. the police chief tells us the officer shot in the leg is in a lot of pain but good spirits surrounded by friends and fellow officers. navy sailor critically injured. she is receiving treatment and a third person a marine was released from the hospital thomas. back to you. >> sarah reporting for us in chattanooga, thanks so much. we want to turn to msnbc's pete williams. bring us the information you have on the alleged shooter, how he wasn't on the radar of the fbi or other officials until recently local police after a dui arrest.
11:04 am
>> reporter: can't say how he wasn't on the radar, thomas. all i know is that the fbi says that he had not done anything that put them on to him. there was no reason to be investigating him for possible terrorism. they have hundreds of investigations going on around the country but he was not one of them. this is the nightmare scenario for the fbi. someone who doesn't raise any kind of social media presence doesn't talk to others doesn't give off any warning signs. plans these things entirely on their own. now, congressman michael mccall, the chairman of the house homeland services committee said in florida where he's visiting a briefing from the fbi, that they still haven't determined whether it was, in fact directed by an overseas terror group but that his own experience tells him that it's probably isis directed. that would tell me there's nothing the fbi said to dissuade him from that but they say they
11:05 am
don't know. the devices he had, electronic devices have being flown up here to the fbi's crime lab in virginia just a short distance from here in washington. and they will go through them very thoroughly to try to see if they can reconstruct the recent communications. without that, so far, they say they don't what his motive was. >> we'll wait to see what new details we'll get with that. and now, pete thanks so much. >> you bet. >> we want to go into what we have just gotten in from cent-com, chairman mccall with an update about what he knows on the situation. let's listen to that. >> i have a lot of emotions about what happened yesterday. this is -- the event we have been most worried about and then it happened. i don't know how many more of these could happen but i can tell you there are isis investigations in all 50 states across the united states of america. they're permeating our society and this country through the
11:06 am
internet. and through social media. and it's very very difficult to stop it. and i believe yesterday, unfortunately, we couldn't. again, i pray for the families. it's extremely tragic to see an american soldier killed on american soil. it's never happened. it should never happen. as i get my briefings today, at mcdill air base we want to take the fight to them over in syria and iraq to stop them from doing what they did yesterday. we need to drain the swamp so we don't have to swat the mosquitos over here. that is the threat to the homeland. and so with that i'd like to turn it over for questions. >> congressman, are you confirming that mohammad youssuf
11:07 am
abdulazeez was inspired by or directed by isis? >> i just got off the phone with the fbi. had a very good briefing with them. i can tell you this. they have opened this case now as a terrorism case which is very significant. right now, the -- his communication devices are being -- they're on the airplane as i speak. going to washington where they will be looking very -- combed over very closely for any information regarding any foreign direction about these tweets as i'm telling you about. the forensics will be done on the computer devices and i know we'll know a lot more probably the next 12 hours as to what -- what information is contained on those devices. >> okay. we'll know more in the next 12 hours, that was representative michael mccaul talking about what he just learned from the fbi. i want to bring into the
11:08 am
conversation michael kay. retired officer. mike we'll get to the questions in a second. let's go off of what representative mccaul had to say about the fbi. the question lobbied by the reporter there, is whether or not he was confirms this was an isis inspired event, whether the shooter was inspired radicalized by isis and confirmed this is now a fbi terrorism case and the electronic devices they have that could really open up the details they need to find at least the link to find to connect it to isis. >> yeah. i think, thomas what this does is highlight the problem of radical islam. it tells me we have to focus even more on this holistic approach. we are focusing on foreign policy. talking about air strikes in syria. looking at drone strikes. we have really got to ask ourselves the question what good are they doing at the snoemt let's have a look
11:09 am
inwardly, a look at what's going on at home. for example, in a perfect world, there would be a command control cell that had isis militants operating in it reaching out to various cells over the world to track a form of communication, who were then inspiring or telling people like abdulazeez to do these things. the more disconnected they will the harder it is for the fbi, the cia and mi-6 mi-5 and other intelligence agencies to follow who these people are so i think we have to start working on how do we go about holistically countering this problem? and that informs imams and getting into the communities and trying to spread a message where people who influence muslim communities can spread a positive message. >> that's the surprise of people coming out of this. and the phrase of radicalized by
11:10 am
islam and he was devout as a kid. his high school wrestling coach talked about the fact sometimes he would excuse himself for prayers. most of the people talking about him in the past this is not the person that they knew. this is not the boy they knew. this is not the young man that they knew. something snapped. >> right. and, you know, you could ask yourself the same question of a shooter in a church in charleston and shoots that up or in a cinema. you know the million-dollar question and none of us can anticipate is what is that moment? what is the tipping point where someone goes from being a normal good person in society to committing an act. we don't know. when you look at ptsd and you try to identify a lot of troops men and women coming back from iraq and afghanistan have these ishlss, it's almost impossible to identify when those issues manifest themselves and that's the same thing. what we do know is we have to tackle the knowns. isis spread propaganda. they use the social media to
11:11 am
spread this. we have to look at the secondary and tertiary consequences of affecting people at home. we are spending trillions of dollars abroad dropping paveway, training free syrian army and putting special forces on the ground. we have to apply some of that budget back home to try to take this holistic approach. otherwise, we are going to be seeing more of this. >> great to see you. thank you, sir. the army's top officer says security at recruiting and reserve centers but also said it's too early to say whether the facilities should have security guards or the troops to carry guns at the center. i want to check back in with francis and tracking the pulse and how do people feel? >> dropped significantly. almost ten points here should recruitment centers have armed service members, this was at 72%. look at that. it's dropped to 64% and this is
11:12 am
now 36% those who say no. interesting to note with the graph and realtime how you're voting. take a look at this. this around this time this is around the time you were having that discussion and what it takes to have that person to snap or ptsd. people voting to neutral and no and then spiking up again reflecting the percentage we have seen. interesting to take note especially when you have some information coming in this gainesville, georgia, about an accidental shooting there at a facility. we understand that one person was shot taken to the hospital. police saying that this is accidental. no reason for alarm, especially with the police presence at that recruitment center. so something to factor in when you are weighing your vote at and this news just coming in it is accidental. keep that in mind too. >> that's the ripple effect i
11:13 am
think that people start to take into account is with conversations about this and this navy recruiter decides to take a concealed weapon to work out of shear abundance of caution and an accident like this. thanks so much. protests today in texas after civil rights advocate found dead in the jail cell. we'll have more on the online campaign. questioning authorities and the ruling of this as a suicide. is there something more to it? also guilty the mass murder trial of james holmes moving now to the next phase which is sentencing. will he die or will the jury spare his life? plus a historic ruling from the equal employment opportunity commission protection extended to gay and lesbian americans. we'll explain what that means. ♪ at audi we know one thing to be true. the proper footing... makes all the difference. that's why we're partnering with
11:14 am
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11:17 am
welcome back everybody. want to show you pictures last hour of texas where demonstrators are protesting the death of a 28-year-old black woman found hanging in the jail cell monday morning. authorities call it a suicide. her family is saying that isn't possible. sandy bland was arrested july 10th after police say they pulled her over for failure to signal switching lanes. they said he was uncooperative and taken into custody for allegedly assaulting a public servant. in a facebook post in march, bland said she suffered from depression and ptsd. now this video reportedly of the arrest of bland. now, her family says that is her on the ground. however, nbc has not been able to confirm their claim but it does not show all of the events and especially the ones leading up to her arrest. it, however, does show a woman on the ground being arrested and toward the end you can clearly hear a woman's voice. >> slammed my head into the
11:18 am
ground. you don't even care about that. i can't even hear. >> joining me now is msnbc's tremendous tremaine lee. explain what story the family are saying they received and don't believe what police are telling them. >> reporter: the story to the family and the supporters of the families say it smells fishy, too many gaps in the time line given by law enforcement. as you mentioned, there's the unverified video appearing to show sandra bland on the ground. we don't know what happened before then. she was in a cell here at the county jail behind me throughout the weekend and making calls to family and a bondsman trying to arrange bond to get out early this week next week monday or tuesday. but then all of a sudden she's found dead with apparently as the sheriff said apparently a trash bag around her neck. family said she had come down to
11:19 am
the community where she had went to school far new job and new chapter. so it doesn't make sense to them. moments ago dozens of protesters gathering here in the parking lot of the jail marched about five blocks to city hall chanting no justice, no peace. interestingly enough sandra bland months ago took to social media to lament how many black people in particular dying in police custody and probably watched protesters around the country protesting the same way they're doing now in her name this time. thomas? >> talking about what she did in social media, talking about her taking up and said black lives mattered, she said she suffered from depression and ptsd. police didn't know about the postings coming to that. what do they say about how she was able to obtain a trash bag or did they consider her to be on a psychiatric lockdown and
11:20 am
constant observation? >> reporter: that's one thing that the family lawyers are pointing out. the law enforcement didn't know about the social media postings. yesterday, the sheriff said that the trash bags are standard in all the cells. they're there simply to keep the cells clean. the family and again the lawyers say that whatever she said several months ago about getting through a period of depression she doesn't diagnosed and what does that have to do with the way she was treated locally. they said she is screaming out in pain. was she given medical attention? we don't know. was an emt called? we don't know. family over the weekend speaking with her didn't say she was distressed more so than the upset about being locked up and making arrangements to get out. people don't understand how she was dead with a trash bag around the head. >> wait to see and try to get more answers on the scene there
11:21 am
reporting on the story and seen protesters gathering. thank you so much. speaking of answers, we will have an opportunity to speak with congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas. we'll get an update from her on the case. the sentencing phase to be next week for james holmes. a friend of a victim next. all five rivals of the democratic nomination appearing on the same stage? they are. well you're going to want to hear about what is getting them altogether for a joint appearance tonight. we're back with more after this. benny's the oldest dog in the shelter. he needed help all day so i adopted him. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong. flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time.
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♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. the sentencing phase in the "dark knight" theater shooting trial is expected to begin next week. >> we, the jury find the defendant, james egan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberation. >> so that same jury that found
11:25 am
him guilty of first-degree murder could hand him the death penalty. he was convicted on all 166 counts in the 2012 shooting. 12 people were killed 70 others injured. mike lavender is a friend of victim jessica redfield. he joins us now. mike, thank you for being here. i want to ask you first off do you feel that this is the proper verdict? how do you feel about it? is this justice? >> i do. feel that it is justice. for the -- for the longest time since the trial started and even before jessica's mom on facebook, you know, and seeing the posts throughout and sort of experiencing that through her facebook feed and talking with them and meeting with them and seeing the pain and what they're going through, especially during this trial, and i think having that accountability of saying you are guilty of this crime,
11:26 am
and that seems to be the consensus. the messages posted on the wall from friends, i mean that was what these parents wanted. they wanted to say you are responsible for killing our kids and that -- and that i think is what makes the guilty verdict the right call. i mean the right choice in this. as far as the sentencing i don't know where they're going to go with that. we'll have to wait and find out. >> i wanted to ask you about that. this is a gut-wrenching experience for so many people involved this since james holmes took to the theater in aurora in 2012. do you feel and do you think the community feel it is family and friends of jessica specifically would like to see holmes receive the death penalty? >> i think so. i think that knowing that he is not on this earth is just another piece towards their healing. unfortunately, i mean loss of life -- i mean but this -- in this instance, i did see an
11:27 am
interview from one of the family members earlier that you know she was just saying i can't think anymore about this guy. he is an insignificant part of my life. this is over. just one more step towards, you know healing that you can just hope to get to a place where, you know you can get through each day without feeling that gut wrenching feeling of remembering and knowing that you know, just going through this. being a friends -- >> yeah. >> -- with jessica and her family and going through the experience of this it's -- i can't explain other than it's -- nobody should ever feel this. and just to go through what we have all gone through and for the families mostly i think the ultimate punishment for them is what they want because they received the ultimate you know
11:28 am
pain. >> in a situation like this there's no such thing as a closure. the's a new normal to the car that heals over the pain that so many people have incured at the hands of james holmes. mike lavender, thank you, sir. i appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. the search intensifying for motive behind the murder of four marines. plus, what we have learned about the gunman the 24-year-old, what drove him to do this. oh man! this is not good. >> look at this. amazing images of a huge tornado touching down in the midwest. we have more of this video and exactly what happened in did you see this. when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill?
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are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become. very latest now. the update on a shooting invest taking place as we speak from chattanooga, tennessee. sergeant thomas sullivan staff
11:32 am
sergeant david wyatt and lance corporate squire wells. the fourth victim is said to be carson holmquist. here's what the tennessee governor had to say about it. >> this is a sad last 20 hours in chattanooga. chattanooga will do what it does best support each other and commit to the process that's needed for a grieving city and i'm incredibly grateful for the work that's happened here on the local level. >> as we all know this is sadly not the first attack at a military facility. my colleague francis is back now with more on that. >> just the latest in really an alarming list of attacks on military facilities bases and installations. more than 40 people have been killed during single gunman attacks since 2009. that's according to "the washington post" and now bringing you just a few of them. lets's go back to november 5th of 2009. attack at ft. hood. the worst mass murder at a u.s.
11:33 am
military installation in history. lieutenant hassan shouted the phrase meaning god is great. 13 people were killed and 32 people injured. hassan an army psychiatrist was sentenced to death for that rampage. september 16 2013. four 12 people died and four were hurt in washington, d.c. the fbi said that he was driven by delusions that he was being controlled by low frequency radio waves and scratched the words end the torment on the barrel of the rifle he used. police shot him and he died. to this date april 2nd, 2014. another shooting at ft. hood in texas. ivan lopez, a truck driver that struggled with mental health issues opened fire. three people were killed in that shooting. 16 others injured and then the
11:34 am
shooter turned the gun on himself. and in the wake of all the attacks we know that the latest, number's grown as of 24 hours ago from chattanooga, tennessee. in that incident. we are asking you to weigh in on the bing pulse question of the day asking should recruitment centers have armed service members? here's how we're looking. at last check, at 64%. that's risen to 67%. those of you been saying yes. 33% of you are now saying no. a graph as far as how you're voting this overwhelmingly doesn't reflect that. you see how more people dipping down below yes. so we invite you to keep the votes coming. thomas? >> okay. francis, thanks so much. secretary of state john kerry hit back on the criticism of the recently signed nuclear deal and talked about the 24-day waiting period for nuclear inspectors. secretary kerry appeared on "morning joe" today and asked
11:35 am
about the 24 days and does it make sense for inspectors to get access for sites that takes nearly a month to do specifically asked isn't that plenty of time to hide cheating? kerry's response is no u.s. can track production every step of the way. >> from the mine to the mill to the yellow cake to the gas to the centrifuge and to the waste, we have unpresscedented ability to see what they're doing. >> and told the "morning joe" crowd as recently at this past sunday he didn't know if a deal was going to happen. a first for the 2016 democratic presidential campaign tonight. all five declared candidates will appear in the same room in iowa. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, lincoln chaff if i, jim webb and richard o'malley will give a speech at the hall of fame event coming up in cedar rapids. joining me from iowa is msnbc
11:36 am
political reporter alex seitwald. are we expecting fireworks when we get these five majors on the stage or is this a family affair? >> reporter: well, thomas i think we will have a little bit of both here. this is the first chance that iowa democrat vs to see the entire field on the stage in one place and for a lot of candidates this is the first chance for them to introduce themselves to iowa voters and also the first chance for the candidates to interact with each other, see how they perform on the stump. i think the stakes are high for hillary clinton. she wants to show she has enthoous achl among the grassroots die hard activist voters who come out here. bernie sanders, not a democrat. keep in mind. some of the people might be resenting that he is an independent and did not work for the campaign. martin o'malley has to show that his strategy of iowa was the correct strategy and he can make something happen here. the other two jim webb and lincoln chaff if iey, they have to
11:37 am
do something to be relevant. this is the chance to try to get something started out here. >> tell me about the weather. sunny and breezy. what do you zbhot. >> reporter: it is a warm day here, thomas. this building behind me we have both a hillary clinton and a bernie sanders event almost simultaneously. everyone in one place shoved together. >> all right. alex, great to see you. thank you, sir. now other story that is caught our eye. a small illinois town is chlorining up from a monster tornado thursday night. it was a huge mass and then if you watch closely, the system seems to form several smaller twisters and then reforms into this large whirlwind. debris swirling. power flashes as the extreme winds ripped down power lines. no serious issues reported. here's a photo of 5-year-old
11:38 am
leah still with the espy award: look at that little face recognized for her perseverance. what she described as beating up cancer. she wasn't able to attend the ceremony but her dad devon still accepted it on her behalf. love her. "saturday night live" alums got together for a food fight. hader on to promote "train wreck" and they performed a skit. they were two police officers whose conversations of crackers in drinks gets messy. >> needs to be punched up a little bit. >> yeah. >> prove it! >> yeah. now, i'm parched. >> perhaps you'd like a pepsi? >> i prefer -- i prefer --
11:39 am
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welcome back everybody. these are new pictures. protest marches takes place today in texas after the death of sandy bland. one of the protesters talking about sandy just a short time ago. >> when i first met sandy, sandy told me -- me being a person that i am i'm like you tall but -- and she was like, you know what? it don't. smile on her face and looked at me like, you know what? i'm going to be who i am. >> she was found hanging in her jill cell monday morning. it was ruled a suicide. family members are demanding answers for this. look at this. that is video reportedly of the arrest of bland.
11:43 am
it surfaced. nbc news cannot confirm the awe authenticity authenticity. the bland family said that is sandy bland. authorities say bland was pulled over for failing to signal. they say she then began to be uncooperative and arrested for allegedly assaulting a public servant. she said she was suffering in a post that she was suffering from depression and ptsd. joining sme a democrat of texas. nice to see you in person especially. welcome to new york. not under the greatest circumstances as we talk about sandy bland here but from what we know right now and the reaction that you're seeing, are you hopeful that there will be more answers that come to light now that so many people are rallying not believing what police have been telling them? >> well as i offer sympathy to the bland family and to the university where she was intending to work let me make
11:44 am
mention of the four marines and offer my sympathy to those family members in this tragic time. but the incidents that occurred with this young woman, 28 years old, does not warrant death. that's really the question that we have to ask. this is the list of incidents across america that have engaged between police and citizen. have to be at a standard where you pay the time for the crime. she was not convicted. she was arrested for a simple traffic incident. we don't have all the facts. but clearly, i believe there is a question of her civil rights being violated and the actions under law that finds her dead in the custody of law enforcement, locally and in this nation. i believe an investigation needs to be thorough and instituted immediately. >> meanwhile, police said it was self inflicted asphyxiation a
11:45 am
used a trash bag in the cell to take her life. i want to play what her sister said about the moment the very day she was taken into custody. the message she got. take a listen. >> i have a voice mail from her on friday, july 10th, and unfortunately, we weren't able to connect and she said to me hey, i'm sorry i didn't get a chance to formally say good-bye. i was just so ready to go because i'm so excited. and guess what. i got that job that i came down here for. so call me. bye. >> that's poignant hearing, you know, those words. you know? from somebody saying you know i'm sorry i didn't get to say good-bye and so excited. you have sent a letter to attorney general lynch? >> i want a full civil rights investigation. certainly the family's retained their own lawyer and we're respectful of the family but this was a stop for a light, a
11:46 am
blinking light that was not utilized in a turn. she was a guest in our community. her plates obviously said that. she was there for a legitimate job. it was a responsibility of those officers to use best practices to see whether or not she needed medical care, for example. maybe in a hospital she would have in essence fared better. this is not a prison where there are eons of inmates. that is jail where you have the possibility of monitoring these persons who are just there under alleged charges to be able to ensure their safety. it does not warrant a death sentence. tragically, in this community, we have had civil rights challenges. let's be very honest. i love my state. i want my law enforcement officers to return home to their families safely. but the civil rights of a citizen of the united states must be protected. their constitutional rights must be protected. and from my perspective, simply being taken in for that traffic
11:47 am
incident, of course, there's other allegations, and die, we deserve better. she deserved better. her family deserves better. this has to be an investigation going forward and it has to be a very thorough investigation. >> we can obviously see the community rallying to find the answers and the -- >> i'm saddened by this. we will be talking to the fbi, by the way. >> so great to see you in person. >> thank you. so the question is anti-gay a form of discrimination based on sex? equal opportunity thinks so. the agency that enforces the laws concluded that title vii of the civil rights act of 1964 forbids prenlgds in the workplace on the basis of sexual orientation. an attorney and an lgbt activist joins me now. the commission's decision is not binding but it could influence federal court rulings.
11:48 am
do you agree? >> yes. i think it is a very important decision and not binding but courts tend to give a lot of deference to rulings by the eeoc. and let's talk for a minute about why this is important, right? for a long time we have been trying -- there is no federal law that protects gay people. >> correct. >> against discrimination in the workplace. there's no existing federal law. some states have laws. and some municipalityies have laws and no existing federal law and we have been trying far long time to get the congress to pass a law but the republicans in congress now have blocked it. even though you can be married everywhere, if you're gay or lesbian, you can still be fired far job and have no recourse. but if this ruling if this ruling is allowed to stand and if the federal courts interpret it broadly then the law that protects people in the workplace may already be on the books and already exist and that's why this law is so important. >> i'm going to talk to you
11:49 am
about the employment nondiscrimination act. but when's the legal recourse for someone that feels discriminated zbhens. >> after today, yesterday, this ruling, you can file a complaint with the equal opportunity commission. it's a federal agency that protects people from diskram discrimination on the job and if you canning prove you've been discriminated against on the job because you're gay or lesbian, you will have a claim. >> and again, the employment nondiscrimination about languishing on capitol hill. >> this's the legislation to try to get through. >> maybe this will encourage or reinvigorate that conversation. do you think? >> we can sure hope so. right? i mean we think that perhaps the supreme court ruling ushered in a new day and, you know it is interesting on this eeoc ruling. justice roberts in the original
11:50 am
argument, he didn't vote for same-sex marriage and the chief justice asked a couple of questions during the oral argument of the case just decided that would suggest that even that he too, saw discrimination against anyone because they're gay or lesbian is sex discrimination and already illegal. it's already illegal to discriminate against anyone based upon gender or sex. >> great to see you. >> thank you, thomas. want to show everybody these images just coming in to us now and it is the military convey that is transporting the bodies of those people that were the four marines that were lost in the tragic incident in chattanooga. now, currently, they're enroute to dover, delaware. and this is video of the convoy entering virginia from tennessee on the way. the four people that were confirmed lost gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan staff sergeant
11:51 am
david wyatt, sergeant carson holmquist, confirmed in chattanooga, and lance corporal squire wells. we are expecting a news conference on the shooting on the top of the hour. we're back with more after this. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d. everyone loves the picture i posted of you.
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so many images of pluto have been released. latest pictures by nasa's new horizon spacecraft shows mountainous terrain with elevation as high as the rockies and icy surfaces. scientists collected about 1% or 2% of the data collected. much more expected next week. joining me from washington is nbc news correspondent tom costello. we'll geek out together over there. >> it's cool stuff. first of all, new horizon is 2 million miles past pluto. it's done its flyby and kept on going. look at these flyover imageries. image, i should say. that we're getting of pluto. a couple of points.
11:55 am
they're now saying you are looking at a width of about 250 miles across. that's the width of the flyover here. >> wow. >> looking at the frozen plains of pluto. this is a scene adjacent to a neighboring mountain range here. fascinating here as we zoom in and seeing what is not unlike they say the glaciers on earth but what's really important here is that -- i meant to say not unlike what we see on mars sorry, but this is also the possibility that this nitrogen-rich atmosphere is escaping at a very rapid pace up into the atmosphere and then up into space of pluto. and there may be winds blowing across the icy surface of pluto. what's fascinating here is keep in mind new horizon spacecraft traveled 9 1/2 years, 3 billion miles to accomplish this to see this imagery we are getting from the far, far side of our solar system. >> amazing.
11:56 am
>> and spectacular but they have only got 2% of the data downloaded so far and takes up to 16 months to get all the high res imagery sent back to earth. >> we can geek out for a together. have a great weekend. >> you, too. take care. >> that wraps up things for me. i'm going to be filling in on nbc nightly news a fun time. yeah. yeah, yeah. i'll be back here on monday. don't go anywhere. "the cycle" comes your way next. building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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12:00 pm
happened. i don't know how many more of these could but i can tell you there's isis investigations in all 50 states across the united states of america. they're permeating our society. >> brand new comments from the head of the house homeland security committee going way further than any other official we have heard from so far insisting what happened in tennessee has isis bryn all over it. good afternoon. i'm toure. the fbi's about to brief us with the very latest that they have learned. we'll take you to that news conference as soon as it starts. authorities are scrambleing to find answers. as you heard from chairman m mccaul, there's a strong suspicion it was an act of terror. according to to officials have told pete williams mohammad youssuf abdulazeez, a nationalized american citizen,


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