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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 18, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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american express' timeless safety and security are now available on apple pay. the next evolution of membership is here. >> thanks for joining us this hour. happy friday. we have a big show for you tonight right here. and we're beginning with an exclusive. that i'm sorry happens to be about republican presidential candidate donald trump. you're not going to see this anywhere else. this is ours alone. it's a little weird. it starts about a decade ago when donald trump made a big and very public donation mr. trump bought several hundred acres of land in new york state in west chester county in the 1990s. now, the funny thing about that part of new york state is that it is super close to new york city even though it doesn't really feel like it. from basically anywhere in west chester county you can drive back and forth to work in manhattan or you can take the
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train in and back every day, you are in the immediate orbit of the biggest city in the country, but this is what it looks like. you never know it. you're also in the land of bears and deer and coyotes and state parks. mike for instance the donald j. trump state park. this all happened about ten years ago. the governor of new york was george pataki at the time. governor pataki is now more or less running for president though most would never notice unlike mr. trump, george pataki is in the bottom tier of the republican candidates. but back in 2006 he was governor of new york and part of george pataki's politician brand, one of the centrist popular things he did as new york governor was he added park land and he preserved natural places all over new york state. governor pataki preserved more than a million acres of open
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space. he preserved or his time in office more state -- more -- excuse me more space inside new york state than the entire size of the state of rhode island. a ton of natural preservation work. and as george pataki was coming to the end of his time as new york governor donald trump turned out had a few hundred acres of his own in new york state that he wanted to give away. mr. p trump had been holding on to this chunk of real estate in a woodsy part north of new york city he had been trying to build a golf course on it. maybe build some condos on it. despite how undoubtedly classy and huge and great, very great, that golf course and the condos were going to be the little towns around where he wanted to build basically wouldn't let him do. all of these pesky towns had these questions about how his development would affect traffic and drinking water and the rest of it. and those little towns beat
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donald trump. he didn't get to build his big development in west chester county. so it was time for billionaire plan b. mr. trump took that land that he owned, which he wanted to build on but he couldn't he wanted to build on it but he couldn't. he paid about $3 million for the land. he took that land he had not done anything with for years and decided to give it to the state of new york. as a gift. they had a big ceremony with donald trump and george pataki to announce this donation. when they asked mr. trump how much the land was worth that he was donating he said at the time, quote, people have told me about $100 million. but wait a second. he bought it for $3 million. he did nothing with it. he then proclaimed it to be worth more than 30 times that amount. $100 million. and then he gave it away. presumably for the tax break. of course the higher the value of the thing you're giving away the bigger the tax break you
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get. nice. but of course there was more in this for donald trump than a classy and huge and very great tax break. he also got something else. right after he made that donation the new york parks department under george pataki put up these big signs where thousands and thousands of people have now driven past these signs every day for going on ten years. turn here for donald j. trump state park. well, after seeing these signs on the highway, myself after a few different people went to send it to and sent us local press reports about people complaining about seeing those donald trump signs on the highway every day, people complaining that you saw those signs on the highway but what you found in west chester county if you followed the giant signs, didn't necessarily add up. after figuring out that there might be something, we decided to go up there to see what donald j. trump state park has
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to offer. now, we had heard, it had been reported that the state never really made it into a park in the way you think of a functioning park with like you know staffed parking areas and hiking trails and nature walks or whatever. right. in fact what new york state did is they officially closed it as a state park in 2010 when new york was having a budget crisis. but in the journal news local paper in west chester county a local columnist, phil riceman has been explaining though the donald j. trump state park is officially closed it's not like the land disappeared when they closed the state park. the signs are still there pointing you to donald j. trump state park as if it exists. something is there, if the you follow those signs. kind of. but it's not a park. it's like an undead zombie park like a phantom park. and so phil agreed to meet us
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there at the end of a long and very very very bumpy ride. >> here we are in this nice patch of weeds. and behind us here is -- i got to tell you. i came up to donald j. trump state park, this i did not expect to see. >> i don't know. shea trump, there it is. it's graffiti covered. you can see this was once some kind of a driveway. nature is taking over. the last time i was up here i mean, i was hoping i could find some trace of donald trump. there's nothing. >> like a piece of graffiti. >> something. >> okay. here is a trace of donald trump. >> yes. >> there is a dollar sign. >> there it is. we found it. there are some people incensed about the signs, they want them removed. the ones on the parkway. nothing gets people's blood up, one of the things is these signs out on the parkway, you
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know basically saying right turn, get off the road here's a state park and it's really not a state park. how is it that he gets these signs out there, basically advertising his name you know. and to point out up the road is the franklin roosevelt state park, that's a real park. he was also a real president. >> donald trump might become a real president. >> he might. he is leading in the polls, you know. who knows. anything is possible. it's like a steven king novel. >> rachel maddow show producer there with phil riceman. donald j. trump state park is really not much of a park. you can see a few abandoned buildings, there is one gaping cellar hole you could fall ten feet into. if the you didfall into it you would then land on the old truck that was left to rust there inside the hole. it's got lots of very very aggressive weeds. you can see where they meant to put up like maps for this
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would-be park or signs but there are no maps no picnic tables no bathrooms, nothing like you would expect to see if you planned a day at a state park because you saw a sign for it on the highway telling you that it was the very classy very huge very great state park named after donald j. trump. what is there if you follow the giant signs on the state highway, i mean, it could be a nice place to walk the dog if your dog is adventurous and not too short. honestly. what i feel like looking at this stuff it could be good for hiding in the woodings and drinking beer where your parents cannot find you. i do not recommend that as a course of action at all. it's interesting. i mean, this is the major governmental legacy in new york state for a man who is known as a business man and reality tv star now in the running, now the leading contender to be the republican nominee for president of the united states. this is his governmental legacy.
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in terms of the art of the deal here, in terms of how much money he made on that tax break and whether it was more than he actually paid for the land in the first place, that part of it we don't know for sure. we reached out to mr. trump to ask him how well he made out in this deal. no answer so far. if we get an answer we'll let you know. we live in hope because he does seem to love talking to the press. and he may love having those signs out by the side of the road. the people who have to live around the falling down disused place the signs point to don't seem to feel the same way. but hey, the new york state government must have some reason for basically advertising donald trump's name on state property while running for president baugs they want to direct people to a nonexistent facility they closed down five years ago and let fall down. donald j. trump state park. you will win bets this weekend if you tell people this. if you try to go there, you try to go to donald j. trump state park you will get lost. you will get five minutes --
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we have breaking news tonight. we're keeping an eye on a southern california wild fire which very dramatically and dangerously jumped interstate 15 at the beginning of rush hour this earning. i-15 is the highway connects southern california to the las vegas area. people had to abandon their vehicles and flee for safety as the fire crossed the interstate and set on fire the cars and trucks that were trapped in its path. this wild fire has burned through more than 500 acres, crews enlisted helicopters and planes in an effort to stop the fire from spreading. the san bernardino fire department is not confirming injury numbers but saying that there is an evacuation order in effect for people who live in the surrounding area. as of this hour the fire department has put out the
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vehicle fires, we're told but they are working on the scene getting people back to their cars in some cases their burned out cars. they are clearing the road there. keep an eye on this situation, update you as this develops. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru
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a subaru. trublend has the perfect blend for each of us covergirl p!nk blend of rockstar and mama bear. her trublend... light 4 it blends in doesn't build up for a flawless nude look find your trublend at easy breezy beautiful covergirl bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again, with aleve pm. a new fox news national poll is out on the presidential rails. donald trump of donald j. trump state park fame donald trump wins in the latest fox news poll he's in first. both he and scott walker leap frogged ahead of jeb bush who is either won this or tied for first every other time all the way back to may.
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so yet another national poll in which republican voters say they want donald trump to be their republican presidential nominee more than any other candidate to be the nominee. since fox news is choosing which candidates are allowed to debate based on national polling we will now plug this latest poll into our who is allowed to compete random number generator our best estimation of how fox is going to cut off the republican field this year. the cable news derived random generator puts mr. trump not just first in this latest poll but first in the average of the last five polls. he leads a group of 7 or 8 places on the debate stage are more or less safe at this point. those are donald trump, jeb bush scott walk e rand paul, mike huckabee maybe ted cruz too. then thanks to fox news and its rules, there look to be nine
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candidates com beating for the remaining two slots on stage. chris christie both ricks, santorum and perry. john kasich bobby jindal jim gilmore, all competing for the last two spots. and national polls are basically meaningless at this stage of an election like this. it's very early yet. so early in the process. but because of fox news and because of fox's plan to cut out of the debate seven or more of the major candidates at this stage based on national polling, i mean this race may look like it's early days yet on the calendar but for a lot of these guys their presidential race is almost over. couple of weeks and it will be done. larry writing today quote, let them debate. the cable channels shouldn't decide who gets to be president. he explains that what fox is doing will effectively end some of the republican presidential candidacies and before we're near any early state voting.
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if a candidate can't make it to the debate stage why would rational donors and volunteers continue giving money and time to what is apparently a lost cause. it's hard to look presidential while your opponenting are discussing social security on national television. indeed. it really is early days. for guys like chris christie and john kasich and both ricks, the race really is about to be over for most of those guys. by the first week of august. because fox news says so. so most of those guys are fighting back. they have to the they want to run. lindsey graham is nowhere near on track to get a place in the debate under fox's rules about national polling. lindsey graham's last effort to try to goose his national numbers was to mention brad pitt a lot, brad pitt brad pitt. subject line. p.s., brad pitt. that did not work to bring up
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lindsey graham's numbers. he was polling at 2%. last month he fell from 2% to 1% in the fox poll. today in the new fox poll he has fallen off the cliff. in this new poll lindsey graham scratches. they don't even give him a zero. just a dash. senator graham's new strategy to try to keep his candidacy alive is apparently to give up on his old friend brad pitt instead e-mailing his supporters promoting a twitter hash tag. #our podium so people will demand that fox news let him compete. we'll see. ted cruz campaign has been lobbying about who they let compete and how fox news is going to decide who they let compete. says it has been trying to lobby the other campaigns to join them in that effort. now this is amazing i think. this, i almost can't get my head around this. now fox news has responded to the ted cruz effort by taking a
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giant public fox news backhand to senator ted cruz and his campaign. look at this. i can't quote, i can't wait until senator cruz is president so he can tell all of the networks how to run their business. said fox news executive vice president michael clemente. part of me is like -- ted cruz and fox news right. but step back from this a second. it's one thing to deal with like if you areuyou your hosts denounce candidates and your network is going to host a debate. how can network executives who are organizing the debate endorse or denounce specific candidates and then also run the debate in which that candidate has to compete? fox news you know i love you. but i think you're in over your head here. it's only going to get worse as the field gets bigger and bigger and flatter and flatter.
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ohio governor john kasich is going to get in on tuesday. you guys are really going to exclude him from the debate? fox news? you're going to hold the debate in the state where he is currently the governor. he's going to have to watch the debate from home at the governor's mansion? because he's not good enough for fox news to let him on stage? seriously? so the drama on the republican side is capital d drama. as far as i can tell heading for a breakdown. on the democratic side thus far has been totally nonexistent. but look at this. you're looking at a live picture from cedar rapids iowa. the convention center and this site tonight that stage there, is about to host all five democratic candidates for president. all at once. this event in iowa is the first time the five democrats running for president will all be in one place at one time tonight in a few minutes we expect to hear from all of the declared democratic candidates, hillary
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clinton, bernie sanders, jim webb. this event is technically a celebration for the state of iowa's democratic party. they are inducting seven new members into the iowa democratic party hall of fame. honestly, the main event will be hearing from these candidates. the latest polling out of iowa shows hillary clinton with a commanding lead leads the rest of the pack by 19 points. any of the other republican candidates would love to have 19 points. her margin is 19 points. check this out. here's what's happened in iowa in the span of a few weeks. since may, bernie sanders has more than doubled his support among iowa democrats, hillary clinton may still have a 19-point lead but she used to have a 45-point lead in may. and what she's got is still of course a comfortable lead but there is movement and the clinton campaign has been sort of telegraphing to reporters that they are concerned about bernie sanders catching fire in
3:22 am
iowa. about bernie sanders potentially catching secretary clinton or surpassing her in the iowa polls. so there is a little drama there. that is the context in which this event tonight is happening in terms of the crowd, cedar rapids convention center has a capacity of 1200 people. each of the campaigns was allowed to buy tickets for supporters but no campaign could buy more than 200 tickets. so no one campaign could have an advantage when it came to the reaction from the crowd. that was smart. each of the candidates given 15 minutes to speak. out of fairness because it's iowa and they are nothing but fair, the candidates tonight in this democratic event go in alphabetical order. that means that lincoln chafy with a ch comes before hillary clinton with a c-l. martin o'malley bernie sanders and jim webb. so far all of the 2016 attention has been gobbled up by the
3:23 am
bananas fight on the republican side and rightfully so. this event in iowa tonight with all five candidates on stage is the biggest event so far on the democratic presidential calendar. joining us now from there is my old pal one of my favorite people in the world, anthony terrell outside the convention center. great to see you. thanks for being here. >> thanks, rachel. nice to be here. >> so i know that each campaign was able to buy up to 200 tickets for this event. do we know if every campaign was able to find 200 supporters to fill their seats? >> well i'm told by the iowa democratic party that they weren't saying who sold out but there was a wink and a nod you can guess who was able to find 200 supporters. one of the campaigns came up to me after and said though they maxed out they had supporters who were attending the event inside ta they were going to be there. they weren't part of the 200 cap but they were also in attendance. there is an open bar inside so everyone is in a jovial mood.
3:24 am
all of the candidates came out in alphabetical order as you mentioned and bernie sanders got a cheer of bernie bernie. after the pledge of allegiance. so even though these campaigns were kapd at 200, you can feel the bernie momentum. one other thing i noticed here that other campaigns weren't specifically used to was that were who inside had to get padded down and wanded by the secret service. that's obviously because of hillary clinton, secretary clinton, former first lady all of her events have these secret service agents wanding and padding people down. all of the others you can walk in. that's a difference that supporters of the other candidates had to endure ahead of this dinner tonight. >> looking at this from a national perspective we're look a it the race and the race on the republican side is sol freaking nutty, it's easy to even forget sometimes that the democratic campaign is going on.
3:25 am
it's on a day-to-day basis it's more fun to cover the republican side. on the ground in iowa not the candidates, not the candidates' die hard supporters but the iowa democrats turning out for their event, are they psyched? are they into it? people paying close attention here? >> rachel they are. when i came to the event an hour or two before there were supporters of martin o'malley and hillary clinton across the street from one another, dozens of supporters chanting at each other. the hillary rodham clinton chanting i believe she will win. the martin o'malley supporters chanting back, things that martin o'malley did in maryland that the dream act, minimum wage. he was for gay marriage. so it was quite a scene out here before the event inside. and i'm told the martin o'malley campaign had 200 people at hills event earlier toxtd i was at the
3:26 am
hillary clinton event and she was packing the house as well. there is a lot of grass roots enthusiasm, sign waving supporters. they are excited about the democrats here in cedar rapids. >> anthony terrell who has never not been excited wherever he is at the moment that he is there. anthony, i miss seeing your face every day. i'm so glad you're out there doing what you're doing. great to have you here. >> thank you rachel. i miss you. >> me too. anthony terrell is -- we'll all be working for anthony terrell one day. remember that name. lots more ahead including a story i like to think of as nuns win, koch brothers lose. ve the world. but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today.
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i'm going to be specific here. there are four things that we learned today about the attack that killed four u.s. marines in chattanooga, tennessee yesterday. it has been an emotionally intense day as chattanooga recovers and the country and people close to the victims cope with the direct impact of what has happened. in terms of what we have learned today that we did not know yesterday, i basically see that we've got four new pieces of information. the first concerns this visual from yesterday. the raid on the suspected gunman's house produced this image of a woman being led away in handcuffs. we now know the woman despite the fact she was handcuffed she was not arrested.
3:31 am
the special agent said that unidentified woman as handcuffed simply as a precaution while agents secured the scene. once it was determined she wasn't a threat they were taken off. the special agent says she was taken care of so again, that's new today that we've got that. even though that looked like an arrest it was not an arrest. second thing was about the guns used. a lauft official saying the shooter had three gunnings. an assault rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and pistol. at least one gun appears to have been purchased from a dealer one appears purchased from a private individual though it's not clear which of those attend to which of those guns. i should also say it's worth noting that the phrase ak-47 type assault rifle, that can mean a lot of things. there are a lot of ak-47s, a lot of rip-offs but it's also true that in reporting and in sort of layman's description after
3:32 am
shooting incidents like this it's often the case that any assault rifle of any kind gets called an ak 47 type assault rifle. we do not know what that means exactly about that long gun. we don't know whether it was semi-automatic or a fully automatic rifle but we do believe at least from that description that it was a rifle. the third thing we know we did not know yesterday, is i think the first concrete detail about how those marines might have died specifically. about how the attack that killed the four u.s. marines actually happened. and honestly that's the biggest black box so far outside of the motive and potential terrorist connections. that third thing that we learned about the actual attack is geographic basically. what we learned is all four marines and the shooter were killed inside the fence, inside the perimeter fence that surrounds the reserve center in chattanooga. the shooter killed those four marines and died himself inside
3:33 am
the center. once he had gotten through the gate the fbi said the shooter was most likely killed by chattanooga police. so that was new specific information about how that attack may have gone down at that naval and marine center. of course the fourth thing we learned today, the identities of the four u.s. marines killed. gunlery sergeant thomas sullivan from western massachusetts. from hampden, in the marines since 1997 served two tours in iraq he was awarded a purple heart. david wyatt, he was a field artillery operator from burke, north carolina. sergeant carson holmquist, from poke wisconsin. corporal skip wells was reservist who had just entered the service. he was a field artillery cannoneer from cobb georgia
3:34 am
only 21 years old. a convoy of hearses transported them to dover air force base where they were flown to their home cities. back in chattanooga this evening the community gathered for a memorial service in their honor. so it has been an emotionally intense day. as far as what happened and why we've got a little bit more information than yesterday but not much. there will be a lot more that we learn about this before it's over. going out for date night with your man is nice... ...but i think women would agree... ...snuggling up after is kinda nice too. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction.
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how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. texas likes to brag about how big it is. but actually alaska is freaking anormous. the way it looks you can't always tell how enormous it is. it is freaking enormous. here is a representation of alaska versus tiny little texas.
3:41 am
despite that texas is still pretty big. alaska, texas, california, and montana, those are the biggest four states in the country by area. alaska, texas, california montana. two of those four states are absolutely full with people. texas and california are not only giant in terms of land mass they are right up there as the top two states in the country in terms of population. montana and alaska though yeah, different. there's almost nobody in montana and alaska. i mean no offense but for all of the huge land mass of alaska its population is about the same size as washington, d.c. similar situation with montana. montana is physically enormous. its population is about the size of rhode island. it's slightly less than the population of rhode island. only about a million people who live in all of montana. which made this very funny. after montana's legislature voted to expand health insurance
3:42 am
in that state the koch brothers group, they released a furious statement in response. they said quote this decision stands directly against the voices of millions of montanaens. millions. there are not millions of montanaens. there is only one millions. it's possible the koch brothers people didn't know that. that same astroturf parachute in fake group had also held town meetings around montana, lecturing montana residents about the dangers of obamacare and health insurance expansion. they were so out of touch that montana's deputy secretary of state said to the paper, please take a moment to savor the image of a man from d.c. showing up in a small montana town wearing a suit and tie looking like he is
3:43 am
expecting bottle service at a nightclub to address an audience of burly men likely carrying concealed weapons. it was the local paper. it was this was the group trying to appear to be a grass roots montana organization with all this funding from the koch brothers. such a misunderstanding of the state they made mistakes no real montana grass roots group would make about that state. also there's this. the group trying to be montana and not fooling any one. it was a koch brother kansas operation designed to look like a montana interest group, to convince people not to give people health insurance under obama care. now at a surface level when montana decided they were going to expand health insurance under obamacare, surprising headline. montana has a republican legislature. but the democratic governor of montana said he wanted to do it. figured out a way to do it. turns out all of the kids with the pointy shoes who don't know about the population density of
3:44 am
montana, they and the koch brothers got beat on this issue. montana did it despite the koch brothers flying in that operation to try to oppose it. and the koch brothers got beat somewhere else too. in a state ha has each fewer people than montana. koch brothers got beat in alaska. alaska has a condition legislature, a republican turned independent as their new governor. and yes, alaska too, has their own fake grass roots koch brothers afp funded effort to try to make the expansion of health insurance not happen in alaska the way they tried to make it not happen in montana. again, it turns out the koch brothers were apparently no match for other actual real alaskans who wanted this thing. basically, every health care interest in the state. they are going to be treating people whether or not they have health insurance, those medical institutions, they'd rather have
3:45 am
people have health insurance since they are providing health care to them anyway. the independent governor, thing democratic party establishment, native communities were super in favor of this plan. also relimgous communities were allined up in favor getting this done. >> we are our brother's keeper. >> sister mary is a daughter of charity here with representatives from 15 anchorage congregations on a mission, remind lawmakers there is a moral imperative to pep those who can't help themselves. >> like the good samaritan, we have to go and help them. we cannot be the ones that walk on the other side of the street. >> that nun, sister mary peter diaz helping mobilize against a billionaire funded effort to keep people from getting health insurance in alaska. turns out she is not just a force in the health care fight. she's also pretty good at dog sledding. that's her, that is sister mary peter diaz mushing along.
3:46 am
because of her work don't know if it was her work on the dog sled, her work as a nun, her work and the state's governor and the other people who pushed back, if you make less than 20 grand in alaska you are soon going to get health insurance even if you couldn't get it any other way. whether or not the koch brothers i degreed. we reached out to them we've not heard back in terms of our questions. we'll let you know if we do. 40,000 people in alaska are going to get health insurance because of this decision. and even in the state as big as alaska 40,000 people is a surprising large proportion of the population. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... ok, you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point.
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at&t has the tools and the network you need to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. i've got a feeling that something amazing is about to happen. woo who! yea. nick who is tonight's lucky player? >> carlos from portland a photographer for the insurance industry used to work here at "30 rock," and plays segway polo. rachel me. >> carlos nice to meet you. thank you for being here. >> rachel, great to be here. thank you for having me on. >> you worked at "30 rock," did you work at nbc? >> i worked at the rainbow room. >> very nice. >> so it was the beginning of my
3:53 am
career, where i met my beautiful wife singer barbara passel. >> that's very exciting. i was going to ask you about segway poloment we'll make long term friends and you'll show me that some day. >> ask you bet. >> you're going to get three questions. all about this week's news. if you get at least two of them right you will win this specific piece of junk. nick, please show everybody. >> the rachel maddow mini cocktail shaker. >> not nice enough for the rainbow room ever. if you need extra credit or you need a consolation prize. until tonight it was cluttering up the office. what is our random office swag? >> two options. a hat september to one of our producers by a family member. >> it's an american flag. >> an american flag mohawk hat. and we have a cut-out of bob and
3:54 am
maureen mcdonnell from the trial and all of the stuff -- the bribes. >> the paper doll cutouts. you'll be able thechoose one of those lovely items. we're also going to bring in the disembodied voice of the guy who determines whether you got the right answer. hello, steve. >> good evening to you both. >> carlos you ready? >> i'm ready. >> this is from monday's show. on monday's show we reported that the decision by donald trump to run for president, not only had brought david letterman out of retirement brought out a beloved comic strip on hiatus for 25 years. which beloved comic strip is back now because its creator could no longer resist the desire to make fun of donald trump in comic strip form? is it kathy, is it hagger the
3:55 am
horrible, is it bloom county or is tit momaduke. >> i can't phone a friend? let's see. i would have to go with bloom county. >> steve, get that right? >> i think as we can put on the screen the brilliant bloom county is back. and that is great news. there is a new installment today which i was thrilled to see in which is also about donald trump. of course the good news is carlos is now 1-1. >> i saw that on facebook. it involves the name donald trump and the phrase pooh-pooh sauce. we can't go there on tv. second question, you have a choice on this. do you want it to be -- it's for monday's show. do you want it to be a politics or nonpolitics? >> i'll go with politicings. >> the answer to the non-politics question was
3:56 am
portland, oregon. here's the politics question. on monday, wisconsin governor scott walker officially launched his presidential campaign. we reported that the stylized e in his campaign logo looks a lot like the logo from the flagship radio station of the dearly departed liberal talk radio network i used to work air america radio. that logo however, looks exactly like the logo for a thriving existing eyeglasses business. from which national eyeglasses company did scott walker apparently appropriate his campaign logo? was it a, america's best contacts and eyeglasses b, glasses, c, $39 or d, ward p. parker. >> this really is a tough one. i think i'm going to take a stab in the dark. i do not remember this topic.
3:57 am
let's see. glasses, leaning that way. 39 dollar glasses, that sounds like scott walker. leaning toward b or a. i'm going to say -- a, america's best contacts and eyeglasses. >> steevg what's the right answer? >> let's check the segment. >> come on you guys. put up the right one. ah, now that's scott walker running for president logo. totally different. >> america's best. you got it right. okay last question. wednesday's show we reported on the truly epic corruption charges against a former public official, steven reed. now has a 499-count criminal
3:58 am
indictment that alleges that he spend thousands in public money, possibly millions on memorabilia and historic artifacts like life size sarcophagus, wyatt earp's cane which beleaguered city was steven reed the mayor of when he allegedly spent his city's money on that stuff? the mayor of detroit, michigan harrisburg, pennsylvania hoboken, new jersey or coyote falls, utah? >> this one i do remember. and i was kind of hoping you would have a vampire kit as one for me today. the answer is b, harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> you got the answer? >> let's check the segment. >> all of these things and thousands of other things pistols, saddles, anchors, anvils, cross-bows bowie
3:59 am
knives, sheriff badges all of this stuff apparently millions of dollars worth of this stuff was bought by the former mayor of harrisburg pennsylvania with taxpayer money. >> carlos is correct. >> this is very good news. nick did carlos win the prize? >> he won everything. >> carlos we're not going to make you pick between the hat and the paper dolls. you get it all. thank you for playing with us tonight. >> thank you. i have also a prize for you, rachel. since you are always giving us prizes. from the great state of oregon i have this love lyly attack bird of the great state of oregon. if the shirt doesn't fit, you can always regift it in a future segment. >> i hear you. absolutely. very kind of you. you are an excellent guest. thank you for playing. well done. great to meet you. hello, oregon i love you. >> thank you. you bet.
4:00 am
>> if you want to play send us e-mail. tell usp who you are, where you're from, why you want to play. we cannot wait to send you our unwanted junk. "weekends with alex witt" starts now. >> panic on a california highway. wild fires force motorists to abandon cars to escape the flames. the latest on how it all suddenly unfolded. new information about the gunman in the chattanooga shooting. could one overseas trip have turned him into a killer? the last message from one of the victims. >> iran nuclear deal the supreme leader with new reaction including a statement about relations with the u.s. the trump factor. he's now topping yet another poll of gop presidential hopefuls, he says some candidates are being controlled like puppets.