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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 30, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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obviously a very significant development. it's first real evidence that there is a possibility that a part of the aircraft may have been found. murder charges. a cincinnati campus policeman pleads not guilty today to murdering a motorist after the prosecutor said his body cam video makes the case. >> this is the most asinine act i've ever seen a police officer make. he purposely killed him. he should never have been a police officer. and trump scores. the billionaire tops the leaderboard today in scotland at the women's british open claiming support from a group he derided back home. >> north carolina and number one nationally. but very importantly i'm number one are the hispanics. it just came out yesterday. >> do you expect to win the presidency? >> i do. i do expect.
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good day, i'm and gra mitchell in washington. aviation experts are pouring over they've best lead yet in one of the world's biggest aviation mysteries. a piece of debris found of the idea left-hand off the coast of madagascar is believed to be part of the wing. reunion island located off the coast of madagascar is 4,000 miles away from the jetliner's last known position. it will be sent to aviation experts in france to be verified. mh-370 disappeared more than a year ago. 239 peoplen or board including american philip wood. his partner spoke earlier today with my colleague. >> you put your life into compartments. you know philip isn't just somebody that i love. he was my life partner. >> right. >> it ripped my whole world
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apart. but you just have to kind of set that aside because you've still got -- i've still got three kids to raise and job to do and a life to live. so, you know i keep the good memories and i've tried to live as normal of a life as possible. >> we have team coverage. nbc's tom costello in our washington newsroom. nbc sarah james in australia, former ntsb investigator greg five is in denver. we first start with bill neely. tell ug what is the latest as they comb the beach. have they found anything else? >> good afternoon, andrea. yes, i'm at the beach at st. andre where the debris was found yesterday. it's pitch-black at the moment but since that debris was found people have been searching the beach and this coast in fishing boats, helicopter coast guard
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ship trying to find any evidence of any more debris because it's quite possible because of the current if it is to be believed that this might be from mh-370. but one piece of debris has arrived, then some more may follow. that's what oceanographers thought a long time ago. many people here and indeed for those investigators, i think the key thing is that code that was embedded on the piece of debris 657bb. we're not absolutely sure that that relates to a boeing 777. there are people on social media who are saying they've looked at the boeing manual. it does indeed show that code. and if that were true that would prove that that was quat least from a 777 and there is only one 777 missing and that is mh-370. at the minute that is still speculation and, you know nothing has been confirmed
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either from here or from australia for from malaysia. i have to say, andrea circumstantial evidence is certainly gathering pace. >> and, tom costello who has been on this from the start as well the boeing investigators are telling you that they've looked at the picture and so they believe it to be a 777. obviously until they see that code, see the piece itself but do you have any doubt yourself? >> to be very clear, sources are telling us boeing investigators have looked at these photos and the video but i specifically have not spoken to boeing investigators. my sources are separate from that. >> okay. >> but no i think that this is -- at this point, 98.9% this is in fact a flapperon which is a component of the wing use and a boeing 777. it is used specifically to help slow the plane on approach and also to help roll or bank the plane when it is at high cruising altitude. the fact that boeing investigators were able to say, look, it certainly looks like it's a piece from the 777. they know they're plane better
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than anybody else and you've got that serial code. in fact, i think we should have a photograph of the serial number, that code number a close-up of it. and that is what investigators have been able to key in on to help identify this particular piece of wreckage and they're looking for even further confirmation. we also have this piece or this photograph as well. this is a photograph of a suitcase that also washed up on the shore we are told there on reunion island. we don't yet know if this is in fact from that particular plane. we don't know what the origins of the suitcase are. as you might expect they're going to look at that very very closely as well. and lastly can i show you the ocean currents the animation for the ocean currents look like there in the indian ocean because this is all so critical. as you know the priority search zone from malaysia flight 370 has been focused off the coast of australia by about 1200 100 miles or so. we can show you the currents move in a counter clock wise
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fashion, as you see there. they move at a rather slow pace. half a nautical mile per day or so. in some cases maybe one nautical mile per day. oceanographers say, to pick up on bill' is entirely possible that the debris is or the wreckage is off the coast of australia. that's where the plane went down. and yet it has taken nearly 17 months for the debris to literally sircircumnavigate the basin and over madagascar and reunion island which is what some oceanographers were suggesting. they've got to now go back and figure out mathematically and use all satellite historical data on ocean current where's this this plane, where might the wreckage have originated. then one last point, they're going to also look at the sea life on that wing tip, on that flap i should say. on the flaperon.
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and is there anything in there that would suggest where in the indian ocean it originated. in other words is there some specific barnicle or piece of sea life that might be specific to a part of the indian ocean that would give them further evidence where this original plane wreckage might lie. >> and greg five, takefe a talking about the currents and potential sea life indicators, how the does that help them reverse engineer this and try to find the wreckage of the plane itself? >> well, through ocean current movement they're going to be able to at least identify how long over a period of time that piece was adrift. the one question that i haven't heard answered yet is how long that piece has been sitting on the island. if it had just been there a day or two that says that this thing may have been adrift for 500 days. if it's been there for three months, then somebody is just now found it that changes the dynamic because the drift pattern over 100 days is
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different than a drift pattern over 500 days. so i think that's going to really be the science behind trying to figure out where it originated, where the main wreckage was in comparison to the drift pattern and the time that this part has been adrift. >> and, greg what could potentially be learned about the causes? i know you don't have any -- you don't know where the rest of the plane is but in studying the flaperon can you figure out what the angle was when it hit the water or what kind of break up this was, whether it was an explosion or not an explosion? >> you really can't, andrea. when you look at the entire airplane, this is not a robust structure like the vertical stabilizer, the horizontal stabilizer and the wings and fuselage. this is a movable part. it's hinged. so it is frangible and will break up during impact. what it will tell investigators
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is the separation did it separate, was it deployed when the airplane went into the water? if it was deployed that would suggest that somebody dumped the flaps or put the flaps down in a landing configuration to try and minimize the speed at which the airplane hit the water and then say this is probably more of an intentional act. it's not going give us the real cause and will definitely not answer the real question as to why. it will confirm the airplane did go down in the water and may put out some of the conspiracy theory thoughts that this airplane landed on an island in a nefarious way has been hidden and people are still alive. this will confirm the airplane did, in fact go into the water and that's where it's resting. >> in australia sarah james, the deputy prime minister called this their biggest lead. they basically had to clean up after the initial days and certainly the relationship with the victims' relatives was really botched by the malaysian officials.
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what is australia now prepared to do? intensify their search wait for more leads after the examination in tilus? >> it's interesting. i spoke an hour ago at the man at the epicenter of this, the chief of the investigation. this is martin dolan who is head of the transport safety bureau me said to me the finding of this particular piece of wreckage, if indeed it is from mh-370, is actually something that makes them think they're in the right spot. now, as you know this has been an intensive, exhaustive effort underneath the waters the indian ocean. and this is a really treacherous part of the world. they have so far searched an area half the size of pennsylvania. i asked him, he said they've got dedicated to this all year-round. they rotate them through. they've actually had family members come in and talk to the searchers who are already
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dedicated, but hearing from some of those family members intensifies their feelings about what they're doing. and he describes those searchers as energized right now. i mean if this is indeed part of the plane, then that gives them more reason to get out there and do their job. and do their job in a part of the ocean where they are currently facing 50-foot swells. it's not easy. >> wow. >> towed sonar along the bottom of the ocean. so they're really doing an intense job. they plan to continue. and i should tell you one more thing. he said to me just a few hours ago he still thinks they'll find the bulk of the wreckage the black box, and the cockpit voice recorder, andrea. >> astounding. bill neely, finally, are there other islands out there? are they expanding the search in that area around the island and, in fact, to madagascar? >> yeah, just to pick up on the point made earlier about ocean currents, what they're saying here, they're remembering that
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last year a man lost his boat off western australia. eight months later it was found off madagascar on a small island off madagascar. there are lots of small islands around here. it's not just reunion and a much bigger madagascar. there are a dozen of them. the you're going to take the search really seriously you're going to have to look on a lot of beaches and on a lot of islands. but sarah was talking about the enthusiasm in australia. there are certainly enthuseiasm here to try to solve, you know what is the world's greatest aviation mystery. and they feel that it is now their turn to try to make some contribution to that. >> bill neely, sarah james, greg fife, and tom costello thank you all so very much. turning back home to cincinnati. a campus police officer arraigned on murder and man slauth ircharges. the victim's sister spoke about
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the officer outside the courthouse today. >> i looked at him as a human being and i didn't -- i don't have hatred for him. i thought, why did he kill my brother? why did he have ahay tread for my brother? >> the latest on the case what the officer said in quart today, all coming up next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. they make little hearts happy rt today, all coming up next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. rt today, all coming up next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. rt today, all coming up next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. urally lower cholesterol. how can something so little... help you do something so big.
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the white university of sin sip cincinnati who shot and killed a man pleaded not guilty this morping in court. officer was arraigned on one charge of murder and one charge of involuntary manslaughter for the death of samuel debose. he pleaded not guilty. the prosecution requested a $1
9:17 am
million bond which was granted by the judge prompting an outburst in court. >> the bond will be $1 million anyway. [ applause ] ladies and gentlemen, this is a courtroom. you will conduct yourselves at all time. >> the traffic stop was captured on the body camera of officer tansing including the final fatal moments when the officer fired a single shot to his head. >> i didn't do nothing. >> go ahead and take your seat belt off. stop. stop. >> the prosecution claims that video contradicts officer's argument that he was dragged by dubose's car. >> i've been doing this for over 30 years. this is the most asinine act i've ever seen a police officer make. he wasn't dealing with someone who was wanted for murdmurder okay? he was dealing with someone who didn't have a front license plate.
9:18 am
i mean this is in the vernacular, a pretty chicken crap stop. all right? >> the officer's attorney said his client reacted to save his life. >> his defense is going to be self-defense, that he felt like his life was endangered and threatened and he was trying to save his own life. this happened all in just an absolute split second. i mean there wasn't time to sit back and think about what you're doing. >> nbc's sarah dalloff is in cincinnati with the latest. sarah, there was a second police officer also with a body camera and according to authorities, what does that show in what does it establish are? >> andrea the cincinnati inquirer has posted a video purported to be the second officer's body camera online. in it you see it a figure getting up from the ground in the first few seconds. you assume that figure is officer tensing. what do you not see, however, is the officer being dragged be i
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the car. that is what he and his attorney have previously claimed. the prosecutor has dismissed those claims saying he believes tensing fell to the ground after firing his shot. now, the arraignment today was very brief. lasting no more than five minutes. immediately after a hairing a small group of demonstrators gathered on the steps. yesterday the scene was much larger. some 3 to 400 demonstrators gathering and rallying for justice. things were peaceful in keeping with the request of the dubose family. they say they won't want sam s dubose. the family spoke outside court this morning reacting to the judge's announcement of that $1 million bond for officer tensing. >> i was delighted to hear that. i do not want him to be walking the streets, especially since he's saying he's so devastated from being in jail but not devastated for killing our brother. >> i will spend the rest of my
9:20 am
life saying that if it wasn't for this videotape my brother's whole character was up for debate. not debate. it was just guilty. he must have done something wrong because two police officers says so. >> i'm joined now by harold black, cincinnati city manager. mr. black, thank you for being with us. we heard what the prosecutor said. >> thank you. >> and certainly he was indicating that this because of the body camera video, is a very strong case for the prosecution side. you know we also heard what the defense said. what are people saying in cincinnati about why a university policeman was operating on city streets and stopping a driver with gun drawn for a missing license plate? >> well, once again, someone has died over a very, very basic traffic stop involving a missing license plate. it's uncalled for. it's unjust fied.
9:21 am
we think the county prosecutor and grand jury process, justice was served yesterday. that was the right decision. again, we have a major university within the jurisdiction of cincinnati and mutual aid agreements is a national standard as relates to other jurisdictions sharing certain things. in this case this police officer went well beyond the protocols and the boundaries of any established agreement, mutual aid or otherwise, and, as a result of that action we've lost a life of a resident. but again, we think the prosecutor and the grand jury process. the process worked. justice was served yesterday. >> are university police supposed to have guns drawn and make simple traffic stops? what is their jurisdiction there? >> clearly, this police officer went way outside of his
9:22 am
jurisdiction. i think you've heard from other experts, from around the country, the actions of this officer was not becoming of someone who exhibited sound and effective police training. understanding the policies and procedures and techniques. everything went wrong with respect to how this police officer handled this situation. >> are you suspending this agreement until you can get your arms around the training going forward? >> we have requested and the university has akcquiesced that they pull all of their police officers back to campus while we go through a very, very extensive review and assessment of policies and procedures. their training practice and procedures as well. just in general, just looking at the day-to-day operating relationship between university of cincinnati police and the city of cincinnati police.
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>> mr. black thank you very much for taking time to talk to us. i know it's a difficult time for the city. thank you, sir. >> yes. thank you for the opportunity. and up next politics. donald trump stepping out on to the world stage and into international politics today. >> i think i would get along very well with vladimir putin. i just think so. people would say, what do you mean? i think i would get along well with him. >> no response yet from the russian president. as you might imagine, donald trump had a lot more to say. we'll bring it to you after this short break. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni... when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become. what section of america do you represent? >> i think i represent a big section. i guess the poll today had me with 16 or 17 candidate, had me at 25%. and the next person was at 12%. so that's a big difference. so we represent a very big
9:27 am
section. >> not the immigrant population though presumably? >> excuse me? >> not many of the immigrant population? >> i did well. in fact, the hispanics, poll came out two days ago where i'm number one with the hispanics. i know you're surprised to hear that. >> that's donald trump in scotland at turnberry, icon anything golf course, breathing are confidence about his presidential and why shouldn't he be? trump has sizable primary lead nationally. look at what the new hampshire leaders are saying about the front-runner. >> it's truth. >> what truth is that? >> when he talks about, especially immigration control and the border he really -- he doesn't care what people think. >> unchoreographed. >> he is honest. >> i like his roughness and little reaganesque. >> he's not a politician. >> he's not going to be like he said i won't be bought off. >> trump is a threat. >> yep. >> because he doesn't fit in the same box all the other republicans are in. >> he's like one of us.
9:28 am
he may be a millionaire that separates him from everybody else besides the money issue he's still in tune with what everybody is wanting. >> fascinating stuff. a bloomberg focus group with john join meg now for our daily fix, chris cillizza and founder of the "washington post" fix blog julie paste, white house correspondent for the associated press, and nbc's katy tur live in scotland. katy,first to you. there you are at turnberry and donald trump, one of us? very interesting to see the way new hampshire -- average new hampshire voters were reacting. >> certainly. that's what you were hearing generally from voters i spoke with either in new hampshire or iowa or south carolina or arizona or texas. they enjoy that he speaks his mind. they think that he's telling the truth to them or at least his version of the truth. i think voters out there are getting a little tired of political double speak and trump comes out and he says exactly
9:29 am
what's on his mind. here in turnberry, did the same thing. supposed to only take questions about the golf course and golf in general and instead of taking political questions, even touching into foreign relations, if you will he said that he would be a very good diplomat despite what people may think. he believes he would be very good at uniting the world. one of the big problems with america right now is they are too politically correct and that's why everybody in the world hates america. he says he will not be that politically correct, which i think we can believe him when he says that. he also says that he believes he would get along with putin. he says obama hates putin, putin hates obama. because of that we are driving russia into china, making them allies, and that's hurting us. but he believes that he's going to be the one that's going to be able to rein that in and befriend putin and be in good relations with china. i asked him a little bit about the debate that's coming up what sort of prep he's doing. he insisted once again that he's not doing any prep for this.
9:30 am
he's just going to be himself. i van a was there, his daughter, and i hasked him whether he was giveing advice. he says of all the people around him he trusts her quite a bit. she's telling him just to be myself. i think that's what we're seeing on the campaign trail. i think that's what a lot of voters so far are responding to. katy tur the whole thing is just so improbable. julie pace there at the white house, the first debate. now we see from this polling that in the polling, if it were held today, john kasich has moved ahead and into the tenth spot even though he just declared and he's knocking out rick perry. this is pretty volatile. >> yeah. and what's going to be interesting if that hold that grouping holds is that rick perry has been one of the republican candidates who has actually been the toughest on trump. he right from the start has been coming out and been quite critical of things that trump has said. if you lose rick perry on the stage does someone like john
9:31 am
kasich take that place in terms of going after trump? probably not. kasich has a different approach to this race. i think kasich would make an interesting person to see on the stage because of his background as governor of ohio. he's quite well respected in the party. but again in terms of trump who, whether we like it or not is going to be the focus of that debate. you do lose someone who is going to be aggressive against him if perry is out. >> chris cillizza the way this is going to work and fox has not been completely transparent about how they're going to make it work which polling. it's basically going to be the national poll leaders, the top ten as of 5:00 on tuesday before the debate. >> that's right. in truth,nd andrea, it probably doesn't matter for eight of them. fox has not said what exact national polls they consider credible and will use. eight or nine of them doesn't matter. mike huckabee will be in the debate, donald trump will be in the debate. as julie noted, if you're rick perry or if you're john kasich it matters a whole lot what they
9:32 am
use because you're talking about tenths of percentages here making the difference. and the reality is this will be incredibly well watched. it probably would have been okay in terms of ratings prior to the trump rise. now it will be off the charts. people don't care anything about politics will tune in. you will get a much bigger audience. it's important if you are john kasich or rick perry who are on the loy lower end of that spectrum to have lots and lots of republican voters and just people in general watching that debate, particularly if you do well. so it's not an insignificant thing. i know most people say, who care, it's august before an election. i agree. but there's only so many times you're going to have this many eyeballs on you for two straight hours and so it really does matter. >> we care. we'll be there. >> big time. >> thank you so much. julie pace and katy tur who gets around. katy, thanks very much for taking time. to one of the great
9:33 am
mysteries of our time in is how it all started 40 years ago today. >> james hoffa is missing. the family of the former teamster's union president and exconvict reported hoffa missing earlier today. his car was found outside a restaurant in bloomfield township michigan not far from where the family lives. the police were asked whether they thought hoffa had been kidnapped. their answer was well, his car was there and he was not. >> since then there has been no sign of jimmy hoffa. there have been a number of different leads over the years. no sign of the boss. the most recent lead two years ago when the fbi dug up an air in michigan they had been led to by a tipster with close mob stis. the mystery endures. james hoffa, his son, is now head of the teamsters.
9:34 am
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9:37 am
fighting against criticism of the iran deal and negotiate bid secretary kerry. nick burns is a former ambassador to nato and lead negotiator in previous talks with iran's program and joining me on capitol hill where you've been talking to people on both sides of the aisle. ambassador, thank you very much. first of all, how do you respond when members ask you about these so-called side deals, the fact that the u.n.'s international atomic energy agency traditionally with every member state negotiates separately and those are confidential agreements. this has become a cause of tremendous concern at least that's the claim from the republican critics. >> right, andrea. that came up in a briefing that secretary kerry was involved in yesterday in the senate side. i think this is one of those issues where the iaea would be well advised obviously to observe the way it does business but to let it be known publicly it has confidence that it can have line of sight into iran's nuclear program, would be able to detect cheating.
9:38 am
i think since we're all member states of the iaea i think and given the prominence of this issue i think the iaea should be able to make that assurance and give some detail without violating its agreement with raub to the iran to the members of congress because this deal will not go into effect unless the congress obviously ends up either not defeating the president's policy or agreeing with the president's policy which obviously would be the preferable outcome here. >> what would be the outcome -- are they being alarmist, the secretary and everybody else around him what would happen if congress were to vote it down? would there be no limits at all on what iran might do? >> i don't think the secretary is alarmist. i think, you know if you look at -- i testified yesterday before the senate foreign relations committee. i was asked many questions about this mainly from republican members. what i said was, look if the congress votes to defeat the president, if they vote to disapprove and then override his veet, to i think the most likely scenario is that this present
9:39 am
negotiation will fall apart. the iranians will walk away from it. and they won't want to reneg yat it. that means that iran all the restrictions that are currently frozen iran's program will be lifted. i further think, andrea that it's likely that in a hypothetical situation like that, the unity that we have had globally to isolate iran and to sanction it is going to begin to weeken pweaken. iran will be strengthened and the united states will be weakened. and obviously that's not an outcome -- it's not a sensible outcome for our country. i support the agreement. i think it has some risk to it. and i think it's a close call. but i think in the main this is a good agreement for the united states. >> ambassador nicholas burns, thanks so much. the fire storm continues to grow today around the world over the american dentist who admits to killing cecil the lion protected animal in zimbabwe. he has gone into hiding.
9:40 am
his dental office remains close wrd makeshift memorial of stuffed animals and protest signs for him mass grown. in a letter to his patient, dr. palmer said he had no idea the lion hunt may have been illegal and promised to cooperate with authorities. we just learned the u.s. fish and wildlife service is investigating as well. according to officials there, multiple efforts to contact dr. palmer have not been successful. ♪ ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer no strings attached. carmax. start here. 30 million americans suffer from eating addition orders yet only one in ten get any help. a bipartisan group of senators is introducing a bill seeking to improve treatment and prevent eating disorders including anorexia bu leemia and binge eating. despite treatment she ended up taking her own life when she was only 21 years old. >> it's pretty hard to describe
9:44 am
how our lives -- lives have changed. >> the world in front of her until she got a disease. i'll never forget the day she was born. i remember all the hopes and the dreams. >> i really wanted to see what she wound up doing with the rest of her life. >> joining me now from capitol hill are two of the bill sponsors minnesota senator and west virginia senator. welcome both to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> senator, amy westin was a minnesotan and there were insurance obstacles to her getting in-patient care when she needed it that perhaps could have saved her life. >> exactly. anna westin was a beautiful young woman, enrolled in college at oregon. she came from minnesota. her parents have made this a mission in their life as you noted, at age 21. she -- her liver was
9:45 am
malfunctioning because of anorexia blood pressure and then she committed suicide. all that time her parents were trying to get her illness certified by the insurance company so she could get the kind of treatment she needed. and so that's why this bill which is bipartisan with also senator capano and senator tammy baldwin and some great house authors as well with iliana and ted deutsch. this is a bill that basically says, hey, if your're going to cover mental illnesses, physical illnesses, have residential treatment for people with eating disorders and some grant programs that allow for early detection. >> senator capano you know people ask sometimes you know, why is it important to have women in politics women in professions, what difference does gender make. i'm looking at the two of of you who may not agree with everything, republican and democrat, yet you are working together and you know senator just mentioned a number of
9:46 am
women, house and senate senate who are behind this because women are more effected by eating disorders. >> well, women are more effected. i think that we also recognize it's a problem. i think the two of us have had teenage girls at one point in our lives. they're a little bit older now. and i know i've had friends and i'm certain that amy has, too, whose daughters and young sons have been effected by this. we want to act. we want to make sure that the pain of anna westin's family and anna westin herself is not something that other families have to suffer. so mental health parody here, treating this as a mental health disease for residential health is exceedingly important. >> as i believe i read in the research the money is there. it's been funded already. is that correct? >> yes. there's money that is set aside that we could use from existing funds for this grant program. and you think about this. this is the disease of any psychiatric disorder with the
9:47 am
number one mortality rate and yet people like anna westin have been unable to get agreement. this is a disease that over eating disorders in general, over 14 million americans are suffering from. >> and i think the statistic that only within in ten are speaking treatment. i think this shows we have a long way to go with education and awareness. >> i was just going to ask you because i know you were in the house. >> right. >> you've been on the hill for a while. freshman senator. the fact is that the women seem to work together legislatively as well, if i can be a little bit -- >> we do. we have cooperative relationships. we build relationships. i think we work hard at it. and i do think that you see us working collaboratively where we can. and this is one of the places where we have very much common interests and i hope we can show that the senate is functioning and it's functioning in a bipartisan way and the women are leading the way. >> a study that's showing, not just stories, not just us tell you here on this show andrea, they took the numbers and show
9:48 am
that the women senators co-sponsor each other bills together more they work across the aisle more. i think this bill is just one good xach example of that. >> thank you both so much. come back often. >> thank you. >> thank you. and up next a former white house adviser who is used to taking the heat is now dishing it out. just in case you were wondering what cheerios are made of whole. grain. oats. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual
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one of the old saying is if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen, this heat wave we're living through cannot keep dr. zeke emanuel out of the kitchen, renowned health policy expert. i guess question with add chef to the list because he's been filling in as guest chef in a d.c. restaurant with a goal of promoting healthy living and nutritious eating. we just did a segment with senators on eating disorders. you're talking about healthy eating as a lifestyle change. >> right.
9:52 am
trying to get -- mostly i was motivate with the kids getting out the door with a good breakfast with the family to set the day. i've been doing that for decades. there are not great breakfast places in washington and wanted to try my hand at working in a restaurant and will serving really healthy, nutritious breakfast. >> eating the banana between the starbucks and the office -- >> that doesn't qualify as breakfast. that not breakfast. >> nobody ever told me that. >> it should have protein and some fruit and yogurt in my opinion. and that's a -- would be a very healthy breakfast. i actually tend to eat a pretty big breakfast which is a two-egg omelet with cheese and fruit with yogurt on it. a glass of juice and tea. >> now, what do you say to many people who have cholesterol issues about that two-egg omelet with cheese? >> as the recent health reports have suggested this worry about cholesterol and eggs is probably
9:53 am
overblown and focus in on eating a healthy nutritious diet and also exercising and, you know, if you've got a cholesterol issue then you can decrease the number of eggs or switch to other proteins that are available. but i think for most americans that's not the primary issue. and i think actually starting out with a good breakfast and, again, doing it in moderation, not a three-egg omelet, a two-egg omelet one piece of toast, that i think is very important. again, i think centering on the day. gives you a few minutes to just think about the day and calm down. >> like having a good run in the morning. >> yeah. >> what about the bagel, the dan anybody, the -- >> all of those are carbohydrate rich. they send your sugars up. you want something for the long haul. you do need to get energy so that's important. but you also need to go for the long haul and on the long haul protein, fresh fruit, yogurt that -- part of on our menu at
9:54 am
this pop-up i have three foods to focus on yogurt nuts and fresh fruit. the ones without the syrup, and i tend to suggest avoid the potatoes which are simple ash carbohydrates, calories without a lot of nutrition. we have root venlggetables from which we make hash browns. >> you're doing benefits martha's table, 35 years has been feeding the homeless is about to move into a more challenging neighborhood because gent -- >> all of the funds go to three charities. all are heavily involved in food and promoting good eating. the good food awards martha's table which has fed the homeless for decades here and d.c. central kitchen which trains people who have either come out of prison or other straits to work in the food industry and provides meals to schools as well as to other homeless
9:55 am
people. and strongly support those charities. all of this is about charity and educating the public and providing a very good brunch place in washington, d.c. >> and briefly do you think we can get to the point where insurers and our medical system gives benefits to those who eat healthfully? i mean is there some way that you can -- >> i doubt -- >> be encouraged through the health care system to eat healthfully? >> i do think, again, in the health care system focusing on people who are either obese, have diabetes or other food-related diseases, that's going to to be the key. 10% of the population that needs it for their specific health problems, that's going to be the key. we do need and the first lady i think has really initiated, let's move initiative about healthy eating and about exercise. and you know, the data i think, is pretty clear. she's changed the conversation around food. she's changed the conversation around obesity. i think she's educated people about eating more naturally. and if you look at the drop in mcdonald's purchasing, the drop in coca-cola.
9:56 am
>> the data are there. >> i think we're turning the corner. we haven't solved the problem but we have turned the corner. >> to be continued. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow we're on the trail live from miami. hillary clinton is going to make her first public stop in florida and in miami she'll call for a lifting of the u.s. trade embargo with cuba. follow us online and on facebook and on twitter. my colleague thomas roberts joins us next. >> can you ask dr. zeke can i get a t-shirt? they're cool. >> for you absolutely. >> i want one of those shirts. thanks so much. that was a great segment. coming up a piece of debris washes up on an island in the western indian ocean. could this be the breakthrough in the search for malaysian airlines flight 370? plus i'll speak with the attorney for bill costly as lycosby.
9:57 am
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today on "msnbc live" we're following two big stories. first, a major lead in the hunt for missing flighting mh-370. a piece of plane debris found off the small island of the southern tip of africa. plus -- >> the bond will be $1 million anyway. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, this is a courtroom. >> so you heard it there. applause breaking out inside a cincinnati courtroom. former university of cincinnati police officer, ray tensing, arraigned given a $1 million bond after being indicted for the shooting death of samuel dubose. coming up, the latest from that case in cincinnati. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. we start with the wreckage possibly from flight mh-370 which went missing with 239 people aboard more