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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  July 30, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. major lead. a full-scale search underway off the coast of an indian ocean island after debris washes ashore from a plane. are these the first clues to the fate of malaysian airlines flight 370? the bond will be 1 million. ladies and gentlemen. this is a courtroom.
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you will conduct yourselves at all time. >> in court, a university of cincinnati police officer arraigned before a judge charged with murder. i'll speak with two members of the ohio task force on police and community relations and a new national poll shows donald trump leading the pack for the gop. but it also shows democrats trumping trump. we'll take a peek at that. we start with the huge break in the search for the missing flight mh-370. investigators are trying to match this component number found on a fragment of a wing to the missing flight that carried 239 people. this fragment was found wednesday on the indian ocean island of reunion. it's believed to possibly be from a boeing 777, the same model plane as hm-370. this island lies near madagascar. it's thousands of miles from the original search area.
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earlier today, my colleague spoke with sarah bay shack about this new finding. her boyfriend, phillip wood was aboard the missing flight. >> it gives me the chance to begin to say good-bye because up until now, i haven't been able to do that. and i don't want to do that. but i'm prepared to face reality if there is some proof. mind you, there have been a lot of false leads up until now. until they've gotten a formal confirmation on that, i'm not going to put stock into it yet. >> they certainly have had a lot of different false leads. tom, talk about the fragment that was found and also a suitcase was found near the plane fragment as well? >> if you don't mind let's start with that part number that we see on that flaperon. 657-bb. this certainly does seem to correspond to a boeing parts
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manual that suggests this is in fact what's called a flaperon and attaches to a 777's wing. it's used to slow a plane on approach. it's also used at high altitudes to help the plane bank. we reported last night that sources have been telling nbc that boeing engineers, boeing investigators have looked at the photographs, looked at the video, and they're pretty confident that in fact this is a flaperon from a 777. there's only one of those missing. something else. take a look at these pictures. look at the barnacles on this flaperon -- by the way that's a photograph of a piece of luggage that appears to have washed ashore. but back to the photograph of the sea life the barnacles on this particular flaperon. they're also going to be looking at that and try to determine is there anything unique in the sea
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life which might be unique to particular parts of the indian ocean and therefore might suggest what path or where in the indian ocean this particular piece of wreckage has originated from. is it in fact something that might have come from the western side of australia, which of course is the original location that the search teams have been focused on and they continue to be focused on because they believe that in fact the debris likely got caught up in this counter clockwise movement of ocean currents in the indian ocean and that it makes sense if the piece was traveling at one nautical mile per day it makes sense it would travel all the way around the indian ocean basin and be dumped over by madagascar. the question then becomes, as you look at that might more debris be dumped on on the beaches or over towards madagascar. i got to tell you. we've been talking to oceanographers around the world.
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they're kind of divided on this one. some of them think it's entirely possible more debris will show up on those beaches. others say, wait a minute the debris field if there is one is about the size of texas right now. the idea that all of it or more of it would show up on this small tiny island off the coast of madagascar may be a reach. it's also now been nearly 17 months and even stuff that floats after its been in the water that long starts to sink. so the question of course is how much debris is still out there and where is that original crash site. the australians still believe it is in fact off the coast of australia. >> we will wait to figure out whether or not this is directly linked to mh-370. tom, thank you sir. joining me now on the phone is nbc news contributor bob hager. it's good to have you with me. explain the significance of this
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component number found on the fragment and how that could be the lynch pin connecting it to mh-370. >> yeah, it shouldn't be too difficult once people get there and confirm it all because it would correspond to the manufacturing number of the particular part on that plane. since we know it's from a 777 and there's only one 777 missing in the world today, that would say it's a piece from this plane. but you know i think -- this is a good news story. there's been so little information about this -- this plane since its strange disappearance 17 months ago. the only thing this really tells you, it rules out the crazy conspiracy theory that maybe terrorists hijacked the plane and flew it off to some jungle airstrip and the passengers might still be alive. this really proves that the plane did crash into the ocean. to that extent it's bad news for the relatives of the victims.
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this small piece of the wing flap doesn't give you any important information about why this plane disappeared. was it intentional act of a deranged pilot, some strange mechanical problem. we still got a long way to go on this. >> just for context, it's 6.5 feet by 8 feet. described as fairly intact. no visible burn marks or signs of impact. bob, as you talk about the disappearance theories and you mentioned one there about hijacked and landed somewhere else. this, if connected narrows down what the disappearance theories could actually be what caused it to go down sglt takes it either to the intentional act of a deranged pilot. but this is all conjecture without any forensic evidence. like the germanwings incident plane in the alps. or could there be a scenario where there might have been a
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mechanical problem or depressurization that caused the pilot exams all the passengers to be overcome and the plane fly on for hours. to find that you got to find the braklack boxes. tracing that back to the place where the original crash occurred and presumably where the black boxes are at the bottom of the ocean there, that is a huge huge task still. >> mystery remains. bob hager, bob, great to have you with us. it was 239 total people on board, 227 passengers 152 were chinese citizens. 38 passengers malaysian and three americans were on boodard. also we'll take you to australia and the tajing point for the year-long search for this flight. we'll also speak with the former ntsb vice chair. we are following another major story, this one out of
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cincinnati. the prosecutor's office confirming they are investigating other officers in the death of sam dubose. meanwhile, ray tensing is being held on a $1 million bond. he pleaded not guilty to murder charges in his court appearance this morning. police say he fatally shot dubose during a traffic stop on july 19th. yesterday, police released the body cam video. tensing's attorney says the video doesn't tell the entire story. >> there are two sides of this thing. that video tape is subject to more than the interpretation that's been put out there by the prosecutor. >> joining me now from cincinnati is sarah dowel off. obviously the defense attorney trying to do his best about what
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the interpretation of this video means. >> reporter: the news that the prosecutor's office is now investigating more officers in this case. right now, they're not identifying any of those officers. butt dubose family attorney told us they want to focus specifically as an officer quoted in the police report as having supported officer tensing's statement that he was dragged by the car. the prosecutor says tensing fell to the ground and he was not dragged at all. today's arraignment very emotional. people in the gallery erupting into applause when the judge set the officer's bond at a million dollars. we spoke to dubose's daughter shortly after that hearing and got her reaction to seeing the body cam videotape. >> this man took my daddy life. i can't never see my daddy again. can't never have a conversation with him. nothing. he's sitting there on a p million dollar bond. and he came out like a sad puppy.
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just imagine how i feel. i can't never see my daddy good evening. nothing. everything just ended. >> reporter: now tensing's attorney says his defense will be self-defense. he is due back in court on august 19th. if convicted, he faces 15 years to life in prison. back to you. >> reporting in cincinnati for us. sarah, thank you. the dubose family is calling for the second officer who was on the scene and witnessed this shooting and then sided with tensing and his reporting to be fired as well. and the prosecutor's office is investigatoring other officers as we heard there. here was sam dubose's sister earlier today speaking outside the court about that second officer. >> he was an outright liar. he does not carry the integrity to hold office. he needs to be fired immediately. if the cincinnati police and the university police have any
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standard for integrity, they will fire that officer immediately. >> joining me now is former ohio state senator nina turner and pastor damon lynch of new prospect baptist church. they both serve on the ohio task force and policing community relations. it's great to have you both with me. what did you make of such quick action by the hamilton county prosecutor? >> thank god, thomas. we are elated in this state and particularly the community in cincinnati that the prosecutor took such quick and swift action. as you know in cleveland, we're still waiting on that kind of action to be taken in the rice case. it is so important that folks who hold power in that way have traps paraphernalia transparency and that they give the community what it needs to go to the next step. >> in the rice case there is video that exists in that. certainly not first person perspective, but there are
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images that demonstrate what happened there. pastor lynch, there have been peaceful demonstrations since the shooting happened on july 19th. but the reaction from the community has been a bit charged. but explain how people are feeling to see a judicial process start against tensing. >> well, thomas, i think the peaceful reaction is mainly as a result of the families' reaction. the family has been strong. the faith of the mother. her faith in god and her belief in her son that he did nothing to warrant his death. then with the video coming out showing that the officer lied other officers backed up his lie. if that body cam video had not come out, the officer's story would have rang true. the speed in which it was done is reminisce san antonio of the speed in baltimore, north charleston south carolina. we hope that this says for the
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future that district attorneys and attorney generals will move swiftly. we're trying to again show that black lives do matter. so the city is on ease right now, but we're still wanting to see justice prevail. >> senator, let me ask you the body camera video that's been central to all of this also that's our bing pulse question for the day, should a federal law be instituted mandating body cams, do you think this this incident strengthens that argument? >> absolutely, thomas. i would hope that individual states would take it upon themselves to do the right thing and make the requisite investments that we need. body cameras not only protect the suspect or in this case the victim, it also protects law enforcement as well and it is the right thing to do. it is a sin and a shame because that you need a came ra because you are supposed to be able to believe and trust in those law
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enforcement officers who took an oath of office. but absolutely we need those body cameras. i want your viewers to understand the weight and heaviness of what is going on for african-american communities across this country. where do we go for justice in this country from the white house to the hood it is hard for any african-american to reconcile, to deal with the fact that whether or not you are -- whether or not justice will prevail in this country. that is an issue for this entire country. and what is happening at the hands of police is a reflection of the entire country, not just law enforcement. they are reflections of the entire country and we got to do something about this. >> we will continue to follow this case very closely. nice to have both of you on. thank you. >> thank you. and we have as i said been asking about the issue of body cameras. that's our bing pulse question of the day. should there be a federal law mandating police body cameras. let's take a look and see how
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you feel about this. 81% of you say yes. 19% of you say no. you can continue to weigh in on this debate. pulse didn't still ahead, a new national poll that puts donald trump out front in the republican field for frent. but it also shows at least three democrats trumping trump. and one of them isn't even officially running. also, day seven. search teams out again today looking for two missing florida boys. look at this video, protestors they are literally hanging from a bridge and they plan to stay there for days. but why are they doing this? we'll explain their mission after this. when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up
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all right. so we are back with another republican candidate jumping into the 2016 race for the white house. former governor of virginia is the 17th candidate vying for the gop nomination. we are almost running out of boxes. but it's donald trump dominating the conversations and the polls as he travels overseas to scotland today, trump at the top of a new poll with 20% of republicans saying they would vote for him. jeb bush at 10%. they are the only ones who cracked double digits. joining me from washington we can see behind you it is a rainy day in d.c. down there. cooling everybody off through this heat wave. let's talk about how we see the field of gop contenders playing
11:21 am
out and donald trump continues to dominate. a new poll says he would lose though to both hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a general election. what do you make of that? >> buried in this poll are some of the first rays of light out of the donald trump tunnel for republicans. they've hoped that eventually some of the mistakes he's made will knock him out of the top. it hasn't happened. you have seen the favorable ratings stay incredibly low. he does much more poorly against hillary clinton than anyone else in his tier. we've gotten to a point where voters do factor electability into how they go. they might happen for him after all. he's proven the press wrong a number of times now when people assumed the latest development will knock him back down out of the first tier.
11:22 am
>> you don't want to understood estimate what he's been able to accomplish one bit. not on the left or on the right. take a listen to what he said today in scotland. >> as far as preparing for e debates, i am who i am. i've never debated before. i'm not a debate tore. i get things done. >> he's taken the approach of i'm not a politician. that's what people like. i'm showing up as donald trump, the businessman. is that the right way to go into this and do all of us as viewers as interested people in wanting to see what he offers get to see the real deal? >> first i appreciate that he has home colors and away colors for his make america great hat. he said the same in iowa this weekend. that he was not really doing prep that he was going to be himself. there's some expectation lowering in that and that's important because the fear that
11:23 am
republicans have not quite grappled with yet, donald trump could show up to this debate next week and not do that badly. he could show up and be fairly credible. men with dichbt styles compared to 2ru6r7trump, but elements of the party that won the electable candidate thought would implode. i think he's trying to lay the groundwork to do okay in this debate. if he has a few memorable moments -- >> that's what stabbeds out. >> yeah, completely. >> well, we know he can perform. so we know that part of the deal is sealed. dave, great to see you. >> thank you. we return to more information about day seven and the search teams continuing to sweep the ocean looking for two missing florida boys. also ahead, where is walter palmer? you might recognize that name. he is the minnesota dentist who
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from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. there's been a lot of rumors that the search has been suspended. the search has not been suspended. it is still active and open. okay, the search has not been suspended. >> the u.s. coast guard saying in no uncertain terms that they have not given up the search for the 14-year-old best friends who vanished off the florida coast. francis is back with more now on the search and the investigation and the hopeful parents that are holding out hope. >> it's been seven days since the two best friends went
11:28 am
missing. they were last seen buying fuel for a fishing trip on their 19-foot boat. now, the search for those missing boys it's extended to the south carolina coast, even as their families remain hopeful. >> we're still extremely resilient and confident that we're going to find the boys. >> these boys are like mini mcgooifers. when it's raining and they can't be on the boat, they're outside in the garage tinkering. they're making fishing poles. they're figuring out how to make something better. and they're doing the same thing out in the ocean waiting to be found. >> the teen's parents have also launched a private search and are still welcoming help from any volunteers. so overwhelming response from the people around them and their friends and family including
11:29 am
their neighbor joe nay myth. >> so many people want these boys to be found. >> very experienced boaters, they say. >> yeah. from being 14 years oold. up next we head to australia. take you down under to the office where the search for mh-370 missing flight has been head quartered for more than a year. also ahead, a university of cincinnati police officer in court charged with murder. i'll get reaction from a friend of sam dubose. that and much more when we come back. three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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vo: with beyond natural dry pet food, you can trust our labels. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. when we say there's no corn, wheat or soy it's not there. learn more at no student's ever done the full hand raise in ap calc. but your stellar notebook gives you the gumption to reach for the sky. that's that new gear feeling. all hp ink buy one get one 50% off. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. welcome back. much more now on our top story which is a huge break in the search for missing flight mh-370. investigators are trying to determine if this component number from a wing fragment found on an island is that a match of the missing aircraft. this fragment found wednesday on the indian ocean island of reunion.
11:33 am
also found on that same island, a battered suitcase possibly from the missing flight. joining me from australia outside the office where the search for mh-370 has been headquarters is nbc's sarah james. this has reinvigorated the search efforts. >> reporter: that's exactly right, thomas. they've been working for such a long time, day after day, month after month, more than a year searching a very difficult treacherous part of the indian ocean, 200 people at a time in one port or another, keeping going. it's hard to keep up that energy and that momentum. and then to know that a piece of a large aircraft has been found, well, they are hoping that this may be a clue to the puzzle. and of course if that piece of
11:34 am
debris does turn out to be a piece of a boeing 777, well, there is only one 777 that is missing. and that will make it very likely that it is mh-370. i spoke earlier just a few hours ago to the chief of the australian transport safety bureau. they're heading up this investigation. here's what he had to say. >> significance for us is if we get confirmation that it's associated with the 77 aircraft that probably with mh-370 then we will know based on drift modelling of surface debris where it was likely to end up that this is very likely associated with the search area that we are currently focusing on. >> reporter: so we've all learned about drift modelling in the last couple of days. the significance of this is that
11:35 am
the indian ocean is a bit like a washing machine. it has this counter clockwise current. it has currents also going east and west. so it's a complicated matter to sort out how pieces of wreck saj would move. based on where this piece turned up if indeed this is part of mh-370 working backwards, that means the place on the ocean bed where they are saeshlging is probably the right spot. it is a huge area. they've already searched an area half the size of pennsylvania. they're continuing with these towed sonars. they think they're in the right place and they do believe that they can find the wreckage and the missing black box and cockpit voice recorder. >> sarah, great to see you. thank you. joining me now from washington former ntsb vice chairman robert francis. all eyes on this component number now.
11:36 am
explain to everybody exactly what the component number is, why it's so central to determining whether the fragment is that from mh-370. >> well, the boeing company and probably the airline know exactly what the numbers are. >> uh-huh. >> in the aircraft. so that will not be the question. but i think that -- i think people are being a little overoptimistic about what this means. >> how do you mean? overoptimistic that it's actually going to lead to a larger section of the plane, the black box the cockpit voice recorder? >> yes. if -- people should remember that the air france flight going from brazil to paris went down and it took them two years to find the fuselage. and they'd find parts and lots of other things. and that was on a line that was -- the flight was being
11:37 am
flown by the auto pilot, so they knew exactly what line they were looking on. so i would just say this is a lot more difficult recovery and finding effort than was that. and that took two years. >> just for our viewers so that they know the fragment that we're looking at and context, it's 6.5 by 8 feet long. there is some sea growth from this actual fragment. it was described as being fairly intact. no visible burn mashs or sign of impact. robert explain how this can help with certain disappearance theories and discount other disappearance theories. >> you can certainly discount the fact that the plane had been hijacked and taken and landed in some other place, which i think is pretty beyond the realm
11:38 am
anyway. >> uh-huh. >> so it gets rid of that. and -- and it -- it confirms to those who are looking that they have been looking in the right general area. now, a lot of work is going to be done studying currents. and that -- that may help them to -- to target a little better where they're looking in the area where they've been looking. but it's almost certainly going to be in the area where they generally have been looking for the last year. >> one thing we know since march 8th of 2014 when this flight disappeared, it did invigorate the actual mapping of the indian ocean floor and certainly trying to figure out that part of our planet which has been generally a mystery because they didn't have intelligence to lend itself because of the deep waters of the indian ocean. we will wait as you say with an
11:39 am
abundance of caution, to figure out if this is going to lead us to bigger clues. robert francis, thank you for your time. >> want to update you now on the developing news we've been following this afternoon. that is the investigation into the death of 43-year-old samuel dubose. the hamilton koept prosecutor's office says they are now investigating other officers involved in that incident. meanwhile, police have charged ray tensing with murder. he's pleaded not guilty. he's being held on a $1 million bond. joining me now is dante fleming. he is a friend of sam dubose. dante, let me get your reaction first to when you saw that video, what did you think? >> originally when i saw the video, i saw it in short form. and last night, i got with a
11:40 am
couple of friends and we sat down and we got to see the long version. and the long version just had us dumbfounded. after he got to see how bad they treated our friend and to hear the officers talking amongst each other, feeling like they had they own language and trying to cover up the incident and having no way to clear himself up just left a sour taste in my mouth. i was disgusted. >> so the prosecutor is being praised for quick action here. the death of your friend happened on july the 19th. i know the burial for sam was just on tuesday, on the 28th. but he's being praised for being able to have a grand jury come back so quickly with an indictment and a charge for murder. so what's your reaction to the judicial process so far? are you satisfied with what you're seeing out of the hamilton county prosecutor's office? >> so far definitely.
11:41 am
i think they're moving swiftly and decisively and charging the cop with murder and not a lesser charge like manslaughter or something that wouldn't fit the crime. it's definitely calmed people nerves in the city. i believe he did the right thing and he knew it was the right thing to do. because after looking at the tape the evidence just shows that he should at very at least be on trial and i believe he should be convicted. >> seems -- and we've seen brothers and sisters of sam and his mom and his kids speaking out on this. seems like they're a very strong family unit being faced with something completely -- completely daunting. >> yeah, it was. sam was a very spiritual person. his mother was very spiritual. he was a man of god. he feared god. he was very do siel. as you see on the tape, he was a
11:42 am
respectful person. when i was first told of the situation, i couldn't believe it because i couldn't imagine what sam could possibly do to have someone shoot him and kill him dead in the streets. it was not of his character and it made no since. >> dante fleming, thank you for making time for me. i appreciate it. we send you and all of the dubose family nothing of the best as this judicial process is just beginning. now breaking news in the investigation of that fatal police shooting of sam dubose. hamilton county prosecutors have just released new body cam video from two other officers on the scene of that shooting. we can now take a look and a listen to what those video cameras captured. >> i thought he was going to run me over. >> you okay? >> i'm good. >> medics we've got a gunshot
11:43 am
wound to the head. >> did he pull on you? >> we got medical rolling. >> who was injured? >> he took off on me. i discharged one round. struck the man in the head. we're going to need an ambulance. we're going to need a medic. we're going to need multiple officers here. >> copy. >> he pulled -- >> stand back. stay back! >> i thought i was going to get run over. >> so this is a different image of video that was captured on another police officer's body camera. first time that we're seeing this. anthony roman is a former human rights commissioner who investigated police brutality cases and joins us to talk about this. we had seen yesterday the
11:44 am
release of tensing, ray tensing's body camera that showed the initial incident of the stop pulling over sam dubose for not having his front license plate and then the encounter that happened where he discharged his weapon shooting dubose in the head. this is where the vehicle comes to rest. we can hear paramedics being called for and the fact that tensing says he discharged one round. how does this video build itself into the case for the prosecutor's office, what they were able to evaluate, what they were able to give to the grand jury? >> well, the officers approached the vehicle in a tactical manner when would be the appropriate thing for them to do. however, they seem to make a decision not to proceed into the vehicle at the time they observe that the subject has been shot in the head. i'm assuming they've decided that he's already dead. the proper procedure would have been for them to proceed to the
11:45 am
vehicle, attempt not to disturb the evidence present in the vehicle, but to determine whether or not mr. dubose was still alive and to pass that information onto emergency service personnel. >> what thing too, we see in the original video the fact that he gets into his glove box looking for the front license plate. and we know factually that -- and this officer knew that dubose didn't have any type of firearm or a weapon. but they don't seem to be approaching the vehicle to try to save a life. >> no. that's my point. they are not attempting to determine whether or not mr. dubose is still alive which after the tactical approach and seeing that he was incapacitated, should have been the next step. i it appears they were more concerned with protecting a
11:46 am
forensics scene at that time which i don't believe would be the right thing to do. now, whether or not officer tensing knew that mr. dubose had a gun or not as he approached, there's really no way for him to have known that. and so he makes an appropriate tactical stop. however, it quickly escalates as the subject appears to try and flee. his actions were totally inappropriate. >> we have a second video perspective. we don't have sound of it. but from a second body camera of one of the officers on the scene. we can see his service weapon is drawn as he approaches the vehicle and he puts it down as he realizes the scene that he is coming upon. i believe this would be the officer that we witnessed in the corner of the frame when we first got tensing's video. because after the car -- after the shot was fired, there was a reflex this is how the
11:47 am
prosecutor described it, of dubose hitting the gas and the car taking off. that's when we see the other officer enter the scene. now we're seeing what his body camera captured. and here were, the inspection of the car itself and the body of sam dubose behind the steering wheel. again, the officer, we can hear tensing talk about in that other video that he discharged just one round and then they did reach out for paramedics to try to get them sent there. this only goes to -- you know we were asking our bing pulse question of the day. i don't know if we can get that on the bottom to show where people are. what do you think? it seems in most people -- 85% of people saying yes about a federal law for this. it seems in most cases and most police officers would want to have this type of instrument to use in their policing because it
11:48 am
was the prosecutor yesterday that said nine times out of ten, it only backs up what the police officer says. >> if you had asked me a year ago what i thought about it knowing how police operate, i would have been concerned that it would have affect their good performance, that they would not want to perhaps investigate certain incidents where they feel that they might develop a problem and therefore the crime rate may go up as we've seen in baltimore. but today, after seeing some of the videos we've seen in the last six months i'm absolutely in regulation or law that would require police officers to wear that at this time. clearly when officer tensing approached the car and began to engage mr. dubose, mr. dubose
11:49 am
was not fully cooperative. he was nervous. e had created an atmosphere where the police officer started to become nervous. he started to reach for the glove box. he held the door shut. however, a professional police officer should not escalate that to the point where he's firing his weapon when there is no clear danger to his life. >> but they also -- just to be clear here he never asked him to step out of the vehicle. you know the way tensing approached this vehicle and then tried to open his door i mean any person especially if they've watched the news lately is not going to be wanting to get out of their vehicle whether you're black, white, or blue, to a policeman. i just can understand someone's trepidation of not wanting to get out of their vehicle when we've seen nothing but violence in certain instances from untrained, unprofessional angry or racist police officers. >> well, my advice to everyone
11:50 am
is to comply and follow the exact instructions of the police officer, particularly uniformed police officers, as they approach the vehicle whether you agree with it or not. these individuals are armed. you don't know their personalities. 95% of them are very professional. however, you never know if you're going to get an angry one. in this case, it's a university of cincinnati campus police officer who was working outside of his jurisdiction pulling somebody over for not having a front license plate and then shoots a man in the head. >> it's a terrible situation. >> the video speaks for itself. thank you sir, and we're back with more after this. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ]
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so now an update the growing out ramg over the killing of cecil the lion. the u.s. fish and wildlife service now investigating. and they want to talk to walter palmer, the american dentist who admitted to killing that
11:54 am
13-year-old big cat. they made multiple unsuccessful attempts to make contacts. >> developing right now in portland oregon, it is a showdown between activists and the shell corporation. activists repelled over the side of st. john's bridge and they used kayaks to block its passage. the ice breaker is leased by shell oil. this ice breaker sprung a leak up in alaska so they shipped it down to portland for repairs. tony, host of greenhouse on msnbc's "shift." it's amazing to see these people repelling off the bridge and creating the obstacle that makes the ice breaker turn around. >> it's incredible. shell's has staged in the arctic and the northwest. sales and portland. the opposition there has been
11:55 am
really, really strong. people in kayaks surrounded shell's rigs in seattle and now in portland they're using kayaks and this bridge stunt. >> let's get the response from shell on this. because they have spoken out. this is, they feel, illegal. right? >> they do. they feel like it's illegal. you have a statement there from them. if you talk to shell in a more informal setting, they will express a little more exasperation than that. they really need this oil. they only have 18 more months before their permits expire. they need to move now and this is stopping them. >> kayak-tivists. thanks so much. that's going to wrap things up for today. until then keep the conversation going on social media. don't go anywhere. "the cycle" comes your way next.
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11:59 am
mystery of our time? >> this is the most credible lead that we have to date of any part of the aircraft that we can locate or we can identify. >> good afternoon. as we come on the air finally finally, a breakthrough in a story we were first captivated by 17 months ago. the disappearance of the malaysia air flight 370. they are 99% sure that a portion of one of the wings has been found on reunion, an island off the coast of madagascar. thousands of miles from the part of the indian ocean where experts believe the flight went down. they said it is possible for the debris to have traveled that far. there's no word on exactly how long this wing piece may have
12:00 pm
been sitting on the beach. determines that will impact where search teams refocus their efforts. the debris is part of the wing flap. it's used to slow the flight and turn the plane. initially experts did not believe it is from a boeing 77 but now boeing itself says it is. the wreckage will be put on a flight tonight on it way to specialists in france. they are also trying to match a serial number found on the debris to what's on file more mh-370. every part of every aircraft no matter how small is numbered recorded and tracked. and those results should be back within the next 24 hours. the remains of what appears to be a suitcase were also found on the island. 239 people were on the bood when the flight departed in march 2014. that included one american texas native phillip wood. his partner told the "today" show part of