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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  July 30, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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people in such a way that makes them comfortable, that she's trustworthy and rth tocoming. and i don't think she's done that yet. it is very early in the process. >> no question about it. harold cook, thank you for your time tonight. >> any time, michael. >> that's "the ed show." i'm in for ed schultz. "politics nation" starts right now. >> tonight on "politics nation," the body cam murder case. official investigating other officers in the police shooting of an unarmed man in cincinnati. and donald trump taking center stage. literally. with reports of chaos behind the scenes of the first gop debate. plus the comedy skit that has gone viral, making a serious point about how we value athletes and teachers.
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>> welcome to "politics nation." i'm live from miami. we start with news in the shooting of an unarmed man at a traffic stop. tonight, the prosecutor confirm that he is investigating other officers in the incident and the university of cincinnati has put two officers who arrived after the shooting, on paid administrative leave. today the video shows officer ray tensing now facing a murder charge in the moments after the shooting.
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>> are you okay? >> i'm good. >> holy -- >> here's the other new angle. it shows officers trying to keep people in the neighborhood away. the university has now fired ray tensing as an officer. today he was in court for the first time. he pleaded not guilty to murder in the death of samuel dubose. a judge set his bond at $1 million. tensing's attorney said his client plans to claim self-defense and tensing's body cam video shows him saying he thought dubose would run him over. he first said it less than two minutes after pulling the trigger. >> that guy was going on run me
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over. >> i almost got run over by the car. he took off after me. i discharged one round. struck the male in the head. i think i'm okay. i thought i was going to get run over. >> are you good? >> i'm good. i just got my hand caught. >> the prosecutor has dispultd tensing's claim that he was dragged. now, he's turning his attention to the other officers as well. joining me now, former alleged police chief val demmings. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> val, now we have three police camera videos. what strikes you about them? >> well, reverend sharpton, first of all i'm glad as i think every law enforcement agency should be glad to have this body camera footage. without it, i think we would be in a different place. and i believe everybody,
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citizens and law enforcement alike want the truth. the body camera chasms that. it is very interesting to look at what officer tensing said. but also the others who responded. cameras don't judge. they don't have perceptions. they just capture the facts as they are presented and i think the facts are very clear in this case. the prosecutor got it absolutely right. >> now, midwin, you see that tensing says in a little less than two minutes that, i thought he was going to run over me. and immediately says he dragged me. the videotape does not show any of that, including his own. what do you make of the investigation into the other officers? >> well, one of the things that strikes me, and i think it is quite disturbing is that him that statement in and of itself, he tries to immediately start setting up the story and setting up the narrative. and i think that the two officers who were on the scene all of a sudden start to
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corroborate what it is that he believes, or he tries to say happens. and what makes this so disturbing is we saw this in the case of walter scott. he was shot in the back. that police officer as well as other police officers corroborated -- >> the case in -- walter scott's case in north charleston, south carolina where it was also on videotape. >> correct. >> val, the prosecutor talked about tensing's claiming he was dragged. will not to this. >> do you think this officer intentionally tried to mislead investigators as to what actually happen? >> yeah. it he was making an excuse for a purposeful killing of another person. >> even with the body cam on? >> i'm not saying he's smart. i'm saying that's what i think he did. >> intentionally tried to
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mislead? that's a quote. how does that affect the case? >> i think it is very, very powerful. you know, reverend sharpton, cameras don't lie. they just captured what they see. they don't judge. they don't have an opinion. they just capture what they see. and obviously the footage from the body camera does not show atfully point from any angle this officer being dragged. so obviously that did not occur. >> midwin, the university released part of his records. according to nbc news, quote, the supervisor wrote that tensing should interact with the public more outside of traffic enforcement to improve his demeanor. the university president. they will review training and procedures for officers. what changes could we see? >> well, we could see change where police officers are better trained to deal with these
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situations. and that statement tells me that he probably had a problem with dealing with people. sometimes that's at the crux of these incidents we keep seeing over and over again across manager. police officers do not have a lot of interaction with african-americans. when they do pull one over, they have these deep seated ideas about what might happen. and so i think it is very interesting that you have the university saying that. let me also point out that this officer is spot on. it has been almost immediate. the way in which he's been answering the questions. the way he has hand this from the very beginning. you know what? what you see is what i see. what i see is murder. that's what a prosecutor is supposed to do. >> val, you know, the body camera that you commended and
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that many of us have been saying we need all over the country, the university uses body cameras but the city of cincinnati does not. do you feel this will push what many of us have been saying, we need cameras in the community. this is an example of what it can do. and do you agree with the local mayor who says the city of cincinnati should be policing at the university? >> well, first of all, let me speak about body cameras. certainly had we not will the camera in this instance, the outcome of this case would have been quite different, i believe. which would have been a tragedy. we want justice to move forward. so i think that cincinnati and emp police department in this country should push to get body cameras. many times it is a budgetary issue. i think the preservation of the truth is more important than any
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budget restraints. in terms of who polices the university there, i believe it goes back to hiring the brightest and the best people to enforce our streets, to police our streets. on the streets of cincinnati or on the college campus. then once hire the best person who has that life experience of dealing with diverse communities, then you train, train, train even more. >> val demmings, thank you both for your time tonight. now i want to write in reverend damon lynch from cincinnati. he was calling for the body camera video to be released from the beginning. >> good to see you, sir. >> how important is it that we now have body camera videos from
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three officers? >> well, it is extremely important. what it soes to the american public is that police officers lie. the video didn't lie. the officers lied. america needs to know that. the black community has known from day one that police officers lie. and we're pushing cpd, cincinnati police to have body cameras immediately as a 21st century task force has said that all officers need body cameras. without that, the only story would have been the officers would have been held as truth. the family, especially sam's mom, believe firmly in god, believe in her son, that her son did nothing for his life to be taken. so the body camera is extremely important and all officers need it. >> now, you and i have worked together on situations right there in cincinnati. how was the community responding to this news that the prosecutor is investigating more officers in this case?
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>> we expected that. all officers who lie need to be prosecuted. the prosecutor is doing his job. we want to see it swift as possible. and we think we're getting that swift justice. the same as marilyn mosby did in baltimore. in a criminal justice system, racism is from top to bottom. when marilyn moved quickly, the governor is moving fastly and being roundly applauded. we applaud that he is moving fastly. you cannot tell me if that had been a white woman in the car who didn't have a license plate in front of her car, that officer would have stepped back and put a bullet in her head. we have been asserting for 400 years that black lives matter. there is a large group here who are out here almost every day. elders out here fighting for the assertion that black lives matter. that has to be sounded out
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across this country. >> what i'm saying good about is raising the issues and they have done it in a very forceful but peaceful manner. i think people try to depict people in certain ways that just has not come to pass. >> right. it's been peaceful and i give a lot of the credit to the familiar live samuel dubose. they are people of strong faithful i give to it a community who was ready to act. we've already pass ad collaborative agreement after 2001 to make policing better. a motto for the country. but you never know what can happen. you know, if this thing is not over yet, this is not a period. it is just a semicolon. there is much more justice to be done. we can't keep talking about one row cop. this is a nationwide problem. >> substantive change in policing. reverend lynch, always good to see you. thank you for your time.
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still ahead, reports of chaos behind the scenes of the first gop debate. who is in? who is out? and is donald trump really going to be central stage? >> preparing for the debates. i am who i am. i don't know. i've never debated before. i am not a debater. i get things done. plus, hillary clinton and jeb bush on the same stage tomorrow. spelling out their visions for social justice. also, a comedy bit goes viral and makes a serious point. what if america treated teachers like athletes. >> for the first pick, central ram i hads high takes calculus teacher from tulsa teachers college. >> just like that, you're a millionaire. >> mike yost is an unbelievable story. his father living from paycheck to paycheck is a humble pro
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we're about to see something we won't often see this election season. hillary clinton and jeb bush addressing the same civil rights group on the same day. we'll talk to the man who invited them both. from the national urban league. next. i need to look for a used car. but i just keep putting it off. it's daunting. what if i make the wrong choice? it's like, if i buy a t-shirt and then change my mind i can return it. but a car?
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welcome back. i'm here in miami where i addressed the urban league convention today. the spotlight is on social justice. tomorrow it will turn to 2016. at that same convention, hillary clinton and jeb bush will both be here addressing the conference. it is a critical moment for both campaigns. a chance to reach a critical coalition. already this year, we've heard hillary clinton highlight criminal justice reform and voting rights. the states are equally high for jeb bush. take it from mitt romney. months after losing to president obama, romney says his campaign failed to reach out to minorities and it hurt him. >> we were not effective to taking my message to minority voters. that was a real weakness. we did very well with the
3:19 pm
majority population but not with minority populations. that was a failing. >> but are republicans learning that lesson? the urban league invited 11 republicans to speak. but most are not coming. i'm looking forward to hearing what governor bush and dr. carson have to say. but these are important issues and we have to hear from all the candidates. joining me now is mark, president and ceo of the national urban league. thank you for being here, mark. >> thank you. thank you for being with us today. >> let me ask you, jeb bush and ben carson will be there. is this a missed opportunity for the republican candidates who won't be speaking? >> i think it is a mistake to ignore any part of the american population because it is only through coalition politics, the path to the presidency. in an increasingly diverse
3:20 pm
nation, african-americans, latinos, millennials, part of what i call the new growing swing voters in this country. so no one should ignore any segment of the population if they truly, truly, truly want to be the leader of the nation and that's what the commander in chief is. >> now, they write that his inclusive message would face a tough test before african americans. that's their quote. it includes writing stand your ground and overseeing voter purge. does he have to address these issues? what do you speck for is jeb bush and ben carson and hillary clinton?
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>> our theme here is save our cities, education, jobs and justice. and that 21st century agenda for jobs and freedom that the national urban league and the national action network and naacp and 60 other organizations put together two years ago has been shared with all the candidates. this is about saying, here's our blue print. here are our ideas. where they stand. and i think since we're early in the campaign, i'll also be keenly watching as to whether candidates that engage and continue that engagement, our voters, our constituents neither want to be ignored nor taken for granted. the fact that we have five coming i think is a positive step. it means that we'll have a good discussion. i don't know how the crowd will
3:22 pm
react. police accountability, criminal justice reform, the voting rights act, jobs and income inequality. particularly the racial wealth gap. all of these issues are high on people's minds. and we don't want to have a reality tv show and we will not have a reality tv show form here. we'll have a serious conversation about the serious issues. and i'm hopeful with thoughts and ideas and not just rhetoric. >> it's interesting to me as we have the heightened sense of people around the country concerned about social justice, something you and i have been involved in in terms of being on the ground and been involved for some time. and we also have the first time that whoever wins will succeed in african-american president. so as i said in my address to you today, there's a heightened sense activity here.
3:23 pm
it will be very challenging that we not have this reduced to a reality show. but that we hear substantive issues. you put out a report card every year on black america. and the inequality, the gap between blacks and whites in america from education to health care to economics, to wealth, is still broad. do you want to hear specific plans on how we address that gap and close that gap and particularly in the criminal justice area? >> no doubt, reverend. in the criminal justice area as you know, finally, there is a bipartisan effort that s has emerged to make some change in the federal criminal justice system. i hope these candidates will talk about that. i hope they'll talk about the voting rights act and our need to protect democracy by fixing, if you will, the damage done by the supreme court two years ago. when it comes to jobs and
3:24 pm
joblessness, our numbers show higher unemployment in the african-american community than in the overall community and a very serious problem in a number of cities where we have 15, 20, 25%, 30% unemployment. we need jobs. we need training. we need a leader and a president who will talk about their plan and their goals in order to be able to address these disparities. so there's a whole lot to talk about. what the urban league hopes and i know you share with this. that candidates will be serious about saying, i want to engage. i want to not only talk to you. i want to listen to you. and i want to be able to continuously engage you throughout the campaign. this is first post obama election. what we don't want to do is reverse course when it comes the civil rights enforcement. reverse course when it comes to the kimes of commitment that the
3:25 pm
obama has shown. we have to maintain momentum, we have to and panel the momentum. there is tremendous work left to be done. >> there's a lot at stake as i shared with the audience today. marc, thank you. >> thank you for being with us today. ahead, breaking news on the missing malaysia air flight. investigators have new evidence that a piece of debris could be from the plane. plus, new reports about the candidates scrambling hen the scenes of the first gop debate. it is chaos on the right and lots more ahead. >> there are reports that trump is overstating his wealth by more than $7 billion.
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breaking news on the search for the missing airplane. the flag many found on the remote island of reunion is from a boeing 777. the same type of plane as the missing flight. that debris will be single to france for further analysis. earlier today, investigators found this damaged suitcase in the same area of the island. it's a stunning discovery, thousands of miles from where the plane took off and where it was last seen. this is one of the great aviation mysteries of our time. it is also a personal tragedy
3:30 pm
for families looking for closure. joining me now is captain jay rollins, a retired american airlines captain and former navy pilot. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure, reverend. >> tell me about this report that investigators say the debris matches a boeing 777. how important is that? >> well, it is absolutely vital and it is almost certain that it is the aircraft. there are no 777s missing other than this aircraft. and it is located in the same ocean. the other aircraft that have crashed, which have just been a handful, have all been accounted for. >> so it's. in same ocean. how could it travel so far? 4,000 miles from the plane's last known position? >> oceanographers say there are ocean currents, large currents that actually move anything along its path. we have the same thing going on
3:31 pm
here in the pacific ocean and after the japanese meltdown of the nuclear facilities, it carried the material back to the west coast of the u.s. months later. >> that if this piece of debris is indeed a piece of the missing malaysia airlines flight, what clues could it give us about wham? >> well, there will be barnacles that they've already discovered on this piece of equipment, and there are ocean biologists who will be able to determine what part of the ocean the barnacles came from. in all likelihood, the aircraft did travel south like they've described from the satellite information. but they weren't able to find it. and over the months that large gyre in a counter clockwise motion moved the trash toward
3:32 pm
the madagascar coast. >> do you expect more search teams to find more debris? >> i do. but it is probably well spread out after all the months. the final comfort will be to know that it did go down in the ocean. we certainly give our prayers to the families. thank you for your time. donald trump says he'll be quote, nice and respectful to the other candidates in the gop debate. we'll talk about that next. i thought you said you were gonna test drive this buick first.
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stage-leading contenders are working to tap down expectations. >> i'm not a debater. i show up. >> i don't care whether it is ten candidates, two candidates, i've always treated it as a conversation with the voters. don't worry about the people on the stage. just connection with the people. don't worry about punch lines. >> trump tweet today, quote, i look forward to the debate on thursday night and it is certainly my intention to be very nice and highly respectful of the other candidates. well, we'll see about that. but right now, we're not even sure who else will make the cut. here are the top ten right now. the pack led by donald trump,
3:37 pm
jeb bush and scott walker and for the first time, rounded out by governor john kasich. his rise knocked governor perry down to the second tier. but in the main event, donald trump will be center stage. i mean that literally. a new report says the candidates will be lined up according to their poll numbers. putting trump front and center. and there's no denying he has the definite appeal to a certain part of the gop base. just check out this focus group from bloomberg politics. >> most of the politicians talk and it is a, they talk two hours and you go away saying what do they have in substance? nothing. they haven't offended anybody and tried the make everybody their friend. well, donald trump is in vivid
3:38 pm
colors because he says at this time way it is. >> i like his roughness and little reaganesque comes to mind. >> that is the driving view of that, that is getting support for trump in the primaries at the polls. and it is that view that could hurt the gop in the general elections. joining me now, political analyst aaron mcpike and democratic pollster, thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> do you believe him? >> i think so. we've never seen donald trump debate before, as he said. he is certainly going to be the central figure on that debate stage. i think what we're going to be watching for is what he says about policy. you have three very capable and solid moderators next thursday
3:39 pm
night, megain' kelly, bret baer. and as the front runner, you can bet they're going to build on what he says. how he'll handle the other candidates, that remains to be seen. if we are going to see any fire work, i would expect it is between jeb bush and trump are. >> that trump may be the ultimate primary candidate in terms of the republican base, but he doesn't fare well in the general. take a look at this. hillary clinton beats him 48% to 36. bernie sanders beats him, 45-37. and vice president biden, who handle announced whether he is even running squashes him, 49-37. he is polling well in the primary.
3:40 pm
but this could be very damaging for the gop's 2016 chances. >> you know, reverend, i look at polls this far out. especially national polls this far out and i take it with a grain of salt. i work for a guy by the name barack obama once upon a time who all the national polls didn't have him doing too well either. at some point you have to get the nomination. what trump is doing is tragic politics for america but brilliant politics for winning the republican nomination. he is taking up a space, bombastic, thumb your nose inside washington. thumb your nose at the media, spaced within a republican primary that no one else has owned or taken. and in a crowded primary field, that 30, 34%, may in fact win him a couple of states. we'll worry about the general election when it comes. if i'm working for donald trump, i'm not worried about that.
3:41 pm
i have to win the nomination. he is doing things now that make sense for him owning a coalition within a republican primary. if it stays crowded, it gives him the opportunity to win. >> i accept that. but at some poibl, the voters, even the voters have to think about winning. they want their party to win because that's their party and they agree with it. at some point, does some of the abrasive and some of the very controversial comments he makes, make many feel that where we can win if he's the candidate. like the optics of, he will be central stage at the debates. what will that say to american voters, that someone that has come off very caustic in many ways, he is the center of the party right now. >> well, here's what you have to realize. comment after comment that he has made over the past month or two has only helped his rise.
3:42 pm
every single time he make a controversial comment, the media immediately declares the death of his candidacy. what do we see? we see his poll numbers come up. after made some disparaging remarks about john mccain, his number in new hampshire where people thought his numbers would go down, they went back up. do you know what he did after. that he announced a coalition of 51 veterans in the state of new hampshire with some state representatives, and of course, those are very important in happen hax. and he said he would build veterans hospital in new hampshire where there isn't one right now. so he is continuing to do the thing presidential candidates do and his number are going up. and new hampshire voters like hill in the race. he might start sliding back down but for the moment, he is doing right well. and those controversial comments aren't affecting him. we expect them from him so i don't think there's a reason to
3:43 pm
say another controversial comment means he'll be out of the race. right now he is rising because of them. >> so if he can't come up with substantive answers, or if he looks like he is no more than a sound bite. he has a lot at stake a week from tonight because he now has to answer, assuming they press him on some real pressing questions. that's right to a certain extent. i'm going the opposite way. if you look at what that focus group was saying, that focus group was saying that trump is calling it like it is. he's callingett like it is. let's be clear. we don't think he is speaking sub stance. but when he is bombastic like he is, the primary electorate think he is speaking sub stance.
3:44 pm
those moderators will try to nail him down. he will be bombastic and it will look like the media is beating up on him and his poll numbers will continue to rise. >> if that's the case, how does anyone that really does not want to be bombastic and really be different than donald trump, how do they beat him? how do they win the debate even? >> i think we'll see the candidates polling well in the top five, hold back in this debate to see how donald trump performs. maybe he will stumble a lot. we want to see how scott walker perform. he's really never had a national stage the way jeb bush has. and he is polling in second or third place. i think that's something to watch. i think the other guys will wait to see what he does and they may go after him in the second or
3:45 pm
the third debate. i don't think they know what the answer is or how to take him down. you have to see how he performs in the first debate. >> all right. thank you for your time tonight. >> is trump a contender or a pretender? we'll take a closer look at what he really thinks about issues about obamacare and isis. and a new viral video is getting a lot of laughs while making a serious point about teachers in america. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horsepower torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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with donald trump, the clear front runner, what does he stand for? he's been concrete on some issues. not so much on others. on immigration, he's called for mass deportation but also hints that some sort of path at legal status. >> i would get people out and have an expedited way of getting them back into the country so they can be legal. politicians won't find them because they have no clue. we will final them and get them out. >> bringing immigrants back into the country to get them legal status? some on the right would call that amnesty. trump has been more vague on foreign policy. >> i would know how to get isis on the table or defeat isis very quickly and i won't tell what you it is tonight. i don't want the enemy to know what i'm doing. all i can tell you is that it is
3:52 pm
a fool proof way of winning. >> i'm sure the pentagon would love to hear his fool proof plan for isis. what about health care? >> you're saying obamacare -- >> has to go. repeal and replace with something terrific? >> i'm all for it. i love terrific things. and finally, what kind of boss would trump be? who would he put in his cabinet? >> if there is a trump administration, could you see maybe picking up the phone, giving the governor a call, picking her brain on some things or perhaps having her along in some official capacity? >> i would love that. she is really somebody that knows what's happening. >> president trump and secretary palin. interesting. joining me now is tim from politico. he just wrote a piece about trump's evolving views over the years. thanks for being here.
3:53 pm
how do his beliefs now compare to his views even a few years ago? >> i would say that if you're looking at the full breadth of donald trump's political views, it is easier to look at the two or three thing that he's been consistent about than the dozen things he's changed his mind about. he wrote two policy tomes. one in 2000 and one in 2011. they read like they were written by two different people. >> a lot of people who have been in the public eye like even me have evolved on certain issues. you're saying that, i'm inferring that you're not talking about evolving here. you're talking about a total difference and a 180 degree turn
3:54 pm
in positions. >> i would say to most of his ideas with what the government should do changed between 2000 and 2011. on health care in 2000, he was in favor of single payer. he proposed as an interim measure, something when he described it in his book sounded an awful like like obamacare. only without the individual mandate. in the 2011 book, he said he was dead set against obamacare and one of the reasons he cited for being against obamacare was that it was a way station to single payer. so we're talking about that kind of glaring unacknowledged inconsistency. >> he hit the grounds running today in scotland. watch this. >> hillary clinton was secretary of state. she was the worst secretary of state in the history of our
3:55 pm
country. the world blew apart during her reign. i think i would be a great uniter. i think i would have a great diplomatic skills. i've had great success, i've had great education, i went to one of the great schools of the world and did well. he came out and made a fortune. >> so yet he has said very complimentary things about mrs. clinton and donated money. does he run the risk then if these kinds of things are brought out of appearing the disingenuous or someone who has change his mind over time? or does he run the risk of saying anything at any given time on where he thinks public opinion is? >> he runs the risk of looking like he has a very short attention span. we all change our minds. but usually when we do, we provide reasons for our minds and we acknowledged we have
3:56 pm
changed our minds. it is very rare that you will see trump even acknowledge that he's changed his mind about big things. for example on, taxes. in 2000 he was proposing a 14.25% one time wealth tax on all fortunes above $10 million. he said it would cost himself, $700 million. and at the time, roger stone who was advising him was quoting the l.a. times saying, this is something that mr. trump has been thinking about for a very long time. he feels very deeply about it. 11 years later when he writes the second book, there is no mention of this wealth tax that he feels very deeply about. instead he is proposing that you collapse the income tax brackets into five brackets with a top marginal rate, dropping from
3:57 pm
39.6% to 15%. so you see very dramatic changes. >> tim, thanks for your time tonight. >> thanks so much. >> coming up, the comedy viral video that is making a serious point about teachers in america. yeah. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer, no strings attached. carmax. start here. thankshow may i help you?s list. i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup!
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from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. finally tonight, a comedy bit about teachers gone viral. comedian does a spoof on espn sports center. instead of covering star athletes, the two covered world class teachers and called it teaching center. >> i'm please to think announce that i'm taking my talents back to new york city. thank you very much. >> apparently, ps 431 has made ruby an offer she couldn't refuse. 80 million guaranteed over six years with another $40 million based on test scores.
4:00 pm
this puts her right up there with katie hope and william woo. >> out of -- >> colgate! >> a light-hearted way to discuss a real issue. what if we valued teachers as much as athletes? it is true, my friend social scientist dwight mcgee says who you admire helps determine what you will aspire to. who you look up to is where you, in many ways, get your values and your behavior from. thank you for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. what is the story on this trump thing? is this a campaign or a comic book? let's play "hardball."


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