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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  August 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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they put pedal to the medal. and some smash up hard. when you're out on the road -- >> oh! >> -- danger lurks around every curve. a pileup that makes your blood run cold. the happy hour from hell. >> all of a sudden, the whole bar exploded. i went flying in the air. and a race car that takes a terrifying turn off the side of a mountain. >> i'm thinking, oh, my god, this is it. there's not going to be anything left. >> when weather and wheels clash -- >> it just looked like total carnage down at the bottom of
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that hill. >> -- and drivers have a need for speed -- >> it can do zero to 60 in 1.8 seconds. >> -- others brace for impact. "caught on camera: axles of evil." police are watching as the driver of a stolen suv puts his foot on the accelerator. >> that's what you tell yourself, okay, buckle down. here we go, partner. >> may 27, 2011. 5:00 p.m. in east hollywood. >> it was a nice, warm day. california, perfect 75-degree weather. >> it's the friday before memorial day. and roads are congested with
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getaway traffic. the wrong place, wrong time for a high-speed auto chase. police officer peter kim spots a stolen vehicle. >> i asked my partner, just turn around. get behind it. >> the metallic gray suv starts to drive erratically and avoids a head-on collision by inches. >> he knew we were behind him. so before i could even activate my lights, he started taking off on us. >> the suspect's window is rolled down and he appears to be the only person in the vehicle. police officer carla godoy joins the pursuit. >> we keep the vehicle, just so the driver believes that he on is knowledge number longer being followed. >> two police helicopters are in the air and a news chopper goes live.
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he sideswipes a pickup and leaves portions of the bumper at the intersection. now it's also a hit-and-run. >> the car was so far ahead of us. blowing through red lights recklessly, he hit three different vehicles. >> the suspect weaves dangerously into oncoming traffic and leads police down a dead end street. he passes seven squad cars on the way out, but police are tightening the noose. after close to an hour on the run, the suspect suddenly slows down and bails out of the suv while it's still rolling. lisa mcadam is sitting in traffic, heading out of town for the memorial day weekend with her 6-year-old daughter in the back seat. >> we were at the light, and there are police cars and helicopters coming at me from every single direction. next thing i know, at the same time my door opens. >> now the chase is a potential carjacking. >> carlo godoy is the first officer on the scene.
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>> i heard a lady scream. >> godoy, on the force for more than ten years, has worked with gangs and she's not afraid to mix it up with a potentially dangerous criminal. >> he's about maybe 5'9", 5'10", i'm about 5'2". my adrenaline is pumping. i'm thinking, oh, my gosh, i have to get this guy out of this vehicle. >> before the suspect closes the car door, godoy grabs him and yanks him out of vehicle. >> it was the sound i will never forget. it gives me chills thinking about it. >> godoy throws the suspect to the ground as police swarm in. fellow officers order lisa out of the car. >> i did this crazy jump thing. my daughter is in there, and i went back. >> the suv that the suspect leaves running crashes into a fence, and police make sure no one else is inside.
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when they take lisa and her daughter aside to ask them about what just happened, officers reassure them they are going to be okay. >> we were just both just weeping like out of our minds. those situations are totally helpless. >> that could have gone totally wrong. what if he would have had a handgun? it would have been a very dangerous situation. >> jonathan lee pled no contest to grand theft awe tuto and ser time in the county jail. >> i was thinking about how we came so close to something that could have been really, really bad. >> it was a big arrest. bad guy taken off the street. >> one of the reasons why i'm a police officer. i love my job, and thankfully i was able to help and nobody got injured. >> coming up, bar patrons get a rude awakening. >> i thought a bomb went off, until i realized there was a truck in the bar.
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oh, oh! >> this man is being dragged under the bumper of a car, plowing straight through a crowd. may 1st, 2008, 5:00 p.m. hundreds of may day protesters and onlookers fill a downtown street in zurich, switzerland. they barely notice the white bmw
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that pulls out from a parking space. the car moves slowly toward the crowd. without warning, the driver steps on the gas. hitting four people. one person is catapulted over the car. the front tire almost runs over a man's head. another is saved by inches. an 18-year-old wedged under the front bumper isn't as lucky. he's dragged an agonizing 250 feet before finally rolling free from under the rear bumper. he survives a fractured spine and serious burns over 20% of his body. questions about what caused the driver's horrifying actions make national headlines. the 30-year-old suspect says he panicked and had no criminal intent, but is convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to seven years in prison. out on bail during an appeal, he is arrested for drunk driving three years later. on may day 2011. and sent back to prison.
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thousands of miles away, bystanders are threatened by another out-of-control vehicle. may 30th, 2012. 1:30 in little canada, minnesota. chuck belland has just taken a break at his auto repair shop and joins the regulars at their usual spot at gordy's. >> chuck was right there. and then had you jackie, jim, keith and san citydy. >> as usual, pat is tending bar. >> i make a good long island iced tea, a good bloody mary. >> two security cameras capture what happens next. >> all of a sudden, the whole bar exploded. i went flying in the air. >> a truck going 70 miles an
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hour smashes through the bar's back wall. >> it was about a '97, '96, chevy extended cab, 1500 four-wheel drive. it was a big enough truck to kill anybody. >> seconds earlier, the truck had veered into oncoming traffic, taking out a utility pole noekt the bar's parking lot. >> as i was leaning over the bar, i looked out the window, and to my surprise a telephone pole went flying by, and i just said, what the heck was that. and i was trying to get out of the way. the bar was caving in on me. >> where people were sitting or standing seconds before the accident determines their fate. sandy is sitting at the end of
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the bar, when she is almost crushed you about a video game machine. that becomes a potentially lethal airborne weapon. >> i landed half in the kitchen. i picked myself up, found my glasses, and i heard one guy yelling for help. >> the customer next to her is still sitting in his chair in a sea of debris. chuck belland is at the other end of the bar. >> if joust slow the video down, you see a table just clear the top of my head. >> karl is sitting next to belland. >> if you look in the video, i'm the guy in a tan jacket. and you lose me in the cloud of debris. >> the bar is accordioned against the front wall and two other patrons are pinned against the bar, trapped beneath the rubble. >> i started checking myself out and i stood up and the next
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reaction was, okay, who's hurt? who's bleeding out? so i looked over. there was a lady sitting here, and she was hung up on the beer tap. >> there's the smell of gasoline and the sound of the truck still in gear. >> the thing was running wide open. there was smoke coming off the rear wheel. >> chuck belland knows from his experience as a mechanic that the engine is in danger of exploding any second. >> i was kicking chairs and tables away, and there was a big power cable right in front of the passenger side. >> belland risks his life and steps on the high-voltage cable after the utility pole was drug in. the woman in the driver's seat in shock, her foot jammed against the accelerator. >> we didn't know if the bar was
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going to burn up. we didn't know what was going to happen. >> jim is in the backyard behind the bar. >> came right in here, working on the front end loader he just got running five minutes earlier. he is so far away. all he sees is the jagged hole in his father's bar. frantic belland waves him over. >> just floored it. pulled right up to the building behind the hole basically where the truck was. >> i was dialing 911 and just bizarre they got the bobcat running when they did. >> belland attached a strap to the bobcat and they pull the truck back, freeing three victims from the rubble. >> jim, the one i thought he was skbier expired, when they pulled the truck back, it was a miracle. he just popped up, looked around like he was confused. he had been knocked out for five minutes.
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>> despite being in the line of fire, all seven people in the bar survived their injuries. >> i had four broken ribs and eight stitches in the head and multiple contusions. >> i still to this day how them guys survived. >> the 51-year-old driver of the truck apparently suffered a diabetic reaction and there were no criminal charges. now, gordie's is known around the world. >> it says i didn't get smashed at gordie's that time. >> when lucky survivors see their reflections in the mirrors in the newly renovated bar, you have to wonder if they see guardian angels sitting on their shoulders. >> it's one helluva story. but it's a true story. coming up, snow day for a third grade teacher. gets a whole new meaning. >> it just looked like total carnage at the bottom of that hill. >> when "caught on camera: axles of evil" continues. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine
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on a sunny summer day in portland, oregon, it's hard to remember winter. and how out of control life can
5:20 pm
get, when you mix in a little ice and a few inches of snow. >> plenty of experience with rain here, best rain drivers in the country, but snow, not so much. >> january 16th, 2007, 7:00 a.m. school teacher derek porter is shocked by the chaos on a steep hill outside his apartment window. >> so we decided to go up to the roof of the building to get a better look of what was going on. we had just gotten a video camera for christmas the month before, and i thought, you know, why not take it up there? >> the icemageddon wasn't predicted, and derek's camera captures drivers caught completely off guard. a volvo ricochets down an icy
5:21 pm
hill like a two-on the pinball, hitting everything in its path. on a zigzag slalom smashup. radio disc jockey sid vicious lives across the street. he also grabs his camera and starts shooting. >> it was one of those, well, here's some snow. i can make it. that's usually the portland attitude. i have an suv, crossover, whatnot. >> heads up! >> you keep hearing all these noises and people warning and yelling down the hill to watch out, more cars are coming. >> get out of way! >> southwest salmon is a fairly steep hill. you can't really tell from the video, but once you're there,
5:22 pm
you can see how steep it is. and you can't really see from the top of the hill what's down below. >> the men of fire station 3 are the first responders on the scene. and they block the top of the hill. sort of. >> you would think our lights, big flashing lights would have kept people away, but they kept turning down the hill and coming right after us. >> two cars end up plowing into their fire engine. southwest salmon street starts to look like a demolition derby. >> you could put a soundtrack of "pinball machine" pretty well to that. >> for us, it was more like a game of frogger. >> more like donkey kong. wa, wa, wa, wa, game over. lots of paperwork. >> and, fortunately, no serious injuries. the driver of that volvo that hit seven cars escaped with a gash on the head.
5:23 pm
another place in the pacific northwest where winter drivers have a bad reputation is in seattle. especially on capitol hill's steep streets. >> yikes! november 22nd, 2010. shannon merrick has just gotten home from her job as a hospital secretary. she has a great view of a thanksgiving week storm from her kitchen window and grabs her camcorder. >> with the cars coming down and the people out there walking, you knew that it was a bad one waiting to happen. >> drivers on east john street who don't have snow tires or snow smarts, are in trouble. this car gets an "f" in skid control. >> the entire road was slick. they just kept sliding and spinning the whole way down. >> and gravity gets the upper
5:24 pm
hand in this game of slip and slide. >> maybe you should go back down the hill. uh-oh. i was worried about the pedestrians walking around. the cars were sliding and there was nothing they could to do stop. this driver lets out a blood curdling scream. >> help, help, oh, my god! help! >> you're okay, you're okay. >> a couple of pedestrians on the street kind of helping. and you can hear them yelling, it's okay, you're fine, you're fine, it's okay. >> it's so icy, serena forbes barely makes it on to bus 43, now sitting for the longest time on top the street. >> it turned into hell on wheels. >> it was like in slow motion, but all of a sudden, there was this big impact.
5:25 pm
>> the sliding behemoth takes out a bus sign. >> yikes! >> but leaves the telephone pole standing. >> when that bus started coming down the hill, it was coming straight for me. good thing that pole was there, otherwise, it would have been in my living room. >> the bus' wayward adventure is over quickly for 15 grateful passengers. onto serena has an injury, and it's minor. >> never in a million years did i think i would be in the middle of such a situation. coming up, an l.a. pileup gets scarier and more dangerous by the second. >> multiple injuries. i need help asap. >> calling for help and there are still cars crashing. it's a really bad situation. and a snowy april fools' day full of surprises.
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hi. we have the hour's top stories's. a massive fire is burning through lake kelly. it's destroyed at least 30 building. officials have advised 6,000 residents to leave theirhomes while firefighters work to contain the flights. the wing possibly from flight 370 arrived in france for testing. even if it's a piece of the missing plaep, investigators say the hunt for the rest of it could still take up to a year. back to "caught on camera." an early morning commute along a pretty stretch of the california coast gets ugly. >> by the time the accident was
5:30 pm
over, there were cars stretched all down the hill. 20, 30 cars, had pulled over. >> san diego county known for prospect weather and scenery. a perfect spot to take it in is highway 67. >> but those beautiful mountain views come with a price. check out the gouges and car parts scattered along this notorious curve. battle scars inflicted on a stretch of highway known by locals as road of death. >> 67, relatively speaking no, worse than any other state route in the state of california. however, for some reason, when we have an incident on the roadway, all of a sudden, everything is really, really bad. >> september 6th, 2011, 5:00 a.m.
5:31 pm
amateur videographer and professional mover stephen is about to see how bad it could get. >> we were driving up the 67 highway, which we do just about every morning. >> to make matters worse, it's raining for the first time in weeks, and the highway's most treacherous curve is slick. he spots an suv turned upside down, the chain reaction's first victim. >> no police on the scene, so we knew we needed to stop. we ran across the highway and i started filming. >> one of stephen's workers tries to warn oncoming drivers with his flashlight. but it's too late. a 3/4-ton semi slams a car into the divider, almost pushing it over the top. meter is risking serious injury, even standing on death curve's embankment in the dark.
5:32 pm
>> as you're coming down off of this straightaway, the road increasingly gets sharper and sharper. it's called a decreasing radius turn. and you have a visual obstruction because of the embankment. >> sparks fly as this car grinds into the concrete divider, and more are coming, like mechanic vincent hicks who is on his way to work. instead he's about to become part of the smashup. >> my truck hid sideways into the suv that rear window in her car exploded. it just sounds like a bomb blowing up in my truck. >> this driver is in shock. on his cell phone in the middle of the danger zone. unbelievably he doesn't get hit. >> there will probably be more wrecks. you can probably hear it in my voice. like this guy. my pulse was pounding, my neck was pounding. i was waiting for something terrible to happen.
5:33 pm
we have got one -- two -- three, four -- five, there is another car right up over there. >> by the time california highway patrol officers arrive, ten vehicles have turned highway 67 into a junkyard. luckily no one gets killed, but four people are injured and taken to the hospital. up the california coast, another hazardous their row fair and another multi-car pileup.
5:34 pm
firefighters at l.a.'s task force 39 in van nuys, california, see more than their share of danger each tour of duty. >> we average 10, 15 calls each shift. you never know what you're going to get called for. >> one big reason is the 405. a ten-lane stretch of highway havoc just two miles from their station house. >> at night, we have a heightened alert because of the visibility. >> the 405 has earned a bad rep as the most congested freeway in america. august 6th, 201, just after 2:00 a.m. freelance cameraman paul an derick is hunting for news. >> i do all my work at night. >> anderick spots a broken down van in the car pool lane on the 405.
5:35 pm
he knows experience, even with its lights on, the van is an accident waiting to happen. >> when i got up a little closer beside the mustang that hit the van, i could see there was a man and woman in there, and completely disoriented. two people sitting in the mustang. multiple injuries, i need chp asap. >> anderick waves his camera light to slow down oncoming traffic. but drivers blinded by construction lights swerving out of control can't react in time. another car accordions into the van. the couple is rear-ended as the situation spins out of control. >> another five vehicles involved. >> as each second passes, the pileup gets more dangerous. >> it's nerve-wracking when you just keep hearing screeching tires, screeching tires, screeching tires, and you don't know which one will end in another crash. >> by the time task force 39
5:36 pm
arrives, the couple's brush with death is over. they escape with minor injuries. >> it was mainly neck and back pain. we transported them to a hospital. if i could pick the perfect interview for a scene like that, i would have to turn the camera on myself, because no one else witnessed it the way that i witnessed it. coming up, a driver uses his dash cam to deliver some hit-and-run justice. >> oh! >> somebody was just run over. >> wait there. you are not leaving anyway. >> stop. >> somebody trying to get away with it. and then a race car is demolished in seconds. >> i saw, wow, we have a lot of mountain to go down. it's going to be bad. >> when "caught on camera: axles of evil" continues. tes and their competitors' rates, but that's precisely what we do.
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driving can be dangerous in the land of the midnight sun. on a steep winding road next to a 200-foot cliff there, is no margin for error. april 1st, 2012, even on a good day, roads are a challenge in this remote part of central norway. amateur photographer and her husband are hundreds of miles away from home. >> translator: it was easter break, and we were visiting my parents. >> traffic on the narrow mountain road they're on is at a standstill. the woman gets out her car to see what's going on and brings her camera. a tow truck is having trouble pulling tractor trailer that's slipping because it doesn't have
5:41 pm
chains or snow tires. when the two trucks finally make it to the top of the long hill, the woman heads back to her car and gets one last shot. >> translator: i just thought i have to hold the camera steady and capture this. >> the tractor-trailer's wheels have gotten too close to the edge and start to slide through the guard rail. the tow truck driver looks in his mirror and feels an ominous tug. that's when disaster strikes. the tractor trailer rolls sideways and flips upside down, pulling the tow truck downhill with it. at the last possible second, the driver jumps for his life. but the tractor-trailer driver is trapped.
5:42 pm
and flips over and over, plunging down the steep cliff toward the north sea. >> translator: i was sure he was dead, after falling and rolling over for 60 meters. i started shaking. >> rescue workers find the driver's body in the devastating wreckage thrown outside his truck, but he's alive. his fall is cushioned by his truck's load of salmon and ice. he escaped with two collapsed lungs, a broken arm, finger, and collar bone. on the other side of the north sea, england's roads are much tamer, but driving can be just as dangerous. >> oh! >> jack and his son raj depend on cars to make their living, installing custom exhausts in
5:43 pm
their shop minutes from london's heathrow airport. they never dreamed they'd end up using their car to chase down a hit-and-run driver. january 19th, 2011, just before 10:00 a.m., jack and raj are on their usual commute to work when they notice a red mercedes driving recklessly. >> stupid driving. that's stupid driving. >> what caught our attention immediately was the fact that a driver had decided to break the law by just barging in front of us in the first place. >> jack records his drive to work with a dash cam to avoid being falsely accused of being involved in a lawsuit. a scam in brittain call eed cra
5:44 pm
for cash. >> we installed them in our vehicles. that kind of driving, look, look, look. >> this time jack's dash cam on the case, recording everything. >> i don't think anybody would have anticipated anything they were doing that day is all being recorded on a high-definition camera. >> jack and his son watch the woman to see what she does next. >> she happened to be going the same way we were going. >> going 60 miles per hour, double the speed limit. >> she put her foot down and just went like a rocket. >> suddenly she pulls out into oncoming traffic to pass a line of cars. almost triggering a head-on collision. >> oh! >> less than two minutes later, she's at it again, only this time the situation is even more dangerous. she's at a pedestrian crosswalk.
5:45 pm
>> oh! >> never experienced anybody drive on the right-hand side on that road ever. >> oh, she's going to hit! >> this is the first time ever. >> jack and his son's worst fears come through. she mows down a man crossing the road and never slows down. >> he was looking to his left-hand side. and he didn't expect a vehicle to be coming from the wrong side of the road. >> oh! my god! >> jack and raj make a split-second decision to get involved even further. >> you want to chase her? >> yeah, i got the number. >> raj jumped out to help the victim and call an ambulance as jack drives off, he believes the man may have been killed. >> police, police, urgent. >> jack phones the police. >> i shot off behind her. with the intention of getting a registration plate. >> oh. he's driving off again.
5:46 pm
okay. i'm on southfork lane in new cranford. i think he might have killed a person. >> after following the car a few blocks, jack manages to block her in. >> you don't know is that person going to pull out a gun on me, stab me? just to get away. >> you just killed a man. you do just realize that? i have not killed anyone. >> you have not killed anyone? what are you talking about? you just ran over somebody. >> in the heat of the moment, jack has the presence of mind to reposition the dash cam to catch the perpetrator's face. just wait there. you're not leaving anywhere. >> i need to get to work. >> stop recording me. i did nothing. >> a few minutes later, the police arrive. >> i gave them the footage. >> thanks to jack and raj's quick thinking, they catch a hit-and-run driver. >> we happened to be at the right place at the right time. and the woman pleads guilty to
5:47 pm
dangerous driving and has her license suspended for two years. >> oh! >> fortunately the 75-year-old man she hit recovers in the hospital from his miraculously minor injuries. >> you have to wait until the police come now. >> you have to do what's right. coming up, a speed demon turns an iconic city into his personal playground. >> i wanted to bring my race car to san francisco and drive it around city streets. it was a dream come true. >> when "caught on cameracamera: axis of evils" continues. you can count on nationwide. because what's precious to you is precious to us.
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a race car driver loses control on a sharp turn and takes flight off a colorado
5:51 pm
mountain. >> i'm thinking oh, my god, this is it. he's gone. there's not going to be anything left. >> august 12th, 2012, amateur race car driver jeremy foley gets the starter's green flag and a surge of adrenaline. >> i've always been an aggressive driver and like to drive fast. >> jeremy's a rookie at the pike's peak international hill climb. 136 hair-raising turns up a 14,000-foot mountain that would give any driver goosebumps. >> it's indescribable. >> cameras mounted inside and outside jeremy's car are recording every second. >> i think it's known actually as being one of the most dangerous races not only in the country but probably the world. >> jeremy's girlfriend robin is
5:52 pm
3,000 feet up the mountain where it's cold and it's been drizzling on and off for the past hour. >> we could see most of the track. we got a pretty good spot. >> in the thin air at 12,000 feet, the time trial is going well. seven minutes in and three to go, jeremy and his co-driver are on pace to finish in third place. jerl jeremy downshifts around a hairpin curve and accelerates. this section of the course is called devil's playground. it's about to live up to its ominous name. jeremy drives 80 miles an hour into the next turn. he steers to the left but his wheels aren't grabbing. they never will. >> the front end just basically slips out. it's one of the most frightening things i've experienced in my life. i saw, wow, we've got a lot of mountain to go down.
5:53 pm
this is going to be bad. >> i'm thinking, oh, my god, this is it. he's gone. there's not going to be anything left. i fell down and i cried. >> his car disintegrates as it hits the ground. >> i remember the very first impact, my left hand actually swung out and struck the roll cage almost as if i'd punched it. it was just a scary roller-coaster ride. >> the hood and car doors are obliterated as jeremy's car bounces down this deep rock field. >> i felt the seat actually physically rise up like somebody had hit me. it was horrific. >> jeremy never loses consciousness during the 19 seconds his race car tumbles down the mountain. the descent recorded by a camera that breaks free at first impact. >> i really thought i was going to die. that was it.
5:54 pm
i was praying. i didn't know what else to do. >> devil's playground is exacting vengeance in a symphony of destruction. >> it's an unmistakable sound. if you've ever been in a car accident, you know the sound. >> after what seems like an eternity, the little that's left of jeremy's car stops. not only is his heart still beating, he's able to walk away. >> i did just unstrap myself and pull myself out of the wreckage. [ applause ] >> i had to run probably a quarter of a mile to get down the side of the mountain to where i could actually see him and i saw that he was sitting on a rock and that he was okay.
5:55 pm
>> jeremy's concern shifts to yuri, the co-driver whose helmet splits in half from the force of the crash. the impact causes yuri to lose consciousness but only for seconds. >> i was concerned that the car might catch fire and actually ended up dragging him 50 feet away behind some boulders just in case the car did catch fire. >> yuri is airlifted to a nearby hospital with a possible brain injury. jeremy goes by ambulance. as violent as the continuous pounding is, you can see two white helmets bobbing during the accident. the race car's steel safety cage and harnesses acts like a cocoon and saves their lives. amazingly jeremy suffers only a few bruises. yuri, a dislocated shoulder. as frightening as their accident is, it can't take away the racer's itch and the dream of one day going pro. >> by the time the race comes up next year, i'll probably be ready for it. >> i'll be right up there with him.
5:56 pm
from one airborne race car to another. no wrong turns here, just fast and tricky. and this one definitely makes a safe landing. may 2012, ken straps into his custom race car. all systems are go. >> it can do zero to 60 in 1.8 seconds, very, very fast. >> over four days, he uses and abuses the iconic streets, hills, and waterfront of san francisco. at speeds of up to 120 miles an hour. >> to be able to bring my race car here to san francisco and
5:57 pm
race it around on closed off city streets was like a dream come true for me. >> it's the latest of his in sanely popular web videos, gymkhana five. >> it's small grassroots kind of motorsport. >> precision maneuvering around obstacles and controlled skids, spins, and turns called drifting. box genius is the way he uses moving objects like this cable car to take his tire shredding stunts to another level. >> it's like, okay, you have a small section of a block. here is what you said you were going to do, now go do it. >> and how about driving 60 miles an hour up russian hill,
5:58 pm
one of san fran's steepest into nowhere. >> i'm looking at sky as i take off. it's about 70, 80 feet on top and 70 feet down the backside. it was almost 140 feet i jumped from takeoff to actual landing spot. >> walk's heavy-duty shocks are built to handle the pressure. >> that doesn't mean it's necessarily the softest landing either. you see in that video that my helped boubss around a little bit. that first time jumping anything is always very scary. you come up short, you bounce, break the car or it rolls, or you go too far. >> oh, yeah. what about making the sharp turn at the bottom of the hill? no problem. >> it's a basic race car driver understanding of what his car does and how to control it. what you're able to do, how sharp you're able to turn and flow a corner from corner to
5:59 pm
corner. >> and he does his stunts in some very dangerous places. like this cement covered barge where a wrong move could be disastrous. >> they have a diver ready go in and get me out of the car. no risk it, no biscuit. that's part of why we're doing this and why we're doing it the way we do it. sometimes there's consequences. you just have to be prepared for them. >> it turns out he may be even a better businessman than driver. his gymkhana videos are some of the most popular youtube ads ever for his action sports company d.c. shoes. >> i really truly am a lucky master that i get to race these little cars.
6:00 pm
matter, viewer discretion is advised. there are 2 million people behind bars in america. we open the gates. lockup. >> 15 to life. doing 15 to life. >> you've got the browns and the whites against the blacks. ♪ the first rule of the game is watch your back ♪ ♪ it's either kill or be killed ♪ ♪ life and the next [ bleep ] will ♪


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