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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 6, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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electricity? hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. right now on "msnbc live" cleveland rocks are republicans. we're just hours away from a reality tv show like none other. the first republican presidential debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern for the two-hour main event. but, are they already for prime time? each candidate with something to prove with most likely eyeing the big dog in the room. we're talking about the front-runner, donald trump. so is he feeling performance pressure? will anyone go after him? if so, who is it going to be? according to kentucky senator rand paul this morning, it could be him. >> well, you know, i like to mix it up, so my staff is all saying, oh, no, we need to be cautious. i'm like, i like to mix it up. i plan on getting into it with the other candidates. i don't think we should just sort of succumb to, oh, well, you can just say anything and
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all of a sudden we're in some sort of reality tv show. i think there needs to be a substantive debate. >> might get it from the kentucky wildcat. we have complete political coverage right now from cleveland, msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt, my colleague steve kornacki, political chief political columnist robert simon and from the white house white house reporter carol lee. kasie, i want to start with you. and donald trump tweeted this just a little bit ago saying, i look forward to tonight's debate but look far more forward to making america great again. it can happen. so the stakes are really high, but we know earlier donald trump said he wasn't really putting a lot of emphasis on preparation. have you heard from sources, has this changed? >> thomas, i don't think so. i think that we're going to see donald trump continue to conduct this debate the same way he's conducted the rest of his campaign. although, you know, you're seeing a little bit of a more
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cautious, more careful, i wouldn't go so far as to say scripted but somebody in donald trump who is clearly thinking a little bit more about the words he says before he says them. and i think you've heard that in his previewing of the expectations of this debate saying that he plans to be zichl. he doesn't plan to be the person who is we toing bombs. so you know, i think really anything could happen tonight. i think the particular danger might be if one of these candidates goes after donald trump. i think then all bets are off the table. >> steve, let's talk about that because we heard from rand paul right there talking about this morning about the fact that they could see themselves mixing it up tonight or at least that senator with donald trump. so how could that backfire, or better yet, how could that highlight a certain candidate? >> well, yeah, you're playing with fire there, obviously, because the standard rule for any kind of debate i guess is if you're running from behind and you got the front-runner there, you try to take shots at the front-runner, try to take the front-runner down. trump is a wild card in terms of
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how he will respond to that. the model the candidates might do well to keep in mind is if you think back four years ago, newt gingrich in the summer and fall of 32011 operated under th radar. he showed up at one debate after the other. he didn't hit it out of the park in one debate but he kept getting a lot of applause, people started saying that boy is not that bad. then there came a moment where that reputation aligned with an opportunity around gingrich really took off in the polls. so i think we always think about the big moment, something is going to take down trump tonight. the thing i'm of looking forward to is hitting single, basically, who hits the most singles tonight. newt gingrich did that four years ago and eventually became the front-runner and then obviously collapsed. there is a model there for the candidates to keep in mind. >> as we look at the model, we have donald trump directly in the center and then we have scott walker and jeb bush on either side. are they the ones we need to watch as steve points out for
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the singles? >> well, i think in the case of bush and walker, yes, they need to hit singles. they also, more importantly, i think, need to make no errors, do no harm. if either one of them makes a big mistake you're going to look at two people who are potentially theal tern 2i6 front-runners. if they hurt themselves this field gets scrambled even more. the people in particular to watch are on the wings, chris christie and john kasich are two people where i think you could get some fireworks. remember a lot of debates ultimately come down to and are remembered for just one moment. whether it was newt gingrich with the moderator in the south carolina debate that sent him over the edge, you know, in 2012 that's what we came away with, oops, rick perry. so i think any one of these candidates on stages that potential to be the person that we're talking about when this debate is over. but i think kasich and krischri are two people with the higher propensity to doing that. >> to make that tenth spot. so, steve, who needs the biggest
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showing tonight? >> well, i think talk about trump and bush, i think there's a lot of questions about bush that have been out there since he got in this race. the last time before this that jeb bush ran for office, the last time his name was on a ballot was back in 2002. talking basically a 14-year gap between 2016 and the last time he ran for office. a lot of concerns he was rusty, he was out of practice and he has not necessarily put those concerns to rest in the first six months of this campaign. in a lot of ways we've talked so much about donald trump but the other big story, the first six months of this campaign is that for all of the potential that comes with a jeb bush candidacy and the family name and financial connections and all that, for all of that potential, he's totally failed to live up to it. now he's going to be on stage with all of these other candidates with all of this attention on donald trump. he's got to find some way to stand out here. it's probably not by attacking trump but he's got to find some way to stand out and show people, look, you should think of me the way you were thinking about me back in january. >> thanks so much.
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mika brzezinski's ca msnbc's kasie hunt and steve kornacki. he will be hosting the 4:00 p.m. eastern hour. and watch "up with steve kornacki" right here on msnbc. we also have politico's chief political columnist roger simon and "wall street journal" white house reporter carol lee with me as women. roger, the head of the republican party was on with me today. take a look. >> we got to make sure we abide by reagan's commandment as best as you can and make sure that we don't really put up with a whole lot of mud slinging and call it out when you see it but let some jab goes by as well. it's a balancing act that we have to let happen without us kind of killing each other at the same time. >> all right. looking for a balancie ining ac of this. who do you think, roger, is going to go the moest most reaganesque this evening? >> probably -- too many of them. i just disagree with reince
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priebus. you know, if the field up there tonight thinks that running against hillary clinton, they're wrong. they're running against donald trump. and even though the safest path and the common wisdom is leave him alone, he's like a nightmare. he will go away when we wake up. there's nothing we have to do to take him down, i don't think that's the case. i think they have to take him down. and for some of the people who have almost, you know, zero name recognition, they're not going to make this store irys tomorrow unless they say something that makes news. and if they spend two hours talking about energy policy, it's not going to make news. >> well, and we know, carol, that several of these candidates that come in this evening a bit wounded, we've got jeb bush whose showing as steve pointed out a little bit of campaign rust with his gaffe, specifically over planned parenthood. and then we've got rand paul who has to deal with his own
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controversy regarding his nephew-in-law. and trump, fresh meat to throw back in his face. marco rubio hurt by trump the most. and chris christie whose reputation suffered after the bridgegate controversy. does anybody tonight have a foundation to throw a hay maker and really, as roger points out, go after the trump because that's who they're running against? >> well, i think you will see some of these guys go after trump if he goes after them. the very basic thing that they now need to do is do something to get noticed. donald trump is the story going into this. he's going to be the story coming out of this. who emerges as the secondary story coming out of this. it's going to be important. and one of the things to look forward with donald trump is is he going to be bombastic flame thrower or cast himself differently? that could cut both ways because people like that he says what's
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on his mind clearly. if he steps a little bit back from that that could turn off some folks. the bottom line is all of these guys, they're all sharing the same stage. for a lot of people the first time they're going to get a good look at them and they need to make them create a moment for themselves. >> create a moment indeed. we've got the what they're calling the happy hour debate, new video of lindsey graham just in filling out the debate questionnaire. if we can show that to everybody. and roger, he's been the one who has been willing to go after trump specifically calling him a jack ass. trump then gave out his cellphone number. then we had that funny cellphone issue going on. but talk about the policy and substance issues that can take place in that earlier debate because we have candidates with heft there, they just didn't make it to the main stage. >> you know, they can -- there's a lot to talk about. you know, they can talk about the mideast, they can talk about foreign policy, they can talk about hillary clinton's phone messages. you know, there's plenty there.
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but, you know, there at the debate where donald trump will not be on stage, it is much easier to attack a person when he's not standing four feet away from you. so it is in the kiddy table debate, most potential for donald trump to be attacked. if you're rick perry and you're going nowhere, we heard the polls, you haven't made an impression, you've attacked donald trump, you know, in a non-debate format, you might as well attack him tonight. >> that will be interesting to see and i think that is also going to be a place where we can see some people rise up and potentially get themselves in to the next debate in september for the republican candidates as they move forward. carol, i got to ask you because you made some news yourself this week. vice president joe biden, when it came up that there are reports that he's considering entering the 2016 race, you
10:11 am
threw that question to him and he said, only if you'll be his running mate. >> yes. >> first, have you decided to be on his ticket because the democrats have their first debate coming up october 13th. so do you think biden is going to be on it based on the fact that you've joined his ticket? >> well, i think that the vice president's first mistake would be to tap a reporter as his running mate. >> i don't know about that. you know, i don't know about that. you have access to some major, major buy lines out of this. >> yeah, exactly. what's that line though, everybody uses, i'm currently not considering a run for the vice presidency. no, i'm president of the white house correspondent's association and that is enough work for me. he was -- biden was clearly ready for the question and had a very quick response. >> from your sources do you think that this really is a calculation and that he's close to entering? >> i think that he is very seriously considering it.
10:12 am
he's wanted to -- it feels like he's more qualified than he's ever been to do this job. he's obviously taking time to sort it out and see if there's space for him in the race given that it's pretty late. but all -- he's expected to make a final decision by next month. so everyone will have to stay tuned. he's definitely very much considering it and there are people out there who want him to run and then there are people who think that he should exit while he's ahead because he hasn't had the best track record as a presidential candidate the last two times he's tried it. >> at least we can confirm that you will not be on the ticket. the "wall street journal's" carol lee, great to see you. politico's roger simon, thank you for your time. and at the bedebate tonight all political issues are on the table. according to facebook these are the most talked about issues. racial issues, mexico issues, the economy, lgbt issues, and immigration. this word cloud shows you who is dominating in the conversation on facebook. take a look at it.
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trump, there it is. big, bold letters. has more than 135 million interactions between may 29th and july 28th. ted cruz, jeb bush follow him both with 16 million each. then scott walker, ben carson are next. both are 11 million. rand paul is the final gop candidate to crack double digits with 10 million. the rest of the candidates barely make a dent. george pataki is in last place with 400,000 interactions. we want to hear from you in our bing pulse question today. do you think donald trump will win tonight's debate? the pulse is live right now, logon to give us your predictions and we're going have much more on the debate field as we countdown to the main event, plus we take a look at your responses again. the pulse is live. i just want to point out the reverend al sharpton is going to be interviewing former secretary of state and democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton today. 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc.
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in other news, we turn our attention to tennessee where we ernd la new details about the attack on movie theater in antioch, tennessee. here's the 1911 calm from a wit in the attack. >> i was in a movie theater like literally a minute or two ago. this guy, shady looking guy stood up with like two bags and walked to the back of the theater. he pulled out a hatchet and started attacking this family and pulled out a gun. we all ran out of the theater. >> the attacker is identified as 29-year-old vincente montano. police say he wore a surgical mask as he sprayed moviegoers with pepper spray. he also allegedly used an ax in his attack as we heard in that call as well as gun. later determined to be an air soft pellet gun. montano was shot and killed. msnbc's adam riess joins us live from tennessee.
10:15 am
ed a sdam, authorities are still searching for a motive on this. and they say that montano had a documented history of mental illness. from your sources and your reporting, what more do we know about him? >> well, we know, thomas, he had been diagnosed with psychiatric schizophrenia. he had been committed four times over 2004 and 2007. his mother had reported him missing recently. and as recently as this past monday he had been in and out of a homeless facility here in nashville. that could explain why he entered the theater with a backpack and a duffel bag. very unusual. they would have let him come into the theater with that. now, for a motive, thomas, we really don't know what was behind this attack. we do know though that people here in the nashville community very grateful for the first responders and their very quick action. >> absolutely. >> i'm eternally grateful. excuse me. metro police department, for their fast response. we were not looking for any of this. we did nothing to bring this
10:16 am
upon ourselves. i am very, very grateful that no one else got injured here today other than the person who perpetrated this. >> now, police here in nashville train for exactly this type of a situation. they do it at a local mall. it really paid off this time, thomas. >> we can see from there. msnbc's adam riess reporting in tennessee for us. what a frightening experience for those moviegoers. new debris found in the indian ocean island of reunion. could it be from mh370? look at this. it's anguish, it's anger. families over conflicting reports reacting about the first piece of debris. were malaysian authorities too quick to confirm that it was from that doomed flight? also ahead -- >> open the door! >> bounty hunters raid a home in arizona but turns out it is the wrong house and wait until you hear who it belongs to and who
10:17 am
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that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ firefighters are making progress against the largest of 23 wildfires raging in california. the rocky fire is now 40% contained but residents are told to stay on alert because whether can still cause new flare-ups. 43 homes have been destroyed by the blaze and evacuation orders remain in place toer more than 13,000 residents. new developments to talk about today in the investigation of malaysia airlines flight 370. a detailed sweep of the coastline where that first piece of plane wreckage was found last week will begin on monday. it comes as malaysia's transport
10:21 am
minister said new plane debris was found that in that same area. >> plane window and those are some aluminum foil, many, many of them. i can't itemize one by one but many items collected and we have send to the authorities for identification. but i cannot confirm because it is too soon. >> meanwhile, french authorities say they have not received any information about the new discovery. but investigators were back at work today continuing to examine that wing fragment. i want to go now to nbc's allister jameson live in toulouse, france, where they're examining the plane wreckage. there's a sense of mixed messages given from french and malaysian authorities. why aren't they on the same page? >> that's right, thomas. those two announcements from malaysia appear to take other countries in this complex international investigation somewhat by surprise today. and officials here in france
10:22 am
agree that it's highly probable that the 777 wing fragment being tested here at this defense laboratory is linked to mh370 but they've had a lot of experience at these complex investigations and they're prepared to wait as long as it takes in order to get conclusive proof. now, those diplomatic differences have really caused the families to question the integrity of this whole process. they've had concerns from day one and they say these announcements today have left them no nearer to finding closure. >> unfortunately no closure, no. we've got a long way to go for that. >> translator: what does such a tiny piece of debris means, she asks, on a 230-ton plane? why are they trying to fool us, to make us take the compensation money? we'll definitely not accept it. >> in the meantime, officials on the island of reunion say that they are going to start searching the shoreline where
10:23 am
that wing fragment was found on monday and in order to look for other debris. more potential clues in this 60-month mystery. thomas? >> i can only imagine how these families are feeling waiting for something concrete to come out of all of this. a thank you. funeral arrangements for a police officer killed on a memphis street. sean bolton was the third memphis officer to be shot and killed in four years. police say that bolton was shot after interrupting a drug deal. 29-year-old trymaine wilbourne is charge with first degree murder in that death. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash.
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10:27 am
police chief. the whole incident was caught on camera with more nbc's jacob. >> open the door! >> reporter: dressed in tactical gear and wielding handguns two teams of boubtity hunters thought they had their fugitive surrounded. >> open the door! >> roderick battle had allegedly skipped his bond hearing wanted of an drug charge in oklahoma. one of the bail recovery teams described him on facebook as armed and dangerous and a tipster gave them an address in phoenix. >> turn the light on. >> reporter: the upset man who answered the door shirtless and holding a police baton was not only the wrong guy, it was this guy, joseph yonner, the phoenix chief of police. immediately chief yonner's girlfriend called for help. >> i don't know if they're bounty hunter or what they are, but they just banged on our door and they're looking for somebody. >> reporter: when officers arrived they arrested bounty
10:28 am
hunter farley on criminal trespassing. can't tell a difference between the criminal and the phoenix chief of police, and that seems important in this line of work, said one person on facebook. you give idiots a bad name, said another. >> we have information that the chief's home was surveilled for as long as two hours from different vantage points. there was at least one individual that came and went to the home that didn't match the description in any way, shame, or form. >> reporter: police say farley is a convicted felon, disqualifying him from hunting down bad guys for profit. their own cameras rolling bounty hunters hungry to deliver someone to the authorities didn't expect to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. >> can you believe that? so that was nbc reporting for us. so police planned to use a search warrant to recover the weapons the bounty hunters had on them at the time. and investigators are looking into the initial source of that false lead. coming up, we head back to cleveland for you.
10:29 am
what's the game day strategy for tonight's ten contenders and how can rivals trump trump? and we're asking you today in bing's pulse, do you think donald trump will win tonight's debate? we'll have your results so far coming up and you probably heard about this, jon stewart is signing off today and take a peek, this is what it looks like live at the new york city theater where audience members are waiting to be part of one episode left. this is what 11th street looks like where i walk my dog. the park is right down the way. also, larry flint's husler place a around the corner, too. >> this is the ultimate episode. it's the one that everyone will probably forget. [ school bell rings ]
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okay. so before the top ten republican presidential candidates take the stage in prime time tonight, they will do what they need to to make sure their heads are in the game. of course, we're talking about predebate rituals. so what are they? here's a look. thanks to the folks at ij review. >> i take my new phone, thanks to the donald. i listen to motown to mellow me out. >> before a debit i go out and run. it's a great way to relax. you can't take any phone call, e-mail, not looking online. you're just out running. that clears your mind. >> before a debate i normally call my mom to get advice. mom. i can't say that on television. i got a have from a couple of my very trusted political advisers. >> what is megyn kelly going to ask at the fox debate? >> let me check on that.
10:34 am
>> that is a great question. but will siri have the answer? joining me from cleveland campaign embeds alley, jordan frazier, shaquille who are covering the three leading candidates in the most recent gop polls. alley, you're covering donald trump. are we expecting to see a different trump on the stage tonight or is this going to be the vintage donald trump that we all know, the one man that has led the pact the whole time? >> i think what really is the question that so many people here are asking. you know, people have been saying are we going to see the how donald trump, the substantive person what will explain more on the policy prescriptions that he's laid out so far or are we going to see him hitting the other candidates on the stage very hard? we did tweet this morning he was looking forward to the debate. he put debate in quotation marks. that might give us insight into how he's feeling going into tonight. the strategy has been for him so far to keep expectations low.
10:35 am
he's continuously said i'm not a debater and other people on this stage has been doing it their whole lives. i think that's definitely a strategy they're employing going forward. i know a lot of people on the ground here in cleveland have told me they're looking forward to seeing an authentic, bomb ba astic trump. >> i like how you reference though the quotes around debate as if they're almost air quotes. jordan -- >> absolutely. >> a lot of people keeping a close eye though on jeb bush. you're following his campaign. he definitely has to be feeling the pressure tonight. we saw in that found any review piece about how he calls his mom to kind of calm his nerves. but people do expect to see him come out stroong tonight becaus of gaffes that he's demonstrated and a rusty perception. >> that's right, thomas. this is a big opportunity for jeb bush to really change the narrative after this challenging couple of weeks that his
10:36 am
campaign has had. even coming in third in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. the governor tweeted earlier today he has arrived in cleveland and he linked to a list of his accomplishments in florida during his time as govern governor. we expect tonight he will spend time highlighting his resume, much in the way he's been doing on the campaign trail. i do know that the governor in preparation for tonight plans to hit the gym, at tend mass with his wife, and also do some e-mailing, some catching up with advisers and friends. >> what do they need to do to stay calm, but speaking of governors when jeb bush was governor of florida, shaquille, you are following the current governor of ris cwisconsin, sco walker. what are you hearing about his prep for tonight? >> you heard in that video that he goes on his run. he's actually in wisconsin today at the wisconsin state fair. he's opening up the state fair. it's a tradition he said he's been doing since he and his wife have been kids.
10:37 am
he loves going there and he will be neying out here to cleveland to have the debate. something that the walker camp is planning to highlight or that scott walker is going to highlight during the debate is that he's not only a fighter as many of the other candidates are but what he says separates him from the other candidates is that he's a winner, that he wins in wisconsin and he wants to win those conservative reforms around the country. so that's something that you can expect for him to highlight. an opportunity that he has is he's one of the most favorable candidates in the race. recent gallop poll that came out yesterday showed that his unfavorable rating was 7%. that's the lowest of any candidate. that's an opportunity that he might hop on tonight. >> these three will have center stage with trump, bush, and walker. thank you, campaign embeds. so which donald trump can we expect to see tonight? will he be the trump who began his campaign with controversial 125i789s about mexicans and then john mccain or will he be the one who appears to have
10:38 am
intentionally toned down his rhetoric within recent days? bill powell is a senior writer at "newsweek." he's been covering donald trump for 30 years. and on the left is the cover of "newsweek" from 1987 and on the right is this week's cover, which i also happen to have thanks to bill in my hot little hands right here, which i think, if we can show a close-up of this, a little more cartoonish with the cover than we have from the '87 trump. when we talk about the idea of him being a viable presidential candidate, is he? >> evidently. and i'm surprised by that. i posted in shanghai, the asia editor for the magazine but because i've had a relationship with donald for all of these many years i didn't take this chatter su eter seriously becau gone through it every four years going back starting in 1987 when we did that first cover.
10:39 am
yet here we are and he is the front-runner going into what will be probably the most heavily watched televised debate for -- in a primary anyway ever. >> which trump do you know better, peacemaker or flame thrower? >> flame thrower. donald is who he is. he's brash, he's pugnacious, he's like that in private as well. i do think he will try to project a, quote, unquote, presidential image tonight. but i'm not sure -- i'm not sure whether donald can contain himself, so i expect there to be at least some fireworks. >> so you think he will get in his own way? >> i thought he got in his own way when he trashed john mccain for being captured and his polls only went up in the wake of that. so you're asking the wrong guy. i don't know what getting in the way means. >> at this point do you think there are ways though, as you know donald trump and have been covering him for 30 years, do
10:40 am
you think there are ways that candidates can exploit a vulnerability or expose something that isn't presidential that gives them a better shine this evening? >> particularly for gop primary voters, go at him the way, for example, karl rove did in the "wall street journal" op-ed page this morning. pointing out the many inconsistencies to say the least in donald's position on various things from abortion to free trade, his donations to the democratic national campaign committee. i think you can highlight those inconsistencies in his positions and that will educate a fair number of people who have no idea what really this guy stands for. >> over 30 years the thing that has surprised you most about donald trump is what? >> that he just never ceases to love the attention. he doesn't get tired of it. >> and now he has your cover.
10:41 am
>> indeed, again. >> so thanks to "newsweek." thank you, bill. bill powell, great to have you here. '87 trump, 2015 trump. we asked you to weigh in on our bing pulse question today for the top candidates tonight, do you think donald trump will come off as the victor? let's look at how you have been casting your votes. 37% say yes, 63% say no. now, overall the majority of voters, that's a fluctuation between knneutral and yes. some have been voting no right now in realtime while having a conversation with bill. keep your votes coming in. we're going to have much more on trump and rest of the gop contender, plus another look at how our 2016 conversation is impacting the pulse today. today marks 50 years of the voting rights act. the mark it's made a half century later and now the discussion about the new dangers to its continuing existence.
10:42 am
and ahead next hour, hollywood's diversity gap, new numbers showing the challenges facing minorities in women in tinseltown. ♪ [announcer]when we make beyond natural dry dog and cat foods. we start with real meat as the first ingredient. we leave out corn,wheat and soy. and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent!
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you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. federal appeals court has struck down a voter id law in texas saying it discriminated against blacks and hispanics. the decision yesterday was a victory for the obama administration. democrats and civil rights advocates have been fighting the texas law since it was passed in 2011. it required one of. seven forms of id for someone to be eligible to vote and it didn't include student ids, voter registration cards, and utility bills. and this news comes on the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act, milestone for civil rights. in a half hour president obama will commemorate the day from the white house. president lyndon johnson signed the legislation into law on this day in 1965. ever since, millions of
10:46 am
minorities have exercised their right to vote in states that previously made it very difficult for them. the problem still remain with several states requiring or requesting voter id, proponents say it prevents fraud but opponents say it discriminatory. dale, good to have you here. just 2% of african-americans said they had problems voting in 2012. so explain 2%, that's an example of progress, isn't it? >> it's an example of significant progress. back in 1965 when the voting rights act was signed into law, in a lot of states in the south african-american registration rates were below 25%. in mississippi, they were below 7%. this is the voting rights act called one of the most significant civil rights statutes in our history and in the years after that the numbers skyrocketed. >> meanwhile, as we look at crack down on what voter id laws have meant modern times, laws in kansas and tennessee, in 2014, reduced turnout by 2% to 3% in
10:47 am
2012 election, with the highest dropoff between young, black, and newly registered voters. do you see a similar issue come up in 2016? >> i think it's a significant risk. a lot of laws, these strict voter identification laws remain in effect and as you pointed out the nonpartisan gao conducted a study and found these laws dropped turnout 2% in kansas and tennessee. it's not just a voter identification laws though. we're seeing attacks on voting like cutbacks to early voting. and -- >> sold to the polling. explain and bust the myth though about fraud. >> sure. the people who advocate these laws say they're necessary to prevent in-person voter impersonation, pretending to be someone they're not. but time after time when these laws have been litigated in court states like pennsylvania, wisconsin, north carolina, can't
10:48 am
point to a single example in those states' histories of someone actually doing that. texas in litigation over its law found two examples in a period of over ten years when millions of votes were cast. it's not an epidemic or even a significant problem. >> dale, great to have you here. thank you, sir. coming up next, signing off, that is right, jon stewart ending his 16-year epic run on "the daily show." >> before i see the gentle yet firm gravitational pull of my home planet, new jersey --er pa. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain.
10:49 am
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10:50 am
10:51 am
i grew up watching jon stewart on the "the daily show." when you're young it's hard to get interested in politics. and i feel like he's one of the main reasons i have any interest today in politics. >> i actually flew in from houston, texas. we came up really early.
10:52 am
you know, see one of the greatest journalists of our time. >> check this out. this is 11th avenue in the '50s in new york city. these are all the people that are lined up outside of jon stewart's studio today because the final taping of "the daily show" happens this afternoon. hosted by jon stewart airing tonight. you won't get his take on the gop debate because jon stewart tapes before the debate gets underway. more on jon stewart's 16 unique years of political coverage. >> it's really time to go. >> reporter: there's just one episode left. >> this is the one that everyone will probably forget. >> reporter: when jon stewart signed on for his first "daily show" in january of 1989, the political and media worlds had no idea what was about to hit
10:53 am
them. for the next decade and a half. it was fake news. >> senior caucasian correspondent. >> reporter: that often made a real difference. and stewart was a different kind of late night host. >> i have one character that i do. >> reporter: no band, no side kick, and an editorial monologue unlike any other on tv. >> i won't miss me. >> reporter: a 2014 poll showed more than one in ten add adults admitted turning to stewart for their news. about the same number for the "new york times." >> the final margin in the state of florida, five votes to four votes. >> reporter: the show began to take off during the 2000 presidential election in what stewart called indecision 2000. >> george w. bush got 100% of the african-american vote. >> reporter: he skewered the bush administration nightly.
10:54 am
>> you know you're in trouble when people start checking the death to america box. >> reporter: and after bush's reelection -- >> at which point 49% of the country also solemnly swore. >> reporter: stewart acknowledges he leans left, but president obama was not safe either. >> yes, we can given certain conditions and -- >> no, i think what i would say is, yes, we can, but it is not -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: stewart saved some of his most devastating shots for the media. >> stop hurting america. >> reporter: the show that will perhaps be stewart's most lasting, though, had no jokes. it was the first after the attacks of september 11th, 2001. >> we're going to get back to this and it's going to be fun and funny and the same as it was. >> reporter: as stewart goes off the air, his legacy is prom
10:55 am
neptly on display with former "daily show" correspondents ever where you look. now it's a south african newcomer, comedian trevor noah, with the daunting task of filling jon stewart's shoes. >> much more on the top story coming up at the top of the hour where we take you live to cleveland as the gop candidates for president work on their debating skills ahead of the big events tonight. chris matthews is going to join us to tell us about the real showdown that he's expecting. also a connection between donald trump and bill clinton. a conversation between the gop front runner and former president coming to light. what does it reveal about trump's candidacy. and maish january authorities say another piece of the plane washed ashore while french investigators say they haven't seen anything new.
10:56 am
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10:59 am
hi, everybody. great to have you with me. it's countdown to cleveland. we are just a few hours away from the very first republican debate of the 2016 season. ten candidates making the cut for the main stage. but it's the front runner donald trump. love him or hate him, he leads the pack for the republican nomination according to every poll for the last month. that forces us to ask a lot of questions about tonight. so how confrontational will trump will against other candidates? will any of those other candidates try to take down trump? senator rand paul might be the first one to take on that role. >> well, i like to mix it up. i'm like, i like to mix it up. i plan on getting into it with
11:00 am
the other candidates. and i don't think we should just sort of succumb to you can just say anything and all of a sudden we're in some sort of reality tv show. i think there needs to be a substantive debate. >> i'm joined now by casey hunt in cleveland. are these candidates feeling ready for prime time tonight or duke that the pressure is getting to them, this performance pressure? >> reporter: well, thomas, some of them are getting ready for happy hour. interesting to know if lindsey graham is going to have his own happy hour before going on stage. i think all eyes are going to be on donald trump for good reason. the sources that i've been talking to in the hallways have in fact started to take trump a little bit more seriously although rick santorum, it seems, disagrees. >> do you think that donald
11:01 am
trump could win iowa? >> if you go by the press debt of four years ago, people soaring highs in polls in august didn't end up with any delegates. summertime romances can be a fleeting thing. >> reporter: so whether donald trump will be a summer fling, santorum thinks so. he of course is far back in the polls at this stage in the race in 2012 and ended up winning the iowa kcaucuses. >> that was a split divide with mitt romney and santorum? >> reporter: well, romney was the winner as declared on the front page of the morning register. he was viewed as the winner. they reversed that call shortly before the voting started in south carolina. so santorum didn't get credit for it. either way, there's a ton of political operatives, all of the people who work for the campaigns have descended here in
11:02 am
cleveland. everyone is talking about how to handled l donald trump. lot of these guys have been working in politics for decades. no one's ever seen anything like this. the preparation is starting to sound like, well, what do we do if donald trump is still in this game when we hit the iowa caucuses. a new version of this narrative. >> we shall see. everybody's highly anticipating a good showing tonight after everybody. you referenced happy hour. that is the earlier debate that's going to take place with seven of the candidates. joining me now for more on what we hope to expect, chris matthews, host of "hardball" right here on msnbc. what do you expect from trump tonight? do you think he is going to be the flame thrower that we've seen ramping up to this evening or peacemaker? >> i think he'll be the best tonight. whatever way you score it, he'll be the best.
11:03 am
it's a home game for him. it's television. it's reality television. he's been doing this for a long time. i expect that his only problem will be, and not with defeating the expectations of the other candidates, but in dealing with the moderators. i really think it's going to be a contest of ability between he and the three moderators. those moderators will want to look very good in their profession and in getting answers. if he doesn't give an answer to a particular question, they will challenge him and he will punch back. i think that's going to about the best show tonight. the battle between trump and the people moderating the program. >> so we've got three moderators. chris wallace, hosting the main event coming up at 9:00. do you think that they'll live fact check? >> reporter: pardon me? >> do you think that they will live fact check a donald trump or a jeb bush or --
11:04 am
>> reporter: they have to. sure. they're going to have to. if trump says something off the wall like i'm going to get the mexicans to pay for the wall. they just can't say thank you, mr. trump, and move onto the next question. they'll look like idiots. if he says something idiotic, they have got to challenge it. seriously, mr. trump, what do we do to pay for this high wall. or what is the real plan if the iranian nuclear treaty goes down. what is it? you say you're going to strike a tougher bargain. how are you going to get the chinese, russians, european powers and iranians all to sign a different deal. what is your ingredient that's going to change the nature of the international situation? i don't think he just throws some nonsense out there at this point. >> we had the chair of the anc.
11:05 am
i want to play that for everybody and get your reaction. take a listen. >> we've got to make sure that we abide by reagan's 11th commandment as best as you can. let some jabs go by as well. it's a balancing act that we have to let happen without us kind of killing each other at the same time. >> yeah, let's talk about that. do you think they'll abide by that and also talk about the political theater. >> reporter: let's get the straight. the reason that reagan created the 11th commandment is that he was ahead. if you're the front runner, you want the 11th commandment. huckabee's not going to observe that. clearly there's nothing to gain for them not to mix it up. they'll be ignored if they're too mild mannered. the interesting thing will be how they call it. 30 seconds to respond.
11:06 am
how does the moderator decide that there was a reference made to a grand stand error to a show off. how do they say wait a minute, that's for drurp to respond so? there's going to be some real calls tonight as to who gets that 30-second rebuttal. they're not going to say donald trump's a clown. they're going to stay too much clownishness. that's where it's going to be really tricky in the control room. >> yeah, let's talked about reaction shots. certain reaction shots have tanked people in the past. how do you think that's all going to play out as they're punching the shots for this tonight and everybody's paying close attention to the smallest of calculations for each candidate? >> reporter: trump is a natural on television and he is spontaneous.
11:07 am
the things to look for tonight is motive, why is this person for running for president. somehow in those answers, hear why this person is up on the stage. what good for the country are they seeking. two, passion, do they get roused up. and spontaneity. that's probably key tonight. can you react to the unexpected question, the unexpected shot from your oh opponent. do you seize the moment. do you hear somebody say something and go, i am going to hit that mark or are you going to sit there and think of something your staff told you to stay? trump's going to listen devinely for all the other candidate's magic moments, what their staff has written for them. he has a tremendous opportunity to knock their head off. oh, nicely done. we're going to hear them deliver this like a lead brick. some are going to come out and drop these lines that we know they've been toasting for days and we're going to laugh at
11:08 am
them. don't assume spontaneity unless you're dealing with a person like trump. they're not going to have brand-new brilliant lines that come to their head tonight. in most cases, nothing comes to mind with these people. everything is planned. organized, testing. and they're all guys. if one of these guys comes out with a obviously spontaneous response, i think a network is going to jump on that bite and pray it for days. if they drop some well toasted item that developed over days with their staff, i think people are going to laugh at them and they should. >> chris matthews, thank you for joining me and for the preview of what to expect to see tonight. chris is going to be having a special of his own this evening. a special debate show, 7:00 p.m., join him from 7:00 to 9:00, hart ball out of cleveland. and then a post debate wrapup
11:09 am
that begins at 11:00 p.m. we are now just hours away from the debate with the candidates all set to stage center stage. do you think donald trump will win tonight's debate? so the pulse has been live for over an hour now. here is how you are responding. 35% of you say, yes, he will win. 65% of you say no, he will not win. keep the votes coming in. let me know what you think about donald trump's chances. again, the pulse is live. i want to pass along that the reverend al sharpton interviewing hillary clinton today on his radio show. you can catch that interview tonight on "politics nation" starting here at 6:00 p.m. eastern. just over an hour from now, we will hear from the first officer who responded to yesterday's movie theater attack in antioch, tennessee. officer jonathan frith briefly
11:10 am
engaged in gunfire with vincente montano. police say he also used an axe in the attack as well as an air soft pellet gun which was originally thought to be a real gun. officials are still searching for a motive, but say the suspect had a history of mental illness. explain what police are saying happened inside that movie theater including the suspect's first encounter with law enforcement. >> reporter: right, thomas. it was just before 1:15 yesterday afternoon. montano came to the theater behind me. he's armed with an air pistol and axe and pepper spray. it's like a fog of pepper spray in the theater. he hits a man, his wife, and teenage daughter. a young woman in the theater
11:11 am
runs out for help. there just happens to be police officers out here in the parking lot. one of them, jonathan firth. he got back into the theater in 60 seconds to really confront and engage montano. montano backs out of the theater into a swarm of swat officers and they kill him right there in that theater. >> what do we know about his background? it seems -- maybe you can help confirm this or not, the revelations about a mental history. it seems as if this was a suicide mission on his part. >> reporter: they talk about that. but we just don't know at this point. he did, you're right, have a history of mental health issues. he had been committed four times back in 2004 and 2007. and as recently as monday, he was seen at a homeless shelter. also recently his mother had called authorities because she
11:12 am
just couldn't find him. >> thank you, adam. we turn now to the man hunt for the suspect who killed a shreveport, louisiana, police officer. it was just a short time ago. police named 27-year-old grover canon as the person upon for the shooting death of the officer. the officer, a four-year vet of the force was responding to report of suspicious person at a home last night. he confronted the suspect and was shot several times. authorities warn that cannon, that he will be found. >> there is nowhere that he can go. there's nothing that he can do to stop us from bringing him to justice. no matter what rock he crawls under, we will find him. i would suggest that he turns himself in. >> so canon faces first-degree murder charges.
11:13 am
unbelievable anguish from families over conflicting reports about that piece of wing that is likely from mh-370. so what are investigators saying today? plus, there is new debris potentially found on reunion island. more on what search teams are feeling they discovered. james holmes chooses not to testify in his own defense as a jury weighs his life. we'll get the latest from the courthouse in colorado. plus this -- >> i won't miss me. >> yeah. he's not going to miss him, but we will. jon stewart signing off. more on his impact and his last show tonight. we're back with more after this. why are you deleting these
11:14 am
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11:16 am
and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. so developing news right now. the ntsb just released its
11:17 am
report on the march plane crash involving actor harrison ford. investigates found that an issue with the plane's carburetor led to engine failure. ford managed to land on a california golf course. they also found an improperly installed shoulder harness contributed to the actor's injuries. on monday, officials will sweep the coastline where a piece of plane wreckage washed ashore last week. they're hoping to find more of the pieces of plane. this morning, they said new plane debris was found in the same area. but his words are at odds with french authorities who say they haven't received any information about the new discoveries. i'm joined now by anthony roman, former commercial pilot. why are french authorities being
11:18 am
so cautious about drawing conclusions than the malaysian authorities and what does that say about the investigation? >> well, the forensic investigation is a far more complex affair than it appears on the surface. it has to prepare for the possibility that this may turn into a criminal investigation. then all bets are off. so the evidence must be treated as if a crime has been committed already. what happens when you're handling that evidence? everyone who touches it, every method of transport, the method that you touch it, the type of examination that you perform, who was there, how it was done has to be documented in minute detail. any destructive testing that has to be done, it has to be explained exactly how it's being done. >> when we look at that piece, the flaperon from the wing that is from a boeing 777, explain
11:19 am
the significance of what marks would be on that flaperon if it were engaged, if it were trying to glide into the water as opposed to just being a part of the wing surface and not being in movement or in motion at the time? what does that indicate? >> well, i understand what you're asking and it's a critically important question. a flaperon would be deployed in a downward position along with the flap of the airplane which elongates the wing surface and essentially provides more lift for a plane to fly at a slower speed. so this would indicate that the plane was at an approach speed and attempting to make a water landing as opposed to being out of control and suffering for example an aerodynamic failure in the air. >> so demonstrate -- it was gliding into the water as being intentionally driven into the water.
11:20 am
>> correct. exactly. >> so if there is more evidence that washes ashore on reunion island, obviously this encompasses a large swath. do you think that we will eventually find the black box, the cockpit voice recorder that could really give a true puzzle solve to this mystery? >> well, i think we will. i think that we've been looking in the right spot. and i believe that the models of the wind currents, ocean currents and most recently the wave action has all demonstrated that if the aircraft landed where we believe it did, that the parts and pieces of debris would be in the area of reunion island. so by default, i believe we know we're looking in the right spot. vergely, we will find this aircraft and eventually, i believe we will find the black boxes. >> anthony roman, great to see
11:21 am
you. thank you. developing right now are the closing arguments. they're expected to begin in less than an hour. this is the penalty phase for james holmes. he is the convicted theater shooter. and he passed up his final opportunity to actually testify to the jury yesterday. so the jury will soon decide whether he should live or die for killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. coming up next, we turn the page to a different note out of hollywood. and look at a diversity gap. startling new numbers are showing the challenges facing minorities and women in tinsel town. plus, under oath, comedian bill cosby ordered to give a deposition. before we go to break, japan marking the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of hiroshima
11:22 am
this morning. tens of thousands stood in the peace park for a moment of silent at 8:15 a.m., that marked the moment of the blast. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical
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11:25 am
you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. stop hoping for results, and start seeing them. rapid wrinkle repair... ...and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. bill cosby has a date in court to give a deposition in a sexual battery civil suit. now, this suit was brought against him by a woman who claims cosby arrested here in 1974 at the playboy mappings. cosby and his attorneys have repeatedly denied the allegation. they claim the suit is an attempt to ex-tort him. now to the release of a study sure to turn some heads in tinsel town. revealing the lack of diversity in top hollywood films. >> reporter: the usc study
11:26 am
examines gender, race, and ethnicity in 700 of the top films from 2007 to 2014. some of the key findings? only about 30% of characters were female. that's a ratio of 2.3 male roles to one female role. of the 21 female leads or co-leads in 2014, only three were women of color. none of the women were over the age of 45. just last year, nearly three-quarters of all speaking or named characters were white. more than 40 of those movies had no speaking characters of asian decent. in 17 of those top films, there were no speaking parts for african-american characters. >> when you're making these big budget studio movies, you are spending 100 million, $200 million or more on these movies. so executives get a little bit safe. they are less willing to take risks. and sadly, it is considered a
11:27 am
risk to not have a traditional white male movie star in a starring role. >> reporter: the report comes at a time of increasing criticism about the industry's on and off screen practices. patricia arquette made headlines at this year's oscars. >> it's our time to have wage equality once and for all. >> the majority of the hollywood executives that i have come into contact with are very progressive. but there's a difference between talking about it and making decisions. >> reporter: setting the scene for a real life underdog story that still hasn't found its classic hollywood ending. >> not surprising to some people there considering the films that we've seen coming out of hollywood for years and questions about minorities and women. well, speaking of hollywood, i have very positive news to pass along. wedding bells for the actress
11:28 am
jennifer aniston. the friend star tied the knot today with los angeles actor justin thorough. the ceremony was reportedly a small one. guests included howard stern and lisa kudrow. aniston was married for five years to brad pitt. pitt and jolie finally married last year in a secret ceremony. but who cares? jennifer aniston got married. congratulations to her and justin. let's get brad and angie off the screen already. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered
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♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. how do you feel about tonight? you feel good? >> yep. i'll see you guys tonight. >> all smiles right there.
11:32 am
marco rubio earlier today. he and the other nine candidates are getting prepared for the evening's big event. now, the main event is 9:00 p.m. two hours of debate including commercials. the first such debate of this election season. check out this. tens of thousands of tweets about the debate in just the past day. about a thousand an hour. even the clinton team is piggy backing onto the popularity both of the debate and the fact it's throwback thursday. it has released this video today hitting all the candidates for what clinton's people call republican's throwback. one person that won't be watching, president obama. >> i'd be surprised if the president spent a lot of his evening devoted to watching the debate. i'm confident that the highlights, or the low lights as you might describe them. >> as you might describe them.
11:33 am
>> as i might describe them, that the president will get a chance to take a look at those too. >> joining me now ben stien, he's a republican that once served as a speech writer for richard nixon. what do you think it means for the republican party and what do you think it means the longer he remains the frontrunner? >> before we do that, i want to thank you very much as an animal lover for your incredible work for animals. glod bless you for that. as to donald trump, he's a dynamic and lyely guy. i wrote a piece for bear ron's magazine in 1989 about how he mistreated his own stockholders for whom he was essentially, not exactly, fiduciary. i would not trust him with a dollar, let alone with the entire federal government. he is a phenomenon indeed
11:34 am
because he speaks his mind. but i do not consider him a tru trustworthy person. >> but when it comes to the debate, what do you expect for fireworks? and are you excited for people who will tune in just for maybe for the trump fireworks but also then learn about the other candidates for the republican party? >> i think that's a good thing. i applaud mr. trump for bringing in new blood. i think that's great stuff. i think the republicans will all do well. there's not a stupid guy up there on the stage. they're all pretty smart guys. i'm not sure ms. fiorina is up there. >> she's in the happy hour debate. >> happy indeed. anyway, i think it's going to be an interesting night. i'd like to know what mr.
11:35 am
trump's positions are education for the nonwhite community. what he's going to do about isis. he says he has a foolproof plan to beat isis. i'd like to know what his plan is to cut the budget deficit. all of them, republicans and democrats, long on promise. i'm going to fight for you, i'm going to fight for you, i'll even die for you, but what are the specifics. i'm an old guy. i can remember when politicians used to prepare detailed position papers on all important aspects of society. they don't do that anymore. >> we know from trump, his slogan make america great again. >> that means nothing. absolutely nothing. >> looks good on a hat and that's about it. >> it looks good because he's a glamorous guy. i'm good friends with a psychologist would say, i like donald trump because i can imagine i am donald trump and therefore i am very rich, at
11:36 am
least he says he's rich and i guess he is rich, i have got a beautiful wife, i've got beautiful women around me all the time. i have a yacht, although i don't think yachts are great at all. i have a private jet. those are great. when it comes to solving the problems of america, i don't see anything coming out of him at all. >> who's the one candidate you're rooting for tonight? >> it will be the happy hour. it's mr. lindsey graham of south carolina. we have property and relatives in south carolina. we consider ourselves in part from south carolina. i think he is the absolute number one candidate on national security and defense. i love the guy. i would mortgage my house to give him money. i just love the guy. i think he's great. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you for your work for animals. >> all right. so we move onto look at this in all eyes on cleveland for tonight's first republican presidential debate. no coincidence the gop is going all in on ohio. and after tonight's debate,
11:37 am
republicans will be back in town next summer for their convention. msnbc casey hunt has a look. >> reporter: restaurants and shipping containers. trendy bars, luxury lofts. don't look now, but cleveland is becoming cool. >> you ever see sunset? do you know cleveland's great for the whole family? >> yes, yes i do. >> reporter: lebron james has helped his hometown. but saving a city takes a little longer than getting the cavs ready for the playoffs. enter the republican party. and all the benefits that come when a city hosts the biggest political bash of the election cycle. downtown, trains are everywhere. a frantic building boom ahead of the republican national convention. >> when they come here, they find out why. >> cleveland rocks, what can i say? >> reporter: the renaissance started in the '90s. now the city is racing to build
11:38 am
nine new hotels around the renovated convention center. in all, next year's convention could add half a billion dollars to the economy here. >> a few days later, lebron james decided he was coming back to the cleveland cavaliers. probably ranks up there with one of the greatest self-esteem weeks in cleveland history. >> reporter: we're just about three miles from downtown cleveland which is being completely revitalized. but most of the people who come for the convention are never going to see the other half of cleveland's story. >> i've been on this street since i was a year old. i've never been to the new ball field or the new stadium. >> reporter: this is one of the many neighborhoods that rose and fell with the steel industry decades ago. it was hit again during the great recession. >> this is one that's been hit particularly hard by the housing and the banking crisis.
11:39 am
>> that empty lot there, there were three houses there. this lot where the driveway is, there was a house there. >> reporter: demolishing crumbling houses keeps squatters away, but that doesn't solve the larger problem. >> there's jobs if you look for them, but a lot of them are just minimum wage jobs. >> reporter: it's part of the challenge for the republican party. president obama won ohio in 2012 in part by turning out thousands of african-american voters. especially in cities like cleveland which is majority black. and the gop can't ignore the incidence of police brutality. >> these are all issues that we as republicans can and should talk about. we have solutions and we got to be sure we're responding, having the criminal justice process work. >> reporter: city leaders say the development downtown will eventually lift everybody. >> the core gets white hot. and then as you go, people --
11:40 am
the adjoining areas continue to grow. >> reporter: but for now, it's a tale of two cities, one booming and one struggling just to survive. >> i mean, the money they're putting out downtown, yeah, some of it could be spent in the neighborhoods to make things better. but that's the way the politics go, i guess. >> and there was a report from msnbc's casey hunt. we thank her for that. we have been asking you to weigh in our bing pulse question of the day. do you think donald trump will win tonight's debate. here's how you feel. 36% say yes. 64% say no. have your opinion heard. the pulse is live right now. go check it out and we will have another check on your reactions later in this hour. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back after this. ♪
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welcome back. these are live pictures of president obama commemorating the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act. here's more of what the president had to say just moments ago. >> on the ground, there are still too many ways in which people are discouraged from voting. some of the protections that had been enshrined in the voting rights act itself have been weakened as a consequence of court decisions and interpretations of the law. >> so just history lesson for you. president lyndon johnson signed the legislation into law on this day in 1965. ever since millions of minorities have exercised their rights to vote in states that previously made it difficult to do so. but problems still remain with several states requiring or
11:45 am
requesting voter identification. proponents say it is discriminatory. after president obama is done speaking, my colleague will take part in a discussion with civil rights leader john lewis. it was just moments ago that al sharpton spoke to hillary clinton about voting rights on his "keeping it real" radio show. hillary clinton spoke specifically about what she sees as inequality in the justice system. >> if you compare arrest records in charging of crimes, in convicting of crimes, in sentencing for crimes, you compare african-american men to white men, it is as unfortunately clear as it could be that there is a bias in favor of white men who are arrested or charged with the very same offenses as african-american
11:46 am
men. >> so you can hear more of the reverend's interview with hillary clinton including what she had to say about voting rights tonight on "politics nation," 6:00 p.m. right here on msnbc. in the backdrop of tonight's republican debate, a "washington post" report says that former president bill clinton talked to donald trump just weeks before he jumped into the 2016 field. now, it goes onto say, the former president reportedly encouraged trump to play a larger role in the republican party. in the past, trump has contributed to hillary clinton's senate campaigns and the clinton foundation. earlier today, my colleague spoke to clinton campaign communications director about the call. >> noted that he was thinking about running for president and the president wished him well. donald trump doesn't strike me as someone who takes a big step like this because somebody else wants him to do. >> let's bring in our republican
11:47 am
strategist, msnbc contributor joins me here. it's great to see you both. matt, let he start with you. trump is popular with the conservative base. so this big reveal, having a phone call with bill clinton, is that going to tarnish his standing with those voters? >> it's a great question. but i don't know if i'm the right guy to answer it because i've gotten this all wrong. 25%, 30% of these polls is pretty stout when you have 17 candidates. any association with the clintons is negative for republican voters. donald trump is just a very unique candidate. i don't think it's fair to say he's just appealing to conservatives. he's appealing to conservative voters across the board. yeah, this is kind of a strange story, but there's a lot of interesting and strange things about this candidacy. >> jonathan, why do you think
11:48 am
this call would happen? we know that hillary clinton attended the third wedding of donald trump in 2005. hillary clinton sat in the front row. president clinton showed up at the reception. why would this call happen? >> couple of things. remember, the clin tops live in new york. donald trump is new york. it makes sense that they would know each other. two, president clinton is renowned for just picking up the phone and calling anybody and talking politics with them. so it didn't strike me odd that he would pick up the phone and call donald trump just to maybe talk politics, wish him well, encourage him to be a part of the political process and, you know, he could do a lot of good in the republican party. so it's not strange that president clinton would make the call. not to me, anyway. and it's not strange they would
11:49 am
have the conversation. >> matt, i want to ask you about this. do you think this information is going to play out in the debate tonight? because if this does come up, then it could be invoked that bill clinton is like the son that barbara and the first president bush didn't have because they love bill clinton so much. so then jeb bush could be taken down a few pegs or two. is this something you think most of the big frontrunners will stay away from? >> as a republican, i never understood this bush/clinton thing. people know that he contributed to the clinton foundation. they know he contributed his money to her senate campaigns. i don't think this adds any real dynamics to the race other than that, you know, it's unconventional. but it's working. >> yeah. >> i would just say if the
11:50 am
opponents want to chip away at donald trump's conservativeness, they'll drop that on him along with a whole lot of other things. >> okay. great to see you. thank you. up next, as jon stewart signs off, what will his legacy be? >> we annihilated things. i can remember one night even the hulk was like, dooud, hey, slow down. you are adorable. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding] you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. hurry up! [laughing] vowhen we say real meat is thet foodfirst ingredient, r labels.
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welcome, welcome to "the daily show." craig is on assignment in kuala lumpur, i'm jon stewart. giving the state and the presidency to george w. bush by a total of 537 votes. wow. that's a landslide if you're running for student council treasurer. we're going to do a challenge. i'm going to try and download every movie ever made and you
11:54 am
are going to try and sign up for obamacare and we'll see which happens first. >> okay. >> so it's hard believe that later today jon stewart will tape his final broadcast. professor robert thompson is the director of the center for television and popular culture at syracuse sboovrt. talk about how jon stewart really changed the game for comedy and politics and these type of nightly programs. >> yeah, well i grew up with johnny carson. he sure wasn't a political satireist. jon stewart invents this idea of investigative comedy and ends up doing reports that in some ways are better journalism in a comic mode than a lot of people are doing in a serious journalistic mode. >> do you think with colbert and
11:55 am
his exit before jon stewart's, does this signal a transition away from political satire? >> no, i think it's very healthy. jon stewart is stepping down, but he has left the seeds of this format all over the place. larry wilmore is doing some of the most important stuff in late night now. and of course john oliver, he's only on once a week, but he's even doing more long form of this kind of stuff. both of those sprung from "the daily show" college of political humor. trevor noah could be as interestingly a new voice as jon stewart was when he took over the show. >> it will be interesting times as all things must come to an end. we start a new chapter.
11:56 am
professor robert thompson, thank you, sir. thank you for your time. that's going to wrap up things for today's show. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. until then, keep the conversation going on social media. i would kill for something sweet. i know... we could have one of those. one? are you kidding? we'll end up eating like thirty. wanna split that?, so much fat.
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that music gets me in the mood. good afternoon. did you hear, there's a presidential debate opportunity in and all political eyes are on cleveland's quicken loans arena. it's game on for all 17 republican candidates. seven face off first. followed by the top ten in the polls led by donald trump and jeb bush. whoever ultimately wins the debates in pri mires will be back in cleveland next summer to accept the republican
12:00 pm
nomination. some say why bother with tonight's debates because moody's analyst iks have already declared the winner. but they say it's going to be extremely close and we're so far away, what does that number mean anyway? that my friend is why debates like tonight are what we are going to see and why they are going to matter. the dnc just announced the first democratic debate. it will be october 13th in nevada. we begin with the main event. msnbc political reporter casey hunt is in cleveland. first, describe the atmosphere there as electric, perhaps as the social media environment we live in. i think there's more hype for this debate than the last rnc convention in florida. describe what it will be like for the moderators even using the cleveland cavs


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