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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 10, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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this morning. police say there was an exchange of gunfire between two groups who were not protesters, apparently firing at each other. then the police came under fire and police say a young man is now in critical condition after opening fire on four plain clothes officers. police returned fire. witnesses describe the scene. >> what happened? >> a lot of shots. a lot of gunshots. >> yeah. we just ran back here immediately. they were -- in that direction. >> people were running before the shots were fired. so it wasn't even just then. >> meanwhile, in texas, the fbi is being asked to help out in the investigation of the deadly shooting of an unarmed college football player by a police officer. msnbc's adam riess is following that story in arlington,texas, and trymaine lee is live for us in ferguson. first, let's start in ferguson and talk about the latest on the shooting investigation after what was supposed to be peaceful
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nonadministrations. >> it was kind of one of most those moments when everyone on the divide, feared, a break in the calm. police say last night's shooting began with two groups of at least six shooters. chief jon bell hmer engaged. police took notice. followed in. the suspect fired on the van. four of the officers who were in plain clothes then engaged the suspect in shooting him critically wounding him 7. at this point they're still investigating, still searching for effects. one thing chief belmer said the weapon that the suspect apparently used was a nine millimeter, stolen in recent years. again, this comes at a time one year later when we saw so much unrest in protests sparked from the killing of michael brown. i've talked to a number of protesters who say this shouldn't overshadow the movement. what they're trying to do. pushing for justice.
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not just for the michael browns of ferguson but for the michael browns across this country. i want you to listen to one resident we spoke to kind of express and illustrated that frustration. let's take a listen. >> help me understand what is it that we accomplished last night out of all of the energy that we burnt when we could have been wasting that energy out here mentoring, teaching, showing our young people the right way. >> reporter: so here we are again back celebrating and commemorating the one-year anniversary, so many people coming out push for justice. right behind us at this church, there is a march scheduled to begin where hundreds are already inside, rallying, organizing. but, you know, folks say one thing to be clear. last night those individuals who were involved in the shooting were not part of the protests. they were criminals who took cover among so many of those protesting. again, this is a kickoff of what many are describing as a moral
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monday type protest here in the city. different civil disobedience acts planned and scheduled. >> reporting in ferguson for us. thanks so much. now switch gears the and go to msnbc's adam riess live for us in arlington, texas. we've got officer brad mill whole police say fatally shot christian taylor during an confrontation, put on administrative leave. explain what led to the confrontation, the video that we have, and about the young man that was lost. >> that young man is christian taylor, thomas. he was here in the parking lot of the dealership behind me. his actions in the parking lot that brought the police. you can see in the surveillance video. he's acting erratically. he's jumping up and down on a car. he actually rips out the front windshield of one of the cars and gets into the car. he then gets in his jeep and rams right through the showroom window. that's when police come, responding to a 911 call of a
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burglary in progress. several officers a. i've. one of them gets into a confrontation with him as he tries to barricade himself in a bathroom and tried to escape out of the back door. 49-year-old brad miller, rookie, still in training, shoots taylor four times, killing him. that officer now on administrative leave. he's not been questioned yet. that part of the procedure. they wait a couple days before they question someone in a deadly shooting like this. for his part, christian taylor's father says certainly he shouldn't have been doing what he was doing here, but he didn't deserve to die for it. thomas? >> what more do with we know about the autopsy report and how fast we can get back on an toxicology report. this is erratic behavior. this is not something you would typically see a young college kiddo who plays on the football team. something obviously went wrong here but the dad makes a very good point this is a disproportionate reaction to the behavior that's being demonstrated. >> reporter: yeah, well, the autopsy report will certainly take several more days.
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you mention his father. his father said it's quite possible he was drinking something or he might have even taken something that have caused him to do that. the fbi has been asked to join this investigation, thomas, to help out. they haven't officially joined yet. but they will be a part of this investigation to determine if the deadly force was justified. thomas? >> msnbc's adam riess, thanks so much. in just under 30 minutes from now i'm going to speak more about these two situations with former new york city police officer and professor of police studies at john k. criminal college. eugene o'donnell will be our guest. switch gears to talk about politics and donald trump marches onward and upward after a wild weekend for his presidential campaign. many have called for trump to apologize after making what they say is a vial. trump denies the allegations. in fact, he said today kelly should apologize to him. it started friday might whtrump was asked about the questions he got from kelly during the debate
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and that's when trump said this. >> she gets out and she starts asking me automatll sorts of ridiculous questions. you could see there was blood coming out of her eye, blood coming out of her wherever. >> now, that out of her whatever line is what's causing the problem. the outrage. many people heard it and perceived that trump was referring to kelly and menstruation. here's a sample about what trump has said about the debate and that comment. >> the fact is she asked me a very inappropriate question. she asked -- she should really be apologizing to me, you want to know the truth. i said blood was -- she was so angry, that blood was coming out of her eye, blood was coming out of her -- i didn't even finish the answer because i wanted to get on to the next point. i will be phenomenal to the women. i mean, i want to help women. of course, it's very hard for them to attack me on looks because i'm so good looking.
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>> to la last statement happened on "meet the press." we're asking you to weigh in on our bing pulse question live right now, do you think that donald trump has a problem with women? donald trump is asking come out to explain his remarks to say that anybody who thinks that he was speaking of anything else is a deviant. katy tur has been following the trump campaign and joins me now live. trump says, katie, he used similar language and he did later in that cnn interview to describe chris wallace. in that reference he only used the blood pouring out of his eyes to -- that was three minutes after he made the my again ke megyn kelly reference. >> over the weekend i got a number of very long, very specific e-mails from random trump supporters who found my e-mail online and wanted to tell me what they thought about him. i think that this is solidifying his base of support with the people who really like him. they like that he's a tough
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speaker. they like that he's not politically correct. they're not minding necessarily that he's going overboard. i think the people who are especially offended by this are the people who already didn't like him to begin with. i think tomorrow we're going to have him -- we're going to see him in michigan. he's got a rally out there. it will be interesting to see if he gets the same sort of crowds that he has been getting. i expect him to. some of the tickets, some high price tickets are already sold out for that event. i think that teflon in the sense that he has base of supporters but will he be able to branch out from that and get more people onboard? in order to win the candidacy he's going to have to be able to convince more people than just the right to the very right conservative side that's very angry that he's the one that they should vote for for president. in order to do that he's going to have to get more detailed on some policies specifics. so far we have not seen that from the trump campaign. we've only seen a lot of bo
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bombastic bomb throwing, if you will. >> katy, it was about 24 hours ago that donald trump tweeted, it amazing me that other networks treat me better than @foxnews. i give them the biggest ratings in history and i get zip. at 11:00 a.m. today, roger ailes just called. he is a great guy and assures me that trump will be treated fairly on fox news. his word is always good. so that might be the closest thing that donald trump gets to an apology out of this that phone call from roger ailes. let's talk about the wild weekend from inside his campaign and key figure from donald trump that's going away. >> roger stone, up with of his top political adviser, either was fired or resigned. the campaign said he was fired because he was just trying to get publicity for himself and stone from our sources says that he actually resigned. he said he was just getting too distracting with all of the attacks and controversies in the media and it was distracting
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from trump's core message, that h we is an outsider, he's not beholden to anybody, and he can be a force for change in politics. what's interesting though, thomas, is that stone is a long-time political operative. this guy has a big long history. he has nixon tattooed on his back. and when he says that it's just getting too distracting, it's just getting too ridiculous, if you will, that's got to say a lot, doesn't it? >> i think it definitely says that there is more to come as we continue to all lose sight of the political shore together on the trump boat. nbc's katy tur, thanks so much. so are donald trump's comments about women affecting him in the polls? my colleague francis rivera has that part of the story. >> some people may be surprised what they find in this littest poll, this one coming to us from our friends at survey monkey. let's bring in the numbers and see how everybody falls. who won the debate? 22% of republican voters say carly fiorina came out on top. interesting when you consider
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that because she didn't make the cut for the main stage. you remember fiorina had that stand-up performance in the happy hour debate. the one earlier at 5:00 eastern. she is followed by donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz, ben carson and mike huckabee. at the bottom of the list, we're seeing rand paul, scott walker, jeb bush, chris christie, and john kasich. interesting note when it comes to this. very few actually thought the three sitting governors performed poorly. so on the other end, who lost the debate? 29% of republicans chose donald trump. that's followed by rand paul, jeb bush, chris christie, and lindsey graham, top five of those who lost. let's look at how the debate influenced the gop standings when it comes to this donald trump still on top at 23% followed by ted cruz here. you got to consider this is kind of a major shake-up rounding out the top five. ted cruz at 13%. ben carson, 11%. carly fiorina at 8%.
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and marco rubio also at 8%. that's the highest fiorina has polled nationally. and to round out the bottom six. jeb bush, scott walker, former front-runners now at 7%. rand paul, mike huck key, and john kasich and rick perry tied at 2% at well. tom marks interesting when you see how the debate has shaken up the gop race. we'll continue to watch this play out day to day and how they'll stack up as we look forward to the next debate. of course, calendars are already marked for that, september 16th. >> so many people were curious to see if the post debate ripple effect would have trouble for trump. it really hasn't when it comes to positive. >>ing aling the issues. issues here was what we were looking for. >> we still remain for substance. remember always keep weighing in. the pulse being live. do you think donald trump has a problem with women? cast your vote. coming up next, hillary clinton takes the stage in new hampshire with a $350 billion plan to kill college debt.
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but the question is, will clinton weigh in on donald trump and his latest controversy with women? plus, the latest on very scary moments at one of the nation's busiest airports. and then -- we're going to take you to istanbul for the latest on a deadly terror attack targeting the u.s. consulate. that and much more coming up on "msnbc live." stay with me. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do.
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happening right now in new hampshire. hillary clinton is about to speak and she's trying to shift the focus to one of the big item on her presidential agenda, that is tackling crippling college debt. any minute now she's going to layout her plan for dealing with that. prior to today's event she
10:17 am
released a video of people explaining just how difficult living with college debt can be. >> i am pregnant with my second daughter. when you look at how much it will cost my did go to college and you literally want to throw up. >> this is clinton has certified that she has turned over e-mails from her private accounts to the state department. msnbc's alex seitz-wald join mess now from exeter, new hampshire. explain the details. will we expect from clinton laying this plan out, certainly wants to grab attention of millennials, that are saddled with debt. but where does this fit at her priority list, right at the top? >> reporter: clinton's campaign is saying that will be a top priority. this is probably the most comprehensive and detailed policy plan we've seen from her campaign thus far. as we mentioned the price tag, $350 billion to be financed by closing what her campaign calls loopholes for the wealthy in tax
10:18 am
loopholes. the goal is to make a four-year college education available to anyone who wants it without having to take out loans. two-year community college education will be free and she would take about half of that money, that $350 billion, give it to states and colleges and incent viivize them to bring it down. a third of that money would help students pay for loans and the rest would be to used to create innovative programs and allow anyone currently has debt to refinance, lock in the very low interest rates that we have at the moment and going forward she would want it so students would only have to pay about 10% of their income in loans. after 20 years if they've been good about paying things off, their debt would be forgiven. definitely become a litmus test issue for progress gresives. hoping to shore up support on the lef and get young voters excited, critical to the democratic base. >> let's move on. e-mail controversy that really has been shadowing clinton's campaign. what does it mean that she's certified these e-mails that have been turned over?
10:19 am
sglu >> right. this is basically making it official under legal penalty that she has turned overall e-mails from private server that had anything to do with her work as secretary of state. she said that publicly before but this time she's making it official. >> alex seitz-wald reporting for us in exeter. coming up next, the close encounter of the drone kind. four new reports of unknown objects flying in the path of planes. fitness fan or fanatics? inside the exercise craze that has launched seoulcycle into a publically traded company and have some calling it a cult. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure... but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b.
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famer and sportscaster frank gifford. the pro bowler spent 12 seasons with the new york giants, celebrities and fans took the social media to remember the football icon. al michaels who worked with gifford on monday night football gave him this touching tribute at halftime time of the hall of fame game. >> reporter: wonderful partner, great teammate, i'll forever remember frank as a man that no matter what was going on around him, he was always the coolest guy in the room. >> the giants co-owner john mara released a statement calling frank gifford the ultimate giant. he is survived by his wife kat leelee and their children codey and cassie and frank's children from his first marriage, total of five kids. so certainly will be missed, thomas. >> football talent, tv talent, we send our very best to kathie lee and the entire family. it happened again in the nation's busiest airspace. the faa says that four commercial airline pilots
10:24 am
reported seeing a drone during final approach on sunday. it's the latest in a long list of incidents at new york area airports. nbc's kristen dahlgren has details live from new york airport. what more do we know about what happened? what did they report seeing? >> there's definitely growing concern. this is the fourth airport drone incident in the new york area in just this month alone. and so the faa is continuing to investigate but what they're telling us at this point is that four aircraft on approach here to newark on sunday at about noon spotted this drone. it was an express jet plane, a northwest air link plane, and two united planes. the crews reported that they had seen this drone about 8 to 13 miles out from the airport flying at about 2 to 3,000 feet. the planes didn't have to take any evasive action. all landed safely. but definitely some tense moments. here's what it sounded like between the tower and some of those planes coming?
10:25 am
>> 1259, newark tower. winds near 509. clear to land. use caution, drone reported six miles final 200 off to the right side. do have an occasional primary target in that general vicinity. >> okay. clear to land on the right. watch for drone. >> drones aren't allowed to fly within five miles of an airport and not above 400 feet. anyone found in violation of those rules could be fined $25,000 and face criminal charges. thomas, at this point we are not aware of anyone actually being prosecuted for this. so very difficult to locate. those drone operators, they're really isn't a whole lot of teeth in this. but the investigation continues. this is something they're very worried about if one of those drones could be ingested into the engines. it could have catastrophic effect. back to you. >> we know it's happened with birds. thanks so much. developing now, moral monday
10:26 am
nonadministrations in ferguson, missouri. i'm going the talk to someone about where he stand as a country. plus, a deadly gun battle outside the u.s. consulate in turkey. we give you the very latest from istanbul next. do you think that donald trump has problem with women? your response to today's bing question and we'll take the pulse of the blaze's amy holmes. i see her in studio. she's going to be joining me onset when we come back. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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welcome back. let's take you to the developing scene that's happening as we speak in missouri. clergy and community members have just started to march in st. louis chanting "black lives matter." it comes after a chaotic and violent night early morning where gunshots erupted between two groups of people who were not protester, a young man though is listed in critical condition after he opened fire
10:30 am
on four plain clothes police officers. police returned fire. missouri governor just released a statement, quote, those who terrorize communities with gunfire and commit violence against police officers are criminals and their reprehensible acts must not be allowed to silence the voices of peace and progress. now, this morning my colleague spoke with st. louis 5alderman french who described it. >> 100 feet away from me, gunshots started going off behind a white suv. there were just a few at first, and not very many people ran immediately but then more gunshots proceeded and even just took off. >> eugene o'donnell is a former new york city police officer and currently teaches police studies at john j. college of criminal justice. looking at the thomas eagleton u.s. court building where the march finally ended where they're all meeting as a group
10:31 am
after the moral monday march that took place in st. louis. eugene, protest leaders are being criticize -- or criticizing the police, that it was a poor decision to use plain clothes officers at a protest setting. explain, is that common that they should be in plain clothes or is that uncommon? >> it sounds like whatever the police do they're going to be criticized when they are in riot gear, criticized when they're not in uniform. they're criticized, it is common practice to have plain clothes people there to be listening, to be honest, and to be monitoring what's happening with some of these protest, of course, legitimate protesters being shunted aside and there's an element of people that don't even come from the town that are coming to create problems. that shouldn't be tolerated. >> that's what i think was expoed here and i hear the police chief talking about that, criminal elements exposing the vulnerabilities and pitting people against each other and use these protests as a cover to get awe way with bad behavior.
10:32 am
>> absolutely. this shooting is unrelated to the protests. by all accounts the protests were peaceful and raising legitimate issues, constructive. raising ideas on how to fix the town and then you've got some guy with a gun shooting the place up unrelated. unfortunately in the minds of a lot of people are going to be connected now. >> police are trying to do whatever they can to protect the protesters as well as protect from a criminal element that should show up. so i think a lot of people would understand why plain clothes officers would be on the scene. i want to switch gears and talk to you about texas though because we have the fbi lending a hand into the shooting investigation of christian taylor. police say that the officer involved in this brad miller, shot taylor during a confrontation after he was observed vandalizing cars at a local dealership. miller who was undergoing supervised field training used his field weapon, the other officer, deployed a taser at some point. but as we learn more information about all this, is this a
10:33 am
disproportionate reaction to what the officers were called to the scene for as you understand it? >> it's too early to make any judgment. sounds like additional other video is going to come out. it is a burglary, considered to be a violent crime. so we'll have to wait and sew what actually comes out and also sounds like the officers perceived things differently perhaps. that one perceived nonlethal weapon would do the trick and the other officer thought there was something more significant. one thing that is obvious here is with this case and others that police shootings now are going to be under a microscope and that is as it should be. it should be a complete, thorough review of police shootings, that should happen. >> yeah. proper scrutiny to the right degree. former new york city police officer eugene o'donnell. thanks for your time. so, we will keep an eye on ferguson. we will take you back there as that story continues to develop. again, these are live pictures or pictures that we had turn around from st. louis.
10:34 am
we have been talking politics today, and you can avoid it. you've been hearing a lot about donald trump and the fact he is getting flack about his comments regarding fox's megyn kelly and when he might detail his policy decisions. on "morning joe" today he promised he will be the best one at least -- he will be the best one on at least one key campaign issue. take a listen. >> on women's issues and women's health issues, this will be nobody better than donald trump. but i will be coming out with some policy on that. andly be making it in the future. i just don't want to discuss it now. >> we will wait until the next debate stage maybe. amy holmes is a former speech writer for bill frist. she's also anchor of "hot list" of "" >> he's been getting away with it so far.
10:35 am
although i agree with joe when he said this morning that he didn't think that trump did a very good job on the debate stage. but i thought it was amazing this morning that after 72 hours of being pummeled for his remarks regarding women, megyn kelly and others, that when he's finally given the opportunity to address women's issues in a substantive policy driven way he said, eh, i'll talk about it later. well, no, this was your opportunity to change the topic and shift it more towards positives instead of continuing on this juvenile rampage against megyn kelly. >> there have not been any sit-downs given to talk about policy issues with donald trump. our big question today is do you think donald trump has a problem with women as we look at the bing pulse which is live right now, so if everybody wants to vote, we can give everybody an over video of where people stand. can we get the numbers up real fast, the percentages? working on that. 57% no. there we have it. 43% yes.
10:36 am
amy, do you think that his presidenti presidential campaign is going to have a problem with women? we know after the rnc autopsy it was a big deal to be a bigger tent, to go after the hispanic voting bloc, to go after the female voting bloc. >> of course. >> he seems to have sent missiles into both those camps very early on. >> yes, which has some people conspiracy theorizing he's a democratic plant at this point. i think donald trump has his constituency, men and women, who love the donald going after these targets and he is in some ways a protest vote against the establishment, against politics, against, you know, all of us here in media that talk about it. of course, all day long. but if you look at another poll the association of mature citizens and mature -- i think the key word here -- they polled 17,000 people and discovered that those people thought that carly fiorina was the winner last thursday and she wasn't even on the main debate stage. >> no, she was at the happy hour. >> right. >> she has really raised her
10:37 am
profile since then. but when we see and your boss over at the blaze, glenn beck, came out strongly opposed. >> to donald trump. >> yes. >> but there is this great divide that's happening when there should be a coalescing. while we want to have great policy debates and figure out and vet who is the best to elevate themselves on the left and the right, we seem to be getting mired down and really silly stuff. >> well, it is silly. i would agree with that. i don't think we need to coalesce. i think we need to have a rambunctious debate about the issues, about which -- what each of these candidates wants to do should they become president of the united states. >> any of them get oxygen is what i meanwhile we, you know, circle -- >> meanwhile, donald trump -- >> while we circle around and, you know, the remarks that are made, you know, now we're going after, you know, fox treating donald unfairly at the debate to then his response to that in an interview with don on cnn to now
10:38 am
this and hu he's responding on "meet the press" or calling in to joe and mika this morning. you can't get anywhere. we can't break the skin. we cannot break the skin. >> right. it is silly season. it's also august. and when congress returns in september, you know, the legislative schedule is going to be informing the presidential, you know, race as well, asking tough questions. oh, hillary clinton and bernie sapders and all of the gop candidates for president of the united states. >> we should be having a robust debate but we're being caught by the noise. >> i think we can handle three more weeks. >> three more? >> maybe three more. >> all right. donald, mark down on the calendar that amy holmes said three more weeks. >> and that's it. >> former republican speech writer, amy holmes. thank you. developing news overseas, dramatic new video of an attack overnight on the u.s. consulate in istanbul, turkey. all right. so this was all captured on home
10:39 am
cell video. and police exchange gunfire with a suspect after at least one woman opened fire at the u.s. consulate. but it's just in one of a string of attacks that happened overnight. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in istanbul, turkey, for us. do we know what the catalyst is, why this is happening? >> well, you need to understand what's going on in this country and really globally, too, to understand the different kinds of attacks that are happening in turkey today. and much of it centered today in istanbul which is normally a city that's full of tourist, normally a city that's very safe. this morning there was a bomb placed by a police station when a bomb squad responded, and this isn't the attack on the consulate, a different attack. there was a bomb in front of a police station when police bomb squad responded to that incident they were ambushed.
10:40 am
almost at the same time there was this woman, she may have been alone, she may have had an accomplice, who approached the u.s. consulate which is right on the outskirts of istanbul. it's kind of a fortress on a hill like a lot of diplomatic facilities these days. this woman apparently fired two shots in the area and then was cornered by turkish police and she was shot, wounded, and taken into custody. these two attacks were apparently the work of a fringe radical leftist group. at the same time, while these barely small, not very well known militant -- this small not very well known militant group carrying out the attacks in istanbul, kurdish militants were attacking turkish soldiers along the border. it actually fits together, believe it or not, in the u.s.-led war against isis. because the united states has been pressuring turkey for about
10:41 am
a year now to do more against isis. and praising turkey for taking the recent decision to start cracking down on isis militants. but at the same time, while turkey has been doing that crackdown, it has also been cracking down on this left wing group and kurdish groups and i think we're now seeing the response of its crackdown that turkey has been doing. many in this country think that the turkish government pulled something of a bait and switch. it was asked to crack down on isis and it's doing some of that and at the same time cracking down on its old internal enemy, settling scores and that's one of the reasons we're seeing the violence here. >> nbc's chief foreign correspondent affairs, richard engel. thank you. with 47 studios in 7 states, listen to this, soulcycle is beginning to take the country by storm and it certainly has business minds spinning. is it ready for wall street debut? and then, environmental workers accidentally release 3 million gallons of contaminated
10:42 am
water in the colorado's river turning it a toxic orange. look at that. up next in the next hour, we're going to look at where the sludge is headed and how this really happened. swords. or obsess about security. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed,
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10:45 am
the indoor spinning chain soul cycle has announced plans to go public in the chic studio for cycle fashioniantos. more than 300,000 spinning enthusiasts have taken a class at soul cycle despite the high end cost of the exercise. 35 bucks a class. that mayhem explain the company's impress i profit last year of 25 million bucks. josh barrel wrote about soul cycle for the "new york times" and josh is also an msnbc contributor and host of "three cents" on shift by msnbc. it's great to see you. in the competitive world of fit bs how has soul cycle been able to keep its client base
10:46 am
especially when people are going to see and hear that figure of 35 bucks a class and think that's way out of our price league? >> when you talk to soul cycle devotees they talk about it as a great workout and a spiritual experience, they talk about it as the thing that let's them become their better self. it sounds sort of crazy. people who are detractors of soul cycle refer to it as a cu will,t. saying a bit is a cult is saying the customer base is very devoted to it and likely to continue to pay a high price for it. >> what keeps them so loyal as opposed to gyms where spinning classes are free with the membership? >> yeah, no, that's an important thing to note. it's not that hard to open a spin studio. you can buy the spin bikes and set it up. you don't need that much real estate. fitness typically has been a tough industry to make a profit in. bally total fitness went bankrupt twice inside two years. gyms are a commodity business. people go where the lowest price is.
10:47 am
nobody seems to have been able to come up with a product to soul psyche. they don't have the same sort of spiritual element where soul cycle sort of becomes almost an aspect of people's personalities. in a way it's like crossfit, another fitness craze. there are lots of other ways to get workouts that are fundamentally similar to crossfit but they don't have the same social aspect. >> spiritual experience, entering a hot teepee andrey mushroom tea or something. so you think this is going to be successful? >> so, i mean, a lot of buzzy companies go to ipo and they're not profitable. it's like, look, we're growing so much. event chually we'll turn that se into profitable. they're opening more than one new studio a month. i think they do have this sort of unique product where it's going to be tough for imitators to compete with them. the big question is, is spinning a fad? are people in five years going to be as in to spinning as they are right now?
10:48 am
i think one advantage with that is that spinning is a low-impact workout. a lot of other fitness crazes like crossfit is tough on their joints. as people get past 35 they can't bounce and jump in the same way they used to be able to. people can do this in their 40s and 50 fz it's something that's still trendy. >> josh barrow, have you ever taken up with of those class snes. >> i have. it is a good workout. i'm no a member of the cult. i don't necessarily find it to be a spiritual experience but i have enjoyed it. >> i've never taken one. so maybe i'll have to go. >> you should try it. >> i love new cults. coming up next, the fallout from cecil the lion's death and what that means for world lion day? and in our next hour target sets its sites on a new audience. we'll tell you which aisles are losing their gender-based themes.
10:49 am
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10:51 am
a couple of wild animal attacks, those are making headlines. wildlife biologists setting
10:52 am
traps to find a grisly bear who killed a hiker last week. the victim, an experienced hiker, was found partially consumed in the vicinity of the trail near lake village friday. bears will be euthanized if determined to be involved in the attack. yellowstone considered bear country. hikers advised to stay on designated trails and carry bear spray. a woman in florida lost part of her attacked by an alligator. the victim said something grabbed her arm and pulled her under the surface of the waters saturday. she was taken to orlando medical center and lost her right arm below the elbow. after an intense search, the al greater that attacked her was euthanized. this is the second bite in florida in two weeks. scary moments over the weekend, involving the bear and alligator. >> a wild weekend. we have politics, too, which
10:53 am
we'll get back top of the hour. thank you. so, zimbabwe lifted a ban on big game hunting. and this reversal comes just ten days after they imposed that moratorium in less than two weeks after death of the country's most famous lion cecil. the ban remains in place on farmland where cecil died all hunts will be subject to stricter rules. and this news comes on world lion day. the first global campaign to celebrate the lion. here with us now, jeff corwin, wildlife biologist and host of "ocean mess tris" joins us via skype. looks like somewhere almost tropical. can you tell us where you are? >> exotic massachusetts. >> we love exotic massachusetts. >> look at the tide going out, i'm going to be going diving after we finish this conversation. >> all right. that's very cool, actually. but so, when we talk about what's happened in zimbabwe a lot of people doesn't think that's cool.
10:54 am
it's lifted the big game hunting ban ten days after instituting one. there has been worldwide outrage over the death of cecil. what's your reaction to that? their economy depends on big game hunting. >> well, out of the approximately 11 countries in africa. 9 out of 54 that offer hunting, it is big business. talking $200 million a year, half of that $100 million going to south africa. and another big portion of that money going to zimbabwe. unfortunately, it's dubious when it comes to how they manage these funds. it's why the department of the interior and the u.s. fish and while life service have excluded certain trophies from being imported from successful hunters in zimbabwe. i think they have to really re-examine their management practices. >> today, being this first ever world lion day, so the campaign's website is asking people to look and see where
10:55 am
they see lions on tv, t-shirts, used as logos. animal planet's running a 12-hour marathon of lion programming in honor of the day. look at numbers 30,000 lions in africa compared to 250,000 back in 1975. do you think that cecil's death will have any long-term impact on proper conservation, or that this is going to be something that has our attention for moment and then it dissipates? >> thomas, i think expiration of cecil in a dramatic and unethical fashion focussed and polarized us. polarized, sober and shocked by what we heard but also focussed in the world's recognizing this ult m ultimate icon, the predator that outcompetes everybody, even in national parks is not safe. the population of the animals is plummeting as we speak, just in the last two decades.
10:56 am
it's down by over 40%. as you said, we have between 25,000 to 35,000 lions. they're in serious trouble. we need to do something about it or we'll lose this ultimate creature of the african plains. >> wildlife biologist, jeff corw corwin. today, august 10th, first ever world lion day. thank you. much more on the top stories when we return at top of the hour. here in ferguson -- st. louis, excuse me, where we're marking the one-year anniversary of the death of michael brown but seeing protesters crossing over a line where police set up a certain barricade. we'll take you to that march where the protesters are in st. louis and also return to ferguson as well. and then, donald trump not backing down from the comments that some are calling misogynistic about women. our question of the day, do you think donald trump has a problem with women? "the pulse "is live. cast your vote.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
robert we start this hour of msnbc live with breaking news out of missouri. live pictures from st. louis. a rally of community members and activists marking one year since death of michael brown. things are getting testy between police and protesters who have breached a barrier outside the u.s. courthouse. >> we've come to say, enough is enough! >> so this march comes on the heels of a i cchaotic night, ea morning, exchange of gunfire between two groups not protesters firing on each other. then the police came under fire. police say a young man is in critical condition after opening fire on four plainclothes officers. police returned fire, following a day of peaceful protests there today, business owners spent the day cleaning up from the damage done earlier. and they want to know why this is happening all over again.
11:01 am
>> it just brings you to tears because if -- i mean, i just -- when are you going to stop, you know? that's -- that's what we want to know. i just don't feel like it's not an act of protest. i don't believe you can actively protest at nighttime. >> when is it going to stop? msnbc's trymaine lee live in st. louis. explain what you've been witnessing that's happened over the last hour. how has it escalated to the point we're seeing now live? >> can you hear us? we're going to work on getting the shot with trymaine up and getting his audio. congressman emmanuel cleaver on the telephone. sir, looking at what seems to be
11:02 am
a sit-in that has happened where the protesters have crossed a barricade that was set up by police there at the courthouse. but what's your reaction to what we're seeing, especially overnight and into the early morning hours where it was a criminal element that took advantage of vulnerabilities on this anniversary? >> well, i know many of the protesters who are genuinely interested in trying to make some progress not only in terms of reforms with ferguson police department and judicial system, which the government frankly's done, the supreme court's already put in a new municipal judge and prosecutor. that's progress. and the justice department has a consent decree which is forcing some other changes. that's progress. now, progress is sometimes
11:03 am
messy. however, what we see in ferguson is, i think, some good young people, well-meaning young people who are simply trying to remain people that we still have work to do in ferguson since the shooting of michael brown. the anniversary of that shooting. but inevitably, as progress is being made, there are those who will jump in to create chaos. their whole goal is chaos. and the country, the nation, must understand that we're talking about a small group of ignorant folk who don't understaund that we african-americans in particular, don't need this. >> congressman, let me ask you to stan by. we have tree main lee in
11:04 am
st. louis. explain what you've been witnessing. we watched the sit-in and member of the protest scoot up as trying to advance on police. >> reporter: that's right, about an hour ago a couple hundred protesters marched from the church to here to the u.s. courthouse and it's not so much competition now but protesters, including cornell west and others have locked arms and maybe you'll see, sitting down in front of the police officers. for a few minutes there seem to be a little bit of a push. but the tactic has changed. cornell west has said that he is committed to getting arrested, other protesters, they want to fill the jails here in st. louis to, again, keep pressing the system to acknowledge, you know, justice for african-americans and unarmed black men in particular. across the bore, the black men and women killed by police. so far, it is very organized. kind of reminiscent of what we
11:05 am
saw in october when they had the mass weekend of resistance and civil disobedience. very orderly, very organized. it's a very diverse group of protesters. now, of course, coming off of last night when we saw a little bit of violence break out kind of casting a shadow over what has been such a peaceful organization, but those same folks have been organizing for months. to the better part of the last year, are here now again. for a little bit, pass around olive oil, they want to anoint the ground and reclaim this ground for the people and for justice. now, reminiscent of what we saw in october with the civil disobedience, this led mostly by clergy. but you also have some rising stars in the activism world, the young lady in charleston, south carolina, scaled the flagpole and removed the confederate flag. she's here helping to lead the march. they're preparing for arrest.
11:06 am
many committed to arrest. meeting before the march began, they had legal advisers and observers, legal observers, issuing phone numbers so folks can be bailed out once arrested some many committed themselves to being arrested. >> we're witnessing people stand up. there is an amalgamation of not only media people but those protesters that were able to reach that barricade that was set up. you're saying that most of these people, they want to get arrested? they want to violate the police barricade and fill the jails? >> reporter: certainly, kind of the tradition of what we saw, martin luther king and supervised leaders that was the point. the freedom ride. the point was to fill the jailsing overwhelm the system, and sacrifice, to some degree, their freedom. again as you may see the crowd has now stood up. they're chanting.
11:07 am
what's also interesting, there isn't necessarily a mass breach yet. >> no. >> but a show of force on the police side as well. there are only seven or eight officers standing in front of the crowd of dozens. >> i was going to say right now as we're witnessing here the officers are showing restraint as they hold the line themselves. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, about seven or eight officers i'm trying to count through the crowd. but it only seems as if someone from the protest organization is going to be arrested, if they show some type of aggressive behavior and i mean really aggressive behavior because they've already climbed over the barricade wall. they sat on the ground. they scooted on their hands and butts toward the officers, for lack of a better word, that's what they did, and now stood up. almost seems as if they're trying to agitate these officers in to making arrests. >> reporter: i'll tell you what we saw. this is the tactic the last
11:08 am
time. i think they're stirring the crowd and they want cameras and everyone to see what they're doing. last time what they would do is, as the officers lined up they would one by one step up and kind of nudge an officer. literally stand up and kind of press your chest against their chest and that was cause for arrest. in the charge of people with assault. so obviously the plan, law enforcement is well aware of it, well aware of what they're trying to done sending the message all week, they've come here to be arrested. so it may not take any extreme active aggression upon these officers to get arrested. when it time to get arrested, you all have to do is press your body against the officers and that's typically when you get assault or disorderly conduct charge. we'll see what happens again. now still stirring the crowd, cameras are here. again, meeting before, they've committed to being arrested and as they say quote/unquote fill the jails. last time, again, police trying to use restraint because this is a tactic on behalf of
11:09 am
protesters, they want to get arrested. we'll see if they owe bridge or not. >> the eyes of the world watching again. august 9, 2014, michael brown was fatal shot. the officer, darren wilson, shot him in ferguson later exonerated by the grand jury, no charges brought against the officer. he resigned and moved. live pictures out of st. louis, missouri, a moral monday march at the thomas eagleton courthouse, barricades were set up. this is where the march was going to end. certain groups, certain numbers of protesters climbed over that barricade and started to advance on police officers who have been holding their line as you see there. ry ryan riley from "the huffington post." you've been covering the story as well since the death of michael brown. explain what we've seen in the progress and the lack of progress, for certain obstacles, over last 12 months. >> i mean, overall, there has
11:10 am
been changes in the st. louis area. especially municipal court reform was huge than was a system a lot of americans would be extraordinarily shocked by if they were to sit in on their own. it was confronting people and exploiting them for money. it should shock the conscience of people across the country. there's a lot going on now. you have protesters gathered. we haven't seen any arrests so far. actually, one of the key protesters that's been around. yeah, just a mean policemen are holding off on anything happening. but this is federal court grounds. there's a difference police response then we've seen in the past. these are federal police. especially the st. louis police department came under investigation. came under investigation by the very u.s. attorney's office that we're standing in front of now
11:11 am
is a huge thing. >> if i can hear correctly, song has broke on out? starting to sing? >> reporter: song has broken out now, yeah. dancing, drums, everything. >> ryan riley from the "huffington post," congressman, thank you. we'll take a quick break. stay with us, breaking news out of st. louis, missouri, as the protesters there are finishing up their moral monday march and seem to be trying to agitate the officers to get arrested. we'll be back after this.-t t's . whoa! what are you guys doing? we're making sure nothing sticks. otherwise we gotta scrub all this stuff off. dish issues? cascade platinum powers through your toughest, starchy messes as if your dishes were non-stick. cascade. now that's clean. what do a nasca comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat
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11:14 am
so in politics, donald trump marches onward and upward after a while weekend for his presidential campaign.
11:15 am
many called for trump to apologize after making avile, misogynistic statement against megyn kelly. trump denies allegations and he said kelly should apologize to him. it started friday night when trump was asked about the questions he got from kelly during thursday's first republican debate and that's when donald trump said this -- >> she gets out and starts asking me ridiculous question. you know you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> now, that out of her wherever line is what's causing so much outrage. many people heard it, and thought that donald trump was referring to menstruation. here's just a sample about what trump said about the debate and that specific comment. >> the fact is she asked me a very inappropriate question. she asked -- she should really be apologizing to me. she was so angry blood was coming ut of her eyes out of
11:16 am
her -- and i didn't finish the answer because i wanted to get on to the next point. i will be phenomenal to the women. i want to help women. of course it's very hard for them to attack me on looks because i'm so good looking. >> all right. we'll tackle this report from two dink ainfferent angles. kasie hunt with the latest on the trump political campaign and strategist john ferry will discuss what comes next for the front-runner trump. kasier i want to start with you. trump dealing with allegations of misogyny, a campaign shakeup over the weekend but remains the front-runner. explain what's go on inside the political campaign. >> you're going to start with me, i'm not sure i quite know where to start with what's been going on with the trump campaign over the last 48 hours. the most recent development here is that trump has tweeted that he spoke with roger ailes as
11:17 am
president of fox news and promised trump will always be treated fairly. maybe we're headed into the direction of detente between trump and fox news. so many of their viewers vote in the caucus process. while we've seen trump essentially be teflon for many of what would be gaffes that would sideline candidates he survives them. i'm not sure that he would necessarily survive if fox news were to turn on him. that could potentially be a problem. you're seeing him take steps to mitigate. we've seen him do a little bit of campaign shaking up over the course of the past two days though there is a difference of opinion between him and his longtime adviser roger stone, who is a colorful figure who used to work for richard nixon and a longtime old guard adviser to trump as he's undertaken these new political endeavors. that's left behind a new guard of advisers in trump's camp. it's not clear yet if he'll -- if he will tack a more direct
11:18 am
and different line, if he'll start releasing policy papers. there's some discussion of that. but i also think we're going to have to wait and see for the next round of polling. we have an initial nbc survey monkey poll that shows trump still out front by a good margin over ted cruz coming in second. but we still haven't seen the in-depth surveys that will capture what happened coming out of the debate, coming out of the comments and whether in particular women might react negatively to them. right. that survey monkey post was done after the debate. interesting thing about roger from donald trump's campaign, roger says resigned. trump says he was fired. >> exactly the truth is somewhere out there. >> only donald trump knows the truth. >> move on to republican strategist john ferry. kasie brought up that trump tweet about roger ailes calling, it was 24 hours prior, trump sent out a different tweet. it's amazing other networks treat me better than fox news.
11:19 am
i brought them the biggest ratings in history and i get zip. went out to 3.6 million followers. now we have this trump/ailes conversation, do you think they'll settle this beef and move on because poking fox news in the eye, is that a good thing for a conservative politician to do? >> probably not. it seemed like more one-sided where trump continuously attacked megyn kelly a flawed strategy, to be honest with you. but that's donald trump. we live in a reality world, reality show world and he's the champion of reality shows. donald trump is plague his own game with his own script and no one knows what the script is going to look like in the future. the good news for fox news is it was a huge ratings boost for them. they had more people watching this debate than any debate in history especially in a primary. you know, you get all of the exposure and trump dominated the stage with his own antics. it's a fascinating time in
11:20 am
history. so, if we can go to the third question, guys. so we can have that graph properly demonstrate from survey monkey. trump was not only one of the big winners but also the big loser. we look there and see that jeb bush was also one of the bigger losers there. and he should be the premier candidate, john. should bush be worried? >> i think it's awfully early to be worried about this kind of, you know, fluff with the donald trump. this is like i summer romance that some gop voters are having with donald trump. like "grease" summer loven will be over soon. jeb bush will be steady, he's got the big of the organization, he's got the most money for this campaign, this debate especially. all he wanted to do is not make a huge mistake. he's not going to win the election with that debate but he could have lost it in and he didn't lose it.
11:21 am
>> like the ending of "grease" unbelievable when they took off in the car from the campaign. it is a summer romance. >> if roger stone leaves your campaign because it's too flamboyant you've got some problems. >> all right. john feehery, thank you. francis rivera with a look at donald trump's history of controversial statements when it comes to women. >> before the megyn kelly blood comment trump slung low blow insults is sexist comments about two women over the past year. a reminder of the trump treatment over the past few years. last month that lawyer who was taking a deposition from trump revealed in 2011 he called her disgusting for wanting to take a prearranged break to pump breast milk for her 3-month-old daughter. and in tweets sent last year on a separate instance, trump described "huffington post" editor arianna huffington as, quote, a dog who wrongfully comments on me.
11:22 am
another tweet another time trump said this in a tweet at arianna huff, un attraattractive inside out. i understand why her former husband left her for a man. he made a good decision. trump's words in his tweet. that infamous back and forth high-profile feud with actress and comedian rosie o'donnell that started over miss usa. part of what trump had to say about rosy then. >> rosie o'donnell's disgusting inside and out. she's a slob. if i were running "the view" i'd fire rose "up" i look her in that fat, ugly face and, rosie, you're fired. >> this comment to former playmate brandy roderic on "the apresent" that made waves. >> down on her knees and said i passionately want to do this. i'm the team chooser, not the leader. >> you dropped to your knees? >> yes. >> begged to do this. >> i said i'm looking around the room and we had even la toya
11:23 am
sitting be -- >> must be a pretty picture dropping to your knees. >> some other people said you. i said everyone looked at you -- >> and it his book "how to get rich" he writes, quote, all of the women on "the apprentice" flirted with me consciously or unconsciously. that's to be expected. on "meet the press" trump told chuck todd it's hard for women to attack his looks because, quote, i'm so good looking, and he took pains to express respect for women, thomas. >> thank you very much. we want to get everybody back to images that are coming in to us from st. louis, missouri. live pictures, police officers confronting and arresting protesters who are chanting "black lives matter" outside the u.s. courthouse. protesters breached a police barrier. a live report coming from that scene moments from now. also ahead, one major retailer is wading into the gender wars, removing boys and girls labels from a number of
11:24 am
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11:27 am
st. louis, missouri, and this is where breaking news is happening right now. police have just started to arrest demonstrators staging a sit-in at the u.s. courthouse there. protesters were chanting "black lives matter" and the whole world is watching. just moments ago some of them have their hands up in the face of the police as they were closing in. we saw them earlier sit down on the ground after they crossed the police barricade and they were then scooting up toward the police officers where they eventually stood up and stood in their faces. organizers promised to engage in acts of civil disobedience to mark the one of year anniversary
11:28 am
of the shooting death of michael brown. msnbc's trymaine lee is live in st. louis. explain what we've seen from the last time. dr. cornell west is on the scene and just arrested? >> reporter: that's right. last time we were on air the protesters were actually sitting down about 10, 15 yards away from the front of the u.s. courthouse here. but in one kind of sweeping move they pushed forward, sat down literally right in front of the doors. and that point it was relatively calm. but then, about ten minutes later, you saw kind of a stream of police officers in blue. i believe st. louis city police officers came and surrounded all of the protesters. the first arrest that i actually saw 15 minutes ago was one of the most well-known young activists, jennetta els, they were surrounding her, takeninger her side you saw the protesters
11:29 am
stand up with hands up. as you can see from the camera, i'm not sure from your vantage point you can see, one by one taking them down and placing them in a -- one by one folks are being locked up. that was kind of the point here. they said in this act of civil disobedience we will fill the city jails. one thing i should be noting this is federal property. the st. louis police chief just said, talking to another gentleman, because of federal grounds these will be federal charges. >> explain the difference that we saw when we last spoke, there were eight police officers that were near that barricade. now we're seeing on right-hand side of the screen a flood of semi circular police officers that have joined forces. yeah on the left-hand side from tape from earlier. now the difference on the right-hand side of the police force that has shown up. >> reporter: that's right. striking because for a while there, as the crowd chanting and you see a handful of officers,
11:30 am
you look through the doors, glass doors, a few other officers, everyone casual. but not long after the folks breached that line and pushed forward to the doors, moments later you see the stream and cool, calm, kind of strategic fashion. kind of created a thin circle around those protesters. kind of blocking them off from the protesters that remain on the other side of the fence. seem like it was strategic and thought out. and still calm and orderly. again, this perimeter is secure. they wanted to jump over, a hundred people could but they're not. this is well organized, well-planned. there has been communication on both sides from the protest and police, everything has been in tight order. again, protesters, including dr. cornell west and other local activists have been saying this is civil disode bead yens.
11:31 am
they're go doing it in an orderly way. many came here with the purpose of getting arrested. >> there's a difference in uniforms, light blue officers -- we can see one person taken away in handcuffs -- with the officers that are in blue from homeland security, the officer in white st. louis police, do i have that correctly, or it's the reverse? >> reporter: right. the dark blue uniforms are homeland security. i believe the officers in blue are st. louis city. i think the distinction is in terms of the force, this is federal ground. of course you're going to have city police, clearly going to have federal authorities here as well. >> we see video of cornell west. i want to make sure viewers caught that moment. explain the crowds. you had talked about the diversity of the crowds. here's the other amazing thing that we're seeing. the police on the right-hand side getting cornell west's
11:32 am
arrest, holding gopro cameras. they've got cameras like everybody else has cameras. they're documenting the arrests just as the protesters and the media are. >> reporter: not just documenting the arrests but documenting who is in the crowd. as to the nonindictment in november when folks, young people were looting and burning, they were videotaping trying to track those folk down. talk about the diversity of the crowd, think of the protests of ferguson, what they call the ferguson uprising, think about all of the organizers going on this is the group you're talking been dr. cornell west, all of the names, the protesters organize who emerged in the last year, this is that. what you saw last night, out in westlarson was totally different thing. totally different group. that's a distinction that may be difficult for some to make but you've got to see the difference. last night most of the folks and
11:33 am
organizers were at st. mark's church, having another gathering, planning for the weekend. after that a concert with other activist perform ors. all of those folks were all out there ke. completely different than the crowd of people you saw last night with the active violence, more aggressive confrontation. these people have been planning for the better part of the year for a moment. they're pushing. they're pushing policy. they came here specifically on the steps of the justice department -- the u.s. courthouse, i soul say, to demand justice and continue justice. they poured oil on the ground, anointing oil, to kind of reclaim this ground. so this is well thought out. this isn't just a bun. of random, angry folks. many are ainngry but trying to change the system. it's about forcing change on a system they believe has been unjust. >> for those people just joining us, watching live arrests take place in st. louis, missouri, marking the one-year anniversary
11:34 am
in ferguson since the death of michael brown, our trymaine lee is on the ground. thanks to you, msnbc trymaine lee reporting out of st. louis. also breaking news out of new york city to pass along concerning the deadly legionnaire's disease and outbreak that happened in the big apple. authorities raised the death toll to 12. that's up from ten. press conference today, new york city mayor bill de blasio says the disease has been contained. saying cooler towers are to blame for the outbreak but the city's disinfecting them. >> -- are in the process of disinfection or have been disinfected already, all will be disinfected by the end of today. so we'll have a final, complete universe in every single one will have been disinfected. >> 113 people contaminated with the disease. we'll keep an eye on that as well. coming up next, we attack you to
11:35 am
istanbul and the u.s. consulate closed after a deadly gun battle captured on tape. we'll take you to the pentagon for an update following the targeted attack. police in arlington, texas, promise a clear and transparent investigation into the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old young man, christian taylor. the latest on that case. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams]
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one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. developing news overseas. dramatic, new video of an attack near the u.s. consulate in istanbul, turkey. violent exchange, police firing with a suspect, firing on a suspect, after at least one woman opened fire near the u.s. consulate. she was later arrested, said to be a member of a radical group. but it's one of a string of attacks overnight. at least ten people were injured in a police station bombing. three killed in gunfire. and four police officers and one
11:39 am
soldier were killed in separate attacks. jim miklaszewski nbc's chief pentagon correspondent and joins us now. what more can you tell us about the u.s. console late. this 51-year-old woman, injured but survived. she would be questioned for possible intelligence why this all happened. >> well, according to reports out of istanbul, this woman just been recently released from prison. was part of the far-left radical group violently opposed to the turkish government but carries strong anti-u.s. sentiment. now, it's unclear whether she was armed with a pistol or a rifle, but she wasn't able to penetrate, get anywhere near the perimeter actual life the embassy, which is an armed fortress in istanbul. and you know, one point she appeared to be throwing rocks at the security forces who were shooting at her. the most serious event occurred at that police station you were talking about in which it was a
11:40 am
complex attack, first car bomb, followed by armed terrorists who then assaulted the facility, those four gunmen reportedly killed, eight injured but nobody killed in those attacks. now there's no direct connection to the fact that just yesterday six u.s. f-16s arrived at the base in turkey to begin launching air strikes against isis in syria. it's quite a coincidence both attacks would occur at the same time. the use of armed, manned aircraft indicates, for the first time, a very strong participation of the turkish government in the war in syria against isis. but looking at speculation that says, isis -- that turkish government is more concerned about the kurds in syria than they are the isis fighters. so, remains to be seen how much
11:41 am
turkey is willing to cooperate with the u.s. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you. now to arlington, texas, where a police officer in training is on administrative leave after fataling shooting a college football. christian taylor broke into a car dealership early friday morning triggering an alarm. releasing this edited video shows taylor vandalizing a car in the lot and then crashed his own suv into the showroom. police were on the scene a few minutes later. no cameras inside that dealer showroom and officers were not wearing body cams. we can't see exactly what happened dpuring the deadly encount encounter. the arlington police invited the fbi to assist in the investigation. i'm joined by msnbc's adam scott reiss on the story for us in arlington. what's the latest on the investigation and let's talk about the officer involved in this and the training he had before this death.
11:42 am
>> reporter: sure, thomas, the fbi, they have joined in, they want to determine if this deadly force was justified. they say they want to be very thorough and transparent with this investigation. the medical examiner will expedite autopsy and toxicology results, typically that would take 60 days. now it could take 30 or less. the officer involved, brad miller, 49, he just joined the force in september of last year. graduated the academy in march. still technically a rookie, still a. an officer in training. friday morning when he arrived he arrived with his trainer. the trainer fired his taser. he fired his gun. >> msnbc's adam reese in arlington, texas. a man accused of killing six kids and a couple in their texas home appeared in court today. david conley charged with multiple counts of capital murder. he spoke in court, only to acknowledge his own name. no mention of a lawyer hired or
11:43 am
appointed for him. he had a previous relationship with the women police say he killed and at least one of the murdered children is likely his own. ,
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
take you back down to breaking news out of st. louis. throughout the hour, police have been arresting demonstrators who were part of a staged sit-in at the u.s. courthouse there. protesters were chanting "black lives matter" and "the whole world is watching." this is considers a day of civil disobedience to mark one-year anniversary of the shooting death of michael brown. he was shot and killed on august 9th, back with me is msnbc's trymaine lee. describe the scene now, how it's advanced since last time we talked. >> reporter: last time we talked you still had at least more than a dozen protesters standing in front of the u.s. courthouse with their hands up, slowly being arrested one by one. that number has dwindled to maybe six or seven people who are still awaiting arrest. some still with hands up.
11:47 am
it's been a very orderly process. you have a mix of st. louis city police in light blue uniforms and homeland security officers in dark blue uniforms. the last time we spoke, i mentioned that st. louis city police chief said that the protesters who are being arrested say they will face federal charges. i spoke with a lawyer, central legal figure in the movement, it's a petty offense but also expects the process to go smoother than the state process. these guys are professional, not that he's so eager to praise the federal system. these guys know what they're doing, they're professional and expects the process to go smoother than what you've seen in the past by trumped up charges by local police, people held for a long time, high bonding. he believes the process will be smoother. again the scene, one by one, orderly, peaceful.
11:48 am
the crowd still chanting, still excited and everyone who wanted to be arrested so far is being arrested or has been arrested. i don't see any big push in the crowd, not as of yet at least. trymaine lee in st. louis, keep us posted as you continue to witness what's taking place. we'll come back to you. talking about this over the last hour, showing you images of the toxic sludge released from a colorado gold mine into a press teen river spreading to possibly two states in the southwest. we'll tell you what the epa is saying about how this all happened, what about the cleanup. then at 3:00 p.m., that show's looking at case of the only known isis member captured by american forces who is now handed over to iraqi forces. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks,
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one of the nation's largest retailers making headlines after announcing a plan to eliminate gender-based signs from toy,
11:52 am
home, entertainment departments. target will stop separating toys and bedding into girls and boys sections in favor of a gender neutral designation called kids. the move they krid credit to changing demands of family, society and cultural norms. we want to show you what's happened in colorado. discolored sludge that is traveling down the annie misriver, also to new mexico, it started in the gold mine and reached new mexico, fears it could spread to the grand can john. 3 million gallons waste water began spilling when a cleanup crew breached a dam. supervised by the epa, which is amazing. a reporter for msnbc and the host of greenhouse on shift by msnbc. people hear that, this is being observed by the epa, how could this happen? >> well, it's good intentions
11:53 am
leading to a bad outcome. this mine has been leaking sludge for a long time and epa was on the scene in hopes of cleaning it up. what they inadvertently did was knock the dam loose and it came down the river. thought it was 1 million, turned out to be 3 million gallons it's heavy metal, arson nick, lead, 3,000 times the normal level. they're in a containment phase. they don't know what the cleanup will be, they're trying to cap it again. >> so it's gotten less orange because of the containment process, also the natural filtration of the river itself or -- >> it's gotten less orange only because of rain and it's gone far enough down the river it's mixed with other water. also a bureau of reclamation that released extra water into the river to dilute it some. it's heading through utah into new mexico into the colorado river, the grand canyon. this is a source of drinking water and beautiful views for
11:54 am
people. >> we saw people kayaking, a woman holding up a soda bottle with the orange water in it. how dangerous is it for regular folk to interact with this? >> it is unknown how dangerous it is. it's not recommended that you go kayaking. the two closest counties have declared states of emergency all the way down the river, municipalities closing dams and securing their own drinking supplies. i wouldn't say get on it now. if you have a trip planned for the area, you might want to cancel it. the epa said in a letter that it plans to review the situation, probably compensate businesses that will lose a huge amount of turism because of this. >> what about while life and how critical the source of water, this body of water is. >> the fish are bearing up well. there's a hatchery not far away and 108 fish in this one cage, has been checked and one has died so far. maybe they're a hearty species up there. >> maybe so. we shall see if they can be that
11:55 am
hearty. >> the big question now is, you know, how did this happen and how do we avoid having it happen again. >> in future. >> this is one mine. there are dozens, may be hundreds in the airport the epa has been saying we want to make this a super fund site. they want to dedicate a special amount of money to clean this super toxic thing up. locals, believe it or not, want more mining, they want more development. after this, i think they may revisit the conversation. >> thank you, tony. don't miss "greenhouse on shift" on msnbc thursday noon eastern. weigh in our question, donald trump, do you think he has a problem with women? you heard about remarks that he's made. here are the final results about the scoreboard we have today 47% saying yes, 53% saying no. "the pulse" is live, you can have your voice heard. i'll see you back here tomorrow 1:00 p.m. eastern.
11:56 am
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only from citracal. it is monday afternoon. i'm richard lui. hillary clinton has a noon change college education and the pentagon is confronting a strange, new enemy in the war on terror. it's not al qaeda or isis. all right. that's where we start today on this monday here on msnbc. good day to you. i'm richard lui. breaking news, now we'll go to donald trump but we'll get to what's happening in ferguson later. the big deal, double digit lead for donald trump, according to an nbc news online survey taken over the weekend. republican voters asked who won. he beat direct competition, but actually placed second behind carly fiorina who stole the show in the so-called happy hour debate. more on that later this hour.
12:00 pm
as trump continues to trump the headlines more this morning and it savannah guthrie. >> you said that megyn kelly had blood coming out of her wherever. now some people thought that was a clear reference to her menstrual cycle. you say it meant coming out of her nose or maybe her ear. my question is, why should people give you the benefit of the doubt in this particular controversy given your very long history of pretty personal and pretty vitriolic and sometimes crass insults? >> she asked me a question that was nasty and i gave her a pretty tough answer. i mentioned something that was the rosie o'donnell mention and the room broke out, the largest applause of the day by far and she got very angry during this question because of that because she couldn't finish the rest of the question because the crowd went wild. and i -- in discussing it later i said, blood was -- she was so


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