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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  August 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> that's hardball for now. thanks for being be us, "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. >> tonight on "all in. >> the republican party will have to deal is with him. >> the trump show continues with donald trump now demanding apologies from fox news. >> she should really be apolleyesing to pe, you want to know the truth? >> tonight on how republicans and fox news are dealing with a run away frant runner as trump shows no sign of slowing down. plus, has burning momentum continues across america -- can sanders pull off something only one other candidate has ever done before? and a state of emergency is
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declared in st. louis county, missouri, as we return to ferguson, one year later. >> the whole world is watching. >> "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes. even after a full-scale assault on donald trump from some of the most prominent voices across the spectrum of republican politics the grand old party and conservative movement from finding no off switch for the franken stein they've created. following mirms last week, many commentators declared for the second time in many weeks the beginning of the ends, now at least three polls show trump keeping a firm grip on his front runner status. reuters/imsos poll and an iowa poll finding trump leading at fine% with ben carson and scott walker tied for 2nd and 12.
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an online nbc news poll shows trump at 23 points followed by ted cruz at 13% and ben carson at 11%. new numbers come between the feud exploded into an all out verbal warfare over the weekend, starting with trump's attacks on fox news and megan kelly, in particular, over her questions for him at the debate. after trump said of her, quote, there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever, on an interview on friday he found himself uninvited from the red state gathering, a conservative conference from bloerg and radio show host erick erickson. >> i think it was iniproept. i really think it was inappropriate. i've got my wife here, my daughter hire, 800 friends here. it's a family-friendly program. >> that decision brought to you be i the same conservative figure who called michelle obama a marketist herpes wife and
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trump also parted ways over the weekend with a key adviser, political strategist roger stone, a man with a tattoo of nixon's face on his back, who has been profiled in the "new yorker" as republicans dirty trickster. stone, too, said trump's attacks on megyn kelly were a bridge too far. >> the point is american elections are decided on big issues. we have an iranian deal that can conflagereighth ate this country. we will worry about exchanging personal insults. >> barack obama and leaders have stoked the persecution, anger at the people stealing their jobs, eating up their tax dollars and the pc police who dictate how they are supposed to talk about those people. that's exactly what donald trump is tapping into on the cane trail. as the later poll numbers show,
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it's complete taken on a life of its own. two other ben carson and ted cruz, two of the only 2016 hopefuls who have declined to criticize trump. if that new online poll from nbc news the three of them capture a combined 47% of the republican vote. joining me now msnbc political an liss and former rnc chairman michael steele. michael ai was away last week during the debate. >> boy did you miss a lot. >> i did. >> i am asking you to honestly tell me, right after that debate predict four or five days from now, what this does to trump's pom numbers, what would you have told me? >> after that debate? >> yes. >> i would have said and i think i did say he'll take a slight hit, but that he'll keep going and that's exactly what happened. >> very slight. >> well the last poll going in hess at 25, 26. he's down to 23.
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so he took a slight hit. he's even after the disinvite from red state, he seems to be gaining momentum. it is a political phenomenon that we have not seen before and i think it really speaks to the fact, chris, that trump has come into this thing and he's turned the rules on their head. he's saying what helps to stay say, he's talking about what e-wants to talk about. i know the rnc is apoplectic at this point. they know what happens come september, poeflt labor day. you are three-and-a-half, four months away from iowa and those other candidates need to begin momentum and it's just not happening. >> yes. rick perry today, you know, announcing they're fought paying their south carolina stance -- south carolina staff. rick perry is multi-term governor of one of the biggest states in the union. >> yes. >> he was someone that obviously flamed out in 2012.
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people thought he would have another relaunch. here he is struggling to fund his campaign. as you said donald trump breaking every rule. the thing i got to think about here is, this 47% of the electorate. you talk about carson, cruz and trump in that polling. >> yep. >> that's where the center of gravity is in the republican primary. now that doesn't mean it's all republicans, it doesn't mean it's all republican mimary voters. it may ultimately be a minority of them if you have say two candidates one-on-one. but that is right now where all the power, energy and force of this primary is. >> and it has been building for at least four or five years. it has been something that has been growing from within the base for fight some time. it is all about big government. republicanism. it is all about a party, activist or a group of activists out there, a lot of them, who feel disenfranchised from their own party, who feel they have been lied to, who are sick and tired of republicans say one
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thing coming to washington and doing something else. so this voice comes out of the wilderness that says follow me, i'm going to keen it real. i'm not going to play by their rules. i don't need their money. i don't need their organization. i don't need their people. you and me together will do something different. so far that seems to be working. you see it also with bernie sanders on the democrat's side. -illry clinton has a growing problem on her watch as well because bernie is stop tapping into that same vain, two sides the different side of the same roin coin of frustration on the ground. >> let me say this i have heard this. there is something people have said a lot about the sort of energy behind donald trump and bernie sanders who i think are in no way similar for a variety of reasons, aside from the fact that bernie sanders is elected for the better part of three decades. you want to call the guy anything. she a politician's politician. he's a good politician, got himself elected a number of
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times. he was a mayor, a congressman, a sitting u.s. senator. there is also in the for of bernie sanders, this is the thing that is fascinating. they both believe in single payer health care. donald trump. >> right. >> this is so fascinating. donald trump single handled said it worked for scotland and england. okay. what's surprising to me is that no one, rick wilson has been on the program saying they're going to start to come after donald trump and hit him on policy. they don't care he's up there defending single payer because it was affect. it is about tone. it is about perspective, going after the politically correct. i think in some ways he is essentially titanium on that stuff. we will see if that turned around. steele, always a pleasure, thank you. >> tell sam, by the way, he was right. >> yes, i love that you key that up you are sitting here, he's like i got to still michael steele next. we will get to that in a second. the widespread condemnation of
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donald trump's remarks ability megyn kelly comes as republicans and congress are considering a government shut down to defund planned parenthood and the rest of the gop presidential field moves further to the right on a number of issue, particularly pim women's reproductive issues. marco rubio at the debate said he never supported an abortion ban except for victims of incest. at a camp today, hillary clinton called out trump and some of trump's republican rivals. >> what a lot of the men on that stage in that debate said was offensive. and i want people to understand if you just focus on maybe the biggest showman on the stage, you lose the thread here. i want to point out there is really not that much different in the policies they are proposing when it comes to american women. >> msnbc contributor and
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democratic contributor tara o'dell. who was on "the apprentice" hosted by donald trump. >> i think in some way, trump obscured the fact that in that debate particularly on women's choice, scott walker and marco rubio both adopted stances that are to the right of any republican nominee in recent memory, including george w. bush. no exceptions for rape and incest. >> that is something that we may not be looking at now. but that's not on the record, that will be an issue later. >> absolutely. it's 100% going to be an issue later. i think one of the things that's happening, donald trump and hillary clinton made this point very well. because donald trump is getting all of the attention, what's not being talked about is, donald trump may be saying extreme things, but republicans are doing extreme things. so you look at take paul ryan, for instance, people may forget this. he was proposing legislation to redefine rape. to clang the way rape is defined, to make it a looser
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definition of rape, a violent act. so a lot of what republicans are doing to me aren't very different tan what donald trump is saying. and that's a problem. >> and also the fact is this all sort of, you know, people keep talking about policy, right? they keep talking about trump's undoing policy. you have been saying this forever, that's not going to work, right? >> it's not going to work, the policies are the same. >> except for a single payer. >> that's right. also, trump pointed out, he was the first off the iraq war train and he also doesn't want to cut social security. so he only shares that with huckabee. so this whole attempt now to say this is all about a cult of personality. the fact is that there has been no real policy center to the republican party for at least a decade. that's the point. that's why all they can do is to go on the most xtreme edges of any type of issue and stake themselves out there. so they request attract some attention with this sort of
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death star that is donald trump. and it's the only way -- >> i disagree on this in this important respect. 2010 was an us a territory election. the party ran on an us a territory election. they got elected in office. i think it was a disaster. but this was what they ran on. that's what they got elected. that's what they did. >> i'm sorry. >> that itself not what people voted on. they voted against the president in that situation. when ben carson gets up there and says president obama -- no one is talking about the fact na he said a hypothickal president and walked away leaving this country in shambles as if that was a part of his agenda. the bottom line is it's not about occult personality with trump. >> that has been the way republicans have been governing and expressing policy for years. so for them, it is policy. >> and i think the difference is that trump has a microphone, a huge microphone.
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so he's getting more attention for what he is saying. it is not out of step with what everyone else has been and is saying. >> this is particularly true on immigration d. thing that michael was referring to is, you said you have an exchange, when the debate comes, they will press him on -- >> they will press him on his comments on mexican people. >> zero, no one went after him for it. they all were competing over who will build ri be i would the biggest -- >> i said they can't go after him because there's policies line up with his perfectly. the only thing that was surpriseding is marco rubio goes back and forth on who will build the biggest wall. his will be subterranean. >> that is basically it. he is going as to put his wall in the ground deep, i don't know how deep. but that itself the problem is that there is -- there hasn't been -- the republican voters have been trained that policy is just, just rhetoric, that you can get a better deal with iran just by talking tough, as if
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that means something. that means nothing. and so they have been trained too believe like this is the ceo president. he talks tough. he's the alpha mail male, that's who we vote for. >> any light you want to shine? >> i think donald trump, first of all, i'm of the belief, i know some people have argued he goes after everyone. i definitely think that he's been massage nistic. because he focused on megyn kelly. i thed this before, versus the other male panelists or moderators who were also pressing him and attacking him on issues. so to me this is kind of consistent with who he is. >> megyn kelly we should note also in the controversial question that has attracted, literally has quoted things he said about women that are nasty. that was it. that was the gotcha. that was the extent of it. >> i also want to raise a point, had donald trump said anything about michelle obama or democratic woman, there would not be this outrage on the right about these comments, not at
5:15 pm
all. >> thank you very much. still to come, donald trump squares off with fox in the war of direction. plus, bernie sanders continues to break attendance records at his campaign events. what does that mean in the long run? later protesters shut down the major st. louis metro area one year after the death of michael brown. those stories ahead and more. do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event.
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>> the reason that mitch mcconnell and the rest of the folks in his caucus who oppose this jumped out and opposed it before they even read it, before it was even posted, is reflective of an ideological commitment not to get a deal done. if that sense, they do have a lot in common with hardline worries are much more satisfied with the status quo. >> president obama there referring to apparently unify republican opposition to the iran nuclear deal.
5:18 pm
a lot of attention has also been paid to whether the president will have enough support from his own party. so it was big news when democratic senator chuck schumer, remember the leadership, came out against the deal. some say schumer only declared his opposition once he was confident the deal would have the votes to pass. those keeping tabs on the momentum. today another senator made his intentions known. someone you may not be as familiar with. for brian schatz of hawaii announced he is supporting the iran deal, becoming the 17th person to vote in fave of the deal. congress will vote if september after it returns from august recess. ultimately since it will take on override to kill the deal, only 34 democratic senators are needed to support the deal to ensure it's survival. so every single vote of support in the senate really counts equally to every other, in that sense the reporter senator schatz is as bag get for the white house as schumer was a
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to my mind, this is one of the most fascinating subplots in the 20 scene cycle. today after four days of feuding, donald trump and fox news have apparently made peace, help it appears from a phone call from the man on top. trump tweeting this afternoon, quote, roger ailes just called, he's a great guy and assures me that trump will be a -- ailes the real skate mogul are reportedly long time friends. the two ate lunch eight days
5:21 pm
after he announced his bid. he has appeared frequently on the network, that is until all the good feelings came to an abrupt end thursday night. >> i'm not sure that fox is fairnessly. i have been set up before. i think i handled it well. if i wasn't on, they would have 2 million people. certainly, i don't have respect for megan kelly. he's a lightweight. her whole questioning was unfair to me. i said chris wallace, he tried to question me and he's a small shadow of his father, mike, that i can tell you. >> over the weekend, he reportedly told hannity he was never doing fox again. he skipped fox news, this morning he talked to both ethe "today" show and "morning joe" where he refused to say whether he has spoken to anyone at the conservative network. >> have you talked to roger over the weekend, anybody at fox news over the weekend trying to find common ground with the network? >> well, i don't want to say
5:22 pm
that. i will tell you that i don't think fox treats me well. >> you are a straight talker, baby, help me out. >> i won't embarrass anybody. >> a cease-fire has been called since then, to trump is expected to appear on "fox and friends tomorrow." ailes said i assure him we will continue to cover his campaign with fairness and balance. the war of the gop front runner and fox comes in a larger war that sprung up in the conservative media around the figure of trump. while he spent the last several days going of fox news, two leading conservative outlets carried pro-trump anti--fox headlines, some brei the tbart staffers believe trump has given money to site for favorable coverage.
5:23 pm
34k kay sws coppins whoio that report and will sherman who has done some of the greatest reporting. breitbart strongly denying this independent of whatever you reported about the belief that the staffers, breitbart has been a kind of pro-trump beachhead in the land of sort of conservative media, even before this latest weekend civil war. >> yeah. as i reported in my story, at least since last year, people inside the company on the editorial staff who are not necessarily fans of trump have complained about the ash dentally pro-trump coverage on the site and, yeah, if you look at, you search the archives on breitbart, you find thousands of stories about donald trump. there are some negative stories t. vast majority are very positive even fawning at times and, yeah, breitbart has been
5:24 pm
very, very supportive of trump, even since the debate while a lot of conservative media has seemed to tournen him. breitbart has been a favorite of him and give him favored coverage. >> have you people that have gone after trump, all these people saying this guy is a hustleer, an imposter, not a real conservative, et cetera. the ailes relationship is the most fascinating thing in the campaign so far. >> this to me boils down the civil war taking place in the republican party. anyone that wants to understand the primary has to follow donald trump and roger ailes. you see the conservative base interest, roger ailes wants to win elections. he has to run a tv network to make billions of revenue. he cpappizes on donald trump people until they become an electoral liability and donald
5:25 pm
trump -- >> we seen this before with sarah palin. >> in 2012. >> sarah palin was this fox creature. >> in many way, this is what i learned today, inside the trump campaign there is a belief roger ailes was given an order to kill off donald trump in the debate to help jeb bush. we don't know if that is true. that is the belief taking hold in the trump campaign. without a doubt, trump did face questions that were decidedly more pointed than any of the other -- >> i have to say, they were decidedly pointed, look you got this guy that's running for president the front runner, pointed questions seem appropriate. >> that is the sense. >> that is the belief inside donald trump's campaign. roger ailes needs this. 24 million people. >> trump gets up there and says, it would have been 2 million if not for me. trump owns a significant, 24 million is just a bonkers number for something this early. >> i remember when i was flying into cleveland. i literally heard people on the
5:26 pm
plane saying i never watch political debates. i will see what the donald is going to say. it's absolutely true that donald trump is as he described himself over the weekend a ratings machine and as long as he's in these debates and in the race and fox news and other outlets can continue to cover him as a leading candidate, it's great for ratings, great for traffic. it's great for out outlets covering it. >> let me quote this back to you from your own piece, here's the fascinating franken stein piece. a fox news source is talking act the reaction to megyn kelly's question. in the beginning, virtually 100% of the e-mails, most of the fox viewers were taking trump's side. this is the fear the franken stein fear. >> this is incredible. we seen this since 2012 the fox audience has essentially taken over the republican party and damaged the party's ability to win national elections, roger ailes needs to appeal to these
5:27 pm
people. if the party becomes the face of donald trump that,ry at a loss. the is the issue. >> so ailes, roger ailes comes across in your biography. he is a genius, a savant at understanding the kind of emotional level at which politics functions. >> yes. >> he's a jen just showman. >> the american eing will tore rat is his canvass. if you see the numbers, 24 million people. he was able to engineer this entire show and the belief is once trump served his usefulness, they decided to kill him off. they have to transition to the serious season. >> mckay, i am of the pin there are 20-25% that will stick with this guy are kind of there for donald trump and that is not enough to win all tow, pretty soon we get into the spitting distance of iowa.
5:28 pm
and he's got a real problem t. guy could carry iowa. >> he could wear more than iowa. he could carry several states. i think as long as the field is as big as it is, there are 17 candidates, right. 25% actually would be enough to win if all 17 candidates stayed in. i imagine a lot will stop developing out for their own reason, i also think that if we get close to iowa, and donald trump is leading and looking like he could actually win. i think you will see two things happen, one a lot of the republican superpacks will bombing iway with ads about his past positions and things, like that. i think you will see back room deal making trying to get the lesser candidates who don't have a shot out of the race so they stop splitting the vote and hopefully can elevate another candidate. i this i the republican party absolutely does not want to see him win anything. >> and the third question mark will be what that coverage on fox news looks like which will
5:29 pm
be fascinating. >> that's where it's going. >> incredibly misnateing. thanks. coming up,er from off her jv debate success, carly fiorina comes out against paid family leave mandate. i'll tell you why she's wrong next. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier.
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6r7b8g9s presidential candidate carly fiorina has been doing an extended victory lap after her perceived triumph in the undercard debate fox news happy hour debate the also ran for kidney table debate in which she
5:33 pm
fogged the socks off the dozens of attendees on the quicken loans arena. yesterday fiorina clearly came out against federally mandated paid parental leave. >> i don't think it's the role of government to dictate to the private sector how to manage their businesses, especially when it's pretty clear that the private sector, like netflix, like the example you just gave is doing the right thing because they know it helps them attract the right talent. i'm not saying aoppose paid maternity leave. isaying i opos the federal government mandating paid maternity leave to every company out will. >> but what fiorina points to the glory of free market and netflix example is precisely the problem. because of the lack of federal regulations. what netflix giveth, netflix can taketh away. what it announced it is doing for some employees, which is to
5:34 pm
give them up to a year of paid leave is great for those people t. brand-new extended paid leave policy does not extend to the dvd division which is composed primarily of hourly wage earners, including the ones that ship them all across the country. they get one month plus a longer term leave at partial pay. >> that typifies the problem. the vast majority of american workers are not in the upper echelon of highly paid workers of extremely profitable tech companies. only 12% of private sector workers get paid family leave of any kind according to bureau of labor statistics. the people doing things like packing things tore netflix or on their day in a fast food job are almost not getting paid maternity leave or of any kind, forget maternity leave. just 61%, just slightly over half of private sector workers get paid sick leave. >> that means 39% do not. 39% of private sector workers
5:35 pm
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. over the weekend bernie sanders set two more records for campaign rally attendance for the 20 scene r 16 cycle he set last month in phoenix. things got off to a rocky start on saturday afternoon in seattle, protesters recognized as black lives matter, demanded accountability from sanders on racial justice issues. the event was ultimately shut down and sanders didn't speak. later that evening, he spoke to what his campaign said was more than 15,000 supporters. >> that number was eclipsed on sunday in portland when the
5:39 pm
campaign said that 28,000 people filled the seats in the overflow area outside the arena where the nba portland trail blazers play. at this early days large krudz are an indicator of how excited people are about a candidate as opposed to how broadly popular they are. but reminder, 20,000 people turned up in february, 2007 in austin, texas for a man named barack obama. yesterday's rally was the largest turnout for any presidential candidate thus far. it is also the first rally for sanders since revealing a new racial justice platform. after facing protests from black activists before the few public face of the sanders campaign is a political activist symone sanders, she prepped the crowd on what to do in the face of other protests. >> if there happens to be a good question tonight, i want everyone in this stadium to
5:40 pm
respond with a chant. can you all do that for me? can you do that for me? i want you to respond with a chant. we stand together. let's practice. all right. so in the event that will is a disruption, that is our response. >> the bernie sanders has a long record for working for civil rights and racial justice. he helped jesse jackson to a campaign victory in vermont in 1988. he's little direct experience with plaque voters as a politician representing a state that is overwhelmingly white t. question is now whether sanders can bridge a gap between african americans a key if not the key voting block in a democratic primary contest and the predominantly white liberal activist class that sees him in state causes. joining me the state senator pramila jayapal. she wrote a piece titled why
5:41 pm
saturday's bernie sander's rally left me heart broken. do you want to explainity left you heart broken? >> yes, absolutely. thank you for having me on, chris. the thing that made me walk away the most heart broken, he was a rally of the most progressive people in seattle. it was largely white. and the veneer of acceptance for and support for the black lives matter movement broke very quickly and i think it made us realize that there was a lot that has to be done still to really make sure that our arguably most impressive asked going to put racial justice up front and center and we will tie these threads together of racial economic and social justice. so when people in the crowd immediately started booing and then it got really nasty with a lot of white and black people in the crowd saying racist things to each other. i went over.
5:42 pm
there were two young african-american girls in the tent, one of our speakers. they were afraid, chris. i went over and just hucked them and we stood there just hugging each other as one of them said i'm so afraid. i'm so afraid. so i think we realize this is a moment for us to both look at what's happening, look at our responses to what's happening and then physical out how we take all of that together and bring it back together so we can brild build a really strong progressive movement that includes all of us in it. >> well, i had so 'reactions to that. i have been watching with some both interest and dismay at some of the fights that have been breaking out on social media around precisely this, sort of black lives matter challenging specifically bernie sanders and obviously social media isn't necessarily the greatest place for these exchanges to happen. because they tend to be the most vitriolic. vitriolic. but the dynamic you
5:43 pm
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5:47 pm
death threat, vandalizeing decent property and killing a fawn outside of hunting season and leaving it gutted in a neighbor's driveway. questions are now being raised whether or not he has been adequately prosecuted because he happens to be the governor's brother, which is somewhat amazingly not one of the 107100 problems that the governor is now facing. >> we have been able to get -- scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. .
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this hour st. louis county is under a state of emergency after an outbreak in ferguson last night. an outbreak that followed a weekend of peaceful protests to mark the police officer darren wilson killing teenager michael brown. protesters were back out on the street in ferguson. a short time ago, they blocked traffic across all ten lanes on interstate 70.
5:50 pm
it appears dozens of protest, were removed by police. earlier they say they arresteds 56 protesters outside the courthouse. among them kornell west and janetta elcy and members of the black lives matter movement. they have largely been peaceful. after the protests in ferguson, wowing down yesterday late in the night, into the early significant hours as it rained and looting at a beauty supply hair salon and gunfire breaking out police say the gunfire results in a clash between two rival groups that opened fire on each other. today, prosecutors fired charges against an 18-year-old who they say fired on an unarmed police
5:51 pm
officer in an unmarked car, who they say was shot and wounded by police worn returning the fire. that 18-year-old remains in the hospital. police say last night's violence was unrelated to the peaceful protests. >> we're a small group of people out there that are intent on making sewer that we don't have peace too prevail. i don't know how else to say that. that's just the bottom line on this. >> and protests broke out in ferguson and across the country last year. it was impossible to mark a strange arrest that will dissipate over something new that would truly be -- one year after michael brown's death, it is pretty clear the movement is not going anywhere. last year's protest, of the inauguration of a new civil rights movement absolutely transformed the national debate on race and criminal justice. when we come back, we will go to ferguson and we learned today a reporter was under the wire of
5:52 pm
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5:56 pm
told you to get out. you did not get out quickly enough for them. they arrested you. you have now received a summons in connection with that. is that correct? >> a court summons arrived in my home today. i had people there sending me text message pictures of it a. court summons with two charges, trespassing and interfering with a police officer. i have a court date later this month in st. louis municipal court again for our detention and illegal arrests while we were exercising our rights to do our job last summer in ferguson. >> you know, this seems kind of a fitting way to for the st. louis municipa; court system which faced a year of tremendous scrutiny for being one of the post-screwed up court systems possibly in the country just with the cats on it under the wire for the statute of limitations and criminally charge a reporter for charging his laptop in a mcdonald's while reporter.
5:57 pm
>> you know, essentially, they wanted to make sure just in case you thought they had learned some lessons last year, just in case you believed that there have been some systemic change. you read the anniversary pieces we have done, if case you were still really wondering what things were like here in ferguson, here's your answer, let's find a way to dig up something that was relatively buried from a year ago, our legal detention of two reporters and let's resurface that, let's relitigate that publicly. >> that apparently is the message of the prosecutors and the court system wanted to send on the anniversary of michael brown's death. >> ms. bynes, a lot of people have come and gone. i have been there a lot of times. you live there. you represent it. in the democratic party at least as a committee woman. what does it look like a year later? >> it looks like a year later the pendulum has moved slightly.
5:58 pm
very little. there haven't been large changes, there have been more legislation passed in other states for bills that have come out of ferguson here in missouri. there has only been one bill here, locally at the ferguson municipal level, it's been a little slow. we're still in limbo. we have an interim police chief, an interim city manager. a new moouns municipal court judge is interim. everything is still in limbo. they're still negotiating. they haven't finished up with the department of justice. >> we know there was a tremendously scathing report from the department of justice of the operation of the municipa; police department and also municipal court system. there are continued negotiations, but essentially no resolution. am i correct, about how this department is going to change itself to bring itself into line going forward? >> that is correct. the first initial offer made by the department of justice. it was made public lasted week that the city of ferguson rejected i. they would like
5:59 pm
enough time to be able to offer a solution. so we're still, everything is just really up in the air. there have been small changes. many in the community deny feel there is a strong two-way dialogue. there is a lawsuit going about the recall effort for the mayor. so ferguson is still pretty much in limbo. the changes that have been made are very small and have not made enough difference here to many people in the community. >> wes, you covered ferguson, you have sort of gone on to cover a kind of national beat for the walk post around a lot of the same issues surfaced in ferguson, what do you think about what patricia just said which strikes me as an interesting point. ferguson had more effect outside ferguson in some ways than it did in ferguson? >> well, it's an interesting case study. i remember an old college professor of mean. a class i took, history of american injustice. he talked about how you can go to the japanese everyone terment camps, there is barely an okay r
6:00 pm
acknowledgement. rather than seeing reform there, everyone moved away and left. so there is a real question, what will become of ferguson? it's not necessarily a question we will be able to answer, maybe not for a few more years. >> wesley lowrie, patricia bynes, thank you both. >> that is all for this evening. the "rachel maddow" show is next. >> thank you for staying with us the next hour. in politics as in life, some things change and some things just don't. . >> this is what you told cnbc last year, which raised a lot of eyebrows. i put it on the screen, can you imagine how controversial i'd be. you think about clinton with the women, how about me with the women? can you imagine? >> well, i mean, i think there is a certain controversy to me. i am single. i do go out with women. and i do respect and adore women. and some women love me and probably some women don't. but