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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 12, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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last month he released a new autobiography, "a full life, reflections at 90." i'm michael eric dyson. tonight, serve trouble. hillary clinton agrees to hand over her private server to the fbi. and the inspector general says at least two e-mails contain top secret information. and a new poll surged. and deflategate heads to court. tom brady goes before a federal judge to try and force the nfl to overturn his four-game suspension. but first, hillary clinton will surrender her server. agreed to hand it over to the justice department after weeks of inqui in security concerns. two e-mails have now been classified as top secret on her private account. nbc's andrea mitchell has the story. >> hillary clinton in new
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hampshire tuesday as aids confirmed she has turned over her private server. all this as the intelligence community's watchdog contradicted clinton's repeated claim that nothing on those e-mails was classified. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified materials. >> clinton has said there were no classified marks on any of her e-mails. >> i am confident i never sent or received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. >> but the inspector general has now told congress two of clinton's e-mails should have classified top secret with code words indicating electronic eavesdropping from satellites. so sensitive it could not be shared with foreign allies. raising questions about the security of the private citizen
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set up in her home. >> it probably wouldn't have the same security monitoring you would expect at the government facility. you are going to have surveillance and security staff watching the systems all around the clock. >> the controversy has been a huge distraction for clinton's campaign. >> probably the russia and chinese government know more about hillary clinton's e-mail server than the united states congress. >> today he called her actions a criminal offense and told reporters that clinton would be a good deceiver in chief. >>. the problem everybody has in terms of finding out, you have democrats are all the prosecutors. and they don't want to prosecute it. did she commit a crime? yes. will they prosecute? perhaps now. >> the chair of the benghazi
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committee says the decision to wi take the server doesn't pass the wipe test. >> can denote a desire or willingness or intention to conceal far beyond simply just deleting something. >> state department spokesman john kirby says the e-mails with are not classified when sent to clinton and they are appealing the ruling. her campaign is scrambling. the development in the investigation comes at an already challenging time for clinton's poll numbers. she lost her lead in new hampshire according to a new boston herald poll. in iowa clinton comes up short when matched against republicans ben carson, mike huckabee, scott walker and marco rubio.
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joining me now is my panel. susan, do i have to ask you a question? [ laughter ] you first. clint clinton's campaign says the e-mails in the serve were legal. >> it is what the national security advisor is looking for, it is what the fbi is looking for. this is very problematic for her campaign. scrub server, followed by fbi investigation is very, very hard to come out of. and then you add the bernie sanders numbers and i just can't help that joe biden is looking at this all going wow this is a perfect time for me to go in. if her numbers keep falling. this was a self inflicted mistake. here people have a right to be upset with her on this one. i think biden coming in a very strong possibility now. >> eric, is this much ado about
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nothing? the e-mails in question became classified after she handled them. >> she's always going to receive more scrutiny than anyone else. she's a clinton. the benghazi committee is now the -- this is how they do it. we've seen it before. but you know when these stories break it is always good to take a few hours, maybe a day to take a deep breath. this reminds me the feeding frenzy of the clinton foundation, the allegations of wrong doing and things like that. we can't even remember what the allegations were anymore. >> these aren't congressional committees. this is the obama administration's justice department and the fbi looking at it. you could say they are committee hearings, congressional committees but they are not the ones looking into this in. >> caroline, you can weigh in on
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this here. 52% of voters want the e-mails to be part of a criminal investigation. in light of the friendly disagreement here onset, how do you think hillary clinton recovers from those kind of numbers? >> well there is no crime committed here, right? because the rules that outlaw the use of private e-mail drnt didn't go into a effect until a year after she was out of office. and john kerry is the first to use a dot gov as his primary e-mail. and they are making sure that these e-mails are now secure. and it is factual these e-mails were not classified as top secret at the time. so there is no crime. but how does he recover from this manufactured scandal? scandals don't really determine the outcomes of elections. i don't think we're going to remember this in 12 months. it is not monkey business, it is e-mail. and 79% of the american public who know about it don't care
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about it. so there is a difference. a huge gap between the media covering and what the public cares about with this scandal. >> so clinton has agreed to fully cooperate with the investigation. what could she do next to satisfy gop critics that there is nothing amiss here? >> there is really nothing she can do. mostly because you now have court ordered release of the e-mails. so every month the e-mails are going to come out in batches. so there is always going to be a new drip, drip, drip for hillary clinton en. she's always going to be explaining it. and when you are explaining something and defending something you're losing something. >> might be true. will republicans accept anything in the investigation that clears her of wrongdoing? >> no going back to benbenghazi. we've had seven investigations we need an eighth. no, again, to go back to this review it's retroactive.
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dispute between intelligence community what should have been classified, what shouldn't have been. what should have been released with freedom of information act. and again, this has almost nothing do with the e-mails she was sending. if colon powell ever produced all of his e-mails when he was secretary of state -- he deleted all of them. if he ever produced them, there would have been the same back and forth. hill. >> and also defied a white house policy which was set in 2009 by president obama. >> why is hillary clinton losing ground against ben carson in iowa but not jeb bush or donald trump? >> well because he is unknown and the more people get to know him especially after the debate the more they like him. i any jeb bush was very rusty, the front runners. so i'm not at all surprised
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lesser known candidates are now gaining ground against clinton. >> should they pay attention to bernie sanders? he seems to be ahead in new hampshire. are they concerned here? >> i think they have have always said they are going to pay attention to him. they have always said this is going to be competitive. we've e never seen a non incumbent candidate just waltz through any campaign. it seems for every poll that hillary doesn't do well there are four or five she does that doesn't get much attention. a south carolina poll last week she had a seven point lead. didn't get must have attention. >> can republicans beat hillary if trump runs as an independent? >> that will be very difficult. i'm virtually certain, especially given his current spending history that trump will not run as an independent. it is extremely difficult. i don't think he wants to take a beating and i don't think he
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wants to be known as the one who elected potentially hillary clinton or joe biden. >> if he's taking the progressive flank there has that effectively pushed her further left or is it making her more concerned that, you know, his expression of views somehow puts her on front street and she's got to answer up? >> well i certainly hope that it is pulling her to the left. i think that her announcement on climate change, her proposal, is an indication to that as well as speaking directly to the black lives matter movement and jumping in where bernie sanders seems to have a bit of a vacuum. i'm glad to see he's pulling the agenda. i i don't think he'll hang in there very long. he's a democratic socialist. he doesn't have the party support behind him. but i think his presence in this campaign has been incredibly helpful for democrats and hillary clinton. >> he's got the 20,000 plus audience members too that seem to follow him wherever he goes.
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we're following developing news with former president jimmy carter. the 90-year-old reported today that he has cancer. in a statement released this afternoon, the former president said the surgery revealed that he has cancer that now is in other parts of his body and will be rearranging his schedule so he can undergo treatment. we'll bring you more information
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. donald trump's fox news reunion continued last night. trump discussed why he put his career on hold to enter the race. >> until three months ago i was
2:15 pm
a world class businessman. i built a great company. some of the most iconic in the world. more than 10 billion of net worth and frankly i had a great time continuing it. and i wouldn't mind continuing except i see the country going to badly. and the only reason i mention that now is that is the kind of thinking, whether good or bad or whatever it is, but that is the kind of thinking that the country needs. we have owe $19 trillion and it's going up rapidly. and i'm really good at that stuff. >> the donald hammered hid opponent jeb bush by promoting a the surprisingly modern position on planned parenthood. >> i think jeb's position will go down as his 47%. we have to help women. a lot of women are helped e so we have to look at the positives
2:16 pm
also. i've had many women, many republican conservative women come up and say planned parenthood serves a good function other than that one aspect. do you think the interview with donald trump last night revealed a more substantial side of donald trump than it did hither too. >> i think what it did is reveal the fact there is a reality show that is here to say. sean hannity gave him two hours. everybody is trying to look for this bomb or grenade that is going to drop that is going to force donald out of race. let's get this really straight. this man is really smarter than i think a lot of people are giving him credit for. and we're not understanding exactly why he's here. he's riding the crest of what we created and he's going to be
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around for a while. >> new numbers out of iowa tonight. cnn poll shows trump still leading. ben carson in second place in iowa and then walker. so what is your reaction to those new numbers on the polls? >> i think you have to look at the one that is really the highlight of them all is fiorina. she just jumped into to top five. multiple polls are have they are fifth, sixth. . she jumped from the bottom to the top. but why? let's remember. donald trump is really an exercise in america for the last 14 years since 2000. in 2000 we had four reality shows on television. now we have over 350. all are based on altercation, friction and battle. every interview show is set up on that. donald is playing on the disenfranchised who feel they don't have a voice in america.
2:18 pm
whether they believe what he's saying or not. what does he believe in? i don't know. but make america right again. >> and telling the truth. three of the top five have never held office. do you think there is a common theme there? people are tired of professional politicians and want to see some regular though extraordinary guy or woman take the helm and go forward. >> i want to read you something. the choice we face between continuing the politics of the last 40 years that have led to bigger and bigger government, less and less liberty, restriction of earnings through confiscation of taxation or trying to get back to the original course set by forefathers we'll choose between fiscal responsibility, freedom of government or freedom of choice for all people or let an irresponsible congress set the road to our failure basically. this is written by ronald reagan in 1976. 40 years ago. same song and dance.
2:19 pm
1976, rewrote ronald reagan off. 1980 he became the poresident o the united states. make sure you don't write this man off. last night in wisconsin, the speech in wisconsin. did you happen to notice all of a sudden there was a kinder generator donagent gentler donald trump in half the speech? the one thing he's done is force the rest of the party to step up to the plate and tell you what they actually stand for. if he starts to tell you what he's got on his plate, watch this. a really smart man knows when he's not smart enough to answer the questions himself. so he calls upon people who are smart now have zo. that makes a man a genius. >> you. >> i took it because when you look at this country, everybody
2:20 pm
keeps saying make america great again. but if you look at the last eight years i would bet you there is not ab american out here paying his bills who does not feel better today than eight years ago. so where do we want to go back too? how about we make it continuously great? >> it is code language for ideology, language, color, race? >> i think it's ideology to say i'm as angry as you are a. he's saying i understand you. let me include you in the decisions i make. dismissed a month ago. and also jumped very high now in the polls and i was one of the people a month and a half ago saying we ought co-keep an eye on mr. kasich because he's the guy that could give this entire race a run for its money. >> it is not over.
2:21 pm
>> but kasich does appear to be position himself as the reasonable republican alternative who's conservative enough. >> let me take you back a few years. make sure america understands this reality show analogy. donald trump is riding what we created. four years ago, five years ago, america was ready to write off kim kardashian. this last year forbes put her on the top list of the most influential americans. reality tv does a lot for us. it makes people relate to people that they didn't think were relatable. donald trump is relating to the the world right now. the rest better catch up. >> trump is proclaimed himself the most militaristic candidate in the field. does that bother you? or does that make you feel good. >> there are a couple of things he stated ununequivocably. if you are a veteran you can't help but to listen to a person
2:22 pm
who understands the problem with the va has been management from day one. he even says i'm going to take care of the soldiers. why would a soldier not vote for him? >> let me say this and then let you go. you were critical of him in his criticism of john mccain. >> i certainly was. and i've stated uni quibble. even when i say that. you can say that about anything else you don't pick on a real war hero and i believe that. he's now in his way apologized for that and we as a nation have accepted it because we don't talk about it anymore. he just apologized for me give kelly the other day. in his own way. this is a reality show played out by the media, not by donald trump. >> trulet the trump-et sound. now stats show more americans have health insurance
2:23 pm
than ever before. details next. and bernie sanders has the crowds and now the polling on his side. is it time for team hillary to be worried? we'll get into the sanders surge, ahead. hi. hi. hi. hi my name's josh. kelly. my name is raph. steve. my name is anne. tom. brian. krystal. and i am definitely not a robot. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. whether it's for your business or your personal life, don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up. because we're here. we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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big news. obamacare is working. more people in the united states have insurance and can afford their own healthcare. but the republican party won't admit it. new data proves more americans are covered now than they were two years ago. the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention released the latest results of the national health interview survey. according to the survey the number of americans without insurance dropped to 9.2% during the first three months of 2015. down from 11.5% in 2014. and 16% back in 2010 when the affordable healthcare act was signed into law. during last week's debate the republican candidates all haze disparaging remarks to make but
2:27 pm
none had specifics what to do other than to repeal it. back now montel williams and joined also by wendell potter senior analyst. montel, during the break you told me a fascinating story that really gives empirical evidence and an anecdote. share that. >> i'm one of those parents in the country who are stuck in a position where their 25-year-old child was diagnosed with a illness who was no longer on any insurance. the affordable care act allowed her to stay on until age 25. when she was diagnosed through
2:28 pm
lymphoma. she now has her own insurance because she can't be denied insurance because of the prior illness. i don't know what would have happened to hur family has i had to pay all of this out of pocket for her because she had no insurance and there was that way for me to get her insured other than through this. so there are so many who have to thank the affordable care act. >> listening to that story from montel, that is an amazing, you know, if you will, validation of what's been going on the last few years despite the assault from the right. in your opinion what is the best part of that story that we just referred to. >> well that the number of americans with insurance continues to go up. and those numbers actually are even more impressive when you consider that in 240u 10 when the law was passed we had a population of 309 million but almost 50 million americans uninsured. in 2015 we had 320 million
2:29 pm
americans and 29 million of us are now uninsured. so there's been a big increase in population and a big big decrease in the uninsured rate. i'm glad he told that story because one of the things not factored into those numbers today is the fact that young people can now stay on their parent's policies until age 26. and montel's daughter might possibly not have been able to get coverage at all because of an illness. so this saved people countless millions of dollars since it went into effect. >> the republicans continue to talk about what disaster the affordable care act is but rarely are positive. and montel your story is again validation that this thing works on the ground with real people. >> what i want to hear is what will you replace it with?
2:30 pm
will you then keep individual tenants in place like the one that says child can remain in your insure until age 25? will you leave it that you can continue to have coverage. i have m.s. insurance could deny me coverage. this keeps people insured and how dare anybody suggest we throw the baby out with the bath water. if you can't come one a better plan keep your mouth shut. >> do you expect to see more change in the near future? it's been remarkable already. do you think more is on the way? >> i don't think we'll see too much out of the washington but i think some of the states will be able to move beyond the affordable care act. and some states like that are doing that. a lot of states, mainly red
2:31 pm
cities have not expanded medicaid but that will change too. it will become more apparent economically, not just because the fact that people need to have coverage but economically it makes sense. i i think you will see even more people goin' have coverage. >> right. and a lot of governors have been doing that and it's been hurting the people in their starts. thank you so much for joining us here. stick around. isis is on the rise and jeb bush says president obama and hillary clinton are to blame. the details ahead. i'm hampton pearson. stocks claw their way back. the dow ends down a fraction after falling more than 270 points earlier. the s&p adds 2, the nasdaq gains 7 points. cisco shares are higher. the company reported revenue in earnings that beat estimates.
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breaking developments with former president jimmy carter, revealed today he had cancer. let's go to chris jansing on martha's vineyard. >> hi michael. >> how you doing. tell us what you know about president carter. >> he went in for surgery to remove small leagues on his liver august 3rd and the prognosis after looked good. but we got the notification from
2:36 pm
the carter center, the foundation with his wife, that the cancer has spread in other parts of his body. he's talked about it very openly. his family all had cancer and he has often had a couple of scan a year looking for mris and cat scans. and he has also said he is never going let anything slow him down. he logs thousands of miles a year most on behalf of the carter center. i did a quick google search. in the past couple of years, egypt, libya, sudan, congo. he was in south america early in the spring and came back early because he wasn't feeling well he's been to haiti in recent years. he's not someone who gets jet
2:37 pm
lag. he's able to sleep on planes. and he's kept up a incredible schedule and has indicated he planned to keep going and working for the carter center and humanitarian causes as long as he possibly could. obviously this diagnosis is not good news. having said that he is being cared for by doctors at emory university medical center. and we expect, he says, that we will get more information. he'll make more information public perhaps as early as next week. he is not someone who has played his cards close to the vest. he's been pretty open about things. so we are here in martha's vineyard and we will see whether or not we get a statement from the president or the first family on this. jimmy carter, 90 years old. he'll be 91 in october releasing a statement from the carter center saying the leagues they found on his liver has indications that apparently the
2:38 pm
cancer has spread to the rest of miss body. michael. >> our prayers are certainly with the former president of the united states jimmy carter. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month.
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hillary clinton's campaign is finding itself in some unfamiliar territory, second place. a new poll by franklin pierce university and the boston herald has senator bernie sanders ahead by seven points among likely democratic primary voters in hn hp. more than half of gran it state
2:40 pm
voters say they view sanders favorably while only 38% feel the same about clinton. the enthusiasm behind the sanders campaign is getting more media attention. he's also starting to get attention interest the republican field. donald trump criticized protesters taking the stage at the event in seattle. >> i would never give up my microphone. that showed such weakness. the microphone. they took the whole place over. the way they -- i felt badly for him. but it showed that he's weak. >> i'm joined by e.j. deon and professor at georgetown robert kosta. and nick gillespie at and reason tv and co-author of the book "declaration of
2:41 pm
independent: how liberation of politics can fix what's wrong with america." >> i think we're done. >> segment's over. yeah. why is trump focusing so much on sanders right now. >> fascinating. and he cut it off before he finished which is he likes sanders and sanders and he are the only two drawing crowds. i think it is very important to look at sanders and trump as two sides of the same coin and they are running kind of demagoguic kind of campaigns. and they are running on the world that is gotten the better of america and they are sound bite heavy, in many ways very stupid but also attractive and simplistic solutions to a world that seems to be on anyone's control right now. >> the crowds at bernie sanders
2:42 pm
rallies look young? is he getting the obama voters, m sanders? >> in a millennial generation when they look at what kind of nominee they want, many want to see someone who moves the party to the left. and with hillary clinton they see someone they respect, admire, she's still a powerful force in new hampshire and elsewhere. but sanders captures the soul of what they want the democratic party to be. >> to do young voters care about hillary clinton and will the enthusiasm gap hurt her given the enthusiasm gotten by bernie sanders in the millennial. >> when you look at bernie sanders in some as i think it is the delayed political reaction of occupy wall street. in back to occupy they were antiliberal and antipolitics. and tlarp lot who sympathized who believed in the intellectual
2:43 pm
ru route that that was one way to get power in the policy. and the since the crash, partly because obama was in power when most of the effects of the crash hit, you really didn't see the kind of reaction toward the left that you say saw after the great depression. so i think this is a delayed reaction and that bernie himself is a very attractive figure because he's got nothing to lose. he didn't even expect to be in the position he is in right now. and so i think the clinton campaign is worried about him, particularly in iowa and new hampshire where the demographics are very good for a bernie sanders campaign. >> if i can say it is also another way to trump and sanders are similar that e.j. touches on. neither are actually representative of the parties who is domination they are running for. sanders is an independent socialist, he caucuses with the democrats. trump is not a republican by anybody's measure although he's
2:44 pm
r running as a republican. again, the things that get people up and at it as these things is it's the chinese taking jobs away. wall street financers. people in wall street is outsourcing jobs. mexicans. he's openly antiimmigrant in a way that calls to mind donald trump. this is the populous. thises the demagoguery and i don't necessarily mean that in a negative way but i don't agree with it. it is the politics of the resentment and anger. i think what trump and sanders are doing is setting the table for a later discussion among the more serious, more credible candidates about whether or not they can come up with a positive vision that doesn't simply rely on saying we've got to keep immigrants out. we've got to keep chinese goods out. and we just have to raise everybody's wages by fiat. that is the challenge of the
2:45 pm
campaign. >> could i just say for the record what bernie has said about mexicans has dmog with what donald trump has. >> yes he has. he is against immigration. he is against immigration and he is flat out against it because it undercuts his support with unions. no question about it. >> -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> he is against increasing immigration to the united states. find where he talks about how we should be increasing immigration and at the same time he's in favor of the capitalism if he's in favor of the export/mmt bank -- >> is the mainstream media finally taking bernie seriously, as our two guests are here today? >> everyone in the press, you see the crowds, and this is someone creating a real movement across the country. different in the way howard dean was in 2004.
2:46 pm
as it was said, they are connecting with the populous anger and connecting all of these dots to make a movement that is grassroots and powerful. >> thank you so much for your time. coming up tom brady and the nfl square off in federal court over deflategate but the judge in the the case is still undecided. we'll tell you why, next. progressive insurance here, and i'm a box who thrives on the unexpected. ha-ha! shall we dine? [ chuckle ] you wouldn't expect an insurance company to show you their rates and their competitors' rates, but that's precisely what we do. going up! nope, coming down. and if you switch to progressive today,
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>> tommy. >> tommy boy. >> don't settle tom. >> liar. >> give him hell, tom. >> i think goodell got more boos there. that was the scene outside the the courthouse in new york where tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell appeared for the deflategate scandal hearing. it is the first court date since the league and the union filed. saying brady knowingly used deflated footballs. repeatedly asking the nfl's lawyer for direct evidence that links brady to the balls. while there is no smoking gun implicating brady. in the nfl and players union
2:50 pm
head back to court next week seal te results. six days before the patriots opened the regular season against is it steelers. still to for failing to stop the rise of isis and calls for a greater american military presence in iraq. we'll have the details, next. all types of problems. when a bird gets oil on its feathers, it destroys their waterproofing. dawn is absolutely essential to the wash process, we use tons of it. i was surprised that they use something that i use at home, to wash the oil off the birds. it's a wonderful feeling to be able to say that i helped return this bird back to the wild. i love wildlife, how do you love wildlife? no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks,
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2:54 pm
clinton, the storied team of rivals took office. so eager to be the history-makers, they failed to be the peace makers. i would say the obama-clinton foreign policy will be remembered as a foreign policy based on grandiose talk and little action. >> jeb bush laid out his foreign policy agenda at the reagan library tuesday night. he left out his brother's role in starting the war in iraq. instead he took aim at those who inherited it, president obama and hillary clinton. bush said president obama and hillary clinton are responsible for facilitating the rise of isis. >> isis grew while the united states disengaged from the middle east and ignored the threat. and where was the secretary of state? where was secretary of state clinton in all of this? in all of her record-setting travels, she stopped by iraq exactly once. >> jeb's foreign policy plan includes a greater military presence in iraq. he's calling for more air
2:55 pm
strikes, and more american engagement with iraqi security forces fighting isis. he stopped short at calling for more ground troops, but hinted at the possibility. i'm joined now by harold cook and susan van persial, republican strategist. he's not ruled out using ground troops to go after isis. how does he sell that to americans who seem to be so weary of war at this point? >> there's no doubt that's a really hard sell. especially given his last name. and you're right, the obama administration did inherit a lot of what happened foreign policy wise from george w. bush, however, they've had six years, and this is the same team that referred to isis as the j.v. team, so they've made their own mistakes along the way. but i give bush a lot of credit for at least addressing it head on, looking forward, coming up with his solutions, a no-fly zone is something that is
2:56 pm
support the across the board, democrats and republicans. and there's no doubt, making the case to go in and send in more troops is going to be extremely difficult. except the more we see home-grown terrorism on this continent, i think it actually will -- whoever the president is, will help that president decide what to do as far as troops go. >> 19 of the 21 people who are jeb bush's advisers worksed in administrations of his father or brother. are these the guys we want leading american foreign policy right now into a new future in the 21st century? >> well, no, and not only that, this is a fairly dicey thing for jeb bush to bring up, because, look, if you follow his logic very far, which is basically that obama and clinton screwed this up somehow, it leads right back to his brother and all of the things that are so unpopular about his presidency with americans. and his logic leads to
2:57 pm
eventually dick cheney was right all along. and i don't think he wants to go there. i don't think any voters want to hear that, not even republican primary voters. so as a political move, i'm a little puzzled by this. because he must have seen something in the polling, especially after his lackluster debate performance, that leads him to believe that people are just not getting over the fact that he is president bush's brother, and they don't like it, and he's got to distance himself. but for him to bring up isis leads right back to iraq, and iraq leads right back to his brother. i just don't think that works as a political move for him. >> that is actually factual. you can't talk about fighting isis without talking about being in iraq. there's no choice. i'm sure he would prefer not to do it, going back to 2004. but if you're serious about wanting to combat isis, there's no one who will tell you you can do it without being in iraq. >> that may be true, but you can
2:58 pm
talk about fighting isis without going back to iraq, not for long, because it leads back to the occupation after the iraqi war, which was mishandled by his brother. >> but the fact is, where isis is strongest now, in fallujah, in iraq, you have to deal with that. if you are a candidate seeking the presidency of the united states, you owe it to the public to say what you're thinking, what your plans are, there's nothing wrong with coming out with a policy. and it was hard for bush to do, and it may backfire for him, but i credit him for addressing it head on. >> but is this the reason why donald trump is winning in the polls right now? because people seem to be war weary, even though you make the argument about the return to iraq, the scene of the crime, to combat isis. on the other hand, they're tired of professional politicians who seem to validate their moves in regard to war as opposed to to somebody telling the truth. is this why donald trump is rising so far in the polls? >> i can't tell you why donald trump is rising so much. i thought so many times he was going to be done, after mccain,
2:59 pm
after megyn kelly, so i can't explain that. except it's reality tv and he's a big star. but he hits claims, and it just stands in such stark comparison to jeb bush. even if you disagree with jeb bush, trump's answer is, let's take their oil. well, how are you going to take their oil? you can't just go into a country and take it over. you would then be occupying a country. you can't just take the oil from the people. so you need to be specific. it sounds like he wants to put an army around the wells. that's not going to work. so how are you going to get the job done? and i give bush credit for going out there and starting to outline a plan. >> all right, 30 seconds left, harold. bush attacked hillary clinton for only going to iraq once during her time at the state. does clinton need to be more outspoken? i know that's unfair to ask you that. 20 seconds, does she? >> yes, but that's not why. hillary clinton needs to treat this like the real primary that
3:00 pm
it's becoming. if she doesn't, i fear she's going to be in trouble. >> thanks so much for your time. "politicsnation" with the reverend al sharpton starts right now. tonight on "politicsnation," new poll numbers for donald trump. and a big headache for jeb bush. trump calling out bush on iraq. also, bernie sanders pulls ahead of hillary clinton in a key state. president obama writes an emotional letter about voting rights. and heart-breaking video from an ohio jail. a woman's final words before her tragic death. welcome to "politicsnation," i'm here tonight in los angeles, a city still grappling with the legacy of the wat