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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 14, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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brought to you by letters msnbc. ♪ good morning everyone. it's friday, august 14th. i'm ayman mohyeldin. is al gore considering a 2016 presidential campaign? the 64-year-old former vice president is talking about whether there's a path financially. he was quote pouring lukewarm water rather than the cold water on the speculation. a spokesman was quoted on the record saying it's extremely unlikely he'll run. his hometown paper sources
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saying reports are flat out incorrect. gore won the popular vote against george w. bush in 2000 but lost in the state of florida where jeb bush was governor. he weighed in on this yesterday. >> my first reaction was really? i don't know, i mean, look, he's qualified. there's a lot of disarray in the party. most of the focus seems to be on our race which is pretty wild and wooley as well. when you have the resump tif front runner dominating and then all of a sudden losing in malpractice new hampshire and other places, i'm sure biden and gore are considering it. i can't control what al gore is thinking. >> meanwhile joe biden is reaching to democrats in early
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voting states. "the new york times" reports biden is on vacation in south carolina is and used the time to have an hour long conversation with the former chairman of the democratic party and outspoken advocate of him joining the race. the strategist says he was contacted by long time biden political advisor. this combined with the amped up effort perhaps the exploratory phase of the possible bid. the report in the wall street journal yesterday says he's expected to announce his decision next month. donald trump is looking to strengthen grip on front runner status building up an on the ground operation. the register reports donald trump opened the first campaign office in des moines. the bus with the words trump and
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slogan make america great again is a campaign office. trump is scheduled to return to iowa tomorrow to campaign at the state fair. the post reports he will touchdown by private helicopter and visit the famous butter cal. unlike other candidates, trump will not speak at the soap box. last month the editorial board called on trump to drop out of the race. he's barred their reporters from covering his events. "the apprentice" will return next season without the donald. the chairman said the program will return with a new host. he had kinder words for trump. he said quote you're fired. rather than saying you're fired he said he was a great collaborator and a lovely guy. presidential hopefuls were on the soap box.
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a pair of democratic challengers trying to find voters in the state. >> let me begin with a recommendation, pork chop on a stick. trust me, it's what's for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. this time 17 republicans are coming to iowa to ask for your vote and support in caucuses. a handful of democrats will come as well. hillary is not going to come. she'll e-mail in her appearances. >> do you think the e-mail issue provides an opening? >> i think people are hungry for alternative. phrases i hear we need new leader skmship and ability to g things done. that's what i hear in new hampshire and iowa. i'm not only talking about progressive value, i've gotten things done. that's what people are
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responding to. >> clinton is scheduled to visit the fair tomorrow but not expected to speak. yesterday she picked up endorsement from recently retired senator harken. she was at his steak fry a year ago but asked for $50,000 for travel to do so. classified information was found in may but not revealed until the last couple of weeks. what's unclear is how the data was secured after it was discovered. the managers of clinton's server turned the hardware over this week. clinton's lawyer had a thumb drive with thousands of e-mails on it. the state department found out about that and sent a safe to secure it. >> senator feinstein says clinton didn't write the
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classified e-mails found. feinstein, the ranking democrat on the senate intel committee, also said none of the e-mails said to have sensitive information were marked classified. heroic stories are beginning to emerge 24 hours after explosions rocked the chinese ware r house and killed at least 50. search and rescue crews located a surviving firefighter 31 hours the blast. another firefighter who had rushed to the scene called his mother to say, quote, momma, save me. i can't bear it. he has fractured ribs but an injured lung. he's recovering at a local hospital. this cell phone video shows the fire filling the sky seconds after the initial blast. incredible footage. with all kinds of chemicals in the air, crews that specialize in the nuclear items are on the scene. the blasts were so large a
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japanese satellite traveling over the city at was actually able to detect it. u.s. defense and intelligence officials have confirmed to nbc news the pentagon believes isis used chemical weapons this week in iraq. the attack was against fighters. it raises the bar about isis capabilities and how to fight the group on the ground. officials say this is the second time isis apparently used chemical weapons. the first time occurred recently inside syria but was not reported. meanwhile republican hopeful jeb bush returned to iraq war defending some of his brother's actions. >> i'll tell you taking out hussein turned out to be a good deal. in 2009 iraq was fragile but secure. there was security there because of heroic efforts because of men and women in the united states military it was so.
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that is a fact. you can't take that away from anybody who served and can't rewrite history in that regard. if you think about the variables that could have happened had we not invaded then, might have invaded later. who knows. you're in back to the future and might as well make a movie. >> two more democratic senators are supporting the historic deal with iran. franken and jon tester. house democrats are citing a report that claims the united states will in fact detect if iran cheats. critics are flooding air waves with new ads. here's the first look at one of those. >> i was blindfolded into a room. ordered to stand on stool. those to my left and right were kicked side.
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iran signed treaty banning torture but did it any way. now they signed a deal promising no nuclear weapons but keep facilities and ballistic missiles. what do you think they'll be doing? >> a bipartisan group of former senators is planning to spend $6.2 million many mine states. there's ads featuring bartlett who was injured. >> they put bullets in head and killed them. they said we're going to run bombs out of here. every politician involved in this will be held accountable. they'll have blood on their hands. vote for this deal means more money for iranian terrorism. what do you think they're going to do when they get more money? >> meanwhile the white house is
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playing this movie straight out of content. it posted this tweet thanks to the iran deal, iran will be straight out of uranium. it's been 70 since the u.s. secretary of state visited cuba. that changes today when secretary of state john kerry lands in havana to open the u.s. embassy. it will include the raising of american flag, symbol of renewed diplomatic relations between the cold war enemies. these are preps from yesterday. that's not showing the fiery rhetoric from former leader fidel castro who couldn't resist the opportunity to slam the u.s. ahead of kerry's visit. castro wrote in a local paper that the united states owes havana millions of dollars in damages. only congress can lift the embar embargo. many republicans are opposed to the idea including marco rubio. the florida senator and son of
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cuban immigrants is expected to denounce the president's outreach to cuba and iran in a foreign policy speech later today. let's get to breaking news from greece. the lawmakers aproved the country's third bailout which includes sweeping cuts and tax increases. nancy is live in london with the latest. debate went throughout the night in athens. i hear it was intense motioner s negotiations. bring us up to speed. >> that's right. a fiery, heated debate with lawmakers throughout the night and early hours. a few hours ago, they managed to get approval of 35 billion euros. some reports suggest we could see a vote of confidence for the prime minister as early as next week and potential snap election as early as september. plenty of political risks there. the bailout now waits -- now
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waits approval. still uncertainty on investor's minds as well. >> nancy, learning more about facebook live streaming app. it's a great feature. how is this different from otherings? >> it's interesti-- from others? >> it is instantly. those videos are streaming only 24 hours. some advantages for more user engagement. bear in mind the company, facebook, has not confirmed reports yet. we do not know when this will become available outside of vip clients. insiders suggest this could be available to more people in time for the holidays. ayman. >> i'll let you know when i play around with it more. thank you very much. still ahead on "way too early,"
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forecasters prepare ago for what could become the strongest storm on record. what's being called godzilla of el nino. locked in. see what executives say about jimmy fallon's future on "the tonight show." that and more when "way too early" comes right back. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in new purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health
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how much prot18%?does your dog food have? 20? introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. all right guys. time for sports action. olympic gold medallist lindsey vonn injured her ankle in training yesterday. the small ankle fracture forced the 30-year-old skier to return home to u.s. for treatment. there's hope it will heal before her training this year. she won her seventh world cup title. we wish her a speedy recovery. the pga underway. end of round one, dustin johnson
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holds the field opening with 6 under. mcill roy made his return after being sidelined with an ankle injury. tied for 24th shooting 1 under 171. more of the same unfortunately. tiger woods continue to struggle finishing 3 over 75 second i highest open ofrg his career after missing the cut after both summer opens. woods could be on his way to another early exit. bigs night in nfl preseason last night. tom brady made a brief appearance behind center for patriots hosting the packers. the suspended quarterback played two series completing one pass beforehanding off to the backup who played the rest of the way. 22-11 loss to green bay. in detroit, fitzpatrick in
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place of ggeno smith expected t miss six to ten weeks due to the broken jaw that came from a teammate. in cleveland, bad news for redskins. without paul for the rest of the season after the player dislocated left ankle in the first quarter. johnny manziel took a few snaps for the browns. scampering into the end zone for the score durgs the 20-17 loss to washington. now to major league baseball. touching moment last night. check this out. adrianna, 4-year-old daughter of cleveland second baseman who was diagnosed with leukemia in may. she got to throw out the first pitch before the game. indians have given the entire support to he and his family all season and opted not to trade the player at the deadline as to not interfere with adrianna's treatment. heartwarming story there.
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to st. louis, cardinals at bat trailing pirates in the sixth. >> diving stop by alvarez. scrambles but drops the ball. >> alvarez makes a great stop but drops the ball running to first and unable to record the out. pirates win it 10-5. check this out, trash talking in sport of tennis. association of tennis professionals fined kyrgios after comments made. a microphone captured him saying that a fellow player had gotten familiar with his girlfriend. ouch. that's some serious trash talking folks. he since apologized for comments saying they were made in the heat of the moment.
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year's el nino is strengthen and could be the strongest ever recorded. the national weather service said yesterday all computer models are predicting a strong el nino or warming of pacific ocean expected to peak late fall early winter. it has the potential to be quote the godzilla el nino. >> very scientific. don't try to understand it. this is going to go right into the winter too. it will be interesting to see how it plays out. it's the weekend though. we have to foe cuss on weather. we have two fronts on both coasts going to bring rain. the northwest system will bring scattered showers. also going to cool off temperatures which is going to be fantastic. 10 to 15 degrees drop through desert northwest. down to the south, we're still dealing with this cold front over florida.
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that is going to make for scattered showers and thunderstorms into the weekend. the brutal heat, worst of this heat is down through the desert southwest. we have excessive heat warnings from los angeles that push to phoenix. temperatures are going to be approaching. actual air temperatures 117 degrees today. here's a look at today's forecast. still hot through the south. northwest will start to cool up. the northeast will be hazy, hot, humid right through the weekend. back to you ayman. >> how's it looking in atlanta? >> looking hot as always. >> get ready. i hear you're moving down there. >> yes, i am. going to work at the weather channel. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i'll tell you where to get great fried chicken. the wire is joining forces with the most popular children's show in the world. what do executives think of jimmy fallon's performance on
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"the tonight show"? we'll bring that to you and more when "way too early" comes right back. ♪ (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in new purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have a less reliable cell phone network, and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that.
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you shot me. enough with the birds. i'm anthony, johnny's son.
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>> you want a boutonniere? >> this is my corner. i ain't running nowhere. >> you crazy? what's wrong with you [ bleep ]? >> i saved this city and all your worthless lives. i should have let him kill you all. >> all kinds of ghettos in the world. it's all one ghetto man, giant gutter in outer space. >> cookie monster, please, i'm begging you. do not eat the letter of the day. >> do not eat letter of day. me eat cookie. >> oh. >> always making you smile. beloved children's show, sesame street has new neighbors to say the least. the rest of the muppets are moving to hbo after 45 years on pbs. the producer will produce 35
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episodes a year, twice the number it does now. after first nine months of appearing on cable channel, it will appear free on pbs. sesame street has faced funding challenges in the past. some on social media were outraged saying moving the show to a paid tv service creates a class divide. the show will continue to run on pbs as we mentioned and will stream on pbs for free. sesame street may be moving, but jimmy fallon isn't go anywhere. deadline reports that he will now be in the host chair through september 2021. he took over for jay leno over a year ago and has topped late night ratings. good news for all of us. now to great news. lebron james announced yesterday his foundation is teaming up with the university to send as
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many kids from his hometown to college for free. every student who completes james i promise program will earn a four year scholarship worth $38,000. if you do the math, that's a lot of money. that does it for me and "way too early." let's bring in mika for a preview of "morning joe." >> thank you ayman. speculation al gore is considering another run for president. there's also new reporting on joe biden on vacation but apparently testing the waters for his own run. the new signs he may be seriously thinking about it. plus donald trump is dominating the headlines in the polls. is he really putting in the work to win? we'll take a closer look at the republican front runner's game. cuba is preparing for its first visit from the u.s. secretary of state since world war ii. nbc andrea mitchell will join us live from havana for the formal
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reopening of cuban embassy. that and a lot more coming up next on "morning joe." ♪ (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in new purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, just in case you were wondering what cheerios are made of whole. grain. oats.
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