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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  August 14, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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good weekend helping us to clear animal shelters from coast to coast. it comes at an appropriate time. these are the dog days of summer. we'll have your weather straight ahead. our big story this hour, the donald. donald trump storming into the granite state tonight. in new hampshire while his opponents are climbing on to a soap box at the iowa state fair. and an old school democrat may be considering emerging from his locked box. wait, what? al gore? going to run for president? again? we take a few minutes to chew on that. we'll start with mr. trump who remains the undisputed republican front-runner. he has rally scheduled for later tonight. and we mean rally. bernie sanders-type stuff. let head there now. get right to it with nbc's katy tur. how big are we talking? >> reporter: a few hundred people. more people come out the line
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up. there's an overflow room here as well. we expect people to start to line up. there's a few, about a dozen volunteers in there ready to help out. he's popular pretty much everywhere he goes. he exudes a celebrity atmosphere. not every stop that he makes is greeted with protesters. some of the bigger stops you see protesters. for the most part, people excited to see him. they're excited to hear his ideas. unclear at the moment, craig, if it's people that are just excited to see a celebrity, somebody that they liked on television, somebody who is bigger than life. or if it's someone they want to vote for for the next is the. >> katy tur, thank you so much. james holman, political reporter for "the washington post's" power post. let's get to this. you're on the donald beat. he's still surging in the polls. he's got the big rally in inspect. tonight. skipping the soap box in iowa.
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still planning to arrive at the state fair in his signature helicopter. sum up the state of the race involving him at this point. >> right now, craig, it's good to be with you. i think a lot of the crowds are interested in seeing the celebrity of donald trump. a couple of poll this is week show support is starting to soften. we have seen indications in the polls that people don't think he will win. they're interested to seeing what happens next. there's been a slight decrease in interest in trump. some reasons for the republican establishment to be hopeful. >> i want to call your attention to our friend josh barrow's piece. the main way mr. trump stands out from the field on economic policy is leftward. while most republicans favor free trade, mr. trump has called for much higher tariffs on imported goods to protect american industries from competition. he's criticized his opponents for proposing cuts in social
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security, medicare, medicaid. how is donald trump going to explain positions like that to his conservative critics? >> those are positions i think are politically good for him to be taking compared so some ed the more controversial thinks we have talked about. trump and mike huck kooe have staked out a protectionist stance. there's a lot of leeriness of the transpacific partnership. leeriness of nafta. they're a stand-in for the broader fear that people are coming into the country and taking their jobs. their jobs are being sent overseas. that's a very ripe sort of line for trump to tap into. >> let's talk about al gore here for a second. there's a source that's telling nbc news that humors of him running for president are quote
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overblown, similar to what most of us thought immediately when we read the buzz feed piece nes initially. your thoughts? >> we're at the stage of the democratic primary. the why not me stage. joe biden. and al gore, people close to them are looking in the mirror and saying, if bernie sanders can be leading hillary clinton in the polls in inspect. . there's the troubling stories about the e-mails every day that seem to be landing, why couldn't i run? my source is telling me al gore is not going to run. these are you know, hopeful conversations. his spokesman pouring cold what owner the report. this is not going to happen. maybe there was a trial balloon element to it. people are just sort of seeing a weak hillary clinton. none of the other kancandidatese that impressive. there's a belief among the
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anti-hillary democrats that none of the other candidates can go the distance. maybe someone like gore or biden could. i think biden is way more serious than al gore. >> let's talk about smokin' joe biden. the happy warrior. reports he's considering a one-term presidency, according to politico. does that make him more palatable or less or about the same? >> it's compelling. it's interesting. the idea that you would run for one term. you would think joe biden, who has been in congress since the mid 1970s would recognize it would be hard to get things done if you started in the white house as a lame duck. it's kind of surprising. but it also shows what pitch bide. would mak biden would make. he would be an elder staltesman.
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the one-term thick is a good contrast to the dynasty hit that a lot of democrats are uncomfortable with with hillary clinton. >> wouldn't joe biden, being vice president of the united states, wouldn't he have some what of a difficult time raising money at this point? aren't all of the big donors already committed? in terms of organization, it would seem to a lot of folks, some of the biggest organizers are already working for hillary or bernie sanders or matt o'malp chaffee. >> i'm glad you said that. a lot of people missed the reality check. a lot of people who like biden and have been close to biden are committed to hillary. they've already bundled for hillary. she has a masive staff in operation in iowa and new hampshire. it would be immensely hard for biden to build a serious campaign operation, especially one befitting a sitting vice president. you could not count on a lot of
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the obama coalition. i think biden would undoubtedly enter the race as a big underdog. it would be his third try for the presidency. i think he would event we are the mentality that he has nothing to lose and would approach it as happy warrior. it would be a very, very hard slog. i think that ultimately is one of the things that weighs against it. beau biden, before his tragic death, was encouraging his dad to run. i think biden is eyes open about what he would be getting into. >> james, wouldn't that be a race to cover? a joe biden criss-crossing the country with nothing to lose, no organization, and no money in the bank? oh, my goodness. >> it would be very fun to cover -- maybe even more fun that donald trump. >> yeah, james hohmann. always good to see you. >> thank you. here's what else we're following. an historic day in u.s.-cuban relations as the american flag is raised over the embassy for
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the first time in half a century. we're live in havana after this. also, pulled from the wreckage. an incredible story of survival out of that deadly china blast. we'll take you there as well. and things are about to get hot. really hot. your weekend forecast. much much more ahead this hour on msnbc. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do.
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the shot behind me of the cuban flag at the embassy in washington, d.c. that's been flying for about a month now. a symbol of the historic change in status between our two countries.
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the real action was in havana today. when the american flag was raised for the first time in more than 54 years. secretary of state john kerry was on hand to witness history. >> this morning, i feel very much at home here and i'm grateful to those who have come to share in the ceremony who are standing around outside of our facilities. and i feel at home here because this is truly a memorable occasion. a day for pushing aside old barriers. and exploring new possibilities. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez was also there for the monumental eviden. before we get to the news, what was it like for you to see all of this unfold in person? >> reporter: well, craig, good afterdmoon. it was an incredible moment to see the flag flying here for the
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first time in 54 years. there was the applause that we have seen throughout the day. as that flag was hoisted. three marines were present at this ceremony. that were here back in 1961, when the u.s. and cuba separated those diplomating tc ties. it was an incredible thing to witness. people on hand. journalists, tourists. this was unthinkable here in castro's cuba just a few years ago. craig? >> often in politics, optics are half the story. what, if anything, did secretary kerry and the foreign minister have to say about the logistics of this relationship going gu d forward? >> reporter: the foreign minister and secretary kerry wrapped up a news conference. nay met for a short amount of time. this is a delicate relationship. one that both sides need to be eager about moving forward.
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there's still deep difference here. the issue of the u.s. trade embargo. only congress with lift that. during his speech today, secretary kerry said he favorered lifting that trade embargo. that's up to congress. still, many issues remain, including regarding the advancement of human rights. here's some of what secretary kerry had to say. >> decades of good intentions aside, the policies of the past have not led to a democratic transition in cuba. it would be equally unreal isic to expect normalizing relations to have a transformational impact in the short term. after all, cuba's future is for cubans to shape. >> reporter: during that news conference, secretary kerry was asked about the potential closing of the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay. he said, let's not put the cart before the horse. both countries are trying to bite off a lot here. he signaled that so far, there
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would be no policy change when it comes to the prison at guantanamo bay. still, both sides agree a lot of progress has been made. again, the mere fact that this flag is flying at this building signals a lot. many people we have spoken with here on the ground even though some remain skeptical about the future of this relationship, overall, they think improved relations between cuba and the u.s. will lead to a better economy here. craig? >> you have spent more time on the ground there than most journalists, gabe. what is the mood like there? you indicated -- i mean, it sounds as if people are hopeful. would that be an accurate assessment of the mood? >> reporter: you could say than president now -- it's a tough question to answer. how the mood is here. because, the fact is, it's very complex. this relationship between cuba and the u.s. has been so complex for several decades. many people here do want some
12:16 pm
sort of interaction with the u.s. because they feel disconnected from the rest of the world. partly because of the u.s. embargo. we spoke with some digital entrepreneurs here having a difficult time because they say their access to wi-fi and internet here has been very difficult. the government has opened wi-fi hot spots in the past few months. they remain out of reach for many because they're too expensive. when it comes to tourism, more americans are coming to cuba despite the travel resixtrictio and embargo still in place. the number of americans is up 54%. the problem is, in cuba, the insti inf infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired. perhaps more money could come in. the economy could improve. people here will be able to
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enjoy a higher quality of life. over the next few years, will cuba and the u.s. be able to get through some of the hurdles that are bogged down the relationship over the last several decades. >> time will tell. gabe gutierrez. a front row seat to history. thank you so much, sir. from cuba to this dropping story. a sign of hope in the long hours after the horrific round of explosions. a firefighter pulled alive from the rubble nearly a day and half later. when the wind blows, shards of glass rain down there. and many who live there say they're very worried about the danger they cannot see. in fact, our nbc news crew just evacuated a short time ago that port city south of beijing for fear of their own safety. ian williams filed this report just before he left. >> reporter: at least one piece of good news today. a 19-year-old firefighter pulled out alive.
12:18 pm
nobody expected that. at the same time, a team of biochemical specialists has arrived with officials add mitting they don't really know precisely what deadly toxins they're dealing with. the fire raged on this morning. thick black smoke in the tianjin sky. today, pulling out a live one of their colleagues. more than 20 firefighters died in the blast. and 13 are still missing. officials say firefighters themselves may have triggered the blasts by hosing water on an niche fire in a warehouse containing the volatile chemical calcium carbide. that triggered the first blast which moments later triggered the following explosions as other chemicaling caught fire. american dan van durn continued to film. >> let's go! let's go down! >> reporter: he told me he
12:19 pm
thought they were going the die. >> i thought it was a nuclear bomb going off in my face. that's what it looked like. >> reporter: officials have tried to reassure nervous residents that pollution levels are normal but admitting they don't know what toxins are in the air. they've told people to move out of apartment buildings near the hot spots and into shelters. the police have cordoned off the blast area. it now resembles a post apocalyptic wasteland. the clock frozen in time. marking a moment this city won't ever forget. this is a city in shock. and in fear. the residents look at the smoke and wonder precisely what sit they're breathing. ian williams, nbc news, tianjin. >> just before he evacuated filing gnat report. let's turn to the weather. they don't call them the dog days for nothing, do they? some of the hottest weather of the summer is setting up shop
12:20 pm
across a large sth of the country. including right behind me. let's go the weather head quarters in atlanta. alex wilson standing by. alex, who is going to be sweating it out? and for how long? >> well, you know, the weekend will be hot for you guys. also another part of the country known for the heat, they're talking about excessive heat. first, your temperatures. new york at 86. this weekend, the humidity will be increasing. it felt good earlier in the week. that warmer air moves north as the jet stream stays well off to the north. low 90s new york tomorrow. 92 in d.c. by sunday, 89 for rochester and pittsburgh. we're talking five to ten degrees above average for many locations in the east. then, when we're talking about new york city specifics. you're looking at heading into next week with more temperatures that will stay on the warm side.
12:21 pm
look at monday and tuesday. mid and low 90s for you. heat alerts in effect for the desert southwest. places like phoenix. they're used to heat. excessive heat warnings and advisories in effect. temperatures there will be dangerously hot. you're seeing white and purples. 115 for phoenix. sunday, 111 in vegas. even in those areas, up to ten degrees, if not more, above average. >> alex, i have to ask you about reports of the strongest el nino on record this winter. they're calling it the godzilla of el nino. how worried should we all be? >> el nino with bring effects that are good for some folks. for places like california, they're going to get in on some much-needed rainfall perhaps if it shape up the way it usually does. also, the hurricane season could be quiet. if you have tropical vacations planned, might be nice for you. cooler and wet across the
12:22 pm
southern tier. those are the usual patterns we see with el nino. if this is a strong one and we can get much-needed moisture to parts of the west, this could be a good thing. other impacts, typically, from el nino would include warm across the northern tier and drying into parts of the midwest. the wet for california could be key. >> it could be good news, all right. >> could be. giver and take. >> could be the operative word. alex, thank you so much. up next, there's a concerning now report that isis, isis may have used chemical weapons in a recent attack. we'll look at that. the latest from our own richard engel. and as dangerous as isis is, should we be more concerned about russia? the conversation happening behind the scenes by top level defense officials. we have details on that. back in three. bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body.
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reporting from richard engel overseas. richard is hearing that isis is now using chemical weapons in iraq. that is potentially a major game-changer there. and something the pentagon is paying close attention to. how about this? top military brass have recently said russia is where we need to be watching. in fact defense one reports american officials are preparing a missile defense system to protect u.s. cities from a potential attack. and despite our superpower status, there are concerning within the walls of the pentagon that we would not be fully prepared for a war with vladimir putin. marcus weissburger has been c e covering these head lines. let's talk russia versus yisis. who is the biggest threat? >> the theme is russia is the big threat to the united states.
12:27 pm
russia has nuclear weapons and could threaten the homeland itself. they say isis cannot do this, while they're a threat to the iraqis and the neighbors in the region. they can't threaten the u.s. homeland. the u.s. military has been deployed in iraq and afghanistan fighting insurgents that don't have modern weaponry like russia would have. >> what is the greatest concern with regards to russia? the greatest concern a military, a cyber concern, or a little bit of both? >> it's a little bit of both. a lot of the unpredictability of putin. the cyber concern, like you mentioned. the big concern is what we have seen happen in ukraine. we have seen what the u.s. military is terming hybrid war fa warfare. the militia being supported on
12:28 pm
the ground. not being directly involved by giving the supplies. you have the cyberthreat, like you said. russia does similarly to the way they're fighting the hybrid war. they empower third parties to attack the united states. we saw the pentagon e-mail system get hacked if n recent weeks by russia. >> what are we doing in response to the new concerns about russia? >> well there are a number of things being done. the pentagon is planning to spend a lot of money on missile defenses. not just for russia. for iran. north korea, who possess this technology. and, what they're doing is they want to actually build a cruise missile shield. not for icbm-type weapons. for weapon that would be fired from say a submarine or a plane. and it flies low. it's very tough to detect with the current radars in the united states. they want to put these air
12:29 pm
ships, these aerostats, if you will, up around major cities and arm them with the ability to shoot down he's missiles if they go toward u.s. si cities. >> what kind of timetable are we talking? >> everything is very notional and very classified. u.s. officials are saying, we're talking three to five years is when they would like to have this in place. >> in terms of -- no, go ahead. you were about to say something. >> i was going to say they're actually testing a system right now near washington. there's an aerostat deployed at aberdeen proving ground north of baltimore. it can see as far north as boston and as far south as north carolina. >> there's already been moving on money or that we're in the process of seeing congress move money around to make all of this
12:30 pm
possible. what more can you tell us about that? >> the main thing they're trying to do is find ways to defect russian submarines. they're very concerned about the russians sneaking sub marines up along the coast of the united states. this is really because we have seen russia doing this in sweden in areas up in scandinavia. >> what -- is the level of concern about russia and iran, perhaps, joining forces? >> it is talked about. the big concern there is surface-to-air missiles. the russians make sophisticated surface-to-air missile systems. it can pose a big threat. from commercial airliners to stealthy-type military planes. now, russia is rorted reportedl selling that time of system to iran. >> what about the attack on russia's defenseless crimea and the debacle of moving into
12:31 pm
ukraine showing they're all talk but can't follow through on their so-called "aggression." >> well, the russians have shown they can still fight. a's mentioned earlier, this type of hybrid warfare that they're using. they're fighting ukraine. the military of ukraine is not very capable. they're faced decades of corruption. their equipment is old. russia is flying their planes more and using new equipment. and by doing this, they're actually -- they're experiencing a lot of plane crashes because they haven't flown their aircraft at this type of tempo in a very long time. that said, they're also using new types of sophisticated weaponry jamming and eavesdropping that we didn't realize that they had. and they're testing that. u.s. officials say, in ukraine.
12:32 pm
>> marcus, thank you so much. up next, jeb bush taking to the soap box at the iowa state fair. we're live at the candidate cattle call there. and as we reset your headlines, why tomorrow is the absolutely best day ever to adopt a pet. (vo) maggie wasn't thrilled when ben and i got married. i knew it'd take some time. and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why... the move...her food...?
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we're back. here's what's going on right now on this friday afternoon. for the first time in 54 years, the american flag flies high over the u.s. embassy in cuba. at this historic ceremony this morning, secretary of state john kerry said the diplomatic opening will be good for the people of both countries. an added, there is nothing to fear. a state of emergency for ferguson and the surrounding area has been lifted after a third night of calm there. st. louis county had imposed a state of emergency after the protests of michael brown's
12:36 pm
death. here's an idea for your weekend. a adopt a rescue pet. on saturday, reduced adoption fees for one day only in hopes of finding the animals good loving homes. it's part of the clear the shelters initiative. you could end up with a friend for life. like rafael miranda's eddie. senior producer brian's pup. baxter. there's baxter. or, planning producer tammy's buddy angie. hello, angie. for more information, head to clear the go get a rescue pet this weekend. back to the top story. 2016 politics. all eyes on the hawkeye state this weekend. candidates from both parties are heading to the iowa state fair,
12:37 pm
including hillary clinton and donald trump who is expected to make a grand entrance via helicopter, we're told. maybe even, we're told, maybe even offer chopper rides to fairgoers. both will arrive tomorrow. they'll be skipping the fair's famous some box. kelly o'donnell caught up with yeb bush after he talked to future caucusgoers. >> if it's about appealing to people's angst, i don't think i'm going to win. if it's about with passion and commitment and high energy saying we can rise up again, we can fix these things. and america can be on the rise again, i believe i'll be a pretty formidable candidate. >> i want to get to the chopper rides in a second. she's taking it all in there. what do people want to hear most from the candidates? >> reporter: one of the things that is so special to be in iowa
12:38 pm
is voters get to ask questions of these candidates opini. we saw that today with jeb bush. the soap box, he laid out his ideas on policy issues and takes questions from voters. in the meet and greet, he spent about four hours here right out here in the summer heat, talking with people adds they're going about enjoying their family time here. at the fair. so it is up close access. there was no big security detail. no big -- except the crowd of media you had to get by. bush shook hands and interacted. we'll see that with other candidates too. we've seen a number of them come through. tomorrow will be significant. in the time we had with jeb bush, i asked him about his own political viability in the year of the angry voter. you heard what he had to say. i asked him about the clinton e-mail issue and what might be coming in terms of the impact on her campaign. here's what he said. >> she just needs to be
12:39 pm
transparent and honest. rather than the drip, drip, drip. this is like a re -- repeat of the 1990s again. i think she needs to come clean. >> reporter: and so when we talked to the candidates, we'll often focus on the big news story of the day or the hot button issue of the moment. what makes the iowa state fair different is voters and people that want to interact and ask about their favorite issue or something that they want to know about, they get that chance here, too. that's part of what makes this a unique place, an important place in american politics. if you're up for the smell of friday food, a bit of livestock in the air, and just days of fun, and humidity, as i can attest to it, then this is a great place to see american politics unfold. >> i do love a state fair. common themes among the candidates so far? >> reporter: well, i think what you're seeing is that among republicans, certainly, they want to talk about separating themselves from president obama
12:40 pm
and secretary clinton on foreign policy. in talking with martin o'malley, a democrat here yesterday, he's talking about trying to give voters an alternative to hillary clinton. it's about staking out their own views. taking some sometimes hecklers, sometimes serious questions. enduring loots of photo and hand shakes. enduring the volume. not that it's a hardship. they want to connect. we'll see what happens tomorrow. hillary clinton is here tomorrow. bernie sanders. and donald trump. they're not planning to do the soap box as it's called where you can lay out your views and take questions. but they'll be here and able to mix and mingle as much as they want. >> quickly, is it true the donlds will offer helicopter rides to potential caucusgoers? are you hearing that? >> reporter: the buzz is that the campaign for donald j.
12:41 pm
trurp, as he litrur trump, as he like to be known, is talking about it. coming in on a helicopter. the rose garden strategy, where air force one and marine one giver a lot of boost to your campaign. donald trump is unique in american politics that he has his own name across an airplane and a helicopter. that is his plan to bring that here. the question of giving rides? i think there are a lot of questions that need to be sorted out about that in terms of who and how and safety. but he's dangling it out there. maybe if you come to the fair, you can ride of trump's bird in the sky, gold-plated, tricked out to the max. we'll see. >> tricked out to the max. kelly o'donnell, who also just gave us the best -- >> i may have never used that phrase on television before, craig. >> i was going to say. thank you for using it with me, kelly. have a great weekend. >> you bet, my friend. tomorrow, former pennsylvania senator rick
12:42 pm
santorum will step up to the soap box. he's been outspoken in his belief that same-sex marriage is wrong for america. a majority of republicans agree as well. only 32% overall favor same-sex marriage. that's according to a pew research center poll. that number has been steadily climbing over the past decade. when it comes to young republicans, especially. a majority support it. perhaps that's the crowd john kasich was appealing to been. >> the court has ruled. i said we'll accept it. guess what? i just went to a wedding of a friend of mine that happens to be gay. the fact that someone doesn't feel about things the way i do doesn't mean i can't love them. i would accept them. we're taught that when we have strong faith.
12:43 pm
>> republican presidential hopeful john kasich there. in the latest marl, kia maccarechi introduces us to young republicans fighting their own party on gay rights. he's here with us. thank you so much. first of all, why this fundamental shift among the next generation of republicans? what is behind it? >> we have seen the nation generally rapidly moving on this issue. hillary clinton wasn't for gay marriage for a long time publicly. basically, the younger generation know people who are openly gay. they work with people. friends. brothers and sisters. their views are rapidly changing and outpacing the republican party. >> i read your article. enjoyed it. you talk about this older class of established consultants in the party. why are they such a huge obstacle? >> somebody told me in the article, they have a seat at the table already.
12:44 pm
if you're jeb bush, somebody like that. >> a couple seats. >> you're familiar with the consultan consultants. >> they own the table. >> maybe they paid for the table. they say, you can't do that, you're going to scare primary voters. young people vote less in primaries. they don't see the ig ber picture. a lot of people are frustrated. the advocates are saying look, the party is leaving you behind. we need to change our issues. the older consultants are saying, let's stick to the plan. >> you raise another interesting point. if this is not an issue that the establishment comes around on, or others in the party, if they don't come around on this, there could be a significant talent drain as well inside the gop. >> right. you have all over capitol hill, all over the country, staffers, campaign aides working for can'ts who don't support the freedom to marry. the question of how long those
12:45 pm
people are willing to prioritize other issues is an open one. we're seeing that in young -- there was a poll we cited from the college republicans that a lot of young people are saying this issue is becoming a deal-breaker for them. yes, they care about limited spending. fa small government. defense. if the candidate is not willing to get with the times, they might not work with nem or vote for them. >> this is the new litmus test. >> right. >> the big knock on a lot of the young millennial voters is they may answer questions in a poll, but they don't show up to vote in droves in gop primaries. if gnthat's the case, does it me sense for the strategists to change their views? >> this presidential cycle, a lot of people i spoke with say this will be the last one in which the majority of the national presidential candidates will be against the freedom to
12:46 pm
marry. kasich is still against it. we thoughed is clip though. those young voters will be middle-aged voters soon. they need to be listened to. >> kia, thank you so much, sir. the goebl poverty project announced the lineup. today, we're giving you a way to earn tickets to that concert. and by the way this is a big concert. beyonce, pearl jam, ed sheeran, coldplay. all live in central park on september 26th. if you are in the new york city area today, you can join msnbc on a snapchat journey through the city for chance to win free tickets. the snap challenge is already under way. follow us at shift msnbc right now. to get started, visit for all the
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it is official. we are one step closers to robots taking over. in just about every sci-fi movie we've seen about artificial intelligence, now, a group of
12:51 pm
engineers have created a robot that actually builds baby robots. it is just the latest example of the incredible advances that we've made in technology. think about driverless cars. robot helpers. touch screens at restaurants. even 3-d printers have come a very long way. in his new book "humans need not apply" jeffrey caplan says we need not be scared of artificial intelligence. but we need to reinvent our economies and societies to adjust. thanks for being with me sir. jerry, how should we readjust? >> well the problem we've got is very simple. the future is very bright if you are already rich. because we're going to see an acceleration in automation. mainly driven by advances in artificial intelligence. and that is going to have two societal effects we're going to have to deep with from a policy
12:52 pm
standpoint. one it is going to put people out of work and roil the labor markets and second it is going make the already bad situation in terms of income inequality worse. >> you say the service industry jobs will all but skpedisappear. how quickly will that happen and how do people prepare. >> it's a little difficult to put time frames on. but over the next 10 to 20 years. we may find that up to 50% of the jobs that are -- people tty perform will suddenly become susceptible to automake. h automation. we need to retrain the workforce for the new work and second we're going to have to figure good increases and improvements in economic policies to address the resulting increases in income inequality. >> economic policy changes like?
12:53 pm
>> well here is the good news part. about every 40 years the u.s. economy doubles in size. so instead of thinking about this as we have to play robinhood and take from the rich and give to the poor, what we really need to be thinking about is what are we going to do with the new wealth created by this revolution in automation? and i think the truth is that our economic and social policies today, let's face it, they are tilted in favor of the rich. the rich have all of the vajs. we can change a lot of the rules of the game so the new wealth gets distributed more broadly. by way of example many my book i give several new silicon valley type innovative suggestions. for example we can make a graduated corporate tax so that companies who is equity is more widely distributed and therefore benefitting a larger segment of society get tax breaks. so they will tend to have an advantage in the marketplace. and they will find ways to distributed that equity much
12:54 pm
more widely than we see today. >> jerry, sticking with our sci-fi theme here. this future you write about. is it more terminator or is it more star trek? >> i think the answer is really going to be that it's up to us. and it depends upon who you are. if you are one of the people that owns the terminator robots, that is great. that is wonderful for you. but if you are the person that doesn't obserwn it, that is whee have a problem. i believe we have the opportunity to make star trek our future, not terminator and that is going to be result of social and economic policies that we can put into place in the next say, five to ten years. >> i want to talk about automated cars here for a second. as you know google has a number of them on the road right now. i've actually been in a couple of these automated cars. you say there are benefits and consequences to this particular emerging technology. what are some of those? >> well, this is a great example of just one -- one -- of many
12:55 pm
applications of artificial intelligence technology that have the possibility of transforming our society. to be a little more specific, who is going lose out? there are 3 million professional drivers in the u.s. well, the number of them needed is going to be reduced by self driving cars. but the social consequences of this technology are much more dramatic. i think we're going to move to more of an uber like situation where you simply call for a car when you need it. we'll look back on the days when you owned and automobile as a relic of the past. believe it or not people used to own their own railroad cars. and don't that anymore. so the number of cars needed will be dramatically reduced. all kinds of social. the carnage on the highway, 30,000 people a year killed. that will be greatly reduced as well. tremendous positive social effects but it is also disruptive in a lot of ways. >> what about the folks who like
12:56 pm
to drive? i enjoy getting behind the wheel. >> it is not going to be a problem. you are welcome. you just probably have to pay more and drive in a special lane for old people like you and me. >> jerry, thank you. ayman mohyeldin up next with news on cuba, hilly and jeb and much matuuch more straight ahea. wasnthat big steve... hey! come back here, steven stay strong! what's that? you want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! he did, very quietly... you can't hear from back there! don't fight your instincts. with each 150 calories or less, try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and new creamy cheesecakes. fiber one. go on, have one!
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showdown in the hawk eye state. hill deliberate and jeb bush are both on the ground in iowa. but while donald trump has not yet arrived his shadow is looming large. >> vote for the next president. >> [ inaudible ]. why do you think that is? >> we'll find out later. that is long haul, man. >> >> history in hahavana. after more than half a century the u.s. flag is now flying over the u.s. embassy in cuba. and developing now. the pentagon confirms it is surveying two military sites to hold detainees currently at gtmo bay. and the moves lebron james is making off the court. we start with the 2016 presidential race. and all eyes on iowa. my minute now hil c