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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  August 17, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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someone who won some and lost some, handsome and funny, a hero, yes, but more importantly, a real person. the a man loved by his family and beloved by his community. and i am grateful for his life. and that does it for us tonight. rachel will be back here tomorrow. you can catch me on my own show, melissa harris perry, and can you follow us on twitter at mhp show. it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> thank you very much. well, we learned this weekend how donald trump is prepping for the presidency. he does it by watching "meet the press", with chuck todd. >> donald trump arrives for jury duty. >> it's a bit of a circus actually out here. >> justice will be served. you're in good hand -- >> people thought last week after the debate performance trump would go away.
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>> are you bat plman. >> i'm batman. >> he's leading this recent fox news poll, 25%. >> the other leading republican campaigns, they now believe trump can win iowa. >> does anybody want to take a ride? >>. [cheers and applause] . >> what should we take seriously? >> when was the last time america was great? >> you want to get rid of birthright citizenship? >> it's about enforcing the laws in this country. >> most of the other candidates are just trump without the pizzazz or the hair. >> i've had a lot of fun. i'm leading in the polls. >> my year, how are you? the year of me. it's my year! >> trump, the insult candidate has called chuck todd a dummy, a moron. this is a quote, one of the dumbest voices in politics, end quote, and recently, he said
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this to bill o'reilly. >> do you believe there is an anti-conservative bias at nbc? you've worked for them a long time. >> absolutely. you have sleepy eyes chuck todd who does meet the press which is failing in the ratings. >> so, what did trump do this weekend? he did his longest interview of the campaign season so far on "meet the press", when chuck todd, where he told his fans that he actually gets his military advice from chuck todd. >> who do you talk to for military advice right now? >> well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows and you have the generals. >> and when the interview was drawing to a close, there was this deeply confusing moment for trump supporters. >> a lot more to get to, but actually, i'm going to have you
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back again. >> it was a great honor. >> it was a great honor, so donald trump who in january of this year said so many people have told me i should host "meet the press" and replace the mo n moron. a new fox new poll says that trumps debate had no affect. it shows carson at 12%, bush at 9%. carly fiorina jumped to 5% and john kasich is at 4%. chuck todd is the first person to figure rate how to interview donald trump, and he may be the very first interviewer to not waste a single question on trump's poll numbers.
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he used a couple questions that were suggested for donald trump, including a question about trump's campaign slogan. >> your slogan, we're going to hear it a lot today at the fair. we're going to make america great again. when was the last time america was great? >> i would say during the administration of ronald reagan. you felt proud to be an american. you felt really proud. i don't think since then to any great extent people were proud. >> and let me ask you this. i'm not trying to play a little gotcha here. but in 1987 you took out a full-page ad and said this, for decades, japan and other nations have been taking advantage of the united states. the world is laughing at america's politicians as we prese protect ships we don't own, carrying oil we don't need, destined for allies we don't help. message wise he have consistent. >> from day one. look, nafta. >> let's not let our great
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country be laughed at any more. if that's the last time america was great again, you didn't think america was great then. >> no, i thought america was excellent. >> america was excellent. and there was the question about hillary clinton that i've been urging interviewers to ask. >> regularly call her the worst secretary of state. >> i think she's the worst secretary of state in the haddistry had i history of our country. >> who was the worst before her? >> i tell you who's the worst after her, kerry. >> i don't want to get into names. i'm insulting so many people. i don't want to insult people. i want to be nice to people. >> so trump the insult candidate suddenly wants to be nice to people. so we left that interview without any evidence that donald trump knows any of the names of any of the secretary of state before hillary clinton. joining me now, josh barrow, and
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ann garen, former republican congressman from virginia tom davis, tom davis, the poll numbers are interesting with trump, he seems to be holding pretty solidly there at about 25% of republicans responding in these polls. but we've seen herman cain the last time around at 30%. rick perry had a spot last time around where he was at 38%. trump does not seem to be moving up. what do you make of that? >> well, i think he's flavor du jour. we've got to remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. he's out in front right now. he's the new, new thing. but we'll see how well he wears down the road. i think given the inconsistencies and the fact that a lot of his opponents haven't really opened up on him yet, he's kind of ot a high watermark. you learn something every week. you think maybe he'll drop, and he's kept that percent.
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there's a lot of angst out there, what i would call a lot of anti-establishment feeling, and he seems to be capturing that in a bottle right now. >> chuck todd and i had no communication before the interview. and, you know, those questions were pretty good and obvious questions to ask. he didn't need my suggestion for them. let's look at some of chuck's great questions that provoked answers, including donald trump's plan for defeating isis. >> isis is taking over a lot of the oil in certain areas of iraq, and i say you take away their wealth. take over the oil, which we should have done in the first place. >> it's going to take ground troops. what you're talking about is ground troops. >> that's okay. we're going to circle it. >> ann gearen, one of the great things chuck noticed he had to do in the middle of the trump answers, because the trump answers can veer off in any direction, chuck had to grab his words and translate them into so
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you're going to need ground troops, to which we get an okay. so there we have that announcement, via chuck todd that donald trump is all for sending in ground troops to get that oil. >> right, that actually is donald trump putting some specifics to a rather vague statement that actually sounds pretty good, right, sure, let's cut off isis's access to oil. that sounds like an excellent idea. and in truth, it's part of the theory of what the obama administration is trying to do right now without great success. but as chuck todd pointed out, to actually make that happen, to ensure that, that those forces could not, that the isis forces could not actually control individual oil wells, it requires encircling those oil wells with somebody else, with something else. and that can't simply be done
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from the air. and so you had donald trump, who is no dummy, actually recognizing that yes, in truth, what he had just said means what chuck todd said it said. >> and we also got, thanks to chuck, this fascinating response about the membership of nato. this is one of the strangest things in this whole interview, this whole exchange about ukraine joining nato. >> so you wouldn't allow ukraine into nato. >> i would not care that much to be honest with you whether it goes in or doesn't go in. i wouldn't care. >> so josh, donald trump would be the first president in history who does not care who is a member of nato. >> this is such a strange answer. it means the difference between whether or not we're promising to go to war with russia. we let ukraine into nato. that means if russia invades
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ukraine we have a treaty obligation to go and defend ukraine. either he doesn't care or he doesn't know that that's implication of nato membership. i thought there was something very odd about this interview. it's a long interview, like a 37-minute interview. >> by the way, not all of it could fit into "meet the press." and some of what we're showing you didn't make it to air. >> trump is awful. it shows him to be incoherent. >> we're now learning more about you than donald trump. be careful where you go, here. >> it's, part of what i think is the magic of donald trump and what people have not been able to understand, how can he survive, the awful things he says about mexicans and john mccain and women and everything else, there's something about the way donald trump carries himself where people don't take it too seriously when he insults you. i think can he go out and say chuck todd is a dummy and his
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ratings suck and come on his show eight months later and say it's such an honor to be there, and it doesn't sound weird or disingenuous coming from donald trump the way it would from anybody else. i'm not saying he should be president, but i think that strength of personality helps to explain how he's managed to stay at the top of the polls for so many year. tom is right this is a marathon and not a sprint, but he's kind of winning it like a marathon. >> but, he's kind of the done rikls of the campaign. aev knew when done rikl was making jokes, we understand. which would suggestion th that % who are saying yes in the polls, obviously, they don't believe the words he says. like they don't believe what he was saying about cluhuck todd. >> that's right.
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even knowledge that 25%, you talk to them on the road. you call them back in these surveys, and they'll tell you, you know, they just like the eye do -- idea of donald trump being where he is, that they want to cause some pain for the republican party, their own party because they're so frustrated. we saw trump being mobbed by 1500 people at one point, just a crush of people. and there were cat calling, go trump, hey, trump. and then we'd ask, do you like donald trump? no. no. no. this is what you do. >> you asked them after they cheer for him. >> exactly. >> and they say? >> this is what you do around donald trump. it's amazing. everyone is, you know, is captivated by this, his, by his
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personality. his ability to get everybody riled up about his own candidacy. everybody is in on the joke but it's not really a joke anymore. it's something of a movement, sort of a living, walking parody of our political process. >> all right. we're going to have to take a quick break. we'll also have some of the other candidates. republican candidates who are working in trump's shadow, trying to figure out a way to get back in the spotlight. and on the democrat side, hillary clinton makes a joke about her e-mails. bernie sanders still trying to figure out how his campaign should deal with the black lives matter movement. ♪ ♪ if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end august 31st.
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. reporters shout the questions at donald trump as he arrived for jury duty at lower manhattan today. trump didn't really answer any
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of the questions, much like his answer to this question, that chuck todd delivered on "meet the press." >> residents of the district of columbia currently pay federal taxes, no representation in the senate. should d.c. become a state? should it not have to pay taxes? should it be treated like puerto rico? >> i have a conflict of interest. i'm building at the old post office one of the greatest hotels in the world. >> so we have a great question, why does your d.c. hotel exempt you from commenting on d.c. representation. you aren't shy about commenting on new york issues or any other issue in any other state for that matter. keep sending us your questions for trump. you saw chuck todd use a couple of them this weekend. who knows where they'll be used
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next. we'll use your questions for trump here, and we will be right back. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again, with aleve pm.
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they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical this weekend donald trump. made his first appearance on "meet the press" in 16 years. the last time was to explain why he was quitting the republican party. >> donald trump, welcome to "meet the press". >> thank you very much. >> you are a registered republican. >> that's correct. >> there is a form that is being filed monday, tomorrow, with the board of elections which says what? >> it says that i am joining as of monday the reform party,
7:19 pm
which is the independence party. >> why are you joining the reform party? >> for one thing i believe the republicans are too crazy right. what's going on is just nuts. >> tom davis. how many times does a guy have to quit your party before he's not taken seriously by republican voters? >> you asking me? >> yeah. >> winston churchill changed parties several times, but i think donald trump has been given a pass on all of this. his philosophy has evolved and reevolved again. the voters who are supporting him are more interested in showing anti-establishment. they're not really at the policy stage yet. i will tell you this. you get closer to the elections, closer to the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary. the focus of voters becomes much more different. and the nuances and all of this
7:20 pm
becomes more relevant. right now it's kind of celebrity, real tv. >> and chuck todd reached back to only in trump world which remains an unsolved mystery, and is, where president obama was born. let's listen to that. >> do you believe president obama is a citizen who is born in the united states? >> i don't like talking about it anymore. >> ann gearen, that was it. he doesn't like talking about it anymore. and one of the principles of trumpism is never back down. but i think on the big pillars of ideas that he's identified with, like the birth certificate, his rule is, i can never show any glimpse of reality about that. >> right, he's excellent at changing the subject. and that's actually what we're starting to see happen now on the trail as he, i mean, no one expected, i'm sure least of all him, to be the kind of
7:21 pm
phenomenon he is this long into, into the race. and now there's a lot more pressure on him to be specific, to do a 35-minute interview with "meet the press", to spend a long time at the iowa state fair and take questions, i will note that he did not come to the des moines register soapbox, nor did hillary clinton and just about every other candidate who has gone through the fair this week has done so. but nonetheless, he's had great exposure over the last few days, and he's been pressured to get more specific. and that will only continue and be harder and harder for him to change the subject. >> donald trump predicted nothing less than nuclear holocaust in relation to president obama's iran deal. >> they're going to have nuclear weapons. they are going to take over parts of the world that you wouldn't believe, and i think it's going to lead to nuclear
7:22 pm
holocaust. >> okay, so that's very clear. nuclear holocaust. and then within the same answer, he added this. >> i've heard a lot of people say we're going to rip up the deal. very tough to do when you say rip up the deal, because i'm a deal person. i would police that contract so tough that they don't have a chance. as bad as the contract is, i will be so tough on that contract. >> the guy who just said it's going to lead to nuclear holocaust says he will actually make that deal work. >> so the remarkable thing about this answer is this was one of the substantively best answers that trump gave in the interview. >> which part, the nuclear holocaust part or i will make the deal work? >> the part where he understands that the question of whether we should make the iran dial today is different than what we should do about the iran deal 18 months from now if he's president, given that it's already been made. he goes on to say, look, once you've made the deal, you've released the money to iran. you can't put toothpaste back in
7:23 pm
the tube. and he's saying, i have to play the cards that i have. i wouldn't have made this deal, but given the deal that was made, i'm going to have to work with it. he talked about in his business deal he's gotten bad deals. jeb bush is the one other candidate in the republican field who's not into this, that he's very critical of the iran deal but hasn't been able to say rip it up on day one, because it recognizes that fact on the ground that this deal is not just between the u.s. and iran but u.s. and iran and other world powers that we can't rip back 18 months from now because of a partisan lek selection in united states. i think nuclear holocaust is a wrong thing to say. but we've seen this in a number of places where trump talked about policy. he understands that on the ground situations actually matter for figuring out what the correct policy choice is. it's not just you look into your ideology, figure out what the
7:24 pm
republican rule book says you should do and do it. he says look at the facts and circumstances and do a different thing maybe than you do today. it's a nice lack of absolutism. maybe it's because he's incapable of absolutes and changes his mind all the time. but it's a shift from the rigidity of the republicans. >> it seems like this interview had a bunch of things. >> you have a few of them saying he got his policy advice from "meet the press", is certainly high on the list, not able to name the join chiefs of staff, not standing by ukraine. his answer on planned parenthood, the answer to the l left of where the republican party is, on sean hannity, he
7:25 pm
hit jeb bush saying he would cut funding for women's health. and jeb bush said he misspoke. he's giving them all a hook to work with. >> when we come back, republicans reacting to donald trump's immigration plan. . she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do. [whirring drones] just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. ♪ [whirring drones] ♪ no sudden movements. ♪ [screaming panic] ♪ [whirring drones] google search: bodega beach house.
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most of the presidential candidates were in des moines over the weekend for the iowa state fair. scott walker, lindsey graham and carly fiorina continued campaigning there today where the issue of the day became
7:29 pm
donald trump's immigration plan which the trump campaign released yesterday. the trump plan continues to insist that mexico would pay for an impenetrable 2,000-mile wall along the border. it would also call for the largest police action in history, rounding up 11 million undocumented immigrants and deporting them. there would be an increase in officers and they would find every one of those over 11 million undocumented immigrants in all 50 states, apprehend them, and deport them. 15,000 just as a frame of statistical reference is less than half the size of the new york city city police department. the trump plan would end the automatic grant of citizenship to all children born in the united states, ending birthright citizenship would require a constitutional amendment, which the trump plan does not acknowledge. today in iowa, scott walker who
7:30 pm
used to favor a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants tried to sound as much like trump as possible. >> to me, it's about enforcing the laws of this country. and i make it very clear, i think you should enforce the laws and send a message that we're going to enforce the law, no matter how people come here. we're going to uphold the law. >> and you should deport the children of updocumented immigrants. >> i said support the law. >> lindsey graham said this about the trump plan. >> this is a giant step backward for the republican party. we're having a problem with hispanics and women. we're digging a big hole. not only is this plan worse than other people have talked about. it is absolutely going to receive no support in the senate or the house, from democrats and most republicans. giant step backwards. >> joining us now from the iowa state fair is o.k. henderson,
7:31 pm
news director for radio iowa. kay, you've survived that weekend out there with all the candidates. is immigration a top issue for caucus goers there? >> reporter: it is for a certain segment of the party. you know that congressman steve king represents a good chunk of western iowa here. this is a big issue for him. all of the candidates on the republican side have been going to his events and trying to catch his ear, and if you will, catch his eye. so it has been a big issue on the campaign trail. one of the really interesting things that happened today about not only what scott walker said about birthright citizenship, but what lindsey graham also said. he said once you do secure the border, several years on down the road, we can talk about that issue, but we can't talk about it now until these other issues, regarding the immigration reform package, that he worked on in
7:32 pm
the senate, are addressed. >> tom davis, strategically, for the republican party, is lindsey graham right or wrong about this is a setback for the republican party to go on the trump direction? >> well, if you adopt the trump direction, it's not going to help them with hispanic voters which are the fastest growing group in the electorate, and i think they make a mistake if they try to outtrump, trump. and i think there are a number of things that scored with voters. but republicans, i think, have got to go after that hispanic vote in the general election, and i think given the tone of donald trump's remarks and some of the substance of that at this point, if you follow that, you're going to end up reducing the percent we get. we can't afford to do that. >> so tom davis, your advice to republican candidates would be keep an eye on the general election, because donald trump's not going to be in the general
7:33 pm
election, and if you're on that tint you're going to need to appeal to precisely the voters donald trump is alienating right now. >> that's right. you don't have to throw away everything trump said. because some of the things he said resonate with the majority of americans. >> which things? >> you talk about the fence. you know, you can get through stronger border protections. actually, the birthright issue, when you look at the polling on that, even though it takes a constitutional amendment doesn't have the overwhelming support, but it's probably got majority support, which is why lindsey graham says let's talk about this down the line. but some of the other issues about deporting people, that's just not going anywhere, i think, with the general electorate. and with hispanics, that will drive turnout against the republicans. you need to be very careful on that. i think they have issues that appeal to them on other grounds, but this is the fastest growing group of the electorate. >> who are the big stars out
7:34 pm
there at the state farm -- state fair? >> at the state fair? >> yeah. >> i don't think anybody could compete with donald trump. bernie sanders even acknowledged that trump was flying over the fairgrounds during his own speech. one of the big stars right now is carrie underwood, and there's a huge crowd cheering, not this conversation, but they're cheering her in the grandstand here the other big stars here were hillary clinton. she had a smaller contingent, obviously restricted by secret service, how she could interact with folks. i think what will be interesting to see tomorrow is how marco rubio draws a crowd here. everywhere he goes in iowa, although he doesn't do it very much, he draws enthusiastic crowds. he hadn't invested any campaign time here. it will be interesting to see what he does here to present himself to iowa voters tomorrow. >> zeke miller, iowa, last time
7:35 pm
rick santorum won it, it has this record of producing some irrelevant results, ultimately for who's going to end up in the general election. are they at risk of that now? >> it is. it's something they're worried about. there were discussions a couple years ago about potentially even stripping iowa of its first-in-the-nation caucus status. iowa picks corn, new hampshire picks presidents. that's been accurate. that's challenge for iowa voters, the iowan republican party to prove that their judgment actually matters, that it's sound, that it's in line, that it is a proper barometer for the rest of the party. if it doesn't make a president, it does pick the conservative al termtive to the establishment candidate, whether that person will win the nomination or not. that's how they got rick
7:36 pm
santorum against mitt romney. he would have edged out the newt gingrich rise in south carolina. so that's a big point. it narrows down the field. this time around, it will narrow down the bobby jindals, mike huckabees, ben carsons. maybe one or two of them will have a pathway out. but that will narrow the field from 17 right now. >> in the past there would be a republican candidate who say i'm not even going to try to compete in iowa because they're just too right wing out there. and that candidate would try to make it up in new hampshire. but they're all jumping into iowa this year. >> i think everybody learned some lesson from hillary clinton last time, right? iowans turn out to vote for both sides. but certainly her strategy of, she didn't skip iowa, it's called the skip iowa strategy.
7:37 pm
she went lighter on iowa. than in hindsight she needed to. and she's going heavy in iowa this time, and so are all the republicans. >> kay henderson and tom davis, thank you for joining us tonight. >> julian bond on "meet the press" in 966 1966 (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand.
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. president obama issued this statement in reaction to the death of julian bond this weekend. julian bond was a hero, and i'm privileged to say a friend. justice and equality was the mission that spanned his life from his leadership of the student non-violent coordinating committee to his founding roll with the southern poverty law center to his pioneering service in the georgia legislature and the steady hand at this naacp. michelle and i have benefitted from his example, counsel and friendship, and we offer our sympathies to his wife and children. what better way to be remembered than that. here's julian bond on "meet the press", in 1966, when he was 26
7:41 pm
years old. >> let me ask you, how else do you equate civil rights with vietnam. a lot of other civil rights groups, perhaps, for example the head ever the naacp in atlanta said you shouldn't equate the two. >> i think the vietnam war opposition is moral opposition. it's not political opposition, but people who feel that war is wrong, opposition of people who feel that that particular war is wrong on a moral ground. and i think that's the same sort of opposition that the civil rights movement has been involved in, moral opposition. >> julian bond was 75 years old. are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy.
7:42 pm
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an informal straw poll at the iowa state fair shows bernie sanders with a small lead over hillary clinton. the poll organized by the iowa secretary of state. martin o'malley is down at 4%. on the republican side, the same poll shows donald trump at 29%. marco rubio, scott walker at 6%. rand paul at 4%. and john kay -- kasich at 2%. in the two weeks since the last fox news poll was conducted, bernie sanders has jumped 8%
7:46 pm
points. this straw poll was a terribly informal poll. you could whack up and respond to that poll as often as you wanted to. and so we're going to struggle to apply any kind of scientific credibility to it. but in spirit, it's not that different than the iowa caucuses. >> yeah. it's also sort of, you know, i think it's a bit of fun for people who are at the fair to feel like they have something in the moment to participate in. i wouldn't set a great deal of store by it. the fox news poll out yesterday, though, you know, it had some pretty interesting numbers, certainly on the democratic side. shows, you know, sanders still running strong and biden. who hasn't obviously said that he, that he's running yet, you know, marking in double digits. and some pretty significant numbers on the republican side as well, jeb bush following to single digits, primarily.
7:47 pm
>> let's listen to what bernie sanders said on "meet the press" yesterday about black lives matter. >> sanders campaign reaches out to black lives matter. quote, i apologize it took our campaign so long. >> that was by a staffer, not by me. >> you said a staffer put it out. you felt an apology was necessary? >> no. i don't. i think we're going to be working with all groups. this was sent out without my knowledge. >> how is bernie sanders handling this? >> that quote was not the quote he wanted to, he wanted out there that he wanted to be replayed on the show right now. he has for the past month or so been struggling how to show the black lives matter movement that he understands their issues, that he's responding to them, and he's done fatherly well with that on the stump. over the weekend in dubuque, he spoke about the issues, tying in
7:48 pm
his own personal story. and that was the type of thing that he needs to get out there. at the same time, here, not refusing to or being unable to admit that maybe he was a little late to this, even if he personally feels that he wasn't too late to it, acknowledging what the black lives matter movement wants to hear, that they feel that the politicians have been slow and deaf to their issues. don't give them a sound bite that they can turn around and reenforces the problem. >> i think there's a softer way of saying similar things to what bernie is saying, and josh, he's just got one of those tones that sounds gruff to people. and, and, but, what that campaign has to recognize, and they do, obviously, is that one of the big buffers between them, the sanders campaign and the
7:49 pm
clinton campaign in those polls is the african-american vote. >> i think bernie sanders believes that the consolidation of power among the wealthy that is getting wealthier and wealthier is the key issue of our time. and everything else is secondary to it. >> and he believes that is an important issue for the future of african-americans. >> right, but so i think there are a lot of voters who do not see that as the most important issue when they go in and vote. and they may agree with bernie sanders about what should be done about economic matters and several righ civil rights. it's not that they're finding that he's failing to check boxes. but he cares deeply about the issues they care about. hi hillary clinton, people talk about her being scripted. she is good at figuring out what people want to hear her say. and she's much better at that
7:50 pm
than bernie sanders is, and i think that's something that's going to be an advantage to her over time. these polls reflect a certain dissatisfaction with the clinton dynasty, they reflect a desire to have a more left wing or stylistically left wing candidate. >> and anne gearan, isn't it simply a reflection that hillary clinton has a lot more experience talking to audiences nationally, talking to audiences outside of vermont? >> yeah. sure. i mean, hillary clinton has handled the black lives matter phenomenon not perfectly by any measure, but certainly better, point by point, than sanders seems to have. i mean, she hasn't hit any big, you know, wrong notes publicly. i mean, there's a, this is a tough one. they, a national candidate wants
7:51 pm
to talk about civil rights issues generally, and certainly the tragedy in south carolina put a lot of that at the forefront. and yet the, what the black lives matter movement represents is something rather different. and that makes, it makes it hard. that's not a traditional civil rights movement. it wasn't something that hillary clinton or anybody else, you know, had as sort of a poll tested and organized strategy ahead of time. it's come at them side long. i mean so far i think she's done okay in figuring out how to calibrate her response. >> another quick break. we're going to be back with some very good news and with more on the democratic campaign for president.
7:52 pm
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i've said in the past that, you know, i used a single account for convenience. obviously, these years later it doesn't look so convenient. i never sent classified material on my e-mail, and i never received any that was marked classified. so i'm going to let whatever this inquiry is go forward. and we'll, you know, await the outcome of it. >> that was hillary clinton in iowa on saturday. today, in a court filing from the state department. it was revealed that the reviewers looking at the private server have plflagged 305 e-mai for review. hillary clinton has maintained that there were no classified markings on any of her e-mails.
7:57 pm
anne gearan, where does this story go from here? >> that is the question that democrats are asking and supporters of hillary clinton are slightly worried about, because nobody knows. there are a couple of different inquiries here, the 305 e-mail that you referred to is part of an foia request and that is separate from a potentially criminal operation that the investigation that the fbi is leading into whether any classified material was mishandled. she's not the target of it. but anybody who's been through any kind of political scandal machinery once or twice or many times knows that these things can go in unpredictable ways, and so that's actually what is most worrisome here is something hanging over her campaign going
7:58 pm
on into 2016 is nobody really knows where any of these things might lead. >> josh barrow, tim harkin, former iowa senator endorsed hillary clinton, said it's too late, said the other day, it's too late for joe biden or anybody else to get in, this race is already locked. and he's pretty confident that none of this stuff is going to take her out of that number one position. >> we're nearing 40 years of clinton scandals, going all the way back to 1978 and the cattle futures. the clintons have been embroiled in scandal longer than i've been alive. and at this point it's background noise. i can't imagine this breaking through in a way that the previous 25 or 35 scandals did, unless she were to be indicted, which i do not believe will happen. i have no reason to believe will happen. so i think, certainly, i think hillary's perspective is, if it
7:59 pm
weren't this it would be something else. and they think the media trumps all of this up because it is good television and the republicans trump it up because they think it can undermine the clintons. there is an element of that. there is the element of why did you do this thing? why did you have a private e-mail server? it starts from some little thing, and then the question is, is it big enough that people care. my guess is that it is not something that people care. >> bernie sanders is not mentioning any of this. >> martin o'malley doesn't bring it up. to disagree a little bit with josh, unlike the cattle futures, everyone has a cell phone, an e-mail account, everyone understands how these things work. >> i still don't know what a cattle future is. >> in a way -- >> no one knows where their e-mails r people can totally relate to the idea of not knowing how to work your blackberry, and even though the "i wanted one account", thing is
8:00 pm
not a great explanation, it is relatable. people would not know what to do with a server full of e-mail in their basement. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you all very much for joining me really appreciate it. chris hayes is up next. tonight on "all in --" >> they're calling it the summer of trump. >> the summer of the trump continues. >> they have to go. >> as the republican front-runner gets radical on the border. >> people are standing up and cheering. >> and kind of reasonable on iran? >> the deal lives in a trump administration? you're just going to be -- >> it's very hard to say we're ripping up -- >> tonight, why donald trump is closer to the average voter than the rest of the republican field. plus, is the speculation over hillary's e-mail getting out of control? >> her arrogance is breathtaking. >> and the passing of a civil rights icon. >> i think we have to each other, black lesl