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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 18, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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100 active wildfires range across five states. >> we know that when the military's coming, that we are going to get really good trained help. they come fully loaded with all the support they need. >> and an exodus without end. hundreds of thousands fleeing syria, now facing difficult conditions and an uncertain future. >> if this is europe, we're going back to syria. >> people are come tog buy water and they say conditions here are inhumane. >> this is true. i mean, this is true. the conditions are unacceptable. good day, i'm luke russert in for andrea mitchell. donald trump continues to rise leading the gop poll.
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despite a cent string of controversies, he continues to have staying power that has bucked conventional wisdom every step of the way and hillary clinton's campaign has a new rallying cry. we'll get to that with our all-star panel. chris sa liz -- and nbc's kelly o'donnell joining us from the iowa state fair. again. all thanks so much taking the time and chris, i want to start with you. another day, another new poll shows trump gaining ground over his competitors and chris, what stood out about this, is you have the rise of the antiestablishment figure, like carson and fiorina. other good news for trump, the most trusted of republicans on the issue of the economy and immigration. it seems like he has some staying power here. he's tapped into something real. >> absolutely. i think staying power is the right word, luke.
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i don't know that he's gained drastically. he's gaineded since the last time cnn did a poll. i don't know if since this first debate, but he's holding steady. number that boggles my mind and my colleague pointing this out to me today. his numbers and favorablety numbers are better than jeb bush's right now. more people like donald trump than like jeb bush, which is a remark bable finding. i think we focus a lot of trump. understandably so, but bush's struggles here are real. i know it's not a national primary, but 346-56 unfavorable for jeb bush, who was supposed to be the race's front-runner when it got started, not where he wants to be and i would say, too, if you assume trump gets out of this race at some point and who knows, but if he does, none of those people are going to jeb bush, so, it's ben carson, carly fiorina, ted cruz, who knows. but those are not jeb bush
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potential voters out there. >> and the problem is compounded by the fact there's no clear path. kelly o'donnell, i want to go to you. you just had an exchange are marrow rubio at the iowa state fair about immigration. what happened? >> good to be with you, luke. we talked with marrow aruco rub he did that and paid a price with conservatives and now, that issue is at the forefront again. i talked to marco rubio about the issue of birthright citizenship. is it so sacred that it cannot change? >> i personally don't think we need to change it. i'm open to changes that allow us to prevent people from deliberately do that. >> what would that look like? >> i don't know. it's an issue we haven't spent a lot of time focusing on. >> so, that's the real issue. when we talk to candidates that had be open to the idea of
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changes that issue of birthright citizenship, scott walker, marco rubio, how it would look, what it would be, is a real question mark. carly fiorina, when i spoke to her, she said we have to change the constitution. there are other things we need to focus on first. so, immigration has really swept the conversation over the last few days. in part because of trump. and when i talked to marco rubio about the fact his candidacy has not taken off as many might have expected because he is representing a fresh generation for republicans, he is of cuban herita heritage, might be able to branch out with hispanic voters and he had a good start, he said it's that long game. i think one of the things we're finding here on the ground is can we discern the difference between trump fans and supporters. what it takes to be intrigued by trump and know something about him and maybe even be entertaineded by him and how that has to convert what happens
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in iowa, the hard work of caucus and building a coalition. luke? >> indeed, very good point. the specificity of trump's plan to really pushing his competitors. kelly, great reporting there. kristen welker, i want to go to you in nevada. you had interesting news to report this morning. quite the turn from the clinton campaign, telling their supporters, don't wet the bed over some of the negative publicity that's come out regarding this e-mail controversy. what do we know? >> luke, that's absolutely right. as questions continue to mount about clinton's e-mails, the campaign has that message to supporters today. no bedwetting. probably sounds familiar to you, luke, and a lot of our viewers. that is because it's borrowed from the 2008 obama campaign. david plouffe used to say that to democrats when they got jittery when times got tough back then. it applies today. the latest is intelligence community reviewers have asked for more than 300 documents from clinton's e-mails to be reviewed because there are conditions
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they might need to be classified. now, this comes at the state department is in the process of reviewing and releasing more than 55,000 documents to the public from clinton's e-mail. the clinton campaign says this is a part of the process. you have a lot of eyes on these documents right now. and this is typical. fordifferent agencies to go back and say this document should have been classified, they continue to insist that secretary clinton never sent any e-mails marked as classified and the state department says it doesn't appear there was any wrong doing, but there is a drip, drip, drip here. it has eroded the public's confidence in clinton. made some democrats jittery. it has fueled speculation that you have other democrats eyeing a possible run buy vice president bide pen. he's been talking to supporters and allies. i am told the strategy moving forward is that they are going to try to reassure supporters will see secretary clinton doing that today, but she's also also
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going to try to pivot to the topics she want to be talking about, like college affordability, immigration. those are topics she's going to try to focus on today. this is a town hall though, luke, so she will likely get questions about this e-mail issue as well. >> we'll keep an eye on that. thank you for this report and karen, you heard from kristen, hillary clinton wanting to pooift to any other issue and in an ordinary day, immigration would be at the forefront, sort of served up to her on a silver platter. you wrote some interesting stuff for the "washington post." the clinton play book here is they're sort of saying it is the vast right wing conspiracy all over again. people trying to throw mud at us. but if you talk to democrats privatery, this is not going away, and we're quite worried. >> because of the thing that really worries them is that what they have been promised here was a brand-new kind of hillary clinton campaign. one that was going to be much more open. much more accessible. one in which the candidate would be much more authentic.
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it is difficult for them to get to that point. it's one thing to say that she has enemies out there. she does. she always has, but it's difficult for them to say that's the only story going on here when just last week, the fbi demanded that she turn over, that she turned over her server, her private e-mail server in response to a demand by the fbi. you can't sort of write it off once you have the fbi and department of justice involved in this investigation. >> not to mention, this is not congressional inquiry. this was unforced error. >> it is going to move on the fbi's timetable. not on her campaign. >> correct. and kelly o'donnell, you spoke to chuck grassley. what did he tell you in iowa about this matter? >> i caught up with him and asked him ability the inquiry he
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is pushing forward, which he is asking if clinton's lawyer had the proper clearances and the proper tools to protect the secrets on e-mail because he had a thumb drive containing his client, hillary clinton's e-mails, as a part of representing here and chuck grassley, is using his power as one senator, the chairman of the judiciary committees to push on that. he said he has not heard back from kendall yet. wants to know when he could get a security clearance and was there a gap. is it possible that the thumb drive the attorney had was improperly stored? chuck grassley doesn't know, but he says there are real questions, might it raise questions in other circumstances for how potentially secret sensitive or classified information might be handled outside of government servers when lawyers are involved and we know this washington, lawyers are often involved. >> understatement. kristen welker, quickly, if there is a window to be open, it
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would seem that for joe biden to get in the race, just continue to the south for the clinton campaign. what can you tell us on how to white house the feeling the possibility of joe biden getting? >> i spoke with a democratic strategist familiar with the thinking inside the white house and that strategist says a number of officials within the white house believe it is unlikely that biden is ultimately going to decide to run for president. having said that, we do know he is meeting with allies and supporters, he's talking to them about a possible presidential run and those within the white house as well as democratic circles say he has earned the right to have the space to make that decision on his own. still, they don't see him taking the type of practical steps that you would see at this point. creating a ground game in some of those early voting states, for example, luke, and so, they say ultimately, they think it's unlikely, but not impossible. vice president biden has said he will make his decision at the end of this month or next month.
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he doesn't seem to be close to making a decision, but we're watching closely. >> we've seen a lot of crazy things so far in 2015. i don't rule anything out. all-star panel, thank you so much. we appreciate it. later this afternoon, ohio governor john kasich will take his turn making the pitch to iowa voter frs the state fair soap box and he'll be taking a major endorsement from a conservative southern governor. robert bentley joined me one day after officially throwing his support behind governor kasich. thank you so much for being on the show. >> thank you, luke. >> governor, you are very much a conservative. you differ with governor kasich on some major policy areas like the expansion of medicaid, on immigration. why throw your support behind a purple state governor who seems to be the most moderate of the folks standing upon that republican stage in serious capacity? >> well, for one reason, i want us to win. i want us to win in 2016 and i believe that we can win with
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john kasich. you know, governor kasich is the most eququalified of all the candidates running. he has federal qualifications. he really worked in congress on the armed services committee, also helping to balance a budget in the 1990s, but he's also be the governor of a large state that had problems. he has executive experience and there's no one in the race, democrat of republican, that has as much ability as he does and the qualifications really fit what i believe that the next president should have. now, the most important thing though that i see in john kasich is he cares about people. and i think the next republican candidate that represents the republican party must care about the people of america. and john kasich does and that's what i like. we have enough deviciveness in this country and don't need more. >> you've made that point in your endorsement speech, saying that governor kasich would not divide people by race or class.
9:13 am
i want to talk to you about somebody who's spend iing a lotf time in your state, ted cruz, the senator from texas. he views things vastly different than john kasich. do you sort of say to people, you might like what cruz says, but cruz is unelectable on a national stage, that's why you have to go with john kasich? is that what you're saying? >> no, i think john kasich is the most fall quied. he has the heart i have, the same attitude i have towards the people of america like i have toward it is people of alabama. you could say moderate, but he's not, he's not moderate. he governs with conservative values. i mean, our differences are some, obviously. but he has a different state to govern than i do. >> but is the party better situated with a john kasich than a ted cruz in terms of mind set? >> i certainly think so. and i think john kasich is the man. i think he is the man to win. >> i want to ask you about
9:14 am
immigration. something that's come to the forefront regarding donald trump's rise in the polls. do you support getting rid of birthright citizenship and how do you think that will play in the race moving forward? >> well, i have not you know, i'm not rea to answer that right now. i would like to say that you know, governor kasich cares about the people of america. he cares about those that are here, maybe that are undocumented. but i know that he is a man that cares about people and i do that also. >> and donald trump's plan, the immigration plan, the senator from your state says it's a plan that's what america needs. in 2011, you signed an immigration bill. a reform to it in 2012. one of the strictest in the country. ultimately, the courts watered
9:15 am
down most of what was in that bill. would you say that should be a warning sign to your fellow republicans that if you go very far to the right on immigration, it can come back to bite you? because you had a lot of businesses in your state that were quite upset about that bill. >> you know, we did and we have worked through that. and it really has caused no problems with the recruitment of jobs in the alabama and especially from other countries. we have worked through that and that is not really a problem in alabama right now. so, i think that this is a federal issue. i think that the federal government is going to have to come up with a reasonable approach to those that are here right now. and to those that are coming in. certainly, we need to try to create some type of border so that we can reduce the number of undocumented people coming into this country. but we have to deal with the people that are here right now and we have to do it, i think, in a humane way. >> and one last question on that. the sponsor of the original bill in alabama, he had this to say
9:16 am
about what the bill would to. quote, the bill attacks every aspect of an illegal alien's life. it's designed to make it difficult for them to live here so they'll support themselves. similar to what trump is proposing. would you tell your republican colleagues it's a better idea to approach this in a more humane manner than trying to create policies that are trying to get people to leave and self-deport, which ended up not doing well in alabama? >> well, this bill actually did nothing in the state other than mimic federal law and it has really not changed things because the federal government has not changed things. federal government, they're going to have to come up with a comprehensive plan. whatever that is, they need to stick with that plan. >> governor robert bentley of alabama, thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. now to bangkok thailand, where police are searching for a man in a yellow shirt seen in this security video. who they believe is behind the deadly bombing in the thai capital monday.
9:17 am
the attack in the center of the city killed at least 20 and injured more than 120. earlier today, a second bombing in a ferry pier used by tourists is believed connected. no one was killed or injured in today's attack. and coming up, a mexican diplomat's response to the trump immigration plan. this is andh [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs.
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we have 12 or 13 million human beings that have been here nor a long time and there is really no real, there's not really a realistic way of rounding up and deporting 12 or 13 million people and our nation wouldn't want to do that any way. >> reaction is pouring in after donald trump revealed his controversial plan to overhaul
9:21 am
the country's immigration system, in part by deporting immigrants and ending automatic citizenship for children born in the u.s. to illegal imgranlts. >> do you think that birthright citizenship should be ending? >> harry reid said it's not right. absolutely. >> i'm not a big fan of the idea, you come here and have a child, you're a citizen. there's two supreme court cases right on point. >> we should talk about what it would take to get it changed. it would take passing a constitutional amendment to get that changed. this is part of our 14th amendment. >> what i said recently is that's something that's got to be discussed in the course of an entire reform package. >> would trump's plan be possible? joining me now is former mechanism can ambassador to the united states. thank you for being on the show. >> good to be with you, luke. >> let's talk about how this trump plan is being dissected
9:22 am
and injected in mexico. it's getting a lot of reaction here in the united states. it sort of defined where the republican party is on immigration, at least hit a benchmark, so many people are rushing to support it. how is this being, how is this being dissected in mexico? >> very similar to how it's being dissected in the u.s., luke. i think there's a great deal of increde yulty as to the manif t manifesto mr. trump put out over the weekend. the problem is that it seems he is teflon coated to hard data and reality. if you were to deport the 30 million undocumented immigrants in the united states, that's going to cost you about $130 billion. number two, it ignores the fact the dynamics on the border have changed. for the past five, six year, there's zero net migration from mexicans coming in. that means more mexicans are going back.
9:23 am
about 40% of those undocumented immigrants, they don't come over the southwest border. they simply overstay their visas and you're also ignoring the fact that undocumented immigrants today are putting end to the social security system about $100 billion, which because of which they are undocumented, they can't tap into, so, some of the figures and the data which underpin mr. trump's immigration and border manifesto are gobbledygook. >> when you look at sort of the financials of this, which is that so many states within the u.s., their top trading partner is mexico. i believe it's over 20. why do you think that is so lost in this debate? because many of these states are conservative ones right within the border region, southern part of the united states, that depend on that trade with mexico
9:24 am
and would be very hurt if mexico took action against a plan like this. >> well, even if mexico did nothing, the plan itself is a self-inflicted wound, luke. as you said, there are 26 states in the united states today that have mexico as their number one trading partner. there are 6 million u.s. jobs directly related to trade with mexico. mexico happens to be after canada, the second largest buyer of exports. if you want to impose on people who do business, go ahead and implement mr. trump's plan. >> what do you think in terms of immigration would be the best way forward to deal with the issue overall because you obviously see it's not going anywhere in congress because what is border security could never been adequately defined. do you think perhaps sort of a slow drip idea would gain traction? from your side, how do you see
9:25 am
the best way to move forward that's practical is this. >> there's been a long debate on a polarizing discussion in the united states for obvious reasons, but i think the drip drip approach is dangerous because what you may end up having is what you've had for the past years, which is with the idea that you have to beef up border security and then get to solve the other issues or be left with is border security. there are two fundamental pill alrea lars and this is something the senate addresses a year or year and a half ago in a bill that was bipartisan, approved by both parties and which got nowhere to the house. there are two fundamental pillars. what dpwrou do with the suh.3 million people who are here without pap rers and how do you take into account the feed of this country to tap into future flows of workers that will allow this country to continue to grow and compete and to be economically vibrant.
9:26 am
so, dealing with temporary worker, dealing with those 11.3 million here, those two pieces have to go together in a comprehensive approach to solving this issue. >> indeed, ambassador. thank you for taking the time. >> as the newest class of college freshmen get ready to head off to school, the famous college mind set list has some insight into the class of 2019. most born in 1997, that even makes me feel old. they've never had to lick a postage stamp, google has always been a around and have had splenda to sweeten beverages and a harry potter book to read. the list was created to help professors relate to their newest batch of students. i remember when south park came out and parents wouldn't let us watch it even though it was a cartoon. the army mobilizes to help fight the wildfires raging out
9:27 am
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? for the first time since 2006, 200 active duty military will be sent to the front lines of the fight here at home. the fires are raging throughout the west and seven states. these parachuters known as smoke jumpers, are jumping into the most remote part of the fire to help combat the blaze and in oregon, 26 homes have been destroyed and over 1,000 have been forced to evacuate. >> in any community, when you hear of a home loss, whether it's a $50,000 home or a $2 million home, it's a loss to that person antd itd it's
9:31 am
devastating. zpl pretty scary. you could see the flames from my house. they jumped over the hill and that's when we knew we had to go. >> within five minutes, the fire was in our backyard and we barely got out of there. >> joining me now on the phone is oregon governor, kate brown and governor, thank you so much for making the time for us this afternoon. first question to you, obviously, a lot of your residents are directly in harm's way. hundreds of homes. but you may have benefitted by a wind shift. what's the latest? >> we have right now, 12 large fires burning on producted lands throughout the state of oregon. roughly 300,000 acres are on fire, so, the bottom line is we haven't seen fire this scope and this magnitude in recent oregon history. >> yeah, and so large that the military is coming in, talk about your reaction to that and how beneficial you think they could be. >> our approach is we're all working together. it's an all hands on deck.
9:32 am
we're work withing hard to minimize risk and future loss and so, we're working with local governments. we've got all of our task force units deployed, landowners, loggers, federal agencies working together very well. >> governor, talk to us a little bit obviously we know there's a huge human impact here, but also an economic one. some of this could have a negative impact on tourism as well as threaten some farms that are in harm's way. what do we know about the economic impact so far, especially on your budget in terms of fighting them. >> well, particularly difficult is the number of homes that have been lost as you mentioned. roughly 30 homes. we ask that oregono keep the families and thoughts in our prayers tchl huge hardship as
9:33 am
you're going to sleep at night, not knowing if you're your home is going to be there the next day. that's priority. but also in terms of natural resources and timber resources, we're look at hundreds of millions of dollars lost in destruction and damage. >> goodness and lastly, i should ask you, what do we think about evacuations in the near future? what are you telling residents to be on the look out for? >> obviously, we're keeping communities in touch. over the weekend, for example, we had to evacuate canida resort on our warm springs reservation, the goal is to protect public safety. and folks are doing everything we can to ensure that no one is harmed. >> kate brown, thank you so much for making the time. we hope this crisis ends as safely and as soon as possible. take care. >> thank you.
9:34 am
stay with us here on "andrea mitchell reports." up next, the shame game. what passengers rights groups say airlines are doing to get you to spend more money. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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more scent plus oxi boost and febreze. it's our best gain ever! it's the brand more doctorsose recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. ever feel like you're paying more than you expected after booking the flights? consumer groups are concerned with a new practice they're calling airline shaming. >> if it feels like you're being nickel an dimed every time you buy an airline ticket, you're not alone. >> i just go with the cheapest one i can find. >> now, some passenger rights advocates have a name for it. they call it upselling. reeling in customers with promises of low fare, then
9:38 am
encourage them to pay for extras that add up quickly, from better seats to early boarding privileges and they claim delta is among the airlines taking it to a new low. by warning passengers who are about to buy a basic economy seat that they'll be the last to board and the last to access overhead bin space unless they choose to upgrade. critics charge delta is shaming its customers into paying more. >> airlines especially are trying to upsell you, pay for your bag, extra leg room on your seat and the way to do it is to shame you. >> the costs add up quickly. earlier boarding, a better seat, extra leg room, can had hundreds more, but a delta spokesperson tells nbc news the company is only providing pricing transparency to its customers. dwoent anyone to select something they did not want to puch, but add row cats say that only goes so far, since airlines
9:39 am
don't disclose additional fees up front. >> where delta says they're going to be transparent, they're not. >> even ultra low cost carries encourage passengers to pile on the extras. not swr not interested? you'll have to click the button that says no, i don't want to save. every flight seems to get a lot more expensive. >> and tom joins me now and you have a response from spirit. >> we talked to spirit airlines early this morning about this notion that you know, they add all the fees, then try to shame you into paying more. here's what they say. they say when we sell these fares on our website, we are very transparent about what they provide and what they don't. our bare fares which allow
9:40 am
passengers to -- to have more to spend when they reach their destinations. i kind of think this isn't that big of a deal. the airlines, of course, have made no secret of the fact they're trying to make money at every turn. and if they're going to warn you at the last minute, oh, you're sitting in the rear of the plane near the lav, seems to me it's fair. >> if you're a consumer and you're trying to get the best deal, what would your advice be? the earlier you book, the cheaper it is and in some degree, you could take out some overheads. also doing it for the program. what else can you do? >> comparison shopping. say you find your fare on airline a and it's a cheap fare. and it's cheaper than b. but what is the, what are the seats? how do they compare? does one offer bin space or earlier boarding and when you're looking at the dollars and
9:41 am
nickels an dimes, is one truly a better deal when you consider the trade offs? it's oftentimes, not that easy to figure out. by the way, you're right. join the frequent flier programs, but ls, get one of those credit cards where you earn miles for every time you fly because often, that allows you to check your bag for free. >> and might be cheaper to buy a first class ticket. >> first class? >> we're in a totally different town. >> bank fees. good to see you, my friend. now to a case that is shaking an elite prep school in new england. a former student is on trail accused of raping a 15-year-old girl. his lawyers said he plans to testify on his own defense and prosecutors are expected to call current and former students to testify about the sexual culture at one of the country's most
9:42 am
selective schools. gabe gutierrez is following the trial in concord, new hampshire. >> any comments as the trial gets underway? >> then 18-year-old owen la brie is accused of raping a 15-year-old freshman on the roof of a buildi ining last year. st. paul's in new hampshire. alumni include john kerry, robert muller, actor, bankers and members of congress, but according to a search warrant, one of the counselors told police there is a horrible tradition there. called the senior salute, in which a senior e-mails a younger student regarding a conquest before they graduate. in an interview, he described sexual scoreboards in which other boys kept a tally of their con kess on a wall but he denied that salute had anything to do with the rooftop encounter with the girl.
9:43 am
he told police they kissed, but then he experienced a moment of devine inspiration. and stopped himself from going any furture. a friend tells nbc news he comes from a modest background, that he was beloved by classmates who rallied around him and raised money for his defense. paul says current -- about our culture are not about our school or values. >> it would be great if the senior girls and guys could stand up and say these rites and traditions are not things i want my sisters and others to engage in, and therefore, we need to stop it. >> he has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of sexual assault. >> it's traumatic for any citizen to be put on trial for any of this. and that's the case with owen. >> thanks so much. later today, the jury of 11 men and three women is expected to visit the school and the alleged
9:44 am
scene of the crime. after the break, fleeing war. those trying to escape isis are arriving on a string of tiny greek islands in record numbers. their story and struggle after the break. how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night.
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♪ everyone can shop, but members get more with reviews, live customer support, and better pricing. visit today. new numbers reveal the crisis in the mediterranean is warning. a record 50,000 migrants landed in greece last month. most are fleeing isis from war torn syria and afghanistan. piling on to small boats, making the dangerous journey and landing on small islands in the already debt ridden country. bill nealy recently traveled there to witness the exodus. >> just after dawn, the first of dozens of boats nears europe. filled with desperate people fleeing war.
9:48 am
this is one of three boats and as you can see, this is absolutely crammed. it's mept to hold 15 people. there must be 40 on this one. this is wave upon wave of refugees washing up on these shores. they struggle off in tears. >> it was so hard when we were dying. >> grateful to have survived the crossing, hundreds have not. >> i'm very happy. >> they are all newborn refugee, part of the biggest migration in half a century. escaping syria and the terror group isis. >> they come to kill us. they, like this. >> my sister was killed. >> we want to live. >> tough men who have endured horror for year, weep with relief. another boat crashes on shore. nearing land, others begin to
9:49 am
celebrate with their children. while they look like they're on vacation, they're taking selfies. their boat is is still quite low in the water. they're not safe yet. they are still risking their lives for a new life in europe. they begin a long journey. heading for a richer countries than greece, germany or sweden. but they face a long wait to be registered as refugees to be free to go. at other camps on greek islands, there have been clashes with police. refugees waiting in 100 degree heat for three weeks. food and water is scarce. frustration is not. tempers and temperatures boiling. >> if this is europe, we're going back to syria. >> people are having to buy water and they say conditions here are inhumane. >> this is true. i mean, this is true.
9:50 am
the conditions are unacceptable. >> the u.n. says this is shameful, but there's no sign of it ending. greece cannot cope. thousands arriving every day. this boat with refugees from afghanistan fleeing not the taliban, but a new threat. isis. or dash. >> they are coming up in afghanistan and it is huge. >> isis. >> yes. >> they are killing. >> a quarter of a million have fled to europe so far this year. greece on the front line of a daily exodus without end. >> well, there were some really heartbreaking scenes and stories there and yet, those refugees are the lucky ones. the survives because more than 2,300 people that we know of have died this year trying to reach europe and it's a crisis that's getting worse.
9:51 am
more refugees arrived last month thand in the whole of last year. last week was the worst ever. europe has no solution to this. it can't agree how to help these people. greece is bankrupt and overwhelmed. the u.n. estimates another quarter of a million people are heading for these small islands. it can't cope even though it says it's the worse crisis in history. there is no end in sight to this crisis. it is likely to go on for as long as as the war in syria lasts and no one expects that to end any time soon. >> bill, help us put this in perspective. thousands are really risking everything in search of a better life. >> yes, that's right. what they've left behind fighting in syria, and the rise of isis in afghanistan, they are desperate to get out of there, but once they reach greece, it is only the beginning of a long road. they've got to get through greece. then they want to reach in some
9:52 am
cases, scandinavia, 1,000 miles away. they've got to go through half a dozen countries and do it illegally at least until they reach somewhere like germany, where they can go there through the swedish border, but this is noll and many of them are trying to reach relatives in those countries and what they want to do is stay there for a few years and then they want to to go back to places like syria when it's peaceful to rebuild their country. people told me that over and over again. but as i say, this is a crisis that just doesn't look like it's ending. the u.n. predicting another quarter of a million people are likely to cross into greece in the next few months. >> well done. thanks so much for the time. now back to the wildfires raging in seven states throughout the west. this is new video just out of idaho of a phenomenon described as firenado. shooting flames 100 feet into
9:53 am
the air and raining hot dirt and ash on to firefighters nearby. one of those firefighters captured it on camera from the soda fire on august 14th. look at those pictures. we'll be right back with more amr. do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous.
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later this week, history will be made in the u.s. army. on friday, two women will become the first female soldiers so pass the elite army ranger school. it teaches soldiers to overcome fatigue, hunger and stress. a graduation ceremony will be held on friday at ft. benning, georgia. another first to note today, the white house confirms its first trans gender appointment. she has been appointed as an outreach director in the white house personnel office.
9:57 am
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go on kitty, kitty... today on msnbc live, wildfire war zone. 200 active duty service members join the fight against wildfires raging out of control in the west. we are live on the ground in washington state. plus, the scorching summer of trump. donald trump's call for an end of birthright citizenship divides the field, while the donald himself scores another win in the polls. right now on msnbc live, hillary clinton rallying the troops. nbc news has learned she is reaching out to supporters after the revelations about her e-mails. on monday, the state department filed new documents and indicate the intelligence community has flagged an additional 305 e-mails. it has yet to be