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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 24, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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the market closed over 500 points down today after losing more than a thousand points at opening in juxst second t. is this the start of another financial crisis? plus run for the border. jeb bush tries to convince americans his immigration plan is better than trump's. and rallying the right. cruz kicks his plan into high gear announcing a 50 state attack to defund planned parenthood. first a wild day on wall street. the dow jones closed down 588 points. it is a roughly 3.5% drop for the day. the nasdaq and s&p 500 closed down at roughly 4%. earlier in the day things looked much worse. soon after the opening bell the dow drops other a thousand points. roughly 5%. the s&p 500 was down over 100 at its lowest point today and the
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nasdaq was down roughly 8% at its lowest. the swing for the dow jones was the largest ever. it is important to note however that today's drop is nowhere near the drop we saw in 1987 or the drop we saw in 2008. investors are reacting to economic slow down in china. china is the second largest economic power and a market for products. today shanghai's index closed down over 8%. hong kong over 5%. and japan's nikkei index closed down over 4%. today's swing in the united states markets was certainly reminiscent of the financial crisis of 2008 but it is important to point out the u.s. economy as the whole is healthy. we are very unlikely to see rises in unemployment, a spike in interest rates or inflation or a banking crisis.
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for more let me bring in my panel. put the day in perspective for us. should average investors be worried? >> not really. as has been said throughout the entire day, if you have a long term disciplined plan in place for your retirement money for your child's education and rainy day funds put aside, no, this is a period you don't panic. you never panic in the midst of a selloff. it is even possibility you could pick up bargains. having said that the type of decline over seas and here at home raises concerns about whether or not the pace of global economic growth is slowing down meaningfully, particularly in china and what does that mean if china should in fact see its market crash further and they don't get a positive rivers from their government? it could get a little messy. it is not something to pan ib over. it is something you need to watch over the next days and
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weeks to determine whether a change in strategy would be required. i doubt it but it is worth watching. >> is this all reaction to what's going on in china? >> partially. i think that is a lot of what set off the market moves. china's devaluation of the yaun was a big surprise to the market and signalled their growth might not be quite as robust as people thought. we've seen previous indications of that before. in october we had another lig slide, really the last time the market had a significant downturn over the last couple of years where we dropped about 7% in october and that was coming on the heels also out of china suggesting growth wasn't maybe as robust there. the other thing is is that the market has just been at all-time highs for a very long time. it's been vas laying the past couple of months but we've seen major indexes move below the trading range they have been in. and for people in the market they are look at levels which have held support previously and when the market goes through them people compounding with the
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fundamental issues and growth issues we've seen it does raise eyebrows. >> i mispronounced. how do you pronounce that. nikkei or nick chi? >> you said nick kay too. is it fair to compare today to 2008? >> absolutely not. so first of you will what happened in 2008 eed with had a u.s.-born crisis that caused into to question the entire banking system. that is not at all what is happening here. what is happening here is a foreign-born currency-related crisis. now that doesn't mean that you shouldn't pay attention to it. but it means if you are a u.s. investor. if you are a an average investor with your 401(k) there is no need to panic. absolutely. on the contrary things are going on sale and that is a positive that will give you some bargains. you don't want to catch a falling knife. but you are probably going to be able to pick up good values.
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we look at it as a sale but certainly not a going out of business sale. >> what is going on in china? have american investors been overvaluing the strength of the chinese economy? >> to the extent that american investors are even allowed to invest directly in china, obviously they have been. they can buy shares of chinese stocks listed in the u.s. and some of those are come down rather dramatically. you can't buy the shares that trade on the mainland. you can buy hong kong. shanghai are down more than 40% from their peak. the chinese government effect e effectively encouraged 90 million individual investors in china to speculate with borrowed money. they drove the market to a series of recent highs and then discouraged them from borrowing that money forcing them to sell to cover the loans they used in the first place. it is not the 7% number that government kicks out all the time. it is maybe closer to 1, 2, or
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3% and china is slowing down material. downward pressure on stock markets and currencies but also downward pressure on commodities like oil which to a certain extent is good news for u.s. consumers bu also indicates global growth is slowing and might not be a great time for the federal reserve to raise interest rates. multifaceted problem. china to me looks like japan in 1989. it is no longer invincible. it may be on the downside of its economic growth and i think they are actually in fairly serious trouble. doesn't me we're. i think they are. >> if china is in worse shape than thought, what does it mean for our economy here in the states? >> i think it means a couple of things. first they are in worse shape than we thought. everybody seems to be in agreement there. but those are semantics. what it means to u.s. investors in a u.s. economy is we're going to get continued cheap goods out
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of the china. their greatest export for the last 30 years has been deflation. and that was coming away. and that was one of the things that was coined of concerning a lot of people.kind of concernin lot of people. it is unlikely you are going to see a spike in prices of chinese goods. at the end of the day that is good for the u.s. consumer. and at the end of the day we have to understand that since this is largely chinese born, the people's bank of china has a lot of tools left in its belt. it is probably the only central bank that can still take action to stimulate its economy. that is why there is really no need to panic or over exaggerate here. >> ron, you disagree? >> i do. i think the chinese government has few tools with which too deal with this crisis. they spent six billion -- they can't use fiscal stimulus. they may be able to cut interest
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rates and push more money into the banking system but to what end? whom do you lend the money? not enough workers and a huge demographic point. i think they boxed themselves in many ways far more deeply than the federal reserve or the european central bank has with their own unconventional policies the last few years. >> how is this playing out in the commodities markets? >> commodities have been a focal point for this entire past week and the selloff we've seen and the weakness in the u.s. stocks. the concerns are closely tied to the commodity space. and then we see it bleed over into many areas. over the course of the past year we've seen a huge deterioration in the price of oil, also tied to supply concerns but also to growth issues. and then we see that over the course of the past couple weeks we see it manifesting itself in certain stocks. material space. industrial space. companies that are really going to get hit and you have seen that actually have a pretty significant effect on equities. it is not just limited to
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countries that are dependent on commodities that -- and it is not really just limited to that one space. so you really see it play a pretty big driver and of course throughout the decline we've seen in stocks energy has played a major role. some companies are dhoun 60, 70% and that is going to have a huge impact on the market. >> the american economy healthy overall do you think? >> i think so. and that is the bullish case. you have these things pop up. idiosyncratic factors that you have to consider like i mentioned some of the technicals in the s&p as well. but when you look at it and you talk to investors is say hey are you going to be long stocks? they say yeah. the economy is not terribly robust but growing at slightly bovr 2%. is it gang busters sno no. but enough to keep us as the best house on the block? absolutely. and the other thing to consider is a lot of these companies especially ones in the benchmark
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the bio techs are growth names and they are not terribly dependent on the strong economy. also think about names, companies like netflix. obviously depends on the retail consumer but that is also a company that is the disruptive product as well. not all of the big winners we've had in stocks are going to depend on a strong economy. >> for those that didn't hear he said bullish. just to be clear. >> thanks fur your time tonight? ahead this hour. jeb bush follows in trump's footsteps to the border. and the potential run for vp joe biden.
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the three americans who foiled a potentially catastrophic terrorist attack on friday in paris were awarded france's highest honor this morning. alek skarlatos, spencer stone and jonathan sadler.
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president hollande credited their brave actions for preventing true carnage aboard a train carrying 500 people. the gentlemen stripped 26-year-old moroccan of an ak-47, a pistol, a knife and ammo bag. he maintains he only intended to rob wealthy people on the train and found the weapons in a bag in a park. stay tuned. the the lincoln summerre. invitation is on. get exceptional offers on the luxury small utility mkc. mkz sedan... the iconic navigator... and get a first look at the entirely new 2016 mid-size utility lincoln mkx.
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footsteps to the texas border. the businessman took a swipe at bush on friday. says his immigration prols is weak and the mimicry is transparent. >> jeb bush whose totally in favor of common core, week on immigration. right? very weak on immigration. wants to let people come in. he is using anchor baby. he put out a memo you cannot use anchor baby. now because i used it he's using it. >> he believes it will underscore a flawed policy. >> i think it is great. i think he'll now find out it is an not an act of love. he said people crossing are crossing as an act of love. i was down there. it is, rough, tough, stuff.
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>> joining me now is my panel. susan, let me begin with you. the bush campaign tried to ignore trump for a long time. do candidates need to play follow the leader now? they feel compelled to mimic trumpl. >> this trip to the location was planned. it was a fundraiser planned weeks in advance by governor bush. but you raise a good point. now the candidates realize trump is in the race and staying. and bush stood up for his policies. e said where he disagreed with trump. he even said read my book on it. trump likes to talk about reading his book. he said read my book on it. these are the policies that are important. i think he'll be much more well received.
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he won't get the pomp and circumstance but i think his ideas will be much better received in texas than donald trump's. >> jeb bush has said he doesn't regreet using the word anchor baby. >> right. >> this is ludicrous for the clinton campaign and others to suggest somehow i'm using a the derogatory term. i was talking about the specific case of fraud being committed where there are organized effort and frankly it is more related to asian people. >> can bush win over voters with a term many find reprehensible? >> yeah i think what he was trying to explain is yeah there was a problem. there's been a history of a problem with people coming here on vacation, having children here and going home and having incide incidentsh citizenship. i think people don't like the term. it's become offensive.
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even though years and years ago it wasn't considered offensive. bottom line is jeb bush is in trouble. he's scared. he's following donald trump, going to texas to show that he cares about immigration and he's going to go study the border. but the fact that he's doing so poorly in the polls and following the lead of donald trump shows that he's really changed his tone and he's now going more on the attack rather than ignoring donald trump. >> angela, why is the anchor baby term gaining acceptance in the republican party. a long time ago it wasn't offensive but words change, meanings, in terms of context. give us a sense why it's acceptable. >> it is not acceptable. and as a matter of fact where i was watching bush's press conference, where he was almost unhinged, turning red, and very defensive. and his posturing, even that he would go in to say really it was only about chinese people.
2:19 pm
it is still derogatory. there is no person regardless of whether they are mexican or russian or whatever, nobody deserves to be called an anchor baby. what's interesting to me is the republican party. and i always go back to this because it's simply fascinating. they spent 11 million dollars on an outreach plan and these folks can't be further from what they need to do to garner support fro not only latino voters but black voters, gay voters. and none of the places they speak are resonating with the american electorate. the rising american electorate. i want to make that distinction because now and looks like the policy of jeb bush is to stoke white fear. and i think that is why they are surging in the polls on their side. >> do you think it is a conscious attempt to stoke white fear or unconscious reflex of the perceived opposition of obama and they want to come full
2:20 pm
force. >> angela makes a very good point about republicans needing to auddd people to the party. our population is frankly dying out. and she's right. the upcoming electorate are going to be much more diverse and we need to appeal to them as republicans. i think republican primaries are juicy like democratic primaries played to the extreme. who is more socialist, bernie sanders versus hillary clinton. who is playing more to the right. donald trump is going to win that fight because jeb bush knows if he wants a shot at winning this has has to come back to a moderate position. which he has and i don't think he's necessarily following trump. i think what the candidates are doing are learning to recognize that trump is in fact in this race. they have been just ignoring him until now. >> are voters buy into the board visit optics jeb bush is now
2:21 pm
engaging in. >> i don't know. i think that jeb bush is clearly nervous. he's looking at his own poll numbers and he's got to be very worried that donald trump is beating him by so much. the fact that scott walker is in this race and doing very well in some polls ahead of jeb bush. you compare jeb bush to hillary clinton right now it is night and day. hillary clinton is still way ahead of her opposition. not so on the republican side. the established candidate jeb bush having such a hard time breaking through. in some polls not even cracking 10%. he's in deep trouble and he's acting like it by kind of following donald trump. talking about immigration. and actually attacking him. saying he took money from democrats. identified as the democrat. all signs of the bit of desperation. it is still very early and we don't know how it is going to play out but right now there are signs of the desperation on team jeb bush.
2:22 pm
>> will more republican candidates support building a wall? if they are following trump to the border, are they going to follow him in terms of that. >> here is the funny thing. so glad you brought this back up from the earlier sound bite from the bush press conference. here is the most interesting piece. he spun out thoof that really quickly. the border fence was a project that failed miserably under w., under his brother. it was supposed to be a combined electric and physical fence, wall, under this program called sbi net. if you look it up it is horrible. we waste sod much taxpayer money this wall. he's right. the wall does not work. we shouldn't be pursuing this. . but i think it's fascinating that the epic fail of the wall came under w. for sure. >> thanks for joining us. still to come, harry reed shows support for iran nuclear deal. what it means for the deal's
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. senate majority leader harry reed is now the 27th and most powerful senate democratic to get behind the plan. in a statement reed said the deal is the best path to stop iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. joining me now is president of the plow shares fund. joe, what kind of impact is senator reed going to have on the debate over the iran nuclear deal? >> it is a huge deal, michael.
2:27 pm
he's not only the leader of the democrats in the senate but he's a well-respected voice on national security issues. and he was under intense pressure by opponents of the deal so come out against the deal. so his coming out in favor of it not only puts his voice there but the leadership office behind it. and he says he would do everything possible to make sure the deal prevails. today we saw another senator follow reid's lead. the number is now 28 senators on the democratic side in favor of the deal. two opposed. >> does this counteract what chuck schumer had already done by standing against the deal and throwing his weight and influence, especially since he's going to secede harry reid in
2:28 pm
alli likelihood? >> robert menendez came out against the deal but he was against the deal before there even was a deal. so two democrats against. 28 in favor. that means the magic numbers are now six and 13. if six more democratic senators declare over the next couple of weeks the president will have enough votes in the senate to sustain his veto of any legislation that attempts to kill the deal. if he gets 13 more senators to decla declare, then he'll have a total of 41 and could block any motion from making it out of the senate of disapproval. so it is still not over yet. it is going to be a tense couple of weeks. >> in the "new york times" news analysis, dave senger and michael gordon say they fear mr.
2:29 pm
obama has oversold some virtues as he asserts it would block all pathways to nuclear weapons. what is your reaction to that. >> i think that is a bit of an overstatement on their part. i this i the president is on firm ground. he says this is the strongest non proliferation agreement ever negotiated. i a think that is true. i've been in this business over 30 years. this is by far the strongest agreement i've ever seen. just a couple of weeks ago i was one of the 75 national non proliferation nuclear policy experts who wrote a statement in favor of this agreement. in fact i can't name a single non proliferation or nuclear policy expert who's come out against the deal. in the expert community it is overwhelmingly in favor. we think this will stop iran from getting a bomb for a good 15 to 25 years and in national security terms that is an e tesht. >> right. so the british embassy in iran
2:30 pm
was reopened and hassan -- rouhani said -- do you think this will have any impact on the iran deal? >> you can see the british are starting to reenter teheran. their embassy was closed in 2011 when stormed by angry iranians and ransacked. they have now reopened the embassy. and the statements that the u.k. foreign minister made, remember, this is a conservative government in the united kingdom. the ones that he made were i think quite positive about the deal, which he called historic. and about the possibility of now renewed cooperation with iran. and a lot of national security experts are starting to look at this. the deal is good in and of itself. but part of its significance is that it opens the i do to
2:31 pm
conversati doorway with conversations with iran. >> all right joe. thank you for joining us. still ahead the latest details on a point run for vice president biden. stick around. >> i'm hampbt b pearson with your cnbc market wrap. it's been a historic day of volatility. the dow losing 588 points, more than 3.5%. but it could have been a whole lot worse. after the dow plummeted more than 1,000 points in the first six minutes of trading today. the biggest interday decline in points ever. the s&p 500 falling more than 3.9%. the nasdaq off by 3.8. driving the market melt down? worries about an economic slow
2:32 pm
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it can help provide the additional control you may need.
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. vice president joe biden's 2016 run could be a 2020 vision for elizabeth warren. a new report shows biden is increasingly leaning for a run into the white house. biden and elizabeth warren met unannounced on saturday. if biden were president it would be only be one turn. that means elizabeth warren would be in place for a run of her own in 2020.
2:36 pm
some see this as using her leverage to --. in an interview friday warren told wbc in boston i don't think anyone has been anointed. vermont senator bernie sanders has echoed those words about hillary clinton. earlier today bernie sanders commented on joe biden's entry into the race. >> you are not going to find a guy who's more decent than joe biden is. what i promise joe, if he decides to get into the race, is that i will, as i have done up till now, run an issue-oriented campai campaign. >> joining me now is joy reed. and also ken vogel's chief investigative reporter a. --. >> well potentially the woman
2:37 pm
who we brought in has campaign chops. worked on john edwards' campaign back in 2008. that did not work very well. but nonetheless has the experience and could potentially help with presidential campaign or at least bridging the gap between the official government duties and the presidential campaign. in addition he's doing a lot of other things. scheduling a meeting with major democratic fundraisers who supported his and president barack obama's reelection in 2012 at the naval observatory for after labor day. and he's deputyized a number of top aids to go out and feel out potential donors about whether there is the appetite and how much they might support a potential presidential campaign. so he's doing the things necessary to explore this. >> joy, earlier today josh ernest weighed in on a potential
2:38 pm
run of joe biden for the presidency. let's listen. >> should give you a sense of the president's believe in his aptitude for the top job. >> i've been talking to some and they are saying did you just basically endorse the man? what is your reaction. >> fascinating. so i've been putting out feelers to obama world folks from the 2008 and 2012 obama orbit. and i can tell you that is a signal that is just what it sounds like. there is a great deal of love and affection for biden among obama people. there is a dwhimpifference when talk to democrats, and obama world people. they love joe biden. he's is road dog. the ride or die. the guy who's been there fbarac obama. and you wish he'd done this
2:39 pm
sooner. there is also a feeling that there isn't a lot of organic passion for hillary clinton. and particularly among younger operatives. they would be more passionate about joe biden because he's seen as the direct, sort of, conveyer of barack obama's legacy. >> and part of that pedigree and lineage immediately. so professor, what does a biden run do for the democratic base? >> i think it does something wonderful. first i don't think he hazard a good shot of winning. i think the only way clinton loses this primary bid is if this campaign implodes and if it does it will attract a lot better candidates than biden. he has issues with fundraising. but i think think sbranz entrance immediately makes her a better competitor. they have more interest and attention on their side. it would immediately shift the media attention away from the faux e-mail scandal skpoo into
2:40 pm
the horse race coverage between behind and clinton. he would be a serious contender just not one to take her down i believe. >> the professor here is saying he ain't american pharoah. he's not going win the triple crown his third time out. >> when you talk to people who know joe biden, yes he's run twice and not been successful. for a politics that doesn't really mean nipg. i think the interesting thing about biden is yes he has to catch one hillary in terms of fundraising and operatives. but the clinton campaign left a lot of serious operatives on temperature table. the guy who ran barack obama's successful campaigns. there were a lot of operatives that were really obama people. so there are still people out there i think he could get a lot of young operatives and actors on the table. and the reason joe bide season not seen as the good candidate
2:41 pm
is the supposedly gaffe prone. >> and he's not a great fundraiser which is key. >> it is the fundraiser. >> we're in a world where donald trump is the front runner of the -- the fundraising would be a more serious issue. >> so the gaffe prone biden was really precipitating a donald trump. and they are twins. >> certainly that is where the progressive base hopes she. and you see the dissatisfaction and fill your to catch on. the sense thatailure to catch o. the sense that biden is in connection with that is a little -- he's not a progressive. and the fact that he would reach
2:42 pm
out to her. they clashed on the bankruptcy legislation that was really one of her hallmarks that she fought before she ran for senate successfully defeated at one point. and there isn't anybody but hillary movement. but that is not necessarily to say that like he would take away from bernie sanders or he could tap into that hunger among the base for someone like elizabeth warren. i don't think that he would. i think that there is this hope as the professor suggested that hillary clinton's campaign is kind of floundering. and there are progressive whose hope that she is done in by the scandal surrounding her. but i don't think joe biden is well-positioned to take advantage of that. >> he's not a progressive. first of all joe biden is a liberal. author of the violence against women act. the guy who pushed barack obama on issue likes gay marriage. if he's teaming up with elizabeth warren and saying essentially i'll do one term and then you get here that takes
2:43 pm
away from hillary clinton. and keep in mind elizabeth warren naturally should be a endorser of bernie sanders. she hasn't done that. i'm not so sure that the biden elizabeth warren teaming up publicly wouldn't actually be quite powerful. and yet joe biden is a liberal. >> professor care caroline, stack that with what you said earlier as him in regard as the poor perform attorney campaign trail. the eight years he's been in the white house he's redeemed himself and he's this road dog so he's hollering back and now he's pulling, if you will the orbit of all of those obama people in his way. do you think he has a real chance to get in? >> no. i think he's a weak candidate. but beyond that hillary clinton is still the candidate for the democratic party. and she is 21 points higher on
2:44 pm
average in states than she was in 2008. she's not just formidable. she is the top dog. and it will take an incredible amount of something on her end to happen in order for biden to even be marketable. and again once that happens, or if that happens i think a lot of other better candidates will rush in. and i think the biggest is the fundraising. the fund raising is key. >> we've had a lot of dogs on here today. top dog, road dog. i guess we just dog dog. thank you so much. joy reed, stick with us. still ahead an nfl hall of famer is apologizing after controversial advice to rookie players goes public. the caught on camera comments are ahead. u're like the poster d for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash.
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it's slim and smooth so wearing it is no big deal. get a free sample of depend at jon stewart made his mark on the wrestling world on sunday. he made his return to the err waves as the host of the wwe summer slam. he didn't just comment on the action. he became part of it during the title for title match. stewart and rollins have a history. the pair came to blows in the ring back in march. fans thought stewart might be taking another shot when he ran to the ring during the match. stewart took a shot at john sena instead. stewart may no longer be laying the smackdown to politicians but
2:47 pm
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new larger size now available. nfl hall of famer and espn analyst cris carter is owning up to controversial comment he is made last year during the 2014 rookie symposium. carter and warren sapp gave the future player advice on avoiding trouble off the field. >> if you all got a crew, you got to have a fall guy in the crew. now i let my home boys know. y'all want to keep rolling like this, then i need to know who going to be the fall guy, who gonna be driving.
2:50 pm
because y'all not gonna all do the right stuff now. all right? i got to teach you all how to get around all this stuff too. if you got to have a crew one of we'll get him out. if you don't have a crew, make sure they understand, can't nothing happen to you. >> the comments didn't garner much attention until this weekend when they were discussed in an espn magazine interview with chris borland and it was archived and carter was outed as the speaker. the video has been deleted. the nfl said they were not representative of the message of any league program. espn also released a statement saying they completely disagree with the remarks and they did not reflect the network's point of view. carter apologized for the colts on twitter. he wrote seeing that video has made me realize how wrong i was. i was brought there to educate
2:51 pm
young people and instead gave them very bad advice and every person should take responsibility for his own actions. i'm sorry and i truly regret what i said that day. my man warren sapp dealing with legal troubles has not commented. up next, ted cruz puts his faith in the church. stay tuned.
2:52 pm
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2:55 pm
ted cruz is relying voters. cruz plans to energize the base with a massive 50-state effort to defund planned parenthood. >> we as taxpayers are funding these activities. we cannot allow this to continue. only our pastors, our faith leaders, church heard leaders h influence. >> cruz will detail a plan to mobilize church goers and every congressional district during a tuesday conference call. his campaign site says the senator's anti abortion stance rests on life, liberty and ensuring every child is born into a home with a loving family. the family is the best chance for a child to achieve anything. during a campaign stop, a single mother pressed him on maternity and paternity leave. >> would your policy support a maternity leave? we're the only country that doesn't offer that that's modernized. is that on the table for you?
2:56 pm
>> i think maternity leave and paternity leave are a wonderful thing but i don't think the federal government should be in the business of mandating it. >> cruz uses life and family to manipulate policy but doesn't believe values ensure children can spend time with families. >> there are all sorts of things that are beneficial that the federal government shouldn't do because i think the constitution matters and the constitution leaves that authority to the state and local level and to the private sector, not to the federal government. >> and women are left behind. >> i i'd like to welcome back political strategist and joy reid national correspondent. so angela, why was planned parenthood, why has it become such a target in 2016 of all years? >> can we talk about why it looked like he filmed that and sounded like he filmed that in the bathroom? which is crazy. [ laughter ] >> that's not suggesting that it's down the toilet. go ahead. >> i guess the challenge i have
2:57 pm
here is the fact that they are completely using planned parenthood as a scapegoat. they offer all kinds of other health services to women who ordinary don't have access to them, so for ted cruz who has, it was known to be as congressman thompson would say, a show horse. the fact he's galvanizing these pastors isn't a surprise to us. the only thing he didn't say in the presidential debate or primary debate is give honor to god, the head of my life and first lady and pastor. he's about the eevangelical lif. >> so joy reid is ted cruz under estimating the base here? >> his theory isn't that wrong, right? the republican party
2:58 pm
establishment is divided between scott walker and jeb bush. you got the popular wing with donald trump. what's left is the third leg of the stool, the evangelicals. if he can scoop them up with mike huckabee that maybe he can inherit the trump supporters. it's not a crazy theory. >> they seen him dance with others and turned him down and she's the third girl he wants to dance with. >> ted cruz, i think his campaign at this point is something that starts with d and rimes withes a respiration. he's trying anything to stay in the top ten. >> we'll assume that means inspiration. >> yes. >> today cruz wants to defend and he said too much money is being spent on women's health. how do the sentiments translate to republican women who are expected to get on board? >> what i hope it translates into is republican women become democrats. of course, that's very wishful
2:59 pm
thinking but it is time for them to be a little more smart about the rhetoric. we talked about the fact their tent is completely shrinking on an earlier segment. we don't need to revisit that. you're right spot on and they need to talk to the people absolutely a part of their base and start thinking gender equality, which i know is tough for them seeing as how they have one republican women in the house that's a committee chair. >> joy, 30 seconds left. so rupert murdoch wants him to get involved. so why is that? is the impose to that? >> i mean, i think at this point, i think that as far as, you know, michael bloomberg is concerned, i'm not sure what the rational would be because he's an iffy republican. the republican party is throwing pretty much any rich person at the problem and hoping one will drag donald trump out by his hair. i don't know.
3:00 pm
>> donald trump surely is glad he's been sited in more rap songs. you're my rappers of the day. "politics nation" with the reverend al sharpton starts right now. right now on "politics nation" joe biden and 2016. while the vice president run and can he rally the obama coalition? what the white house is saying today. also republicans told the line jeb bush goes to the boarder and donald trump turns up the heat. and i'll talk to jazz legend brantfort marcels. first, breaking news, an incredibly volatile day on wall street. it ended just about two hours ago with e