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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  August 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we all make mistakes but taking responsibility shows real maturity. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton, "hardball" starts right now. biden is time. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. that's what friends are saying to do. jumping in may be the smart thing and begin building truth worthiness. the buzz about a joe biden presidential run. nbc news said according to
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people briefed, biden doesn't ask for support but said he's seriously considering running. cnn reported it's likely he will enter the race. according to the wall street journal, the vice president quote increasingly leaning towards entering the race and can knit together a competitive campaign. "the washington post" resorts biden has mayjor democratic fundraisers and josh earnest, the president spokesman praised biden but knocked away questions about the president's own thinking on the race. >> the president indicated the decision he made, i guess, seven years ago now to add joe biden to the ticket as his running made was the smartest decision he made in politics and i think that should give you some sense of the president's view of vice
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president's aptitude for the top job. i wouldn't speculate at this point whether or not the president would offer an endorsement. >> is there a possibility you could say endorse joe biden or endorse hillary clinton? >> i wouldn't rule out an endorsement. >> or bernie sanders. >> or bernie sanders. i wouldn't rule out the possibility of an endorsement. >> joining me now is the global editorial director of the "huffington post" and susan paige. i'm glad we got the heavy weights here. i mean that seriously. the wall street journal, cnn are bur perking up this thing. not the tragedy of him losing his son but some new development in this thing, is it hilary's static? we keep getting about the e-mails that says maybe something bad could really happen here to her? >> chris, i've known and reported for a long time the obvious fact that the clintons
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and bidens aren't close. that's the first thing you have to understand. joe biden isn't a fan of the clinton style of operation of the clinton machine of what he regards what clintons stand for. >> more on that in a moment. >> polling numbers show hilary's regarded as untrustworthy in a lot of polls. joe biden's great treasure is trustworthiness. if you ran for president twice, it's awfully hard not to do it again and the big thing that joe biden has to decide in my mind is whether he's going to really go at hillary clinton on the question of trust and electability. >> and say it. >> and say it because there is that first debate coming up in october. if he runs, he'll be in that debate. is he going to go over hillary clinton because that's the only way for him to get the nomination. he's got to go over her. >> take the fight to her. >> and decide whether he's willing to do it. >> susan, isn't that the most dangerous thing to do? when it looks like somebody is
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being too tough, she gets good and her friends say this doesn't look too good. >> that's true. he needs to appeal to hillary clinton voters, right? he needs -- >> i see, grab some. >> he's got to get some of them and i don't think it's joe biden's style to go hard at an opponent. >> how do you hit the trust worthy -- >> ask robert -- >> carly fiorina is calling her a i lliar. >> it's clear -- >> who is sending -- somebody is talking to the wall street journal first page. >> people close to him, you don't think the world found out about elizabeth warren by accident. >> what message does that send you two? what's the meeting? i think if joe is the democratic wing of the democratic party, not particularly the left wing. how do they match up or maybe
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they do compliment each other? >> here is the problem joe biden has. he knows about it. neither of the campaigns went well. >> the vice pres den -- presidency out of it. >> how did he get to be vice president? >> he didn't get the presidency and didn't come close. he wasn't really even a competitor. >> our history is based upon guys, men, who have ran for president, lost the presidential race to somebody else, george bush senior, regan wins it, lost to carter. he gets the vice presidency. there is a tradition of losing to the guy who proceeds you. >> i agree with what susan says but i've also got to say since he's been at barack obama eastside for the last seven years, he's got something to talk about now. in other words, he has an organizing principle and if it comes down to who is closer to the heart of barack obama when you're dealing with democratic voters, who wins that battle? >> what would make the
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president, barack obama believe that joe is a better bet than hilary? >> i can't -- >> when? >> i can't imagine president obama -- >> unless there is a real catastrophic event affecting hilary, top secret information that turns out to be a criminal mishandling. >> that's why the biden people are waiting. in other words, first they said after labor day and then the end of september and then the first week of october. they are waiting as long as possible to see what else is happening -- >> is there anything trey gouty can bring out by the special committee that would hurt the former secretary of state? >> i don't think the hearing is the key thing. >> enterprise journalism. >> it's whatever -- >> "the new york times." "the new york times.." >> the trouble is we didn't expect the e-mail. the e-mail story to come out. that was a surprise. we didn't know she was using a server. >> i never heard of a server until this started a. possible
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biden run for president is dividing people in president obama's own world. i don't know what the official line will be but you have a lot of people in the building in the white house rooting for him. that's the vp. if their mind is with clinton, their heart is with the vice president but bring up biden with many current and former obama staffers and conversation stops. they sigh, pain looks appear on faces and they may try to change the top pick and the conversation goes like this. you think there is an opening? nah, maybe. put that together. he's saying nice things about him and then they moupause. >> the number one objective is to have a democrat win. >> let's agree on that. >> that's part of the legacy of a president who builds change and barack obama. >> transformational president. >> he's not a transformational president unless the democrats win and practically speaking, you want somebody from the same party to protect your legacy that next term. legally, administratively,
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politically and so forth. that's the number one objective. i think they will stick with hilary until they don't. who knows. that's what joe biden is playing for. all the other stuff about issues and all that. >> how does the president -- >> i think that's really true. middle east earn leaders want their oldest son to replace them to protect them physically from getting killed but what about the president's doing every day with joe biden? how does he finesse joe biden, looks him in the eye, you're looking at me, mr. president, i'm your friend. you're not pals with hillary clinton. how does he deal with that? >> we know there is increased nervousness about hillary clinton but she continues to be the dominant front runner. >> i'm talking about the president. what is he doing? >> what's the percentage for president obama to get into this fight? i don't see one not for the foreseeable future. >> unless he thinks that there is going to be a terminal struggle that will make victory
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by the democrats that much more difficult. >> it's also not up to him. there is a new generation comes along even though both the candidates are older than he is. >> i think the vets will determine this. many say joe biden would have a hard time finding the path to the nomination of 2016. here are former governors both of whom publicly backed clinton now and democratic peter much respected and all spoke this weekend on a biden bid. let's watch. >> if joe gets in the race, joe gets in the race. i think that's a tough one. he's a very good guy and a terrific vice president but he has 100% name recognition and already behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. where is his space? >> i don't think he gets in. i think the personal situation he's going through and the fact that hillary clinton is way ahead. i mean, i know that she's having these problems now but with fundraising, with her, she's got
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a suburb organization. >> he reaches across more than anybody else, the difficulty is where is the opening on the field and i think that's his real challenge and, you know, 80% said they might vote for him, only 45% want him to run. >> here is the crux of the matter, howard mentioned the poll we use all the time from just last month shows one major vulnerability for secretary clinton, trustworthiness. look at the numbers. 37% of the country polled say she's honest and trust worthy. that's one-third. nearly 6 in 10 say she's not. these are incredible. some of that is jdone by the republican machine. the numbers are reversed for joe biden. he does well. he hasn't had a machine going at him. >> he hasn't. >> the wall street journal, by the way, every day has one column attacking hilary personally. >> of course. there is a lot of hyping of the possibility of the joe biden candidacy on the conservative media side for obvious reasons.
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>> what is that obvious reason? i need to be obvioused. >> they want to create as much within the democratic party as possible but that's why i think that if joe biden in fact does this, in someways it feels like his campaign has begun, they are leaking stuff, having meetings with the donors and doing this stuff while they wait, i think they have got to decide how much they are willing to go with hillary clinton on that number that you just showed. there are risks to that as you point out. his only way to get there eventually is over not around. >> another point, if hillary clinton is the nominee, she's still -- we agree far the best bet, who wants to have it on their name they brought down her credibility and trustworthiness in the general election because all they have to do is show tape of joe biden attacking her credibility, her honesty. >> if joe biden runs and this causes a huge rallying cry for
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hillary clinton, especially among women voters, that's not something joe biden wants to see. it's a tough call. he wants to run. he's got to convince himself that there is a way in which it makes sense or that it's just worth the leap of faith. >> i think one reason he met with elizabeth warren is not just because she's a progressive idle but because she's a woman and because he's going to need allies if he's going to go do this, while hillary clinton is saying i want to break that final glass ceiling, that is a subtext he's going to have to deal with. >> tough. the minute you announce, everything changes. that would take kennedy in 1 980. i remember it well. do you think he's going? >> i can't say for sure. feels like it. >> smells like -- who is pushing this stuff? constantly pushing it. >> it's not quite beyond the point of no return. >> people talking don't know people who know aren't talking. >> sounds like the '60s.
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>> i disagree. >> i think some have been told to keep it out there and get it hot. my favorite story of the weekend, three americans received the legion of honor in france after a display of bravery saved scores of train passengers from a well-armed gunman. and turbulent day with the dow dropping and the panic creating the perfect storm for a billionaire businessman running for president. apparently the numbers show they trust donald trump and president obama scores the backing of two more senators on the iran nuclear deal and brings the number of supporters to 28. finally, let me finish tonight with our pride in those gutsy americans there on foreign soil. that's where you show your guts and this is "hardball" the place for politics. you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges. can you spot the difference? no? you can't see that? alright, let's take a look.
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our best wishes to genjoh john recovering from quadripole by pass surgery and has since become a statesman and went into a boston hospital on thursday this past week but referred for immediate surgery. that happens. he said in a statement today i feel very lucky. good for him. we wish the governor a speedy he cov -- recovery and we'll be right back. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do.
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welcome back to "hardball." three americans tackled a disarmed a suspect were awarded fran's highest honor today for bravery by france's president. with grace under pressure, much like the passengers on flight 93 on september 11th who took the flight fight to the hijackers, these heroes reacted and jumped into the fight. u.s. air force spencer stone,
4:18 pm
alek skarlatos and anthony sadler heard gunfire, turned around and charged directly at the suspect struggling with his ak-47 assault weapon tackling him to the ground. they used their fist to place him into a choke hold, seized his weapons, tied him up and rendered him unconscious. who cares. they stopped him. the suspect is identified as 26-year-old from morocco and lived in europe for several years. here is more from the heros that subdued him. >> in the beginning, it was gut instinct. we acted. there wasn't much thinking going on. >> i saw spencer get up and alek get up and those are my close friends. >> alek hit me on the shoulder and said let's go, ran down, tackled him. we hit the ground. al ek grabbed him and i put him
4:19 pm
in a choke hold. he was ready to fight to the end so were we. >> so were we. what a great line. we have a passenger on the train and the editor of "the daily beast" a senior british office. christina, tell me what you can remember of that incident. christina. >> hi, you know, it started with the gunshots. i heard the gunshot and i dove under my seat. and i pulled down the trey table for more safety and i had my phone clutched in my hand and managed to snap some photos of the incident but most of what i saw was a man stumbling through and he dropped a bloody bag in the seat adjacent from me and fell to the floor and his neck was bleeding. it looked like he had been shot in the neck.
4:20 pm
>> you know, you were in paris for all those years. so great. this is like lafayette drill. this is the lafayette here we're. i'm glad we can look good in front of the french this time. >> we looked great in front of the french and the president made it clear he thinks the americans were great and performed wonderfully but you're seeing sniping from the french press. >> what's their beef? >> it seems to be an all-american operation. american and british, in fact, the first person to see the shooter was a guy standing in front of the bathroom he came out of that pushed him back. second person -- >> what could that do? >> not much. >> okay. >> the second person to see him was actually a french citizen by who was born in virginia and grew up in the united states and he teaches english. >> what did he do? >> he got shot. he's the one that dropped his bag. >> he took the bull. okay. michael k, let me ask you about the rules of engagement here. they say on the amtrak which is a safer train to take, they say if you see something, say
4:21 pm
something. well, you know, in this situation, saying something would have been ridiculous. put down those rifle, put down that ak-47 and the box cutter. what does this say about when men, men especially men are should be ready to fight and do so. >> chris, we live in a new world order today. contemporary war fafare and terrorism now is everyone's issue. now what i'm not advocating is everyone jumps in like this. what those four brave men did was incredible notable but not everyone is trained in unarmed combat and i would be surprised if they were but the military guys had a sense of duty, had a sense of wanting to protect and they used their experience and their risk assessment. military guys are very good at risk assessment to actually apprehend this person to prevent a catastrophe and it would have
4:22 pm
been a catastrophe. i went to south lebanon and people would stop me, women with phones, children, if they see something that isn't right they will phone up the chain of command. we need to get better at this. that said, you go to pen station at rush hour or kings or houston station in london at rush hour, it's an incredibly busy place. there is an overt police presence but not enough to present something like this. let's get away from radical islam, as well. international crime, drug trafficking, it could be a psychopath with a gun. there are components here that are fueling this problem, it's globalization. it's things like libya where there are things getting onto the black market -- >> okay. let me get back, the people that lined up 9/11, they cased those planes, those flights and made sure there would be very few men. they knew there might be gutsy
4:23 pm
guys on the planes and made sure there were few of them. they were doing their own kak la lations. >> that was big-time terrorism. this guy is a low life. >> he had an ak-47 and had ammunition and carrying a luger and shot somebody with a pistol. >> this guy is obviously collected arms wherever he could get them but the point is this is armature hour and that's the scariest thing. >> christina, thank you so much for taking the time to come on the program tonight. >> thank you. >> it's always great to have you on our programs. up next, donald trump tries to capitalize on economic uncertainty. could this climate of fiscal panic translate into votes for him? next year? i don't think this panic will last long. this is "hardball" the place for politics. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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welcome back to "hardball." a historic trade off. the dow plunged more than 1,000 points aftermarkets in china hit the skids. the stocks ended the day lower by 600-point loss after the falling more than 500 points on friday. that's 1100 points we lost in two days of trading. it's been a rough couple months for the market and no one is feeding off the insecurity like mr. donald trump. last night he said the economy would be like greece on steroids. >> our country is in trouble. we owe $18 trillion going up to $21 trillion very soon. once we hit $24 trillion. we're greece on steroids, a large-scale version. >> yesterday it continued. >> the middle class is the one, they are getting absolutely destroyed. this country won't have a middle class very soon. when i look at what is happening to the country, our country is going down. >> and this was his message
4:28 pm
today as stock plunged again. >> i've been telling everybody for a long time china is taking our jobs, our money. be careful, they will bring us down. you have to know what you're doing. we have nobody who has a clue. >> great hope for the cow conme i suppose. great depression, be careful of china, this could get messy. dominic, the people in the worst-case scenario types, the most unhappy, unhopeful people in the world think we'll be in a panic situation. >> interesting. obviously the economy is a huge part of everything that we look at here at cnbc and for the upcoming election, the thing we haven't talked about a lot is the way that this economy will go and donald trump has been stepping up to the microphone to say all the things he has been but the reality of situation for a lot of people out there is this is going to be a hot button
4:29 pm
top pick for years to come because our economies are intertwined. china is a huge financer of the deficits that we run here. they buy a lot of our debt. treasury bills, notes and bonds and for that reason, with china, they are a huge trading partner. there is no doubt that this is going to be a balance about jobs and about good middle america and that's the why reason this particular topic. >> is this a bungee jump or free fall? >> i don't have a crystal ball, if i did i would be rich but what i will tell you is the past five, six seven years since the depths of the financial crisis, and the market has always managed to rebound. whether or not and this time around remains to be seen. we saw something like this and
4:30 pm
you also saw something like this in 2011, as well. >> how long you put off? of course, chief political corresponde correspondent. it seems foolish and generally talking about this country, this shutting our country. isn't this dangerous of him to be talking it down, talking down the t the economy? >> he is talking about how america is not as good -- >> the country itself. >> that's his message. his message has been that the country isn't as good as it used to be, some year where it was better. i think talking down the economy and the way things are going now is actually, potentially, and
4:31 pm
fire. >> absolutely. >> how does that, i've never seen that work before. >> by the way, look at the issue on the economy, 45% of republicans say trump is the best candidate to handle the economy. 45%. look at jeb bush. this is embarrassing for the rest of the people. and 80% for fiorina, kasich five,, these people are minute to -- smaller pop tigss. >> people are responding to donald trump in a way you wouldn't expect. they say hey, this guy made money. this guy understands finance even if he may not be an economist but the -- >> who do we blame this on?
4:32 pm
traditionally republicans blame everything on national debt and okay it's a fair charge. in this case, this president barack obama has grown the debt basically to deal with the economic calamity and the spending on unemployment and taxes that weren't paid, weren't required because we had such a lousy economy. that debt comes from a republican legacy of w. >> absolutely. >> that's a fact. >> big war spending tax cuts. >> the other question is are we too much in debt to other countries generally? do we trade to disadvantage. this thing where he blames latinos, doesn't like them and then he blames asia and obama for being from kenya and greece for being greece. he said all the continents would blame. >> protectionest. >> is that going to work? >> seems to be working. you see this tremendous ferver and seen it with donald trump on
4:33 pm
the right. >> i bought a spiral notebook the other day. i was using it for research, made in vietnam. it's even copy books. >> american flags made in china. >> oh, god. >> i hope he's not on to ka t catastrophe. look how bush and other gop contenders are trying to out survive. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics, when heartburn comes creeping up on you.
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4:37 pm
the trooper was shot last night as he approached the suspect that had just drif sboven into ditch. new york rescue crews using the jaws of life. now back to "hardball." welcome back to "hardball." nasty words are escalating between donald trump and jeb bush. he used barbara bush in an instagram post against her own son today. here it goes. >> would you like to see him run? >> no. i really don't. i think it's a great country. there are a lot of great families. there are other people out there that are very qualifiequalified >> mrs. bush the former first lady has since said she hardly
4:38 pm
endorsing jeb's candidacy. here he goes. >> this is a guy who was a democrat for most of the last decade. i don't think he represents the republican party. >> jeb bush went to the texas boarder today to highlight immigration policy and this morning, trump mocked bush's trip and said he's just too soft on immigration. >> i think it's great that he's going to the boarder because he'll now find out that it is not an act of love when the people, you know, he said that people crossing are crossing as an act of love that came to haunt him. he'll find out. i was down on the boarder, it's rough, tough stuff. this is not love. this is other things going on. >> well, for all the jeb and bush jabs at each other, a prominent bush supporter is warning others not to look at the bush campaign to finance to take down trump. mike murphy tells "the washington post" quote, if other
4:39 pm
campaigns wish that we're going to uncork money on donald trump, they will be disappointed. trump is other people's problems. we would be happy to have a two-way race with trump in the end and we have every confidence governor bush would beat him. it's august and david axle rod rehinds everyone it's early in the race. he offered to put it in terms mr. trump can understand telling maureen over the weekend, we're still in the swimsuit competition. it gets harder in the talent run rounds. joining me now, washington post columnist and republican strategist john ferry. finally someone has come out with a good line. this is not a swim suite division. what about this michael murphy argument in the end lit come down to two, the insider, bush, the outsider trump, trumping all the other outsiders. is that pr strategy or a turn of events?
4:40 pm
>> of course it's a possible turn of events. there are other people in the race that could possibly be the jeb person -- >> who? >> in the trump but -- >> do you think jeb has any competition for the establishment role for the incumbent? >> let me finish the point. >> i think there is a question who will be the outsider but i still think it will be trump but jeb is clearly the inside guy. >> that's why trump and jeb are beating up on each other. trump knows jeb bush is the one person standing between him and the nomination and jeb knows that trump is the one person who is sucking out all the oxygen, cop keeping attention away from him. they got to clobber each other. the longer you have people in the race -- >> did you see the number we showed the last segment. 45% of republicans trust trump to deal with the tricky economy. 8% trust jeb. 8%. this guy has been around forever. he's been governor for two
4:41 pm
terms. his brother was president. his father was president and 1 in 12 republicans trust him on the economy. he's got ground to make up. >> jeb's people would like this to be jeb versus trump but trump versus everybody else and everybody else splintered a million ways. the republicans are -- >> splinter is a good word. they are all in single digits. >> so when republicans try to say look, three quarters of the party, 75% is not for trump but they can't consolidate. jeb's people would like him to be the one they rally around but i think there are other choices for these sort of establishment-minded republican. you got john kasich who a lot of people like jeb are gravitating towards and marco rubio and even scott walker who has made his pitch to be sort of the inside outside guy. >> john, pick up. suppose the big noise is through the fall, this guy trump who seems to have an ability to get on the news and thinks he has an ability to speak new words every
4:42 pm
day. not sure he's running out yet. he might be. he sounds like he might be running out of words. >> listen. >> if he can keep this up through thanksgiving, it seems to me it will be him against bush. >> it's so much more sharp than bush's. bush is all over the place. i think bush is really got to up his game. >> is he rumple stilt skin? now that you ask me about that, what is the narrative? is that the word we use, narrative? is that the word we use, narrative? >> his campaign has to get the act together or jeb will not be the one against trump will be the kasich or walker or rubio. a lot of people talk about rubio. bush has got to get it together. >> jeb bush chases after donald trump's huge lead in the polls. here they are going after each other one at a time, here they go. >> jeb bush is a low energy
4:43 pm
person. for him to get things done is hard. he's very low energy. >> look, there should be a little more focus on solving the problems and talking about ideas that matter. rather than just kind of coming in like a title wave and saying things that are just outrageous and don't make sense. >> has anybody in your lifetime look like either one of these two guys? trump is so outrageous every second he things of something and the other guy thinks that's a good question but one guy is totally slow motion. tortoise and the other guy is the heir. >> jeb bush's support is peeling off because people aren't convinced he has the fire in the belly. >> does he look like it? >> he doesn't look like it. that's why trump's critique is on target. when he makes statements like that, he just sort of wonders. he's not very focused. now that he's gone on the attack against trump, this is a big
4:44 pm
strategic pivot. >> the country is really worried and want to hear somebody excited to get in the fight. excited about it. >> that's right. i don't think trump is jeb's biggest problem. his biggest problem is his brother. he has to define himself not against trump but distinguish himself not against his brother. people are sick of the bushes. >> not to hire paul. anyway or john bolton. the round table is staying with us and up next, president obama finds two more dem krath tiocra supporters. this is "hardball" the place for politics.
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
. we're less than a month away from pope francis' visit to the united states. according to three swing states, about six in ten voters agree with the call for the world to do more than tackle climate change. 58% of ohio voters are with the pope. 59% of florida voters say the same. 63 of pennsylvania voters back him. pope francis will arrive on september 22nd and make stops in washington, new york and philadelphia and we'll be right back. if you have moderate to severe
4:47 pm
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we are back. president obama and other proponents got a huge boost this weekend and harry reid announced his support for the deal. in fact, today michigan senator became the 28th senator in the democratic side to back it. the president needs 34 votes to sustain a veto if it comes to that. take a look at these numbers in three key swing states in pennsylvania, 61% oppose the deal. by the way, this polling question says do you support the deal or not? no explanation. in ohio 58% oppose it and in florida that's 61. the p.r. battle is being won by the opponent. big money full-page ads. yesterday brent the national security advisor to george h. walker bush had this warning for
4:50 pm
congress. let us be clear there is no credible alternative for congress to prevent u.s. participation in the nuclear deal. if we walk away, we walk away alone, decades of experience st suggests that there are epoch cal moments that should not be squandered. president nixon realized it with china, presidents reagan and george bush recognized with the soviet union and i believe we face it with iran today. we are back with our round table, molly, jonathan, and john. my thinking is the president of the united states is the only commander-in-chief we will have for the next year and a half. if this thing goes down, we're killing his main foreign policy initiative with nothing to replace it. he will be around with the next year and a half. either it's war with iran which he will not wage or it's nothing. >> so your argument is this would be a no confidence vote of the president and a huge foreign policy -- >> for the whole world to hear. >> i agree on that. but i would say it would be also a no-confidence vote in america. you've got republicans who are
4:51 pm
not only defying the commander-in-chief but also by pulling the united states out of an agreement that it didn't negotiate alone with iran, it's the p-5 plus 1. so you have republicans yelling and screaming at the president, he's not a good negotiator, he gives everything away, he's squandered america's greatness. so you'll reject this deal where you'll have countries around the world who republicans say they can't trust obama because he doesn't keep his word so now they're going to yank out a deal where you will have there foolproof, as you say, the united states -- that the united states can't be trusted. >> what do you make about republicans being 100% against this. one guy flake from arizona pulled out. they brought netanyahu into the congress of the united states to trash the president. it seems like they're going all out in something that should be a close call. whoever thinks about this deal says, yeah, on its merits, yes, but there are problems with it. thoughtful people go, yeah, it's
4:52 pm
a tough one. but the idea of an entire political party rejecting it then bringing netanyahu to take his side of the fight as opposed to somebody from this country's side is pretty partisan behavior. would you agree? >> well, look brent scowcroft -- >> is this partisan? >> i think some are partisan but -- >> the voting members of the united states senate -- >> the partisan republican chuck schumer, gosh how partisan he is. look, people have real problems with this agreement and it's not just republicans, it's also democrats like chuck schumer. >> what's your problem with it? >> it's a bad agreement. >> what's your problem with it? >> it puts in danger our biggest ally in the region, which is israel. >> how does it do that? >> well, it gives the iranians all kinds of money they can fund terrorist -- >> it stops them from developing a nuclear weapon. what's your plan? >> i would like them to have a deal that israel could sign off on and they won't sign off on -- >> israel is going to sign a
4:53 pm
deal with iran? >> not necessarily but they could be part of the negotiating process. >> what would he sign? >> this is against their -- israel thinks this is going to be the end -- >> what deal would netanyahu sign? >> i don't know what the deal is. is it conceivable? >> i don't know what the deal is. i know chuck schumer, that partisan republican -- >> no, he's not he's concerned about israel, we know that. >> and he's against this deal. he thinks it's a bad deal. it is a bad deal. >> but to chris' point -- >> but you have a hard time explaining why it's a bad deal. >> i can tell you one thing for sure, the state of israel -- >> your eyes are lighting up but i'm not getting an answer out of your head. give me one particular reason what's wrong with it on its merits. >> it gives all kinds of money to the iranian regime to fund terrorist activity. >> it ends the sanctions so they stop building nuclear weapons. >> right, and -- well, we're not sure about -- >> they don't? >> well, we'll see. what we know, in the short term israel thinks it's a bad deal. >> so why don't we turn it over to the knesset? why have a foreign policy in this country? by your argument it's so single
4:54 pm
minded, one issue. of course that country is against it. and by the way, in israel there's a mixture of opinion. go ahead. >> well, i was going to say that the republicans have no credibility here because they've been saying -- >> what about chuck schumer? >> they've been saying it's a bad deal since before there was a deal. >> if he'd gone the other way that would have been news. >> republicans have been saying there was a bad deal before there was a deal to read. at least senator schumer waited for the deal to come out, sat in his barca lounger in brooklyn and read through the deal, had his concerns and came out against it. meanwhile -- >> i understand -- >> how can you say chuck schumer made the right decision and the republicans made the wrong decision when they dime the same conclusion? you can't! >> republicans knee jerked their way of this deal. >> chuck shumer will defend the interest of israel and it's legitimate he do so. >> why can't our president do the same thing? >> he has other concerns. thank you, molly, thank you for
4:55 pm
being reasonably quiet during this back and forth and jonathan capeha capeha capehart. when we return, let me finish with something we can agree on, the bride of those three gutsy americans. ♪ isn't it beautiful when things just come together? build a beautiful website with squarespace.
4:56 pm
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and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. let me finish tonight with three americans who refused to be victims. they jumped out of their seats on a speeding train and took down a terrorist.
4:59 pm
when it reminded me on flight 93 on pennsylvania, 14 years ago, especially the american who yelled let's roll and this time one of the three heroes yelled "let's go." it reminded me of the other unknown man who raced up the world trade tower when everyone else was racing to safety. "it's my job" he says racing past. today's editorial in the "wall street journal" said -- and i can't improve -- "the men who subdued el khazzani represented a strain in american culture that doesn't shrink from individual acts of heroism for the larger good." i grew up with tales of audi murphy and sergeant york in the first world war, men who did amazing things and we've got them. three american guys on a train heading from amsterdam to paris out for a good time but every instant ready to risk all that was needed doing. we know that for sure because that's what all three did. i have met young people two can't tell you who john wayne was or gary cooper. never heard of them.
5:00 pm
fortunately they were taught this week that being an american sometimes means having the guts to do what has to be done. if we lose that faith, we are in trouble. ernest hemingway had something to say when he called courage "grace under pressure" last seen thanks to a trio of young americans on a fast-moving train on foreign soil. that's "hardball." thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight -- >> they're taking our jobs and money. >> reporter: after a freefall on wall street, scott walker demands the cancellation of the chinese president's state visit and donald trump says "i told you so." >> we have nobody that has a clue. plus, jeb bush takes on trump at the border. >> if he was interested in a more comprehensive approach he might want to are read my book "immigration wars." >> and defends his use of the term "anchor baby." >> frankly, it's more related to asian