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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 25, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "news nation." we're starting off with breaking news out of paris. authorities are about to hold a news conference where they are expected to lay out charges against the gunman who was taken down by three american tourists and another passenger on a packed train bound for paris. the gunman, a 26-year-old moroccan, has denied planning an attack saying he intended to commit an armed robbery. this as new details emerge about the french american man who was the first to confront the gunman and was shot in the attack. mark mulligan wrestled the assault rifle from the gunman before being joined by three other americans. the professor remains in the hospital this morning after taking a bullet that punctured his lung and also injured his neck. mugalian's sister talked about her brother. >> it was very overem iwhelmino
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one, to realize our brother had been shot and we almost lost him, but to realize what he did, how he stepped in without even giving it a thought. we couldn't be more proud. >> nbc's claudio is here with the latest, and claudio, as we await this news conference, by french law prosecutors have until today to decide whether to charge this individual with an attempted terror attack or request an extension to continue to hold him in police custody, and they may perhaps even give us more details on his background. >> reporter: that's what we are expecting, tamron, a man, a suspect can be detained here for four days without charges. those four days expire in about an hour from now. i'm looking at the live feed of the press conference. it hasn't started yet but we do expect some charges to be brought against him. certainly there will be charges of attempted murder of mark mugalian because the gunman shot
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mugalian in the back as we learned if family and friends and those interviews. but will he also be charged with planning and trying to execute a terrorism act? we'll have to wait and see. in the meantime, the two servicemen are still in the u.s. air base. stone is receiving further medical treatment in a medical facility nearby, and the third american, an american student, he tried to leave as a hero and a star. he appeared at the premiere of "straight outta compton" and he told the news that he still can't believe he's being treated as a star. in the meantime, we are learning more details about mark
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mugalian, the fourth american. now we understand the american originally from virginia has been living here in france for about 20 or 25 years. he's married to a french woman, he teaches english at several universities here. he tried to stop the gunman. when he saw him leave the toilet with an ak-47 in his arms, he wrestled the gun from the gunman. he turned to the passengers and said, run for your lives, but he didn't know the gunman had another pistol and was shot in the back. he's recovering in a hospital and we hope for a full recovery, tamron. >> thank you very much, and we'll bring you the latest from this news conference as soon as it begins in france. turning now to politics at home, white house press secretary josh ernest comments about vice president joe biden's possible run for president. it's stirring the political pot a lot this morning as president obama and joe biden held their weekly lunch yesterday, ernest
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was asked how the president would deal with it if his vice president ran against his former secretary of state. >> he has indicated his view, that the decision that he made, i guess, seven years ago now, to add joe biden to the ticket as his running mate was the smartest decision he had ever made in politics. and i think that should give you some sense of the president's view of vice president biden's aptitude for the top job. >> meanwhile, there is a report today that president obama gave biden his, quote, blessing to run at their lunch yesterday. nbc's peter alexander joins us live now from the white house. obviously, peter, when you have the press secretary saying some very strong, i guess, words of support for joe biden, many people wonder what was happening in that luncheon. >> reporter: that's exactly right, but josh ernest, you were just talking about it, he credited the vice president for
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his counsel, his leadership, everything he's done for the president. they said the vice president has earned the right to take all the time he needs to consider a 2016 run. president obama gave biden, as you described it, his blessing in the weekly lunch they share. he basically said go for it if you want to run. sources are speculating about something they know nothing about. this morning the buzz about a possible biden bid is building, the latest link that the vice president will huddle with possible donors after labor day, adding to the buzz of the not so secret lunch. who will the president back? his vice president or his former secretary of state? secretary josh ernest says the president respects and honors hillary clinton, but heaps praise on biden.
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>> there is probably no one else in american politics today that has a better understanding of what is required to mount a successful, national presidential campaign. >> reporter: later earn s addrn to the intrigue. >> i wouldn't rule out the endorsement of a primary. >> secretary of state hillary clinton pushed for mo more aggressive actions in afghanistan, libya and syria. biden was more cautious. the biggest split is that clinton pushed forward, but biden initially thought it was too big of a gamble. >> if they did get in the race together, you could see this being a defining point on presidential judgment. >> those messages disappear all by themselves. >> meanwhile, republicans aren't letting up on clinton. still, clinton is not backing down, picking up the pace of her
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campaign leaving her hamptons vacation tomorrow for a swim through the midwest. first stop, iowa. biden reportedly met with two of obama's most trusted advisers at his residence last night. here's a piece of good news for the vice president. only a small percentage of obama's furndraisers in 2012 hae already committed to bund ling that money for the clinton campaign. >> obviously that's good news for joe biden, not for the clinton campaign. jeb bush is holding a town hall in englewood, colorado focusing on his plan to help american veterans. it comes a day after his visit to the texas-mexico border where he topped off a new war of words with republican front runner donald trump. speaking in both english and spanish, bush blasted trump's immigration plan, which includes
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sending 11 million illegal citizens and revoking their right to citizenship. >> it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, it will violate civil liberties, it will create friction with a trading partner that's not necessary, and i think he's wrong about this. [ speaking spanish ] >> in response to that, trump retweeted a twitter comment saying, quote, jeb bush is crazy. who cares that he speaks mexican? this is america. english, end quote. meanwhile, jeb bush's campaign released a web video of analysts criticizing trump's plan while bush entered an interview about
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jeb bush's mother. >> would you like to see him run? >> no, i really don't. it's a great country, there's a loft great families. there are other people out there that are very qualified and we've had enough bushes. >> nbc's katie tur is in dubuque, iowa. how many people are they expecting? >> they're expecting hundreds. we'll probably see an overflow room as well. wherever he goes, he draws the crowds, tamron. >> we saw that to be the case in alabama on friday. he's also drawn, obviously, the anger of the bush campaign, specifically regarding immigration and some of the, i guess, hostile tone of it now, katie, with donald trump's team or trump himself retweeting the comment that who cares if he speaks mexican, this is america, this is getting, i think, past
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personal at this point with these two men laser focused on one another despite the more than dozen candidates in the race. >> yeah, he's been on a bit of a twitter tirade for the past 24 hours. first last night he was saying that t"the kelly file" was bettr without meghan kelly, then the asian baby comments, and retweeting that mexican comment, of course, it's speaking spanish, not speaking mexican. getting into another fight with lindsey graham, congratulating him with getting four points in north carolina, but saying he's still 26 points behind him, donald trump. it's like bringing a stick to the sledgehammer fight with him. any time you hit trump, he comes back significantly harder, and his opponent ends up the more bloody one in this fight. he ends up losing the support. and jeb bush is seeing this right now. i think he's tried ignoring him,
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tried keeping him out of the fray, but reporters keep asking him about it. i think he's becoming increasingly frustrated. i'm not entirely sure that's the best practice for him, though. there is no line for trumpl where there has to be a line for other candidates. the voters and the people out there don't necessarily expect donald trump to have the same kind of commentary or politically correct words as other candidates in this race, tamron. >> let me bring in our political panel for you this morning. former chief of the u.s. office of citizenship under george w. bush also joining us, nbc political analyst david coren. thank you both for joining us. there is no line for donald trump. his campaign is based on being politically incorrect, so he
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can, in his mind, tweet out or retweet something offensive as he did about not speaking mexican, directed at jeb bush, his family as well. as he pointed out, my children are hispanic, my wife is hispanic, and people applaud him, many people who identify as conservatives. >> well, and that's an incredible thing. donald trump is not only hoping the immigration plan isn't conservative. how could he not be conservative? only three years ago, he was attacking mitt romney for deporting self-deportation, saying self-deportation and ma nye cal, and he should support a comprehensive approach. three years later, he's. he is the ultimate politician, and i hope that the media will
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look at his record and see that he's. i think jeb bush is doing the right thing by distancing himself from trump, by forcefully rebuking what he has to say. peak came out with some numbers very interesting yesterday that shows that his favorable rate has him going off. that's because they understand, they see that he understands the latino community, all the different groups within the latino community. >> even with the reference of anchor babies, and i want to play now his attempt at cleaning up. but you may see donald trump as not being a conservative. they may be but someone appears to knock jeb bush off his game,
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and i just want to play a little bit of what he did yesterday. >> this is ludicrous for the clinton campaign and others to suggest that somehow i'm using a derogatory term. what i was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed where there is organized efforts, and frankly, it's more related to asian people coming into our kcountry having children in unorganized efforts, taking. nothing about what i've toward immigrants at all. oh, wait, this political correctness scolding. >> that's a donald trump line. are you okay with this, alfonso?
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>> i understand what he's saying. i don't like the term anchor baby, i think it's offensive, but in the end, the voters aren't dumb. they're going to base on a candidate based on ideas and substance. he may have used at one point that term. it was clear that's not the term he normally uses, but they know where he stands on immigration, that he favors immigration reform. hillary was the one r repatriating. i think this has been way overblown, voters scared about the eegss. good ahead. >> i feel alfonso's pain and jeb bush's pain as well, because the question isn't who is a conservative and who is not a conservative. 25% to 35% of the republican
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voting base doesn't care. they don't care whether donald trump is a conservative or not, what they care about is anger. and essex plohe is exploiting t on the right about the cultural changes in america, politicians rating the game in favor of politicians, so they're not looking at it as a liberal versus conservative, who is venting my way, who is expressing my ang or. there's more that jeb bush is getting. he wants to say it's not a big deal if you do use it, then he tried refining the term to asians, not hispanics. why? because he's trying to keep up with donald trump orthopedic respond some way. they just can't say something
8:17 am
straight out. he's kind of limited because he knows if this gets out there and just sort of says donald trump is full of you know what, he's going to have a hard time getting some of those voters which he will need in either the primary or the general election. so he's cornered. >> let me switch to joe biden and how there is this potential battle that people are openly and donald trump. he writes, the great potential strength of a joe biden presidential campaign can be summed up in one way. biden is what trump pretends to be, a garrulous, blunt speaking
8:18 am
guy. >> it seems to me he's very interested and in talking with people who have worked with him over the years, that's not a surprise. as has been reported widely, there are a lot of concerns from a family perspective. his family is still reeling from the tragic loss of his son beau. there is an age issue, there is a getting in late issue that is creating a money issue. there is a lot for him to overcome to get in there. plus i think, you know, he has a legacy now as an elder statesman with the democratic party. he's done a lot of his decades in public service, and if he gets in this race with hillary, it could become quite nasty. bernie sanders is running explicitly. i think if it's biden versus hillary clinton, it's going to have to get somewhat personal, and i think each side will have a hard time not destroying the other side, and that will look bad for both.
8:19 am
i think this is a very fraut situation for both of them. developing now, the dow bounces back following its historic plunge. will stocks continue to rebound today? you see the numbers are up, 400. we'll go to cnbc and get a live update. far different picture than we saw yesterday. just received an update on tropical storm erika. it could hit florida in a few days as a hurricane. it's one of the stories we're updating around the "news nation." the team is @newsnation on twitter. you can find me on
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. developing now, wall street is rebounding. the dow is up 2700 points. today's rally comes after the dow plunged nearly 1500 points during the previous three sessions, its worst three-day drop in history. cnbc's sue herrera joins us live with the whiplash from wall street. explain what we're seeing today, sue. >> hi, tamron, good to see you. whiplash is the perfect word for what's going on in this market. here's what happened last night. china stepped in and cut interest rates for the second time in two months they've done that. that's what the market wanted to see. in addition they cut the amount of money the banks have to hold on reserve by a significant percentage, and that basically sent everything into motion in the overnight trading session.
8:24 am
in addition, i think the market was a little bit oversold in yesterday's trading session, and a number of the big institutionalal in vervestors a picking up shares of bank america. this is the sharpest rally we've seen all years in the industrial average. so expect this volatility to continue as we go into the fall. we still don't know whether the feds will hike interest rates. tlar number of very influential analysts on the street who are calling for them to actually cut interest rates again given the vo volatility in the stock market. back to you. >> a different perspective on it. we'll talk to you tomorrow. coming up, well-liked indy car driver justin wilson dies one day after being hit by debris during a race. mario andretti said the dangerous sport is as safe as it
8:25 am
could possibly be. the very latest on this investigation and concerns of safety for the drivers. plus this -- >> the perception that was there going in was this was not a working environment. >> the punishment for these sexually suggestive signs, they were hung right outside the frat house on campus. it's one of the stories we're updating on "news nation."
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8:29 am
and so sad to hear that we lost justin wilson today. thoughts ask prayers to his family and friends. >> we're here in pennsylvania. this is where that tragic accident happened just two days ago. justin wilson was 6'4". he was the tallest driver in the sport. he was also quite soft spoken. a lot of friends called him a gentle giant. this morning the racing community is saying goodbye to that gentle giant in a life cut short far too soon. tributes are pouring in this morning for late indy car driver justin wilson. >> great guy. one of the few that really was a friend among everyone in the paddock. >> reporter: his family calling him a loving father and devoted husband to his wife julia and two daughters. indy car driver stefan wilson tweeted, i often told him i want
8:30 am
to grow up to be half the man he is, which that would make me a pretty good man. >> his ability to drive a racecar was matched with his character and humilithumility. >> the fatal chain of events started when another driver lost control of his car, crashing into the wall. seconds later, the nose cone, a heavy piece of debris from the front of the other car, struck wilson's head as he drove by. >> and that is -- if that is the nose of the car, that is a very, very heavy, thick object. >> reporter: wilson was knocked unconscious, seconds later rgs driving into the wall. medical teams rushed immediately to treat him, but he entered a coma. nbc's lee diffie called sunday's race. >> he really understood how it worked. that's why the gravity is so
8:31 am
thin. his loss will impact so many, but for me personally, i already miss him. >> reporter: wilson's tragic death is the second in indy car in four years. fellow british driver dan welden died of serious head injuries in a 2011 race. mario andretti spoke out about the driver just moments before the race. >> we've reached a point where this is as safe as you could possibly make it, and on the other side, it's a work in progress. >> reporter: by all accounts, justin wilson was well liked, well respected. he was one of the most popular drivers in indy car racing. the last race of the season is this weekend. a lot of folks surmise after that attention will turn to what things can be done to make this sport safer. keep in mind we're talking about open cockpits here, the helmets are exposed, and the cars themselves frequently approach speeds of around 200 miles per
8:32 am
hour. tamron? >> thank you very much, craig melvin. coming up, will joe biden really run for president? the two stories out today that gives our team doubts about his presidential plans. we'll talk with senior political editor mark murray about that. plus this -- >> right now i'm just going to do what i've got to do. >> oh, no! oh, no! john sena gives jon stewart an attitude adjustment. how this even happened. it was pretty comical. later, call your family, call your friends, go to instagram, go to twitter. guess who is joining us? the lead of matchbox 20, rob thomas. he joins us live. he's out with his third solo album. we'll talk about his millions and his non-profit support helping animals in need of
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an update on our breaking news this hour. french prosecutors say the man who wielded an ak-47 in a paris-bound train last week watched, they say, a jihadi video calling on faithful to take arms just before the attack. prosecutors made the announcement just moments ago, calling the gunman's claim that he intended to carry out a robbery, quote, far-fetched. authorities say his actions preceded and targeted and opened a terror investigation into the attack. he will remain in custody while this investigation continues, and we'll get more information, of course, on these charges later. now to your first read on politics this morning. jeb bush punches back at donald trump, but bush's new tactic comes at a big risk. plus, joe biden presidential run, is that really in the
8:37 am
cards? our team has their doubts. joining me now, senior political editor, mark murray. let's talk about jeb bush punching back. you already have some tweets that jeb was asked whether he was scapegoating asians when that is what he meant when he said the term anchor babies. >> tamron, we saw him in new hampshire and yesterday on the border in mexico and texas where jeb bush is coming out forcefully against donald trump. the campaign would love ending up having a trump versus jeb bush type of election, which would diminish the scott walkers and marco rubios, but as you mentioned, there was one very big danger that comes with that. as we learned in the movie indiana jones in raiders of the lost arc, when you're guessing what the person might be doing, he might be pulling out a gun. donald trump's rhetoric might be willing to go where jeb bush isn't, and that might be the
8:38 am
danger in dealing with this. >> so what is the strategy in dealing with trump? >> on the one hand, the superpac doesn't think they need to address donald trump at all because they think trump versus bush is a perfect combination. but when you do see jeb bush going after donald trump, they feel like it's important to make him stronger and to own the policy point. they also want to point out donald trump doesn't have very strong republican, conservative bona fides. >> it's interesting moving on to joe biden. today i've seen biden-warren tweets, i've seen biden-warren tweets. the backers are lukewarm on joe biden. you have doubts about joe biden running here. what's giving you pause?
8:39 am
>> well, tamron, these things are true. one, it is more likely than it was a month ago when joe biden decides to get in, when a month ago no one thought this was even a responsibility. the other thing that's true is joe biden still hasn't set up with a fundraising account. the most important thing is whether he's able to raise the money that he needs to kpeet, and if joe biden sets up an exploratory committee or testing the waters committee, i think that will be a sign to a lot of people, he is going to do this. that's how someone runs from iowa and new hampshire. it makes him unlikely to reach that 50 million to $100 million. >> but how was his experience having run before? how does that factor in, and as reported earlier, some of -- the
8:40 am
clinton campaign that they are still lingering out there. how does that still play in his tragedy. >> yes, just like once or twice before. when it comes to riding a bike, that makes it a whole lot easier if you've actually done that before and you have some practice doing that. plus there are a lot of people who are potential boemers, but the people who are successful at winning the presidency, tamron, let alone making it a competitive race, you have to lay so much groundwork in advance. you have to have a committee set up. you have to start raising the money and the likelihood that biden has to worry about is hillary clinton and also bernie sanders. >> i totally respect, as you well know, your expertise on this. when we talk about likelihood, i think about donald trump. it's changed the game as far as some of the things that we traditionally put in place as a
8:41 am
standard way to go about running a presidential campaign. it's so interesting to see what joe biden will do next. thank you very much, mark. we'll talk to you tomorrow. the focus of today's gut check is -- guess what it is -- a potential biden run. what does your gut tell you if vice president biden wiruns? what do you think, who will president obama support, biden or clinton? the cheating on ashley madison. new scandals are emerging in the wake of that national data breach. a live report is next. a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling.
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welcome back. toronto police say that two cases of suicide have been reportedly linked to the ashley madison data link. meanwhile, four federal lawsuits have been filed in the u.s.
8:45 am
against the parent company, seeking more than $500 million. the lawsuits allege breach of contract, negligence and violations of privacy laws, and a fifth suit filed in canada seeking $578 million. joining me now, litigation attorney rebecca woodland. rebecca, thank you so much for joining us. obviously these alleged cases of suicide under investigation. very strong words from authorities in canada about just, really, the damage this is causing and not just within families' homes. >> no, i mean, this is tremendous damage, and i really don't know if ashley madison takes anything that seriously. clearly a whole website that is reliant upon having an affair. life is short. have an affair. that's their quote. it's just so oddly unconcerned with the reaction and with these lawsuits. they don't seem to take anything that seriously. and i think they better, because these lawsuits are very serious. we have four federal cases in
8:46 am
this country that are class actions. so this is going to reach a lot of people. >> is there a precedent here? first of all, they're offering a $378,000 reward for information on who is behind this, but let's talk about, have we seen consumers sue companies for not properly safeguarding their data in the past? >> well, it's a breach of contract. so in ashley madison's case, they claimed that all the information was private and was very tightly held. now, we found out since then it was very easy to hack into the system. it was so easy that they were on notice from employees of the company. the employees of ashley madison notified the cio and the ceo, chief information officer, that we have a lot of information that can be hacked easily, you need to take precautions and no precautions were taken. that would be taken on notice. these people were on notice they could be hacked. they were on notice that the
8:47 am
contract they were making with their clients was going to be violated and nobody did anything. so that's a very easy case for a litigator to make in this matter. >> i just want to play quickly here toronto staff superintendent brice evans talking about these spinoff scams that they've now been able to track to the ashley madison hacking. let's play back. >> criminals have already engaged in on-line scams by claiming to provide access to the leaked website. the public needs to be aware that by clicking on these links, you are exposing your computers to malware, spyware, adware and vir viruses. >> so now you have scammers trying to get in on this. when people have their information stolen, it can take years to clean up your credit and everything else that goes along with this. is that why we're seeing such a high dollar amount in these
8:48 am
lawsuits? >> we're seeing the high dollar amount for that reason, for the personal information being hacked and also the humiliation factor and also that there was a breach of contract. so people were saying, i signed up with the belief that everything would be secret. now my information is public. not only can someone use that and steal my identity, it's affected me personally so i'm personally humiliated and that adds to the fact of the financial perk damage. >> i'm very curious to see what happens. coming up, wow, he's made music history over and over again as the lead of matchbox 20 and now rob thomas is out with a new solo project. he's here to talk about his love of music and his love of animals. ♪
8:49 am
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. welcome back. for two decades he's been the front man of the multiplatinum selling rock band matchbox 20. ♪ nice. and in that time rob thomas has had a string of hits as a solo artistnd often collaborating with other well-known artists
8:53 am
like carlos santana and mick jagger. just released the third solo album" the great unknown." ♪ that's hot. in addition to music his other passion is the foundation he and his wife founded, sidewalk angels, which supports animal rescue arolong with childhood health and fight against homelessness. in studio with us but not playing, talking. >> talking about playing. >> talking about playing. yesterday you were on the "today" show. you performed. and then you had to do an acoustics set. >> yes. >> grinding it out still. >> yeah, but i like to play. it's always good. if i play music in the day, it's a better day. >> even when you wake up at 4:00 in the morning it makes you feel better playing. >> at least i know why i'm up. >> you collaborated with well-known artists throughout your career. but this was a little different
8:54 am
for you in who you selected to team up with this time around. >> the majority of this record sold songs that i wrote myself because i'm an ego maniac. >> that's what it said on wikipedia. >> totally drew. i put that in myself. but there are certain sounds that i wanted to give. i realized that there are so many people out there that look at music a different way than i do. they look at a pop song a different way that i look at a pop song. i wanted to see what that would be like to collaborate with those kind of people and know they would walk in a room and get something i would never get on my own. ryan teter was by first pick because he's just so crazy good. he kind of like me. his bond one re7 blpublic is a band with an alternative background. that's where i came from, too. perfect one to start with. >> interesting as you describe as being this alt kid. music landscape and what taylor swift has said about the
8:55 am
streaming service and the battle to make sure the alt kids, kids who want to get in the game are respected and their music allows them to be compensated fairly. ho you do you judge the music industry the way it is right now? >> obviously when you look at something that's been one way for so long and takes a sudden change, five years, changes the landscape of music, how are you going to figure out a way to still make this happen but not turn your back on the idea that right now it's more exciting time for music. maybe not for the business but for music. some soft bands would have never been able to find their audience if we still had the three places to find music, vh-1 and a couple radio stations in your hometown. you would never heard of grisly bear and my own jacket. the fans are able to have a have a real connection, talk to them on twitter and talk to them on facebook and be a part of their life and music in a way i never could when i was a kid. >> now you have that option to
8:56 am
talk to your fans and to stay in contact, does it inspire you on this latest solo project -- >> i don't do it because i don't like people. >> number one on itunes pop chart. >> i was just told that, too. thank you, michael. >> thank you, everybody, over there. does that keep you going and inspire to be able to have someone like me right now tweet you, say hi? >> success in that way, there's a direct relation in that job and success and more and more people are hearing the music you're making. when you look at it you want to, a, make another record and still have a job and make sure that people are listening to it and picking it a part of their life. >> mission accomplished. give your wife our best. >> i definitely will. >> she hs all the fans, as well. the most in need, bravo, and go out and get on your play list. music is nothing without it. that does it for this edition of "newsnatio "newsnation." thanks for joining us. thanks to rob. see you tomorrow. luke russert is up next.
8:57 am
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," turn around tuesday. wall street stocks soar after monday's madness. still the danger to the world of markets remains overseas in china. >> well, i think that a lot of people are looking at the world second lrnargest economy and it slowing down so dramatically kit bring down worldwide growth at the same time federal reserve talking about hiking interest rates. speculation city. washington the buzzing with the ruc rumors that joe biden might jump into the 2016 race. >> i wouldn't speculate at this point about whether or not the president would offer an endorsement. i wouldn't rule out the possibility of an endorsement of the democratic primary. and making the grade. ten years after katrina, one school's remarkable comeback story.