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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  August 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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lot of people. >> i don't know where you're finding those latinos who are saying they like donald trump. here's what i think. there is a saying in spanish. it means that things back fire out. without latino voters, this could back fire on donald trump. >> thank you. that's "all in" for this evening. >> good evening. thank you for joining us this hour. big news. today the formal fec paperwork was filed for elizabeth warren to run for president of the united states. elizabeth ann warren of massachusetts for president of the united states. that filing put in 28 the fec. look. it was just posted on the fec website today. and it was not posted there by elizabeth warren herself. so even though it may look like she is running for president, there is no indication that she is running for president.
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double take fake elizabeth warren running for president fec filing today was posted alongside some new fake joe biden is running for president filings. today also from mr. spiky porcupine jr. frosty chicken will be running as an independent. remo cutest dog ever is running in the dog party. all cams, d-o-g. forrest gump is running. bill clinton is running. i don't think it is that bill clinton. marshawn lynch is running for the peace and freedom party. i'm not sure if this is a mr. or a mrs. but there is a person named cranky pants who has filed with the fec to run for president. mr. wookas is also running. first name mister.
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last name wookas. also elizabeth warren and joe biden. the fec. this is a daily thing. the fec has to respond to all of them just in case the remo mini schnauzer will make a run for it. they have to process all paperwork and process the paperwork when people create political action committees, pacs and super pacs. and just like with candidates, whether or not the pac is a serious thing or not, the fec has to make sure you follow the letter of the law. so for both candidates and pacs, you sthng letter of the law says you cannot include the name of the candidate in the name of the committee. because of that, a political action committee called the stop chris christie pac, they just got themselves a stern letter
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from the fec telling them they have to change their name because the name of the candidate chris christie is right there in the name of their pac. upon receiving that letter complaining about their name, we've now learned the stop chris christie pac instead decided they would just shut themselves down them would cease operations. so if you are new jersey governor chris christie, you would think that would be good news. if you were a person named chris christie and there's a political action group called stop chris christie would be a good thing. except in this case maybe not. because the stop chris christie pack wrote back explaining why exactly they were shutting themselves down. their explanation to the fec is that they are shutting themselves down because chris christie is not worth trying to stop anymore. because chris christie is
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stopped. he is no longer going as a presidential candidate. this is from their letter to the fec. quote. our decision to cease and desist as a pac is not due to your letter. and the miserable candidate in question, chris christie. we believe that he has already stopped without our aid, even if not by the letter of the lawful therefore we swenld to stop the stop chris christie pac. it was founded by right wing activists who believe he is insufficiently conservative a. they believe there is no risk of chris christie ever winning the republican nomination for president. and they are right. at least with the polling, they are right. that chris christie's polling is truly terrible. chris christie, of course, is
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basically moved to new hampshire. he is staking his entire campaign on what he wants to be a strong showing in new hampshire. right now he is polling in ninth place in new hampshire with only 4% of the vote. that is his best showing anywhere. anywhere in the country. in south carolina, he is at 2%. in pennsylvania, he is polling at 2% which sounds awesome for him. that still puts him in 12th place. chris christie is just dead in the waerld. weirdly though, he might still make the stage. even though he is polling at somewhere around 3% right now which not only puts him outside the top ten. it puts him at just barely half the support that somebody like carly fiorina is getting. even hope the chris christie is
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totally tanking. cnn has set the criteria for who will be allowed in the second debate and the criteria will still consider him to be a turm ten candidate even though right now he clearly is not. the criteria will also exclude from the debate, apparently, carly fiorina who is handily beating chris christie all over the country right now. it's weird. this trick where they're using where ten candidates are allowed into the debate and the other candidates have to do something else and separate. that's a whole new idea. it is something that has never been done before. fox news did it for the first time this year. for the first republican debate and it was a huge emwarsment and dits traction. fox cnn does not have to make that same mistake. it is not like that's standard
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operating procedure. fox news did an experiment that failed. now cnn will do the same thing? cnn could put all the candidates on stage at once or if that's too many, they could randomly assign them to two. apparently cnn is planning on going ahead with this bad new kids table. all of the candidates should have some level of concern about this. this is really, this isn't hyperbole. this is really media outlet deciding who is allowed to compete for the nomination and who is not. that is obviously bad for some candidates. i think it is bad for the republican party as a whole. certainly for the small d democratic process. i think it is really bad for the press.
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politicians love to blame the press for their own troubles. they love to fight with the press to make themselves look tough. politicians love to attack the press and denigrate the press and encourage about the press and claim the press is somehow rigging the game of rigging things against these noble politicians. because politicians are already making the case, the press should not go out of their way to help politicians make case by actually rigging the game. i mean, doing what cnn is doing to wage these fights against the press that they really want to wage any way. >> i've never heard such outrageous reporting in 27 years of public life. i'm not blaming anybody for that. but when people are pounded night after night, with that kind of frantic, hysterical reporting, it naturally shakes
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their confidence. >> mr. president, you've that lambasted the television networks pretty well. could i ask you. at the risk of a unanimous woobld, you've said after you put on a lot of heat, that you don't blame anyone. i find that puzzling. what is it about you and the television coverage that has roused your anger? >> don't get impression that you've roused my anger. >> i have that impress. >> one can only be angry with those he respects. >> richard nixon, october 1973. that was the press conference he held right after the saturday night massacre. nixon had just fired the special prosecutor on watergate. he told the attorney general to
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fire the guy. the attorney general said no and resigned in protest. then the deputy attorney general was told to fire him and he said no and resigned in protest. then he told the solicitor general to fire the guy and he said sure, happy to, boss. that guy incidentally was robert bork who ronald reagan later nominated to the supreme court as a thank you. ted kennedy and others put a stop to that to robert bork getting on to the supreme court. in the midst of all that skull dugry, in the middle of that incredible drama, who the prison decided to shoot at was the press. a tried and true tactic. >> let me say, too, i didn't want to leave an impression with my good friend from cbs over here that i don't respect the reporters. what i was simply saying was
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this. that when a commentator takes a bit of news and then with knowledge of what the facts are, distorts it, viciously, i have no respect for that individual. >> dan rather with cbs news. mr. president, are you running for something? >> no, sir, mr. president, are you? mr. president, mr. president, i believe -- >> 1974. president nixonon trying to make sport of cbs reporter dan rather. dan rather giving it right back to him. richard nixon was not running
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for anything at that time except his political life. less than six months later, he was gone. i had to resign the presidency. presidents and candidates fighting with the press is as old as presidents and candidates and the press. that is why we need a first amendment. government officials so often so bad lly want to fight us. politically though, blaming the press, making a spectacle out of hating the press, usually it works. >> the pentagon feel you left the joint chiefs of staff out to dry. could you comment? >> i have to give you credit, for how you craft those questions. the notion that i am content as i celebrate with american citizens languishing in iranian jails? major, that's nonsense.
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and you should know better. i've met with the families of some of those folks. nobody is content. >> she said that you came to her in 1999 at a time whurm having an affair. she said you asked her to be in an open marriage. would you like to take time respond to that? >> no. but i will. i think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office, and i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. >> that is how night gingrich
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became a front runner. it was after that debate in which he got the biggest cheers on any candidate in any subject on any debate that year when he jumped all over the press. usually plays great. this year i'm not sure it does. not at least the way it is happening this year. >> sit down. sit down. go ahead. no, you don't. you haven't been called. go back to univision. go ahead. >> you cannot deport 11 million people. you cannot build a 1900 mile wall. you cannot deny citizenship -- >> sit down, please. go.
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>> so this confrontation last night, jorge ramos has been an outspoken critics. do feuds like this work for you? do you think this helps you with your supporters? >> well, i don't know. obviously i have very big support because i'm leading in every poll by double digits. and there is a movement going on. a whole silent majority thing happening and it is very impressive to see. he was totally out of line last night. i was asking and being asked a question by another report he i would have gotten to him very quickly. he started ranning and raving. most newspaper reports. he was totally out of line. >> look.
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i have a lot of respect for roger. we'll see. maybe, maybe not. i really don't know. i think they cover me terribly. fox news, i think they cover me terribly and i'm winning by double digits on every poll. maybe it matters. maybe i don't. i don't think i get good treatment from fox. they certainly cover me a lot. >> i'm being covered by everybody. be. >> i don't know. i don't think so. i think they give me very bad treatment. i think fox treats me terribly. >> you have said when people treat me under fairly, i don't let them forget me. that leads me to megyn kelly. we all know what happened after the debate. you thought she was unclear in your questioning to you. then 19 days later, she comes back from vacation on monday and it seemed like in an unprovoked attack you went after her questioning her appearance, her performance and then retweeting a very unflattering comment about her that called her a
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bimbo. why have you let megyn kelly get so far under your consistent? >> well, i haven't. you tweet a few tweets, or retweets in this kargs that's not getting under your skin. i personally am not a fan. i don't think she does a good job. i don't think she is a very good professional and i think the show is better without her. that's up to them and they can do whatever they wantism respect roger ailes. >> it starts to sound a little bit, and take this in the right way, like you're a guy with a school yard crush. when we were in elementary school and junior high school, guys often say the meanest things about the girls they like the most. >> trust me, matt, there is no crush. that i can tell you. and as far as i was concerned, during the debate, she asked me questions were totally inappropriate. >> presidents and politicians of all strims and candidates, they've always made hey out of attacking the press. just ask dan rather, right? with the press that we've got
6:18 pm
now, is that stale good idea politically? does it still play? and not insubstantially, is it bad for the country? does it hurt the free press for politicians to put a target on the free press? ask dan rather. seriously. ask dan rather. let's. he's here next. it's back to school time
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take your hands off me. unless you intend to arrest me, don't push me. don't push me. take your hands off me unless you intend to arrest me. wait a minute. as you can see -- >> i don't know what's going on. these are security people, apparently, around dan. obviously getting rough. >> we got finally pushed out of way. this is the kind of thing going on outside the hall. this is the first time we've had it inside the hall. i'm sorry to be out of breath but somebody belted me in the stomach. what happened is a georgia delegate, at least he had a georgia delegate sign on, is being hauled out of hall. we tried to see why, what the situation was. and at that instant, the security people, as you can see, put me on the deck. i didn't do very well. >> that was dan rather at the 1968 democratic national convention. and that is not exactly the same thing as what happened to jorge
6:23 pm
univision anchor yesterday in his confrontation with donald trump but it did make me want to ask dan rather how he felt about the prerngs candidates this year and how they are taking aim at the press if not literally punching them in the stomach like it is 1968. now the host to axis tv. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> did you really get socked right in the gut in the middle of your live interview that day? >> did i. they were trying to escort a delegate out of the hall. they were so determine to keep strict discipline at the convention. and that is historic. why are they taking this man out of hall? so i sought to find out from him. and the security people didn't want that. and i kept pressing. not too aggressively but we might argue about that. so they took me out, hit me in the solar plexs with a very good short hard punch.
6:24 pm
>> wow! it is a constant, if not constant, always there somewhere lurking. this idea that there is political hey to be made from pursuing the press as a target. is the political congratulations about that any different now when politicians attack press? the press has changed over the years. is the risk benefit calculation about attacking the president, has that changed too? >> i don't think it has. example "a," the trump news conference with jorge ramos. this is all from the political play book. attack press and you'll get a certain segment of the population that really likes that. so to answer your question, no, nothing has changed in that regard. >> i think the republican candidates are banking on being able to win the nomination without any latino voters at all, the way they're campaigning. but could donald trump, or could
6:25 pm
any of these candidates win the republican nomination while also being at war with the fox news channel specifically? never really had anything like the fox news channel in a previous era in history. it seems to me, that i believe there can't be a nominee without fox's support. >> i tend to agree with that. however, trump is raising that question anew. now, having saidq֍u that, and keeping in mind that rt roers such as myself get paid not to be cynical, but to be skeptical. i'm a little suspicious of this battle between trump and fox. what we do know is that trump is really smarted as he said when he started the run. don't underestimate him. and roger ailes, another smart guy. whether they've gotten together and planned this out or not, it works to their mutual been if it. fox can argue, listen, we don't give sweetheart deals over the
6:26 pm
republican candidate and trump can say i tell you i'm independent. and i'm really independent. look at even fox. in answer to your question, i think that someone could get nominated without fox's support. but i don't think they'll have to. i think as the race narrows down, it will come clear what fox wants. basically, and i don't think roger ailes ois any apology, he wants a republican president. but trump has changed the dimension. he's running an historical line with huey long if louisiana during the 1930s, who in fiction was immortalized by the great robert penn warren -- >> my favorite book of all time. >> huey long runs through,strom thurmond, barry goldwater, he was a different personality than trump. but people tend to forget that
6:27 pm
the 1960 republican convention, goldwater was considered an outlier. a pre trump trump. he laid the foundation for what was to become reagan years. and also, i think trump is in line with george wallace. people tend to forget george wallace ran in 1968. tried to run again in 1972. >> segregation. >> same thing. and in that line i would put ross perot. i'm not equating perot with trump but perot was a businessman. his basic message was, i'm a businessman. i know how to run the country and how to give you straight talk. and this, trump is in that line. but now in the second decade of the 21st century, with so much coverage, so many channels, trump is just, he is taking the field by storm. the rest of the candidates, the rest of the candidates were sort
6:28 pm
of like, i don't know. bird dogs. they are restless and don't know what to do. and trump dominates. i'll say it again. i wouldn't under estimate. he is beginning to say to myself, i think i might be able to win this thing and that change the dimensions. >> and him taking all the coverage must feel like a disaster to all the other candidates. on the other hand. it is early yet. him taking all the coverage means they can make their mistakes right now. >> that is a good point. you notice he attacks jeb bush more than any other candidate. he thinks jeb bush has the staying power. jeb bush's campaign looks like something where the wheels are off and the axle is dragging. but he's playing the long road. >> absolutely. just a real honor to have you here. and i'm still mad temperature person who punched you even though i was not born. ♪
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this is kimberly mcbroom. she is one of the news anchors on a local tv station in roane oklahoma, virginia. her father died suddenly. he had a heart attack. when that tragedy struck her family, one of the very first people to show up at her house with could nndolences with fooda shoulder to cry on was a young
6:33 pm
reporter named alson parker. they were that kind of close as friends. first one there after your dad dies close. and early this morning when alson parker was shot and killed, as she was reporting a story live on the air at wdbj, it was her friend kimberly mcbroom who was in the anchor chair who was watching, live, shocked. we won't show anything graphic here. we do not need to broadcast murder, especially one that the murderer wanted to be broadcast. but this was the live interview that alison parker was doing when she was shot and killed this morning. because it was a live shot, her dear friend and colleague who was anchoring this morning's broadcast from the studio, and everybody else watching the newscast at home, everybody saw the crime as it happened. confused and stunned and fearing the worst and not understanding. alison park he, 24 years old when she was killed today.
6:34 pm
her cameraman adam ward you a also killed of he was just engaged and planning his wedding to another employee at wdbj. a third victim of the shooting today was the woman being interviewed on the air. her name is vicki gardener, a local fwl the claim better of commerce. she's survived. she went through surgery today and she is expected to recover from her injuries. wed we know the gunman was a former employee. it is clear he discussed the shooting publicly. it is clear he was intent on carrying out this attack in a way that made it as made for tv as possible. he not only committed the murder on live television, he also filmed the attack himself and posted the resulting video on facebook. we will not be showing any of that tonight. i don't want him to help him do what he wanted tooted. this terrible story was the national news story today, understandably for all the obvious reasons. it is also the national news
6:35 pm
story that that local used in station wdbj will to cover while being at the center of it. they had to first report the news here and then grieve publicly, all in real-time. all on live television. >> we are following breaking news this morning. news that has affected our wdbj family very deeply. our morning crew was live this morning at smith mountain lake when shots were fired at 6:45. >> kim, it is my very, very sad duty to report that we have determined through the help of the police and you were on employees that alison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45 when the shots rang out. >> the gunman, state police, the suspected gunman, the virginia state police caught up with on instate 66 in fauquier county, a former employee who was let go two years ago whose legal name is vester flanagan.
6:36 pm
this is the scene in fauquier county near mile marker 17 where virginia state police apparently close in the on his rental car. >> we realize we cover stories of people being shot all the time. and so now we realize first hand what so many of you have sadly gone through. that when it is someone you know and someone you love. >> all day people have been teary. they've been hugging and they've been doing their job as journalists. and somebody said, how can you reconcile all of that? he said we can't. it is just, you have to deal with it. >> just a horrible tragedy today in virginia. the people closest, the people caught in the middle, continue to do their jobs in reporting it even as it happened to them. local journalism is always necessary. some days it is also heroic.
6:37 pm
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on stage in front of an you had a yegs, it is nice to have someone to talk to but also what happened to the guy who just did that live and on tape. luckily we have smart guy here next. can a business have a mind?
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the iconic navigator... and get a first look at the entirely new 2016 mid-size utility lincoln mkx. during the final days of the lincoln summer invitation get your choice of mkc, mkz or mkz hybrid for $369 a month with zero due at signing. in the 2008 election. they beat them by almost 200 electoral votes. in the popular vote they beat them by 7 points which is a lot. among certain demographic groups, the margin was much. bigger. everybody knows that african-americans and women supported them by big numbers. look at the numbers among asian-americans. obama beat mccain by 7 points nationally overall but he beat him among asian-americans, not
6:43 pm
by 7 points but by 27 points. not he got 27% of the asian vote. no, a 27-point spread between obama and mccain among asian voters. four years later, when it was obama versus mitt romney, it was even a bigger margin. total wipeout. obama oebl beat mitt romney among asian-american voters by 47 points. obama, 73, mitt romney, 26. just brutal. and with a history like that from the last two presidential elections, we can only speculate on how the asian-american vote will go in this next election. particularly if the current prohibitive front-runner for the nomination begins becoming the republican nominee. >> i mean, you know, negotiating with japan. negotiating with china. when these people walk in the room, they don't say hello, how is the weather? it is so beautiful? how are the yankees doing?
6:44 pm
they're great. they say we want deal. >> we want -- it's nice the way he opens his eyes really wide and does the crazy monster hands. says republican presidential front-runner donald trump. you can see that clip online today all over the place under headlines like this. trump ill person it is a asian negotiators. that happened last night in dubuque, iowa, that rally in dubuque. that was the rally immediately after his contend shus press conference where he told the most prestigious latino reporter in the nation and then forced hill out of the room. last night when we reported that had just happened to jorge ramos, i said at the time that we were showing that you footage but we didn't know what happened to mr. ramos once he was forced out of room. we now do know some of that. because mr. ramos' network
6:45 pm
posted this short exchange. this 15-second exchange which apparently happened just outside the room where mr. trump was speaking to the reporters and where mr. ramos got thrown out by security. one of the supporters apparently followed jorge ramos out of the room and then this happened. >> you were very rude. it is not about you. >>. get out of my country. get out. this is not about you. >> i'm a u.s. citizen too. >> whatever. univision? no. it's not about you. >> it is not about you. it is about the united states. >> get out of my country, he says to the u.s. citizen. this new polling data on hispanic' voters. as you can see up top, the republican who does best among latino voters among candidates, jeb bush. even, jeb bush doesn't do all that well. this is mostly bad news for the republican presidential field. in terms of how latino voters
6:46 pm
do. the worst news for the republican party among latino voters is that this is the approval rating for their presidential front-runner. that line there on the bottom. that's the guy leading the pack by a mile. he is so wildly detested by voters that he basically required to you put a new sheet of payment on the left side of the piece of paper so you can see how far that axis goes. so you can capture minus 51% approval rating. but he is their front-runner by a lot. that is the sort of thing that makes the republican establishment freak out that he is the front-runner. not just because they don't want people to imagine his face when they imagine the party. with him as the party standard bearer, this is how the party will fare. not just the presidential race but all up and down the republican ticket. with the fastest growing demographic group in the country. that migs 51 is the sort of polling data that makes the
6:47 pm
republican establishment to know they need someone lish jeb bush instead of donald trump. for his part, jeb bush seems to be himself not only increasingly offensive to latino voters, he is going out of his way to see if he can upset asian voters as well. this is how he instructed to say start using anchor babies. >> do you worry that using the term anchor baby cosmetic affect your ability to win the hispanic vote? >> as i said in spanish, my back ground, my life, the fact that i am immersed in the immigrant experience, this is ludicrous for the clinton campaign and others to suggest that somehow i'm using a derogatory term. what i was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed where there's organized efforts, and frankly it is more related to asian
6:48 pm
people. >> oh, asian anchor babies is what he meant, which he is happy to splanl in spanish. after the 2012 presidential race which the republicans thought they would win, the main do not do this again that the republican party told itself they needed to learn from that race, was to not alienate latino voters. was find a way to stop offending them. picking fluent in spanish jeb bush who is married to a mexican american, the father of hispanic children, it was supposed to solve their constantly offending the latino problem. that was the idea. now they have donald trump as the party's front-runner and jeb bush it out with him on a daily basis over the racial merits of various different types of anchor babies. and whether or not republicans
6:49 pm
this year can worsen their standing with asian-americans, that is a question we didn't even know would be on deck, right? but can republicans worsen their standings with asian-americans? historically speaking, they're already on track to lose them in the vicinity of 20, 30, 40, 50 poin points. can i hear 60 points?
6:50 pm
my name is mark amann. i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. behold, the latest racist caricature from the race from the republican nomination for
6:51 pm
president of the united states. >> i mean, you know, negotiating with japan, negotiating with china. when these people walk in the room, they don't say, oh, hello. how's the weather it is so beautiful. how are the yankees doing. they are doing wonderful, great. they say we want deal. >> donald trump, republican presidential front runner and the republicans thought offending latinos was going to be their problem again this year. joining us now is frank rich, "new york magazine" writer at large. mr. rich, it is nice to see you. thank you for being here. >> nice to see you. >> i didn't see this coming. >> i thought this had been retired with mickey rooney in "breakfast at tiffanys." him doing the notorious asian impersonation. as a jew i feel left out. i'm waiting for him to do a jewish mother joke or whatever he will do that will offend
6:52 pm
someone. >> the question at this point is not whether he will do that, obviously he will, the question is whether it will play in dubuque. whether it will help him, as opposed to offending people. offending people used to mean you hurt your chances. it seems to be his benefit. the more people get upset with him the more it helps him. it is especially a troll candidacy. how does that end? >> i guess with the republican party trying to figure out a way to make him go away. clearly they are impotent and people like jeb bush was supposed to be the sober centrist candidate are falling in to trap and filing on about asians, hispanics and everyone else. they have a real problem. i don't think he is going away and it's helping him. one thing we have to remember, his opponents are not profiles
6:53 pm
of courage. it wasn't that long ago after the massacre in charleston it took a long weekend, at least for the republican presidential candidates to come out against the confederate flag, against slavery. only ones standing up to him are lindsey graham, who trump points out have no standing in the polls. they are scared of him. >> bobby jindal is fighting efforts to take down confederate memorials in new orleans, which will be the way his candidacy comes back. dan rather was here earlier. one of the things we were talking about is fox news and donald trump fighting. dan raised the prospect it is like a wrestling heel, scripted fight that it is not a real fight and supposed to make them look better with people they most care about looking good for. what do you make about how the conservative media is functioning in the race right now? >> i feel that trump has hit in to something that's beyond fox. people forget there's a whole conservative media out there to the right of fox and has a huge
6:54 pm
following in the base republican party. the radio host mark lemon has a number one with "new york times" best seller in the country right now. that is sort of off the radar of people like us, and i think it is on ailes radar and he has backed down to trump. i think he knows there's that take back america, sarah palin, michael savidge back in the day, that group that is a threat to fox as well as the republican party. >> that's interest ing. so there was this fight at the debate where mr. trump felt he wasn't well treated and he said some offensive things about one of the fox news hosts and there was a fight between donald trump and fox news about that. they supposedly came to some sort of truce or afwreemt. there was never an apology from mr. trump. he was welcomed back in the fold and nothing was said about that. now it start up again. you are suggesting part of the fight may not just be performing
6:55 pm
for the country but dragging fox further to the right, making them more like the media that's critical of them for being too liberal. >> that's the people who are, ann coulter, who are standing up for trump. we forget, that's on the right flank -- as conservatives, we think fox news is not the most conservative force in the base of the republican party. ailes has his own back to watch with, not just trump. >> this is such a weird world. we're worried about roger ailes right flank. frank rich, you are a smart man. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. working on my feet all day gave me pain here.
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6:59 pm
dramatize to the nation and the world that hundreds of thousands of negro citizens of alabama, but particularly here, are deny thid right to vote. we intend to march to montgomery to present this to governor wallace. >> congressman lewis describing to a reporter why the marchers were there in 1965, what they were trying to achieve with their march from selma to montgomery. one was amelia buoyton. this is her hauled off by the sheriff named jim clark. she was one of the organizers of the selma march. a little older than the whipper snappers like john lewis. she helped to lead the march that ended up being called bloody sunday. the footage from that day, that is her in the white raincoat being trampled. she was seriously injured that day when police attacked the
7:00 pm
bridge, beaten senseless and left unconscious on the ground but lived to tell the tale. this spring on the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday she was back at the bridge with president obama, side by side, hand in hand. her in the wheelchair there making her way across the bridge. she died today and the white house released a statement praising her quiet heroism. she died at the age of 104. she was at the white house when president lyndon johnson signed the voting rights act in 1965. something that may have never happened without her. she was already 54 years old when she helped to organize the selma march. in which she almost lost her life. she was 104 years old today when she passed. a hard life well lived. that does it for us tonight. see you tomorrow. now it is time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> good evening, rachel. >> thanks. >> the father of a