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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 27, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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selma march. in which she almost lost her life. she was 104 years old today when she passed. a hard life well lived. . first look is up next. it's thursday august 27. the murder of two young tv journalist with a gun in one hand and a rolling video in another. hilly clinton addresses the saga and running against joe biden. wall street came back roaring with a 600 percent gain. that and more. welcome everybody. thanks for joining us. right now two young journalists should be getting ready for work. the rest of us are left with
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questions why were they murdered and what were they like? what set off the killer. sarah, there's been an out pouring of support here. >> reporter: yeah, just a huge out pouring betty for a station used to covering the news now and finding itself at the center of a tragic story. now a man claiming to be the shooter faxed a 23 page document to abc news and he describes himself as a human powder keg. >> allison parker and ward are a special people. the time that are up for long hours reporting the news. there were just as busy and parker just moved in with with her boyfriend and ward engaged to be married.
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>> they were always smiling. >> they were interviewing live on wednesday when authorities say that 41-year-old vester lee flanagan, a former colleague shot them. he filmed it and posted it to social media later before turning the gun on himself. >> it's obvious that this gentlemen was disturbed in some way and the way things transpired. >> flanagan that was fired two years ago went by bryce williams. he was an angry employee. >> after a while a number of incidence, we thought that it was best that he left the company. he did, and not happily. we had to get the assistance from the police to get him out
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of here. >> late on wednesday the community came together to the mourn the loss. a station used to covering the news and now the center of a tragic story. >> reporter: the woman being interviewed was also hit. meanwhile scholarships are being offered and a way to keep the legacy alive. >> thank you for that. . last night allison parker's father stood along her boyfriend and shared this message. >> everybody that she touched, loved her and she loved them back. i am not going to let this issue drop. we have got to do something about crazy people getting guns. the problem that you guys have, and i know that it's the news business, and this is a big story. next week it's not going to be a
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story anymore. people will forget it. my mission in life, and i talked to the governor today, he called me. i said i am going to do something. whatever it takes to get the gun legislation to shame people into doing something about closing the loopholes and making sure that crazy people don't get guns. he said you go. i am right there with you. this is not the last that you have heard of me. this is something that is allison's legacy that i am going make happen. >> her father's crusade. one of the parts of the ordeal. the fact that it was live television and the video posted by the killer spread quickly online. as people come to grips with what they saw we have to ask,
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where does society draw the line. >> it's this that horrified the social media. we're only showing you a freeze frame. he wore a camera and posted the video on twitter and facebook. >> it was utterly paralyzing, chilling. >> waive and give up one of tho was eric. >> that is a terrible terrible thing to consider. >> instantly on twitter users demanded that the video be taken down. stephanie saying do not retweet. do not touch. go and hug someone that you love. >> is that the best way to police this? >> no, struggling with the reality of things. unfortunately this video was true. >> twitter and others pulled it down. saying that the page and profile
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violated the community standards. >> social media is a reflection of who we are. sometimes that's not a flattering picture. >> that was nbc ann thompson reports. moving on flooding new hampshire and iowa this week. hillary clinton addressed the possibility of joe biden jumping into the race. she says that he needs to do what's best for him and his family. gop donald trump is facing backlash and gop rival bush commented and saying that reporters deserve a little bit more respect.
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we break it down. >> hillary clinton says that she thought that in the nomination for president, it would be competitive. she campaigned in iowa, and for the first time the possibility of joe biden to enter the race. >> he should have the space and opportunity to dezplied she picked up big endorsements from the former governor of iowa and presidential candidates and senator mark told workers in new hampshire that he will not use the term anchor babies. he added -- >> they were reach out to all voters. we will have a process. >> former president jeb bush had an event for the common ground of pro-choice voters. >> there's a common ground that we ought to find and forge that
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the country will respect. >> they went back to the issue to try to take back. edward lawrence nbc news washington. one of the two pandas born died. it had signs of concerns when it was not growing. the sozoo director said that it was a great loss. >> the large er of the two is thriving. i am looking forward to seeing it grow. >> this is the third time that the panda court -- a camera capturing what is
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the last time holmes was seen in public. >> he finally arrived and the maximum penalty possible. 37,318 year in the department of corrections. the shooter hardly moved a muscle. >> it's the court's intention that the department never set foot t in free society again. >> the judge commented that we will never know what the victims would have accomplished. >> we're happy with decision. >> the gunman silent, and the mother offered the apology. >> we're sor have i that this tragedy happened. we're sorry this happened. >> get the defendant out of my courtroom please. >> the sound of closure for the
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next best thing for a mass murder gone forever. jacob with nbc news. might want to check your pantry this morning. another brand of bread is issuing a recall. they're recalling 48,000 packages. it comes after one consumer found a piece of glass in side. they believe that it could be from a broken lightbulb. the packages have a best buy date and have a bakery code of 1658. all right. ten minutes past the hour and time to get down to business. >> hey, good morning to you. the monster rally today and then the out rising with more than 600 points and that's the best ever. that the best day since 2008.
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that's when a stock or index has ten percent or more in the reacceptabilir resent highs. investors taking it from positive data and a top official that says that the interest rate hike looks likely. >> and walmart will stop sells of ar 157 and others. it's die to sluggish sales and not the shootings. walmart is focussing on hunting. after a week from being killed. mark is going to lead a bopra tad driving wilson's car today
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in memory of justin will some. the logo will be on all cars this weekend. to beijing and one with ease in the 200 meters on wednesday. he approached the finish line and seemed so relax, that he had enough time to chat with a runner next to him. u.s. sprint er and bolt runner. okay. many of you gathered in greece on the go it's games. get this. the jump ers did 3,700 jurisprudences in four days. with that view, can you blame
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him. josh dug er enters rehard. . after six long hours the 26 foot whale managed to swim away.
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i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. 16 minutes past the hour. a nasa scientists calls it one of the visible signatures of the climat climate. sea level rise. this is collected since 1992. the redder the color, the more that the sea level has gone up. the un governmental panel says that levels could go up one to three feet by the end of the century. a lot of rain coming their
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way. >> yeah, the beautiful weather and all eyes are on erika and the concern level is going up hour by hour. we need the system to disapate over in next two days. if it does not, we have the serious problems, and on the radar there's a lot of weather going and the pressure is at 103. if it. >> mark: this shoild in crease an intensity near the bahama's. i am covering parts of south carolina. they have it as a hurricane in the coast of florida and that's monday into tuesday. it's possible that we should be dealing with a category two hurricane along the south east coastline this week. serious situation, and we need
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er erika to stop. this comes in the wake of the hollywood reporter claiming that he had two accounts on the infidelity website. in a statement they say as part we're deeply grieved by his sons and actions. we pray that he comes to complete repenitence and complete change. scamabled politics is next.
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office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. 20 minutes past the hour. here is a look at the politics. the feud between the white house and the brothers seems to be intensi intensifying. >> the fact is that coke industries has spent tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying congress. these are available disclosures in support of those kind of policies to say nothing of the millions of dollars that they have spent punishing those candidates that did not side with them. when the president decides that we're going to take on a challenge that washington has
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resisted for too long that the special interest including the millionaires and billionaires that have benefitted from that paralysis start to swequel. >> yesterday in iowa she explained what she wants the american people to know. >> my use of personal e-mail was allowed by the state department. it clearly wasn't the best choice. i should have used two e-mails. one personal and one for work, and i take responsibility for that decision. >> president obama needs to new orleans today ahead of hurricane katrina. she will visit areas and met these affected by katrina.
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>> ricky martin is not too blessed. he has written a blistering for univision. >> the enact that an individual the candidate for the presidency of the united states for the republican party has the adasty to continue to that race the latin community makes my blood boil. >> donald trump is in a feud are univision and fox. get into it with animal planet. okay. coming up on 23 minutes past the hour. here with me now and joining me from washington. good morning bob. >> good morning. it's been a tough day following what happened with the journalists on live television. could this be on the top of the
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list when it comes to the presidential campaign. will we hear more about this? >> you recall for a little while. there are more horrible incidence talking about the sho shooting and there's a cry about gun control, which is by the way something that i don't want to be little. it's a powerful lobby and nobody stands up. i skpt that's going to be the case. >> well we have seen it play over and over again as you ke scribe and hillary clinton tweeted saying that we must about to stop the gun violence. we can not wait any longer. besides the lip service has anybody really laid out a true plan to stop the gun violence.
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>> everybody is against the gun violence and the solutions are restricting the number that make it easy to have a personal grudge and murder people and slaughter people. the truth of the matter is that this powerful lobby seems to be vulnerable, so nothing will be done. it's certainly going to be one of the situations and we're not going to be able to do anything about the wide use of gun in the country. >> yeah, the president says that one of the frustrations is the in ability to pass stricter gun laws. with the mass shootings, a lot of people asking why is it difficult and is the country divided on this. we will see how it plays out. thank you for the incite today. i am betty and way too early is
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. she loved me more than anyone else could. for her to be taken in the fashion, in this way is unthinkable and for adam too. they were out there nearly everyday together as a team. they were murdered together. it is still very difficult for me to rationalize. >> this morning remember the lives of two journalists gun
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downed in broad daylight. it was shocking news rooms in coast to coast. we're going to have a live report from a scene. the gunman using a camera to take the crime viral. how t we all acted. donald trump responsed to the tough words of higher energy from jeb bush. it's 5:30 on the west coast and 2:30 on the west coast. this is "way too early." good morning everyone. we begin with a story that echos nationwide and one that hits close to the home of anyone that works in plemedia. the cold


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