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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 27, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we're following breaking news on wall street, u.s. stocks bounced back for a second consecutive day with the dow finishing up over 300 points. at one point the dow rose nearly 400 points. president obama will deliver a speech in new orleans' ninth ward to mark ten years since the hurricane katrina devastation. chris jansing is on the ground in new orleans for us. chris, good afternoon to you. let's talk about the president's address today and what we expect to hear him say. >> this is going to be about brazilians, it's going to be about a city that a lot of people have written off.
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i was here ten years ago, the devastation, the picture's still stunned, about 80% of this city was under water, the 2,000 people almost were killed. it was truly a devastating sight. having said that, the federal government has pumped billions of dollars into this community and the people who live here have put a lot of sweat equity into it. the lower 9th ward was one of the hardest hit neighborhoods to come back to this he have this $20 million new community center, talking to some young people here. they talk about the future, having a future here, in a place where a lot of people thought the city could never come back, this is really about a city that's on the move, a city where the economy is coming back, a lot of it having to do with tourism, the number of passengers coming in is up 22% at the airport. but also a city that the president recognized when he was
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in the neighborhood just a short time ago, still has a long way to go where there's been inequality. the same kind we saw before katrina, after katrina, and the way that some of these funds have been applied, a positive story, but one that's on going, ayman. >> chris jansing live from new orleans, we'll be following the president's remarks later in this hour. turning now to the 2016 race, donald trump soaring in the polls as he hits out at the media, and defends his layer, in south carolina today. he kicked off his event with an unusual authenticity test declaring his hair is the real thing. >> i don't wear a toupee, it's my hair. i swear. come here, come here, come here. come here. i'm going to -- we're going to settle this. >> it is. >> say it, please. >> yes, i believe it is. >> thank you.
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>> that was just a preek well to a news conference this afternoon, trump taking on jeb bush over women's health and the rhetoric around immigration. >> all of a sudden he's talking about anchor babies, and he steered it over to the asians, and now the asians are upset with jeb bush, you're going to have to ask him about those, i will take care of women's health and women's health issues, better than anybody and far better than hillary clinton who doesn't have a clue, i don't think -- maybe she won't even be in the race. >> this comes as a brand new qui poll has trump 16 points ahead of ben carson and jeb bush. today hillary clinton is campaigning in ohio as her lead continues to slip in that same poll, it has clinton leading the democratic field at 45%, but that's down 10 points from just a month ago, perhaps worst for those fighting it out right now are the one word answers most
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associated with them, for hillary clinton, the word liar. donald trump arrogant and jeb bush, just bsh. i want to bring in our panel now, cornell belcher. thank you for joining us, cornell, let me start with you, does a single word speak volumes about this presidential race? i mean, who's the worst case here? >> no, a single word doesn't speak volumes about it. the dynamics of this race are beginning to unfold. there's been a narrative about trust, whether or not you can trust the former first lady, secretary of state clinton, that's unfolding, campaigns are problem solving vehicles. if there's an issue of trust, i'm sure the clinton campaign's going to have to address that, and work hard to shrink that deficit. i worked for a guy named barack obama who had a very big experience problem. our campaign adjusted and did
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some things to shrink that experience and make it less of an issue, the clinton campaign will work on this as well. and i think at some point as others jump into this race that the dynamics of it will complaining and there will be at issue that pops itself out. >> robert, trump continues his sound bite today. >> i can't call him bush, he doesn't use his last name, did you ever see a sign that says jeb bush or bush? there's a reason he doesn't use his last name, he's not going to work too well. >> bush is at 7% in this poll, way behind trump, at the same time, trump topped the no way list that people would not support. how do you read between the lines with these two? >> i think it's august, and i think a lot of people are simply not paying attention to the serious issues that our country faces.
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once the country starts facing, what are we going to do about iran, what are we going to do about the economy? what are we going to do about immigration. i think donald trump is going to slip in the polls here, here's why, it's always him on the offense talking about his republican or perhaps democrat ic opponents out there. what are you going to do, talk to us about the specifics of immigration, talk to us about what you're going to do with iran. he talks in platitudes, we'll do this, or trust me, i built 98 buildings, i can do xyz. that's not a solution for the american people. this is august of 2015, you know, the average american out there, i know this is an inside beltway game here, the average american is not paying attention to this, once they do, they're going to say to donald frump, you're fired. you're entertainer, you're not very substantive.
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the question becomes whether they're going to take a look at jeb bush and scott walker. >> is he right about jeb bush, that his last name is a liability in this race? >> i don't know, i don't think we know the answer to that. there's some people out there that think he is a clone of his brother. it's too premature to answer that question, because the american people are not there yet. >> cornell, let's talk about the democratic side, this poll finds biden doing better than hillary clinton against top republicans, in a dnc call last night, he sounds like he may be throwing cold water on a potential bid, take a listen. >> we've been giving this a lot of thought. if i were to announce i was going to run, i would have to commit to you that i could
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commit my whole heart and soul, and right now, they're both pretty well banged up. >> i think you want to tamp down the expectations, i am going to dive back in trump is actually changing the game in politics. some of the conventional measurements we've been using, trump sort of throws them out the window, i think we've been watching him for a couple months now, and all of our conventional wisdom keeps saying, no, he's not going to rise, he's not going to slip. he keeps rising in the polls. there's something going on with trump he's connected with something that he's connected with in reality television, working in changing politics. as for biden, it's a deeply personal decision. and running for president is only something that someone who's really deeply committed to do, if there's problems with this family, i understand that,
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but in the end i think whether he gets in or doesn't get in, i think a vigorous primary, get democrats out of their seats she will be benefited by a tough primary process. it's just the way -- >> when you take a look at donald trump on the hard right and you take a look at bernie sanders on the hard left. it says something where the american people are right now they're hungry for authenticity. they do offer that. my opinion, it's not really about donald trump and bernie sanders, but where the electorate is and what they're hungry for, and what they don't see. >> we're going to be following it for the next several months.
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thank you both very much. coming up, we'll go live to new orleans where president obama will speak on the ten-year anniversary of hurricane katrina. plus, the virginia news station is remembering the two journalists shot dead live on air yesterday. the general manager spoke moments ago. the father of one of the victims is demanding new gun legislation. and later, tropical storm erika could hit the southeastern united states. we'll go live to puerto rico in erika's path. car insurance, and we both feel integrity, such as, that of healthcare in the america of the us and therefore. yes. thank you. no. no. please, stop! sorta you, isn't you. start with a quote from esurance and get a set of discounts personalized to you, not someone sorta like you. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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it's not the big thing to get to us. the performance of this staff has been incredible, they cry, they hug, and then they get the job done. >> within the last hour, employees of roanoke tv station
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wdbj have been speaking out about the tragic shooting deaths of alison parker and adam ward. at the news conference, the general manager addressed the employment history of the shoot shooter, vester flanagan. >> i don't think we identified that he had mental health issues, we certainly identified he had performance issues. his behavior annoyed a lot of people in the newsroom, not just photographers, reporters, producers and managers. and that he -- and so he could have been berated but it was almost certainly in response to something he was doing. and i would defend the actions of every person who was in that newsroom. >> the news station's anchors held hands and pause for an on
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air moment of silence about a local businesswoman was injured in the attack, today gardner's condition was upgraded from stable to good. we're joined by adam reese who is outside the station in roan oak. adam, today, we're learning a little bit more about this shooter, some interesting details, what can you tell us about that. >> good afternoon, he arrived here in march of 2012, he came with good references from previous stations, despite the fact that he had been fired from a previous station in florida. when he got here, he was soon having performance related issues. he had a run in with a photographer, a run-in with an anchor person, he had some anger issues, he wasn't checking the facts in his stories, they gave him plenty of warnings, soon it was time they needed to fire him. they told him they were going to fire him. he said, there's going to be a stink, you may want to call the police, it may make the papers.
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several witnesses said he got very emotional, he was throwing furniture around, he had to be escorted out of the building, they had to lift him up out of the chair, police had to escort him out of the building, on his way out, he gave a wooden cross to the news director saying, you're going to need this. in the last 24 hours, officials here, law enforcement executed a search warrant of his car, in the car they found six magazines for a glock, a to do list, 17 stamped letters a briefcase with licensed plates, a wig, a shall, umbrella, sunglasses, they also found two glocks, one which was used in the shooting yesterday. now, many employees here tell us that he lived across the street for the past few years, he hasn't worked here since 2013, he continued to live literally across the street, that made many here feel very uncomfortable. today the father of alison parker is speaking out about his daughter's killing, saying his
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initial grief is turning to anger about the high level of gun violence in america parker's comments followed those of president -- >> it has got to stop, my mission is going to be -- and i promise you, i will not rest, i'm going to take up the mantle just like john walsh did, and it's going to be the same kind of effort, nationally, locally, we've got to find a way to keep crazy people from getting guns. i'm not going to stop until something happens. because i don't want to see another alison tragedy like this again. >> parker's comments followed those of president obama who spoke about the shooting to local tv affiliates. >> sadly, these kinds of events happen too often, i think it's one more argument for why we need to look at how we can reduce gun violence in this country. >> joining me now is criminal
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justice professor at the university of alabama adam langford and nick christof. nick, i'll start with you here. you wrote a piece in which 92 people are killed by gun violence in the u.s. every day. one every 16 minutes. you write about this as being a health crisis, and it should be dealt with as a national health crisis. can you explain that to us a little bit? >> we have a lot of experience dealing with lethal objects around us, that we don't band. but we regulate to make safer. ladder -- osha has seven pages to make ladders safer. ladders kill 300 people each year. meanwhile, guns kill 33,000 people each year. we have negligible regulation of them. i hear from people who say, what about cars? they kill people and we don't ban them. >> of course we don't ban them,
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but we do regulate them to try to make them safer. you look at the auto mortality rates, we've reduced it more than 95% by having air bags and seat belts and limited licenses for kids. all these things, we need to take the same approach. >> what would that look like? i think one of the things is that automobiles and ladders are not going to be divisive issues, they're not going to be controversial issues. not having the same lobbying power guns do. you talk about a public safety health issue from guns, practically, what does that look like? >> a starting point is universal background checks. this is something that members of the nra seem overwhelmingly in favor of. we haven't been able to achieve. and beyond that, i'd like to see limits on gun trafficking, maybe limit gun purchases to one a month. there are things we can do on gun safety that will take time, but it is crazy that if somebody
1:20 pm
steals my cell phone, they need my pin to use it, if they steal a gun, anybody can use it. there are more things we can do to prevent serial numbers from being erased. there are a lot of steps that aren't silver bullets but are silver buckshot that can reduce this tool that alison parker's father was talking about. >> you authored a new report in which you note the u.s. has less than 5% of the world's population, but was responsible for 31% of all mass shootings since 1966. you call mass shootings an american problem? >> there's a lot of different ways you can look at that, in terms of the firearms that stands out. there's no doubt that the united states of america is exceptional when it comes to our firearms ownership rate. we have more than 200 million additional guns compared to the next highest ranked country. and we also have almost double the rate of any other country.
1:21 pm
>> yemen, is that right, the second country on that list is yes, ma'amen? >> yes, that's correct. >> one of the interesting things is to your other guests point. one of the things i found was that offenders who use multiple weapons kill more victims. even if we could narrow it down to having one weapon instead of two, we would save lives. >> let me ask you this, nick, yesterday walmart announced it would start selling assault rifles, it was more because i should know that it was not due to a policy change, the fact that the sales of those rifles were not doing well. >> it's actually important anyway. at the end of the day, i think they're -- america is changing, we used to be a rural nation. attitudes are beginning to change that make incremental progress on this issue.
1:22 pm
some modest regulation feasible. this isn't going to make the gun problem go away. it's not going to end these mass shootings. if we can reduce by one third the gun toll in this country. >> is there anything that can be done to reduce demand? whenever there is shooting, people rush out to buy more guns, they are afraid there will be restrictions on them. i think on the demand side, that's harder to address, over time that is diminishing. >> adam, last month president obama called gun violence the main frustration of his presidency, what will it take to change that, how do you think we do it? >> in terms of changing guns, i respect and appreciate the passion of the families of the victims. certainly that passion matters. one of the things i thought about yesterday was -- i was trying to decide whether or not to watch that video. for me, the decision came down
1:23 pm
to watching that video helps me to not become numb to this problem. i think the passion is important, but also looking at the stats, there's no country on earth that has a tremendous number of firearms and doesn't have this public mass shooter problem. >> interesting point, adam langford, thank you for joining us. >> did a high school senior at an elite northeast prep school rape a freshman girl as part of a tradition? we're awaiting word from president obama from new orleans. so verizon made one simple plan with four sizes that you can switch at any time. small... medium. large. and extra large. if you need less data, pick small. if you need more, go with extra large. a whopping 12 gigs for $80 a month and $20 per phone.
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1:27 pm
they did not have sex. >> we had a good time, but i -- i don't know, it didn't sit -- it just didn't feel like the right move. and that's not to say at all that i slammed on the brakes or anything. i was still there. >> in her testimony last week, the alleged victim who is now 16 years old testified that he aggressively forced her to have sex. she ran out of the courtroom during his testimony yesterday. the prosecution sid the girl said no to him several times. >> this someone saw how vulnerable a 15-year-old freshman was and took advantage of it. she told him no three times. and each and every one of these things alone is enough under our law to tell him that she didn't consent. >> the defense meanwhile insisted that labrie is telling
1:28 pm
the truth. >> i'm not saying he is a saint. he's not a saint. he's a teenager. but i submit he told you the truth from that stand. >> owen has pleaded not guilty to all charges. joining me from outside the courtroom. jamie, tell us more about today's closing arguments and what were some of the key points that were made by the defense? >> well, the cases with the jurors now, they met for several hours before going home and deliberations are set to resume tomorrow. he faces three charges in all, including three felony sex assault charges, which carry up to 20 years in prison. he's pleaded not guilty to all the charges. we heard closing arguments in the case the defense says -- attacked the credibility of the
1:29 pm
girl. saying she was a willing participant that night, and she fabricated the allegations in order to insulate herself from school gossip, the prosecution says that the defendant led her to a secluded area on the campus, the rooftop of that math and science building in order to carry out the alleged assault there, it all occurred as part of a schuylkill tour, a school tradition, where graduating seniors sought out underclass men for sexual conquests before they left the school the school has said the it's not emblematic of their values. it's not just the defendant, but the school as well that's being evaluated. a tragic story in europe, where dozens of people believed to be refugees were found dead in an abandoned truck. it comes as the migration crisis takes place. as we await president obama's
1:30 pm
remarks, i'll speak with the city editor of the new orleans times pi times.
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we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! in a week where thousands of refugees poured across borders, up to 50 refugees were found dead today in the back of a truck in austria. officials said they had died of suffocation and had been there for some time. angela merkel who was meeting with leaders called on the eu to take quick action of the refugee crisis, saying the world's eyes are upon us. an estimated 3,000 people a day are crossing into the balkans. germany is expected to receive 800,000 asieh them seekers this year. christopher, thank you for joining us. in the past week or so we've seen europe's refugee crisis
1:34 pm
explode. hungary is building a border fence. what do you think the appropriate solution to the problem is? >> well, i think i would be a welcome person in europe if i could tell them what an appropriate solution is. >> is there a solution? >> there's almost no solution, there's a terrible problem. you have all this pressure, people wanting to come in from the middle east. complete turmoil from africa, north afterry car, there's a lot of poverty and a lot of political turmoil. they look at europe as the promised land. europe has no history of immigration like this. we have lots of immigration problems here in the united states. this is a nation of immigrants. this is no nation in europe that is a nation of immigrants. they give people political asieh them, they don't accommodate them, they have trouble dealing with them. they keep trying to pass the problem from one country to another. a lot of them come in from italy, and italy funnels them quickly to the north.
1:35 pm
you have places on the french coast near the english channel where you have this backup of people who want to go to england and are willing to risk their lives and often die trying to get across the english channel. >> people are coming from poverty, driven by war. should we address places like the syrian conflict now dragging into its fifth year of conflict? could that be a starting point? >> if you could resolve the syrian conflict. then obviously that would be a factor lowering the incentive for people to try to get to europe. a lot of the syrian refugees didn't want to leave syria many they didn't want to come to europe. they wanted to prosper in their own country. until this war, many of them were doing that. >> you talked about how in some cases, countries like italy, perhaps even greece are letting the refugees come in, but then
1:36 pm
facilitating, letting them move on to northern europe, is there a dynamic that there's no single cohesive policy to address this issue? >> they keep saying we're going to have a policy. they tried to have naval efforts, a couple different variations often naval themes. when they rescue people at sea, that is drawing people out of north africa and the middle east to be rescued. it's a horrible situation, a horrible human tragedy every day now. >> there seems that 50 people that died, a big part of this component are the smugglers, the smugglers that are making millions of dollars on -- >> many, many millions if not billions over the long run. >> is there anything that can be done to target the smugglers who are feeding this refugee crisis? >> there is an effort to target them, they're targeting the smugglers who are bringing them on boats from libya. through the balkans, but when they get rid of some smugglers,
1:37 pm
there are only others replacing them. >> several shelters in germany have been seeing more refugees. how worried are you about the rise of some of these anti-immigrant anti-immigrants. >> it's what we've seen in germany, the netherlands, we're seeing it in great britain as well. countries that are normally very liberal, all of a sudden people are saying, we just can't take it, we can't accommodate all these people, all these immigrants, this they don't have any policy that makes any sense, they're not able to turn back hundreds of thousands of people coming across their border. >> it's a crisis that is getting worse every day. be sure to check out christopher's latest book.
1:38 pm
now moving on to weather, tropical storm erika continues to move across the caribbean. it's expected to remain a tropical storm over the next few days, continues to make its way toward the united states. today it's being blamed for four deaths on the island nation of dominica and could hit puerto rico and the virgin eye lands as early as tonight. what are the conditions like there in puerto rico, and where is this storm heading in relation to where we are here in the u.s.? >> reporter: ayman, let me tell you that our first -- at first the hurricane center has come out with new predictions, and it looks like tropical storm erica is going to pass over the center of puerto rico. look at the conditions right now, this is what surfers live for. people are in the water, even though the red flags are out, which is an advisement not to go in the water, the waves picked up, the winds have picked up, conditions will deteriorate
1:39 pm
greatly in the next 12 hours, in fact we expect to see the worst of the storm, sometime between 8:00 tonight and 8:00 in the morning. as you mentioned, we saw what happened on the island of dominiqua, there are four people confirmed dead, the floods are awful, just really devastating. to that island nation. so they are expecting as much as eight inches of rain here, it's a glass half full situation. they're in a drought here, they need the rain, although that much rain that quickly could trigger mudslides on the island. it looks like a good scene at the beach. i will tell you, just a couple hundred yards away, most of the stores are closing in anticipation of the storm. the hotel where we're staying at is boarding up some of those windows and preparing for a rough night. ayman. >> stay safe down there today. ten years ago, today, hurricane katrina was bearing down on the gulf coast.
1:40 pm
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this is what it's like in downtown new orleans right now. it is just after 8:20 in the morning eastern time. >> mobile, the storm surge really coming through now, and we are just waiting for the rest of downtown. >> i was speaking to the governor a moment ago, trying to get a handle on these rumors and reports coming out of new orleans right now. we're hearing persistent rumors of levees that have been breached, no the water is rising above the levee. there's an industrial canal, it's also overflowing its banks. in her words, it's bad, it's very bad. >> that was the scene on the gulf coast ten years ago, one of the deadliest storms in american history, claimed the lives of 1200 people and forever changed
1:44 pm
the region. >> just moments from now, president obama will deliver remarks from new orleans to commemorate the tenth anniversary of that storm. the president arrives in the city reborn. the big easy boasts one of the fastest economic growth rates in the country because in 2007 and 2012 its economy gruel nearly 30%. new orleans has recovered 78% of its prekatrina population. the city still bears scars, the childhood poverty rate was at 40%, essentially unchanged. murder is up 30% this year, and a new system of charter schools has produced vast differences in outcomes between black and white children. joining me now is jermaine lee, julia reid who wrote the house on first street, and jed horn, city editor of the times picayune when katrina struck.
1:45 pm
the near death of a great american city. let's start with tremayne. i know you covered that story when the hurricane happened. what can we expect president bush to touch on today. >> i would be remiss if i didn't say how much of a pleasure it is to be on with you. i think we should expect the president to come to town and talk about the partnership between local and federal officials who have been able to pump a billion dollars into this economy. to get the shiny pretty things back in order, as well as the mechanics, one thing we could expect the presidential address, the underlying inequalities that existed before the storm that are persistent now, there's still so much would be to be dn. that will be the balance he'll strike. there are so many people in this community still suffering, still carrying an undue burden. the most vulnerable people in the city. we'll hear something of a tale of two cities.
1:46 pm
a lot of that is due to the partnership between local and federal officials. >> president obama is expected to say today. i want to play you something that president obama had to say in 2008 about a woman he met from new orleans, take a listen to this. >> america failed that woman long before that failure showed up on our television screens. we failed her again during katrina. tragically, we are failing her for a third time. and that needs to change. it is time for us to restore our trust with her. it's time for america to rebuild trust with the people of the gulf coast. when i am president, i will start by restoring that most basic trust that your government will do what it fakes to keep you safe. >> the theme was trust and restoring that trust between the fell of the region and the american government. did he live up to that promise? >> what everybody wanted and
1:47 pm
clamored for, was at the top of every single priority list was a category 5 flood defense. we have a category 3 defense. one that may not have held up against a katrina. there are much bigger storms out there, the bush administration set in motion a far more feeble rebuild on the levee system, and so, yeah, if we want to be really safe here, the government will ante up, do what the dutch did, build a system that will stand up against 10,000 year weather events. >> what has been gained and lost in the past ten years of recovery? >> well, you know, the good news was, i think the local citizenry got something of a wakeup call, we had a fairly corrupt -- extremely corrupt local and in some levels state government, people realized we do get the government you deserve, new orleans had been lulled into a
1:48 pm
sleepy pattern, we were like the sleepy mississippi, the city was about to just slide in the river anyway. we had no economy to speak of, it's all based on tourism, and locals had sort of given up, and there was not a lot of civic involvement. i think katrina was a wakeup call, i think that there should be -- we need to be mindful of the fact that the poverty gap is huge here, we have the second biggest rich and poor gap in the country. a lot of people in this town are doing really well, more businesses are coming here post katrina than they were before. there's so much work to be done, the school system we just heard, there's a gap between the charter school education, the charter school education, i feel like unless you are in the area of town where we are, the french quarter and all along the sliver by the river which is the highest ground here, which is the least disturbed. it's still kind of a mess.
1:49 pm
the photographs in this book are from the last couple years, to the untrained eye, you would think they were from just after katrina, it shows a lot of what the city looked like before katrina. i think we need to take a broader look at where new orleans is, and not just the upbeat stuff you hear during this anniversary. >> i'm going to ask you three to stay with us. please stay with us, we continue to await president obama's remarks in new orleans, and we'll get an update from wall street where stocks extended their rebound today. the market wrap is next.
1:50 pm
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we're awaiting remarks from president obama who will speak about the recovery in new orleans, ten years after hurricane katrina. we'll go there live in a few moments, we're watching wall street. >> it was a rally in the last
1:53 pm
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1:57 pm
still badly blighted. >> what do you see is the biggest challenges the city faces over the next ten years to come? >> we've had the violence problem since long before katrina. that has to do with the education system and income gap. as the mayor pointed out every day, it takes a few generations, even if you have a stellar school system. we have one better than we did prekatrina. the school system had been taken over by the state. we're on an uphill track from not having any toilet paper or school books. people have more possibilities for the future than they have. that takes a little bit. krinl, i don't know. all my rich friends get really mad at me, because i say, instead of having $5 million
1:58 pm
mardi gras debutante party, which three people i know did last year, have a $2 million party and put $3 million into the hopper. certainly, like i said, the civic activism we have a long way to go on that front. we need to get our hands dirty. >> one of the things we were talking about was the repopulation of the city. the city's neighborhoods have recovered 90% of their population. one of the hardest hit neighborhoods has only recovered 37% of its population, it raises the question as to whether or not the recovery has left behind those who needed it most at the time. >> that's right. when you think about this beautiful rugged city, you talk about neighborhoods like the lower 9th ward. you're talking about african-american artists and
1:59 pm
musicians and homemakers and employees and workers and residents who are all part of this beautiful multiethnic fabric. with that many people gone this culture couldn't help but take a hit, you look at the lower 9th ward and patch by patch you see one home that's rebuilt and you see the grassy overgrown lot, and you see a community still struggling to pull itself together, families still struggling to pull themselves together. you hope in the next ten years we'll see more progress, when you talk to people on the ground, so many in the lower ninth ward, they wonder if there is any bright light, not only are they straddled with the physical manifestations of rebuilding, but the emotional and traumatic sense of their families and communities being torn apart. we talk about this rebuilding, not to be cliche, we're talking about that tail of two different worlds. >> thank you all three of you for your insight. the president is expected to
2:00 pm
take the stage at any moment. jonathan picks up our live coverage next. thank you many. i'm jonathan capehart, president obama is about to give a speech in new orleans to mark the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. when that happens, we will bring it to you live. donald trump responds to his new white supremacist fan club, and local police departments get the go ahead to use weaponized drones. we'll tell you where ahead. >> first, we are fast approaching the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina, president obama is in new orleans, where he will mark the anniversary by speaking at a newly opened community center in the lower 9th ward. you remember hurricane katrina slammed into the louisiana coast on august 29th, 2005, a decade later, new orleans is still recovering, let's go live t


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