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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 28, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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ward look like the rest of the city. and that is -- that's my goal. that is my goal. and i'm going to continue to fight to get it every day. >> well that does it for me this hour. i'm ayman mohyeldin. have a great weekend. michael eric dyson picks up live coverage next. i'm michael eric dyson. tonight hillary clinton under attack for comparing republican rivals to terrorists. plus rivals donald trump and ted cruz team up to rally for a common cause. and a secret star wars trailer revealed. progressives though have flooded the twin cities. democratic candidates are in minneapolis for the party summer greeting. crowds packed the event to hear who they hope will be the next president of the united states. voters were particularly eager to hear a follow up to hillary clinton's fiery commentary on women's health. on thursday he compared gop candidates to extremists. >> we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. but it is a little hard to take
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coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. yet they espouse out of date and out of touch policies. >> a republican national committee spokesperson said she needs to apologize. clinton showed no signs of concession today. >> i know that when i talk like this, some people think there she goes again with the women's issues. republicans actually say i am playing the gender card. [ laughter ] well, if calling for equal pay and paid leave and weems health -- women's health is playing the gender card, deal me in. >> her criticisms included a one-two punch. starting with a jab at trump and ending with a swipe at jeb bush. >> trump actually says he would do a much better job for women than i would.
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now, that is a general election debate that is going to be a lot of fun. [ applause ] >> all the candidates running on the democratic ticket climbed the stage today with one exception, former virginia center jim webb opted out. he's moving his daughter into college this week. but the conflict isn't just a coincide. a top aid said webb wants his absence to send a message. he's not happy with what he perceives as the hillary clinton favoritism. he wasn't the only candidate with a message about hillary clinton. >> all through these almost 30 years of public service i've had no scandals. that is not easy in rhode island. so i'm proud of that. high ethical standards. >> bernie sanders stayed away from clinton commentary. >> we do not need more establishment politics or establishment economics. >> martin o'malley delivered an
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appeal to progressives. >> democrats understand the enduring symbol of our nation is not the barb wire fence. it is the statue of liberty. >> joe biden was absent at the meeting but out of sight, not out of mind. a series of meetings with potential allies have only fueled the buzz. the draft biden super pac set up a command center at the convention had supporters work the room. joining me now my panel. what is your reaction to hillary clinton's strong words to slam republican candidates? do you think she has anything to apologize for? >> i think she wants to make it very clear that the republican
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party has been against weems health. she know that right now. >> is hillary clinton gambling by invoking terrorist groups and drawing what some consider to be a very questionable parallel? >> well i mean first of all it was more of a perpendicular than a parallel. she's saying look we expect this stuff from terrorists but we don't expect it from these guys. so, you know, you are kind of distinguishing between the two groups right there. but i think she loves the fact that the attention is on this comment and this contrast on women's issues between her and the republican party rather than on who was, you know, what spies were getting into her e-mail because it wasn't secure. or the fbi agents looking into it.
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is she a target or just a gentle inquiry? those aren't the kind of questions they want asked. this is perfect for her. >> jonathan, bernie sanders has pledged to remain above board and not deal with personalities but issues. and on the other hand lincoln chafee took a swipe at clinton with regard to her e-mail practices. which strategy do you think benefits democrats more? >> well clearly bernie sanders' strategy of keeping it on the issues. and one of the things very interesting about that is if joe biden does run, is it possible
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>> if they are. to jump into the race. >> i think hillary still has to be able to prove herself, that she is straightforward and authentic. and what joe has, vice president joe biden has. he is joe. he's accessible. he knows his foreign policy. he knows america. he knows politicking and i think people are trying to find out if hillary clinton can't show her authenticity that you need someone to drive passion to the polls. and biden can actually do that
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if for democratic party. >> is there any -- over active or hyperactive analysis about this being so distant or do you think there is something real to that. >> there was a recent exchange she did with folks on black lives matter. it was a secret tape. you saw the real hillary clinton. you actually saw her engage and talk and have the sense that she was -- she had let her guard down. and that is what voters want to see. i don't think that it is -- i don't think there is sexism when you say, you know, you have a cold candidate. that was the same problem with mitt romney. he was kind of a cold candidate. i think what folks want a little more of the real hillary. and we sort of stau that right after she stepped off of being secretary of state. talking off the cuff. she was relaxed. and you almost felt she was ready for presidency because she actually had grown into her own skin. >> thank you so much for your time tonight. ahead this hour, republican
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president obama addressed the disagreement today during a web cast with the jewish federations of north america. >> we repeated throughout the history of the united states and april have times where the u.s. administration and the israeli government have disagreements. and that does not affect the core commitments that we have to each other. as soon as this particular debate is over, my hope is that the israeli government will immediately want to rejoin conversations that we have started long before about how we can continue to improve and enhance israeli's security in a
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very troubled neighborhood. >> republican opposition is still strong. two candidates fighting for the party's nomination are teaming up to fight against the iran deal. ted cruz has invited donald trump to join a rally in washington next week. reportedly set for september 9th on capitol hill grounds. cruz has been ardent opponent vowing to rip the deal shreds his first day of president. he told chuck todd how he would police iran earlier this month. >> i've taken over some bad contracts. i buy contract where is people screwed up. but i'm really good at looking at contract and finding things even within a contract even if they are bad. would police that contract so tough that they don't have a chance. as bad as the contract is i will be so tough on that contract.
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>> i'm joined now by harold cooke. and dino vidala. what do you make of ted cruz inviting trump this event. >> hi michael. look, this has so little to do with foreign policy and so much to do with politics. this is like showbiz for ugly people. look, cruz has invited trump not because he thinks that this rally or trump is going to be useful part of a public debate over a very, very important nuclear non proliferation agreement. it is because that is where the cameras are going to be and he's sucking up to trump. >> all right. so dean, tell us about the gr p groups running this event. >> there are three groups and they concern me because this could easily go from antiiran deal to anti muslim rally. the american tea party patriots. this is a specific group. it is not the tea party in
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skbrenl. a specific group. and the center for security policy, all three have done their shake of soaking the flames against hate against muslims in this country. frank gaffney. antidefamation thing. same thing. frank gaffney is known as notorious. banned from cpac. antimuslim bigotry is so off the charts. cpac doesn't want him there. he's teaming one these people. i hope when donald trump finds out he says i don't want to be connected with these kind of bigots. and that will be a great move from my community's point of view frankly as the muslim. as well as saying no to bigotry. will send a great message. >> cruz has decided to go --. politics at play here sf. >> michael. i don't think so.
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i don't think ted cruz's ego would allow him to angle for a spot on anybody else's ticket. i really do think he's got at shot, he think he's got a shot, to be president. and this is a strategic move on ted cruz's part to saddle his -- saddle up to trump with the assumption. and it may not be a wrong one, that trump will sooner or later implode. and when that happens ted cruz will be the inheriter of trump's support, which is substantial in the republican primary electorate. but you know, i think it is actually not a bad strategy on cruz's part. unless you decide that trump isn't going to implode. which i don't agree with. so if he does inherit some of that support, i think ted cruz stands to gain substantially in the polls. now cruz still has a huge hill to climb though. because every time he saddles up to trump, he makes it less
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likely that he's going to be able to bump out of that wing of the republican party and gain enough support to be a serious contender for the nomination. >> can i say briefly, a trump/cruz ticket would be the democratic dream. trump viewed negatively by latinos. the second worst view is ted cruz. unless they can get 45% of the latino people's vote the republicans they could not win. and i think it would be a dream. >> sure. and jorge ramos can interview them. >> does this business expense translate to dealing with foreign leaders? or is this a bunch of bluster that really has nothing to do with what foreign leaders are about. >> i think he would turn into a may amazing reality show. cameras there as he's screaming at foreign leaders.
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i think his business experience on one level will give help with negotiating certain things. but you're dealing with people with negotiations. he's donald trump, a billionaire. with more people than people he's negotiating with. the foreign leaders, they might be from a foreign country but they are not going to be view themselves as lesser than donald trump. and he'll make sure it's vigilantly adhered to and that is actually a responsible comment by donald trump. >> harold cooke and dino, thanks for joining us. florida braces for tropical storm erika. the updated forecast and details of how the city is repairing and preparing next. and george w. bush discusses the all-time low of his presidency as he returns to new orleans 10 years after katrina. ♪
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a storm is nearing the florida coast but florida governor is wasting no time calling the storm a severe threat, declaring a state of emergency and telling floridians to get ready. >> hopefully we can always prepare for the worst and hope for the best and hopefully that's what will happen who are. but right now we've got to continue to be prepared. woe know we've had a lot of people that moved to florida since the last time we had a hurricane. make sure you are really taking the time to understand the impact of this. >> it's almost ten years since a hurricane has hit florida yet residents are heeding the warnings. yesterday this picture tweeted out of empty shelves. the storm has already killed 12
2:27 pm
in dominica. and the island's infrastructure is in tatters. and still ahead, george w. bush reflects on hurricane katrina. and awakened star wars fans across the galaxy. stick around. i'm eamon javirs with your market wrap. due to the recent market turmoil, stanley fisher, the vice chairman of the federal reserve told cnbc it is too early to tell if interest rates will be raised next month. that is it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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hurricane katrina is a story of loss beyond measure. it is also a story of commitment and compassion. >> president george w. bush returned to new orleans today for the 10th anniversary today of hurricane katrina. bush praised the recovery of the city and the strides the school system has made a decade after the crossovatastrophe. >> now you have new orleans as the beacon for school reform. >> president bush on the other hand did not receive much praise during the storm. the death toll climbed upwards of 1800 people. the bush administration was slammed for its weak response. while thousands of people still
2:32 pm
lacked homes, medical care, food and water, george bush praised the fema director. >> i want to thank you all for -- and browny you're doing a heck of a job. the fema director is working 24 -- >> frustration quickly turned to rage. during a live tele-thon, kanye west says george bush doesn't care for black people. he called the commentary from west the all-time low point of his presidency. new orleans has made remarkable strides but george bush's legacy remains fresh in people's minds. tremaine, what have you heard from new orleans residents about bush's visit? and let's remind people that you have deep and profound roots there. >> i was here 10 years at as a young reporter. and i waded through the water and witnessed unspeakable hurt and pain and also that
2:33 pm
resilience. when you talk about george w. bush the one image people remember is the optics of that photograph. flying above all of the disaster in the airplane. and people wondering where is the president? where is his voice? also the presence of local and state leaders. people in the community so abandoned. and a lot of people perceived not only was this a man-made disaster for failure to maintain the levee system but also failure by government to help these residents. there were over 30,000 people rescued from attics and rooftops in the days a after. and they felt abandoned and folks had to come in with helicopters in order to help come rescue people. and volunteers and officers. and the feeling was they were abandon abandoned. it is a different picture at least from the optics we saw
2:34 pm
today. when you saw black school children surrounding george w. bush. a far cry from one of the worst moments of his presidency. what is also striking during president bush's speech. they touted the school system. this will be the first all charter school district in the country. some say that is about innovation. i was speaking to a lawyer yesterday who is a long time resident here. he said one thing the reforming and reshaping of the school district was kind of erode a black middle class. before there was black union members and that was a source of black power and that's been ero eroded. it's a mixed bag. >> we've now had a black president for six years. has an african american president made a difference, a substantial transformation of the terrain there? has he toured the ninth ward and other places? and has that made a significant difference? and are the people satisfied
2:35 pm
with his efforts to spark the recovery of new orleans? >> it is kind of two sided here. of course, you know, black folks in general love president barack obama. right? >> yeah. >> secondly depends on how we're measuring progress in this community. because of the partnership between the local state and federal governments you would over a billion dollars in federal funding pumped in a brand new hospital replaced the old crumbling charity hospital. there are new stores and businesses and small business loans and grants have spurred economic growth here. but on the flipside of that. and also the shiny new dome on the superdome. and when you go to the seventh word and ninth ward and fifth ward and see how so many black communities are still crumbling. abandoned lots and abandoned families. families who felt abandon on so
2:36 pm
many levels it's hard to see how those people have benefitted from all the money pumped into the city over the last ten years. >> what do you think has changed. >> people will point to the nice shiny things but on the flipside they say it hasn't changed much from those who already had been struggling before the storm. and they say there is some sort of celebration happening katrina is ten that. doesn't sit right for them. and so much progress and so many people left behind. >> tremaine, thank you for your time tonight. now i'd like to bring in dr. howard john webly. and assistant professor of english and african studies at the university of pennsylvania and co-founder of "a long walk home." your group has been working on katrina recovery. doing an excellent job i might add. can you tell us about your efforts and what's still needed? >> we realized a lot of federal
2:37 pm
money wasn't going to the areas that were most deeply impacted. so from day one we've been down on the ground from seventh and ninth wards. helping churches and repair the community of faith. and the also helped sponsor five pastors for two years. without a congregation they didn't even have salaries. so we were able to pay their full time salaries so they could stay in the grounds and be a faithful presence. and we've helped now with health screens and book bags full of school supplies. when katrina happened we got 5,000 bags of groceries for a whole week for families just trying to put our feet on the ground and hands on people's hearts. >> professor, i asked tremaine lee about the distinction between, the sharp contrast between, president george w. bush whom kanye west claims did
2:38 pm
no it care ant black people. and it was about political resources in a time of crisis toe vulnerable communities. what about president obama's responsibility in the six years since then? has he done a good job? has he ponied up so to speak? we mentioned some things mentioned from tremaine lee but what about the care and concern of that community, especially the poor black ones? >> i think it shows a different point of view. he says katrina exposed inequities that were deep seated and long held and centuries old. i think this in that point the perspective is different. but i do think the issue of new orleans and this is the irony of bush's return there is he's championing privatization of public schools there through charter schools. that is probably one of the biggest areas which we see low income communities are still disproportionately being hurt by the government's efforts. so the whole reform is in line
2:39 pm
with an obama administration tactic or strategy to revitalize a reform education so in that sense as the the problematic position. but i do think in this issue, bush and obama appear to be different even if the policies are aligned around the privatization of public school -- >> and the convergence at the level of policy. doctor, what was your initial reaction to george bush's response to the hurricane in 2005. >> utter disbelief. from the south side of chicago i was kind of like kanye. i couldn't believe the president in time of crisis like this was so slow to respond when the media was flooding with images of people being stranded, of there not being adequate resources, supply, water, etc. etc. and to see that image again of the president flying by looking over. it just struck at the heart of many americans that the president would be seemingly so apathetic in time of crisis.
2:40 pm
>> right. professor, you were familiar with the work of kanye west. you have studied it. you have talked about it. that was a signal moment. he said it was the worst day of his presidential life, bush said. but also summoning the power of hip hop and art to effect the populations of these peoples. was that a precursor in some way for black lives matter and a disruption. even though that was a gentle disruption. did that bring that about? the consciousness of people to become active the way they have been. >> i think kanye was building on a kind of critique that pop artists were having against bush when it came to the population of iraq. green day is american idiots or the dixie chicks and their outspoken myth of the occupation of iraq. but do think kanye west's moment and it was a pivotal moment for those in our generation. it meant lot. and i do think it created maybe
2:41 pm
a kind of rhetoric and a kind of deep sensitivity that artists can have towards political issues. i also think though, the push back that kanye had with that and then later on we see it with the mtv music awards and taylor swift meant he was no longer going to be that engaged and that politically active. so think there was a cost and we're experiencing it in real time. so it also is an a advent of a new technological moment where politics are played out in different ways and all responding to it and i think kanye was summoning the energy of a group of hip hop artists and also a generation now coming of age with black lives matter. >> and dr. wesley, what about the black pulpit in regard to summoning that kind of critical and creative insight and criticism of the broader society in which we live but specifically as it relates to resources for these vulnerable
2:42 pm
populations. what is the role and responsibility of our black pulpit to anticipate what kanye west was doing perhaps with even greater velocity. >> to expose these deep seated unsettled feelings and at the same time motivate the hearts of listeners to have a positive response. i think where kanye falls flat is that it's a criticism but there is no answer. no response frosmt the pulpit interpretive ivperspective i wo like to challenge but then promote a remedy where we as a people could do something about it. what bush couldn't do we found across the nation to do what he couldn't do. >> all right. thank you so much. still ahead. north dakota police have a new vantage point when it comes to crime fighting. the details are next.
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>> ironically this is the
2:48 pm
opposite of what the bill's sponsor intended. state representative rick becker's original draft placed strong restrictions on drone use by police. using a drone would require a warrant and there would be a bannon on all weapons. the final version was influenced by a police lobbying group with ties to the drone industry. much to the frustration of becker. he told police in my opinion there should be a nice red line. drones should not be wednesdapo. some north dakota law enforcement officials are unhappy with the bill for the opposite reason. they think it is too restrictive. bob rost of grand forks county sheriff told the daily beast the bill was ridiculous and police shouldn't need a twoorwarrant t drones in surveillance. still to come. jeb and the donald spar on the
2:49 pm
campaign trail. their war of words, next.
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donald trump has a big weekend ahead. tonight he'd speak to the media outside a private fund-raiser in boston. tomorrow a speech in nashville. and republican sarah palin says she's going to interview trump tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on our one america news network show. i'm sure my next guest will find that fascinating. despite the ongoing coverage of his spat with jorge ramos, trump is still hitting one of his favorite targets, jeb bush. here's what he said earlier on
2:53 pm
"morning joe." >> if you look at the polls, he's not really second any more. he's fourth and fifth in a lot of the polls. i've always assumed that he would be a primary competitor. i guess that's why i'm hitting him harder than others. i like him. he's a nice person. he's a low energy person, no question about it. >> low energy. jeb bush responded to trump's ribbings in norfolk earlier today. >> this is the guy who is the front-runner. he should be treated as a front-runner, not as some kind of alternative universe to the political system. if that's the case, then you're going to have a different conversation about mr. trump. let's have a debate about the ideas that people have as candidates. when we do, i think i'll do a lot better than mr. trump. >> jeb bush is getting back from eric cantor some backing. >> there's no question that jeb bush will win the presidency running against mr. trump or running against ms. clinton. >> we'll see how that support turns out.
2:54 pm
cantor left congress in a year ago. he lost his seat in a shocking upset during the primaries to a little known college professor. hey, let's not beat up on college professors. let me bring in executive vice president at media. does eric cantor's endorsement really, you know, shake the rafters and make people excited? >> you know, i hope it doesn't take away from the excitement of dan quayle's endorsement, i got to be honest with you. no, eric cantor was ousted by his constituents for insufficient evil one year ago, which would make it funny. but it will cement jib's status as the ideological front-runner. they created this frankenstein monster of a base and he found a new mad scientist to go live with. >> frankenstein is the doctor himself. jeb bush essentially admitted trump's a legitimate front-runner, so where does he
2:55 pm
go from here? >> i think that's the latest tactic. they realize they weren't going to be able to outtrump trump and now they're begging the media to push back against donald trump to do the works that they should be doing for them. because they realize they're too impoe tent to stand up to him. >> what is an interview between sarah palin and donald trump sound like? >> that's going to be a summit, isn't it? i love it when the right people find each other in this life. it's so hard. another way for sarah palin to stick it to john mccain for ever trusting her, to sit down with a man that endured six years of torture in a p.o.w. camp. give jeb bush the nomination, hillary clinton crushes him and we get to be the hate hillary network for the next four years. they do better at being the hate obama network. if they get hillary in office,
2:56 pm
they're made. now that whole plan is gone. the very fact that donald trump is exposing the dark ugly underside of this party, the white nationalism which he didn't create he's just the logical conclusion of it. roger ailes has a big problem. how do you keep your own rubes in the paddock? >> the actual network that it's on. one america news was actually founded two years ago and the founder of that company basically founded on the principle that fox news is too liberal and it needs to cater to a much more conservative far right extreme audience that can't get a satisfaction from watching fox news any longer. it has been expanding very slowly. i think given the past weeks and the recent back and forth between donald trump and roger ailes, the fact that he's going on this channel, which he's never done before, which no major person has ever done before is a very revealing sign and should be more of an immediate alarm and shot across
2:57 pm
the bow for roger ailes because it says that donald trump might be willing to play more hardball than he already has been. >> john, let me let you listen to this. jeb bush gets guff for being politically tone deaf. here was his response to the two journalists killed in virginia this week. >> it's a tragedy. i don't have enough details to determine what the reason for all this was. i can't comment on that. but it's clearly a tragedy when you have in a free society this kind of violence take place. >> thank you very much. >> governor, how concerned are you -- >> i'm not concerned about anything. i like hanging out with people. >> he did hold a moment of silence today. but what's your reaction, both of you? i'll start with you, john, to his first response. >> you know, look, george w. bush made his father look like socrates, all right? jeb is making w. look like yoda. and again, it's weird seeing jeb
2:58 pm
in this war with donald trump over ideology. at the end of the day, both jeb bush and donald trump had to work their way up from nothing to be born millionaires. they're both part of the lucky sperm club. ideologically there's not a lot of difference between them. >> angelo? >> when i saw that reaction, the first thing i thought was that's exactly the same kind of reaction he had just a few months ago when that individual shot up a black church. >> yep. >> in south carolina, and he refused to say that there was any racial motivation behind it even though that individual's white supremacist writings had been reported. instead he took the conservative media argument that it was a sign of the liberal war on religion because it took placer it for the racism that it was. >> how do you both talk about trump versus bush, given your assessment especially, john, about the competition between these two men. are they trying to out-right
2:59 pm
each other a? >> no, jeb's not running for that at all. he's been positioning himself as the electable boring moderate since he endorsed mitt romney via a letter to a paper. >> do you think he's being pushed further to the right because of trump's zino phobia? >> no, he's expecting trump to implode and him being the alternative. >> angelo, 30 seconds left. >> jeb bush has been willing to go on extreme right-wing radio programs in iowa. he's willing to talk to the extreme part of the base. i do think he's doing it in a very watered-down way, which is why trump is much more effective at it and jeb just proves trump's point because every time jeb tries to respond to that he sounds inauthentic. >> but authenticity on the right week to be xenophobic. >> you can be authentic and be totally wrong about everything.
3:00 pm
>> thank you for your time tonight. i'm michael eric dyson. "politics nation" with the reverend al sharpton starts right now. right now on "politics nation," donald trump's grip on the gop. why aren't republicans trying to shake loose? we'll go live outside boston where trump is on the campaign trail. also, a verdict in the rape trial putting one of the nation's most elite prep schools in the spotlight. ten years after katrina, a complicated return to new orleans for former president bush. and the cast of "the wiz" falls in place. reaction from one of the stars on the "today" show. welcome to "politics nation." we begin with donald trump's hold on