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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  August 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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emmett till's mother mamie till mobley. i am inspired as we continue to fight injustices, unfairness and racism. i'm inspired by how she never gave up the fight for justice for her son until her dying day. we must continue. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. could it really be trump versus hillary next year? let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. if you didn't think donald trump had a prayer of going against hillary clinton next year, don't be so sure. if you don't think hillary had fire in her belly, you didn't catch her today. tonight we await another one of the donald trump fireworks displays. the rebellion he's leading against the republican
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establishment, i.e., jeb bush, is gaining force tonight. he's pummeling the gop prince like a falling monarchy putting in jab after jab as the son and brother of presidents slinks deeper and deeper into the single digits. as we end this punishing week for the bushes, it's hard to imagine that a fan of the bush dynasty surviving even until the month of september. we'll bring you donald trump tonight live from a fund-raiser in massachusetts as soon as he's ready, probably about halfway through the show. hallie jackson is up there. how is the crowd, how's the mood? >> pretty posh crowd. the campaign estimates about 800 people, many paying $100 at the front when they check in to come through to this fund-raiser essentially. it's a beautiful estate here in massachusetts, about a half hour outside boston. everyone is enjoying hors d'oeuvres on the lawn and cocktails. he'll be taking questions from the media.
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we expect that to happen maybe in the next half hour or so. you will hear the band playing now. that will stop presumably when trump gets here. he'll be speaking at the podium, but tonight won't be the last we hear from him in norwood, at least. he's going to be on sarah palin's program. she's got this new political talk show. donald trump, jeb bush, ted cruz will all be featured on there. palin went on a kind of a discussion today of what she called these gotcha questions to trump about his religion, about his favorite bible verse, whether he liked the old testament or new testament. that could be one of the questions trump gets tonight along with this question of why he's collecting money when he said he doesn't need to collect donations. i talked to some folks, why did you write a hundred dollar check to come in here? this guy is a billionaire. we wanted to be a token. we wanted to show him we support him. trump has called these donations, even the small ones, investments in his campaign. tonight hoping to gather many
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more of them. >> is this a regular person's party? or is the old yankee posh crowd? >> it's pretty posh. there's some floor length gowns. everybody's got the sport coats and the ties on. i wish you could see the house. we're stuck in this location. but it's a beautiful estate. the guy who is throwing this event really well known here in massachusetts. kind of a car czar. he owns a bunch of dealerships. >> yeah, that's regular. >> it looks though few expenses were spared. >> thanks so much hallie jackson up there in mass. we're here with mother jones david corn, aid dolpho franco, joy reid, that's the great joy reid, and "the washington post's" jonathan heyward. i think the news of the last four weeks, maybe a couple months, is not so much that donald trump will be the nomi e nominee. who knows? to me it's 52-yard pickup. but the cards are in the air. whatever was the republican
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establishment is fa contact ta right now. no one believes that the republican party is dying to keep the bush dynasty. your thoughts? am i right? >> i think you're right. bush had a hard time at the beginning. he's not charismatic. he has the bush baggage. >> he's down to what, 7? >> down to 7 points. the base was not screaming for the restoration of the bush monarchy. but what trump is doing is i think he's showing that it's not necessarily one wing of the party versus at wing of the party -- >> it's not right versus center right? >> there's a current running through the republican electorate. moderates, conservatives. >> it's juice. >> it's anger, deep satisfaction, deep frustration. he's the one who is pressing the button who is making an emotional connection with all republicans across the ideological spectrum. bush certainly doesn't do that. and the question is is there
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anybody else of the 16 remaining dwarfs who can compete with trump? >> before we go to the rest, let's take a look deeper at the republican rebellion trump is riding. since republicans took back control of congress their favorability has plummeted. 68% of republicans view their own party favorably, down 18 points since january. 37% view john boehner favorable and mitch mcconnell is down to 34%. just to show this isn't symmetric here. 85% of democrats approve of the job president obama's doing right now. 85% of democrats are happy with him. the republican leadership is way down in the 30s. why don't they like them? >> here's the problem with the establishment of the republican party. there's a huge frustration and expectation that the establishment will do something to put the brakes on the obama administration. we all know that's very difficult to do.
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that's why the president's popular. easy to be the president and have the popularity be with one individual rather than 535 members of congress. look, chris, we are talking august -- >> okay. come back in six months. tell me what's going on right now. your guy is 7%. >> my guy -- >> you think that's not significant. >> there's 16 other guys that we have. >> is there anybody in the country who doesn't know who jeb bush is, doesn't know his father was president, doesn't know who his brother was? >> sure. where was romney at this time -- >> he always says it's way too early. >> donald trump will not be the nominee of the republican party. >> if that's all you have to say. >> no, it isn't all i have to say. >> try to explain to me why donald trump is leading. >> well, because he is touching on discontent with the republican establishment, there's no question about that. but so is marco rubio, so is ted
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cruz, so is rand paul. >> three leaders in the republican party in the latest polling are all nonoffice holders. forget ideology for a second. you have a point here. three nonoffice holders. donald trump who has never been elected. maybe student politics. i've never checked his records. he's always asking us to check obama's records. dr. ben carson, who is a good man. he's in the wrong business right now. he was in the right business. he's a genius, people say. carly fiorina has moved up. three people that never held political office does tell you something of what they think of the officialdom, the personages of the republican party, if you will. >> what's really fascinating is that donald trump seems to have perfected something that ted cruz tried to do in the senate which was to wage this very public war of the people against the party bosses. >> like mitch mcconnell's a liar. >> exactly. he was going to show them up in
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the senate because what you're hearing on the right and what trump is taking advantage of is the fact that politics is not that complicated. the people will support you if you do what you say you're going to do. why are democrats happy with president obama? because he said he was going to give them universal health care and, damn it, he did it. he said he would get osama bin laden. he did it. whereas the republicans keep promising the right that they're going to do very conservative things and when they get in office they say, well, you know, we really can't do that constitutional amendment to end gay marriage. we really can't ban all abortion. you really need to slow down on that immigration talk because we really can't seal the border. we kind of want that -- >> they won't pass a bill. >> they don't do what the base wants them to do, but they stoke that base for the purposes of getting elected, then they let them down. it's not really surprising. >> we have a personage joining
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us now, jauonathan capehart. a deal that the country's had for year, center-right republicans, center-right democrats. the country has been run from the middle for basically our lives. the government went nowhere. always like the french going toward the center. and even with reagan, he moved toward the center as president. now there's a movement by one of the two major parties in the country to do something different. it looks like they want to do something different. your thoughts? >> look, ronald reagan told probably couldn't be the nominee of his own party because he understood what governing meant. i would take a part of what david corn was talking about and a part of what joy was talking about -- >> how about adolfo? >> sorry, adolfo. you put those together and we see what's going on here. to david's point about donald trump touching on the emotion that the current of emotion that's running through the republican party. i would say that it's anger. it is anger about the direction
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that the country's going in, anger at the president from almost the moment he was inaugurated, you heard people saying that they wanted to take their country back, i want to take my country back. of course there are a whole lot of us thinking take the country back from whom and why? so they're angry about where the country is going. then to joy's point about the frustration, they're angry because, as she was saying, they were promised a lot of things. not just by mitt romney, not by mccain and george bush and others, that never came to pass. and now they see this as an opportunity to really get what they want. >> you know i'm going back to you because your playing defense. i think of the old big house movies with james cagney. when there's a prison break. all of a sudden the guards are being wrestled to the ground. most don't get away. they hold up guards for a while, then get a deal. a couple guys hiding in the
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corner, don't blame me. i'm not part of this break. but there's a prison break going on in the republican party. and you deny it. nobody in authority's winning. >> but this is nothing new, chris. >> nothing new? your party's the most predictable organization in the world. >> no, it isn't. we've seen the tea party and the conservative movement growing for the last two or three years. obviously donald trump has capitalized on this. what this could eventually lead to is a third party. i think there are clearly two republican parties. >> no. >> we've had bushes, we've had mccains. >> we've seen it in britain, we've seen other parties emerge. this is beginning of not a new movement but a new party. >> that's bigger thought than anybody said so far. that's big. is this like the wig party dying and the republican party being born back in the 1850s. >> this happened just the last ten years in britain.
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>> they're not being listened to. they can't -- joy was right. they got to power by riding the tea party tiger. they stoked the base. they had rallies on the capitol against obama care in which tea party people shouted nazis, nazis, nazis about democrats. they use the most hateful politics out there to get elected but they can't satisfy the beast. >> because chris -- >> no. >> joy. >> if you're a tee party member, first of all, remember the establishment bankrolled the tea party. they made nose pthose preprintes bury kennedy with obamacare. those were printed by the establishment. the koch brothers actually funded the tea party. but if you were the average tea party guy you didn't go to the rally to get mitt romney. you went out there for sarah palin. you wanted the hard right agenda
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you marched for and they gave you romney? >> joy, let me follow you up with a real metaphor. could it be that the tea party people were historically wore indian costumes. they pretended to throw tea in the harbor. with the french and their perfumed costumes. align themselves with the indians. and the indians went in there and scalped all the brits and that was part of the story. then they go, oh we didn't know they scalp people. yes, you taught them to scalp people because you paid them by the scalp. could this be an alliance that's become embarrassing for the elite? wait a minute. we've been in alliance with these tea party people now they thing they can run the show. >> i don't know if it's embarrass, but i think the tea party and that movement was leveraged with the expectation it could be tamed. >> no, no, no. >> yes, it was. >> talk about hubris. >> the republican establishment
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i really see we're seeing the beginning of a new movement. in terms of new party. >> last word. >> the ultimate example of this, the national review, who did they put forward? it was in the national review or the weekly standard that said the ultimate champion of the tea party who would ride in and implement the tea party agenda was marco rubio. then rubio gets to town, the establishment loves him. what does he do? he gets on board with immigration reform. the tea party base is like what? it feels like a bait and switch. no matter how much they force rubio on them, they don't want that. >> we have to come back with jonathan because he has to think before he talks. he's used to writing editorials. the hardball roundtable will be back featuring jonathan capehart. we've got an hour of this. i'm sorry, donald trump has just changed our schedule. we're live. donald trump is coming in and i'm going to what they call stretch here right now.
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donald trump who is making all the noise, 28% in polls right now. here's trumpy. >> this not a fund-raiser tonight, just so you understand. we are -- i guess they're paying for some of the basics in terms of -- we have food, i guess 1500 or 2,000 people, but this is not a fund-raiser. we're not doing anything in terms of fund-raising. what they're doing is many of the people come in and they can pay whatever they want. but they're doing something to offset the tremendous cost of food for 2,000 people. but this is not a fund-raiser. >> how is your money situation for the campaign? >> it's great. i'm turning down millions of dollars for the campaign. millions. everybody is offering me money and i don't want it. so i'm turning down millions of dollars and no interest, no interest. and again we have a lot of veterans coming in tonight free. and we're taking care of their food. we have a lot of great people
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coming in. we have wounded warriors here tonight. a lot of wounded warriors. great people, our best people. the wounded warriors are the best and they're coming in free. and some people are making contributions, but only if they want to. if they want, they can make a contribution. we do have people, a woman $7, $12, $19. we see them coming into the office. that kind of donation i want because they invest in the campaign. they feel invested. to me that's very important. it doesn't amount to a lot when you add it up, but to me it's very important. but i turn down a lot of money. one thing i notice today, i was just told there are five or six pacs and they're sort of supporting trump and they're being raised all over the country. pacs. because they want to see something happen with this country and they want to see something good happen. so -- but -- thank you. and i think, i frankly think that's terrific. but i don't know any of these people. but they have five or six pacs are opening up.
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yes, ma'am. >> the protesters that are outside right now. >> i don't see many protesters. i see thousands of people and there's a few protesters. i figured you'd ask that question -- no, that's the way it is. cnn is terrible. cnn, you are cnn? are you with cnn? you people do not cover us accurately at all. so they have a few protesters outside. and they have thousands of people. the first question from cnn is about protesters. yes. >> a campaign theme song yet? >> a theme song, no, but the theme is make america great again. that's the theme. yes, ma'am. go ahead. >> can you -- i know you're going to be announcing your tax plans soon. >> yes. >> but can you explain that and who you're going to raise taxes on? >> okay. >> and are you rejecting tric e trickle-down economics? >> so we'll be announcing a tax plan over the next four weeks, probably some time during the
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month of september. who knows taxes more than me? i know the taxes very well. i would say that probably before the end of september we'll have a very comprehensive plan, and one of the things will be sim plaification. and believe we'll end up with a tax reduction which to me is very important. the united states, we pay the highest taxes in the world. we're going to be asking for a reduction. so i think overall it will be very -- people will be very happy. yes, sir, go ahead. >> you have a controversial casino law here in massachusetts. steve wynn has something in the works. when this started how come you didn't want to build a casino in massachusetts? >> i'm doing so many other things. steve is a friend of mine. i guess that's where it is going. but some other people are also competing. they're good. i don't know what the final outcome is. >> is it good for massachusetts? >> depends on how it all works out but potentially could be. >> female voters that are looking to potentially support you, what do you want to say to them?
4:19 pm
because there has been criticism about it? >> the female vote because ivanka, my daughter, my wife. they feel so strongly about the women's health issues, and they said to me, you know, there's nobody that feels more strongly than me. it's true. women's health issues. as you saw jeb bush was really almost against it. it was terrible. where he didn't want to fund women's health issues. and i will tell you, we will work together and we're going to take care of women. i cherish women. and my daughter and my wife said you have to talk about that. because they know how i feel. ivanka will be part of the campaign, so will melania after september. it's hard to believe what we've accomplished and, no, no, we're not even into september. and to think where we've come. but ivanka and melania, my family is starting to get involved after september 1st. okay? thank you.
4:20 pm
yes, go ahead. >> our governor here in massachusetts, charlie baker, has described some of your comments about women as reprehensible. >> no, he must have been talking about jeb bush. because frankly jeb bush said he didn't want to fund women's health issues then came back a few hours later and said he misspoke. he must be talking about jeb bush, he's not talking about me. >> why is jeb bush a frequent target of yours? >> i would say jeb bush is a frequent target because when this whole thing started, i thought he was going to be the primary competition. but he's drifted very much to the middle of the pack and he's rapidly disappearing. so we're going to have to start looking at somebody else. to what? >> your reaction to eric cantor's endorsement? >> can you imagine you ask eric cantor to endorse you? eric cantor had the biggest loss in the history of the united states congress. it's never happened where a man in that position loses. and he got primaried. i mean, he lost. and then he says, would eric
4:21 pm
cantor -- i wouldn't want his endorsement. okay? yeah, go ahead. >> a lot of choice words for boston mayor marty walsh. what would it take o for him to convince you to make him running mate? >> marty walsh? honestly, i don't know him. he said something nasty about him and i said you failed on the olympics. so i really don't know marty walsh, in all fairness. i hope he does a good job at mayor. i do know tom brady is great, coach kraft is great and bob belichick is great. those are real winners. [ inaudible ] >> you have a problem of mental health in this country and we have to take care of people. and we have to find out who these people are and we have to do something about it. because we have a mental health problem more than anything else. you know, if you look at gun violence, you look, you say, us use the word gun violence,
4:22 pm
chicago has the strictest gun laws in the world, they say. and certainly in the united states and look what's happening over there. you take a look at baltimore. tremendously strict. so many of the places so strict. those are the places that have the biggest problem. we have a mental health problem. we also have an illegal immigrant problem. a lot of the gangs -- it's true. a lot of the gangs in st. louis and ferguson, a lot of the gangs in chicago and the toughest and the meanest, the worst dudes in baltimore, you've seen it, they're illegal immigrants. i'll tell you one thing. if i get in, they are going to be gone so fast out of this country, they're going to be gone so fast. i mean, you take a look at what's happening and you have illegal immigrants at gangs that you wouldn't even believe. they're going to be gone. okay? yeah, go ahead. a lot of questions in this group. wow. how long are we going to be doing this? they're great questions but we got a lot of people out there.
4:23 pm
>> mr. trump, you are in patriots country. >> i am patriots question and i mentioned tom brady. >> yes. and the judge wants the two sides to settle. do you think brady should settle? >> leave tom brady alone, right? we love tom brady! as you know, he's a very good friend of mine. i know tom brady. tom brady is an honest guy, he's a great guy, he's a great champion and winner. leave him alone. yes. >> -- as are many across the -- >> the infrastructure of the country is crumbling. >> what would you do to improve inf infrastructure around here. >> great question. y -- we have to rebuild the infrastructure of the united states. we're supporting countries that don't even like us. we give military weapons to countries who flee as soon as they hear a bullet is shot. i always tell the story of 2,300 humvee s armor plated. a bullet goes off and everybody
4:24 pm
runs and the enemy takes over. 2,300. we have to rebuild our country. we have to rebuild our military. our military is going to be so strong that nobody, nobody is going to mess with us. nobody. and our vets are going to be taken care of. yes, ma'am. >> you made a lot of bold statements throughout the campaign but not a lot of specifics. >> it's coming. you see the immigration plan. build a wall. who likes the idea of a wall? i love it. somebody said, you can't build a wall. you know the great wall of china is 13,000 miles. this wall is 2,000 -- it's really less. but you really need a thousand. so they could do 2,000 years ago they could build the great wall of china but then they say how do you build a house -- give me a break. so easy and it will be great. yes, sir. go ahead. >> the infrastructure, would you have to raise taxes to rebuild it? >> no, i don't think you have to raise taxes at all. there's so much fat in
4:25 pm
washington that if somebody got in that knew what they were doing, you don't have to raise taxes, we want to lower taxes. one more question. yes, go ahead. >> are you going to sign the -- >> i may change them around. i know hedge fund guys that pay almost nothing and make a fortune. i want to see lower taxes and i'll make a determination. but on some people, they're not doing their fair share. these hedge fund guys, i hate to say, many are friends of mine and most of them support hillary clinton and jeb bush. just so you understand. they're not supporting me because i told them i don't want your money. but the hedge fund guys have to pay up. okay. one or two more. go ahead. yes. >> who do you want to face in the general, hillary or -- >> who do i want to face? i really don't care. and i haven't focused on them. i'm focusing on the 16 people that right now are looking to do well. most of them are not doing well at all. a poll just came out -- you
4:26 pm
probably saw the gravis poll. and that poll is we're at 40%, more than 40%. yesterday you had a great poll come out and that's at 28%. we're doing great. in new hampshire we're 35%. public policy, which is 35%. we're leading in iowa, we're leading in new hampshire, we're leading in south carolina, north carolina, the state of nevada, the state of florida. here you have a governor and a senator from florida and not only leading but leading by a lot. people want to see real change, not obama change but real change. really positive. and you know what they want to see more than anything else, they want to see victories. this country doesn't have victories any more. they're going to see so many victories. they may get tired of winning that much. i don't know. it's possible they'll get tired of winning that much. you're going to see so many victories if i'm elected president. okay. thank you all very much. i've got to go.
4:27 pm
you know we had a tremendous crowd at the airport. it was amazing. i hope they were able to come over here. but we were greeted with hundreds and hundreds of people at the airport. there's something happening, there's a movement going on. call it silent majority, call it whatever you want, but there is a movement going on. thank you all very much. >> that's donald trump, of course, taking questions from reporters up in norwood, mass, at what he calls not a fund-raiser. back with our panel, actually i'll call it a roundtable for future reference. it's not a panel. seems to me we were all talking gleefully about how it's all about anger. but there's more. he seems to be promising people a good time. happy days are here again. he said we'll have so many victories we'll get tired of it. there's something like gallows humor in all of that because we're so far from that experience. >> exactly. it's entertaining. we were sort of joking here, but
4:28 pm
he's touching something very real in people. and that is, i think people have lost faith and i think this is not limited to republicans and conservatives in the system and politicians. that's just a clear statement. he's touching that. the problem with this is -- and i think it will run its course, this is entertainment. >> well, promising -- let me go to jonathan. jonathan, he's promising to do something that i think will maybe not a miracle worker for him. he goes after the hedge fund workers in new york, democratic contributors. he said you'll start paying income taxes the same as the working stiff. many of you are democratic contributors. i'm going to nail you guys. i think the people out there are going to like that. your thoughts? >> sure, they're going to like it, but ai dolo hit on something the moment i heard donald trump say, this isn't a fund-raiser. so why did those people pay the hundred bucks to get in there? and of course, they paid for a
4:29 pm
performance. as adolfo said, this is entertainment. they paid $100 to see a one-man show filled with brafbed ao and precious little substance. >> substance? he said he's going to simplify the tax system. there's not a person out there that doesn't wish it was a reasonably uncomplicated document that an honest person without hiring an accountant could fill the hell out. by the way, that's a very democratic idea. that you can actually fill out your own tax form. that is a democratic idea. >> sure, i think, but i think ai doflo is right, this will run its own course. how many times, you see this same one-man show and over again? >> is bernie going to run his course? >> before you start asking -- >> is bernie sanders -- is bernie sanders going to run his course? >> bernie sanders is talking substance. he's not talking about -- >> how do you know where he is -- >> let me disagree for a second with jonathan because i don't think this is about donald trump
4:30 pm
alone opinion i thi alone. it's not a supply issue. it's a demand issue. there are people who want the emotion, they want the anger and the promise. this is what you point to, the potential. and i don't think they'll get tired of hearing this from donald trump if the alternative is listening to jeb bush. >> exactly. amen. >> there is a common ground here left and right. i wish they'd get together on something these pols. you go to laguardia and these great public places, asians come here and africans come here and what do they see? a rat hole. penn station in new york is a rat hole. people say how can i go to capetown or joburg and a beautiful place there. i go to pittsburgh and it's beautiful. junkyards. i'm telling you, that's what he's on to. >> i'm with you on this one,
4:31 pm
chris, because i think it's entertainment for us, the news media. we find it much more entertaining much more than listening to jeb bush policy speech. it's not just people on the far right. i wrote down only one phrase from what trump said and people want to see victories. he's touching on a visceral -- it's anger but it's a sense of people want the sense that the little guy can beat the big establishment, whether the money guys on wall street or the republican establishment in d.c. >> it is my personality. i've been the outsider all my life. >> i'm a winner, i'm a winner. that's what people want. they give people that thing in your gut that says it's those mexicans that are causing your problems, the chinese's fault that you don't have any money. and i'm going to get it back for you. people love it. >> two seconds after he's president, he'll drop all that salesmanship and do the right stuff, i bet. he won't spend a presidency
4:32 pm
deporting people because that would be the end of him. and he doesn't want to have the end of him. there's no victory in deportation. >> that's why the republican base is mad because every single republican pol gets up there and don't deliver. then you get this. >> all they got to do is sign the senate bill, all they have to do is sign the senate bill. the roundtable is waiting to come back. we will be back. but the donald trump show continues tonight. he'll give a speech tonight. another barn burner. we'll look for new stuff. going after the interests of the guys on wall street is new news. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today.
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4:36 pm
so they have a few protesters outside and they have thousands of people and the first question from cnn is about protesters. >> ha! dismissal of a major network. as we await remarks of donald trump. he'll speak soon. let's get back to norwood, mass. there's hallie jackson. thank you, there you are. is this a fund-raiser or isn't it? it's become an issue. >> well, it's a question and a fair one to ask. donald trump says it is not a fund-raiser. you heard him say that when i asked about people making donations. he's talked a lot about the fact that he doesn't need these donations. he's independently wealthy and using his money to fund his campaign. he is accepting donations and he talked about how those are investments. now, are there people writing checks to get in here or at least at the entrance to this estate? yes. at the same time trump said tonight -- you heard him say in his press conference -- that they didn't have to, they could
4:37 pm
come in and pay nothing. >> is that true? can you get -- >> i can tell you that we have talked to people who paid money to come here. that's not the say -- there's 800 people or more back there. we'll get boots on the ground and doreporting on that. we asked who did you turn down millions from. but he continued on with his answer. the fund-raising question is just that, a question. >> they look relatively well-fed that group up there. i think they're doing final financially. let me ask you about the crowd outside protesting. what's the nature of the protest, can you tell? who are they? >> yeah, yep. people coming out -- essentially pro choice protesters talking about trump's record on women, furious abowith his record. there are maybe two dozen maybe more. trump as you heard from that soundbite that you played, did, obviously, as you called it a dismissal of the cnn reporter
4:38 pm
who asked about those protesters given that there are a lot of supporters here. you heard trump get a bunch of questions on his record on women's issues, women's rights and women's health. that's something that's dogged him for the last couple of weeks. his response is that he points to what his daughter said, what his wife said, that he has a great record on women's health. he turns around and slams jeb. we'll see more of his family on the campaign trail starting possibly as soon as next week. after september 1st, you'll see his family out on the trail more as his surrogates as his campaign picks up steam. >> the young kids are very impressive. they're well mannered. they're not like him. they're not brash talkers. his daughter is very much in the business. she's putting up the hotel here in d.c. on pennsylvania avenue. that's going to help. they're going to show that he's normal and, in fact, a pretty good father, it looks like. your thoughts? >> i think you'll see more of them on the trail.
4:39 pm
again, with these questions about women's rights and women's health dogging him, you are going to be seeing more of them out on the campaign. and trump says that and he's done this for a while, too. you know this. he's pointing to the fact that ivanka, his daughter says my dad has a great record on women's issues and he should be touting that. trump flipping it to attacks on who he sees as maybe one of his primary competitors, jeb bush. you heard him talk about eric cantor, the former house majority leader who just came out and endorsed jeb bush. trump dismissing this as he did yesterday in that tweet. i don't know if you could hear the roar, the cheer going up behind me as donald trump takes the stage. so he's getting them fired up. >> have a nice weekend. thanks for reporting up there. this is kind of fun but also important. moments ago trump ripped into jeb bush and -- how does this guy have the hutzpa to endorse anybody. endorse jeb bush. she's out of the business! >> jeb bush is a frequent target
4:40 pm
because when this whole thing started, i thought he was going to be the primary competition, but he's drifted very much to the middle of the pack and rapidly disappearing. we'll have to starred looking at somebody else. can you imagine you ask eric cantor to endorse you? eric cantor had the biggest loss in the history of the united states congress. it's never happened where a man in that position loses. and he got primaried. he lost. then he says -- i wouldn't want his endorsement. >> let me get back to joy reid. i know you're having a tough time deciding which of these candidates you like the most. >> poor joy! >> jeb bush really dropped the biggest clinker when it came to women's health of any candidate ever by saying they're already getting enough money basically. what do you make of that? >> one of the truisms in politics is that jeb bush is this great politician. he really actually isn't. he benefited from a lot of great luck in florida. he lost the first time he tried
4:41 pm
to run for governor then his brother won in texas. he had this massive war chest. and he got elected during the peak of the clinton boom. he got out before the end of the bush bust. so jeb has never been a very deft politician. >> he began speaking at the event which is not a fund-raiser. >> you don't have to use it. right now you have so many people threatening, looking at us the wrong way. they don't fear us, they don't respect us. they don't respect our leader. they don't respect any of our negotiators. you look at trade pacs. china eating our lunch. japan, like we're children. mexico both in trade and at the border what they're doing to us is terrible. and i have great respect for china, for japan. i love the people. i love the people of mexico. i love hispanics.
4:42 pm
nobody, nobody loves hispanics like i do. i probably have more than almost anybody working for me. they come in, they buy apartments, they give me a fortune. i love them. i love them. i love them. but the problem our country has -- and it's a big problem -- is that the leaders, whether it's mexico, whether it's saudi arabia, where we protect -- think of it. i have great friendships in saudi arabia. they make a billion dollars a day. now, remember, oil went down. so maybe it's a half a billion. it's still a lot. right? and when they have a problem, we go in and protect them. what do we get? nothing, nothing. so many places. i ordered 4,000 television sets not long ago. 4,000 for a big job. i came -- they're all from south korea, samsung, lg, sharp. they're all from south korea,
4:43 pm
they're making a fortune. now when north korea raises its hand, when our friend from north korea, that wonderful young man, i've never seen that. he inherited a dictatorship. that's pretty tough, right? how do you inherit a dictatorship? so he probably has something going because that's not easy. but when he raises his hand and he starts getting a little bit frisky, we go over, we're going to protect, the ships start going, the planes start going. we have 28,000 troops over in south korea on the border. and you talk about a dangerous border. that's a dangerous border. we get nothing! what? we get nothing. and south korea's making a fortune. and we love south korea, but somebody's got ask them, hey, folks, help out, come on. we owe now 19 -- we owe $19
4:44 pm
trillion, 19 trillion and we're protecting everybody. now ukraine is interested. we want to protect ukraine. but can i tell you what? you have germany, you have all of these european countries. ukraine is their neighbor. they don't say anything. they don't help out. they don't do anything. we're the one that takes the lead. we take the lead on everything. we take the -- he said we're the suckers. who said that? who said that? very good. smart guy. i probably went to school with him. smart. he shouts out "we're the suckers." hey, we want ukraine to come through. we think it's great. but why isn't germany there making -- who has a mercedes-benz right now? raise your hand. look. they're making a fortune. they're a very, very great nation. they're a money machine. we get nothing. they say, go in and take care of ukraine. okay, fine. so we have to start using our
4:45 pm
heads. we can do something so incredible. look at iran. now, what about the pac? did you see the other day? they're going in to inspect their own site. the worst site, the most important site they're going to self-inspect. can you believe it? are we even saying this? are we even saying this? he just said john kerry's a joke. no, he's a bicyclist. think about it. he's 73 years old and he goes into a bicycle race. he's got the helmet, the whole thing. he's negotiating a very important deal. he falls, he breaks his leg, and he's gone. now he walks in on crutches. they say what the hell happened to you? the iranians can't believe what's going on. they can't believe it. so they deal with iran. you know, we're going to have in two weeks with ted cruz and some
4:46 pm
other great folk, we're going to have a rally in washington against the iran deal. people are saying, oh, it's too late. you can't stop it. think of it. they get $150 billion, and by the way, they get that money whether the deal goes through or not. can you believe it? so even if you stop the deal, they're getting this tremendous amount of money in order to do things terror all over the world. what do you think they'll use that money for? terror all over the world. so they get $150 billion plus, plus, plus. russia and people that we thought were with us, they're going to be the big beneficiaries. russia is selling them missiles. you know that, right? tremendous order of missiles. i thought they weren't supposed to have missiles. they're getting missiles, the latest, the best, from russia. we have four hostages over there, can you believe making that deal and not getting the
4:47 pm
hostages out? and john kerry said and barack obama said the reason they didn't want to ask for the hostages is they didn't want to complicate the deal. can you believe it? here's all you have to say. if you have the right messenger and by the way it shouldn't have taken place at the end, it should have taken place at the beginning. you walk in when we have three hostages. a fourkth, a journalist was added. one is there because he's a pastor and he's a christian. you have four hostages, you had three. at the beginning of the world's longest negotiation. by the way, i wrote "the art of the deal." did you ever see a negotiation take so long? it never ended. and at the end, we were folding on every single point. the iranians are great negotiators, the persians are
4:48 pm
great negotiators, and we have people that are babies. it's like a chess player grand master playing against a checkers child. so, that's wh-- no, that's whatt is. so we have the hostages over there. you would have said at the beginning got to have the right messenger. fellas, fellas, let them go. you don't want them. they're not helping you. it would make the deal a lot easier. let them go. just let them go. 90% sure, maybe 95 you let them go. if they don't let them go, then you leave because that's all it is. there's nothing complicated. we gave them -- we gave them a little time before one of their top nuclear scientists. does anyone know that? so we give them -- think of it -- a nuclear scientist and
4:49 pm
they won't give us our hostages back. it's so insane. then you have the 24-day rule. how about that one? we want to inspect their site. it takes 24 days. what a lot of people don't know, that until the clock starts ticking, it could be weeks and maybe even months before you even start that 24. so they have this long period of time. let's say they're doing wrong. let's say they're playing the nuclear game. we notify them, they delay it, then the clock starts ticking. in the meantime, bing, bing, bing, they're cleaning up, getting rid of everything. like in the old days with my father, i used to paint the floors battleship gray. battleship gray ideally shiny depending on the texture of the floor. ideally shiny. and we walk in and everything -- oh, everything's beautiful. oh, look. does anybody think they're going to adhere to it? i want to tell you, that deal is
4:50 pm
so bad for israel that it's incredible. israel, i don't understand it. you know, i have friends of mine who happen to be jewish who supportedjewish, who supported barack obama. they cannot believe it. they can't believe it. israel's in trouble. the united states is in trouble. and the reason we're in trouble because we're doing things that are really, really detrimental to our country. our country's in big trouble. our country's in big trouble. so here's the big thing. okay. here's the good news. here's the good news. we can turn it around. we can take care of our military. we can take care of our infrastructure. you look our infrastructure. our roads are crumbling. our airports are third world. you go to qatar, to dubai, to places in china, you go to
4:51 pm
different places in the middle east, they have airports, the most beautiful i've ever seen in my life. i was in qatar and i was given a tour of an airport. i said this is the most beautiful airport. they were showing me the most incredible airport you have ever seen and i said this is great. congratulations. they go, no, no, no. our real airport is being built over there. and he pointed -- this airport was temporary. and he pointed across the runway, they must have had 75 cranes lined up. the most incredible thing you have ever seen and we come can back to la guardia. it's very, very sad. it's very, very sad. so we are going to clean up our infrastructure. we have bridges, right. look at the man shaking his head. he's a smart guy and he's devastated. am i correct?
4:52 pm
i know your brother? who's your brother. very nice guy. not a good golfer but that's okay. he's a nice guy. i just want to say to ernie, to everybody, this is such an incredible group of people. this is a record for a house, i will tell you. [ cheers and applause ] you know, usually when you do these -- first of all, not a lot of people have property this g big. where's ernie. ernie, where are you? not a lot of people have ernie's property. he's got a lot of acres here. this is a big sucker, ernie, okay? the other day we were in iowa, where we are leading in the polls. and we had in a room that never -- we had 4,000 people. they went wild and they are great people. then we went to new hampshire where, by the way, the poll just came out, 35%. can you believe, 35, 35!
4:53 pm
and you know, we have some low-energy people. they are really low. i'm not going to say jeb is low energy, but he's pretty low. who would you rather have negotiate with iran, trump or jeb? how about this, trump or hill y hillary? believe me, hillary's got some big problems. if she makes it to the starting gate -- which i think would be unfair to general petraeus. you want to know the truth, general petraeus's life was destroyed for doing 2% of what hillary did. i think it would be very, very unfair to general petraeus. i will tell you, when you look at what she's done and how she's done it and the servers and uma.
4:54 pm
here's the story. so uma now is one of the people that came through, who's uma married to? one of the great sleaze bags of our time. anthony weiner. did you know that? she's married to anthony weiner, you know the bing bing bing, i love you very much. think of it. so uma is getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony weiner, who's a perv. he is. so she's married. now these are confidential documents. she's married to this guy and -- guess what happens to anthony
4:55 pm
wiener, a month ago i see he went to work for a public relations firm. do you believe it? if you think that uma isn't telling anthony, who she is probably desperately in love with all fairness to anthony because why why else would she marry this guy? can you believe it? can't see straight. look, think of it. so yuma, it is coming through uma. she has a lot of stuff, a lot of information, who knows. so she is married to a bad guy. i knew anthony a long time. i knew before they caught him with the bing bing bing. and he was a bad guy then. it turned out he was a really bad guy. so she is married to anthony weiner, do you think there is 5% chance that she is not tell tg him what the hell is coming across? do you think there is a little chance? are there any women in love with their husbands who wouldn't be telling them everything?
4:56 pm
you wouldn't or wouldn't. >> she said she wouldn't but she is in love. you will. i don't know if hillary gets to the starting gate. i have guys like lindsay graham who are zero. ever notice the ones that attack me most viciously all went down to zero. i get attacked by lizzie graham, then perry and i said why are you wearing glasses? he is trying to show he is intelligent. i said to get on the debate stage, "time" magazine, drudge, they did a poll. who won the debate and did not get asked the nicest questions but trump won in all of the polls for the debate. think of it, i said, about perry, i said, no, no, no, he wouldn't be allowed. he should not be allowed.
4:57 pm
he has to pass an iq test first, right? any way, he went down to just about zero. now you have rand paul. think of this guy. think of him. i said, what's going on with this guy? all of a sudden he attacks. you know, he calls me up a year ago. he wants to play golf. i said who is he? he is a senator, okay, i'll play. a senator calls, you know, who knows. so rand paul calls, he wants to play golf. i play golf. i kill him at golf. even he admitted that. i'm actually a very go good golfer but i kill him at golf. then he asked me for money for an ice center. i give him $20,000, for a guy you met 15 seconds ago. somebody walks off the street and calls you up for a round of golf. he was at 7 or 8% and he attacks me and down to 2% and may not
4:58 pm
make the debate stage. he's a nasty giechl all of these people when they attack me and here's what is going to happen. if i'm president, when putin attacks me -- and i mean, let me just tell you -- they say when. when is good. i like that. the power of positive thinking. you know what, when i'm president, when people come at me and i'm not talking -- i'm talking on trade, on so many ways we're going to win. we will have so many victories. right now we don't have victories anymore. do you agree? think of it, when was the last time this country had victory. do we ever have victories? everything is negative. we have 93 million people out of work. we have 50 million people in poverty. 50 million people. food stamps all over the place. and then we hear it is 5. 5% unemployment.
4:59 pm
give me a break. you know the story, when they stop looking for work statistically they consider you employed. so 93 million people want to work. they want to work. our country is going to be so strong and so great. i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i mean -- [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting "donald" ] >> ernie, i like this group of people. look at ernie. i said, ernie, who is that? he said it is my goichlt i said you better marry her, ernie. ernie, you are not getting any younger. marry her. oh, that's going to put
5:00 pm
pressure. oh, my ernie. ernie is such a great guy. so we are going to make our country successful again. >> you are watching donald trump in norwood with, massachusetts right now. that's hard ball for this friday night. all in with chris hayes starts right now. >> we have everything sealed up and a great country again. it is possible you go oh, no, not more. but we are go ing to have so many victories. we're going to make our country so great again. my theme is make america great again. [ cheers and applause ] we are going to have so many great victories. we're going to be so proud of this country. i just want to tell you it's an honor to be here. i was so honored when i landed and saw those people. then when i came here and saw all of you. it is like a