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tv   Lockup Savannah Extended Stay  MSNBC  August 30, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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they say the truth set you free not here. >> after months in the segregation unit, one is tested after he returns to general population. >> this is outrageous. every day the same thing. never have a smooth day. >> another inmate charged with a violent crime in the street. >> he had picked up a shovel and tried to attack me with it so i
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took it him and beat him up with it. >> turns to violence inside the jai jail. >> and another inmate feels like an out cast. >> he causes problems for staff. >> flood the toilet. might pop the sprinkler. >> he's highly manipulative. >> and vows to do even more damage. >> i'm going to cause them hell until i get out of here. ♪ ♪ >> [ bleep ] you. [ bleep ] you. i promise.
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savannah georgia is well-known for historic neighborhoods with koeb l stone streets and public squares welcome millions of tourists each year. anyone arrest in savannah will likely spend some time in the detention center. most of the 1500 inmates here are only charged with crimes and awaiting resolution of the cases. no matter what neighborhood, there is one here most try to avoid once they arrive. >> unit two is the disciplinary unit. inmates typically arrive because they cannot follow rules and regulations. inmates serve short sentences for specific rule violations and administrative segregation or
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long-term segregation for inmates too trouble some. inmates in both areas wear jump suits instead of green. they are housed in single man cells and are only allowed out for one hour per day during which they must be handcuffed and shackled. rule violations that landed him in segregation were as minor as they get. >> i got in trouble for giving a guy some envelopes. i meant to go in there but i went to give it to him and that's against the rules so they locked me up and gave me 20 days in seg. >> they can't pass anything of any sort not knowing whether it's gang activity, you present that but not letting them pass messages they could be using to take care of business on the outside. >> you're not allowed to give anybody anything technically. >> it's just crazy.
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it's like juvenile. >> you didn't do anything? >> no. i do got a mouth on me. >> shepherd admits he did argue with the officer who wrote him up. >> what did you say? >> all kinds of stuff. i don't even remember. i know i cussed him out and it wasn't good. >> shepherd was written up for being in an unauthorized area refusing to obey an order, obstruction and disorderly conduct. he spent time in segregation a month prior for getting too close to the officer's desk in his former housing unit. he thinks the jail made too much of both incidents. >> they reprimand you for it and try to lock you down. it's petty to give a guy some envelopes he is getting ready to go to prison. i was trying to help him out. >> shepherd was arrested one month earlier and pled not guilty to aggravated assault and aggravated battery and armed robbery. he allegedly beat a homeless man with a shovel and stole $7 and a pack of cigarettes. >> there was a homeless guy, he said something slick to me and i said something slick back to
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him. he swung on me so i swung on him. he picked up a shovel and tried to attack me with it. i took it from him and beat him up with it. i defended myself. i didn't rob him and didn't take no money, i didn't take nothing from him. >> you beat him with a shovel? >> yes. >> although shepherd says he acted in self-defense, prosecutors believe he was the addresser. he faces a maximum of 60 years in prison if convicted, a sentence shepherd believes would put him behind bars for life. >> i'm probably not getting out again. if i go to trial and get found guilty it's over with. i am definitely mentally capable of doing the rest of my life. i don't want to. >> shepherd says he has already spent almost half his life incarcerated in several different states and just completed a seven-year sentence in oklahoma for attempted robbery. he says there is one benefit to doing so much time in prison. >> i dealt with a lot of
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different lifestyles. a lot of different races of people. i can connect with people easier. when you understand somebody it is easier to talk to somebody. >> you heard me when i cursed yesterday? >> i don't pay attention to what is going on. >> they look at me like i'm crazy. >> we are crazy. >> i'm not crazy. >> how many times you been in jail? exactly. you ain't right in the head anyway. we got to be crazy, we keep coming back. >> fellow segregation inmate javier ally ja says he doesn't usually talk to anyone during his hour of rec time. >> some folks act homophobic. they have so much [ bleep ] to talk. it is good they stay their distance. >> why is that? >> because i'm going to bash one in the head. i'm going to grab their private
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parts or something that makes them feel real petrified. if i have to beat you up because you are calling me names and i'm going to grab something that i like since you kept calling me them names. that's what [ bleep ] do. this is what punks do. i'm going to grab you. >> elijah says he projects toughness in jail but focuses on a different side when he's back home. he performs in local clubs as a drag queen named shamia. >> that's my gay stage name when i perform, like when i transform not being a man and i transform into a woman that's my name, shamia. i lip sing. i can sing out loud. i have no d cuts when i dress up and perform, and then i can be shamia.
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it's as simple as that. >> my name is still chuck. [ laughter ] >> you don't transform? >> sometimes but not like that. i can either be violent or nonviolent. >> unlike shepherd elijah came to jail on 11 nonviolent charges including theft, first-degree forgery and possession of marijuana. though he says he is innocent of charges and was only hanging with the wrong crowd, he recently accepted a deal where he pled guilty to ten of the 11 charges and was sentenced to six years in prison. during three months in jail he received four write-ups and staff members say he is proven to be one of the more difficult inmates in the facility. >> disruption, disregard for rules and regulations. >> throughout the day he is not a problem until he doesn't get his way. he feels like he wants to move somewhere or something is annoying him that is usually when he acts out.
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>> elijah's primary way of acting out has been to intentionally flood his cell by clogging the toilet and flushing it until it overflows. >> since i got here i flooded the toilet and went to the hole and i flooded again while i was in the hole and plus breaking the sprinkler. >> elijah has broken several fire sprinkler heads in the cells. of course once they break them, it creates a lot of problems for us because we have to shut the main water systems down. >> it is hard to get a supervisor in here to talk to unless you do something stupid so i stopped asking the officer to call the corporal or sergeant. i just flood and bust sprinklers then they have to come. >> that's his way of manipulating the system. he wants 15 blankets and three trays at every meal. >> elijah attributes much of his acting out to feeling out of place as a hoe row sexuam sexuo.
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>> jail is weird. if there is nobody to relate to i don't feel comfortable. so i have a problem adjusting. >> elijah is no stranger to georgia's justice system. he has served two prior prison sentences for robbery and burglary and says he prefers prison to jail. it is great in prison for homosexuals because we get a lot more privileges and we have more of our kind that is there. >> you want to go to prison? >> i don't want to go, but i know i'm going to have to go, so i want to go to get the hell away from here so i ain't got to sit in here. i don't like chatham county jail. i wish it would blow up. coming up, javier elijah continues to take out his frustrations on staff. >> let's see to that so i took my socks off and put it in the toilet and flooded it. >> one officer in particular. >> put a piece of metal pipe and had my name on it. >> i just don't like his ass. ♪
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at the chatham county detention center in savannah, georgia, most of the inmates that end up in the jail's segregation units do not get there by choice. but de'andre sanders says his most recent stay is here by design. >> i did it on purpose. i acted out. officer came in and i cussed him out and told him [ bleep ] off and mind your business. >> sanders says he had grown tired of the rowdy atmosphere in the former general population unit. >> the officers wasn't punishing people accordingly and saying like punishing the whole dorm together. you've been doing time since i was 13. i can't do time in a place like that, so i acted out, insubordination, so i can get
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away and get somewhere quiet to get myself together. i guess you got to face the consequences. >> the consequences for sanders were steep. this is his 94th day in administrative segregation. >> i expected to do my 20 days and go to another dorm but maybe because of my past. >> some of sanders' rule violations include disorderly conduct, obstructing and threatening an officer, and fighting. >> inmate sanders received his ninth inmate disciplinary report. after that, because of constant rule violations, once they did a review they decided to put him into administrative segregation. >> explain some stuff you did in the past. >> like fighting real bad like just on the scrub like people that can't stand up for themselves, just to be seen by my peers, you know what i'm saying? >> sanders was arrested nine months earlier on charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a
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firearm after allegedly robbing a liquor store with two other men. although he denies involvement in the crime and has pled not guilty, sanders says he was staying with one of the suspects when police raided the home and arrested them both. >> i guess they found a gun in the house. he was like you know anything about a gun? i told them the truth. i'm like i know about guns. i like guns. i have a fetish with them. they are like what about this gun here and never showed me a gun and asked me about a similar gun. i know about a gun like that. they said did you touch it? i said i touched many guns. they got me by saying i touch guns. not even a gun that they found. just saying i touch them got me in this situation. i didn't think before i speak. they say the truth will set you free, not in cheatham county. >> sanders says his three months in ad seg have made him reflect on the life he's lived. >> you are the company you keep. if i want to be a genius i surround myself around geniuses.
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if i want to be a bad guy i surround myself around bad guys. whatever road you choose. you choose the yellow brick road or the black road you get a flashlight. a big one with some big batteries because it's going to be a long road. you only think about that when you get in places like this and you got 23 hours a day to think about it. it's not too late, it's never too late. >> sanders says he hopes jail staff will agree with that statement, and requested a transfer back to general population. he believes if granted he will avoid the problems he has had in the past. >> i have to change. something got to be different. something got to change. >> change doesn't seem to be on the mind of javier elijah. he has just been moved from administrative segregation unit to the more restricted disciplinary segregation unit or unit 2d for repeatedly flooding his cell by stuffing his toilet with rags and flushing it other
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and over. elijah says it started with a simple request to change cells. >> i was housed around a tv. i don't like sports. they leave it on all night and it is too loud and disturb my sleep. so i asked to be moved. >> it was a legitimate request. we had him relocated to room 29. which is the farthest point away from the tv. elijah later on that evening when i came in he said it was still too noisy. >> it wasn't too loud once they moved me from downstairs it wasn't too loud. it was actually okay. it was just that the room was nasty and i didn't get a chance to clean it and it had hair all over the room. so i asked to move. they wouldn't move me. >> javier wants what he wants right then. he will make it impossible like i want to move now. he can't get moved right now. if he has a need or a concern, we try to address it.
8:19 pm
but if he is saying i want to be relocated now and you have chow going on and not right now, mr. elijah, you can't get that now. you explain that to him and he is going to act out. >> i say okay then i'll see to that so i took my socks off and put it in the toilet and flooded it. >> elijah did more than just flood his cell. he removed a portion of the sink pipe and put it in a sock to be used as a weapon. he says his intended target was corporal key. why did you want to hurt this guy? why did you want to attack him? >> he lied too much. he lie on you. he don't deserve to be a corporal. and i just don't like his ass. >> we discovered he put a piece of metal pipe in a sock and it had my name on it so to speak. he had intended to bring harm to me. i was the eyre of his frustration and anger that day. many of times it had been
8:20 pm
somebody else. it all depends on who don't give him the attention when he feels he needs it. it will be somebody else next week perhaps. >> you consider yourself a dangerous person? >> no. >> a dangerous inmate? >> i'm not dangerous at all. i won't hurt a fly. >> you said you were going to hit -- >> i hurt him only if you make me mad. i will hurt him if he pisses me off. but honest and true i was aggravated. i wouldn't have hit him. >> you don't think you would have hit him? >> unh-uh, but it got what i wanted. >> elijah received 15 days of disciplinary lockdown and loss of privileges. like administrative segregation, he will receive one hour out of his cell per day but while in disciplinary lockdown, he won't be able to place commissary orders and make phone calls. but elijah said it doesn't matter now that his court case has been resolved. he is awaiting transfer to
8:21 pm
prison to begin a six-year sentence and says the remaining time at the jail will be memorable. >> now that i've been to court i'm going to cause them hell until i get out of here, which means i'll take a few days off and then go back to work. that means i will be good and then go back to being bad this amount of days. >> you have the days mapped out? >> yes. i have three on, two off. >> what happens tomorrow? >> flood the toilet. might pop a sprinkler. depends on how the weather is outside. >> why does that play into it? >> if it is cold i'm not going to be soaked in the water. i'm just passing time basically to get it all over with. >> coming up -- de'andre sanders gets another shot in general
8:22 pm
population. >> everything they ask me to do i'm going to do it. i'm going to respect -- because i ain't going back. >> and -- >> i was perfectly fine. in my own damned zone. [ bleep ] every time. >> the jail moves javier elijah to another unit. >> there's less stuff he can destroy here and less of a weapon to use against an officer. >> he is not deterred. what's the most important thing your parents do for you? they buy me food. they make sure i'm never lost. well... they pay my allowance. encourage me. ♪ they sing us a lullaby at night... a lullaby at night. ♪ oh! now i remember... why does it matter that cigna covers preventive care? because the next most important thing you can do for them is take care of yourself. cigna. together, all the way.
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the recreation yards at the chatham county detention center offer about as much freedom as inmates can get in the jail. today de'andre sanders is on the general population rec yard for the first time in three months. >> i got up, straight to the rec yard. i'm going to play basketball every day. every day. i won't stop. >> sanders spent 114 days in the administrative segregation unit where he was shackled and cuffed for the one hour he was out of his cell every day sanders says although he submitted a request to return to general population,
8:26 pm
he wasn't expecting anything to come of it. >> i guess i got a blessing. came out of nowhere. i was on the phone, the end of the hour, they told me to pack it up. what size jump suit you wear and i was gone. i'm in green, seeing better days. i got my spot set up. trying to keep it clean, neat. got everything lined up. i guess i'm a neat freak. i like it like that. i don't like it everywhere and i can't find it. i like to go straight and get it. if i can't go straight and get it it is not right. i have my blanket on the floor. it's like a carpet. makes it feel more comfortable. makes the room feel more cozy. sit back and get out of the shower and don't have to step on concrete. you see what i'm saying? if your room is in a good mood your body is in a good mood. >> sanders says he does not want to compromise his new setup in general population by getting into trouble so he plans to follow the rules. >> i won't make that mistake again. ain't going to be no problem with the staff. i am going to stay out their way.
8:27 pm
everything they ask me to do i will do it. i ain't going back in orange. >> javier elijah, on the other hand, will be in orange for the rest of his stay here. less than 24 hours earlier elijah flooded his cell and threatened an officer with a portion of metal pipe he removed from the sink. he received 15 days in disciplinary lockdown but pledged to continue causing trouble until it's transferred to prison to serve his six-year sentence. >> i'm going to cause them hell until i get out of here. i'll be good this amount of days and then go back to being bad this amount of days. >> today staff will move him to another part of the jail where they believe he won't be able to cause this much damage. >> mr. elijah, you got your stuff together? you're going over to charlie. >> why do you have a taser out? >> just in case. the taser, hopefully it serves as a deterrent in the presence of it. that should be taken as a precaution. raise your foot up, sir. >> where is he going in charlie?
8:28 pm
>> he is going into the bubble, the segregated area. >> the bubble, as it's known in the jail, is the most restrictive section of the facility. >> i was perfectly fine in my own damned zone. i see [ bleep ] in return. >> the four cells within the bubble have another feature that make it a good fit for elijah. instead of the porcelain sinks with exposed metal piping found in most cells, the sinks in the bubble are stainless steel. >> that stuff can always be destroyed, whether it's chipping walls and sprinkle heads, but there will be less stuff for him destroy and less weapon to use on an officer like a portion of a skimping or a metal pipe. >> but elijah disagrees and would barely discuss the matter. >> i'm mad.
8:29 pm
>> why is that? >> because they shouldn't move me. >> it seems like you want to be in control of where you are at. is that part of it? >> i know they're going to have a busted water sink. i can tell you that. >> coming up, javier elijah's mood improves. >> i was in one of my bitchy moves. i was pms'ing. >> i got it together. and -- >> i'm designing a chest plate for a tattoo pattern. >> charles shepherd makes it back to population only to get wrapped up in violence. blood pressure no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove.
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. the hour's top stories, a mother in the phoenix area is arrested of she confessed to drowning her 2-year-old sons and tried to drawn another child. the two boys were found lying in
8:33 pm
the bed unconscious. horror film leg gone wes craven has died after a battle with brain cancer. the director was 76 years old. now back to lockup. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. at the chatham county desex center in savannah, georgia, charles shepherd is back in general population after serving 20 days in segregation for passing envelopes to another inmate and arguing with officers who cited him for having done so. shepherd says he has been a tattoo artist for 17 years and is working on a sketch for another inmate. >> i'm designing a chest plate for a tattoo pattern for somebody. i'm trading it. he gives me food off his trays
8:34 pm
and commissary. something like that. i'd like to get more but a lot of people are broke. >> shepherd says it's important to stay on good terms with the people in this particular housing unit. >> this is seven charlie, it's a more aggressive unit i think. >> why is that? they send people here to get out of segregation. a lot of people coming and going coming and going, different faces all the time. it's all right. jail is jail. i never have problems. being a tattoo guy you get along with everybody. >> unit 7c has been the new home of de'andre sanders as well. since he came back from spending nearly seven months in segregation and says he acted out on purpose last time in population so he can get away from the rowdiness of the unit and now he's starting to feel those same pressures again. >> i am tested every day. can't get a grip. >> anything you miss? >> i was in my own little space and private area. i miss that peace of mind. >> sanders says his monthly free
8:35 pm
haircut from barber leland ripe at least provides a small escape. >> [ bleep ]. >> nobody really likes being stuck behind that door. >> that's how i have been tested, dealing with them. >> you don't care about the next man. everybody gets punished for their actions. everybody gets punished. that's why we go the first time because i didn't want to be in the dorm like that. seem like they want to test me. i'm going to fight for it though. i ain't going to let it bother me. just go with the flow. >> sometimes the unit gets so loud and unruly that officers are left with no other option but lock everyone in their
8:36 pm
cells. >> gentlemen, i need you all to go to lockdown right now. >> hell no! >> lockdown now. >> got a low tolerance for ignorance. when i get punished for something i never did it kind of ticked me off, kind of bothered me. anywhere you go will be controversy and problems. it's what you make it. you know what i'm saying? this is outrageous when every day is the same thing. we never have a smooth day never. >> smooth days are also rare for javier elijah and those staff members who have to deal with him. he is currently serving 15 days of disciplinary segregation time for flooding his cell and threatening an officer with a metal pipe he removed from his sink. 24 hours earlier he was relocated to the bubble, the most restricted section of the jail and was not at all pleased. >> i'm mad because they shouldn't have moved me. >> today elijah seems to be in a much better mood. >> how you all doing today? >> how are you? >> i am fine. i apologize for yesterday. but i don't apologize to you.
8:37 pm
>> is it as bad in there as you thought it was going to be? >> no, it's actually not. i actually like this. >> you just were overreacting yesterday? >> i was in one of my bitch moods. i was pms'ing. they brought me a midol and a snickers and i got it together. >> outside of jail, elijah performs as a drag queen under the stage name shamia. in jail, elijah has been known to dress up as a woman using sheets and towels. >> somedays he will tell you he is a woman and somedays a man. some days he's dressed in women's type clothing that he modifies. his behavior changes depending on the mood he is in. >> this is shamia. >> i'm going to come get you in another 20 minutes or so to do five minutes on the kiosk. >> yes, sir. >> okay? >> thank you. >> elijah says he does not identify as transgender he does draw comfort from his female persona.
8:38 pm
>> i look better as a woman and a lot of women say i i look good as a man. i think i look good as a female. i look more like my mama when i dressed up. and this is shamia. i don't think i want to be a woman full time. i think it's hard. dressing up would be just fine. >> despite the moments of levity from elijah, officers remain on guard, knowing his past track record and threats to continue to cause trouble until transferred to prison. >> he is highly manipulative. he will manipulate anything he can. every opportunity he gets there is some type of thought process of what can i get out of it. >> jail administrators hope
8:39 pm
moving elijah to the bubble would make him less likely to damage anything but elijah says that's unlikely. >> he probably thought it was going to phase me but it don't. if i want to act up it's a toilet in here and a sprinkler. it don't stop anything. >> you think they put you here to prevent you from breaking stuff? >> uh-uh. they can't. i can break stuff in here. i can do it. i know how to get their attention when i want it. i know how to make them run in here. i know how to do all of that. they want to hurl me to prison. i need to get out of chatham county jailhouse before i end up doing something to somebody in here. >> coming up -- a setback for de'andre sanders. >> i'm back in admin seg for the duration of my time. >> despite what he thought charles shepherd discovers not everyone gets along with the tattoo guy. jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor.
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at the chatham county detention center in savannah, georgia, de'andre sanders had been trying to stay out of trouble after spending three months in the administrative segregation unit. >> ain't going to be no problem with staff. i'm going to stay out of their way. everything they ask me to do i will do it. i ain't going back in orange. >> but now sanders is back in orange. >> i came over here about two hours ago back in adminseg for the duration of my time. >> what are you written up for? >> the small stuff like shower and not being out of shower in time. failure to follow. being on the phone and somebody throwing a themmer it tantrum and i don't get off the phone in time for them. i comply but not fast enough for them so they'll write me up.
8:44 pm
>> sanders was written up three times in one month for failure to comply, disorderly conduct and disregard for house rules. after his third write-up, staff decided to put standers back in administrative segregation. >> this is the 13th this year so he is here probably for the remainder of his time in the county jail given his continuous violation of the rules. >> i got adapted to the dorm. they up and riled up all day and gamble. so i'm like i'm going to go ahead and fit in and get in the mix. i guess into a trap. i guess i'm going to fit in with everybody else. >> sanders says it has been rough in segregation. >> i just sit down and be in the room looking at walls and i got knowledge around me and i got log work and i got time to sit down and think about decisions i made in life and what i'm going to do to make it better, you know what i'm saying in it betters my mind frame. i can say it matured me as a man because i think about the better things in life and the best way
8:45 pm
to go. got a couple of pals back here that have been waiting on me to come back. >> 30-year-old, you coming to jail? now we know what's really going on. >> just get out when we can. can't venture out the other way. i pray for self-control and discipline and live by the way of life, the right way. try to see what can i do better that i did wrong the last time. try to come up with a plan for when i get out. that's how many people go wrong, they don't have a plan. you get out half-stepping, you are going to come back. i guess it is meant for me to be in here. >> sanders may have been transferred out of general population just in time. the troublesome housing unit he
8:46 pm
came from has erupted in violence. officers have responded to a fight that started on the rec yard and spilled into the unit. one of the combatants is charles shepherd who only recently returned from segregation to general population. >> let's go! >> right now! >> somebody about to kill somebody. somebody is about to kill somebody [ bleep ]! >> officers identify john doyle as one of the other inmates involved. he is in jail on charges of theft and burglary to which he has pled not guilty. in order to control the situation, he and shepherd are removed from the unit and placed in holding cells. >> [ bleep ] kill you boy, [ bleep ] kill you, i promise. >> in the surveillance footage of the rec yard, shepherd can be seen striking doyle in the head with a plastic drinking cup. >> went to play basketball, he
8:47 pm
was going hey, bitch, when i turned around, he hit me with the cup. i grabbed him and we tussled for a minute. they say somebody else got involved in it. i don't know because i was kind of dizzy. he broke a cup on my head. i wasn't expecting that at all. if i would, i would have had a little more prepared and i wouldn't have gotten hit with no brown cup. >> the broken cup was retrieved from the rec yard. >> pretty solid, right? >> he can throw it and just imagine hitting somebody in the head. i don't know if i hit him or not. i'm so damned dizzy. >> doyle can be seen striking shepherd along with two other men who joined the fight. it started in the rec yard but shepherd can be seen running after doyle into the day area. >> he tried to hit me again. went back in the rec yard and closed the door. the officers came in and took care of the rest. >> if you roll the cameras back far enough right after we were
8:48 pm
done eating they all came in. they wouldn't come in there the second time. i went out. >> what happened in the cell? >> we got in an argument. we went in the cell and got in a fight. nobody knew about it. the officer didn't know about it. everything was okay. [ bleep ] but then i beat his ass and he didn't like that [ bleep ]. that's why he wanted to fight again. he didn't like getting his ass beat the first time. so he wanted to go another round. i told him no. that's how it really started. we went in the room and fought. >> what happened? >> i don't know. i would rather not say. the shower is very slippery. according to them i got into an argument and that's about it. >> after reviewing the footage, we found there were four individuals involved and those four individuals will be going to the disciplinary area until
8:49 pm
the idr is heard and completed. >> doyle and shepherd both received 25 days in disciplinary lockdown. >> don't matter. it's all the same to me. i have done so much time it don't matter if i'm here or out there in population. in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 100 days, a year, i don't care. this don't bother me at all. 24 hours in a day. 365 days in a year. i don't care where i do it at. >> you don't care? >> i wish i had about a minute and 30 seconds. >> for what? >> falling in the shower. coming up -- javier elijah continues to wreak havoc. >> it can leak over into the rooms out here. >> this time elijah's target is another inmate. >> now they got my water cut off and your water got to be cut off, too. so you're going to smell your own [ bleep ], too, if i got to
8:50 pm
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on any given day there are around 1,500 inmates at the chatham county detention center in savannah, georgia. and the jail relies on a select group of them to help the keep the facility running. nonviolent inmates with good behavior can become trustees who work in a variety of roles. including barbers, cooks and janitors. >> your days go a lot quicker. you get up so early, it makes you tired at the end of the day. >> keeps you out of the cell. keeps you from being locked up all day like other guys and stuff. that's the only thing i like about it. >> while they say they like the work, not all of the jobs are pleasant. >> you don't look happy. >> not happy cleaning up somebody else's urine and feces.
8:54 pm
>> justin padilla and edward abernathy are here to clean toilet water off the floors in four cells in the section of the jail known as the bubble. the inmate who caused the flood is a familiar face to the cleanup crew. >> i'm trying to sleep right now. >> the trustees tired of me. probably going to poison my food. >> javier elijah has intentionally clogged his toilet, causing a flood so severe, the water filled the cells adjacent to his. >> one is flooded right now, it can actually leak over into each of the rooms here. >> officers have decided to keep elijah in his cell and make him mop up the water himself. >> i want him to clean up his mess. he'll think about it a second time. if somebody else does everything for them they have nothing to lose. we decided to give him a mop, clean up his room and work with him that way. >> they're not allowed to have buckets because they can try to
8:55 pm
take them apart. use pieces as weapons, whatever the case mean. so he gets to mop, pushes the water out. i wring it out and he continues to clean up. >> elijah says he flooded his cell this time because he was upset with the inmate next to him. >> this will they move one of us, him or me, i will always have problems because that boy done [ bleep ] called me too many names. he slung something on me. i'm going to beat his ass. >> who? >> that retarded alien next door. >> the inmate next to elijah has mental health issues and was placed in the bubble because he is known to cause disruption and disturb inmates around him. >> he would be yelling at elijah. if we keep him in general population he'd yell at everybody. we keep him confined. easier to deal with one individual next to him. that it is a whole dorm like this. >> he wakes up every morning at 2:00 and he goes to talking like an alien or whatever. one of them things from outer
8:56 pm
space. he says something. wrong with him. but i asked him to be quiet like i mightic with a up from my sleep. man come on. be quiet. [ bleep ] go to sleep. okay. i was tired of it. you call me [ bleep ] one too many times and i can't get to you. i have to flood you out. now they got my water cut off. your water got to be cut off. you're going to smell your own [ bleep ] too if i have to smell mine. >> when i first got here this morning, they were exchanging profanities towards each other so we took his socks because he likes to shove those down the toilet and flush it. this time he stuck his arm down the toilet to flood his cell. if he ever complains about anything being nasty it can't be that bad because he stuck his arm down the toilet until we shut the water off. still ain't finished because i want to beat him up. >> the sergeant says he doesn't take elijah's threats of violence very seriously. >> he wants the attention and
8:57 pm
talks to be a bad person i'm going to do this and that but it is more of a show. he wants to be the spotlight. >> he is probably bored. if you are in your cell 23 hours a day you will get sick of twiddling your thumbs. excitement makes time fly. if he causes a problem, he just spent three or four hours of his day doing it. i can understand that him causing a problem to kill time in jail. >> is your floor done? >> no. >> how much more? >> not that much. >> we are not here to punish him but here to keep them safe until they go somewhere else. we talk to them. get that rapport. some like to find an individual to get close to and respect. try to listen to them, and that is what i try to do. >> elijah says the sergeant's efforts are appreciated. >> if he would have come in a little earlier i wouldn't have done any of that. we have a good sergeant in our unit. i really don't disrespect him but i know he feels disrespected. i didn't know he was going to be here today.
8:58 pm
i wouldn't have done it if he was here. i know he would have done what he had to do. he isn't a bad monkey sergeant like a lot of supervisors is. he actually do his job. >> you understand flooding, doing all this affects the sergeant, right? >> he ain't got nothing to do right now. it's the weekend. he ain't got too much to do. it's the weekend. they don't got to do nothing. ain't like nobody transferring. pass out three meals a day and sit on their ass and talk and eat doughnuts in the hub. it ain't got nothing to do on the weekend. >> don't shake your head. didn't have to clean it up. i cleaned it up today. >> he said he has been in the system since a young kid. this is all he knows. there's just some you can't cure them and you are just going to have to -- it's part of our job. >> elijah is waiting to be transferred to prison to serve a six-year sentence. staff says they are doing all they can to expedite the process and get elijah out of the jail. >> i think a good possibility we can get him out.
8:59 pm
we spoke to his attorney and he is done with his charges here. we have to get them to pick him up. >> you are trying to get him out of the jail. >> yes. i do everything i can for these guys, make calls, because it gets rid of a problem child. >> until they get me away from here, i'm going to keep doing it anyway. i will get in them restraints and they can leave me in it and keep me in it. and i'm still going to do it.
9:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> i think i'm in for over a year. this has been building and building and building and building. sometimes this is the only way people listen. >> this is the end of the line. this is level six. he's not going to leave this prison. all the bad apples are here. >> take a cat and put it in


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