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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 31, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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surging while on the democratic side, they show bernie sanders is closing in on hillary clinton. peter is here from washington. break those numbers down for us. >> it's great today to be a political outsider. bernie sanders now in striking distance of hillary clinton. her support there has dropped by 20 points in just the last few months since may. there's donald trump, of course, on the other side who is holding down his lead, but ben carson is right behind him, and perhaps as importantly, if you combine iowa caucusgoers' first and second choices, trump and carson are tied. call it the summer of political discontent. the two biggest antiestablishment candidates, donald trump and self-described socialist bernie sanders flying high, with hillary clinton hitting a new low with support in iowa, dropping below 50% for the first time this year. the des moines register poll
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showing clinton and sanders down 17 points. >> this isn't anti-hillary clinton. this is pro-bernie sanders and saying enough is enough. >> vice president biden showed up unannounced at a weekend in delaware that his son beau would often attend. people said they would vote for biden even though for now he's not a candidate. in numbers, trump is on top again. in second place, ben carson, and not far behind, ted cruz and scott walker, who said it was fair to consider a wall not only in mexico but in canada, too. >> this is a legitimate issue for us to look at. >> this morning we're hearing from former vice president dick cheney who said of hillary clint
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clinton's mishandling of her e-mails that it was, quote, sloppy, and as far as seeing joe biden run for president, he said, quote, i would love to see joe get in the race. time now to bring in our "news nation" political panel today. msnbc political analyst and washington bureau chief david cohen. joining me in the studio, both of you, welcome here on the program. starting with you, david, let's talk about these eye-opening numbers on the democratic side of that new poll. hillary clinton down 20 points from may. senator bernie sanders nearly doubling his numbers, also the first time hillary clinton has been below 50% in iowa. so why is she sinking there and how conservative should this be for the democratic front-runner? >> well, i've been calling it sinking. that's going a little far. the polls typically show bernie sanders rising. his message is "i'm right here."
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but it only makes sense that the beginning of the process early in the year, iowa democrats knew a lot about hillary clinton. they didn't know much about bernie sanders, all they knew was his message and that message is resonating. if bernie sanders will undoubtedly go up and probably be taking a lot from hillary. it just means you have a more competitive race. democrats in iowa do like hillary, they do think she's a strong candidate and she can win, but they also like the message from bernie sanders and some of them will like joe biden. so i think it's going to be a tight race, much tighter than hillary might have thought earlier, but that's natural and not necessarily a bad thing, depending how to plays out. >> as far as some good things, that are positive things here as far as that poll for hillary clinton. 61% of iowa democrats say the
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controversy surrounding her use of private e-mail as secretary of state isn't as important to them, while just 17% say it's very or fairly important. certainly one of the main targets of the republican criticism of clinton. but it seems like a lot of people based on this poll don't really think it's that big of a deal, and she's the one that said, hey, media, you're the ones making a big deal out of it. >> i think it's true the e-mails themselves aren't that important, but when i'm in the field and talking to people, people are saying, there's something about her i just don't trust. there's something a little squirrely. so this reasoning keeps coming back and gives reason not to trust her, so i don't think it's good for her. >> we see how she's struggled and many saying it was not necessarily what was classified. what was she doing with a private server to begin with? >> the behavior itself is
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questionable and people have lots of reason to question her. trump going after her this weekend, that was really, really off the charts. >> let's talk about that and playing some of his latest attack here on hillary clinton on the e-mail issue, also focusing on clinton's long-time c confidante huma abedine. >> huma, now, is one of the people that it came through huma. who is huma married to? one of the great sleazebags of our time, anthony weiner. did you know that? so huma is getting classified secrets, she's married to anthony weiner, who is a perv. he is. if you think that huma isn't telling anthony, who she's probably desperately in love with in all fairness to anthony,
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because why else would she marry this guy, can you believe it? >> as you can imagine, the hillary clinton camp are fired up. they responded angrily saying this. donald trump has spent the summer saying offensive things about women. but there is no place for patently false, personal attacks against a staff member. are there rules of staff members being off limits or are staffers fair games in a campaign? >> staffers are fair game if there is a real issue. there is no real issue on huma sharing secrets with anthony weiner. there are lots of people with classified top secret status at the state department who are married and have spouses. is donald trump saying they're all blowing a whistle with pillow talk? it's hard for the clinton campaign to get out there and say to the attack on women without trump going nuts about it, but again, we see while donald trump attacks a lot of different people of both genders, it does seem his
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passion goes up when he attacks a woman. >> you're saying the staffers are okay, they're fair game if there is an issue. so you're saying adver the e-ma controversy is not an issue? >> no, the e-mail controversy is an issue, but on a scale of 1 to 10, it's not a 10, it not a 1, it's somewhere in between. what huma did so far, there's no reason to pick on her in anything we've seen about this scandal. the fact he picks on her, talks about her and her spouse, seems a little strange. >> there are those who argue, picking on her is one thing, but extending it to her husband, anthony weiner -- did he go too far on this? >> over and over i say he goes too far, but then i test it on folks and here it's resonating. i don't want to call it a gift, but he has a knack for finding things on people that stick. jeb is low energy. now we're finding out how low
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energy he is. this is giving it some teeth and why people should be upset about the e-mails, and it's not something anyone else can do. >> what about the non-politics as usual here? in iowa it surgeried to 61% when it comes to donald trump. in may, almost reversing those numbers in may, so at this point couldn't you say, why are the republicans continuing to warm to him, or at least not giving it a chill kl. now i'm seeing people warm up. he's saying things that are resonating, striking a chord with people. there are only two people thank people in government have something on a regular basis. it's really fascinating because as a tv strategist and host for a long time, i've never seen
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anything like it. >> ben carson, bernie sanders, the anti-establishment we're seeing, good to see you both. now developing, the texas man charged in the execution style killing of a sheriff's deputy is in court for the first time this morning. shannon miles is being arraigned on a capital murder charge in the death of darren goforth, the deputy who was shot at random while fueling his car on friday. there was a vigil last night to honor goforth. he was a sheriff's deputy with a wife and two kids. the motive of the shooting remains unclear, but the suspect's mother said he can't be the gunman because he was out shopping with her at the time of the shooting. jamie, tell us about this morning's arraignment and what happened then. >> well, francis -- the judge
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has ruled the it will stay outside the camera man. the suspect, shannon miles, 30 years old. he was charged on saturday. he is expected to be arraigned this morning on capital murder charges in a shooting that has left this city in shock. as you mentioned, his mother has said that he didn't do it. she says that he was shopping with her at the time and so couldn't have done it. she made those remarks, francis, in an interview before miles was arrested and charged. meantime, police say that the murder weapon -- they say that ballistics tests tied him to the murder, francis. >> a lot of people have said, why? why does this have to happen? what was a suspected motive? >> that's a missing big piece of this case, frankly. . there was an emotional press
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conference on saturday that i'd like to play a little bit of sound from. this is the harris county sheriff hickman who is telling reporters about his search for a motive. >> we have not been able to extract any details regarding a motive at this point. as far as we know, darren goforth had no previous contact with the suspect, and it appears at the outset to be completely unprovoked. as of this moment this morning, we suspect he was a target because he wore a uniform. >> reporter: so while authorities, francis, say there is no motive that has been determined yet, they are openly speculating that goforth was targeted because he is a police officer. or, rather, a sheriff's deputy. >> sure. we know there are vigils and marches there in the community. >> there are no plans as of yet
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today or later tonight, but there has been an outpouring of grief here that has surprised people, just the enormity of it. last night we saw at least a thousand people march from a local church to that chevron station where the shooting occurred on friday. meantime, some fundraising rides have sprung up for darren, an on-line account raised $75,000 and organizers of a cash drive say they have raised $70,000, and a funeral for darren goforth is being planned for friday. >> people went quite a distance to attend those marches. thank you. now developing, we are tracking some severe weather. the southeast braces for flooding as remnants of tropical storm erika bring heavy rain. also, about half of america brace for a heat wave. what you can expect. chris christie tries to say
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the government tracks foreigners like fedex packages. >> i'm going to ask the founder of fedex, come work for the government for three months. >> and scott walker says building a fence in canada is worth looking into. we'll break it all down. plus -- >> i first met kanye west six years ago. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> oh, really, kanye? certainly no shortage of things to talk about at the water cooler today when it comes to the mtv video music awards. kanye west gave a 12-minute speech. should we be surprised? nicki minaj calls out miley cyrus, the host of the night. also ahead, join the conversation on line. you can find them on twitter at "news nation." derstands the lif.
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we are following several stories developing right now. flood warnings are issued throughout florida as remnants of tropical storm erika battle much of the states and the carolinas. in the meantime, hurricane fred is gaining strength in the atlantic. out west there are nearly three storms churning in the pacific ocean. people in the northeast are bracing for a heat wave this week. the big threat today is heavy rain expected in florida. sara joins me in florida. sara, some schools are already canceled, i understand? >> that is correct, francis, and that seems hard to believe when you take a look at date we're having so far, pretty much picture perfect postcard view out here on clearwater beach. you can see people out there enjoying the sand, enjoying the water and soaking up the sun. but all of that could change very, very quickly, forecasters say.
8:18 am
they are expecting some severe storms to roll into this area at any point throughout the day, bringing with them in some areas as much as three to five inches of water. for some areas of florida, that rain is very welcome, but not so much here in the tampa area. and that is because they're already experiencing their third wettest august on record. the grounds are saturated, the aquifers are full and some rivers already at minor flood levels. another rainfall could push those rivers into flooding, and we could see some street flooding, as you mentioned. one school district already cancelling classes in anticipation of the possibility of this. there are about 8,000 national guard members standing by in case people need assistance. we were also watching the weather last night as thunderstorms broke through the area. ain't lot of rain here. we were treated to a pretty spectacular lightning storm over the water. just a reminder, francis, of mother nature's power and how quickly the weather can change. back to you. >> we saw that power over the
8:19 am
weekend. how about the damage caused by erika then? >> damage over the weekend pretty dramatic. for example, 20 deaths attributed to erika in the caribbean. there were mudslides, torrential rains, conditions very dangerous. she broke up over the weekend by t she reached the united states, she wasn't a tropical storm. she had downgraded to a point of thunderstorms we were seeing, so we'll not see damage near anywhere what we saw in the caribbean. people still, however, being cautious. they know things can flood here quickly and conditions can get dangerous. >> all right, sarah dolloff, enjoy the sun and sand while you have it there in florida. thank you for the update. i'm going to bring in bill kari karins. you've seen the shot, but look at the radar. >> there is a lot of humidity from this system and a lot of moisture. this was the charleston area this morning, francis, and charleston had 6.5 inches of rain since midnight, the second
8:20 am
wettest august they've ever had. you go to orangeberg and columbia and they didn't have anything, augusta, very isolated. that's how florida feels. a lot of rain in fort myers right now and the key west area, but that's not going to be heading inland for another two or three hours, and then we'll see any flooding this afternoon. in the big stories in the pacific, this is outer space. it detects images every half hour looking down. we have one, two, three hurricanes here. over the weekend, all of them were major hurricanes. the one that weakened, thankfully, is one close to honolulu in the island of hawaii. this is pretty cool. this is one of the hurricane aircrafts. they went into it when it was a category 3 storm. this is the eyewall. they are literally in the eye. that's why there are blue skies straight above and you can feel that tower effect. here's another view and you can see the glow here. that's the sun reflecting off
8:21 am
the top of the thunderstorms. it's like a stadium effect, they call it, a football stadium or baseball stadium with the thunderstorms around you. an amazing job they have and amazing images we get. that storm goes around honolulu the next couple days. the heat, this does not look or feel like the end of summer. from the desert southwest to the middle of the country, 90s and 80s and september is not going to bring any relief at all, if not hotter. north dakota could hit 100 degrees on september 2nd and we're going to be 94 from st. louis to d.c., and it's humid, too, francis, kids going back to school. a lot of northern schools don't have air-conditioning. that's not fun, i remember that, your arms sticking to the desk with the teachers. >> the bus seats. the bus seats are the nastier thing, without a doubt. here i thought, we're going to be fine, an easy, breezy summer. guess not. >> won't end.
8:22 am
tom brady back in court working on his four-game suspension. a ruling could come today. can both sides reach a settlement? plus lawmakers are outraged over president obama's decision to rename mt. mckinley to mt. denali. the last day of august, the family of adam ward holds a memorial this afternoon of the cameraman shot in virginia. they encourage guests to wear spartan colors. blue bell ice cream returns to some store shelves today. the ice cream was linked to some listeria illnesses in four states, prompting a recall in april. chris christie will be a guest on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon. it is his seventh appearance on the show. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horsepower
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developing now, nfl commissioner roger goodell and new york patriots quarterback tom brady back in court this morning. it was supposed to be a chance for them to make a decision in the so-called suspension in the deflategate saga. since no agreement was reached, judge richard berman said he hopes to make that decision by friday. he ordered goodell and brady back after they failed to come to some sort of settlement out of court. it's the third time the mvp has had a request this month to attend a hearing. cindy warren, always good to see you here in what might be the final stretch of this whole deflategate saga here. how are things looking as far as pointing to a decision? does it look like the judge will overturn goodell's decision? >> i don't think anyone really knows, and i think it's kind of charming that you think this
8:27 am
might be over soon. i don't believe it's ever going to end. the judge has indicated he will make a decision either today or tomorrow. you know, they're up against it timewise. if brady is going to be suspended for four games, the suspension would start saturday. so here's what's going to happen. berman will make his decision. he'll probably uphold the four-dame suspension or he will vacant it and whoever is the loser out of it heads to appeals court. >> i know the hopes of the judge was he wanted them to settle, both sides to settle, and it seems like no one is budging. tom brady and the players' union saying, you know what, i didn't do anything wrong, and even with the precedent set there that there's no other player, it was punished by brady knowing what he knew. who comes out good here? >> there seems to be some question about what brady knew and what brady did. but the nfl seems to kind of be
8:28 am
moving the goalposts on him. initially after the ted wells' report, it was determined he had jena warns of deflating footballs. then when goodell upheld this four-game suspension, he knew he was in sti gating this. and that's tough for judge berman who has been hearing this case. >> can there be a stay? is it literally the judge will decide in the next few days before friday on what the fate may be? >> yeah, he's either going to -- i believe go with the four-game suspension or say, you know what? no. and he's going to vacate it. whoever is the loser will head to the appeals court. the nfl has had more success on the appeals court than it has in the lower levels the last few years. >> that's what we're wondering,
8:29 am
f if there will be another appeal coming out of this. let's look at the trailer of the concussion. >> head trauma chokes the ground. >> the nfl does not want to talk to you. you've turned on the lights. >> you're going to war with a corporation that owns a day of the week! >> no proof was presented today because this simply isn't ending. >> they have to listen to us. this is bigger than they are. >> highly anticipated. looks like a huge film. a-listers will sniff at baldwin in that, too, but you called it a gut punch to the league. why is that? >> ben -- bennett almalieu is a pathologist, a nerve pathologist. he worked in the medical office
8:30 am
when a couple members of the pittsburgh steelers driied and e bodies were brought to him for autopsy. he determined something present in alzheimer's patients, punch-drunk boxers, and there were a lot of people in the nfl who really didn't want to hear that. he's the guy that kept fighting it, kept asking, former members who have died, and he's the guy who really started this whole thing. >> thank you very much for the perspective. we'll see what happens with deflategate, too, when a decision comes out. now for some tense moments. twice this weekend a hammerhead shark circles kayakers in san diego and it was all caught on camera. it's one of the stories we're updating around the news nation.
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developing now, some disturbing new information we're getting here in the case of a mana ku accused of killing a sts sheriff's deputy in houston, texas on friday. he shot deputy darren goforth 16 times in the head and back at that gas station. the judge found cause to hold him for capital murder in goforth's death, and the suspect didn't tell of a possible motive, so everyone is wondering what that motive could have been. your first read on politics this morning, a poll in iowa shows bernie sanders within striking distance of hillary clinton. and why everyone will pay a bit
8:35 am
more attention to ben carson. and scott walker says proposing a fence along the canadian border is a good idea. will it hurt or help turn his campaign around? senior political editor mark murray, always on a monday, lots to get to. let's start with these poll numbers coming out of iowa. bernie sanders surging 14 points since may and behind hillary clinton by just 7 points in that state. good news for the sanders campaign. look at history here, specifically the last three presidential cycles. if we're going to use that as a guide, you know what happened after that? things could look very different in a few months' time. >> that's right, francis, and it's important to note that bernie sanders in addition to donald trump and ben carson have had fantastic summers, if not the entire month of august. if you look back at the past augusts of the last three
8:36 am
presidential cycles, you see winners were howard dean in august of 2003, that hillary clinton was way ahead of barack obama in august of 2007, and john mccain was essentially deader than a doornail in that republican contest. then in august of 2011, the big movers and shakers were michelle ba bachmann who won the iowa straw poll as well as rick perry who was surging in the polls, and none of them ended up winning the presidential nomination. i think that comparison is important when looking at today's poll numbers. >> everyone thought scott walker would be doing so much better at this time. in a way, scott walker made some of the politics needed to succeed in iowa, but now you look at him as a distant third and you consider comments made over the weekend on "meet the press." let's listen to that. >> if this is about securing the border from potential terrorists, we have to build a
8:37 am
wall? >> people have asked that question in new hampshire. they've raised some legitimate concerns as well as an officer that brought it up in one of the town meetings about a week and a half ago. that is a legitimate issue for us to look at. >> some walker supporters are worried about the so-called unforced error. so how much of them are going to consider the trump factor there, or is there something else at work with that? >> i think there is a trump factor, that we probably wouldn't be talking about a wall between the u.s. border with canada if it weren't for donald trump and all of his comments on immigration. he's pushed most of the field to the right on immigration. but, francis, there is also worth noting that beyond issues even beyond immigration, we're seeing scott walker having trouble on other issues. there are stumbles for candidates being able to hold, but when you're trying to win over endorsements to get money, you want to be seen as somebody
8:38 am
who is credible and you don't want so many doubts about your positions, whether it's on birthright citizenship in the 14th amendment, what are you going to do with immigration, having a wall on the u.s.-canadian border, so the question is what are a lot of the elites from republicans thinking about scott walker's comments? >> it's interesting when you talk about the campaign, we had chris christie with his comments over the weekend suggesting that the government track immigrants just like the u.s. tracks fedex packages or fedex tracks their packages as well. he actually defended the idea. let's listen. >> this is once again a situation where the private sector laps us in the government with the use of technology. let's use the same type of technology to make sure that 40% of the 11 million people don't overstay their visas. if fedex can do it, why can't we? >> we know immigration is the hot topic right now in the gop,
8:39 am
but no candidate seems to be getting a bump when it comes to that discussion, so how long can chris christie hang on? >> i would say donald trump got a pretty big bump using the issue of immigration, but again, francis, this is worth noting how donald trump has moved the party. the fact we're talking about fedex tracking of undocumented immigrants where, in 2012, mitt romney's self-deportation remark was the big thing. that remark seems very tame in comparison to what we've heard in the last few months. >> we'll have to watch and see. what else will be said out there? as always, mark murray, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you. this morning iowa republicans, including john boehner, are slamming president obama's decision to change the name of the world's tallest mountain from mt. mckinley to denali. it's the highest one in alaska. alaska has formally called it
8:40 am
mt. denali for years, but mckinley was born in ohio and assassinated in the second term. president obama is expected to make an official announcement on the renaming later today. that's not the only controversy with his three-day visit to alaska. chris jansing joins us now live in anchorage with a beautiful backdrop there. chris, the issue the president's agenda is also climate change. >> it is. and any time you mention climate change, global warming. the president is going to send a message that this is one of the most important issues of our time. he and other members of the administration, including secretary of state john kerry, has been saying that history will not judge well with climate deniers, and we also expect to hear from him that we're born to take action, and that action is critical in the fight against
8:41 am
global warming. in one of the most beautiful places on earth, mike and kelly run a glacier touring business. but those glaciers are shrinking. >> we just really, really watched the glaciers change, and dramatic changes. >> reporter: scientists say this year alone, the average glacier will lose 30 inches in thickness. >> there are about 20,000 glaciers in alaska, and almost all of them are retreating, losing mass and shrinking. >> reporter: and that's why president obama is making alaska the last leg of a 14,000-mile trip, focusing on climate change in advance of a critical international meeting in paris in december. a white house video pre views his unprecedented visit to the alaskan arctic. here in blackstone bay, we found ourselves in the middle of a pod of orca whales. it's absolutely incredible. but even in this remote, majestic place, you're never far
8:42 am
from a political question. it connects environmental protection with eco development. native alaskans are running a tv ad against any new environmental restrictions. >> they certainly don't know how harmful environmental research is it for alaskans. >> reporter: just last week, they gave the final okay for shell to drill off the east coast, while they're partly to blame for climate change. >> for someone like president obama who presumably understands the numbers, it's like a baby drill. >> they're part of the new shelling lease and want to keep the trip focused on climate change. >> action is no longer being threatened. they watch their glaciers turn into waterfalls.
8:43 am
>> changing along with the spectacular scenery, that's the backdrop to the ongoing debate. now, when the president lands here, he's going to be meeting with some locals and also take part in this glacier conference. secretary of state john kerry is here as well. tomorrow he goes to the exit glacier and he's going to be doing something we haven't seen him do before, although he's done some popular television. he's going to tape a segment for running wild with bare girls. we've seen people like zac efron do it. he's going to be learning some skills in the alaska wilds and there's joking about if he can survive washington, alaska shouldn't be any trouble at all. >> chris jansing, thank you very much. enjoy the cool alaska air while we're having our heat wave starting in the northeast. appreciate it. thank you.
8:44 am
the renaming of alaska's mt. mckinley is the topic of today's gut check. what do you think this should be called? still ahead, a baseball fan's death at a yankees-braves game is raising new questions about safety at ball parks. we have new details. keep it right there. natural dry dog and cat foods. we start with real meat as the first ingredient. we leave out corn,wheat and soy. and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent! can other brands say all that? for nutrition you can trust and your pet will enjoy... does your food go beyond? learn more at that's a good thing, eligible for medicare? but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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tonight the atlanta braves will play their second game at turner field after a 60-year-old fan fell to his death over the weekend. the accident has turned the spotlight to fan safety at baseball stadiums around the country. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in atlanta with more. >> reporter: francis, good morning. greg murray was an atlanta braves season ticket holder for 23 years. now his death is raising questions yet again about who is responsible for fan safety at ball parks, some of which haven't been updated since the great depression. >> great crowd here at turner
8:48 am
field, and really still some sadness. there will be for a while. >> reporter: a somber moment at sunday's atlanta braves game where turner field's flag flew at half staff for avid fan greg murray. an honor was read for him before the game. >> please join atlanta and the braves and yankees as we observe a moment of silence. >> a sellout crowd. murray was standing up and boo ing rodriguez, a pinch-hitter as he fell to his death down seven tiers just over home plate. >> someone just fell over the upper deck right below us.
8:49 am
oh, my gosh. >> reporter: no one else was injured. his family now grieving their loss. >> greg passed away doing one of his favorite things, watching the bravers play. >> reporter: with more than 20 fall-related deaths at major sad yu -- stadiums since 1969 said some of the safety regulations need to be looked at. >> there is a minimum height of where people are seated of just 26 inches, which is roughly right above knee high on the average american. that's not very high. >> this is the third death here@lanthere at atlanta's turner field since 1978. they don't think the railing had anything to do with it. right now it appears to just be a tragic accident. i'll be right back with a look at last night's vmas.
8:50 am
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8:53 am
to an emotional breakdown and surprise presidential announcement? last night's mtv video music awards did not disappoint. it even set the stage for a new round of bad blood between two music's biggest stars. with miley cyrus as the host there was no shortage of shock value. msnbc's roane anyone ferrell has more. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> reporter: kanye west's armily presidential bid and old feuds ending and new ones started. >> miley, what's good? >> reporter: it began with nicki minaj tweeting she was passed over for video of the year nomination was of industry bias. cyrus later commenting on minaj, you maude it agent you. >> we all do interviews and we all know how they manipulate [ bleep ]. nicky, congratulations. >> she's saying there's issues with way certain bodies are
8:54 am
accepted, certain skin colors are accepted. that's more reflective of the broader culture. >> i think butts are pretty accepted if you ask me. >> reporter: one penn who had no problem making it about himself? kanye west who won the video vanguard award. the presenter? taylor swift. >> i first met kanye west six years ago at this show, actually. >> reporter: west infamously interrupted taylor swift's speech that year. >> i'm going to let you finish. but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. and i think if i had to do it all again, what would i have done? would i have worn a leather skirt? >> reporter: but last night there was no interrupting west. during a rambling 12-minute speech. >> yes, i wrote up a little something. i knocked the edge off. >> reporter: unlike performer justin bieber who experienced the show edge and all. and then there was miley who told me after her last vmas
8:55 am
controversy people make too much of her on-stage antics. >> funny how serious people take it and they're like, you're race ais and you're this? literally. >> reporter: cyrus had ten costume changes approximately. all of it making for a night perhaps bust summed by future presidential candidate kanye west. >> i still don't understand award shows. >> they looks to have paid off this time on social media, francis. of course, that is one of the big arenas in which these broadcasts so millennial friendly now compete. twitter says there are more than 45 million tweets on this subject in the hours before and during the show. of course, the big topic of the night, ckansas yeah west. twitter also ruled out brand new features including the feature to put stickers on photos through celebrities that were tweeting during the show. look at taylor swift's or miley cyrus' photos from the show they're utilizing features most consumers don't yet have. >> that does it for this edition
8:56 am
of "newsnation." i'm francis rivera in for tamron hall. up next, andrea mitchell's exclusive interview with bern berniers. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. cook healthy meals... yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients
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have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the sanders surge. bernie sanders now is the gap with hillary clinton in a new iowa poll. can the outsider become the front-runner? the presidential candidate joins me exclusively just ahead. >> this is not anti-hillary clinton. this is pro bernie sanders and pro a message that says enough is enough. this country and our government belong to all of us. not just the handful of very wealthy people. crossing the line. donald trump attacks hillary clinton's closest aide for her marriage. >> who is huma married to? one of the great sleaze bags of
9:00 am
our time, anthony weiner. did you know that? she's married to anthony weiner. you know, the little bing-bing-bing, bong-bong. i love you very much. silence salute. more than 1,000 marchers honor the houston deputy sheriff's slaying execution style while pumping gas as the suspect faces charges today. >> the callousness of what happened, it's earth shattering. >> darren would have given that monster the shirt off his back if he asked for it. he didn't have to do what he did. and what's in a name? some republicans are crying foul as president obama restores alaska's mt. mckinley to its original name.