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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 5, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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people start making references that are supposed to be signals of some sort of communal system. in that same vein jeb bush formed a religious liberty committee. that is a huge issue. it should be a huge issue across the board but especially appeals to conservatives. >> go after carson with this stuff. >> absolutely. >> thank you both. back tomorrow with more mtp daily. craig melvin will pick up our coverage right now. right now on msnbc bomb or no bomb. was it isis? the latest on the russian plane crash in egypt. what we know and what we still do not know. jeb bush on his struggling campaign, his daughter's battle with addiction and the bush legacy. his sit down with casie hunt in
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new hampshire. new details from a book about jeb 's father, new revelations. good thursday to you. we start with the latest in the investigation into what brought down that russian plane last weekend. all 224 people on board were killed saturday when it went down over egypt's sinai peninsula. this afternoon president obama told cbs radio, quote, it is certainly possible there was a bomb. here is what white house press secretary josh earnest said about what brought down the air bus 321. at this point the united states has not made our own determination about the cause
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incident. we are reviewing steps we can take. >> british prime minister david cameron met with egypt's president today after their conversation seemed convinced it was a bomb that brought down the plane. >> we cannot be certain that the russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb but it looks increasingly likely that was the case. >> the majority of those killed were russian tourists. russian officials insist it is too soon to settle on a conclusion but for the third time today isis has come forward to claim responsibility. so far u.s. officials say there is no evidence to support those claims, either. we have complete coverage. tom cost ela has the aviation angle. let's start with you, mick, at the pentagon. what is the latest there? >> u.s. officials are sticking to their position that it is possible that a bomb brought
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down that in plane but they are not nearly as positive or aggressive about this as the british are. and that's an interesting dynamic because they are both looking at the very same intel. what makes it more compelling for the british, they have more at stake immediately. 20,000 british nationals are there in the region, the airport where that plane took off from. and there is still a plan by the british to try to get those 20,000 to evacuate the area. meanwhile tla have cut off all commercial flights by any british airlines to or from. we are told there is one tantalizing piece, one intriguing piece of intel that is yet to be revealed. both the u.s. and british have seen that piece of intel yet there still seems to be a bit of distance in terms of the
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commitment by the brits and the americans in regard to the issue of was this plane brought down by a bomb. >> can you characterize this intel? >> it appears it involves intercepts of what, of whom? there is speculation and reporting that there may be intercepts among some of the isis or other militants in the region, others that there may be intercepts perhaps from some of the rescue or recovery effort, those involved in that just don't know. nobody here is willing to tell us, give us that little nugget which seems to be the crux of the position particularly of the brits. >> starting us off from the pentagon. let's turn to tom cost ela. we heard the obama administration is considering steps to enhance security on some commercial flights that are coming in here. what sorts of things are they doing? what other options could they
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consider? >> i think we are looking at potentially upgrading, enhancing security on flights coming from the middle east into the united states. so i don't think we are talking necessarily although we will see what happens. i don't think we are talking about upgrading security on flights from europe or from asia but really from that region. i think you are talking about enhanced security and screening of passengers, luggage, anything that is cargo that goes underneath the plane itself or in the cargo hold. i think all of that is on the table. here is why this is important. the tsa mandates that if you as an airline are going to fly, united, delta, you name the airline. if you fly from a foreign airport into the united states yo ahave to subscribe to and adhere to tsa and homeland security screening protocols. you have to satisfy the tsa before they will grant you that approval. clearly, for those flights
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originating in cairo into the united states and some directly into jfk they would have to adhere to tsa protocol. might we see a situation where tsa would come into cairo and say you need to upgrade this or that. it could be from enhanced perimeter screening and check points to actually a more thorough pat down of passengers. we simply don't know but that will likely roll out in the very near future within 24 hours. in addition we will see whether other airports beyond cairo might be affected. might there be other middle eastern airports. clearly that is something we will see from homeland security. we expect in the not too distant future. >> you have covered lots of downed planes. based on what we know about how this plane broke apart, what can we take from that and glean with regards to a possible cause?
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>> listen, all along we have said there are two distinct possibilities. number one a bomb. number two the possibility that metal fatigue led to catastrophic. the reason i say that is because the full forensics of the investigation is ongoing. when you have the president of the united states and the prime minister of the uk both saying that we think there is a very high likelihood that a bomb brought down this plane they must have intelligence that they feel is very compelling. i would make this point yet again. it came originally out of number 10. we know the brits are all r reticent. the fact they originated this conversation in terms of saying it may have been a bomb and as a result they were not going to allow people to leave until they were able to secure that mode of
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transportation. now not letting anyone leave there with their luggage and actual suitcases. that will be transported on a separate plane. that's a pretty significant step for the british government to take. now for president obama himself to say this likely was a bomb you have to believe they were holding on to intelligence that is extremely significant. >> thanks as always. i want to bring in nbc foreign correspondent in cairo for us. we should note he has probably spent more time in egypt than just about any other correspondent at this network. what are egyptian leaders saying about what caused that plane to go down there, my friend? >> reporter: they are being very, if you will, suspicious of some claims coming out of western capitals including washington and london that this was brought down by terrorism. the civil aviation ministry
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spoke today and said it is too early and the forensics aren't complete to have a clear conclusion as to what brought this plane down. other ministers saying it was purely mechanical. the tone coming up from the official government here is different from london and washington but the investigation is ongoing. today it expanded a little bit to start looking at security measures at the airport. we know that the egyptian authorities have beefed up security at the airport. we know they are going through closed circuit television monitors and looking to whom may have had access to the plane whether baggage handlers. we know the investigation is ongoing. in addition to forensics investigation taking place at the actual site of the crash. so a very different tone coming out of cairo than what we are seeing in the west.
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>> if it is, in fact, isis, what does that tell you about their capabilities, about their reach now? >> reporter: i think by most accounts this would be a game changer in egypt specifically because egypt has been battling a very stubborn insurgency. we know that militant groups have carried out very sophisticated attacks inside egypt and killed the general prosecutor here in an assassination. more than 600 security personnel have been killed over the last couple years. now they are able to target tourists and civil aviation that would have a game changer that would have a ripple effect not only across egypt and the region for countries seeing a rise in militants including places like libya, here in egypt and elsewhere. >> thank you as always. what's in a name?
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jeb bush tells msnbc what it is like to be the third bush to run for president. >> it's a blessing. walk into this diner, three people say i met your dad. i love your mother. your brother did the right thing. >> could that famous name make it harder for jeb to drop out of the race? we will look at that. the gloves are off a day before msnbc's democratic candidates forum. bernie sanders goes on the offensive against hillary clinton. why his latest attack is actually a bit odd. from tennis superstar to superhero, serena williams chases down a would-be thief who swiped her cell phone. we will show you the video. za. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it!
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williams, greatest tennis player of our time. to many she is a role model.
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now some are ready to cape her and call her a superhero. on her facebook page posted this wild story about how she chased down a guy who stole her cell phone. williams writes i kept watching him from a corner of my eye. when least expected this common petty thief grabbed my phone and swiftly left. i jumped up, weaved my way in and out of the cozy restaurant, leaping over a chair or two and chased him down. it's a crazy story that gets a little bit better because today new security footage shows it all go down. i think you can see it right here. that's williams leaving the restaurant. she walks up to the guy, words are exchanged. we don't have audio of the exchange. likely went something like this, that's my phone.
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jeb bush gets candid on a one-on-one interview. sat down to talk about everything from his struggling campaign and rivals to his personal experiences with his daughter's drug addiction. casey asked him about the rise of senator marco rubio and whether voters should consider rubio's financial track record when they make their decision
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next year. >> i think everybody needs to be vetted. you have to accept it. you are running for president of the united states. the press has a duty to vet all of us. i don't feel compelled to vet marco rubio. >> do you think his handling of his financial situations raises questions about his maturity? >> what i am concerned about is sharing my life experience with people, 32 years in business and eight years as governor. i will let others determine the qualifications of the other candidates. i think i am most qualified guy to be president of the united states. >> does your last name make it harder to potentially get out of the race? would you feel you are letting your family down? >> there is no on the couch meditating. that's not a bush trait. it's a blessing. walk into this diner, three
3:18 pm
people say i met your dad. i love your mother. your brother did the right thing. so it's an odd trait as a candidate to give people a sense of who i am. didn't seem to warm up to the fact that there is another bush showing up. more good than bad for sure. >> florida's former governor the topic of today's bing pulse question. will jeb bush win the republican nomination? go to we will share resultwise you at the bottom of the broadcast. i want to bring in brian darling, republican strategist susan dell percio. what do you think of the interview in terms of how bush did? >> casey did a great job setting
3:19 pm
up a trail of questions. and i think he did very okay. >> very okay. >> buzz he doecause he doesn't personality which shows through. part of the interview is how he handled his daughter's addiction. it was very revealing into his character but somehow there wasn't that connection that you kind of hope to make with the candidate. there was some spark not quite there. >> this is what susan was talking about. this is jeb bush speaking candidly about his daughter's struggle with drug addiction. >> very highly public way she was caught trying to buy prescription drugs she didn't have a prescription for. that created a big profile on her life. thank goodness she got through it. it took incredible courage in this public kind of process to
3:20 pm
go to drug court and graduate. she has been drug free. my wife and i have been engaged in all sorts of ways to try to help people understand this but it's based on personal experience i can tell you it's not easy. >> yesterday chris christie's emotional speech in new hampshire talking about addiction. that speech has gone viral. more than 5 million people viewed it. ted cruz talked about his sister's death because of drug overdose. and now we hear from jeb bush. these are very personal experiences with drug addiction. how does that resonate with voters? >> i think it resonates very well. it shows that jeb bush is a father and he is somebody who has had struggles in his life. he has had struggles with his daughter. i think that is very important for him to be a normal human being because most americans look at him as a member of the bush family and this elite
3:21 pm
family. they don't know him as much as a person, a dad, as somebody who cares about his daughter. i think it is helpful in the sense that it humanizes him. >> a really good point about humanizing him. it reminds me of mitt romney a bit. first his opponent basically brands him early on and then he has to come out of that. then we hear about these wonderful stories about mitt romney at the end that no one heard about. i'm surprised he chose not to introduce his family even with his daughter and his wife and their stories which would have made him very human at the very beginning and would have taken part of the bush brand off of him because people would have seen his family. >> speaking about jeb bush in the past tense. is the campaign over? >> that is what has happened thus far. it's not but if he doesn't have a good reboot voters are going to give him the boot. it's not going to work.
3:22 pm
>> obviously, jeb bush is struggling. this will -- interviews like this help him. look where he is at. he is in a terrible situation. you look at hillary clinton who was in a similar situation walking into the election, a legacy, somebody woo walked in and thought she could just walk into the nomination. she had some troubles but jeb bush the opposite. he is struggling at 4% and in fifth place nationally and in iowa and new hampshire. he is doing terrible and i think he is going to have to work very hard to change the minds of the american people and change perceptions and try to break out of the pack because if he doesn't turn things away he is not going to make it. >> here is something else revealed today that the superpac spent $16.5 million so far on television by an outside group.
3:23 pm
>> and the outside group is run by the person who used to run his campaigns who does a great job who knows jeb bush and how to package him. so it is very surprising. normally you would say maybe the superpac doesn't know what he is doing. these folks do. there is something about the candidate that is not clicking. it's not a connection. >> good to have you. brian darling who is clearly participating in no shave november. good to see you. not too long ago he said the american people were sick of hearing about hillary clinton's e-mails. why is bernie sanders bringing them up again? sanders on offense, ben carson on defense. defense about a much publicized account of his childhood. could the gop front runner be in some real trouble?
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let me say something that may not be great politics, but i
3:27 pm
think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. [ laughter ] >> that was bernie sanders just last month towards the end of the democratic presidential debate. seems he may have changed his mind. according to the wall street journal bernie sanders is taking off the gloves against the front runner saying you get 12 seconds to say these things. there is an investigation going on. i didn't say end the investigation. let the investigation proceed. a clinton spokesman says it is disappointing senator sanders and campaign strategists chosen to engage in the type of personal attacks that it previously said he wouldn't do. political reporter frat "new york times" always good to see
3:28 pm
you. so far sanders seems to have pretty much stuck to pointing out policy differences. now this. is this the beginning of a major shift in strategy. >> they say revise and extend your remarks. what's changed? he is down in the polls. he is losing. i think we are seeing a bernie sanders who actually wants to win the nomination and isn't just running on policy. he wants to win. i think he has to make contrasts with her to get across to people that there is a difference. >> he held a rally in new hampshire a few hours ago 67. this is what he said. >> you know, i am pretty proud of the fact that i'm the only democratic candidate for president who does not have a superpac. >> and? and the point there would be what? >> could it be hillary clinton?
3:29 pm
he is drawing contrasts. his argument is that he is the rock. he has been consistent all these years and the shade he is throwing at hillary clinton is she has been back and forth or late and wrong on issues like the iraq war or gay rights. it's a campaign now. >> latest wall street journal poll clinton beating sanders among democrats, doubling his number. 62, 31. at what point does bernie sanders say i have forced her to talk about issues she would not have otherwised likely talked about? at what point does he say this is not my nomination to win? >> i don't think he is going to drop out. he has a real shot at victories next year, raising a ton of money. he has proven you can run and raise money on his platform and be competitive. i think he believes in what he is talking about. >> hillary clinton has put out a
3:30 pm
new ad hieighlighting one of th biggest differences between her and bernie sanders, gun control. take a listen. >> between 88 and 92 people a day are killed by guns. we're better than this. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act? before we come together as a nation? >> is that the kind of ad that could perhaps be effective in a primary election but come back to haunt her in a general election or effective all around? >> all around and very effective against bernie sanders. this is one issue where he is most at odds with the democratic base. >> always good to see you. much more ahead here on msnbc including this. >> ben carson 2016 support ben
3:31 pm
carson for next president be awesome. >> that is ben carson's new radio ad. that is not ben carson rapping. he talks to the beat. he leaves the rhyme toing to a professional. who is the audience. george h.w. bush with harsh words for his son. plaque psoriasis...
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3:35 pm
camping knife and i tried to stab him in the abdomen and he had a large metal belt buckle and it broke and he fled in terror. >> fortunately, my life has been changed and i'm a very different person now. >> recent reports call the stories into question. cnn talked to nine friends, peers and neighbors about carson and had no memory of carson's anger or violence. today dr. ben carson explains why he thinks they do not know about that part of his life. >> i don't want to expose people without their knowledge but remember when i was 14 when the knifing episode that is when i changed. that's when most of those people began to know who i was. they didn't know me before that. >> republican strategist, matt welch, editor and chief. thank you all for being here.
3:36 pm
let me start with you, sir. what, if any effect will this have on ben carson's candidacy? >> it's a distraction probably more than anything else. here is what al gore and i have in common. if i tell a story long enough i think it happened. and these things sort of slip in and then you tell the story and we know a lot of people that have done that sort of thing. i read the cnn reporting. we'll see -- i don't think it matters. it's just going to take a couple of days or three days out of his campaigning because everybody will want to talk about that. >> we will talk about that. here is the thing. even if there is some hyperbole here, if it turns out he made this up, what, then, does that say about ben carson? >> i think that says he has to answer to his god and only his
3:37 pm
god about whether that is the truth. he has been caught plagiarizing passages from previous books. i have been wondering why did he feel if it is true, why did he feel at the time when he wrote the book to exaggerate? part of it i think is it wasn't cool or a good story to say he was bookish and nerdy and quiet so he embellished. i was this rough angry black kid from detroit. it's a better story to tell. i don't think there will be political consequences. >> we don't know yet whether he embellished it. cnn sent a tremendous amount of energy. they spent that energy to find out there is no kwacorroboratio they didn't get a school record. they have a lot of his friends and acquaintances saying it
3:38 pm
sounds odd that he never told us that. it happened 50 years ago. i think the chances of telling a story 50 years later or 25 years later and retelling it -- he has been talking about this for the last 25 years. it's what made him his fortune. we don't know yet how much it has been and i know for a fact knowing carson's voters no one cares. >> here is the thing. if you were 3% we wouldn't be talking about this either. people are taking him seriously and beginning to peel back the onion. >> let's talk about something you brought up here, the comments that carson made in 1998 saying that instead of the pyramids being built as toms he believes they were built for grain. >> some people don't find that to be silly at all and find god
3:39 pm
created the earth. the progressive try to ridicule it and they are welcome to do that. >> how does that play with not primary voters? how would they play with general election voters? >> i think it might be a little bit of a hard sell. it's the peyramids here. ben carson has some ideas about the apocalypse that are a little bit stronger than some other older religions. maybe some people would feel distancing. in the primary election who cares what the guy thinks about the pyramids especially when candidates are talking about policy. he wants to seal the northern border. there are policy questions that matter here. >> i think -- i don't want to jump in again but i will. but that's one of the problems
3:40 pm
is that it becomes a pattern of weirdness that whether it is the pyramids or the border or whatever other kind of thing this isn't a tenant. this is nothing about grain in the pyramids in her religion. this is just something he came up with. i think a pattern may be developing. >> just coined a phrase we will probably here again now, a pattern of weirdness. is that the phrase you just coined? >> the hillary attack ad. >> perhaps something else that could contribute to this pattern, carson's campaign shelled out about $150,000 for a radio ad that will start airing in eight cities tomorrow. rich, i'm not sure if you are the audience, but here is a snippet of the ad. ♪ support ben carson for the
3:41 pm
next president will be awesome ♪ >> america became a great nation early on not because it was flooded with politicians but with people who understood the value of personal responsibility, hard work and that is what will get us on the right track now. >>. [ laughter ] >> what's the campaign hoping to accomplish there? who is the audience? >> they are hoping to grab on to black youth from 1990. >> who live in iowa. >> i think he said this afternoon that that wasn't the kind of ad he would have run but that is what the staff told him would be good. it's your campaign. you have to take control of this. that is just a waste of money. >> it also shows you how out of touch the campaign is with at least the millennial generation. there are more white youth hip
3:42 pm
hop buyers. that campaign they might be in touch with the evangelical right but in terms of the mainstream millennial generation, the obama voters, this is just a laughable ad that shows how out of touch he is. you combine that sound track to the attack ad from hillary clinton with the weirdness with his position on climate. >> this is just gold. >> are you going to defend the ad? >> has 2015 not been a weird year in america? >> one candidate is rehearsing a comedy program. >> that looks like an snl sketch saturday night. >> kanye west had a phone call with ben carson about a month ago where they talked for 15 minutes. it's crazy. >> who initiated that call?
3:43 pm
>> i think kanye did. he actually started rapping at him in the middle of the phone call. this election is completely off the hook. we are just spectators. >> we are on the curb watching the floats go by. >> always good to see you. thank you. big thanks to all of you. another shocking twist in the case of a police officer who staged his own suicide reports the officer may have ordered a hit on someone. also, george h.w. bush lashing out at some top advisers. his harsh critiques of some of the highest level members of the bush 43 administration. that's coming up. a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me.
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thicken in the case of the fox lake illinois police officer who killed himself in what is being called a staged suicide. they say he tried to stage a hit on a town employee. meanwhile the deceased officer's wife and adult son are also under investigation in the case. nbc's john yang is in illinois. >> reporter: just when you thought this story couldn't get more bizarre you have this murder-for-hire plot apparently. investigators acknowledged they don't know how serious it was because they can't question the
3:48 pm
key person. just a little bit ago the village administrator for fox lake, the target of this apparent murder-for-hire plot spoke to reporters and she is certainly taking it very seriously. >> even though this threat was made months ago i take these threats very seriously. my priority is to keep my family and myself safe while continuing to do my job. >> reporter: investigators say that merged in e-mails and text messages that she emerged as the biggest threat to him to exposure of what he was doing. and there are a lot of e-mails talking about the friction between the two of them and even some where he fantasizes about planting something on her or
3:49 pm
talks about the state and natural wild life reserve here. >> the man's family, the two members of his family being considered in this investigation, what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right. our chicago station wmaq is reporting that a law enforcement official has told them that melanie glenowitz and son are in the investigation. this is over the embezzlement whether they had any role in that at all. >> john, thank you. coming up hadf-arrogant, hard line, serve the president badly. those are a few of the ways george h.w. bush described dick cheney and donald rumsfield. how his son, the former president is responding this thursday evening.
3:50 pm
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the attack of 9/11. i think my dad like a lot of people want to try to create a different narrative just because that is natural to do. george would say this was under my watch. i was commander in chief. i was the leader and i accept responsibility for what happened good and bad. when it relates to dick cheney, he served my brother well as vice president and he served my dad extraordinary well as secretary of defense. >> that was jeb bush weighing in on harsh words his dad had for jeb 's older brother in soon to be released biography former president criticizes g.w. bush. he blasts dick cheney saying he had his own empire there and marched to his own drummer and
3:55 pm
weighed in on donald rumsfield saying i think he served the president badly adding he was an arrogant fellow and self assured swagger. bush 43 disagreed saying he was proud to serve with cheney and he was in charge of his administration saying i disagree with his characterization of what was going on. i made the decisions. this was my philosophy. i'm joined by david millback and reuters political reporter. you have one son who is president of the united states. you have another son who is trying to become president of the united states. what's gained by doing this? >> this is just sort of the dynamic that happens to families across america every night. it's quite an extraordinary thing. certainly, the timing could not be worse. this is a project years in the making.
3:56 pm
it's hard to imagine when the 41st president talked about this and gave out diaries that it would come at this moment of struggle for his other son's presidential run. what he is saying is not in a sense if anyone else were saying it controversial, it is obviously true the influence and their characters are well known. it's that it is being said by this guy and the criticism there is of his own son because he did say that it was ultimately his son's fault for letting this happen. >> erin, donald rumsfield's office responded saying in part, bush 41 is getting up in years and misjudges bush 43 who i found made his own decisions. there are hundreds of memos on that represent
3:57 pm
advice. responded to rumsfeld. take a listen. >> that's very regrettable to say something like that. one thing about bush 41 is as time passes we appreciate him more and more not only for as president of the united states but being such a wonderful decent man. just a lovely, lovely man. to say that, of course, is frankly authenticateses the comments made about donald rumsfeld. >> it seems like an open feud among republicans on this. >> i think the timing on that is bad, too. i'm sure the republican party is not welcoming this at all. as far as jeb bush's campaign is concerned there is another revelation in some of these writings that came out saying that george h.w. bush was tired
3:58 pm
after the gulf war and was considering not running for reelection. i think given donald trump's criticism of jeb bush that he is low energy that the timing on those particular comments are bad, too. >> bush 41 dealt with criticism when it came with his own rhetoric saying you go back to the axes of evil and these things. anything that might be historically proved to be not benefitting anything. i think i butched the quote there. hot rhetoric easy to get headlines. that's also very interesting to me to have a father openly criticizing his son who is president in a book. >> it is an extraordinary thing and most unpeexpected. it's not what he said when you look at his presidency it was
3:59 pm
about using force wisely and with caution and using it convincingly but no more than was necessary. it's not surprising he would have these views of his son. it sounds he didn't voice the views because he was going to let his son run his own presidency. it's not surprising that he had the views. it is surprising is he decided it would be a good idea to have it out there. it does vind kate his world view and approach but at the expense of both of his sons. >> you have to wonder whether one or two of the boys didn't call dad and say really? >> you don't want to be there for thanksgiving when jeb bush is reflecting on his own campaign and they have this family feud over thanksgiving mpt going to be interesting. >> reflecting. do you not think the bush campaign makes it to turkey day? >> of course, they will make it to turkey day, but some of the
4:00 pm
commentary about the campaign that the he will be doing some reflecting. >> got you. >> he will have time off soon enough. >> big thanks to both of you. big thanks to you, as well. "hardball" starts right now. it's not brain surgery. dr. carson ready to be president. let's play "hardball." good evening. can you say anything and still claim you will do no harm as president? can you say the founding fathers lack political experience when practically all of them were men with public records. can you say the peyramids werent burial places? can you talk about gti