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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 10, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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activists say the fight is just beginning. so what do they want to happen next? and two years after that documentary "black fish" sparked outrage across the world, seaworld says it will end its killer whale shows in san diego -- but critics are lashing out saying it does not go far enough. what about the other parks? good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. developing now. the republican candidates are gearing up for tonight's fourth gop debate. ahead of tonight's face-off, dr. ben carson's campaign manager declared his candidate is a lot more fired up and prepared to be a lot more aggressive, that as donald trump increases his attacks on dr. carson. the latest one coming just a few hours ago. >> he's got a pathological temper or something. he wrote that himself in the book. i'm trying to figure out what's going on over here. you hit somebody in the face with a lock. you go after your mother with a hammer. you do all of these things and you're trying to justify that, yes, you did them, and that's supposed to make you credible.
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meantime, dr. ben carson could be fueled tonight about i a new poll out showing he has now pulled ahead of trump in the early primary state of south carolina. carson surging 13 points since august. nbc's peter alexander joins us live now from milwaukee. so peter, you have a lot of people saying essentially this debate will pick up where the last one left off. but certainly the rhetoric it's very heated going in. i'm curious about people already telling their strategy before getting on stage. >> reporter: well, we will we wait and see what happens on stage tonight. that stage will look a little bit different, this field slimming down. now you have eight candidates on the main stage, four on the undercard and three who are left out all together. so the candidates out there will get more time to speak tonight. among things we're going to be watching for is whether or not ben carson will need to fend off attacks from donald trump about these reported discrepancies in his life story, and how jeb bush once again is going to handle what this time is really the
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most pressure he's faced yet. for the republicans, tonight poses another crucial test. front-runner ben carson dismissing growing scrutiny over apparent des krepcys in his life story. will carson's rivals or even debate moderators grill him tonight? his chief opponent, donald trump, is already teeing off, focusing on carson's description of his violent youth. >> this is the only election in history where you're better off if you stab somebody, what are we coming to? >> reporter: carson's business manager tells nbc news the controversy has lit a fire under the usually calm candidate. >> i think finally he had an epiphany and realized that, look, i have got to be ready for these moments, bring it on, i'm ready to fight. >> reporter: with the economy in focus tonight, trump's challenge to emphasize substance over style and show how his billionaire business savvy would translate to a trump presidency. marco rubio is gaining ground,
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but tonight can he put to rest spending habits while in the florida legislature? tonight could offer a skrel to t sequel to the last showdown between rubio and his mentor, jeb bush. the tension between the two threate threatens. "the right to rise" has already cast a film against rubio and researched how voters field about rubio's missed senate votes. all signs of how anxious they've become about the state of bush's candidacy. analysts point out bush can't afford another lackluster performance. on the trail he's touting a new campaign slogan, jeb can fix it, and showing a looser side of his personality fielding questions from students. >> by the way, the three questions, they're better than the moderated debate questions.
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just sayin'. >> reporter: after last month's raucous debate on cnbc, tonight o m moderators from the "wall street journal" and fox say this will be civil. maria bartiromo warned candidates she can ask any question she likes. in her words," it's all fair game." >> thank you, peter. one of the big questions is how do carson will react to challenges to these discrepancies as they've been described in his life story. "carson will vociferously stand up for himself and if somebody goes after him, they're going to see a lot more back at them than they ever saw before." the campaign director for ben carson joins us. thanks for joining us. if donald trump's latest remarks are any indication of what he plans to do tonight, he very
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well may call dr. carson a person who has a pathological temper and he goes on to portray him as someone who is not credible, what will dr. carson say in response to that? >> well, i think a lot of these allegations are a bit absurd, but at the same time, you know, the allegations contradict each other. over the past week a lot of people have alleged that dr. carson lied about these accounts of his past, and in fact what we've seen is that everyone of these accounts has been backed up. for instance, buzzfeed provided a story just very recently about a yale alumnus who confirms the details of dr. carson's anecdote about the psychology test. dr. carson's mother substantiated his account of the knife attack in a "parade" magazine interview in 1997. and so in many ways all of those
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people who have alleged that dr. carson has somehow lied, they've been proven wrong. and now someone is saying, well, because dr. carson was once someone who had a bad temper that he's somehow unif it ffit office. what dr. carson has made very clear it's something he used to have a bad temper and it is not something he's proud of but he's gotten over that in part because of his own abilities and his faith in god. so i think he's looking back at those episodes in the past as something that he has corrected. and so it's now time to move forward and forget about these petty conversations and focus on the real issues that this nation faces. >> but you have his campaign manager, barry bennett, saying that if someone takes a swing, if you will, at dr. carson tonight, that he's going to get back at them in a way that we've
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not seen before. armstrong williams has said that he has more of a fire in his belly than we've seen. a big part of his appeal has been this tone. now we're hearing that he plans to be more aggressive. is that not the case? >> well, tamron, i should note that people do -- even nice people like dr. carson get angry when false allegations are thrown at them. and over the past week we've seen a lot of very unprofessional, very unobjective and dishonest reporting about him. and so dr. carson is a man who believes in civility and respect. but at the same time, people should not mistake that type of attitude for weakness. if someone were to attack him, and particularly if they were to do so in an unfair manner, dr. carson will respond. >> do you think that the manner in which donald trump has gone after dr. carson at this point has been unfair? >> i don't think that he fully
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understands what the truth behind dr. carson's stories are, and so dr. carson has said repeatedly, both in his books in the past, as well as in numerous interviews, and he's been consistent about all of his life stories. some of which he's very proud of, some of which he's not. he's proud of having gotten over the episodes where he behaved inappropriately or -- >> i'm asking about donald trump. obviously donald trump has likely heard and read some of the very things you've pointed out, including dr. carson's mother verifying one story and "parade" magazine and some of the other things you've asserted. i'm going back though to his chief rival at this point, the person he's neck and neck with in these polls, donald trump. is donald trump's attack on dr. carson, what you refer to as fair? >> well, i think what we should keep in mind is that we will
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respond to all attacks against us that are not fair and we've repeatedly said that dr. carson has told the truth, and if donald trump feels that somehow dr. carson's temperament from 50 years ago makes him unfit for office, we believe that to be inaccurate. obviously everybody sees dr. carson's temperament on the campaign trail. and it is one that americans have responded to overwhelmingly and enthusiastically. and so it is dr. carson's temperament is one that we do not feel at all embarrassed to defend. >> thank you very much, ying ma. two other candidates who will be closely watched tonight, fellow floridians jeb bush and senator marco rubio. the debate comes amid today's "new york times" report that the super pac supporting jeb bush is considering unleashing an onslaught of attacks against rubio in the coming weeks. joining me now live, jeb bush's former spokesperson when he was governor, with now the volunteer
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fund-raiser for the bush campaign. justin, you have ra different perspective in many ways. former spokesperson but also you worked with the governor in florida. it seems that a lot of this heat is coming from what happened. that state. the last debate by so many accounts, jeb bush failed to challenge marco rubio adequately and really came up short. how would you describe what he needs to do tonight? >> well, tonight i think he needs to be very forceful and be very effective in terms of how he communicates his vision for the future, why he's the best candidate the republican party should nominate to take on hillary clinton it looks like on the democratic side, and how he's going to reform washington. washington is broken. his campaign theme that he's been campaigning on in new hampshire recently has been he can fix it. washington needs fixing and jeb bush has a proven conservative reform record as governor in a mega state for eight years. i think that's the message
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you're going to hear him talk about tonight and why he's more qualified than anyone else on that stage to do that. >> you bring up his record with the latest poll of republican voters in florida where he was able to put together that record. 7% are supporting jeb bush. all the things that you laid out now are the very things that jeb bush has discussed since announcing that he would run and it's not sticking. it is simply not sticking. i know that you're a volunteer for the fund-raiser. now you have some major donors talking with marco rubio. it is clear that something is not aligning here. what do you see as the major problem? >> well, i don't see a major problem. >> you don't see the 7% is a problem for him in his own state? >> well, a recent "new york times" poll said -- they polled republican primary voters. 7 out of 10 republican primary voters who already have selected a candidate said they are going -- they are likely or they possibly will go to another candidate before they vote.
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okay? so we know what happened in -- look at 2012. herman cain won the presidential straw polls in florida. rick perry was leading all the polls in september. newt gingrich won the south carolina primary. anyone who thinks that the election is going to be decided tomorrow or the republican nomination is going to be decided tomorrow is badly mistaken and badly misinformed. there is a lot of campaigning left to do, there are a lot of debates left to do. jeb bush is campaigning hard like he's never campaigned before in new hampshire. anyone that underestimates him and underestimates his ability to connect with voters is making a big mistake. >> but did he underestimate marco rubio? you have this "times" report now saying that this super pac that supports jeb bush is going to unleash an onslaught of attacks against rubio. rubio team's already gone online and presented a laundry list of snippets of jeb bush praising
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marco rubio, his protege, saying that he would be qualified at the time to be vice president, and going on to talk about his record and how prepared and how his experience level is better than that of barack obama at the same time. how does he counter his own words? >> well, look. "the new york times" article was an anonymously sourced article. look, no candidate should be surprised, jeb bush included. anybody who's running for president of the united states has to expect their record to be scrutinized and analyzed. we're seeing that with donald trump, with ben carson, with marco rubio, with jeb bush. that should be no surprise to anybody. >> but, no. specifically referring to marco rubio here his chief rival as the establishment candidate. separate the outlier, ben carson, donald trump, people seem to like them because they are outsiders. the rubio/bush dynamic here, how does he attempt to take away credibility that he essentially gave to marco rubio?
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>> look, there's no secret -- those of us in florida are aware of the fact that governor bush and marco rubio have had a personal relationship and they have respect for each other. at the same time, they're both running for the same office of president of the united states so they are going to treat each other like they would treat any other candidate -- i assume they will treat each other like they do every other candidate. only one person can be nominee for the republican party. anything can happen. we'll see what happens tonight. >> let me bring in our gop strategist, former rnc spokesperson charlie black, daily beast columnist and msnbc analyst jonathan alter. jonathan, you heard from justin, former spokesperson for governor jeb bush. what do you make of this "new york times" report and that it was leaked out before the debate? >> well, you know, that's the super pac which is run by mike murphy. so that decision to talk to "the new york times" would not have
8:15 am
been made by the bush campaign. but listen, when i used to run campaigns, sometimes i would mount a big negative campaign against an opponent. other times i would ask accou"tw york times" to write about it because i was writing a book just to torture the other campaign. we don't know the facts here, but in any case the debates and what happens there are more important than advertising. >> we do know at least the marco rubio campaign takes the report seriously, already releasing this new online ad, a montage of moments where jeb bush praised rubio. i want to play a little bit of what they've put online so they take the report seriously. >> i'm a huge marco fan. >> he's probably the most articulate conservative on the scene today. >> so proud of his high-voltage energy. i'm so proud of his enthusiasm. i'm so proud of his eloquence. >> i'm a huge marco fan. >> jonathan, even if this report is wrong, but it appears to be at least in the eyes of marco
8:16 am
rubio's campaign something they're anticipating. >> yeah. i don't think personally that jeb bush is going to tangle with marco rubio tonight. >> because of the disastrous -- >> yeah, the last tile it didn't go well for him. why would he risk that again? so they will do this through advertising. they'll go negative in a big way. but not in the context of the debate because they've been down that road before. i also find it kind of strange and not very smart for the second tier candidates to be going after each other. there's a 16 to 18-point gap between them and donald trump and ben carson. they better be doing something to bring carson and trump to earth or they're not going to have a chance for this nomination. for them to be squabbling with each other instead of trying to show who the real alpha male is -- that's what these things are about -- is a mistake. >> but isn't it a smarter strategy for jeb bush to focus on marco rubio given that they are seen as establishment candidates and perhaps let ben
8:17 am
carson and donald trump handle each other, taking a page out of donald trump's book on how to fight isis? >> no, i think you need to be the biggest man on stage. >> when you talk about donald trump, the person who's willing to throw any an everything at you. >> you have to be able to best him on that stage. it's like monkeys. alpha males. right? we see who the alpha male is. trump's supporter is about his strength. and unless you can say to people, no, he's not going to be necessarily the strongest candidate, or the strongest president. unless you can make that case, the rest of it is just scuffling below deck. they don't really have a shot at winning this nomination. so they have to do more than just go after one or two other candidates who are trailing. they have to go after the big dogs. >> charlie, to jonathan's point, you've got this immigration ruling the federal appeals court ruled yesterday against prom
8:18 am
president obama's plan on how to protect thousands of immigrants. this will be a topic that he says is the very reason he's leading in most of the natural polls -- immigration. >> he may do that but he's wrong. he's not leading because of his position on immigration. in fact, i've seen a lot of polls where 80% of republicans disagree that we should try to remove 11 million people from the country. donald will probably be loose with the facts again no matter what he does, but listen. this debate, the moderators have said they're going to stick to issues, economic policy, jobs. if they do, it gives all these republicans on the stage, including carly fiorina who does not want to be the alpha male, by the way. but give them all an opportunity to lay out their policies, how they would create jobs, increase the take-home pay of the
8:19 am
american people, which is not happened in the last eight years, and maybe contrast that with the democrats and what's gone on now as opposed to squabbling with each other. i hope the debate goes that way. it would be a lot better for everybody. >> jonathan, if we are talking about events of the day, you have hundreds of people, jonathan, around the country protesting the minimum wage in this country. charlie says that the candidates, gop candidates on the stage, might be able to contrast themselves with hillary clinton. if they're asked this hot button question regarding minimum wage, when you look at national polling, most people support raising the minimum wage and that accounts for republicans and democrats. >> well, across the board on economic issues which is going to be the focus tonight, they are very out of step with where polls show the american people are. the american people don't want $1 trillion in new tax cuts for the wealthy so they're talking to themselves which i think is dangerous for them. >> we have a real time issue on
8:20 am
the table as they are on the stage. you have people protesting -- >> they won't respond to that. they're completely oblivious to that and their voters don't care about that. a lot of their voters are so conservative, they don't even believe in the principle of a minimum wage. they think you can pay somebody $2 an hour if you want to, that's what the market demands. so there's a huge contrast here between where all of these republican candidates are and where the american people are. we'll see how easily the nominee scampers to the middle to win that general election. >> tamron, excuse me. american people want jobs. if tax cuts will produce more jobs, they'll be perfectly -- >> it didn't work in the past. >> it did under reagan. >> reagan raised taxes. it's complicated. bush had the worst economic -- >> george w. bush's tax cuts produced a good economy for a while. then we had 9/11 and we had a recession. >> charlie, that's not what
8:21 am
happened. he had the economic record since the second world war by considerable margin. this is what's hurting jeb bush. they know his brother wasn't getting did done on jobs. >> well, obama just topped that. if bush had the worst record since world war ii -- >> no, he hasn't. these are facts, charlie. they're stubborn things. economists will tell you he has not had a worst record than george w. bush over the last seven years. >> 70% of the american people have the same or less take-home pay than they had when obama remain president. >> yeah, because we were digging out of a ditch that bush created. in the context to this, it is hard for jeb. it is like a huge weight on his back. that's the context of this horse race segment that we're doing. jeb bush has a huge burden on his back from his brother. that's why he's going nowhere right now in the polls. >> we'll see what happens tonight. gentlemen, i'm sorry -- >> he's going to be one of the leading contenders before this is over along with marco rubio
8:22 am
and john krasich and trump or carson will not be the mom knee. the obama administration responds to a federal appeals court decision blocking his immigration plan that could send it to the supreme court. we're live with the latest on this issue which may come up in tonight's debate. also, new details about the two officers accused of murdering a 6-year-old boy as he sat in his father's vehicle. the family's attorney now says he believes the child's father had his hands up when officers fired at them. plus -- >> it doesn't sound like they're actually phasing out their killer whale shows at all. they're just retooling their killer whale shows. >> critics are now calling seaworld's decision to end its orca shows in san diego a bait and switch. the reason they say this coming up. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you?
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welcome back. we're following developing news. the white house now responding to a federal appeals court's ruling that could send the president's immigration plan to the supreme court. in a statement, a white house official says, in part, we strongly disagree with the fifth circuit's decision. these policies are designed to bring greater accountability to our broken immigration system. the department of justice and the department of homeland security are reviewing the court's decision as they consider the appropriate next steps for moving forward. nbc's pete williams joins us live now. so pete, what might those next steps to move forward be? >> well, the next steps for moving forward are two. either they go to the full 5th circuit court of appeals or they go to the supreme court. seems unlikely they would go to the appeals court if they want to try to get this resolved during the obama administration. that would delay the resolution of this for at least another year, year-and-a-half or so. if they go quickly to the
8:27 am
supreme court, they could still get this case heard during this current term. this is the obama plan to shield about 5 million people from deod deportati deportation. it is really two points in the policy -- let people stay here who are here illegally if they have children or persons who are lawful residents and expabnds this program to let young people stay here brought here as children. it was a 2-1 vote of the 5th circuit court of appeals that agreed with texas and 25 other states that say that the administration is illegally trying to put this policy into place, that it doesn't have the authority to do it and that it didn't get public comment first. the white house says that all the plan does is just shift enforcement priorities because they can't possibly deal with all the people who are here illegally. but the court said the heart of the plan actually gives benefits to people who are here illegally, including the ability to get work permits, qualify for social security and texas has said that would impose a big cost on the state because of all
8:28 am
the new driver's licenses that would have to issue. >> pete williams, thank you very much. we'll talk much more about this big move. coming up, the university of missouri announces new diversity initiatives after the system's president steps down amid racial tensions on campus. the question though is it enough. i'll talk to the student body president. he was one of the students who says that he was called an "n" word on campus and was on the front lines of the protests. on your medicare look part d prescriptions. at walgreens, we call that "carpe med diem." that's almost latin for "seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d." from one-dollar copays on select plans... now reward points on all prescriptions, walgreens has you covered. so drop by and seize the savings! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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welcome back. the university of missouri system unveiled several new systems to address racism on that campus, including the first ever diversity officer and a diversity class for students and staff. the announcement comes after the president of the university resigned and the chancellor of the columbia campus said he'll step down at the end of the year. meanwhile, the football team which threatened to boycott resumed practice today, but
8:32 am
there's new controversy this morning. not everyone apparently supporting the president and chancellor leaving. plus, several student protesters set up a no-media safe space on a public area of campus yesterday and asked reporters to leave the campus. >> you need to back off. you know what? back up. you're in my space. >> joining me now, a university of missouri student body president. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> obviously there was a great amount of support after many people heard from you and other students who say that you've been called racial slurs on campus. we saw how all of it played out yesterday with the two resignations. but you have some folks who are pointing to one side in particular where a a number of students anonymously have said that they are not happy with the president resigning, claiming that things were blown out of proportion and that students had too much say -- or few students
8:33 am
had too much say in this issue. what's your response to them? >> i really, really, really would like to use this time to help educate our student body. students are confused right now. students are hurting and the biggest thing that we're calling for right now is campus healing. >> part of the healing though, as you pointed out, is understanding. if some of these quotes are accurate, you have some students who feel that things were blown out of proportion. again, part of understanding is an explanation. i'm asking you for those students who feel that this was blown out of proportion, how do you get this emto understand why the actions you took for other students and for yourself was so necessary? >> i think the biggest thing is that understanding and the support. so a lot of it deals with the education for these students who understand what's happening. so one of the things that students have been promoting is a timeline of the history of the events that have led up to the students calling for the
8:34 am
resignation of the system president. so talking about the different incidents that have been here in the past and the university's failure to acknowledge these incidents and address them with appropriate ways to talk about inclusivity and diversity on this campus. >> you have some people who will look at this university and will often say, young people who grew up in a more diverse world, you have an opportunity to come in contact with people who are not from your neighborhood, and they're often surprised to hear that, you know, the 30-and-under crowd still have people there who would rather see us divided than brought together. with this diversity class and a diversity officer on a university campus like yours, what role will they play? >> i think the biggest role that they need to play is facilitating dialogues with students so we can have these difficult discussions about the differences that we have so that we can come together and learn more about each other. appreciate our differences and, more importantly, celebrate our
8:35 am
differences. the one thing that i've been saying, too, is this needs to be something that is personal to the students so that they understand that inclusivity and diversity is something that they will need for the rest of their lives in order to be able to interact with people who are different. this gets to looking at diversity and inclusion from the major specific areas and looking at the academic schools. so if you have bias in the way that you look at different people, that affects the kind of health care you give. talking about discussions of diversity in the nursing school. looking at the education school. you have to learn about these biases that you have towards different students. i know we've been seeing incidents where we're seeing that students of color mainly black men, young black men, are more likely to be suspended and expelled from institutions. what is that looking like? where are we going to have those conversations here? i think the university of missouri is at a unique position right now because we can start having those conversations at the college level and the major specific level so people can understand how this relates to
8:36 am
them whether they start going out into the workforce. >> payton, thank you so much juror fofor joining us following an incredible day on your campus. >> thank you for having me. growing cause today for russia to be banned from the 2016 olympic games amid allegations that russian secret agents and mysterious moscow laboratory were used for state sa sanctioned doping. it is one of the stories we're following around the "news nation." over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. watching fis great...ether ...but i think women would agree... ...huddling with their man after the game is nice too. the thing is, about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection.
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where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. we are back with more on tonight's republican debate in milwaukee which will offer candidates an early opportunity to make an impact in the key state of wisconsin. yesterday marco rubio and jeb bush both courted the support of the state's most prominent republican appearing with governor scott walker in separate events. wisconsin has voted democrat in the past seven presidential elections but often by a small margin and it is still considered a swing state. joining me now, the junior
8:40 am
democratic state from the state of wisconsin, tammy baldwin. senator baldwin, thank you so much for your time. here you have scott walker dropping out of the race seven weeks ago but he remains what's described as a powerful force in that state. how would you describe his influence and what do you think of the fact that he dropped out of the race so early when many thought he might be the establishment candidate? >> well, i think that his campaign proved that he wasn't ready for prime time as he was asked to respond to tough questions on the issues. he found troubles along the way. i would note, by the way, that he was elected and re-elected in mid-term elections, not presidential years. so wisconsin is a state where we have trended blue in presidential years. it's not a surprise that both the republican party and the democratic party are hosting debates in the state.
8:41 am
and this is going to be an interesting opportunity for the remaining republican hopefuls. i hope to speak to the issues that really impact wisconsinites and americans, and in particular seeing their wages rise because that's been the true struggle they've faced. >> it's interesting, we pointed out earlier, you have fast food workers around the country, including your state, who are protesting the minimum wage and where the debate stands on that. we know the president wants to increase minimum wage but we've seen no movement as it relates to what's happening on capitol hill. what would you like to hear from the candidates, the gop candidates, who say that they'd rather be taking on hillary clinton than each other at this point, but all of them have been hesitant to support an increase in minimum wage? >> well, let me start by saying that as i've observed the past republican debates, i've seen a
8:42 am
lot of bickering between the candidates. i've seen a lot of animosity oriented to the media and the moderators. what i really want to hear them talk about is their economic plans and how they are going to raise the wages of wisconsinites and americans. i think there's a number of things that i'd like to see them address. first of all, certainly raising the minimum wage in this country. but secondly, you look at the jobs news that we've seen nationally which was very impressive in the last day. however, in wisconsin, if these candidates are going to be paying attention to what's happening in the environment where they are a he debating with being the news has been less encouraging. announcements of two major plant closures in recent weeks. we need to hear their plans to get the economy growing and to allow people to enter the middle class. we know that our economy depends
8:43 am
on the spending power of americans and that means they need to see their wages rise. >> it's interesting, you mention also wall street. i know that you have been very vocal about ending the carried interest rates. that's a tax break that investment managers get and typically they're allowed to claim money at a lower rate than their ordinary wage income. at least two people on the stage, jeb bush and donald trump, support your idea of ending carried interest rates. what do you make of at least you being aligned with those two candidates, gop candidates, on that issue? >> well, i'd like to think because we're seeing greater bipartisan agreement around us that we can actually get the job done. i hope that they talk about it during this debate. what we see is an increasing trend to valuing wealth more than we value work. and this carried interest loophole is absurd really if you think about it.
8:44 am
this is their compensation. it should be taxed so that we don't see hedge fund managers being taxed at a lower tax rate than truck drivers and teachers and nurses. >> well, senator, thank you so much for joining us. it will be an exciting night in your state. thank you so much. up in enext, new questions t what led to the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy in louisiana at the hands of police. we have more information on what may actually be on the camera that was inside the officers' car and perhaps recorded it all. which means you can watch in the house, in a treehouse, or even in miss pepperpie's house. pause in your pjs and hit play during a pb&j. nice! and enjoy some cartoons instead of listening to dad's car tunes. (dad) ♪meet you all the way! introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t.
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8:48 am
held on $1 million bond. nbc's gate gutierrez is live in louisiana with the very latest. gabe, do we have any more insight into when we might see this body cam video or hear more from authorities on what was recorded? >> reporter: hi, tamron, good morning. it might be a while. a gag order has been issued in this case, so authorities are being very tight-lipped. the two marshals who are charged had to move to another jail now that's better equipped to separate them from other inmates and friends and family of the 6-year-old boy said good-bye yesterday as new questions swirl about exactly what led to his death. a small funeral in hattiesburg, mississippi. the white hearse carrying the of-year-old to be laid to rest. his dad wasn't there, recovering from critical gunshot wounds. friends say this morning he still doesn't know his son was killed. he doesn't know?
8:49 am
>> no. >> reporter: today the city marshals are each being held on $1 million bond charged with second degree murder. witnesses say that tuesday night there was an argument outside this bar. someone called 911. it remains unclear why marshals chased him and shot at the suv 18 times when jeremy was buckled in the back seat. >> i feel they shouldn't have been going after the vehicle in the first place. >> reporter: typically city marshals serve arrest warrants but state police confirm there were no outstanding warrants or gun found inside the vehicle. two weeks ago this letter was sent to the attorney general asking about the opinion of the marshal's duties. so far there's been no response.
8:50 am
>> reporter: in a written statement, the elected city marshal for marksville, a local bus driver, says that under louisiana law, louisiana law his office does have the authority to make arrests and preserve the peace. attorneys for the two officers, marshals that are charged, have not commented. >> thank you very much. up next, sea world is ending its killer whale shows in san diego replacing it with a new exhibit. critics say it's not change at all.
8:51 am
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not the other way around. new information this morning from animal rights activists who say sea world's decision to end its killer whale shows in san diego is not enough. sea world has faced intensifying criticism over the treatment of its killer whales and ticket sales have dropped since the release of the controversial documentary "black fish" which takes a critical look at how orcas respond in captivity,
8:54 am
joining me, david kirby, author of "death at sea world." thanks so much for joining. one of our colleagues did a report on "nightly news" on sea world and it showed empty seats and that this is the reason the change was needed for sea world. people weren't showing up anymore. >> public opinion is changing. the fact that sea world is making this move, i covered sea world for a number of years. this is probably the most important step they have taken in response to public opinion but it's just a baby step. a tank is still a tank. it doesn't matter if you are in a small county jail or federal penitentiary, you are still a prisoner. the public sees through that. >> a lot of people are pointing to the documentary "black fish." some of the same things in the documentary are things you reported on for a very long time. it wasn't one documentary. it seemed more of a wave of information coming from all sides, whether it's a movie like "free willy" that had nothing to do with sea world to your actual reporting, it caused people to rethink how they see these
8:55 am
parks. >> this is a form of entertainment nearing its end, i think, like the dancing bears of victorian times. one thing that's really interesting is why just san diego? why aren't they doing this in texas and florida. i thought about it and i think it's because of that bill in california that's going to be reintroduced that would ban orca captivity in that state. last year it was introduced but the speaker of the assembly was from san diego and she blocked it. my sources tell me the new speaker actually is sympathetic towards the bill and it has a chance of passing. i think sea world is doing this only in california to try to preempt that vote. >> which is why some people say it's bait and switch. they say these orcas will still be in captivity and there may be some legislation that they wanted to deal with in california and they don't have to face in texas and florida. with that said, the breeding program will continue as well. >> yes, it will. >> that's also controversy. >> yes, it is. it's important to remember the whales of sea world die at much younger ages than they do in the wild.
8:56 am
it takes a battery of medications to keep them alive. they break their teeth on the gates and have to have the pulp drilled out. >> why keep the breeding program? >> because it's money for sea world. it's important to know none of those things are going to change because of this one little step. >> it's a big move in san diego, whatever the motivation. people have been protesting feel they have one success under their belts. thank you for joining us. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live." i'm tamron hall. we'll be back tomorrow. next, "andrea mitchell reports."
8:57 am
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to prove to you that aleve is the better choice this is claira. for her she's agreed to give it up. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? for my pain, i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" what's brewing in milwaukee. the republicans facing off for their fourth debate. and front-runner ben carson frustrating his rivals. >> this is the only election in history where you're better off if you stab somebody. what are we coming to?
9:00 am
course change. the students at missouri force university leaders to resign. now what's next for the troubled campus. >> we all have lives that are valued. our humanity is worth fighting for. that's what we're saying in this moment. we're worth fighting for. and the blacklist. the emmy award winning actor bryan cranston talks about his new movie exploring the mccarthy era in america and its impact on hollywood. >> who the hell is -- >> the highest paid writer in hollywood. >> my husband. >> a registered communist. >> dangerous. >> radical. >> dad. >> rebel. >> genius. >> are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party? >> many questions can be answered yes or no only by a moron or a slave.


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