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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 11, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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politics. that's an area where he really does have a raw, natural gift. even in an era of superpacks -- >> thank you for joining us. chuck will be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. erica hill picks up our coverage next. right now on msnbc republican presidential candidates hit the trail riding the wave of the latest debate. who is taking advantage of last night's momentum. racial tension on campus at the university of missouri one man is under arrest after posting threats online. not all students say they feel safe. and an snbc exclusive investigation. new videos of police interaction.
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i'm erica hill. we begin with republican presidential politics. several gop candidates out on the trail capitalizing on last night's debate. in iowa following a strong performance senator marco rubio doubled down on one of his best perceived lines of the night. >> i said it last night a lot more openings for welders than philosophers. i'm not going to win the philosophy vote in america. i will find another major to pick on here soon. >> former governor jeb bush getting favorable reviews. he picked up an endorsement in bob dole. >> i think he is the most qualified. and we need somebody with
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experience. there are a lot of good candidates. >> we also saw candidates get more specific about immigration. dr. ben carson was at liberty university talking about his plan for the estimated 11 plus million undocumented immigrants in the country. >> i propose that we give them a six-month period in which to register. if they don't register within that six-month period they are criminals and treated as such. if they register in that six-month period and have a pristine record and wish to be guest workers in this country they have to pay a back tax penalty and continue to pay taxes going forward. they would no longer have to live in the shadows. >> one candidate who struggled to stand out last night donald trump though he was back to his usual self on "morning joe" today. >> you said tough things about
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jeb bush, marco rubio and ben carson. >> i said let jeb talk. >> he appreciated that. >> was that a nice thing? >> and we are live on the trail tonight. we begin with msnbc's casie hunt in iowa with the jeb bush campaign. is it a different race today for jeb bush than 24 hours ago? >> reporter: it is a little bit of a different race for jeb bush today. he didn't necessarily put in the kind of performance that has everyone gushing about how he was most definitely the winner but do feel it is going to calm down some of the nerves that people have been showing. his staffers were on a call with donors earlier today talking about this telling them that jeb bush did what he needed to do. they feel like he bought himself some time to show he can step it up. he spent the day in iowa and
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flew late last night from wisconsin. landed here in iowa. he is doing three events. we had tornado sirens on our way in here actually. it sounds like the weather is passing and this event is likely to go on. >> what is the impact of this endorsement from bob dole? >> reporter: to have this on veteran day is something the campaign is proud of. dole ran against his father for the republican nomination in 1980 and 1988. on the one hand it is definitely something that helps solidify bush as potential establishment candidate but does under score the generational divide between bush and dole and the establishment of the republican party and marco rubio who has been trying to make the generational argument. voters do like to go to the future. there is a little under current there. >> one more thing to watch. you did talk on this a little bit in terms of jeb bush being a
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bit more assertive. that placating donors. when it comes to winning back the confidence of the party as a whole where does he stand at this point? >> reporter: i think the challenge going forward is the same that he faced going into this debate. he needs to be consolidating the advantages. he was the overwhelming front runner. you have seen his campaign grow too big too fast. you have seen jeb bush himself struggle a little bit as a candidate. we have seen him recalibrating ovthe last week or two. this is a really competitive guy. he is going to have to continue to perform day in and day out and also to a certain extent cross his fingers that rubio makes a mistake. you saw this in the debate. rubio and cruz are setting up for a clash. if the two of them start to go after each other it might give jeb bush a little breathing room. >> appreciate you being with us tonight. thanks again. >> thanks. turning now to nbc's jack
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hally jackson. rubio coming off a strong showing at the debate. >> senator marco rubio on a victory lap after the debate performance last night. another evening that analysts say he shined along with candidates like ted cruz having moments that will solidify potentially standings among the top tier. we are here at his state headquarters. he is going to be in this state. he visits south carolina and then heads to florida for a big ceme event. rubio spent time talking about his debate performance. he is feeling great good about how he did. he talked about the one line about the welders and the philosophers and touched on that because he got fact checking done and said fill philosophers
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more money than welders. that is something he is playing with on the campaign trail. that line has been sort of his stump speech for a while. ted cruz is in new hampshire. this is something we have seen candidates going out and trying to rally supporters and get people fired up and key bringing in donations, as well. i'm told by a source with the rubio campaign that they have seen a record surge in post debate donations today. >> thanks. turning now to the washington post and "new york times" domestic correspondent. josh, give me a sense, who do you think took their momentum from last night and ran with it the best today? >> i think it is probably rubio. it is sort of the invisible primary thing.
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you can look in the polls and see who is up in the polls. to a large extent what marco rubio and jeb bush are competing for is support of donors and other people within party institutions. and the clear story was that marco rubio is strong and jeb bush had not made the changes in his campaign that were necessary to reassure people within the republican party that jeb is the front runner that they should be backing. ooeng it was a strong night for rubio. >> we heard a lot more last night. i think the reviews were this was a more substantive debate. it did focus on economy as it was supposed to. yet i'm wondering, we learned but did we learn anything more concrete about the candidates plans? >> i don't think we learned that much that was concrete. another group that has momentum out of yesterday are philosophers because they learn from fact checkers that they make more than welders do at least by certain measures. what you did learn is all these
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guys want to cut taxes a lot. they want to flatten them which means have a consumption tax which means they want to continue to cut taxes on the very well to do. i think you are hearing a lot of good sounds out of the democrats who say what do you guys say except they didn't want to raise the minimum wage. nothing on child care. i agree with josh that and i thinking the general view is that rubio and ted cruz came out of this in a stronger position and that with trump and carson, carson did not take much grief over all that controversy over what he had said and not said about his background. i think we are going to be looking for a show down between rubio and cruz. and i think each has a different strength that cruz has a clear set of constituencies that he wants to unite. rubio has a foot in every camp
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which makes him stronger but also makes him vulnerable. >> you are agreeing on that? >> one interesting thing we didn't see in this debate was anything from marco rubio on immigration. this is a challenging issue for him. he was a key sponsor of comprehensive immigration bill hated by much of the republican electorate. he shifted his position and repudiated that bill. that is an area of real weakness. we will see ted cruz and donald trump going after him aggressively on that especially if he starts to look like the front runner. i think that having a foot in every camp is a source of weakness for marco rubio. we haven't quite seen that play out yet although ted cruz did not previewing attacks. he brought up an issue where marco rubio hasported a florida industry and something that is not popular with conservatives who want governments staying out of businesses. >> you bring up the fact that
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rubio was left out of the nchgz conversation. interesting to see john kasich and jeb bush taking what may be referred to as a conservative approach. is that going to hurt them as they go down that road? >> it depends if the anti-immigration vote is split among a number of people that cruz is talking to those folks, rubio is straddling the issue. so if one of those two guys is left over the republicans say if we take too hard a line on this we are not going to be able to win the election which is essentially what jeb bush said. i think there is real potential there for him. i think casey had it right. bush gained a little bit. it was a better performance than in the past and in that sense he reassured his own people. it was no great leap forward to
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him. at this point he needs a bigger leap than just doing a little bit better. >> is there enough time? our next debate is december 15. >> i feel like a lot of us have gotten burned before making projections about how things are going to shift in this field and trying to figure out who won these debates. it really looks like marco rubio did well. all of these debates i feel like everyone in the media looked at it and has been like this is not good from donald trump. who is this ben carson and why are people supporting him? that has not been supported in the polls. trump has stayed about flat for several months, somewhere in the mid 20s in the polls. it doesn't look hopeful to me for jeb bush. who knows what is going to happen. i am reluctant to make wagers on who is going to win. >> i am with josh. one person who did much better than he has before is rand paul. rand paul did better because he
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finally embraced what is essentially his position in the race which is he is a libitarian. he has been losing libbertarian votes. i think it will bring back more libertarian republicans who had not been that happy with him up to this point. >> nice to have you both with us tonight. thank you. the latest from the university of missouri. a suspect arrested for making a terrorist threat against students a. honoring our nation's veterans. j.r. martinez joins me live with some of his initiatives. first an msnbc exclusive investigation. the victim's father is with us to react to newly released video of those moments. stay with us. the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running...
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business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. the latest republican presidential debate is center stage on the campaign trail. that is minimum wage. low wage workers nationwide protested for higher paid yesterday. in milwaukee the republican candidates took to the stage and it paid off. the first question out of the gate last night was about minimum. the republican candidates are
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making similar questions about it today. >> do you have people working for you making $7.50 an hour? no. >> maybe i do somewhere along the line. i have thousands of people. what is going to happen is people are going to start firing people. it has happened 100 times. >> we have differences about the minimum wage. >> i am still very open to having a discussion about it, but it is very clear that every time we raise the minimum wage we lose jobs. >> if that claim from dr. ben carson sounds familiar it should he made it last night, as well. we will fact check what the candidates said during the debate. so first of all this claim about the minimum wage that we heard from dr. carson does it check out? >> taken at face value it does not.
3:19 pm
he said at the federal level every time we raise minimum wage it creates job losses. here are six increases in federal minimum wage from 1991 to 2009. each time we raised the federal minimum wage jobs grew in the months following the hike. from 2007, 2008, 2009. a lot of mitigating circumstances the economy was careening. in the months following the increases in the minimum wage we did lose jobs. we do not know the relationship between raising minimum wage and unemployment. it is a topic of fierce debate. taken the way dr. carson put up it is clearly not true. the data is mixed. >> that is point number one. when it comes to wages there is the comment about welders versus philosophers. he was talking about it on the trail defending it. let's take a listen, first. >> for the life of me i don't
3:20 pm
know why we have stigmatized vocational education. welders make more money than philosophers. >> bottom line, do welders make more than fphilosophers? >> numbers from the bureau of labor statistics the average annual salary for a welder is $37,000. the average annual salary for philosophers teacher is $63,000 pay scale also crunched numbers looking at mid career income levels from people who had philosophy degrees in college. they found people with philosophy degrees make about $81,000 whereas welders making $26,000 to $64,000. it is unfair to say welders make
3:21 pm
more money than philosophers and a lot of people say it sounds like he under values a college education. >> the debate will continue. let's talk about donald trump. last night he brought up the trans pacific trade pact saying china takes advantage of the u.s. through currency manipulation. >> there is a lot going on and his answer misses the mark. he was being asked specifically what particular parts of the trans pacific trade deal does he have objections to. he got to currency manipulation which is not fair for a couple of reasons. china is not a party to the trans pacific trade deal. china is not one of them. the whole driving logic of the trade deal is for the u.s. to get in there and set the rules of the game for trade and for the economy before china does so
3:22 pm
because this is on china's door step. when it comes to whether or not china does continue to manipulate the currency as donald trump wrote that they did a lot of economists and sources say what you have seen is the u.n. appreciate significantly in the past couple of years versus the dollar even peterson institute say at this point it does seem like the u.n., chinese currency is fairly valued dpe against the dollar. >> appreciate you breaking it down for us. honoring our veterans. first a suspect in police custody following a terror threat made against university of missouri protesters. we'll have the latest.
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tensions remain high at the university of missouri tonight. police arrested this man, hunter park who is accused of making
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online threats. park, a student at the missouri university of science and technology was charged with making a terrorist threat and had his bond revoked this afternoon. he is due to appear in court tomorrow morning. the university says it is operating normally with increased security. some students say they still feel nervous. >> we are too afraid to go to classes. i'm afraid to go to classes. they weren't threatening white students. they were threatening black students. that is unbelievable. >> all of this two days after the university system president announced he would rezoo in among complaints of how the school handled numerous complaints of racism against minority students. at this hour on campus what is the sense of the mood you are getting? we heard from the one student saying still a little uncomfortable. >> reporter: i would describe the feeling as very unsettling.
3:27 pm
i spoke to a young woman about an hour ago who says she is considering leaving until all of this settles down concerned about her safety, concerned about the safety of her peers here. this follows what was a tense day for many people. the news of the threat spread like wildfire. dorms went on restricted access. we know of a sorority house -- now this we are receiving new information concerning the school where the suspect accused of threatening this campus attended. it's the university of missouri. we are told now there has been a threat posted on social media targeting that school saying there is going to be a shooting there. school officials informing the student body that they are investigating. it has been a week of upheaval
3:28 pm
here. the university released a statement saying they are putting additional counselors here on campus including more counselors of color to talk to students who have been affected. they are planning a number of groups to address some of these issues and get people talking. they also are praising the student activists who we have been hearing from all week long saying they are brave students who sacrificed their own needs to do work that should have been done long before they joined our community. >> the sense of the mood, hunter park, the man arrested and apparently the postings around this app, what more do we know about him and the circumstances surrounding his arrest? that is somewhat of an anonymous application, is it not? >> that is what people think. you post without your name, without an account, without a photo or avatar. this is not the first case where threats have been posted and police sp law enforcement have
3:29 pm
been able to track down and prosecute the person who posted those threats. so what we know is that when he posted the threats authorities don't think he was on the campus or anywhere near. they think he was on the campus of his school which is about two hours south of here. the st. louis post dispatch spoke to some of his neighbors. they are describing a state of shock that he would do this saying they know him as a brilliant student. he is a computer science major at the school, sophomore. his first arraignment will be a first chance to see him from jail tomorrow. >> we will be watching for that. thank you. days after the resignation of mizzou's president students at ithaca college are demanding change. protesters turning up for anger and outrage for response to racism. the college will employ a chief
3:30 pm
diversity officer. at yale students have been staging protests. the university's president and its dean said in a letter concerned students have their full attention and support saying action will be taken to improve the climate on campus and to enhance diversity. >> up next -- also following an coleman-singleton outbreak chipotle announces plans to reopen 43 restaurants in oregon and washington. a look at how we can help our heroes returning home. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of.
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3:34 pm
moment of a police interaction that began with a ride to the hospital and ended in the death of a handcuffed virginia man in police custody. what you need to know here it happened in a small town called south boston near the north carolina line. the new videos show a deadly incident from 2013 in graphic detail. they are the subject of a lawsuit against police that will be in federal court tomorrow. these videos are edited. they include police audio recordings. some of the video you are about to see is graphic. police video shows this handcuffed man repeatedly tased outside a virginia hospital before dying in police custody. >> we are take ag little ride. the police brought him to that hospital but they never took him inside for help. for lambert's family it has been an agonizing history until now. new video obtained by msnbc shows every moment of a hospital
3:35 pm
trip that turned deadly. police rules caution against tasings. officers tased lambert at the door, again as he lay on the ground and then again in the squad car discharging 20 tasings including while he was restrained, a violation of their own rules. the incident unfolded in about an hour. it all began during an early morning in may two years ago. police responded to a disturbance call and say they found lambert in a trashed motel room hallucinating and acting paranoid. he was unarmed and not accused of any crime. officers told him to come to the hospital handcuffing him but stressing he was not under arrest. >> we are not locking you up. we are going to take you to the emergency room. >> arriving at the hospital lambert kicks out the car
3:36 pm
window. and runs from the car towards the e.r. entrance. the officers tase him. they shackle his legs. lambert pleads with the officers and tells him he did cocaine. >> i just did cocaine. why are you trying to kill me. >> instead of taking lambert into the e.r. they put him under arrest and drag him back into the car. >> do it now. >> lambert slumps down, his hands and feet bound. the officers tell him to sit up and tase him again. >> a single tasing carries 50,000 volts of electricity. federal guidelines warn multiple tasings may increase the risk of
3:37 pm
death or serious injury. nurses reported seeing three officers tasing the patient at one time and discharged tasers 20 times in an hour. not every discharge automatically reaches a suspect. arriving at the jail lambert appears unconscious. officers check his pulse. later on the same hospital surveillance camera shows lambert's body brought back to the e.r. dead on arrival roughly an hour after police first took lambert from the hotel. >> that was how that night ended. the videos you saw weren't seen by his family until a few weeks ago when police turned them over under court order. is this tasing excessive force? rules state tasing is no longer justified once a subject has
3:38 pm
been restrained. the justice department warns multiple tasings can increase the risk of death or injury. we did obtain his autopsy and lists acute cocaine intoxication as cause of death. the lawsuit argues an independent medical exam would reach a different result if it did include the viewing of the videos we showed you that are out for the first time today. boston police declined comment but in court papers say that use of force was justified because they say lambert destroyed proper property and was a danger to others. state police conducted investigation. in the meantime we note all three of those officers have been promoted. >> a lot of questions here. we want to bring in lynnwood lambert sr. thanks for being with us tonight. we know you saw that video a few weeks ago.
3:39 pm
we can only imagine, but tell us what was your reaction seeing those moments for the first time? >> i was devastated. i couldn't believe that anyone could do any living species the way they were treating my only son. >> take us through how this all came to your attention because you and the family first heard about this from the police but you didn't know much else. what did you first know before you filed this suit? >> we didn't know anything hardly. we, like my daughter gwen had been trying to get information. the only information that i had was from the deputy chief lovelace.
3:40 pm
and that was the day after he had died. that is the first time we ever heard anything from them about what happened. >> did you know at that point in 2013 that the officers discharged their tasers over ten times? >> we had heard that. that is why we kept pursuing it because we knew there was more behind it by the way they was giving us bits and pieces of it. >> looking at this video noawhich has been reported for the first time today what do you see in the video, what is important to you in seeing what happened to your son in that video? >> what was important? >> what do you take from the video? >> i think they tortured him for one thing what i could see. it was unnecessary for that much force especially if they had his feet shackled and his hands
3:41 pm
behind his back. he was under control. and at one point i heard the officer say he is bleeding like a hog. if that was the case how come they didn't take him into the hospital? that was enough evidence there. >> you mentioned that. that is on the video. we played it earlier today. one officer speaking to hospital staff member when they were taking lambert away from the e.r. saying he was bleeding like a hog. what do you want to see happen here? we have reported that the criminal investigation is still open? >> i would like to see him be punished like they punished my son. i mean, they don't know what they done did to this family. we are all taking counseling right now. and it has been very hard on me. i can't even do my daily activities anymore without having this on my mind. >> and can i ask you, you told
3:42 pm
me because we have spoken about this before that you did want your son's story told although the video is difficult for anyone to watch. i can only imagine for a family member. what was it like for you and your family? you watch it and you said you felt that you believe they were trying to inflict pain on him. >> it was horror. screaming, a lot of crying. a lot of wondering why. i mean, we know him. he wasn't that kind of guy. and if you look at that video you will see he was begging for help. he was asking them and he was telling them that he had a problem but they wasn't listening. >> let me ask you, sir, and i don't mean to be overly difficult in the question, but i want to ask you, when you look at the police statements and you are under oath in court, what
3:43 pm
they allege about your son is that he was a danger to others that night and that is why they had to take these measures. they say that is justified. what is your response to those police statements about your son being a danger to others? >> from what i can see there he wasn't a danger to anyone. i mean, there were three officers there. they could have really retained him easily. but they didn't try. it just made me feel that what were they thinking? they wasn't thinking. they shouldn't be on the force. somebody missed something. >> mr. lambert, i understand this is very difficult and i appreciate you spending some time with us. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> that federal suit is in court tomorrow? >> that's correct. the civil suit that we have been
3:44 pm
talking about is in court tomorrow, the first time in court since the tapes have been made public by our investigation and as we have been reporting the separate criminal case open investigation and police in the civil case denying all wrong doing and thus by definition saying that what they did was proper. they don't believe there is a criminal wrong doing. >> they are still employed. >> employed and promoted. those three officers on the video. >> thanks for bringing us the story. be sure to look for the story more at including a full timeline of the events. also the raw video showing what happened. we'll be right back.
3:45 pm
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the source of the outbreak remains unknown. if you are worried about breaking the bank this holiday season there may be a bright spot. according to analysts sales have been slow at chains like macy's and kohlk. shelves are said to be packed at companies like lululemon, nike and underarmer. and experts are pointing to the warmer weather much of the country has seen which has created little demand for coats and sweaters meaning new holiday items could be competing with leftover less expensive stuff. china wrapped up singles day, a made up holiday designed to push sales. turns out it worked. it was the biggest shopping day in history. alibaba took home more than $14 billion in sales more than any black friday or cyber monday. what better way to mark a made up holiday.
3:50 pm
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the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. this day is not only about gratitude for what they have done for us. it is also a reminder of all that they still have to give to our nation and our duty to them. >> president obama there earlier today honoring the nation's veterans at arlington national semary in virginia. laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns, he thanks veterans for their service. the president addressing different issues including homelessness among veterans and access to disability and other
3:55 pm
badly needed benefits. >> my message to every single veteran, to veterans all across the country is i am still not satisfied. bob mcdonald is still not satisfied. we're going to keep investing in the facilities and the physicians and the staff to make sure that our veterans get the care you need when you need it. that is our obligation. we are not going to let up. >> joining us now in the studio are iraq war veterans. first of all, thank you for coming in. most importantly, thank you both for your service. it's good to have you here today. we heard the president speaking. today the nation is focused on veterans on november 11th. what is it the other 364 days of the year you need to hear as a veteran or that you need, not even just to hear, you need as a veteran. >> we need to feel the same amount of support like a day like today is happening every day.
3:56 pm
it's not just today. i was in tampa a few days ago at a football game. there were 200 young boys and girls raising their right hand. this is happening every single day. it wasn't veteran's days. we need the president to put the pressure on congress every single day. veterans need to be a point of conversation every single day. the debates that have been how often so far how often have veterans been mentioned. we're quick to send them back. >> speaking of the candidates, speaking of veterans, donald trump, saying this morning, that he has great support as he puts it among veterans. he was specifically talking at one point about medical care. which we know has been a point of contention. let's take a quick listen. >> we have hospitals that are half empty, private hospitals, public hospitals, doctors are. they'll go too the doctor, pay the bill and it's going to be perfect. >> so, sounds great.
3:57 pm
right? >> it sounds real great. >> when you hear candidates speak on both sides, you know, both sides here, what is it that you want to hear in terms of specifics right now? >> i think first of all, we want to hear specifics of any kind. the new throw away line is i'm going to clean up the va like i'm going to clean up washington. sounds good, gets a good applause line but making it happen is difficult. trump is one of many candidates that haven't offered any specifics. you can see seven of the candidates don't have a section for veterans at all. we need specifics. let's use an example. are you going to keep on bob mcdonald as secretary of veteran's affairs. we think keeping him on would be important for continuity. would mr. trump keep him or replace him. if he would, what would it be? i'm glad the president isn't satisfied. he shouldn't be. the va implosion is reeling from last year. we should make every day
3:58 pm
veteran's day. that's got to be the focus of all americans. >> i think you find people to rally around that. no concerns about party lines there. you mentioned only certain candidates have sections on their websites. have any of them reached out? you have incredible organizations. you work together on some. you work with your operation finally home to get veterans and widows of the fallen into homes. have candidates reach out to you saying i want to know more about what you want to do? school me. >> yeah. no. no. they haven't. i mean, i wish i had longer answer for you. but they haven't. i mean we know we have to fill some time. for the purpose of being on camera right now. they haven't. that's what we want. the great thing about iava, i supported paul for 11 years. these are two organizations i know have programs that create solutions that are staying on congress, the american public to be reminded. at the same time they're using the money wisely.
3:59 pm
the little money they make which is we hope people going to the website and operation finally and donate. we willing to work together. that's an unusual thing even in non-profit space. we support each other. i can't speak so eloquently about the things you just asked about, about the politics and policies, that's why i defer to paul. because they're an expert when it comes to that. >> how much have things like social media helped you get the word out? >> tremendously. the candidates actually have reached out to iava we've briefed most of them. we presented an 11 point plan. it's a blueprint for america and how they can support veterans. but i think social media has been fuel injection. we're able to pressure politicians now and it helps to have guys like jr who are crossing intoi pop culture. now they care. we need that. >> the down side is we are out of time. we don't get to see the moves.
4:00 pm
i heard he was going to see if he wanted to dance. maybe next year or tomorrow. we'll make every day veteran's day. nice to see you both. thank you again. from all of us here. thanks for joining us i'm erica hill, hardball starts right now. breaking bad party crashers disrupt gop. that's for hardball. good evening, i'm chris matthews. it's getting worse the nasty fights among republicans it used to be you could count on republicans to act like republicans. but last night, they found reason to fight. bush and kasich said it was ridiculous