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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 14, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PST

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at 7:00 here in new york, 1:00 p.m. paris time, i'm alex witt with msnbc's continuing coverage of the terror attacks in paris. the eiffel tower is under guard this morning. and here's what we know so far. france's president, francois hollande, said at least 127 people were killed. the death toll could rise. there were six separate attacks and police say all eight attackers are dead. president hollande said the attacks were an act of war committed by members of the islamic state. >> what happened yesterday in paris and near the stadium of france was an act of war. in a situation of war, the country must make adequate decisions. it's an act of war that was
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committed by a terrorist army, isis, an army of jihadists against france. >> most of the death, at least 100, were killed in the city's bataclan theater where dozens of hostages were held and killed methodc methodically by the attackers. shootings also took place elsewhere inside the city, outside of restaurants such as the petit cambodge. and now the associated press reports isis is claiming responsibility for the attacks, so nbc news has not been a i believe to verify that claim of responsibility. the first attacks happened just outside of paris' soccer stadium, it happened before halftime, a friendly game between france and germany. in front of a packed crowd of about 80,000 people inside the stade de france. that would include french president francois hollande. something of a common occurrence we are told by french media that
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he attends these soccer games frequently and does not go with the same type of presence we would expect the president of the united states with the secret service and the like. next reports of gun fire at four restaurants where the gunmen were carrying their weapons, came out of their cars, shot people outside. some of them dining on a beautiful night on terraces outside of the restaurants. then getting inside the restaurants, spraying with gun fire. and leaving carnage in their week before getting back in their cars and driving away. then came the largest attack of the night. at the bataclan theater. they began shooting people and more than a hundred people were killed. dozens more have been wounded at that venue. a total of 200 people are suffering from injuries as a result of that melee last night. we have two reports, msnbc's richard lui is in paris, but first, we'll go to london and
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nbc's ron mott has been following all the wires and the updated reports. what do you have, ron? >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. folks who went to bed in europe last night before all of this carnage took place awakened to some devastating, shocking news this morning. and the cascading effect is now spreading across this region. already we have heard from germany, chancellor angela merkel, saying that she's in solidarity with the french people there. same thing here in the u.k. and as you might imagine, alex, a lot of the european nations are now talking about security in the wake of this. there's a meeting of security officials planned today. prime minister david cameron will be headlining that meeting and spain is also going on the meeting -- going to be meeting and discussing national security there. they're talking about whether to raise the threat level in the u.k. it's at severe which is the secondest highest distinction on the scale. they're looking to raise it to critical, which would suggest an
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attack is imminent. i have seen some social media chatter about a potential evacuation at the north terminal at the gatwick airport. we are trying to get some more details on that. but going forward it's going to be a weekend where people are discussing their security here. i can tell you i just landed here in london. i was here last weekend. i have not seen any increased security with respect to the trains. the trains are moving very smoothly here. people are going about their day. but it's going to be a day where people are going to be thinking with their hearts about all the families who have lost loved ones. >> absolutely. we join that as well across the pond. ron, so you mentioned something, reports of something may be happening at gatwick airport. and the mention of the trains as well. trains in france are relatively empty today. that's because of this state of security that the president has said, we're shutting down schools. we're asking people not to go to work. basically, asking people if they can to stay indoors today. so it certainly has changed the
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trajectory of a beautiful saturday in paris. ron, thank you very much. when you get more information about gatwick, let us know and we'll bring you back on. richard lui is steps away from the bataclan theater and the two restaurants there this is in the canal plus neighborhood. what are you hearing? >> reporter: to build on what ron was reporting there, when we look at a some of the delays overnight, if you were trying to get into france, to paris, the euro tunnel was not selling any tickets online. and you were able to purchase plane tickets to get into charles de gaulle. just a footnote for those who are trying to get into paris or charles de gaulle. the lines we experienced several hours ago was upwards of one or two hours to get through border control. but they were letting people in. this is a city that you are intimating that is so close to the bataclan concert hall which
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is just right over my left shoulder here. just about three or four hundred feet where where i'm at. that's the location where some close to 100 individuals lost their lives, this after several assailants did enter the concert hall. i understand that we may have some sound from those who witnessed what had happened. >> richard -- >> reporter: i guess we do not have that sound, alex. but those who were there that saw this catastrophe -- okay, we have that tape. let me go that first, alex. >> we were in a restaurant close by the bataclan last night. we were meeting some friends there and when we came out at about 9:45 in the evening, we were just coming down the rue de
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charonne here and -- >> reporter: what did you hear? >> we saw people running towards us, away from the bataclan and they were visibly agitated. there was a real sense of shock. >> reporter: were people running in the streets? were they telling you to get inside? >> there were six or seven people and there was one guy, he was very clear. he didn't want anyone to go this way. and luckily, alastaire speaks enough french to understand. there were a couple of people who looked like they might have been at the concert. they said they saw -- >> they had seen people -- they had seen the gunmen go into the venue and start shooting and then we realized something bad had happened. >> reporter: that was alastaire and vivian, both londoners who are in town to take a weekend away. but there they were in the apartment about a block away from the rue de charonne location where there was a shooting. that is five or ten minutes
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straight down that road where that location is. they have completely sealed that off two or three blocks from the location itself. also, you know, what we're seeing is much more law enforcement and they don't want people to come close to the cordons. there's a cordon behind me and to my left. this is unlike what i saw in another location where they were allowing individuals to come up to the cordons. as you know, the president has put out 1,500 additional military across the country. as he tries to lock down the country, if you will. putting in border control measures that were in effect before. then stopped and then reinstated after the horrific occurrences of yesterday. so the country here, just to give us a sense of size, it's about -- in population and in square mileage if you will of california, 1.5 times. this is a big space that folks
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are now having to deal with and in a very different way. parisians, the french are as you know, very zestful people that's what we saw from francois hollande, the current president, as well as nicolas sarkozy who is running for president now, also getting on the radio right after that happened. and so that -- that is -- that's what we're seeing today. back to you, alex. >> richard, i'm curious there, you talk about the size of the community and this stadium attack, it was in an area just outside of central paris. i know you're seeing some commotion out there. it doesn't seem to be anything alarming other than someone wanting to go where they're not allowed to at this point. but i understand that last night because of the distance in that area and transportation shutting down and essentially people getting locked out, there was a hash tag that went out which was #porteouverte which means open
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doors. that's the kind of community spirit, people in the community where that stadium is, you had 80,000 people locked inside the stadium. they couldn't travel places so they were saying to people, it's night. we have open doors for you. if you need to find a place for seeking shelter or to rest. if you're not from the community. talk about the sense of people there where you are, and they're in the backyard of what happened at the bataclan theater. >> reporter: yeah, a really good point that you bring up there, alex. because, you know, when we were coming in to charles de gaulle, quiet. you could hear a pin drop. but yet we were packed full of people. in the streets and at the different locations that i have been at where there have been the attacks. for the most part, people coming up and very quietly looking, trying to understand. at one point that might be made after what happened after yesterday, many taxis were
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giving rides for free. they wanted to make sure people got home safely. something you have reflected on, as you remember back during 9/11 when you were in lower manhattan. those sorts of sense of spirit of coming together is certainly what they're doing on the first morning. this saturday after what they didn't want to have to hear again. what they did not have to want to have to read in the papers this morning or hear last night because in this very space, with the theater being right here, you know, "charlie hebdo" being right over there this is a pain they did not want to see again, but they're coming together. they're resilient. but as well, they want to make a difference as the president said so forcefully in his message this morning. >> yeah, paris, a hell of a year, 2015 being book ended by the horrible attacks. "charlie hebdo" back in january and now this one in november. richard lui, we'll see you again in paris. thank you. well, the associated press is reporting that french officials tell it's a syrian passport which has been found on one of the attackers. we are just getting this
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information to us. i'm going to get reaction to that in a moment. however, first, a short time ago we heard from secretary of state john kerry who's in vienna reacting to the terror attack and here's that comment. >> we talked first of all about the events in paris, which follow events in beirut and events in iraq. and we are in absolute and total agreement that these kinds of attacks are the most vile, horrendous, outrageous, unacceptable acts on the planet. that under any category we don't know who did it, but they're acts of terror. so we are witnessing a kind of medieval and modern fascism at the same time. which has no regard for life, which seeks to destroy and create chaos and disorder and fear. and the one thing we could say to those people is that what they do in this is stiffen our
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resolve. all of us, to fight back. to hold people accountable. and to stand up for rule of law which is exactly what we are here to do. if they have done anything they have encouraged us today to do even harder work to make progress and to help resolve the crises that we face. >> secretary of state john kerry there in vienna speaking moments ago. let's now bring in our terrorism experts. former new york state homeland director michael balboni and being joined by kevin barron, executive editor. michael, france has deployed 1,500 extra troop, the border crossings have been tightened up, although you can't close
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them entirely. what does france need to do to make sure that's no follow-up attacks? >> take a look at what could have been known associates of the individuals. here's what we know didn't happen. they didn't show up from a plane or from a train and suddenly conduct this operation. they had to have significant support within the community. somebody needed to be able to do -- to do the pre-operational surveillance and get the weapons. the people who showed up, a suicide bomber, it's not something that somebody raises their hand and says i'll do this. it takes a lot of training and mind washing. and we have to see how they do that, who did they speak to, where did they stay and are there other folks who aren't accounted who might also have the weapons? and so what they're doing now, they're out there obviously as deterrence, and being vigilant and reassuring the people of paris they'll lock this down and make sure they prevent further
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attacks. >> michael, on the subject of the training there, when we say that attackers like this have been trained, is it more what you just mentioned about the psychological training as opposed to say sharp shooter training or working with targets? because the reality is, these cowards, these thugs as they have been called earlier on the broadcast, they went up to people that were dining. these are soft targets. they went into the closed theater, packed with people, up to a thousand people seeing this concert. for them to whip out a gun or rifle and shoot indiscriminately around a crowd, does that take much training or is it the psyche of saying, i'm going to give my life up for this cause? >> well, i think you have a lot of elements of both, obviously. the psychology that you need to instill in someone to go out and mass murder innocents, that's one set of psyche. but in addition, they had ak-47s, they went into the theater, they were reloading, very calmly.
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that takes a certain type of military training to be able to utilize a weapon. as one of your military analysts said before, you know, you don't give a gun to somebody and have them go fire it. so do they need to be specialized like paramilitary or be able to have special forces training? no. but do they need to know how to arm a grenade and use an ak-47? yes. which indicates they needed familiarity with the weapons and the tactics they used. >> thank you for that. kevin, as you have heard isis has claimed responsibility in an online statement. do you have any reason to doubt the authenticity of that claim? before you answer, my executive producer is speaking in my ear. i believe david cameron, prime minister of england, he is speaking right now. let's take a listen to that. >> -- in the united kingdom. the threat level is already at severe which means an attack is highly likely and will remain so. our police and intelligence
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agencies work around the clock to do all they can to keep us safe. ever since the coordinated firearms attack in mumbai in 2008, we have all been working together to ensure we could respond to such an attack. this summer, police and other emergency services carried out a major exercise to test our response for multiple firearms attacks and in light of last night's attacks, we will of course review our plans and make sure we learn any appropriate lessons. it is clear that the threat from isil is evolving. last night's attacks suggest a new degree of planning and coordination and a greater ambition for mass casualty attacks. we must recognize that how ever strong we are, how ever much we prepare, we in the u.k. face the same threat. that's why we continue to encourage the public to remain vigilant and we will do all we can to support our police and intelligence agencies with the resources and the capabilities
4:19 am
that they need. the terrorist's aim is clear. it is to divide us and to destroy our way of life. so more than ever, we must come together and stand united. and carry on with the way of life that we love. and that we know. and that will never be moved off. i hope to speak to president hollande later today and i'll make clear that we will do whatever we can to help. your values are our values. your pain is our pain. your fight is our fight and together, we will defeat these terrorists. thank you. >> british prime minister david cameron there. i identified him as the prime minister of england, i misspoke. he said he'll speak out -- reach out and speak with president hollande later. this was the same sentiments that were expressed by president
4:20 am
obama last night. these three countries have a very tight community and a very loyal feature with one another. we didn't expect anything less from him as he made that statement there. the isis claim of responsibility. any reason to doubt it, even though we have yet to ultimately and you know irrefutably claim that isis was responsible? >> no, there was not. isis has come out in the usual fashion and that's the first place to start. i think what investigators will look at is to what degree there was direct involvement or just involvement by association the way that you see, you know, other attacks in other cities outside of the region. but to have -- you know, when a head of state says it, it's not based on something light. any kind of statement like that comes with a lot of weight behind it. >> okay. how do we know who is responsible when there weren't any specific details?
4:21 am
nothing in terms of chatter as we're being told. there was nothing on the chat sites that are being monitored that said this is imminent? >> terror sites are one thing, but was there chatter amongst the terrorism community at that level about any planning or plotting for an attack on europe? was there any increase of that in the last couple weeks with all the operations that have gone on in the middle east? you know, don't forget there have been significant u.s. coalition operations including the attack on jihadi john, the front on the sinjar mountain to cut off isis which is a preparation for invading mosul. there's activity in ramadi as well. we had the airliner, the beirut bombing, all of this is will be
4:22 am
looked at. what terrorism chat rooms show, even on the dark web, that's only one level of intelligence. >> i want to get into the dark web, but i know you have to leave. take good care. michael balboni, we'll get with you about the dark web and what we know about that and their ability to communicate with one another and do it without detection by authorities. that's still so much to learn about who carried out the paris attacks and nbc's erica hill has more details. >> reporter: france is in a state of emergency. its people in a state of shock. what started off as a typical friday night turned out to be the deadliest day in the country since world war ii. the enemy this time is isis, according to the french president. a night of sheer terror has left at least 128 dead, over 200 injured. 99 of whom are in critical condition and the toll continues to rise. eight attackers are now dead. but it's possible they had accomplices who may be on the run.
4:23 am
the attackers described by eyewitnesses to be young unmasked men with automatic weapons opened fires on the -- fire on the crowds and then explosions were heard outside the stade de france, where president hollande was watching france play germany in an international football match. at about the same time, simultaneous, coordinated attacks got under way at several locations including bars and restaurants in a crowded popular neighborhood. all not far from the "charlie hebdo" offices. the satirical weekly magazine that was the site of the january 7th attacks. the scene of the worst carnage at the bataclan theater. just after 9:30, several armed individuals entered and began shooting for about ten minutes. at around 10:00 p.m., gunmen began taking hostages. authorities say between 80 and 100 people may have been killed at that location alone. this dramatic cell phone video shows those escaping from the
4:24 am
back door. running past injured and dead, lying in the street. over at the national soccer stadium where two bombers blew themselves up thousands of spectators were held on the field before being evacuated. french police and military have been mobilized, over 1,500 troops flooding the city. paris today is in lockdown. people have been advised to stay indoors. the museums, schools, universities, government offices, even disneyland, all closed as investigators begin to put the pieces together. this morning while overwhelmed hospitals fight to keep the injured alive emergency workers continue to carry away the dead. >> that was nbc's erica hill reporting. so now the a.p. reports, a syrian passport was found on the body of one of the suicide bombers who targeted the soccer stadium, the stade de france.
4:25 am
what do you make of that? >> it would certainly suggest they spent time in syria, but in truth, we'll find out they had very, very deep ties to france. the selection of the targets, the timing of this, it really showed an understanding of paris, of french culture of what was going to gain attention. i think we'll see ties back the syria or iraq, but even deeper ties to france which will be many of these guys' homeland. >> michael, there's nothing to say that a person couldn't have dual citizention, correct? the fact that we find a syrian passport doesn't exclusively say this person came from syria? >> that's right. i would be very, very surprised if any large number of these terrorists were syrian, came from syria. because i think it's that much more likely that the french authorities would have been aware of them and tracking them. i think these are probably people who lived in paris. may have gone to syria. may have communicated with syria or iraq, with isis, to get some
4:26 am
training, to get some direction. but largely this model that we see, individuals who are in their home countries who have very light ties to syria and iraq, this is exactly the model that isis has been pursuing. it's vastly different where people went to al qaeda, trained for long periods of time and deployed over long periods. my guess is these individuals will have been in france, been in paris much, much more than they were ever in syria or iraq. >> michael, how concerned should we be about a second wave? as we think back to "charlie hebdo" there was an attack two days later. you think about the terrorist attacks in mumbai. those were over a series of days. same in nairobi, over a series of days. are you concerned this isn't over yet? >> i think more than likely this was the main thrust of the attack. but that would not change my response to this which would be to assume that there was another round. and i think we're seeing that certainly in paris. we are going to see that in
4:27 am
london. see it in new york. in washington. this initial 48 hours is really just the immediate response. and in that immediate response you have to assume something else will happen. so you have that show of force. you get heavily armed police in paris, heavily armed military it on the streets to be aware of anything. once you get through that period you started to do the investigation of these attackers, you get a better sense of their network and then start to narrow the likelihood that there in fact is something rolling. once you get past that investigation, we have the hardest question of all -- what's the policy response to this? what does paris do, what does london do and what does washington do now that we have seen such a horrific attack on western soil? >> we'll see the answer i'm sure. thank you very much for your time and expertise, michael leiter. andrea mitchell brings me her perspective on the nature of the terrorist attack and how the u.s. is responding. that's coming up in a moment.
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at half past the hour, the iconic eiffel tower today ringed by french elite military troops. that is just part of the increased security in the french capital today as the world attempts to come the grips with the devastating terror attack that left at least 127 people dead. a heavy police presence could be seen right near where the six attacks took place. the president of france said they were carried out by members of the islamic state who were trained abroad. here this the u.s., the white house is offering its support to france in the hours just after the attacks. president obama called french president francois hollande to offer his condolences and nbc's peter alexander is at the white house. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: president obama has called them heart breaking
4:32 am
attacks, and an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. i hung up with un -- with one of the top aides, and he said they're closely monitoring the situation from paris, and the president is getting updates from his counterterrorism adviser, lisa monaco. during that call with francois hollande yesterday, president obama reiterated the u.s.'s support for the people of france, america's oldest ally and punctuated the statement he delivered in the briefing room friday night. >> what is an attack -- this is an attack not just on paris, it's an attack not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and that the people of france need to respond. we'll do whatever it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to
4:33 am
bring these terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. >> reporter: at the end of their call, president obama and hollande pledged to work together to defeat terrorism. the two leaders had spoken only hours before yesterday's attacks, discussing this weekend's g-20 meeting of world leaders that takes place in turkey. global terrorism now will rise to the top of the agenda there. at this time, white house aides tell me there are no changes to the president's plans to travel. he will head out as planned this afternoon. >> peter, do you know whether or not -- i know our president plans to head out to turkey, but whether any of the others involved in the g-20 meeting will not be going? we should note that iranian president rouhani had meetings and he's cancelled both of those. >> reporter: it's a question looking into today. president hollande will stay in
4:34 am
his country, but beyond that i don't know at this time. >> i'm sure you'll fiend out for us. peter alexander, thank you. well, we heard from secretary of state john kerry a short time ago and andrea mitchell joins me next with more perspective on the paris attack and the fight against isis. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season
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equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. it's 1:37 p.m., a saturday afternoon in paris. we are back with continuing coverage of the devastating terror attacks. prime minister david cameron said that the threat level in united kingdom is severe and it will remain so. >> it is clear that the threat from isil is evolving. last night's attacks suggest a new degree of planning and coordination. and a greater ambition for mass casualty attacks. and we must recognize that how ever strong we are, how ever much we prepare, we in the u.k. face the same threat. that's why we continue to
4:38 am
encourage the public to remain vigilant and we will do all we can to support our police and intelligence agencies with the resources and the capabilities that they need. >> part of the statement that came from cameron just in the last few minutes, at least 127 people were confirmed killed in yesterday's attacks and that death toll could rise. there were six separate attacks. police say all eight attackers are dead. president francois hollande said they were an act of war committed by members of the islamic state. secretary of state john kerry is condemning the paris terror attacks and we heard from him in vienna. >> we are witnessing a kind of medieval and modern fascism, at the same time which has no regard for life. it seeks to destroy and create chaos and disorder and fear. and the one thing we could say to those people is that what they do in this is stiffen our
4:39 am
resolve, all of us, to fight back, to hold people accountable and to stand up for rule of law which is exactly what we are here to do. if they had done anything, they have encouraged us today to do even harder work to make progress and to help resolve the crises that we face. >> i'm joined by nbc foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. i want to let you know a secret here, it's the best thing to have andrea mitchell do a story -- you were on your blackberry right there. you have been getting e-mails, information, texting back and forth. this is the very latest from the white house and other top u.s. officials. >> and with intelligence officials checking all of the agencies. they are still making an assessment. they, alex, do not yet -- they're not yet prepared to confirm at least independently what president hollande has said. so the french are saying it's
4:40 am
isis, the u.s. officials are not prepared to make that assessment yet. it may well be isis. the french obviously have the most up to date intelligence they have according to the associated press, quoting french police today. they have a syrian passport from the body of one of the suicide bombers. so if it is isis, this is frankly a terrifying new capability up. this kind of coordinated attack, not the weaponry, but the sophistication and the network and hitting french landmarks as michael liter was saying this gets to the heart of the french soul and also our earliest ally to those of us in america who watch these things closely and those -- many americans who feel a deep linkage from world war ii on with the french. look, this is a game changing moment if it is indeed isis. and all the signs from the french perspective point to that.
4:41 am
you just saw john kerry standing next to the russian foreign minister in vienna. that tells you how things have changed even since the u.n. meeting since september, where now 19 leaders are gathered in vienna to talk about what to do about the syrian civil war, which has bred isis. which really is a newly formed terror organization only in the last few years. if paris has been hit by isis, now the u.s. intelligence officials have a huge challenge because they were able to deal with the lone wolf. that is, you know, an attack which you can't really defend against, but what do you do if isis now has the capability to launch this kind of sophisticated attack and if they in fact as we do believe took down the russian airliner, if they were responsible for beirut, this has been an extraordinary three weeks forter organization. >> to say they're stepping it up is an understatement.
4:42 am
we have not said definitively that isis is responsible. french president hollande, it seems there was inside knowledge and he said that the people -- again, his statement, what his intelligence services are telling him, that we have yet to confirm, that it's isis responsible. people who have been trained overseas, had the support there, but it was carried out from within france. meaning people that have a deep knowledge. is that what they're most concerned about? >> absolutely. because france in particular and other western european countries have people going back and forth and going to syria, getting training, coming back in. much harder to defend than the fact that we have an ocean between them and us. and we have frankly better border protections. look, the initial closure of the borders they haven't stopped flights coming in, but they have closed the borders to france. that is unprecedented. and the european union is based on open borders. that people with european
4:43 am
passports can travel anywhere in europe. you know from traveling that you get into the line as an american citizen and another line, you know, just goes right through if you're e.u. this is going to have a huge economic effect as well as the psychological effect and the threat of follow on attacks. >> you mentioned john kerry standing next to the foreign minister of russia, we have david cameron and president obama talking. talk about the unifying feature, what do you think is happening from the state department, the way that officials are reaching out to their counterparts in other countries saying we're with you on this. it's almost as if the world has to unite against isis. >> that is certainly happening now. as you know, john kerry and the president were warning russia after they -- september 30th started the unprecedented air strikes in syria. where they claimed they were targeting isis, but the u.s.
4:44 am
claimed that in fact our intelligence showed they were going after the anti-assad rebels, a completely different enemy. in many parts our allies. so now this is going to have a unifying effect. russia now has been hit by the airliner, you know, from an isis attack. this is a game changer. it is also a real challenge because they are now heading to this summit, the g-20 summit in turkey, the president is still planning to travel later today. this is a security challenge and now what is going to happen to the major climate summit in paris in december? a hundred countries. president obama going. are they going to hold it? can paris handle that kind of international summit? will they cancel it? this has been a landmark moment with the u.s. and china and other countries, you know, breaking through barriers and
4:45 am
coming up with agreements in advance of this major climate summit. if that does not take place or if it gets moved, that's basically saying to isis or whatever terror group that did this, you won. so they don't want to back down, but how do they protect 100 foreign leaders and the delegation? >> i want to make a tangential reference to the dispute claims of iran around the nuclear development. i spoke to you from vienna as the talks were ongoing today. today it was announced that president rouhani of iran is not traveling. he had scheduled travel to france and italy, he's not going anywhere. how much does that put a damper on the ability to negotiate, if people do not show up in two weeks, if people aren't able to go to the g-20 meetings. if the world leaders do not show up, how much does that put things -- either a slower pace or step backwards? >> it's a good question and right now there's another battle going on internally in iran, between iran -- rouhani and those who negotiated this
4:46 am
nuclear agreement and the hard liners who are trying to sabotage it. so it's very fragile at best. it's damaging. it's a good get because it really hurts the face to face communication that is so essential for diplomacy to work. that's what has been john kerry's stock in trade is being able to sit across the table and really, you know, commit with meeting after meeting after meeting. the fact that he's standing with the russian foreign minister after all the tension with putin and with this foreign minister today shows the unifying effect of isis as you said. this could be in a horrific way a game changer if it does propel them the omake compromises -- to make compromises and come up with an exit strategy for assad or an end to the civil war down the road. but that would be, you know,
4:47 am
hope over experience. it's been five years and they haven't been able to accomplish anything. >> thank you, andrea mitchell. in amendme in a moment, we'k with someone who was in one of the restaurants. if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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what's in your wallet? arrondissement. welcome back, everyone, i'm alex witt. it's merely 2:00 p.m. paris time. i understand that you were inside one of those restaurants when it was attacked? what a story she has to tell? >> reporter: she does have quiet a story here alex, one of the locations we have been reporting on, there's six locations where there was attacks here in paris. she was at a cambodian restaurant, tell us what happened as soon as something went wrong? >> we were eating denver, it was a very calm relaxed atmosphere saturday night, we were sitting
4:51 am
right next to a glass window. so we hit the floor, we heard numerous gunshots, something like 30 to 40 fgunshots. i was holding a woman next to me. and i realized she had been shot in the chest, i'm not sure whether she was still alive, that's when i realize that people were seriously wounded in the restaurant. >> were you in the very front of the restaurant or at the back? >> it's a very small restaurant, indoors there was only about 30 people eating, 10 or 15 people outside the restaurant. to the the walls were just glass
4:52 am
windows. so the attack was felt by all the people in the restaurant. >> reporter: at what point did you hear sirens? >> i don't know, i was numb to any outside sounds. i didn't see any police cars. the minute we got out, i could see an ambulance was pulling up. but as i ran home with my friend, i could hear more ambulances and more sire remembers. >> reporter: where did you hear the sirens coming from? >> just that they were on the streets, but i thought this was something breaking out on the street, that was maybe gang violence, as soon as i realized that they were aiming at us. i felt like it was something more sinister and more purposeful. >> reporter: the woman that you held, did you see that she was wounded? >> i was just holding on to
4:53 am
whoever was closest to me. in fact my friend, he had gone under the table, and he was too far away from me. he was holding on to my leg, very hard. and i was holding on to the woman next to me. we were just looking for someone to say what to do next. either stay here or get out as fast as you can. no one had any direction or sense of what happened. >> reporter: alex, the anchor would like to ask you a question, and she's in new york. but i wanted to get a sense of you, how long did that time feel? because you said you were waiting for that figure to come out and say something. >> it felt like ten minutes when it might have been more like two
4:54 am
minutes. it just felt surreal, it didn't feel like i was living in that moment and it felt like the people who had been shot and killed, the people who had been robbed of their lives, i can't understand how i'm here and completely unscathed. >> reporter: alex, you have heard her story, and i know you want to the know some more details, it's very difficult for her. >> did she get a look at the attackers? can she describe them? >> reporter: did you get a look at the attackers, alex is asking. >> we didn't get a look at to the attackers, we immediately turned away from the glass. the only time i looked toward is to see if my friend was okay because he was closer to the
4:55 am
glass and i had a piece of glass that scratched me just a tan any bit. >> reporter: how bad were the people injured? >> i don't know. there were shards of glass and people were covered in blood and so i don't know how badly they were injured. >> god bless charlotte, a terrifyi terrifying incident for he. >> reporter: charlie, will this up the war against isis? >> president baltimore wobama wo
4:56 am
wind down the war against isis. it was his idea that he would leave office having normalized this war on terror. then isis arose and swept out of syria and into iraq and he wasn't able to do that. and we started last year bombing them in both iraq and syria and this sort of event, obviously a harrowing experience for the world, for paris, that was an amazing interview, that you just had with charlotte is only going to further entrench of this sense of forever war that the world is not cooperating with. sometimes the ideals we might have. >> charlie, i i asked the question earlier of another terrorism expert and it was how much do you worry about a second wave attack, when we think about "charlie hebdo" back in january, two weeks after the first
4:57 am
eattack, there was another attack. we think about the mumbai terrorism attacks th s a couple years ago, happens over waves. do you think there's going to be another terror event? >> typically probably this is over, as far as whatever this planning is, but you have to assume there is a second wave anyway. so you go out there and look for it and are cautious and planned. there may not be a planned second attack, but there's also a problem of copy cat attacks who wiare going out as a lone wf on their own so paris will be locked down for a while. >> how much do you think this will dominate the remainder of the president's focus well into 2017?
4:58 am
>> we have seen attack that come and go and cause great convulsions in the government but the world is full of things that happened all the time, charlie heb b"charlie hebdo," t plane that blew up a couple of weeks ag weeks news. >> i'm sure we'll reach out to you yet again. and msnbc's coverage of the paris attacks continues in just a minute. my colleagueue tamronal ha ahal up our coverage next.
4:59 am
5:00 am