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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 14, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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rack. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. and good morning. i'm steve kornacki. we are now one hour -- one hour? we are one day away, feels like there's one hour away. we are one day away from another big slate of presidential primaries. they are calling it the second version, a second coming of super tuesday. five big states voting tomorrow. a lot up for grabs, 400
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delegates on the board for republicans, a chance for donald trump maybe if things break his way tomorrow maybe to essentially wrap up the nomination on the spot or if he pays a price for all that controversy over the weekend it could be a dog fight from here on out. the candidates are fanned out across all of those states today, all four of them holding events and rallies beginning within the next hour. donald trump is going to be in north carolina, ted cruz holding the first of five rallies in illinois, that's a state that's suddenly getting a lot of attention, we will tell you why in a minute. john kasich holding three events in his home state of ohio, a must win state for him. marco rubio holding four in his do or die backyard contest in florida. as things now stand rubio is going to need a historic political come back or upset or just outright miracle to win in his home state. check this out, the latest nbc news "wall street journal" marist poll has donald trump doubling him up 43 to 22.
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ted cruz right behind marco rubio. rubio in danger in that poll of falling into third place in a state that he has said he absolutely has to win. over in the other big winner take all state tomorrow, ohio, john kasich's home state, our poll now has kasich pulling ahead by 6 points there. another poll by cbs and quinnipiac they have it tied. so obviously a close race there, too. here is one of the big wild cards tomorrow, the land of lincoln, illinois. 69 delegates, that's actually more than ohio, 69 delegates up for grabs in illinois. trump's lead may be narrower than people thought, only 4 to 9 points depending on the poll. again, so much volatility in this race after the weekend, maybe that's a place you look for an upset tomorrow. again, we're saying this is coming against the backdrop of that wild weekend, a near riot outside a planned trump rally in chicago, that forced the candidate to cancel the rally
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and led to a weekend in which trump's rivals pointed fingers at trump, accusing him of helping to fan the flames of violence. that is something, though, that donald trump is having none of. >> they said mr. trump should get up and this morning tell his people to be nice. my people are nice, folks. they're nice. >> do we really want to live in a country where americans hate each other? >> that is not beneficial when you have a presidential candidate like donald trump telling his supporters punch that guy in the face. >> do we go to the dark side with negativity? the nashing of teeth. >> it adds excitement. >> i think it's incumbent on every candidate to lay an example with the language you use and messages you focus on to bring people together. >> these other people, by the way, some represented bernie our
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communist friend -- >> there be has to be room for us to be able to disagree on these things. >> do you accept any responsibility for creating this atmosphere? >> i don't accept responsibility. i don't condone violence. >> all right. a wild weekend and we have got reporters fanned out all across the country right now. jacob rascon is with the trump campaign in hickory, north carolina, hallie jackson is in rockford, illinois, gabe gutierrez is in jacksonville. jacob, this weekend started it seems like such a long time ago now but on friday with ben carson endorsing donald trump and ben carson saying that donald trump maybe would show a new tone, a softer more gentler voice, if you will, on the campaign trail but that is not at all where we are now a couple days later. >> reporter: no, not at all. and the big question of course after each of the supposed donald trump controversies is what does the voter think and what will the voter do?
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since donald trump announced he was running for the presidency more than nine months ago the dozen or so times that his critics and others have said he is just done or said something that will be his undoing they have all proven to be wrong. so the safest prediction about what's going to happen now tomorrow is that it won't hurt him politically, but if you talk to the voters, those who have come, in fact, even today to his rally, many of them do say he could do without the defending the violence. that's not what's resonating with them. i talked to several voters today who talk about different policy issues and how donald trump is the outsider. that is what is resonating with them and they don't mind if he sticks to that and they think that he will probably pivot. you mentioned dr. ben carson talking about the candidate, saying that he has talked to him, that he thinks that he will pivot. we know that donald trump is capable of doing that, we've seen him recently in some of his press conferences pivoting and even in the last debate to a
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more moderate, a more mellow donald trump. and one wonders if he's going to pivot eventually on this issue. here is what dr. ben carson had to say this morning. >> i think certainly if the protesters continue with their alinsky-ite tactics there is a possibility of escalation because those who are the victims of them have two choices, they can submit to them and motor vehiclely just do whatever those protesters want them to do or they can fight back. >> so today he is in north carolina. he is in ohio. he is in florida. at this university it's more of a town hall style event. he will be here with governor chris christie, that's what the two seats are you see behind me and in a stadium that seats just over 1,000 people. steve. >> jacob rascon on the road with the trump campaign. thanks for that. now i want to bring in nbc's hallie jackson, she is in
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rockford, illinois, that's where ted cruz is holding a rally shortly. we've been saying illinois may be the big wild card on the board, ted cruz suddenly paying a lot of attention in the polls, may be closer than people expected. >> reporter: and i think you nailed t steve. ted cruz now making five stops here today, he's going to be at this pretty cool theater in rockford this morning then he has four more throughout the state. this is interesting because the rallies are going from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. this reminds me of what we saw from does ted cruz in iowa. he's trailing in the polls behind donald trump by high single digits, maybe 9 points, maybe a little closer than people think, but clearly cruz sees an opportunity to pick off delegates from donald trump in illinois and largely abandoning florida given it appears rubio is not going to make up the ground that he has to in order to beat donald trump in that winner take all state. what's interesting, too, is cruz is alone in the republican field in essentially not having second thoughts or at least not
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publicly talking about his second thoughts in supporting donald trump given what we've seen at his rallies over these last 72, 96 hours. you saw marco rubio and john kasich both talk about how difficult it may be for them to support trump if he was the nominee. i want you to hear what cruz told chuck over the weekend on "meet the press." >> i think every candidate ought to aspire towards civility, towards decency, towards bringing us together. i don't think we should be using angry and hateful rhetoric, i don't think we should be cursing at people. >> given everything you have just said about him in this interview you still will support him if that's what the republican party does. >> chuck, i am a very simple man. when i give my word for something i follow through and do what i said. >> reporter: when you talk about cruz, when you look ahead to other states, also playing in north carolina, also playing in missouri, steve, but really illinois appears to be at least one of the battle grounds for cruz and trump. >> so much attention on ohio and florida easy to forget three
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other truly big states on the board tomorrow. hallie jackson in rockford, thanks for that. i want to turn to nbc's gabe gutierrez, he is live in jacksonville. marco rubio gave 24 hours now to basically engineer a miracle in his own backyard. what's the strategy? >> reporter: good morning. it is a very steep climb. the strategy for the campaign, first of all, they say they don't believe the polls, they say their internal polling shows a much tighter race, but this is certainly a difficult position to be in for the rubio campaign. they are about to hold a rally in the next hour or so. it's going to be their first of four rallies, then they will be in melbourne, west palm beach and miami. they are going down i-95, the artery of florida making this last minute push. as you merchsed that nbc news "wall street journal" poll has him down 21 points. another cbs news poll has him actually in third place here in florida and a quinnipiac poll just out has him down 24 points. this is in florida where he was
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a political rising star, where he really staked his whole campaign, over the weekend as you heard hallie mention marco rubio wavered in his commitment to support donald trump as the nominee if he were the nominee answered also really cried out against this -- first of all, the media coverage of the donald trump campaign and how the -- how he says the media covers politics more as entertainment now and he really lashed out against the atmosphere that donald trump was creating in his rallies. take a listen and what he told supporters in central florida yesterday. >> what we see instead is a new brand of leadership which is no leadership at all, which says to people, yes, get angry, get even angrier and let's take it out on these people and let's do this and it's everybody else's fault that things are going wrong in this country. the result is we are now a nation where people hate each other. >> reporter: so again marco rubio making this last minute push throughout florida.
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350 miles today from jacksonville to miami. steve, this could be his last stand, but his campaign says it's still in it and they're hoping to pull out a win somehow by tomorrow. steve. >> gabe gutierrez in jacksonville. amazing to think back to 2010 when marco rubio blasted into the national political dialogue with that win in florida. it's come down to this for his campaign. let's get more from two reporters who have been covering every turn in this race jessica taylor for npr in washington sabrina saviki with the guardian. she's also covering marco rubio. we were just talking about marco rubio. you have been covering him. i guess when i look at rubio in florida and we show him down about 20 points in the polls there and you contrast that with kasich in his home state in ohio where he's tied or ahead right now, what is missing there? this is marco rubio's home state. what is he missing that has him down 20 points in his own backyard? >> well, i think florida like a lot of other states has shown that voters are very frustrated,
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they have the same anti-establishment sentiment that we've seen manifest itself across the country and that of course sways people in favor of donald trump. one of the points you were referencing with marco rubio's 2010 senate race where he burst on to the national scene and in that race what's interesting is that he was the insurgent candidate and now even though he certainly, you know, tries to say that he fought the establishment back then he is viewed in this race still as the establishment-backed candidate in this team of his contest with donald trump. i think that's one issue that he has had to confront over here as well as the fact that he had a really disappointing couple of weeks when it came to super tuesday and so-called super saturday as well, he was shut out of delegates in a lot of states and the narrative around his campaign really pivoted him toward being framed as someone who was essentially holding on for life. and that impacts how voters view this going into the polls. of course, he said he regrets the personal attacks that he
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made on donald trump, i think those also had an impact. that's a lot of what he has faced coming into this. certainly as you said i think for him to come from behind at this point would be a historic victory. we're going to find out tomorrow if that is the case. >> jessica, again, look, if the polls are right in florida and if this is a donald trump win there tomorrow, then that makes ohio for anybody interested in stopping donald trump from winning the republican nomination, that makes ohio that much more important. you have the polls there that basically show a dead heat there, maybe even a slight kasich lead. interestingly mitt romney has been very outspoken against donald trump, hasn't endorsed anybody, but has offered to help any of the other nontrump candidates, he's going to be there in ohio today with john kasich. what impact do you think that has? >> i think that is sending a message that it's not mattering maybe which candidate you're voting for as long as it's not donald trump. of course, we even saw marco rubio say last week if you want to stop donald trump vote for essentially vote for john kasich in ohio. so i think, you know, it really
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does seem like these anti-trump, these never trump forces want to stop him, ohio sort of seems to be their best place. if we're looking at the winner take all states of course. you talked about illinois and other places there, too, if those are not winner take all states of course. if you have a chance to cut into trump a little bit those matter as well, but if he sweeps florida, if he sweeps ohio that math becomes near impossible to try to stop him going forward. >> and what about the affect, if any, from everything we saw this weekend. i mean, again, it was so strike to go me when you went back to that ben carson endorsement, that was friday morning, we were on this hour listening to it and ben carson was talking about how he had seen a different donald trump, a more sort of subdued almost mature donald trump and he said the country would soon see that donald trump. what we ended up seeing this past weekend i think was the complete opposite of that. do you think that will have any impact? i've heard theories that this could help donald trump tomorrow. >> that was the argument he was
6:15 am
making on friday night as this was all unfolding which was striking to hear him say people are telling me i made the right decision and taking credit for trying to stop all of this and things, too. i don't think -- it's hard to have the polls measure what this is, but every time we seem to think that, you know, something bad happens or that he says something controversial that it is somehow going to, you know, be his kryptonite. that hasn't been the case. is it going to matter to voters in a way, too? what's really striking is he wasn't taking responsibility for his language or for, you know -- for amping up his supporters in a way that some of these clashes occurred or for inciting some of these two tests in a way and that was really striking. he said it on friday night, he repeated that again yesterday with chuck. these two donald trumps that ben carson talks about we really haven't seen a very repen tent donald trump come out yet. >> sabrina, also something that caught people's attention over
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the weekend, marco rubio -- and gabe was just talk about this in his report -- hedging a little bit on that commitment he had made before about backing donald trump if donald trump is the republican candidate. it sounds like ted cruz still sticking by his pledge to follow through on that, but not rubio. how serious is that threat that marco rubio might not support donald trump if he wins the nomination? >> i think it's very serious and i think that for those who have been skeptical about donald trump from the beginning, it was only a matter of time before they would probably look for the opportunity to distance themselves from that pledge and what you saw in terms of the protests at the rallies, although there has been a history -- or a record of violence and proest it is at trump rallies, this was more unprecedented in terms of the images that everyone saw. i think you really did see the genuine anguish, we all certainly who have been covering marco rubio for almost a year now have not seen him quite a like that. the politically savvy thing at this moment is to stick with the
6:17 am
pledge, he did that on the debate stage just over a week ago in detroit, but then there's also the right thing to do and i think he said clearly that it's getting harder to explain to his kids where he would be supporting someone like donald trump. there is the obvious point if you are going to make the case that donald trump is unfit to be president and condemning the way that he has divided his supporters along racial lines even, it becomes harder to justify why you are then saying at the end of all the criticism that you have made that you would still be supporting him as the nominee. i think that's what marco rubio as well as john kasich are both wrestling with. ted cruz we know his strategy has been to try not to -- to try to maintain support among donald trump supporters, that's probably why you're seeing ted cruz walk a fine line still. >> all right. thanks for your time, both of you, appreciate it. and after the break, we are going to look at the big day that's also ahead on the other side of the aisle for the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both have temporarily found common ground in going
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after donald trump. talking about the violence at some of his rallies. but clinton and sanders still have to square off against each other in those big five states tomorrow. "saturday night live" had a little fun with clinton's efforts to attract millennial voters away interest sanders this weekend, putting this, quote, tv ad up. take a look at this. >> so thank you, millennials, for lending your support to the biggest outsider jew in the race. hilly rodham clinton, there is a lot of work to be done and that is why i am sick and tired about hearing about my own damn e-mails. >> this message was paid for by hillary clinton. feel the bern for her. >> i'm whoever you want me to be and i approved this message. it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more.
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donald trump is running a cynical campaign of hate and fear for one reason, to get votes. >> the truth is this guy really is a pathological liar. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders unloading on donald trump over the weekend. this following that recent string of ugly protests, insults and violence at trump rallies. in the wake of that clinton and sanders accusing the republican front runner of causing that violence with his rhetoric. we're expect to go hear from clinton in chicago in the next hour, sanders has an event in youngstown, ohio, a that's set for 11:00 eastern. kristen welker is in chicago, she's been following the clinton campaign, kasie hunt is with the sanders campaign. >> hillary clinton coming off that upset loss in michigan last week, trying to regain her footing but a lot of attention this weekend, a lot of her attention not on bernie sanders
6:23 am
but on donald trump. >> reporter: there's no doubt about that, steve. and it is not unusual for secretary clinton and senator sanders to take aim at donald trump, but we really saw something different this weekend. we saw them increase, ratchet up their rhetoric and their condemnation of what they will described as his divisive rhetoric. they put the blame for these violent protests that we saw over the weekend squarely at the feet of donald trump and of course senator sanders strongly denying that his supporters were to blame. we heard donald trump try to essentially say that his supporters were the ones agitating and creating that violent atmosphere. so it really allowed both democratic candidates to some extent pivot to the general election and certainly the gop front runner and set their sights on him. at the same time these two are still locked in a very tight battle. over the weekend secretary clinton caused a minor dust up when she said that senator sanders had essentially been absent during the healthcare
6:24 am
fight of the 1990s. take a listen to what she had to say earlier this weekend. >> we are going to pull together and stand up against those powerful forces and i always get a little chuckle when i hear my opponent talking about doing it. well, i don't know where he was when i was trying to get healthcare in '93 and '94, standing up against the insurance companies, standing up against the drug companies. >> reporter: steve, those comments prompted this tweet from the sanders campaign saying that senator sanders was literally standing right behind secretary clinton, they tweeted out video of sanders with secretary clinton, she was then the first lady, at one of her healthcare speeches in 1993. take a look at this video. >> and i'm grateful to congressman sanders would join us today from vermont. >> reporter: so this back and forth sort of underscores the high stakes tomorrow,
6:25 am
particularly throughout the midwest, states like ohio, illinois and missouri. now, our poll does show secretary clinton with commanding leads in ohio and florida. she only leads senator sanders by about 6 points, though, in illinois and if you talk to both campaigns they think the race is much closer in ohio. so you are seeing a really fierce fight for votes in ohio. senator sanders has a number of stops there today. secretary clinton made a number of stops in ohio over the weekend. today she's setting her sights on illinois where again there is a very close race. steve, if secretary clinton wins florida and north carolina she could walk away tomorrow with more delegates and increasing her delegate lead, statement if senator sanders wins three states, if he has a strong showing, he's going to get more momentum, more money and this race will undoubtedly go right through the convention. >> you mentioned that illinois poll, i think that caught a lot of people by surprise seeing how close that poll has illinois between sanders and clinton. the other pham lor there, it is
6:26 am
hillary clinton's native state, she was born and grew up in illinois for whatever that's worth. kristen welker tracking the clinton campaign. thanks for that. let's check in with the sanders campaign, kasie hunt. kasie, a busy day already for you on the sanders beat. a lot more to come. she's setting the stage for tomorrow, clinton looking to those two big states, north carolina and florida demographically maybe an advantage there, but an opportunity in some other big states for bernie sanders. >> reporter: that's right, steve. we are actually on the welcome to air bernie, the plane that flies bernie sanders all over the country, we're starting hire in columbus, ohio, where he was talking to our own chuck todd, that airs later today on msnbc, we're hitting youngstown, then akron ohio, then it's on to charlotte, north carolina, then st. louis, missouri, then finally chicago, illinois, late tonight. if you're counting that's four of the five states that are up on march 15th. and that tells you a little bit about where the sanders campaign
6:27 am
is right now in their approach to this map. they feel very good about missouri, illinois is another place where it's looking like he might be able to pull out a win, ohio is really going to be the battle ground, the polls -- they both -- both sides say that the polls in ohio are tight, the sanders campaign feels that because some of the policies for voters there are a little more restrictive that it's a little bit less likely than michigan for them to pull out a surprise win but they're also looking at north carolina as a place that could be a potential surprise. we were last last week, huge crowds, a lot of excitement. some of those early signals that we've picked up from sanders supporters from places that he has unexpectedly won. the other piece that's starting to go on through the weekend of course is donald trump and sanders campaign aids tell me that sanders is eager to take donald trump on. they say if he is looking for a fight they're happy to oblige him in that. if many ways if trump does wrap
6:28 am
this up on tuesday and there is a little bit of calm on the republican side you could see a media opening for sanders. there could be a lot more focus on his campaign. so i just want -- i want you to take a quick listen to what sanders had to say about trump over the weekend. >> -- for president of the united states should condemn violence. [ applause ] >> not encourage violence. we don't go around saying it's okay to beat somebody up and i will pay the legal fees. that's not what this country is about. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: so of course the sanders campaign feeling as though they don't need to take responsibility for these protests, that's not something that's going to become a problem for them in the long run, but
6:29 am
donald trump of course trying to push that forward, tweeting early yesterday that sanders should be careful about encouraging protesters to attend trump rallies. steve. >> all right. kasie hunt on board the sanders campaign plane in columbus, ohio. thanks for that. a reminder to tune in tonight here on msnbc, a democratic double header, both candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders talking to us, talking to voters in town hall events. bernie sanders holding a town hall it's going to be moderated by chuck todd at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. that's going to be from columbus, ohio, where we were just talking to kasie hunt from, and immediately following that hillary clinton is going to join chris matthews for her own town hall from springfield, illinois. two big town halls in two big battle ground states ahead of super tuesday. part two tomorrow. a lot of attention of course has been focused on ohio and florida. two big states up for grabs tomorrow. illinois, missouri, they're also
6:30 am
on the board. they're very unpredictable, there's a lot on the line inth bo of them. we will break it down in just a minute. but first actor danny da veto surprising a crowd of bernie sanders supporters in missouri. joking about his height behind the podium and of course speaking to the crowd he needs to step back behind the curtain in order to get a little boost. >> i love you guys. i love you guys. i love you because you're here for bernie. and i'm here because you're here. because i feel -- you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok.
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6:34 am
cleveland on saturday. that incident was caught on camera, the supporter evoking as he yelled at protesters. that was at a donald trump rally on saturday, one of many instances that have come to light in the past few days in particular at trump rallies that are raising some eyebrows about exactly what's happening at those events. we will keep an eye on what's going on there. florida and ohio are huge tomorrow, but there's also some real mystery and real suspense in those super tuesday states. no one really knows what to expect in the other states that are voting. the stakes in each one of them are big. so we want to break it down with some experts. john mccormick is on the ground in illinois, two big primaries in illinois tomorrow, he is the editor for the "chicago tribune" and kevin mcdermott is in missouri, he is a reporter with the st. louis post dispatch. before we get to them i am going to have to represent the state of north carolina for this segment, that's the other big state up for grabs tomorrow, unfortunately we were not able to hit the tar heel state in our
6:35 am
recent battle ground state tour, but the good people at campbell university, home of the fighting camel camel's, they were kind enough to send along with very cool campbell university sweater which i am going to wear in this segment in honor of tomorrow's north carolina primary. so john mccormick with the "chicago tribune," let's start with you in illinois. we've been setting this one up during the show. let's start on the republican side, i think there was an assumption that illinois would be trump country, suddenly signs that ted cruz has a chance there. >> signs that ted cruz has a chance, but it's not natural cruz territory. most of the population is upstate and tends to be democratic. illinois rarely matters in these contests, steve, we're usually late in the game. this year it could matter. >> tell us a little bit about the culture, the geography of
6:36 am
the state. my understanding is if somebody like ted cruz is going to do well in a republican primary it's southern illinois, southern illinois different culturally than maybe what the rest of us across the done try think of when we think of illinois. >> absolutely. southern illinois tends to identify with memphis, memphis is pretty close if you are down at the south end of illinois, it's a very deep southern state, but the politics here tend not to be religiously driven, so it will be interesting to see how cruz does. no one has campaigned here much, steve. our neighbors next door in iowa where i grew up, they have campaigns that last two years, if not four. here, it's a week. the people -- the people you're depicting, steve, who are here this weekend, these last few days, this is the first time we have seen any of them. >> kevin, in st. louis in advance of missouri tomorrow, here is a state you look at on the map and it's surrounded by
6:37 am
states where ted cruz has done really well, i think back to 2012 in missouri, "today" aiken, a socially conservative candidate winning a republican primary in missouri. does that bode well for cruz's chances in missouri tomorrow? >> i think it probably does, steve. part of what makes me say that is the post dispatch had a poll on saturday which showed mr. donald trump with a lead but within the poll's margin for error. we could be looking at a close side on the republican side, on the democratic side we had the same situation with hillary clinton showing a lead within the margin for error with bernie sanders. >> that democratic side, this is one of those states bernie sanders people are point to go and saying if it's a good day tomorrow he's winning missouri. what's the key for him to win missouri? >> he is focusing on urban areas nd on young people. he has been here twice already, will be here tonight. he had a huge rally on the other side of the river in edwardsville last week in which he had 4,000 college students.
6:38 am
i attended one yesterday at a high school where he had more than 2,000 people and had the rock concert feel that his rallies tend to have. that's what he seems to be focusing on in missouri. >> john, in illinois is there surprise that that democratic race seems as close as it does? >> huge surprise, steve. you mentioned a few minutes ago i thought it was very, very sharp of you to mention that it doesn't matter that hillary clinton is from illinois. not so much. she hasn't lived here in half a century. ten days ago we had a poll with her up, i believe the number was 67, 25, just an enormous lead. to see that tighten the energy is clearly with sanders. one footnote here, there is some evidence in the early voting numbers that we may have democrats who are taking republican ballots. in illinois you walk in tomorrow morning or whenever you vote, you say i want a democratic ballot or republican ballot, how
6:39 am
you are registered is immaterial. there is an uptick in the republican ballots in chicago, cook county. democratic ballots are -- i'm sorry, i'm talking about the share, the share of people who take a ballot. the overall numbers are up, those numbers are still skewing heavily democratic but not as democratic as you would expect. >> yeah, that's -- >> people who want to vote for trump, against trump, we'll see. >> still a lot of mystery there in terms of what that means. we can just mention quickly i said i'd represent north carolina, that's the other one one on the board tomorrow. this is from high point university, donald trump with a 20 point lead over ted cruz on the republican side, also an expectation hillary clinton would go in as the big favorite in north carolina tomorrow, a lot of delegates at stake for both parties there. you see hillary clinton with a 24-point lead over bernie sanders. of course, the sanders people will quickly point out the polls in michigan said she was going to win big there, too, and of
6:40 am
course north carolina as we said the home of campbell university the fighting camel's. thank you for sending into me this fleece. thanks for giving us the lay of the land in your states. we appreciate that. >> coming up, our own jacob soboroff is headed to the everglades to talk with voters there. many there say they are undecided in that do or die florida primary for marco rubio. watch out for the gators. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e.
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one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. all right. back to florida now, the biggest state up for grabs on both sides tomorrow and many voters in the sunshine state say they still haven't made up their minds. msnbc's jacob soboroff traveled down to the everglades to speak to one of those voters who is still undecided. >> we're about 30 minutes away from miami which as we know is supposed to be marco rubio country. came out here to the everglades,
6:44 am
this is jesse, find out if it's a different story out this way. >> jesse, where are we right now? >> we're right out in the everglades, right in the middle of the everglades in south florida. >> i can't hear a damn thing you're saying but i love it. >> that's great. i'm glad you enjoy it. have fun. >> no clue what he's saying. >> so, jesse, you say it's about a ten foot gator. >> ten foot gate, maybe a little bigger than that, a big male he's probably 25, 30 years old in that category. >> what's one of the big things people care about. >> environment. environment is a major, major part of this in the everglades, our eco system as far as the everglades is a pretty fragile system. >> did you ever take any presidential candidates out here? >> yeah, i have had a couple of them out here before. >> come on. >> sure. why not? >> i had rubio out here years ago. >> come on. he's scared of the gators? >> he's been in florida a long
6:45 am
time so he's used to the gate sneers same politics as miami out here? >> depends on who you are talking to out here. >> you have a big election coming up on tuesday, where do you fall? >> one has got to give me more information than what he has done so far. >> you only have a couple days left. >> nobody has come up with a an answer to tell me you are going to wave your flag. >> the donald trump has support. in the nbc news poll he has blown by marco rubio. >> not in my poll. >> how come? >> i personally don't like him. >> what happens if trump wins on tuesday? >> we will have an idea to see what he does do as a president. what can i tell you? >> that was jacob soboroff reporting from the everglades, an assignment i don't think i could handle with those gators that close to me. more to come on all of the rallies scheduled for this day before the next super tuesday. a close eye is going to be on all of the donald trump events today and what the crowds are doing there. the protests and disruptions at
6:46 am
his recent rallies catching the attention of "snl" over the weekend. take a look. >> it's okay. i'm fine. guys, what did i say? not this one. >> this is one of the good ones. don't worry, we've got a very classy trump steak on his eye. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast.
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6:49 am
my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. donald trump has dusted off an old term last heard in the 1970s to describe his supporters, calling them the silent majority and many of those supporters are helping trump to try to carry out a nonconventional ground game, a get out the vote turn out operation in florida where he's trying to beat favorite son marco rubio. msnbc's kate snow spoke to some of those trump volunteers at an early voting site in the city of
6:50 am
hollywood, florida. also to another trump supporter who has decided to turn her own home into a phone bank. >> linda, how long have you bee? do they avoid you, or do they embrace you? >> they have embraced me. i have people that are coming up, voters going into the polling. they're giving me a thumbs up. >> how many phone calls have you made for donald trump? >> 10,352 over the past two and a half weeks. >> 10,352. have you been calling all day long? >> some days i would call all day for almost 11 to 12 hours. >> bhie are you so passionate about donald trump? >> he's a brilliant businessman. a native born to america, he loves the country. >> you can hear from more -- more from the trump volunteers trying to help their candidate knock out marco rubio in florida. you can hear from them in a live report from kate snow in the next hour. it is a very busy morning here, all four republican candidates about to hold events in four different states ahead of the
6:51 am
big voting we're going to have tomorrow. you're looking live right now at pictures from both the donald trump rally in north carolina and the john kasich town hall in the buckeye state, in ohio. stay with us right here on msnbc, the place for politics. and i'm jess and we are the bug chicks. we are a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video". oh! this is so good. (laughs) if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. (laughs) you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. (laughs) out on the town or in for the night, at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy the new samsung galaxy s7 and get one free. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it.
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all right, a frantic day of campaigning for candidates. 24 hours to go until tomorrow's voting. we want to show you a unique view of donald trump's rally on sunday. this is vid voe from bloomington, illinois. it was held inside an airplane hangar. it was filled to capacity. about 3,000 people inside that hang hangar. trump is going to be campaigning with chris christie in north carolina just a few minutes ago. cal perry is msnbc's senior editor for digital and video content. he's in tampa. trump will be there later in the day after the north carolina rally. look, i know that was the rnc
6:55 am
site in 2012, behind where you are right now. what's the expectation? what are you expecting for donald trump, and maybe more importantly, from the crowd later on today? >> we are expecting the unexpected. we're monitoring the digital space, obviously. there's auld been a facebook posting from anti-trump rallies. they expect a march which will take place. the satellite trucks are already forming up, going through the normal security procedures. this post said marchers would come from about five minutes away. they're going to march on the convention center. they're going to try to time it for about 11:30 a.m., about two and a half hours before the rally. the trump rally expected to take place at 2:00 p.m. they never really start on time. the interesting thing is he holds everything close to the chest. we don't know in what room the rally will take place, how many people will be there. we assume it will be in one of the smaller rooms so they can fill it to capacity, but we don't know who the guests are going or what time it's going to
6:56 am
start. as always with donald trump, steve, you stand by for the unexpected. >> cal perry, i know we're all keeping a close eye on what happens at the trump events today. we'll hear from you a lot more today. that's going to wrap up this hour here on msnbc. i'm steve kornacki. i'm going to see you right back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time today for mtp daily. jose diaz-balart is up next live from bayside marketplace in beautiful miami, florida. to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands and cares about your business. pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. know that our dedicated teams of local experts offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at
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7:00 am
we'll be monitoring all of those live events for you. first up, though, chaos on the campaign trail. we're awaiting donald trump any minute now, in hickory, north carolina. this is his first campaign rally since that rocky and well, dangerous weekend. the gop front-runner under fire this morning from republicans and democrats after several incidents of violence at his rallies over the weekend. some were pepper sprayed in kansas city. secret service stepped in after a man tried to rush the stage while trump was speaking. all of this after the candidate canceled a campaign stop in chicago. and this was the reason. rough clashes between supporters and demonstrators. trump remaining defiant, saying he is not responsible. >> one of your supporters decided to sucker punch a protester. do you accept any responsibility for creating this atmosphere? >> i don't accept
7:01 am
responsibility. i do not condone violence in any shape, and i will tell you from what i saw, the young man stuck his finger up in the air, and the other man sort of just had it. but i still, i don't condone violence. >> democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are laying into trump. clinton says he's guilty of, quote, political arson. sanders calls him a pathological liar. of course, this is all happening a day before voters head to the polls in five states. a day that could entirely reshape the presidential race. all eyes on those crucial winner-take-all republican primaries of florida and ohio. in those two states, our new nbc/"wall street journal"/marist poll shows trump ahead in florida, but governor john kasich with a narrow lead in ohio. our political team is ready to go across the country this morning. let's get right to hickory, north carolina, where jacob rascon is with what we expect a
7:02 am
donald trump along with new jersey governor chris christie, jacob? >> yeah, he's going to be here any minute. of course, governor christie as well, you said. this is a smaller town hall tile event. only about 1,000 people can fit into this auditorium. the big question this morning going into tomorrow is what will the voters think of what happened this weekend. and in the short term, it doesn't seem as it hasn't in the past, that this is going to have any effect on him at the polls. he's ahead everywhere except ohio, but the race is tightening there. but as you talk to the voters here, a lot of them blame the other side for the protests. say look, this is not donald trump's fault. you have the other side, an organized protest coming in and causing all of these problems. and largely, trump supporters have not reacted violently. you do talk to some supports who say, look, i'm really excited
7:03 am
about donald trump as a candidate because he's an outsider, because he has such strong positions on immigration and other issues. i'm not really in it for the violence, for the punch this guy or i'm going to pay the legal bill fz othat guy. there are some trump supporters who are very much supporting him and all of his policies and him as an outsider candidate but who are not in favor of his talk on violence. so some who want to see him pivot, and i would look for him to pivot if he has a big win tomorrow night, as a lot of us expect, jose. >> jacob rascon in the very loud hickory, north carolina. thank you very much. i want to turn to rockford, illinois, where we expect a ted cruz rally to get under way any minute now. as a matter of fact, there he is. >> the democratic party of cook county is an institution he wants to support, presumably because he supports their corruption and he supports their policies. but actually, donald's contributions to blago and cook county democrats pale compared
7:04 am
to his contributions to rahm emanuel. he gave $50,000 to rahm emanuel. $50,000. and i think the people of illinois are fed up with the failed policies of liberal democrats, including hillary clinton, who donald has written check after check after check to, including two different checks he wrote to hillary clinton's presidential campaign in 2008. that's one of the reasons republicans are unielting behind our campaign. because here in illinois and all across the country, people don't want to nominate a candidate who has been enmeshed in the corruption of washington for 40 years, has been funding liberal democrats like rod blagojevich, like rahm emanuel, like hillary clinton. instead, we want to nominate and elect a president who will stand with the hard working taxpayers against the corruption of washington. that's why we're seeing so much tremendous enthusiasm and
7:05 am
excitement behind our campaign. >> over the weekend, you reiterated your support for donald trump, if you were to be the republican nominee. a weekend in which we saw rising tensions at his events, trump himself saying he would consider paying legal fees for somebody who punched a protester. i understand you will say you made a promise to support the nominee and you will keep that promise, but at what point do events on the ground force you or at least have you reconsider and maybe look at your position given that your rivals have said it would be extremely difficult to support trump if he were the nominee? >> i can give you one example where i would no longer support trump. if for example, he were to go out on fifth avenue and shoot somebody, i would not be willing to support donald trump. i think the best answer to donald trump, to his failed liberal policies, to his being enmeshed in washington corruption, supporting the policies that have caused so much damage, funding open border democrats, funding the architects of obamacare, all of
7:06 am
which donald has done, the answer is not to cry in your beer. about the support donald has received and the answer is not to do what the washington establishment hopes to do in their fevered dreams which they envision a brokered convention where the convention deadlocked and suddenly in from washington the dealmakers parachute in an establishment candidate who is their salvation. that is not going to happen. and it would spark an absolute revolt, quite rightly, from the voters. the way to beat donald trump is beat him at the ballot box, which is what we have been doing, and that is why our campaign, republicans are uniting behind our campaign because we're the only campaign that has beating donald trump over and over and over again, and can and will beat donald trump. indeed, to date, we have beaten donald trump not once, not twice, not three times, but nine different times all over the united states of america. literally from alaska to maine, and states all in between.
7:07 am
and as republicans continue to unite, we will continue to beat donald trump. we will win the nomination with 1237 delegates. and then we will go on to beat hillary clinton in the general election. >> you're joking about fifth avenue. donald trump we presume is not going to shoot somebody on fifth avenue. >> he did suggest he might. >> we have seen -- you're making a joke, but we have seen violence at his rallies, tensions. i wonder, at what point do you really reconsider, and i'm pressing you on this because it's been an extraordinary 96 hours i think in the republican race. >> hallie, it has, and that's a question the voters are asking. >> he's a front-runner who is offering to potentially pay legal fees. >> i'll answer the question but we're not going to debate. that is a question the voters are asking. at what point do we say enough is enough? if donald trump is the nominee, he is a disaster. and the answer is to beat him. >> yet you support him. >> i know it is a shocking
7:08 am
concept. >> it's not shocking. >> to members of the media. a shocking concept that an elected official actually does what he said, at the outset of this campaign, i committed i will support the republican nominee. i honor my word. >> the inflexibility is my question. >> you honor your word, you do what youed you would do. i know that's revolutionary, particularly when you have a candidate like donald trump who changes his position on a given issue sometimes two or three times on the same debate stage. but with me, i'm very simple. when i tell you i'm going to do something, i'm going to do it. now, i don't want donald trump to be the republican nominee. i think we elect hillary clinton and we destroy the country if donald trump is the nominee. and that is why we're working so hard to beat donald trump and we're going to beat donald trump. >> do you have a delegate amount, senator cruz, here in illinois that you're aiming for as far as victory tomorrow? >> you know, i'm very encouraged here in illinois. illinois is a state that often gets neglected by republicans. and yet, i tell you, our support
7:09 am
here in illinois is tremendous. right now, the polling shows us neck and neck with donald trump. we're surging. there are a ton of delegates here at stake in the state of illinois, and we're competing on the ground. today, the day before election day, i could be down in florida. i could be in other states that are voting today. instead, i'm spending the entire day in illinois. we're doing five events across the state because there are a lot of delegates at stake. and we are working to earn every delegate we can. it's going to be up to the men and women of this state, but i hope what we see happens is that republicans continue to unite in illinois. and let me say to folks at home, if you're one of the 65% to 70% of republicans who recognizes that donald trump is not the best nominee to go head to head with hillary, that if donald is the nominee, that hillary wins, that we lose the supreme court for a generation, that we lose the bill of rights that our kids get buried in debt and their future is taken away from them, then i ask you to come together
7:10 am
and unite. perhaps you were thinking of supporting another candidate. there have been wonderful people in this race. talented, dynamic people of character in this race. perhaps you're thinking now of supporting marco rubio or john kasich. both good, honorable, decent men. but neither one of them has any path whatsoever to beating donald trump. it's mathematically impossible for either one of them to become the nominee. if you don't want donald trump to be the nominee, there is only one campaign that can beat donald trump and that has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. so if you are thinking of supporting a rubio or a kasich, i would invite you to join us to come together. we welcome you with open arms, and what we have seen, the reason why we have beaten donald in nine states across the country is that voters who had been supporting other candidates have come and united behind us because we're the only campaign that is beating donald trump
7:11 am
over and over again, and we keep winning, by the way, with young people, in state after state, we're winning young people. we're winning working-class voters, blue-collar voters. we're winning among conservatives, but we're winning among republicans that are uniting together. and i'll tell you this. if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. we will pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. we'll pull back the regulations that are killing small businesses. we'll secure the borders and stop amnesty. and the result of all of that is we will see millions of high-paying jobs. we'll see wages rising for everybody, and we'll see young people coming out of school with two, three, four, five job students. >> you talk about how you have stronger poll numbers -- >> senator ted cruz speaking in illinois. the first couple questions by our own hallie jackson. we'll be speaking with her shortly. gabe gutierrez in jacksonville with marco rubio this morning.
7:12 am
marco rubio has a very tough mountain to climb by tomorrow if he wants to win the state of florida. gabe, good morning. we saw rubio who was described as deflated, emotional, and frustrated, but is that true? >> hey, there, jose. good morning. he was more visibly frustrated this weekend than i have ever seen him before. today, his campaign is saying that they don't believe the polls. they're discounting the polls that show him down more than 20 points in some cases. he just arrived here in jacksonville. he has four stops today throughout the state of florida. 350 miles from jacksonville all the way down to miami on i-95. and you mention those polls. yes, our nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll has him down by 21 points. cbs poll has him in third place. quinnipiac poll has him down 24 points. his campaign is discounting the polls. the key thing in florida will be the early and absentee vote. more than two million voters have already cast their ballots
7:13 am
either early mail-in or walk-in. and according to our poll, 48% of those have gone for donald trump. now, i have been speaking with a couple supporters here in jacksonville. they are sticking by their candidate despite the steep odds. ma'am, what's your name? >> katie hessler. >> how are you? >> fine, thank. >> why are you still supporting marco rubio? >> i'm not believing every in the polls. i have three main reasons. the first is i think his plan and policies on immigration is the most feasible and realistic. secondly, as you can see, i have two little kids and one on the way in a couple months. >> you have your hands full. >> i don't want to see the future of the republic destroyed because i know it was so different when i was growing up, and i want my children's future to be the way mine was. and last but not least, i'm a military wife. my husband is a navy pilot and he's getting ready to deploy very soon. as a military wife, you can never 100% sleep well at night, especially when they're away,
7:14 am
but with marco rubio's plans to build up a strong military and his plans to defeat isis, i would be able to rest easier. >> thank you so much for talking to us. we really appreciate it. really quickly, why are you supporting marco rubio? why do you think he's had such a tough time gaining traction in the state? >> i'm not really sure about that. for me as a supporter, i like him because of his promotion of family values. i'm in the military, so i like his plan for the military. i'm a supporter in that fact. mostly because of the family values. i would like to see our country go back to where our roots come from. >> thank you. jose, as you can see, marco rubio still with some support in jacksonville. he's trying to drum up more support as he travels the state. a very steep climb for him. he's down around 20 points in most polls. his campaign still saying they're going to stay in it. they do plan to travel to utah after tuesday. it's really hard to see how his campaign can continue if they do have a devastating loss here.
7:15 am
rubio trying to make it happen here in his home state. jose. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. indeed, a very difficult situation. the senator from florida is facing. appreciate your time, gabe. what toll is the chaos of the race taking on the republican party as a whole, and can the gop get onboard with a candidate trump? i want to bring in "washington post's" ed o'keefe, and alcardenas. thank you for being with me this morning. al, let me start with you. what's going on in the republican party? >> great question. i've been trying to figure it out myself. obviously, you know, the selection process is amazing, right? donald trump has never broken 40% and he seems like a run away winner. if we had a national popular vote, i don't believe he would get the nomination eventually. but it is what it is. and the key is, can you stop donald trump from getting to 1327 votes. the key is tomorrow, if he wins
7:16 am
ohio and florida, he may well get to the top before getting to the convention. so that's the key. you know, in my opinion, as far as i'm concerned, he needs to tone it down. these rallies are becoming -- >> tone what down? >> tone the tone. the rallies are not good for america. one way or the other. you don't need to get into who is at fault, but i don't like what i'm seeing. it feels like i'm in korea or venezuela or some place like that. that's not america. we have our differences, but these are not good things we're seeing. >> and ed, let's talk a little bit about florida, the importance of florida. mr. cardenas was saying if trump gets florida and ohio, it's pretty much over for the other candidates. let's say he doesn't win ohio, but he does win florida. first of all, what does that have to do -- what is marco rubio's reaction to that? then is it possible that he could get the nomination if he wins florida but loses ohio? >> i mean, anything at this point seems possible. just given how crazy the whole race has been.
7:17 am
if rubio loses here, they have scheduled events for later this week out west, but i don't see how he can continue, because you know, this became central to his strategy after failing to win any of those first early states, his team immediately said come here to florida, try to win in florida. but the fact that he's flirting with third place now in some of the surveys suggests -- >> rubio is? >> yeah, that the bottom is falling out. if you can't do it in your own backyard, why on earth do you think you can do it anywhere else? >> this is very important for marco, his own home state, whether he finished first or second, he doesn't want to first third. he wants to finish at the top. he's 45 years old. he'll have a narrative moving forward. that needs to be a good one as to how he almost made it. in our party, the history is you get the nomination your second time around. he has to play for a strong finish so he has a narrative for 2020 or 200024. >> and there's interest in him in 2018 if he wants to run for governor. i said, look, if he loses do you
7:18 am
think he's viable in two years? sure, we'll support him. >> is that something he's even considered or talked about in the past? >> he shouldn't. you're a player in the 2016 sweepstakes. you have to give it all it takes. you can't talk about the future. you have to talk about today. so look, they're going all out. they're hoping that miami overperforms, and that will bring him closer to where he needs to be. so talking about tomorrow for the rubio campaign the day before the key election is not a smart thing to do. >> and let's talk about what he's tried to accomplish in these days following -- up to the primary here. he's been really targeting specific voting blocks in the state of florida. >> yeah, he went up to palm beach to talk to jewish voters. he spent a little time down here, but really he sort of left this region to his friends, essentially, to sort of organize their precincts and their neighborhoods to vote on his behalf, and he's been up in central florida and pensacola trying to talk to military voters, swing voters who may be
7:19 am
undecided. it's a typical florida playbook. you go to the population centers. in his case, he's lucky he can not spend as much time here because he believes he'll be able to turn out what he needs. there was good turnout yesterday in various neighborhoods in miami, hialeah, westchester, dade. they believe if they got high turnout in early vote, they can make a difference tomorrow. >> the problem with the early vote is in the state of florida, a lot of folks had voted early, did so for jeb bush, who was on that ballot, and they sent those absentee ballots by the hundreds of thousands if not millions, and we're seeing in the totality, millions. could that really play a part in rubio's totals? >> sure. over 2 million floridians have voted already. i voted for jeb bush early on before south carolina. others have as well. and a race like this, all of those segments are important to you. i think marco will overperform the polling numbers tomorrow. >> al and ed, thank you very much. we could have done this whole
7:20 am
segment in spanish because it reminds me of our telemundo segments. thank you for being with me. so much ahead this hour live from bayside marketplace in miami. all the gop contenders are out on the trail, and they're holding events across the nation. trump along with governor chris christie in hickory, north carolina. marco rubio in his home state, in jacksonville this hour. ted cruz in rockford, illinois. and john kasich in his home state, in youngstown, ohio. we're watching all of these events for you. in about 30 minutes, we'll hear from hillary clinton holding a rally in chicago. much more on the democratic side of the presidential race when we come back from bayside marketplace where it's really kind of warm and humid, but then again, i guess that's what florida winters are all about. thanks. ♪ if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d.
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i want to go back to rockford, illinois, where we expect a ted cruz rally to get under way any minute. hallie jackson was speaking to ted cruz, and hallie joins me this morning. good morning, what did you take away from what he had to say this morning? >> listen, here's the thing, jose. ted cruz has said all along that he would support the eventual republican nominee, and over the weekend, he reiterated that included donald trump even after what we have seen at trump rallies, the increasing level of violence and trump's reaction to the rallies. we pressed ted cruz on that a bit, as you heard live in the media availability. and cruz started to laugh it off. he said harx ithe only way i would not support trump if he shot a protester on fifth avenue. when pressed, cruz acknowledged he believes a trump presidency would be a disaster for the country, yet reiterated he would still support the republican
7:25 am
nomnaen nomnene. cruz is running on the premise he keeps his promises. we're in front of where he holds his press availabilities. the word consistent is part of his brand. for ted cruz, he continues to double down and say, hey, i'm a man of my word. this is cruz's argument. i kept my word. i'm a man of my word. i will keep my word when i go to washington to fight for you. that's his message to voters on basically every topic. for his supporters, that resonates. particularly when it comes to policy. one of the things you hear when you go to ted cruz rallies, is hey, i like he's a guy who will do what he says he will do. that is an indication his message is breaking through. something we hear from cruz at every stump speech, he will do what he says he will do. part of that then includes keeping his promise to support the nominee. that said, look what happens with marco rubio, with john kasich over the weekend. both of them acknowledging given the events we have seen in the last 96 hours, supporting trump as a nominee would be very difficult. kasich called it difficult. rubio called it difficult as well. we have not heard that from
7:26 am
cruz. he's now alone in the field in pledging to support trump, and he continues to stand by that, even after what we have seen over the last three days. it's interesting. you heard the interaction there. >> yeah, absolutely. hallie jackson in rockford, illinois, asking the questions that need to be asked, as usual. it's a frenetic day of campaigning for the democrats ahead of tomorrow's key contests in five states. we're expecting to hear from hillary clinton later this hour in chicago and bernie sanders about 15 minutes later in youngstown, ohio. both will be participating in exclusive town halls tonight right here on msnbc. clinton and sanders are offering some of their sharpest attacks yet on donald trump, blaming him for inciting violence at his rallies. let's go to chicago for the very latest from the campaign trail. msnbc and nbc's kristen welker is there for us this morning. good seeing you this morning. >> hey, jose. good morning. well, look, donald trump is a familiar target for both secretary clinton and senator
7:27 am
sanders and we really saw those efforts ratchet up in the wake of the violent protests. both candidates condemning donald trump, his divisive rhetoric, which they say is to blame for the protests. and senator sanders pushing back strongly against the notion his supporters are in any way to blame for what we saw unravel over the weekend. this is a tactic that undoubtedly rallies the democratic base. but it also points to the sharp distinctions between both of these candidates and the gop front-runner. take a listen to a little bit of what they had to say at a town hall last night. >> he can criticize and protest mr. trump all we want. but none of that matters if we don't also show up at the polls. if you want to shut him down, then let's vote him down. >> donald trump is literally
7:28 am
inciting violence with his supporters. he is saying if you go out and beat somebody up, that's okay. i'll pay the legal fees. that is an outrage. >> now, those heated words come as the democrats are locked in their own fierce fight. our latest nbc new news/"wall st journal" poll shows clinton has commanding leads in ohio and florida, but the race gets a lot tighter in illinois. this is secretary clinton's home state. she's topping sanders by a slim six points. she has another event in springfield. trade, manufacturing will be at the center of her comments. those are clearly themes that resonated and helped senator sanders pull off the come from behind win in michigan. by the way, he is threatening in ohio, looking strong there. and if he could pull off a win in ohio, that would really add to his momentum, although secretary clinton if she wins florida and north carolina, would likely expand her delegate lead on tuesday.
7:29 am
sanders has a number of stops in ohio today. jose. >> kristen welker, great seeing you. thank you for being with me this morning. i want to check in with clinton campaign, congress woman kathy castor is a clinton supporter. joins me this morning from tampa, about four hours to our north and west. it's a great pleasure to see you this morning. how are you? >> terrific. welcome from florida's gulf coast. >> thanks. and the polls show secretary clinton is in pretty good shape for tomorrow, especially here in florida and in ohio, but in illinois, she has a six-point lead. are you surprised by that small margin there? >> well, hillary is in a very strong position in florida, because she has a long track record of standing up for working families. all of these races are going to be fascinating tomorrow. but from what i hear from my neighbors, what i heard in the grocery store, on the soccer fields this weekend, is she just -- people trust her. they're confident in her ability to serve as commander in chief.
7:30 am
she's tough. and she's smart. but what i also heard is a great concern for the donald trump movement. because he is so ignorant of the challenges facing america and american families, and he's filling that vacuum with this hateful rhetoric, and people are very concerned about it. >> as a matter of fact, congresswoman, hillary clinton said last night foreign leaders have asked her if they could endorse her to stop trump. i guess my question would be, what foreign leaders are willing to come forward in a primary situation? and then, how do you stop donald trump? >> well, i think folks need to take an honest look here. trump is reckless. he's not dignified. that is going to cause a lot of problems for america when you think of the office of the presidency. we have quite a contrast here with secretary clinton, who is tough and she's smart and she has this track record of standing up for working families.
7:31 am
in the debate on the democratic side has been about jobs, how we boost wages and create jobs. and also here in florida, you know, most people have voted already over the past two weeks. every day has been election day. and you know, especially that republican ballot has 13 names on it. many people voted for jeb bush before he even dropped out. so that's going to be quite a measure. but here on the ground in the tampa bay area, feels like hillary clinton is in a very strong position to deliver. >> congresswoman, real quick, yesterday, bernie sanders once again asked for hillary clinton to release a transcript of her wall street speeches. you know, it seems as though this continues, it could be so easy if she indeed is a foe of the big banks, why not show the transcripts that according to her show her showing up to the banks. i tell you, if that's what she says in the transcripts, she could use that as an ad. why hasn't she been willing or
7:32 am
able to release the transcripts? >> i think you have to look at her whole track record. she's out there, has been fighting for jobs. >> i'm talking about the speeches. the speeches. >> yeah. you know, maybe they will be -- she wants that to apply across the board to all of these candidates. i think that's fair. when she was here in tampa, just last week, the focus was on jobs, especially tied to infrastructure, transit, rebuilding our airports, rebuilding our roads and ports. and i think that message is going to carry the day. she stood up to wall street time and again, as senator sanders has. and that's one of the big differences between the democrats and republicans. and you watch, that's going to be a major issue in november. >> congresswoman kathy castor, a pleasure to see you. thank you for being with me. tonight, an msnbc democratic doublehead doubleheader, the two candidates talking to us and the voters. bernie sanders holds a town hall
7:33 am
with chuck todd, 6:00 p.m. eastern, andfie immediately following, hillary clinton with her own town hall from springfield, illinois. >> ted cruz holding a rally in rockford, illinois. we showed you the preparation this morning about 90 miles west of chicago. we'll take a short break, listen to what's going on there. >> you know, anybody who can't tell the difference -- thank you. anyone who can't tell the difference between our friends and our enemies, anyone who can't tell the difference between israel and islamic terrorists who want to kill us, that raises real questions about their fitness and judgment to be commander in chief. for seven years, we've seen our military weakened. we have seen our readiness
7:34 am
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or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. and clean and real and inside jokes and school night. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. welcome back to bayside marketplace in miami. donald trump continues to have a commanding lead here in florida. the latest poll from quinnipiac out this morning shows him with a 24-point lead over home state
7:38 am
senator marco rubio. kate snow spoke to some volunteers over the weekend. great seeing you. >> great to see you in person. here's the thing. everybody thinks trump has no ground game. no ground operation, because you don't see big phone banks or operations. you don't even see many trump signs here. but we went to broward county and an early voting site and we found a bunch of volunteers who are totally working for donald trump. how long have you been sitting out here? >> since last saturday, every day 8:30 to 6:00. >> what do you hear from people? do they avoid you or embrace you? >> they have embraced me. i have people coming up, voters going into the polling giving me a thumbs up. trump is the man. we need to make america great again. we need to change our country for the better. and they're going in to vote for trump. >> you saw the video friday night in chicago. >> yes, i did. >> people think trump supporters
7:39 am
are angry. and some of his own republican competitors are saying he's instigating. he's getting people riled up. >> you're asking our americans angry? yes, i am angry. i'm very angry. i'm angry at my current system, our current government has failed the american people. and donald trump has brought that to the forefront. >> get hem out of here. get them out. get them out of here. >> he says things like, i want to punch that guy in the face, you sort of feel, what? >> you know what. i would say the same thing. that's just a human reaction. >> i'm sure if i were to have a conversation with donald j. trump, i would say how do we deal with these thugs? and that's all they are. are thugs. >> are you meeting new voters? >> i'm meeting new voters all the time. in fact, we met a cuban man who voted for the first time. i said, did you vote for donald
7:40 am
trump? he said, absolutely. >> so those are some of the folks we saw at an early voting place. we also ran into a woman who has made, are you ready for this -- 10,000 phone calls here in florida, using a phone bank system. she's on her computer. she can multitask and do other things while it's dialing people, but 10,000 times she's tried to call florida voters. we watched as she did some of that work. she's a volunteer. there's an army of volunteers here who, again, aren't very visible, but as you say, the polls show it's working. >> you have family that lives in florida. i tell you from like 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., you just can't be home and not being bombarded by phone calls. these robocalls are every second. >> and ads, as you know. commercials are just blanketing the place. >> such a pleasure to see you in person, especially here in miami. such a, just, you're a florida person. so there you go. >> i am right now. i'm loving this. >> we love you being here. up next, alligators and
7:41 am
politics. sometimes politics is, well, a little rougher than alligators. just about 30 miles from where we are this morning, everglades national park, known as the river of grass. also considered a key region where marco rubio could edge out his rivals in the florida primary. we're in the thick of the everglades, and that means alligators and actually mosquitoes that are so big sometimes bigger than alligators. i take pictures of sunrises,
7:42 am
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7:45 am
everything is okay. because you're in a kind of a battle to get things done. see, what it comes down to is there are people who say everything is just great. we don't need to do a single thing. and there are others that say, no, we naed to change things. and it is a battle between those people who want to bring about change and those people who are sort of stuck with what we have because it's easier to be there. in business, in the business world, if you do not change, you know what happens to you? you die. in government, when you don't change, you know what happens? well, you get re-elected sometimes. and you ring up debt. and then we just blame somebody else, and life goes on. so rob portman, who is a united states senator, he's one of the few down there that understands exactly what needs to be done.
7:46 am
for me, the formula is very, very clear. first of all, there's only three things that matter in the life of a politician. only three goals that they must have. three things that they need to achieve. the number one thing that needs to be achieved are jobs. the number two thing that needs to be achieved are jobs. and the number three thing that needs to be achieved, what do you think it is? jobs. okay. and you can get those jobs created if you free up the people in the free enterprise system who understand how it works. and what does it take? well, it takes commonsense regulations. our small businesses, you know, you can crush them. and you know here in the valley, i mean, one of the resurgences in the valley is the fact that people have taken their money, they have invested, they have created businesses, and they're hiring people.
7:47 am
and most of them are small businesses. we have our big businesses here, and that's great, but small business is the engine of economic growth. that's why in ohio, small businesses pay no income tax. we got rid of the income tax for them. because we knew it would make it easier for them to survive and to thrive and to hire people. >> governor john kasich in youngstown, ohio, at a town meeting. also in youngstown at a factory there, tony dokoupil, where he's been talking to voters and workers about the race. good morning. >> good morning, jose. i'm here in city machine technologies, an industrial repair shop in youngstown. this belongs in a coal powered fire plant. this is john, he's working on a locomotive engine part. and that's right, the candidates are about two miles down the road. they're making their pitch to the american working man, working person. i have two people here who are intimately involved in working life.
7:48 am
this is michael and claudia. he's the founder of this machine shop. there's a downturn right now. ohio overall, joblessness is low. but in youngstown where we are, it's twice the rate of the nation and twice the rate of the state. what's contributing to that downturn? >> right now, it's probably due to fracking. we had a good five-year run. now we're on the bust cycle of an oil and natural gas building boom. >> in this factory, you cut hours by about 20%. which candidate do you support as someone to help you rebound? >> i would like to see john kasich win today or tomorrow, because he's our governor. he's done a good job for ohio. then after that, i'll make my decision. >> do you think he would be good for ohio or the nation overall? >> both. john is a good men. i met him in a number of occasions. i think he would be good for us. it's unfortunate that his message has been trumped out. >> trumped out. and claudia, you grew up in this factory. you're now vice president here. >> i learned my abcs when i
7:49 am
could file with the numbers system. >> how confident are you you can be able to give your children the same upbringing you had? >> i hope one day my brother and i can take the business over and pass it on to our children, but i'm not sure. there's a lot of economic instult and i'm pretty sure i'm not going to be able to give my future children the same kind of upbringing my mom and dad did. >> thank you, claudia. that's the view here, jose. donald trump did call this factory in hopes of setting up a rally here. the owners said no, but some of the workers are in fact trump supporters. >> tony dokoupil, thank you very much. 400 miles north of where we are this morning, marco rubio is holding a campaign event in jacksonville. as we have been reporting, the florida senator is banking on his home state to keep his presidential campaign going. the challenge is to convince the undecided voters ahead of tomorrow's winner take all primary. jacob soboroff joins me this morning. you went all the way towards the everglades. talked with an undecided voter.
7:50 am
>> we thought it's been so hectic this weekend and so vitriolic, there has to be one place everybody can go to clear their thoughts. where we went, everglade national park, was the perfect spot. take a look at this. >> we're about 30 minutes away from miami, which as we know, is supposed to be marco rubio country. came out here to the everglades. this is jesse, to find out if it's a different story out this way. so jesse, where are we right now? >> we're on the everglades, right in the middle of the everglades of south florida. >> i can't hear a damn thing you're saying but i love it. >> great. i'm glad you enjoyed it. have fun. >> no clue what he's saying. >> so, jesse, you say that's about a 10-foot gator? >> maybe a little bigger than that. a big male. he's probably about 25, 30 years old. >> what's the one thing people out here care about? >> one of the biggest things is the environment. environment is a major, major
7:51 am
pat of this in the everglades. this environment, our eco system here as far as the everglades is a fragile system. >> you ever take any presidential candidates out here? >> yes, a couple out here before. >> come on. >> sure, why not. >> who? >> i had rubio out here years ago. >> scared of the kagatogators? >> he's been in florida a long time. he's used to the gators. >> same politics as miami? >> pretty much the same. it's a little different. >> you have a big election on tuesday. where do you fall? >> i have to -- one has to give me more information than what he's done so far. >> you only have a couple days left. >> they haven't come up with an answer to tell me i'm going to wave your flag. >> donald trump is winning a lot of support out here. in our poll, the nbc news poll, he's blowing by marco rubio. >> not in my poll. >> not in your poll. how come? >> i personally don't like him. >> what happens if trump wins on tuesday? >> we'll have an idea to see what he does do as a president. what can i tell you? >> it's amazing to hear a guy
7:52 am
like this, jesse, who says he's a republican but an undecided guy say he's pro-environment. you know this better than i do, the majority of people in florida believe climate change is caused by human activity, which is not something you hear so much on the republican side. jesse is also undecided. there's tens of thousands of undecided voters in florida. if he's anti-trump and leans toward rubio, that's what he wants. >> it's interesting to see therealithere are enough of those people. so many issues that marco rubio is dealing with. jacob, thank you very much. i don't want to get you nervous or anything, but a pirate ship is right behind you. >> what are you doing after the shop? >> i don't know, but be aware of those things. the pirate tourist ship. >> i gotta go. >> great seeing you, buddy. >> an awkward moment at a marco rubio rally here in florida yesterday. as the florida senator described rubio presidency to the crowd. listen to this.
7:53 am
>> when i'm the president of the united states for the first time in eight years, you will have a president that is a president for all americans. a conservatism that didn't start just two years ago as i ramped up to run for president. but one that is evidenced by 15 years of public service in which the lights go off an inopportune times and then come back on. it's a message. >> that was quick. as a rubio campaign struggling to keep his presidential campaign alive in florida, trailing far behind donald trump the day before he hoped to win his home state. jason is a senior adviser to senator rubio. he's with me this morning. >> thanks for having me. i assure you the lights are on at the campaign headquarters for marco rubio. >> well, they've got a little bit of time left before folks come out to vote. how is the campaign feeling with just a couple hours left? >> listen, we have always been underdogs in this race. and that's been pretty apparent
7:54 am
over the last few weeks. florida is very important to us. it's obviously senator rubio's home state. and we do expect to do well there. the polls have been incredibly volatile. we have had polls that have us down single digits. polls that have us down double digits. there was a poll last week that had us a 25% lead over donald trump among the absentee voters who have already cast the ballot. if that's the case, it gives us a cushion, but we really have to make it up tomorrow, and our hope and goal is to win on election day tomorrow. >> you know, so many people in florida are absentee voters or early voters. and a lot of those people that absentee voted saw jeb bush's name on the ballot. many supported the former governor of this state. how much of an impact is that going to have on the rubio possibility? >> it remains to be seen. typically, with absentee voters, they actually are late deciders in spite of the fact they vote
7:55 am
prior to election day. i think a lot of the things that are shaping the election today, those voters were still on the table, and we expect to do well with them. i think the events of the last few days, the violence at the chicago rally, and the rhetoric, and i think some more exposure of what a fraud trump really is when it comes to this process, is having an impact on the race. so we think voters are going to look at this and say, we know marco rubio. we elected him in 2010 because he's a reformer and he's an outsider. he has been that as a senator. and i think they're going to look at donald trump and say that's not exactly what we signed up for. >> so far, all the polls seem to show that when they look at donald trump in florida, they prefer him to the senator of this state. how do you explain that senator rubio, who beat charlie crist here, who has crisscrossed this state for his senate bid, how do you explain that donald trump is beating him in all the polls? what has happened that a guy who
7:56 am
represents the state of florida is not making traction in his own state the way he should be? look, kasich, at least, is within playing margins. but it seems as all the polls show that rubio is not. how do you explain that to us? >> well, listen, everything about the trump candidacy has been perplexing. there's a lot of anger out there. and you know, trump has, i think, manipulated a lot of voters and played upon their anger and channels that anger. that's not really reflective of who marco is. i don't think -- i think if anybody saw marco trying to position himself as the angry candidate, they would know that's not really representative of who he is. but trump has, i think -- >> how do you explain it? >> he has tapped into this, and when people understand what they're mad about, donald trump persanifies everything they're angry about. people are angry about the outsourcing of jobs to other countries. donald trump has a long history of doing that. people are angry about illegal immigration. donald trump has employed illegal immigrants.
7:57 am
people are angry about people using tax code and the law to benefit themselves. donald trump is guilty of that. >> jason, thank you very much for being with me this morning. appreciate your time. >> thanks, jose. that wraps up this hour from bayside marketplace in miami. thank you for the privilege of your time. i'll be back here again tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. eastern. tamron hall is up next, in cleveland ohio, this morning. see you tomorrow. when you think about success, what does it look like? is iby being a moretter adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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