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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm kate snow. in arizona, lunch time here in arizona. 85 delegates at stake for democrats. 58 winner take all delegates up for grabs for republicanes. ted cruz will be in the state tomorrow. bernie sanders already here in sedona. for both of them, a pivotal prize in catching back up for the front runners for cruz that would be donald trump and with the increasing likelihood that trump will win the republican nomination, some conservative leaders are trying to figure out how to stop him. today in washington, the so-called secret meeting that everyone is talking about in the world of politics. meeting behind closed doors discussing options in a let are they signed, saying they prefer to dee nie trump the nomination through voters in the primary process but after near sweep on tuesday, that is starting to seem unlikely. let's start with robert costa, national political reporter for the washington post and nbc news
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political analyst. robert, you've been writing about this all morning. tell me what we know about this hour about this stop trump meeting that happened in washington. >> good to join you. this meeting began early this morning at 8:00 a.m. at army and navy club in downtown washington. a group of two dozen conservative long time movement leaders on the right gathered in washington to talk about how they could stop trump. maybe mounting a third party challenge to him. or if not that, fighting him on the convention floor. >> so those are big statements that you just made, stopping them on the convention floor or mounting a third party challenge. i want to read part of the letter they all signed. released on-line by eric eriksson a short time ago. everyone who attended signing this letter. we believe that the issue of donald trump is greater than an issue of party. it is an issue of moral and character, not just those of us in a conservative movement, must
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confront. we call for a unitiy ticket that unites the republican party. a unity ticket, does that mean cruz/rubio? >> it could. but it is more likely, someone who is more ideological than trump. there is a concern within the meeting today which stretched on for more than three, four hours that a third party challenge at this point in the race would be near to impossible. logistically, financially. now it is all about stopping trump from getting to the threshold he needs to win the nomination. >> and let me read another part of the letter here, robert. we encourage all candidates not currently supporting trump to unite against him and encourage all candidates to hold their delegates on the first ballot. we intend to keep our options open to other avenues to oppose donald trump. we have heard lindsey graham saying he would raise money for ted cruz. nikki haley governor of south carolina saying she is praying for ted cruz to win. is there a consolidation at this moment around ted cruz?
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>> i would call it a fragmented consolidation. an ground swell behind cruz. there is movement towards cruz. it is interesting to hear what came out of the meeting today. they are talking about a second ballot on the convention floor. that's when delegates become unbound and they can vote for any candidate at the convention in cleveland. and what these conservative activists and long time leaders were talking about today is getting a new candidate to emerge. like the senator from nebraska, he says he doesn't want to do it, but his name was mentioned. maybe mitt romney or paul ryan. someone to come and be a consensus pick for the hard right. >> that's why they say candidates hold their delegates on the first ballot. those of us not following the intricaci intricacies, that's how it works. if it splits on the first ballot, it can be contended. >> think about all of these delegates come into the convention with a sticker on their back but once that first ballot is finished and let's say no one wins the nomination on
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the first ballot they can all take off that sticker and go where they want on the convention floor. >> all right, robert costa, thanks so much. let's turn now to our own msnbc news correspondent kelly o'donnell, covering things from our d.c. bureau there. kelly, what have you learned about the conversations behind the closed doors? >> reporter: part of what is so interesting, kate, is talking about a ticket raises the question of who would be on the ticket. marco rubio returning to his office on capitol hill after being on the campaign trail and ending his own bid said he has no interest of being anyone's vice president. often people who ultimately become vp nominee demure at first. but you could also argue that rubio did not show the kind of electoral strength to make him a close that a ted cruz might reach out to. we will have to see. and those decisions belong to candidates going forward. but who is on that unity ticket? paul ryan also today telling my
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colleague luke russert that he spoke to former speaker john boehner and said stop talking about me as a potential candidate to come into the convention. paul ryan has the unique role having been on the ticket last time with mitt romney and now as speaker of the house he is actually the chairman of the convention and so when we're all going to be studying these rule books and rules that are even subject to change by the party, it'll be paul ryan who will preside over the convention. so that puts him in an interesting place. so i think part of what we're seeing now are people who, for a long time, have thought ted cruz who is very strong following among very conservative voters, but not so much in the establishment class, or others who are elected officials, seeing these unusual pairings. for lindsey graham who ran himself, then backed jeb bush, coming out for ted cruz. now this isn't a warm hug kind of endorsement. but he does intend to help raise money using lindsey graham's own donor list and this will be
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centered around, kate, i'm told, the apec conference, the american-israel public affairs committee. this is an annual event. very strong pro israel group. they will be meeting on monday. and some of the candidates will be speaking. and so lindsey graham will have a fund-raiser for ted cruz. that is through the looking glass moment for all of us. and let me give it to you in this way, just a few weeks ago, kate, lindsey graham was participating in one of the annual dinners where elected officials are intentionally trying to be funny. you need to know that first. but here is what he thought was humor when it comes to ted cruz at a dinner a few weeks back. >> if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate, and the trial was in the senate, nobody could convict you. >> so that punch line was meant to say that ted cruz does not have many friends in washington. but he has gained the support of lindsey graham at a time when
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graham said specifically today, that he does believe john kasich, governor of ohio, would be a better general election candidate. but he does not see him having a path through this primary process. sew will help out ted cruz. kate? >> oh, how things change in just a couple of weeks. kelly o'donnell, thanks so much for your reporting. donald trump is up double digits in polls here in arizona where i'm sitting. a state that's gone red in every presidential race since bill clinton barely squeaked out a win in 1996. one of trump's biggest supporters here in the state is former governor jan brewer. governor brewer gained national attention when she garnered a law for law enforcement officers to ask those who may be undocumented to show papers. much of that law was struck down in court. but the show your papers as it is known remains in force here. former governor jan brewer joins us live in phoenix. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, kate. great to be with you this morning. >> have you been listening to
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our coverage at the top of the hour about this meeting in washington, anti-trump, let's stop trump meeting. there is a concerted effort under way in your party by some members to try to stop donald trump. they wrote in that letter, we are committed to ensuring a real conservative candidate. we believe that neither hillary clinton nor donald trump is that person we believe the issue of donald trump is greater than an issue of party. it is the character that all-americans, not just those of us, to stop trump. >> why won't that work? >> i believe that is just absolutely outrageous. i know that the people believe that their vote should count and for a movement to take place like this is just shameful, in my opinion. i think that the people within the republican party will be very discouraged and very upset. i think it does nothing but harm our party.
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bottom line is, i would like to ask, what happened to all of the pledges from the candidates, you know? they want truth-tellers out there. when you make a pledge, you should stand behind it. that's what it is all about. pledging. >> just this month, gov more, you told the washington times, i hate to see this happen to the republican party. we've always been the party of the big tent and shouldn't be eating our own, you said. is donald trump is big tent candidate? >> i think that he is, you know. the republican party has always been, and i've been involved for 40-something plus years. and it was place could you go and speak with people and debate things and disagree with people, but then you all come together. and particularly now, this is a phenomena election period, but donald trump is winning. people have supported him. he will come into the convention with the most delegates. and for them to orchestrate a movement to undermine
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everybody's vote, there we go again. all about the big shots and the federal government and the people that want to call the shots. and it's wrong. it's wrong. >> let me ask you this, governor, you ran a state with one of the largest latino population in the country. a poll showing donald trump support among latino voters is so low it is negative. favorability among latino voters is negative 65. so what do you say to your fellow arizonians who are hispanic about why they shouldn't just jump and support hillary clinton? >> i just feel really bad that polls come in like that. i know that data can be gathered in a lot of different ways. bottom line is that donald trump, the people of arizona, they support the rule of law. it is about illegal immigration. bottom line is they need to listen to what donald's going to do. he is winning. he believes in job growth.
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he wants to improve the economy. and of course build a fence. but for illegal immigration. if the federal government would do their job, we wouldn't have all this drama taking place today. it is unfortunate. >> let me ask you about one other issue here in arizona. bernie sanders' wife jane sanders visited a few days ago here. she went to tent city, run by the sheriff, who also backs donald trump. i know you know him well. here is what she tweeted. jane sanders tweeted this afterwards. she said i asked about racial profiling and i should note that the sheriff showed up and took her around and showed her around the place. she said, i asked about racial profiling, papers please, and deputized rounding people up. he admitted that the temperatures are up to 130 degrees in the summer and he
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took out of prisoners meals. do you wonder about that image for your party? >> i've never been to tent city. for whatever the reason. i just never had the opportunity i guess. but racial profiling is illegal. it is absolutely illegal. and of course we try to educate all our law enforcement, our police officers, border patrol. it is illegal. they've got a remedy. they can go to court. as far as conditions in tent city, there has been lawsuits, but i think sheriff joe has won them. and it is something that resonated across the country. we were short on space in the county with budget cutting and such things taking place. so that was a remedy. it does get hot in arizona. but maybe it will work also as a deterrent. i don't know if it gets to be 130. that's i think a little high. but -- >> former governor jan brewer of arizona.
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thank you for being with us today. appreciate it. >> thank you so much, kate. >> after a quick break, we will take a deeper dive into the effort to stop trump that we've been talking about. what do the third party leaders have it say about this? that and much more after a break. : know you have a dedicatd advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. and an early morning mode.ode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside... to clear inside mode. transitions signature adaptive lenses now have chromea7 technology... making them more responsive than ever to changing light. so life can look more vivid & vibrant.
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we've been talking about this effort to stop trump including a closed-door meeting happening today in washington. possibly trying to come up with a third party alternative to any of the republican candidates. msnbc's benji sarland is in washington. benji, you just spoke with one of the organizers of that meeting. what have you learned? >> that's right. i spoke with a strategist affiliated with the anti-trump group. they say the main take away from the gathering is that they are
12:18 pm
quote committed it a convention approach for now. trying to find way to stop donald trump through conventional means. specifically through the republican convention in july in cleveland. now what does this mean exactly? this means if they can keep donald trump from getting a majority of delegates during the primary process they have a chance to force things to an open vote on the convention floor in which delegates can vote their conscience, vote for anyone they want. the goal is to find some sort of unifying candidate, whether ted cruz or ticket of ted cruz and say marco rubio or john kasich or even someone who is not even running currently like mitt romney or paul ryan who could garner enough support to defeat trump. what does this mean if that didn't work? this is where things get interesting. one idea floated heading into this meeting is a third party or independent ticket that could provide an alternative conservative candidate to trump. this is an idea republicans have been batting around a while.
12:19 pm
the trouble is to make that work to get on the ballot you pretty much have to start gathering signatures right now and the toughest state to get on the ballot in is texas which is absolutely essential to any kind of republican or conservative electoral path to victory. the strategist conceded that if there convention plan does not work the most likely fall back is a write-in campaign which is much less likely to succeed and another option is to vote for one of the existing third parties. most commonly cited are the libertarian party and constitution party but then they would mostly submit a protest vote and not get one of their own preferred candidates in there and plat frms for both parties leaves something to be desired for many republicans. >> benji, let me ask this. we just had former arizona governor jan brewer on. she said this is another effort by big shots in washington it call the shots and it take over the will of the voters. could this back form and actually help donald trump with his supporters? >> absolutely this is firing up
12:20 pm
donald trump supporters. and not just some trump supporters. some conservative commentators, especially, who are not necessarily endorsing any candidate. but uncomfortable with the idea of the party denying someone with a plurality of the delegates. but the rules are rules. and for anti-trump republicans, look, this is how it's always been in the party. we didn't just write this for this situation. you have to have a majority of delegates it win. and if you can't get it, that's your problem. you agreed to run under the same rules as everyone else. but there's no doubt that there would be extremely hurt feelings and it does not help that donald trump in an interview this week predicted that there would be quote riots from his supporters if they did not get their way in the convention in the exact way that these anti-trump groups are describing. so there is definitely the possibility for things to go really off the rails in cleveland. >> benji, joining us, thank so much for that reporting. a quick programming note, ohio
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governor and presidential candidate john kasich will play hardball tomorrow night. you can catch his one on one with chris matthewes. that's tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. time to fit in another quick break. up next, tough tone on capitol hill. lawmakers grilling michigan's governor over the flint water crisis as they work to get to the bottom of what went horribly wrong. >> there will be many children, mr. chairman, who will sit in the second and third grade and will not be able to read the words see spot run. and won't know why. but the reason why is because there's lead in their veins. we got another one. i have an orc-o-gram for an "owen."
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local, state and federal officials all failed flint. not a day goes by that this tragedy doesn't weigh on my mind. >> that's michigan governor rick snyder on capitol hill. snyder and epa chief gina mccarthy were grilled about the response for the lead levels. it is important to note that though the spotlight is on flint's water crisis, flint is not the only city with a water issue. usa today network investigation revealed that nearly 2,000 water systems across the country are riddled with high levels of lead toxicity. joining me now with more is allison young investigative reporter with the usa today network. thanks for being with us. this is such a disturbing report. let's start with flint. the blame today, if you watch that hearing, we were carrying it here live on msnbc, there was a lot of blame to go around on both sides.
12:26 pm
people blame the epa and other members of congress blaming governor snyder. is there a way, from your reporting, to know who is really to blame? >> we have a very significant problem in this country in that we have millions of lead lines, lead service lines is what they're called, at homes all across the country. while flint is an extraordinary situation, for a variety of reasons, the fundamental risk factor that took place in that city is in place in millions of these communities, these homes. >> but the different in flint, i've been to flint, i was there two weeks ago anchoring, the difference is that they had this new water source and the water ended up being, because it wasn't treated properly, closive to the lead pipes. in your investigation, you look at 2,000 water systems across all 50 states. is it possible the same thing could happen in those communities? or are they treating water so that there is no problem with having lead pipes? >> part of the issue here is
12:27 pm
that water is by its very nature corrosive. one of the things that is surprising to learn is that if you have lead pipes, even if they are properly treated, while you can potentially reduce the amount of corrosion and lead that is leaching into drinking water, you cannot eliminate it. that's why there are calls from a variety of sectors that we need to start taking action and it's going to be incredibly expensive to get the lead lines out of this country. >> hillary clinton called for that at one of the recent democratic debates. but as you say, that would be a monumental effort, wouldn't it? any sense for how big a project that would be to fix or remove the lead lines where you found them? >> oh, it would be an extraordinary effort. i've seen some ef maestimates i would run in the tens of billions of dollars it do that. one of the thing that can be done is there needs to be much greater public education about risks that our own drinking water poses to our health and especially the health of our children. so much of the lead poisoning
12:28 pm
prevention -- excuse me, lead poisoning prevention message in this country is about lead-based paint. we have heard about the risk of older paint in our homes. we haven't heard about dangers in water until flint. what is important for people to realize, it is not just flint. flint is a very worst case scenario situation. but these lead lines are in millions of homes across the country. lead plumbing is there as well. we as consumers in the meantime need to start taking actions to protect ourselves. >> yeah. and not to say people are poisoned but there is potential there. >> there absolutely is. >> we will go ahead and put a link to your article, because it is such a fascinating read. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> up next, other big story on capitol hill today. fight to confirm the president's pick for the highest court in the land. we will go back live to the capitol where lawmakers are
12:29 pm
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welcome back to tucson, arizona. beautiful day here. grand prize in next week's primary contest. back in washington, republican senators once again making it very clear that they will not support confirmation hearings for president obama's supreme court pick. many of them going even a step further refusing to even meet with merrick garland right now. democrats are firing back at their gop colleagues and msnbc's chief correspondents ari joins us to walk us through what is going on on a thursday afternoon. some have met with him. some are not and refusing to. we have a huge fight on capitol hill. and mitch mcconnell made it clear he doesn't want to take this any further. >> a hundred percent kate. you've covered these before, as
12:33 pm
have i. the speed, heat of this debate and even the meetings themselves as you mentioned, kicking it off here to get everyone updated. mitch mcconnell on the senate floor making his point clear. take a look. >> republicans, democrats simply disagree. we simply disagree. republicans think that the people deserve a voice. the president does not. >> saying we are too close to the election, the voice will come in november and we will take it from there. here is harry reid responding. >> republicans are slamming the door on a good man, simply why? because president obama nominated him. that's how they've treated him over his entire presidency. >> these are the two party leaders. either key is senator chuck grassley of iowa who chairs the judiciary committee. he has the control over
12:34 pm
hearings, if there were hearings, and he previously said, look, i may not meet with this person no matter who it is. a new change, and it does show, you can't predict where it goes because it's changing. he is saying, chuck grassley, that he will meet with judge garland and indeed made the point of saying he met with foreign dictators so he could meet with this american judge. that is extreme rhetoric some would point out. that shows how controversy it is for some republicans to even talk to this nominee. i will mention in closing senator grassley said meeting or not there will be no vote in his view. kate? >> do we know when that meeting will happen with chuck grassley? >> we do not. we just know he spoke with him by phone and publicly said i will meet with him. but it is different than any other supreme court battle we have seen. >> ari, thanks so much. from new york. let's flip over to washington. president obama's court pick is meeting with democrats today. merrick garland just wrapped up a meeting in fact on capitol hill with senator patrick deahy,
12:35 pm
ranking member, as ari just said, ranking member of the senate judiciary committee. let's break in luke russert on that. what did we learn from pat leahy? >> if this was a normal process, he would come here and this would be the first step. you meet the member of the party of the president who is relevant on the judiciary committee. in this case, senator leahy of vermont. they had a very positive meeting. senator leahy said he with like to see a confirmation vote done by may 25th. mitch mcconnell will not allow that to happen. and take a listen to lachey's comments on the meeting. >> an unprecedented number of recesses both last year and this year. cancel a couple of them. we have enough, cancel a couple of them. dot j
12:36 pm
do the job. we are paid every single day whether we are here or not. especially somebody as noncontroversial as the chief judge. no question this couldn't in a normal course be done by memorial day. >> if they want to talk about the schedule, because congress had such a stand still in midst after presidential election, they don't really have a lot to do on their schedule. the skeps mitch mcconnell made a note of angering the conservative part of his republican base is a lot more painful to him than it would be to anger some democrats and take on the heat of the editorial pages around the country. but we should mention it is unprecedented in the modern era for the president supreme court pick to be denied hearing in the judiciary hearing and denied a
12:37 pm
vote on the senate floor once they've been made the pick. even the controversy, republican put forward by president reagan in the '80s vote, got hearing vote and was voted down. but president obama saying, why don't you take him to the floor and vote him down there. >> even if hillary clinton wins the general election, she could bring garland back up again, correct? >> this is the interesting question. some republicans have said well we will look at this in the lame duck. that opens up two things. one if donald trump were to win some republicans might not trust his ability to pick a judge and say let's good with garland. if hillary clinton were to win, she said look republicans you said this decision is up to the next president. i want someone younger and more liberal and might be part of one of the minority groups who makes up the democratic coalition, asian-american, latino. there is no done deal in the
12:38 pm
lame duck session. if hillary clinton is elected and garland is pulled back, whoever she nominates, they will face a real uphill battle for republicans. i spoke to someone who said this process is forever changed after this. and it sincerely is. this will be really interesting to look at over the next few years how these work out. >> all right. luke russert up on capitol hill. thanks so much. up. in, we turn back to 2016 race and fight to sweep the desert. bernie sanders in arizona tonight. trying to get his message out. but will it be enough to put the brakes on hillary clinton's momentum here in that and more from arizona coming up after a quick break. , we've created a new company. one totally focused on what's next for your business. accelerating innovation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor
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12:42 pm
tonight. and tomorrow sanders plans to hold campaign events here in tucson. also in utah and idaho. clinton now commands a huge lead in the delegate count. sanders is down by 718 delegates right now in order to win bernie sanders would need to win 65% of the remaining delegates. let's turn to msnbc's casy hunt. she is up in sedona, arizona, reporting on the sanders campaign. casey, what's the strategy for sanders here in arizona? >>. >> reporter: hey, kate, the strategy is about the same as it has been for weeks now. even after those five losses on tuesday. sanders is trying to spend as much time as possible here in arizona. while hillary clinton is not planning to campaign this weekend. he is going to be back and forth to and from arizona and in some other states that are voting on tuesday. but clinton is, while not physically here herself, she is up on the spanish language air waves. take a look at a piece of her
12:43 pm
new ad. >> what happened to the housing crisis is simple greed. it was caused by no rules on wall street. arizona was one of the three states hardest hit. it was devastating. i think bernie has stood up to wall street. i think bernie's already said, i'm not going it take your money. they know that you're not getting bull from him. and it's time wall street paid their fair share. >> apologies, that is not quite the ad we were talking about. but it does give you a flavor of the topic of arizona, housing crisis a central theme for bernie sanders' campaign. of course sanders himself feels strongly, particularly with many of the small donors, still willing to chip in. we are waiting to see how much money they are willing to give after the losses. giving about $3 million from when the polls opened on tuesday. to now. so it's still coming in. we will still have the ability
12:44 pm
to fight forward but of course the "new york times" reporting the president is even saying privately it is time to get the democratic party united. so we will see how long this continues, kate. >> i was going to ask you about that. the headline there is that new york times reporting that obama said those words in front of the crowd. >> that's right, kate. it was addressed at the white house briefing. josh earnest telling reporters there that it's the kind of argument that many people have heard before. he also said that president has not expressed publicly a preference for either sanders or clinton. but that he did cast a ballot in illinois. so of course the president has made a decision, just not out in the public domain, kate. >> we just don't know for whom. okay. kasie, thank you so much, kasie hunt covering the sanders campaign. let me bring in dan nowiki,
12:45 pm
he is with the arizona republic. joins me from up in phoenix pch nice to see you, dan. thanks for being with us. >> hi, kate. thanks for having me on. >> let's talk about the democrats first of all, since we were just talking to our reporter on the sanders campaign. have you a new piece with the title "is arizona still hillary clinton country" with a question mark there. you note in 2008 then u.s. senator clinton won arizona's presidential preference election. that's what you call primary here. handily defeating rival and future president barack obama. capturing 13 of arizona's 15 counties and did particularly well among latino voters. is that what's going to happen here on tuesday? is it clinton country still? >> seems like they is entering the primary day with a lead in the polls. and they are very -- the clinton campaign is taking arizona very seriously. kasie mentioned how hard bernie sanders is campaigning in arizona. and i think sanders thinks he can win arizona and is investing an incredible amount of time an
12:46 pm
effort here. and the clinton campaign are just as serious about stopping him from kind of making a come back here after he got shellacked a little on march 15th. >> yeah. and i know that you've seen a demographic shift in arizona. i think about 30% of arizonians are latino or hispanic. one of your local congressman supports sanders. how is that playing? >> immigration is probably the biggest issue in both races here in arizona. but on the democratic side, competing hot and heavy for the latino vote. about 21.5% of arizona's eligible voters are latino and obviously most of them are on the democratic side. you see the clinton campaign hitting bernie sanders pretty hard on past immigration votes and a lot of the debate is who would be better for immigration
12:47 pm
reform. >> dan, thank you for telling us a little bit about the state i'm sitting in. i appreciate it. >> thanks, kate. >> joining me now, bernie sanders' campaign manager, i think we have him with us now, jeff weaver. he is up in sedona. jeff, do we have you? >> you sure do, here i am. >> hey, jeff. nice to see you. hope you're enjoying sedona. looks beautiful up there. >> we were just talking about your campaign. >> it is very beautiful. >> it is. we were talking to kasie and talking to a local reporter up in phoenix. and the thing is, as you know, polls show clinton way ahead here. 50 to 24% lead on sanders, that's 26 points. how do you make this state see -- feel the bern? >> let me say that our internal polling shows the race closer than that. i would remind people that it sounds like the polls we were getting out of michigan before
12:48 pm
senator sanders won up under. so how we will win here in arizona is how we win every place that we win, frankly. which is senator sanders will talk directly to the people of arizona about the issues that are of importance to them. obviously the economy here hit very hard by wall street collapse. certainly going to talk about that. talk about the need for comprehensive immigration reform here. to deal with a broken criminal justice system. we will take the message right to the people. what we found is when bernie sanders talks to people, voters move and move by large margins. >> and jeff i don't mean to be impolite about this, but i know you're all in sedona, senator sanders has friends there, and you're all huddled around and kasie has been reporting you've been talking about the future. here is my impolite question. is there any talk of shutting down at this point? i ask because the "new york times" reporting that president obama in front of a group of donors in austin, texas last friday night said as much.
12:49 pm
it is time for bernie sanders it make way for hillary clinton. >> well, let me just say this, we are here in sedona. i would describe it more as halftime locker room meeting. we've only chosen a little less than half of the delegates. we have the other half going forward. we certainly want all of the democratic voters in this process to have a say. and i would just say this to you. i know the media narrative this week will be negative after march 1st it was negative. last week very positive. the truth to the matter is, if you look at where the race stands, 1500 votes in missouri and 10,000 votes in illinois out of 1.9 million votes had flipped in the last -- on the 15th, we would be standing here and you would be talking about how resurgent the sanders campaign is. i understand media narrative. but the reality is, we are where we need to be to win this nominating process. as we go into the second half, the locker room in the second half, the terrain is much more positive for us. >> i'm not asking about the
12:50 pm
media narrative. i'm asking about what the president actually reportedly said to a bunch of supporters. >> ta meeting. i think, everybody understands that in ht democrthe democratic this should be driven by voters across the country i don't think anybody's going to want to see that process is short circuited that voters have the choice take taken away. there's a long way to go. our supporters are standing with us. our donors are standing with us. i don't have to go before big donors and appease them and tell them what they want to hear. we talk to average every day people funding the campaign. as long as they support us, we're going forward. the senator has been very clear. let me be very clear. this race is going all the way to the convention. my predkz by june 7th, last day
12:51 pm
of big primaries and caucuses, we will pass secretary clinton in pledge delegates. >> jeff weaver with the bernie sanders campaign. nice to see you. come on down to tucson, we'll see each other in person. >> great. >> tune in later tonight, vermont senator bernie sanders will give his first national interview since hillary clinton's wins on tuesday night. hear from him drktirectly tonig 9:00 p.m. eastern here. when live coverage continues, the pulse of the people. we'll talk to folks what it will take to win them over here in the grand canyon state. live on other side.ic res of sun. it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12-hour strength of aleve... for pain relief that can last into the morning.
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we are back live in beautiful tucson, arizona, on a gorgeous spring day. in a matter of days, the people of the state will have a big influence on how the 2016 race
12:55 pm
moves forward. let check in with some of my friends who have been sitting behind me patiently. you just got off the hiking trail? and you look fantastic. just went for a hike. polly, you told us hillary clinton is your candidate, why? >> i'm an independent but -- >> sorry. >> i can't vote but i do want hillary. >> you want hillary? >> yeah. >> not bernie sanders, not attractive? >> i do like bern n. a lot but hillary has a better chance of beating whoever the republican is, that's why. >> linda, you're a republican? >> i am, yes. >> and who -- did you vote or going to vote? >> i'm going to vote for john kasich. >> why? >> because he comes from a position of civility and positively that appeals to me and he has a great track record in his own state. >> disheartened by what you're hearing in the party? >> very much so. very disturbing. >> donna, i don't know -- >> i'm a republican.
12:56 pm
>> i was assuming. you told us you don't think you're going to vote? >> i'm not. i have a write-in ballot and i tossed it. >> you tossed it? >> i did. >> but that's not democracy, right? if you don't vote, you don't get a say. >> that's probably true, but this is the first time ever i've done that and i just don't feel that i can in good conscience vote for any of the candidates. i don't feel good about any of them. i don't. >> interesting. >> so tuesday comes around, do you think we'll see a high turnout here on tuesday? do your friends say i'll go vote? >> we haven't talked about it a lot, so i don't know. i think there will be a high turnout. >> we're sort of expecting that. do any of you know any trump supporters? >> i do. >> you do? >> yeah. >> my surprise. >> we're in a democratic part of arizona right now in tucson. but there is huge support for him here. >> yeah. i have a friend that -- i said do you really want to ship 11
12:57 pm
million mexicans out. he said i don't agree with that. i said do you agree with what he says about women, because he's dissing women, he said i don't agree with that. i don't understand how somebody who doesn't agree with the main things that he talks about can still want to think that he would be the man. >> thank you so much for spending your afternoon with us. probably caught you off guard here. that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. see you back here live, same place, same time 1:00 p.m. eastern. coverage continues after the break with chris jansing back in new york. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneurs of the week. magician harry alan and cafe owner and taco maker are all small business owners in daytona beach, florida. listening closely when the presidential candidates talk.
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