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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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breaking news as we're bringing you pictures of protesters who have blocked a main road leading to an event near phoenix. it is an event for donald trump. one of our reporters has captured a very tense exchange between a protester and a trapped motorist. >> then go around. go around. >> get off the [ bleep ] road. >> are you pushing me? >> you guys are -- >> whose streets? our streets! >> this is all happening as donald trump is getting ready to hold an event with sheriff arpaio about an hour from now. let's go to jacob rascon on the scene. he joins me on the phone. so any updates, what is happening right now? >> reporter: so in the last half hour, we have had backup deputies arrive and they came with a tow truck and they
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removed a couple of the trucks. the protesters, though, interestingly say that this was part of their plan, they always planned to having -- allowing the deputies to take their trucks and they have three layers of cars. and so they're planning on taking a long time. and it probably will take a long time. they have taken as you said two vehicles, but there are several others they would need to take to take this road block away. and also in the last five minutes, the last layer of cars here, the drivers of the cars have now locked themselves to the cars saying that they will not allow their cars to be towed because they will not remove the locks from their bodies. they put the key somewhere else, they put the load on their body and tied themselves to their doors. and that they won't leave. so you have now last time we spoke, i think there was only one deputy called for backup. there are now seven or eight deputies just standing here
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watching the protesters. again several dozen of them. and then you have the line of cars. you have -- as far as i could see, probably hundreds of cars. and we are a couple of miles away from the trump event i've learned. and this is not the only way there, but a main road there. a lot of people here sitting trying to get to the trump event and others are just trying to get to their homes. and some let out of their cars and having screaming matches with the protesters. >> you can imagine. jacob, i'm presuming that there is no way for people to back up? i mean we're given one vantage point from a camera crew, but we don't have any aerials. are there any other side roads or is this just a hot mess? >> reporter: you can drive over the median. some of the bigger trucks have driven over the median. there is no way to back up unless the people who were in the very back back up. >> right.
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>> reporter: you're going to hear sirens. at this point we have three or four other sheriff -- police vehicles, i apologize, driving on the median and it's unclear what they will do because the only way really to stop this is to remove the cars. because the protesters refuse to remove th remove them themselves and a couple have tied themselves to the doors. >> and unless you get cable cutters, you cannot move them without removing them and risking their safety. maybe one positive note here, it's only march, it's not typical scorching arizona desert heat. you can put that in perspective for people who are stuck in their cars? what kind of weather is it there today? >> reporter: right, it's hot outside. the high today is i think around 90 degrees. >> oh, still that hot.
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>> reporter: yeah, the people in their cars at least i guess have air conditioning. i've seen a dozen who have gotten out. one recently started taking some of the signs of the protesters and the deputies stopped them. the deputies don't want this sort of violence of course. why would they. but some people in their cars are ready to make a violent. so far the deputies are doing a good job of making sure that nobody is actually physically fighting. however you still have several dozen protesters chanting and refusing to leave. again, hundreds of cars are stopped. >> which means the more time that passes, the chances are this could escalate. of course. jacob rascon, thank you so much for keeping a close eye on things. we'll check back in with you as needed. let's go from there to tony
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decompany spell, a lot closer to where the trump rally is being held. it looks like there is not as many people. how close are we to the event? >> reporter: we're about an hour to the event and there is no let up in the line. the flow is really significant here. if you can take a look, this line is snaking for hundreds of yard, maybe even a half mile. all these people will not get in, very few in fact will get in. the venue is very tight. most of the people will end up in this overflow area which has the feel of an air show or nascar rally. hundreds of people, it stretches way off into the distance there. and something really unique is there is no separation between the demonstrators who are right here, you can't go into this trump event without being confronted with these common straight tore demonstrate stores. and just steps away, up the supporters.common demonstrate stores. and just steps away, up the supporters. the county is maricopa county,
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sheriff's home county. they have a long history of clashing with the latinos in the area. in 2013, it was a ruling that some practices were unko unconstitutional. so they will be in this location where the activists are and it will only add to a tense situation. there a sniper on the rooftop, a helicopter overhead. and again no division between the activists and the supporters. and over time as the day gets hotter, emotions might get hotter, too. >> and i just want to make clear a point that you had mentioned earlier. those in charge of law enforcement right now, these are sheriff joe arpaio's guys, right? >> reporter: 100% his guys. he's the positive of these individuals here on horse back. there are dozens of them out here. he has said it's going to be fun to handle the enforcement here. he will be on stage, but also in
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charge of security overall. he's got a paddy wagon in place, a lot of his deputies have the white ties. and he said if any of the g demonstrators violate the law, he won't hesitate to put him in his tent city, his outdoor jail. and a lot of heat in those areas. >> what is he saying there, tony? >> tent city. >> reporter: he's there in the activists end up in tent say, he's saying you don't want to be there. >> you don't want to be there. >> reporter: bad news. >> tony, thank you so much. we'll check in with you again where things are certainly getting heated. let's go to the democratic side. hillary clinton off the campaign trail today. bill clinton will campaign in phoenix tomorrow. hillary clinton up 26 points in the latest arizona poll. her rival senator bernie sanders has a campaign event in phoenix today. alex seitz-wald is in washington
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with the very latest. let's talk about the candidates and what their focus is today. >> well, as you said, bernie sanders campaigning in arizona. everyone looking ahead to that contest on tuesday. hillary clinton will be there on monday. but for right now, since tuesday, when she swept all five states, she has been off the campaign trail i assume counting her delegates and enjoying her big lead. clinton campaign very happy about their performance tuesday. and now the math makes it almbe sanders to catch up. they need to win not only almost every state between here and california in june, but by big margins. and so what they're talking about doing now is a little bit unusual. they are see and iing that they will make a play for superdelegates which are
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overwhelmingly going for hillary clinton and they might try to flip pledged delegates, those are the delegates that get sent to the convention, supposed to be pledged to someone, but the sanders campaign saying they might be able to get some to switch from hillary clinton to bernie sanders. so that is an unusual path. definitely shows that they are in the last ditch here, but they're really trying to find some plowsable path to the nomination so they can very v. a reason to stay in this. >> are you getting a sense in the sanders campaign where they believe they could win? >> if you were going to have a big loss as sanders did on tuesday, it did come at about as good a time as it possibly could. through the rest of this honemo and into early april, he probably has the most favorable stretch of calendar. eight contests that they think they can win seven of them, possibly all eight, but even six would be really good. you have arizona and then
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wyoming, idaho, hawaii, alaska, washington state. and at the end you have wisconsin which is a primary, but it has favored liberal candidates in the past. and so they think they can win there. and that will help them at least stop the narrative from turning too much against them, keep their morale high, keep the money coming in. they announced yesterday that they raised $4 million since tuesday. so even if the math is looking really tough, this next set of contests where they expect to win a lot will at least keep their supporters feeling good and give them a reason to stay in. >>ing on. alex seitz-wald in d.c. for us, thank you so much. so i mentioned earlieron. alex seitz-wald in d.c. for us, thank you so much. so i mentioned earlier as we were out live at the block and i had blockade of cars in the rude leading into the rally that we can't have aerials. we do now.
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it was described as cars being three deep. they have all sorts of signs and black arrested placards and they have completely blocked traffic from moving. what we're seeing here, i'm not sure if those are supporters or if toes are people who have gotten out of their cars. and they're just stuck behind this blockade. jacob also mentioned that some of the largest trucks are annbl to drive over the median and perhaps turn around. let's bring in larry sabato, center for politics. as we're talking about this blockade, have you ever seen anything like this, this kind of a phenomenon against one specific candidate? >> yes. because i'm a bit older. lots older than you. and i remember 1968 and i remember how difficult it was to
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be hubert humphrey in 1968. very different time. the primaries didn't matter as much. hubert humphrey never entered a single primary and yet became the democratic nominee for president. but the anti-vietnam war sentiment was so intense that wherever he went, just as wherever president johnson went, they were met by protesters, sometimes violent protesters. >> we'll keep up this picture to the left of our screen and just show people what is going on. there certainly the potential for violence. although we're told there is a fairly large law enforcement presence there. but i want to talk about what you did with your blog post for this past super tuesday. you titled it titanic tuesday. trump leads but doesn't finish the job. do you think it will be hard for him to get the remaining delegates that he needs and so how does john kasich's win in ohio how does that further solidify the chances of getting to a contested convention in
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july? >> you xwrouput your finger on . if trump had carried ohio, he would be in a commanding position. but he didn't carry ohio and those 66 delegates are important. does it mean he can't get quite there just at 1237 with a few to spare? but he has to get some lucky breaks. and here is something i don't think has been discussed as widely as it ought to. i don't want to turn james bond on you, but i'm convinced there are loads of secret agents in the delegates that have been appointed or will be appointed to represent donald trump. delegates that he has won in the primaries. they're pledged to him under current party rules for the first ballot. but after the first ballot, if these are people who are more establishment republicans and do not want donald trump to be their nominee, the second ballot
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will prove deadly for donald trump because a lot of those people are going to switch to other candidates. either ted cruz or john kasich. >> and how many do you think there are? what is a number, do you have any idea in this speculation? >> i don't have an exact number, but i think there are going to be lots. remember, this is an unfolding process. you have district conventions and state conventions and this is where the leadership of the state parties has real influence here. and so this is going to be unfolding throughout the rest of the primary season. we donpn't often watch that because it doesn't matter. we haven't had a second ballot in living memory. so no one follows that kind of thing. but let me tell you something, the campaigns are. and cruz's campaign has a pretty good operation. they will be working this pretty hard. and they would probably be the
10:16 am
beneficiaries primarily of this secret agent delegate switch. >> okay. there is a princeton neuroscientist who says that trump's loss is a good thing because according to him, trump fairs better in a three-way race than head to head. what do you make of that assessment? the loss in ohio. >> well, yes, the loss in ohio and kasich continuing on, i think sam is basically correct, that is, ted cruz would love to have a one-on-one with trump. now, i do want to add a footnote. that's not the true in every state. there will be at least a few states maybe more where kasich actually hurts trump more because he's going to take a bigger chunk of votes that would have gone to trump rather than cruz. say in the northeast or midwest. so it isn't true everywhere, but overall i think he does benefit trump and he keeps ted cruz from making as much progress as he
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would otherwise. >> okay. larry sabato, much more to come from you no doubt. thanks so much. president obama's pick for the supreme court, will the the republicans have regrets about the decision to not have hearings? that's next. ♪ if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. mariecan make any occasion feel more special. so she makes her pie crust from scratch, and sprinkles on brown sugar streusel. so that you can spend more time making special moments with your family. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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keeping our eye on what is going on close to fountain valley, arizona where donald trump is scheduled to hold a rally with shaeriff arpaio at 11:00 a.m. local time. here's what is happening. there is a road that is being blocked. you can see there is no way traffic will go through that group of protesters there. these are all anti-trump protesters. they have held people a couple of miles down the road from
10:21 am
where the actual event is happening. we've been told by jacob rascon who came upon this scene that there is heated tensions there. you can imagine. because people are blocked and as we get a wider shot here pulling out, we're not able to see it yet, but we have been told that this is going back for some distance now. people are blocked. you can't go through. there are cars at which protesters have now chained themselves. so for the law enforcement on scene to try to remove people safely, they chained themselves, they put keys to unchain themselves elsewhere. so they have to bring chain cutters, something like that to get through those wires before they're able to get them out of the way so they can be safely extricated. they can't move cars with people chained to them. so we're keeping a close eye on all of this. we have seen a little bit of tensions escalating with people
10:22 am
coming out of their cars and saying get out of the way. some people probably many going to that trump rally. again, this is near found ttain valley, arizona. some may just want to get home. those are the larger suvs and trucks are able to get over the median and perhaps turn around and get out of the area. but again, i meant fountain hills there in arizona. we're keeping a pretty close eye on things keeping you a different perspective. anyway, we'll keep on this and let's you know if tensions escalate and if there is anything to report. meantime, the nomination of judge merrick garland to be the next justice of the supreme court ran in a road block. mitch mcconnell reiterated republican's objections to any obama nominee. >> our view is this.
10:23 am
give the people a voice in filling this vacancy. supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. let's let the american people decide. >> let's bring in california democrat congressman adam schiff. always good to see you. >> thank you. >> i'm curious, do you think the republicans are will have a hard time standing by their decision not to even allow hearings let alone a vo? vote? >> i hope they will have a very hard time sticks to this because every time you think the dysfunction in washington has gotten as bad as it can get, you see something like this happen. this is really unprecedented, not in the last half century has a nominee been denied even a hearing. it's a terrible abuse and it means basically we're going to have a potentially divided supreme court on many issues 4-4 for at least a year by the time a new president would come to office and nominate someone. there is really no excuse, this is just naked politics.
10:24 am
i think it's mitch mcconnell's way of trying to gin up the conservative base to turn out, but it is a terrible way to treat a co-equal branch of government and frankly i'm appalled and because i guess i had low expectations to begin with, i'm not often appalled, but a terrible turn of events. >> unfortunate that you have to have low expectations, but i understand what you're say ppg the republicans keep siding what they call the biden rule. that is in 1992, senator biden called on president bush not to name a successor until after the election 37 election. >> and i think those were different circumstances. no nominee in that case was denied hearings or a vote. so i don't think that's a perfect parallel. certainly i think it is fair to say when comes to confirming supreme court judges, neither party has clean hands. but this is the worst example
10:25 am
we've ever seen. and what i would love to see frankly and this is something as a founder and co-chair of a house caucus on the judiciary, i organized a bipartisan event some years ago, i would love to see the senate leadership agree that no matter who is in the majority, no matter who is in the white house, there will be a certain allotted period of time to vet district court nominees, a longer time for court of appeals and supreme court nominees. but then a guaranteed up or down vote. that ought to be the policy regardless of who is in power. and if both parties could agree to that, then i think we would have a far more functional system the way the framers intended. >> bernie sanders has said he would not have nominated judge garland for the court. hillary clinton has praised the nominee, but the a.p. has reported that clinton has side stepped the question as to whether she would have nominated garland. in terms of the timing that you're talking about with this bipartisan effort, the white house has it created a problem for the democratic candidates by quickly naming a successor to justice scalia?
10:26 am
>> i don't think so. and i think the president, you know, sought to identify the best nominee he could. he took some time do it. i think it would be a mistake for example for the president to give into this extortion by the senate majority and not even nominate someone. so i'm glad that he nominated someone. he picked a superb candidate, widely respected. i think it's interesting that nobody is questioning his credentials. he is really a superb pick. and under any other circumstances, i think he would fly through the senate. so i'm glad that the president nominated someone. i do think it's certainly possible although far from desirable that what the republicans end up doing is taking up this judge and confirmation hearings in the lame duck session if secretary clinton wins. they don't want to talk about that right now because it makes it even more transparently political, but i undoubtedly think that that is what the
10:27 am
republicans are thinking privately. >> but given what you mentioned earlier, your personal sentiments and somewhat low expectations, do you think it is likely that an obama nominee will make past the republican senate? >> i think it's going to be very difficult. mitch mcconnell seems very dug in. they think if this is not a political winner for them, at least it's not much of a loser and they're willing to take the heat for it. but it just shows you how appalling the dysfunction has become and how little regard people in congress and the senate majority in particular have for a co-equal branch of justice. i mean, this is the judiciary, it's not some institution to be given the back of the congressional hand. we ought to be treating them with respect as intended and structured in our constitution. and i just think this is an appalling turn of events. i hope people had been very focal about this and frankly senators up for election that are standing in the way of
10:28 am
confirmation hearings will pay a big price for this. i think that they will. and it's the only way that i think this nominee has a chance of getting a fair hearing. >> congressman adam schiff, always good to talk to you. thank you so much. did arizona's controversial sheriff joe arpaio intentionally try to interfere with the campaign stop by the wife of bernie sanders? we'll ask him that question this just a moment. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company. one totally focused on what's next for your business. accelerating innovation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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let's go right to sheriff joe arrepaio joining us from arizona. he will be hosting the rally for donald trump outside of phoenix in less than half an hour. i understand that he's also introducing donald trump. so we'll get right to him. sheriff joe, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> great. first of all, i want to ask you about the blockade that we have reports happened a couple miles down the road that leads into
10:32 am
this fountain hills location where the rally is. what do you know about the status of that right now? >> first of all it's my office that does the police work in fount tain hills and we're taki proper action. i think a few cars blocking the road and we are removing the cars. anybody that violates the law is going to jail. so right now we're trying to get into the area downtown and i don't believe there will be any problem. my main mission is to take care of the safety, security of trump plus everybody else that lives in that town. >> sheriff, i want to ask you about reports of protesters chaining themselves to their cars and putting the keys to
10:33 am
unlock those chains elsewhere. what kind of a problem does that present? because you surely can't move those cars with people attached to them without potential will he injuring the people, right? >> well, i don't know about -- you know, i've been downtown on another format with donald trump. so i'm heading that way with two missions. one, to welcome and introduce donald trump which i've done several times before. and of course i'm also the sheriff for that town, so i have two missions going. and we'll take care of both of them. >> sheriff joe, what do you say to critics who are accusing donald trump of inciting violence of things escalating? we have seen and i'm sure you've seen it, as well, we've seen an increase in the number of protests and a certain amount of violence in these recent days. and it doesn't seem to be
10:34 am
letting up. so what do you say to those people? >> he's not inciting anybody. it's them that is inciting the riots. it's the demonstrators. the people opposed to mr. trump. opposed to -- they don't like our fight against illegal immigration. so why would you blame trump for this? >> well, but sir, when donald trump says that he wants to punch somebody in the face, what if he did that? would you have to arrest him? >> saying you're going to punch somebody incites riots? what about the former president fox of mexico that called donald trump every name in the book? do you think that is not inciting anything? nobody seemed to care about that. i don't see any politicians in our country blasting mexico for that. so because trump says one word in a rally? i think when you have a rally, you're supposed to talk a lot
10:35 am
and generate interest if you're going to have a rally. that's ridiculous and nit-picky. >> what about the situation with jane sanders earlier, her husband bernie sanders is saying -- >> well, you know, sanders' wife came to the tents. and last i heard, i run the tents. i asked her to go take a tour. she was complaining bts iabout inmates. she looked at the inmates and talksed to them and that was it. made a big political situation over it because they're angry i got a little press over it. but they never talk about hillary that put donald trump and my picture in all their hispanic campaign tv programs. so, you know, it works both ways. and right now i'm heading for fountain hills and i got a lot of work to do.
10:36 am
thank you for calling me and we'll keep you posted. >> all right. sheriff arpaio, thank you so much. i know you'll be on stage with donald trump shortly. let's go to jacob rascon. he has been pofollowing the protests that we're showing you. what is it like out there right now is this i? sheriff arpaio confirmed what you reported that some of the cars are being towed th? sheriff arpaio confirmed what you reported that some of the cars are being towed away.s thi? sheriff arpaio confirmed what you reported that some of the cars are being towed away. this? sheriff arpaio confirmed what you reported that some of the cars are being towed away.this ? sheriff arpaio confirmed what you reported that some of the cars are being towed away.his i? sheriff arpaio confirmed what you reported that some of the cars are being towed i? sheriff arpaio confirmed what you reported that some of the cars are being towed away.s i? sheriff arpaio confirmed what you reported that some of the cars are being towed away. i? sheriff arpaio confirmed what you reported that some of the cars are being towed away.i? sheriff arpaio confirmed what what are you seeing? jacob, it's alex, can you hear me? jacob rascon -- all right. we're having some trouble. maybe the control booth can try to get through to jacob who clearly has called in. we're hearing something there. but again, sheriff arpaio saying that he will take care of this and that they're going to try to open up the road.
10:37 am
it was nice of him to give about five minutes of his time on his way to introducing donald trump at a rally scheduled in about 20 plus minutes in now. we'll get back to jacob as soon as we can because he's right local on the ground. let's go to hallie jackson in the meantime. she's joining us from tucson where a donald trump rally is expected to get under way after the one that is taking place shortly in fountain hills. so as you know, we've been seeing these protesters blocking the traffic. how about there, what are you seeing, what are you expecting? >> reporter: really different scene. i'm listening to what we're playing, the sound ever the protesters banging the drums, listening to sheriff joe talking about the cars block the road. if you've been plooking the jacob rascon's twitter feed, he's been pushing out video and tweets about this. i can't emphasize how different it is here. probably because this rally doesn't start for another five hours or so. they just completed the security sweep here, so it's still quite
10:38 am
early to maybe see some of the demonstrators. that said, we do expect them at some point. we're talking about immigration rights activists coming out and protesting against donald trump's policies. this is something that has been a flash point for him here in arizona. really an important state to donald trump given that it is a 58 delegate winner take all contest. he wants to do well here. he's rallies throughout the state. but it's the interruptions from protestors that have been a constant theme. not necessarily inside. for example last night in salt lake city, you really didn't see much inside the event itself. but outside is where things started to get angry and tense as you saw in some of that video. and i'm curious to see how it develops out in phoenix where jacob is. >> this general though, the tenor of thing, you have witnessed a ratcheting up. there is no denying even though sheriff joe arpaio didn't want to point any fingers to donald
10:39 am
trump as being someone who may have ratcheted up the sense of protesters and any sense of violence there, you've been seeing it there at the rallies you've been covering. >> reporter: i think that chicago was really sort of the turning point or the changing point for this. when you saw those images, i think it was, what, less than a week ago now or just a week ago last friday of the people flooding the streets of the violent sort of clashes that you had between demonstrate tore and supporters and police, everybody involved. ever since then,tore and supporters and police, everybody involved. ever since then, even before then it was building up, but people say i wanted to come out and see it, see what was going to happen. there is still a sense of nervousness or maybe a little bit of anxiety among folks who come out. it's not enough to prevent them from coming, but we spoke poefo example with one woman who said they and her husband put in an exit strategy so they knew how they would get out of the building. that's the kind of thinking that some folks are doing before they go to the rally.
10:40 am
but it's not enough to stop them from going all together which is a testament to the draw donald trump has when he comes to an arena that fits thousands of people. >> hallie jackson, thanks very much. let's go to tony due company spell in fountain hills. tony, what have you been seeing spell in fountain hills. tony, what have you been seeing? still a steady stream. and also anybody who is still in line, any chance they're getting inside the rally? >> reporter: the line has finally figured out that they have no chance of getting in, so they're filling in this berm behind me. an endless amount of people. you can see what their view is behind me, the american flag is the stage where mr. trump will appear suppose lie detectorly s
10:41 am
although he has a habit of being late. given what has happened at recent rallies, the prayer might also be for the protesters. i have two of them here. this is tyler and tim. what brings you out? >> there is not a week that goes by that we don't deal with some sort of racist actions towards me. i've been run off the road by people with a 2ru6r78 stitrump . >> this is joe arpaio's county and he lives in the county. and in a conflict of interest, his officers, his deputies are in charge of security at this event where he's also appearing and tim, are you concerned at all for your safety? >> yes, i am. absolutely. many people here have firearms on them. and we are also very much enter mipg link in the thick with trump supporters. there are snipers and airplanes.
10:42 am
i think it is entirely excessive done on part of joe arpaio's inappropriate conduct. >> it's a bit of a strange choice for a venue. this is joe arpaio's home county. and if you wanted to have a peaceful rally forassume r supporters, you might have had it in downtown phoenix, not out here. in 2013, a judge ruled that police practices were unconstitutional and that was largely upheld. >> about how many people are still in line trying to -- well, they won't get into the venue and they know that. but about how many people are still in line? >> reporter: hundreds if not thousands. it's as far as the eye can see in that direction and as far as the eye can see in that direction. and 20, 30, 40 people deep. it's hard to estimate. i've been to a few trump rallies and this is one of the more
10:43 am
significant turnouts. and also one of the stranger because there is no division between the protesters and the supporters. so everyone is boxed in really tight. the sun is getting hotter. supposed to be 91 today and mr. trump has a habit of being late. so as people get pored, anything can happen. >> all right, i'll sure we will check back in with you as we get closer. thank you, tony. we'll follow all these tense protests in fountain hills, arizona. the rally slated to begin at the top of the hour. stay with us. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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10:46 am
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ 46 past the hour as we give and you live look hufrg ovoveri overhead-tover h overhead of the protests where donald trump is scheduled to start a rally less than 15 minutes from now. this blockade has been in place
10:47 am
for coming up on two hours. protesters there, anti-protesters, have parked their cars by some measure three deep, although some are being towed away by law enforcement, and they have put up placards and completely blocked traffic on this road leading into the location of the donald trump rally. some people certainly going to the rally, others maybe just trying to get home. and nobody is going anywhere fast at this time. so we're keeping an eye on all that. let's bring in reporter annie litsky and rebecca berg. have you ever seen anything like this before? i asked this of larry sabato from the university of virginia who harkened back to the era of hubert humphrey when there were a lot of protests. and i know you're a lot younger than larry and weren't following those protests at that time. can you think of anything that comes to mind when you see one
10:48 am
specific candidate being protested against like this? >> it's such a good question. on a national stage, no, not in recent memory. i mean, you think about how much coverage this means trump is getting. i mean, not only will every network and news organization cover his rally, but now everybody is going to be covering the five hour lead up to it. and that is incredible. i mean, you certainly didn't see that in the cycle before and you don't see it with any of the other candidates. bernie sanders is the only 3e b person who has had comparable energy, but nothing along those linings. so it's just been so stunning to watch. >> rebecca, what do you think will be the fallout if any for donald trump? and that has a negative connotation to it. is there any negative for donald trump given who his supporters
10:49 am
seem to be and the fact that no appear what he has said that could be inflammatory in the past, they don't seem to be going anywhere? >> well, so far we're really not seeing any sort of blow back or negative consequences for what happens at donald trump's rallies or the tone of his rhetoric. indeed what we have seen over the course of the election cycle is him gradually and actually very consistently expanding his base of support. many of us in the press and many republicans expected that it would be the opposite of that, that people would grow tired of his tone and that they would not find it acceptable, but actually it's been the opposite widely. >> come tuesday, we have arizona and utah for the republicans voting, primary and caucus respectively. how important is it that donald trump win these by a large margin? because there are three people in the race.
10:50 am
and without a pretty significant percentage of wins going forward to the convention in cleveland in july, if cout coulden co koc. >> at this stage every contest is very important because we're looking at potentially a very slim margin going into the convention between donald trump locking up the nomination in advance and not doing so and moving to a contested convention. arizona will be a big state for him because it's a winner take all contest. so he's actually expected to to very well and potentially win there. utah is a different story because that is a state that is a caucus, very heavy mormon population that will be voting. mitt romney is from utah and said he will be voting for ted cruz. and i would expect ted cruz to win there. but the question in utah is whether ted cruz could get more than 50% of the vote, that would make it a winner take all state for him. if he doesn't get to that threshold and if donald trump is able to keep him below that treasure hold, then it is a
10:51 am
proportional delegate state and it would be a big victory for donald trump there. >> annie, how influential do you think mitt romney is specifically in utah given that he's throwing his support behind ted cruz and says he will tlovo to him. and yet he was on stage with john kasich and has supported him, as well. so where do you think mitt romney's influence lies? >> i think that is such a good question. i mean, when you look at romney, just in 2012, ted cruz accused romney of french kissing the president, french kissing obama and had sort of very negative things to say about him. so to have those intwo joining forces is a little bit of a head scratcher for anybody who has watched this. it is what makes politics so fun and interesting. i mean, maybe romney will help along the edges and i think at this point the republican
10:52 am
establishment is so desperate, help around the edges is good enough, but i don't see it being particularly, you know, a major force. >> i don't want to ignore the democrats here, so quickly with you rebecca, i want to talk about sanders' strategy in arizona because it's a state where hillary clinton won 13 of the 15 counties back in '08. sanders spending a lot of time in arizona. do you think he can close the gap by tuesday? >> it's tough to predict because we've seen polling in states like michigan where bernie sanders was done 20 pint down came back to win. so it's unrpredictablrediktunpr. but he could do well among the white working class voters. what will be very difficult for him is that minority voters as we have seen across the country so far in the democratic primary
10:53 am
have supported hillary clinton and of course the hispanic population in arizona could be a big boost to her. >> annie, what does sanders gain by staying in the race and are there benefits for hillary clinton by staying in the race? >> two great questions. i think that sanders by staying in the race, he continues his movement and he continues to build his movement. and he really wants to go all the way to california where he has a reasonable chance of doing well. probably at this point not well enough to clinch the nomination. p to your second question, i think that having bernie sanders in the race particularly at this point is actually receipt helpful for hillary clinton. to the extent that she's going to start pivoting as a general election candidate and looking for some of those more moderate voters, having somebody like bernie sanders out there on the left saying hillary clinton, you're not liberal enough, might actually be very appealing to some of the centrist voters that
10:54 am
you will immediate need to get the general election. >> ladies, thank you so much. annie, i know you have to go and rebecca, i understand we will be talking with you. so thank you both so much 37. and we will be back after a short break. you're looking live right now at what is happening, there is a blockade preventing people going anywhere. ♪ ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back.
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at 57 past the hour, there are not just protests in arizona, fountain hills which we've been showing you for the last hour and a half against donald trump, this is right now going on not far from where we are broadcasting here in the heart of midtown manhattan. we have protesters that are gathering in front of several buildings that may or may not have a trump name on them. we were told they are starting in the columbus circle area, that is on the west side at the lower corner of the lower west
10:58 am
corner of central park. apparently these protesters were going to march to trump tower which is on 5th avenue. maybe a mile long march from the columbus circle area. but they did not have a permit. at least that was the case as of early this morning. nonetheless, they planned to march and they have done so and you see nypd out in full force now. these are anti-trump protestors and they are indeed not too far from the trump tower in which mr. trump lives with his family on 5th avenue in the heart of manhattan. that is 57th street right there. i'm seeing a store that is on the corner of 57th and madison avenue. so you see protesters through the center of your screen carrying signs. no doubt they are part of all of this. so we're keeping a close eye on things in manhattan. very close to where we're broadcasting at msnbc world
10:59 am
headquarters and also fountain hills just a couple minutes from when sheriff arpaio scheduled to introduce donald trump. protesters have used their cars to block the road leading in to found ttain hills. lots of heated exchanges. we're staying on top of this for you. more after a short break. ve ast of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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