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tv   Clinton Sanders Town Hall  MSNBC  March 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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outside of the trump tower. it sits right there at columbus circle. a very well-known area. police lining the street. and as we watch this progress, you can still drive through columbus circle in some spaces. but it is not necessarily been blocked off in the outer ring that surrounds columbus circle. so if you were in in the area, although there are these groups of individuals protesting the presidential candidate, donald trump, you are still able to pass through. so at this moment, this area, this protest here in new york city at 2:03 local time as we take you to a different picture in fountain hills, arizona, protesters there blocking a road. and again, this appears to be as peaceful as the video we were showing in you new york city,
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this is an event there in arizona in fount tain hills, arizona. a donald trump event that will be happening very soon. just earlier in the day, not 2:00 in the afternoon as it is in new york city. we go to jacob rascon who is at the arizona event. and has some information for us as this protest blocking a main road has been developing over the last hour. and to you, jacob, on this. and from the pictures and video, the chopper com that we have, it looks fairly peaceful, although those who are on the road are probably saying this is not peaceful at all. >> reporter: right. you have several dozen protesters who have blocked this main road that leads to the trump event and they have been there for two hours now. and you have miles now of cars that have been stuck there, many of them trying to get to the
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trump protests, but others trying to get home or somewhere else. the protests have been very planned out. they planned to have three layers of cars. they planned to wait for deputies to tow their cars. and a few drivers even chained themselves to their doors to make it harder for the deputies to tow their cars. they had to bring out cable cutters to cut those cables and they have arrested the first driver so far and they're going to arrest the other couple of drivers soon. many of those who are in their cars stuck have gotten out of their cars and have started shouting matches with the protesters. and so it hasn't been calm. just on and off you get -- you're getting more deputies, more officers showing up which calls people down a little bit. the protesters themselves are
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led by a group called peunte human rights organization and they have been planning this protest for days. they made signs a couple days ago. and their goal is to shut the rally down which they're not doing since they're already thousands of people at the rally. but they are blocking a lot of people from getting there. and they are upset about trump's rhetoric on immigration since it is basically the life's work of group this group to work with the undocumented immigrant population. they say it's worth getting arrested and they're very determined in their cause. and so far what they plan to do, they have been able to for two hours, they have blocked hundreds of cars from getting down this main road to the trump event. >> as we look at the pictures here, we see some cars moving through right now. i'm not sure how close are you
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to that location. but as we do see several vehicles move by, the question might also be was there another way of getting to this event other than what appears to be a three lane road? >> there is another the way of getting there. there are a couple other ways. but it is one of the main ways of getting there. and in fact i left that area five minutes ago to drive to the rally so i could be inside the rally when trump arrives any minute now. and so since i've left, i'm not sure what has happened in the last five minutes. but the protesters were still there, they still had a couple people chained to their cars refusing to leave. >> you can give us a sense before you left five minutes ago, again pictures coming out of arizona ahead of a donald trump event there, that road being blocked, it appears in a now cars are able to move, can you give us a sense of some of
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the sounds and what was being said at that location that it appears just is changing right now? >> so the message is focused on immigration. they chanted things like dump trump, donald trump has to go, their chants that they have been preparing and that we have heard at rallies and protests across the country at these different -- at the trump rallies. and it's worth noting that since the chicago rally and protest in which the rally was actually shut down, we've seen an increase in the audacity of the pretest pre-e pr pre-protesters and their planning. these protesters had posted it on takfacebook, had thousands s up and they have prepared signs, they made a happen that shows which road they were going to block.
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and we're seeing more and more protesters determined to shut the rallies down or at least have their message heard. >> and what is different this cycle when we're watching these proceed totests and counter pro we're talking about tenor and you brought up the example of chicago. when you were speaking with individuals on the ground on the left-hand side there whereas we look right now in this chopper cam view, it still looks to be, oh, i don't know, half a mile perhaps even a mile longer depending on how long this lens can go, but what was the tenon, is that which was reported coming out of chicago, if you call chicago a nine and of course this is unscientific, what was the sense of the tenor of the protests and if there was counter protests there on the roads? >> there were counter protests.
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people very frustrated about sitting in their cars for two hours at this point. many got out of their cars and were shouting at the protesters and they shout back. the protestors don't seem violence. i haven't seen anybody shove anybody else and they talked about that in their meetings leading up to this protest, they wanted to make sure that nobody from their side lashed out and through punches or pushed and shoved. mostly we've seen shouting matches here. i'll give you another example. at the sault lake city trump rally last night, in that case, the protesters were actually more angry it seemed and more willing to not only shout, but actually push and shove. we saw some of that. and in fact some of them ended up pushing and shoving officers as officers tried to clear them from a certain space. and that got the most violent
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that i've seen yet at a trump rally. here again in arizona, the protesters have planned this out well and they have said that they will not push, shove or do anything beyond their chants. and so far they have stuck to that plan. >> and so what you are saying just to confirm and repeat here, the sorts of physicality that we have seen in previous trump events not seen here on the roadways, that three lane road that on this camera shot is moving to the left. you did not see that sort of hint of activity. >> reporter: i mean, the most anger we saw were people who got out of their cars and shouted and there was some pushing from the people who were in their cars. and these are not necessarily trump supporters. many are just trying to get home. and were angry. so we did see some of that. and this is all of course a couple of miles away from the
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rally itself. >> so you were there moments ago and you were just telling us that you moved from that location, it looks like the chopper cam and if you're watching the same video if you can, if not it's now panning farther down road. clear where you're at now? if you're at the trump event, are you hearing anything or anybody talking about what was -- because it looks like it's all cleared up now. >> reporter: i'm just arriving at the trump event and i'm seeing in the distance the big crowd of supporters and it's not clear what is going on here. but i had been shocked if the road was all cleared because you still had when i left a couple of people who were chained to their cars and three or four other cars that would have had to have been towed. so maybe -- and i'm not able to see the video that you're showing. but i would be -- unless they have just started arresting all
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the protesters, i would be shocked if the protesters had left. >> so it does appear from what we see, we're showing video from moments ago, and again this is fount tain hills, arizona, we'r watching a disruption by protester, a three lane road that leds to the donald trump trump that is supposed to start shortly. now a live picture from the chopper cam and it looks like this is farther down from where the initial if you will con fro confrontation happened. we had shown video earlier the long lineup of cars. it appears that they have cleared a little bit of that. i know you're just arriving at the location which we are showing video on screen right now on the right-hand side. and that is where the donald trump event will be happening in fountain hills, arizona soon.
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we want to let you go ahead and get set up. we'll keep you standing by for now and then hop back in just a short bit to get a sense of the tenor there given what was happening on the roads to get there. we'll get over to tucson, arizona not too far away, that is the event after fountain hills where donald trump intends to go to. hallie jackson is there. and it looks behind you calmer than what was happening on the roads in fountain hills. >> reporter: talk about a contrast. right around the corner of the convention center here in tuesday so tucson, there is an orderly line of a couple hundred people waiting to get into the rally. very different from what jacob is seeing. probably because at this point the rally here doesn't start for maybe another four hours. it's only 11:15 here in arizona and there is time on to go
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before people will let in. that said, activists are still expected to demonstrate people will let in. that said, activists are still expected to demonstrate here.n people will let in. that said, activists are still expected to demonstrate here. t people will let in. that said, activists are still expected to demonstrate here. not clear how big that protest will be. inside trump's rallies, over the last week, you've seen fewer protesters actually interrupting his speeches. more of them outside like for example in salt lake city last night when you saw the angry clashes morning the demonstrators, it was outside the event, it was away from the event itself and trump was able to deliver his speech uninterrupted which is something that he has been talking about wanting to do. when people begin to chant stop trump, dump trump, trump supporters point them out. they literally point to them and sort of circle away them and point out whoever is chanting or the group that is chanting. and then donald trump delivers that line of his that has become almost infamous, get them out. and his security team escorts the folks out. we've seen less of that over the last maybe 24, 48 hours but we'll see what is happening
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outside his rallies trickles inside here in tucson. >> and has there been a change in security protocol, is this what will might be why they are protesting farther away? >> reporter: anecdotally, you've seen a both in security. we had sheriff arpaio on last hour talking about what he was doing in phoenix to be able to make sure things are safe and orderly. overall, though, you are seeing more of a heightened sense of awareness of the fact that protesters could be coming in. oftentimes, remember, what i've seen and i've been more of the morning rallies has been silent protests. people insimply holding a sign. it hasn't been as active as what you're seeing in phoenix. and those folks have walked out and led out of the building. so it's a variety. kind of depends on the location, the time of day, the makeup of where trump is. so there is a lot of different factors at play. >> hallie jackson, stand by,
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please. as well as jacob rascon. as we follow some of the activity there this ahead of two donald trump events, protesters that have stopped traffic, people chained to cars. also new york city, we're watching live pictures there in new york city where there are also protests happening. all of this what the establishment, the republican establishment does not want to happen. and that is why this is breaking news today because it continues in two or three different locations throughout the country. we will have more of this breaking news right after a short break. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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saving humanity from high insurance rates. live to new york city, there is a protest growing in size there at columbus circle in front of the trump tower. a black tower that has a very large globe, columbus circle at the center of it, a statue of christopher columbus.
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this protest against donald trump, the presidential candidate who is in arizona. and this what appears to be a peaceful protest has been ongoing for about the last hour or so. and it is disrupting some traffic in the area although not to a great degree. left side now, we change the picture, take you to the other location where just in the last 25 minutes, we have seen a change in those roads. those road s are leading to a trump event. this live chopper cam being and you see traffic moving fairly freely again near fountain hill wills, arizona. earlier there were cars with protesters against donald trump who had chained themselves to vehicles. this had stopped traffic. in the video that wree were looking at earlier, three lanes frozen. and just with that the last five minutes, we have seen cars
11:22 am
moving. but of course the backup goes back what could be a mile or more from the video that we have seen. jacob rascon was there at the location earlier when the protesters were there and the counter protesters. and the counter protesters were probably just trying to get from point a to z. jacob made his way to the location where the donald trump rally is about to start. and jacob, i guess if you can for us, tell us what the mood is there because you certainly were able to describe to us just moments ago some of the anger and emotion that was on the roads there because people were obviously upset about what was happening there. jaco jacob, are you there? >> reporter: hi. >> jacob, i know you've just gotten to the rally point for
11:23 am
donald trump there in fount tai hills, but what is the situation there? >> reporter: so here the situation is much different because there are thousands upon thousands of trump supporters and while there are protesters, i count maybe a dozen in one group about five tefeet from me and 100 feet away another dozen. it's hard to find them because they're just surrounded by so many trump supporters. and people are calm, people seem happy. trump is late to the event which is usually the case. and people are just waiting for him to show up. it's getting pretty hot outside. the people are gathered outside. and so far it's much different here. over there, the protesters were the loudest. and here it's different. you can't even really hear what the protesters are saying because there are so few of
11:24 am
them. >> jacob, stand by. i want to go to hallie jackson also in the same state with you. she's in tucson, and that will be the event after yours. and as you've been speaking with some of the trump staffers here, give us a sense, are they surprised at the three different locations we're talking about, two of which we have protest, one of which is not where he is even at today? >> you're talking about new york of course, the protests is not. he's here focusing on the state with the primary just a few days away on tuesday. there is not surprise that protests are happening at these donald trump rallies. it's been something happening for week if not months at this point and has ratcheted up. he expects then and he has a methods of dealing with them. and what we can talk about is what the substance of his speech may be because that is what donald trump is out here doing.
11:25 am
he's talking about ted cruz. he's talking about now mitt romney. targeting romney after romney confirmed that he would be voting for ted cruz in utah, which is the other battleground state holding its caucus on tuesday, as well. what you've heard from donald trump has been an escalation of attacks. remember mitt romney essentially called him a con man and arguing conservatives should rally around anybody else. well, now romney has given some indication of who that person should be if not for the presidency, then at least to force an open convention. that is why romney is calling on conservatives to coalesce around ted cruz until the convention. and the other part, romney's support for ted cruz in utah could be a benefit given the mormon community there. and we also want to talk about donald trump question ted cruz's faith. just a couple minutes ago, ted
11:26 am
cruz was in utah and he remarked on a comment that trump made by romney last night. if you remember, donald trump said is mitt romney and i'm paraphrasing even a mormon some questioning his faith. it's something that he has done with ted cruz in the past and cruz just within the last maybe half hour addressed this, he says that has no place in politics. he thinks donald trump should essentially stick to the substance. so you are seeing as this becomes -- as ted cruz wants to -- a two-man race, trump and cruz going at it, romney now in the mix fighting on the front lines. don't forget john kasich is not giving up either. he doesn't want to allow ted cruz to get above the 50% threshold for delegates for support in utah because if that happens, then cruz essentially takes all of them. here in arizona, 58 delegates at sake, it looks like trump will be the one if polling holds to win those. all of it, though, setting up as you look at these protests, the stakes are high. donald trump doesn't necessarily want a contested convention because that's where you might
11:27 am
see the establishment come out very hard. if donald trump can lock up the 1237 delegates he needs before cleveland, then he gets the nomination and he doesn't have to deal with what could be a floor fight. >> as chuck todd was saying, some 900 or so delegates, if he does get in to that number, we could see a higher probability of a contested convention. if he gets over the 12 some odd needed to lock it up, less likely so. we have to take a quick break. please stand by. we'll get back to what we're looking at, the throngs of people at least that's what it looks like on the left-hand side in fountain hills, arizona getting ready for the trump rally. and of course we've also had the g demonstrations and roads being locked up. we'll take a short break. they. and if you have afib-an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke they can pool together in the heart,
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very good day to you. richard lui here. breaking news this hour, if you're just joining us, on the left-hand side, we have a rally about to start. donald trump speaking in arizona. it's about 11:31 a.m. local time. and on the right hand side, what you see is the podium, a close-up of that. when he does get to it, he's a little behind schedule, perhaps because earlier we did have one of the major thoroughfares, a three lane road that was blocked by protesters much l.e.d. s mu
11:32 am
group called peni tpuente which handles immigration issues widely related to the latino community there in arizona. arizona as you probably know just based on the story arcs within the last week has some 30% of its population that are of latino descent. and some on the right hand side watching as the crowds have been growing is tony dokoupil. as we look from the sky, it looks like you have these two large groups and i'm guessing that one side of that group is where you're getting in line to get in and the other group is where donald trump will be speaking. >> reporter: that's right. the line to get in has been closed off for hours. it is packed inside where the stage area is. and from where i am, there is a
11:33 am
solid wall of new mani thumanit. this county 94% white, highly republican. staum staunch supporters of the sheriff arpaio. there was a prayer from a local official to ensure donald trump's safety as he campaigns around the country with his hard line immigration policies and the security is very intense before those white tents, each one of those is a metal detector tent. there are steps of tsa agents. you wonder why there are lines at the airport, they all appear to be at trump rallies checking for guns and knives. two white trucks parked in the distance seem to be a security barrier. there is security on all the rooftops. a sheriff's helicopter overhead. so a lot being done to make sure that this doesn't turn into a powder keg. and with good reason. the last two presidential elections have seen conflicts around immigration. this is a state that in 2010 passed legislation to build its
11:34 am
own border wall with private donations. still, wou working on that effo. and in 2010, there was a show me your papers law which required law enforcement to check the immigration status of anyone they suspected of being in the couple i wi coup couple country illegally. so there a big crowd and protesters outside of the area and also enter speakersed within the crowd. as the sun heats up, thinking can happen. >> have you seen protesters already those standing out despite the event not starting and saying down with donald trump or whatever the mantra might be? >> reporter: oh, absolutely. there are dozens of protesters inter-speakersed within the supporters. and i've been to quite a few donald trump events. what is unusual at this location is the protesters and supporters are completely intermixed. you can't tell one from the other until you get right up close and you read the sign and you realize that is not a
11:35 am
supporter, that is a detractor. and that is a bit worrying from a security perspective because typically the protesters are in a separate cordoned off area. because as donald trump comes on stage, he gives an hour long speech, it's a convert atmosphere and the energy afterwards can lead to conflicts. >> and as you know as you've been following the donald trump rallies moving across the country, some eight days ago, two fridays ago, where chicago -- it looks like we lost some of the communication dokou. but he was talking about how they were intermixed. in previous events they have been put in other areas. and i was going to say what is the interaction like because i was a lludes to friday that's where the problem was. while we see if we can get a reconnection with dokoupil,
11:36 am
i want to bring in rebecca burr with real politics. is this going to be the m.o., what will happen at every donald trump rally. and the answer to that at least based on seven days or eight days of data is no. and that is depends on where you are in the country, what is the mix, what are the issues. and today it looks like at least in arizona there is that right mix. but then we also have what is happening in new york city. donald trump is not even here in new york city. yet as i was driving by a little earlier, there were people gathering there in front of the trump tower, that black structure that sits right at columbus circle opposite of the time warner center. when you look at the factors that we're looking at right now, what is your takeaway now that
11:37 am
we're in day eight from what chicago was? >> well, it certainly seems that on the whole these protests aren't going to subside any time soon. because as donald trump nears potentially the republican nomination or at the very least a contested convention in cleveland, and that's still months away, he's only going to become a more prominent figure. people are only going to probably become more divided about his potential candidacy as this becomes more of a reality really. and certainly he is not softening his tone. protesters are not softening theirs. we're actually seeing what i would consider an escalation mopping protesters in arizona today block being off the road on the way to his rally. and i think we're getting to a pointbeing off the road on the way to his rally. and i think we're getting to a pointeing off the road on the way to his rally. and i think we're getting to a pointing off the road on the way to his rally. and i think we're getting to a point where maybe some opponents of donald trump will be asking are they self defeating, are they servings purpose that they are intending to serve. because every time you see the protests, it's bringing more attention to donald trump than maybe he would otherwise have.
11:38 am
we're seeing nonstop coverage really of not only his rally, but the protests leading up to his rallies. and so i wonder if that's really what they're trying do by having these protests. >> just a clarification, we know that the protests in new york city are at 57th and 5th and there could be some energy or groups moving or at the trump tower there at columbus circle. back to you, rebecca. when we look at the complexity of arizona, the polling is clearly in donald trump's at least by real clear politics average some 13% for donald trump. that's the difference at the moment. yet the fabric of that state indicates that if you just look at the issue of immigration and of course that may be too simplicity, but for this discussion, just based immigration and what we're he seeing at this group, puente which means bridge in spanish which stands for immigration in what they cover are the ones
11:39 am
that stop the roads. so is immigration going to somehow swing what we see right now, which is at least the polling showing that donald trump is way in front? >> well, i can see that actually if i wering up in the days to come. and even with the protests, that may be encouraging more people to support donald trump. because what we have in arizona is really a landscape tailor made for donald trump's candidacy. you have voters who have seen the immigration issue up close and personal. many supporters will support donald trump on tuesday. so tensions tend to be much higher in a state for example like wisconsin another primary coming up where people don't
11:40 am
really experience this issue as much personally. and so i think that is what we're seeing with the protests here today at his rally with his supporters coming out very passionately, excited about his capp candidacy. in-neck dotely what i've heard, many say they decide to support trump as a result of these protests because they feel put off by the protests and by the message that these protesters are bringing. so obviously the target audience maybe not the people considering supporting trump, but i find that very interesting just anecdotally what i'm hearing on the trail. >> and as we do hear about this on the trail, the question might also be is it just these protests that they are being energized by or is it really more than that? what we're seeing is that it's not pulling away support certainly.
11:41 am
not the numbers, not in the polling and outcomes from what wife even in t we've seen in the last week. >> and wie're not seeing donald trump's numbers deflate. will that change now that marco rubio is out of the race, and there are fewer candidates splitting up the vote among republicans. but the way that the other republican campaigns for example i was talking to ted cruz's campaign manager about this recently, the way that they look at donald trump's support at this point is not really as a ceiling for him in these states, but really they're thinking of his support more as a floor in all these primaries coming up. so they see him as having a floor of 30%, 35% at the least support and it's only growing in a lot of places. so protesters are certainly bringing attention to some of the issues that might be controversial about donald trump, but a lot of what i'm seeing is energy from these protests on the democratic side and really that is not going to
11:42 am
have much of an effect until potential general election. >> that's when they might turn the switch on as it were. and i think that the point as we watch arizona is really what you brought up earlier and that's that one out of three about in the state being latino. and whether that get out the vote effort will happen and what it will mean based on the statements that donald trump has made on immigration number one and number two, those racially charged comments about mexico and about rapists, that has certainly resonated within that community in a negative way all across the country. rebecca, stay with me as we watch some of these live pictures. i want to go back down to the ground in fountain hills. we have alley have a tally. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: so we're here, we're waiting for donald trump.. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: so we're here, we're waiting for donald trump.. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: so we're here,
11:43 am
we're waiting for donald trump.. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: so we're here, we're waiting for donald trump.. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: so we're here, we're waiting for donald trump.. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: so we're here, we're waiting for donald trump. he's never really on time. it's really warm and the crowd is being encouraged to remember to stay hydrated and drinking water. but as we're waiting, what i'm hearing from a lot of people is the fact that they are excited to hear a very strong immigration message p. and obviously that is the cornerstone of donald trump's campaign. it's something that he has not shied away from. and it's something that in fact he's doubled down on even in the midst of controversy. something that people tell me here and in other places is that they're excited to hear someone who is willing to be hear on the border, willing to speak against undocumented immigrants. we started here today with a other coming up talking about her son saying how he was killed by an undocumented immigrant and that sets the tone for what i think we will be seeing from donald trump today. arizona as we talked about does have a very unique perspective on the immigration crisis as it's something that they see and they live on an almost daily basis. but on the flip side of those people who tell me that they're excited for that immigration
11:44 am
message that donald trump brings are people telling me that they're here trying to remind people that we should be talking more about love and tolerance rather than othering the immigrants. and as donald trump so often does on the trump. and this woman said, she was a 76-year-old woman from here and she said that she's just here to remind people that we should be collective when we think about this immigration crisis and shying away from the hatred that she feels that donald trump espou espouses. so that's a disconnect that we often see. people really excited and really pro can donald trump's message be on immigration or the temporary muslim ban, and then of course the protesters who espouse the completely opposite view. here inside the rally, we have a crowd that is absolutely just excited to hear him. they're waiting and just excited to hear what he has to say. >> what we're watching on the left-hand side of our screen through our chopper cam here as we reach 11:45, quarter hour
11:45 am
before noon local, a group of four or five cars that could be the donald trump caravan making its way towards where you're at. before we go for a break, though, tell me, what are the words, what is the audio straw poll, if you will, that you've heard that the crowd is talking about? what are the topics? >> reporter: i know rebecca talked about the anecdotes that you hear on the trail. and what is amazing is that donald trump has done such a job branding himself that a lot of his supporters across the country say pretty similar things about what they like about him. and the usual that i hear is that he's straight talking, he says what we all feel. a lot of people tell me that he says what they say around their kitchen table or with their neighbors. and i think what you're seeing at these rallies is as he wins more states, you're seeing those people become more embolden the feeling that their ideas are in the mainstream now. and that's something that we will hear from donald trump behind us. and he will give himself credit. he will say that you wouldn't be talking about the immigration
11:46 am
crisis in the way that we are if he hadn't brought it up. but excisupporters are excited hear just more of what we've been hearing. they don't want him to walk away from it, they want him to double down and continue pushing the envelope of what is previously been called politically correct. they like it that he's not there. >> alley have a tally there at fountain hills. appears to be a caravan of perhaps donald trump making his way toward that very location. we'll go for a break pp and be right back. and be right back. i have asthma...
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11:50 am
now the left hand side is new york city. donald trump is not there in new york city. he will be there we believe in fountain hills arizona very shortly. within the last hour or so, there are protests demonstrating against donald trump. and we have seen about 5,000 people expected to peacefully proceeds te protest in the columbus circle area. there some also the trump tower, a different location, and the black arrest placards being seen include statements that are in support of black lives matter movement as well as many anti-trump signs, some calling trump a white supremacist, which others are calling him on these signs a fascist, all which have are common now a days at donald
11:51 am
trump protests and rallies. how back to arizona. and we've been following with the chopper cam this group of what appears to be one white car in the back, one in the back. four suvs in between. perhaps they're just behind schedule. earlier just about an hour ago, the scene was cars stopped by protesters, a major thoroughfare, preventing individuals from reaching the location on the right hand side which you see the podium and microphone. very picturesque, 11:51 a.m. just before lunch there in fountain hills, arizona. back to ali vitali who is at that location. and so you may have heard me mention we believe that he's arriving right now. and i bet you the crowds are probably guessing the same. >> reporter: so they actually
11:52 am
just made an announcement that trump is here on the grounds. the crowd was very excited, happy to see that he's here. what we also saw behind where the event is set up to be is there is a large group of people both supporters and protesters alike who have stood outside the area where you have to be screened to get in. so the official campaign rally is happening right behind where i'm standing, but there is an unofficial gathering right outside the barricades set up by law enforcement. and that is a mix. but we saw a group of protesters with any variety of a signs. the standard dump trump. a lot of messages about his immigration policy that we're planning on hearing more about take. so you're starting to see the protesters coming through the group of people. and what had been happening this morning, a lot of people were having sort of not to say picnic style, but they were sitting waiting for the rally to start and it seems that now everyone is on their feet holding signs,
11:53 am
whether it'sn ant anti-trump signs. >> ali, i know it may be tough for you to hear, but the reporting from tony is that the protesters are intermingled, sometimes standing alone, surrounded by trump supporters. have you seen that and what is that like? what is that tension like between those one or two protestors around all of the supporters? >> reporter: absolutely. and that's something that we've seen at rallies across the country for months now. and what you're sea seeing is the and fct for things to go fr being tense to being violence. hopefully that doesn't happen. w we have the state treasurer up here so it's loud.
11:54 am
but what you see is that the protesters will espouse their views, they don't like trump's immigration or muslim ban and then supporters are will come back and say they like him for that. sometimes it escalates to shoving but we're hoping that doesn't happen. >> let's bring in rebecca berg. it holooks like she's standing . we'll get back to her when we can. back to you, ali. the individual introducing donald trump is joseph arpaio. and in 2011, the justice department accused sheriff arpaio of engaging in unconstitutional policing by unfairly targeting latinos and demanding proof of citizenship in the process of everyday activity on the streets of arizona. and to have him be the
11:55 am
individual introducing donald trump, this certainly must fly in the face of that very large latino american community which is in the millions some 2.5 million growing i think by some 400,000 in recent years. >> reporter: right. and joe arpaio has spoken for trump and introduced him at other rallies in the past. he was with him in iowa. prior to that he was in may esa arizona. and something you're hearing from donald trump is he uses arpaio as a bolster to his immigration policy. he's said on the trail joe arpaio has endorsed me that must mean i'm strong on immigration. and that's an attack he levels against all of the other republicans in the field. something he used to say about jeb bush, marco rubio. he says that they're weak on immigration that they want amnesty. so he really does try to draw that stark contrast.
11:56 am
i'm sure real hear jan brewer's endorsement today. and that is something that the crowd again really wants to hear. they want to hear that he's stronger than all of the other republicans in the field on him gra immigration because that's something that have the very beginning on june 16 when he announced he has made the cornerstone of his campaign. >> speaking of january bre brews speaking right now. and the question is when she will endorse donald trump although she has taken many photo with donald trump. rebecca berg, i was talking with ali about the individuals that will are introducing donald
11:57 am
trump today and we're listening to jan brewer and the question of when and how she may endorse a candidate. but in addition to that, sheriff joseph arpaio and what he means to this very large latino american community there in arizona. and i was saying it must completely fly in the face of that community by having that individual stand up and introduce donald trump. >> absolutely. and much like donald trump, the sheriff is a very divisive figure not only in arizona but nationally. but also has a very passionate following especially in the area where donald trump is holding his rally today. it's the area where the sheriff actually works and lives. and so obviously has sort of a hometown following there as well. but it's the type of endorsement that donald trump has seen across the country. some very interesting surprising endorsements, some of them quite polarizing, some like chris christie is a little more in the
11:58 am
traditional vain. but starting to see certainly much more of an energy surrounding donald trump's candidacy, these endorsements coming forth and legitimizing his candidacy in the eyes of many republican voters. and in arizona obviously this is a very big one for him. >> bernie sanders believes that he can also win arizona and so of course does hillary clinton. >> also some consider john
11:59 am
kasich or bernie sanders. but i think it helps bernie sanders when you see sort of this very polarizing candidacy of donald trump, obviously a candidacy that has offended many.
12:00 pm
>> at this moment it can only really get better if you will for donald trump. >> exactly. and we saw of course in the florida primary where marco rubio --


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