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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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another fascinating and at times volatile day on the campaign trail with new reaction to all of it. with two days until the next set of races, one of the contests we are watching is the republican primary in arizona. it is the largest winner take all left for republicans with 58 delegates at stake. most are taking a break from the campaign trail having wrapped up stops in arizona and utah while ted cruz trails donald trump, a brand-new poll shows cruz with a commanding lead in utah followed by kasich and donald trump in third. bernie sanders visited a border city during a stop in arizona is looking beyond this tuesday's race to saturday when democrats caucus in the state of washington. he is campaigning in three
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cities including seattle. here is sanders this morning standing by his strategy to win with the suspect of super delegates. >> to say to a super delegate bernie sanders won your state 20 or 30 points, you might want to listen to your state. i think that is common sense and super delegates should do that. >> donald trump is addressing the latest rash of violence in his rallies including one in tucson where this protester was hit and stomped by a trump supporter. this is showing trump's campaign manager apparently grabbing a different protester by the collar while another man appears to pull him by the arm. >> if you had seen him before he went up the stairs, him and his partner was wearing a ku klux klan outfit. >> you will not condemn the protester who hit and hunched
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that man? why are they engaging protesters? >> it's security at the arena, the police were a little bit lax and he had signs up in that area that were horrendous. >> trump also talked about his path to getting the required number of delegates amid growing talks of a contested convention. >> in all the politics are the millions that are coming out to vote for me, in all fairness, for the republican party. >> we are looking ahead to ted cruz and john kasich and hillary clinton will make speeches. "the washington post" will meet with a dozen republicans ahead of the summit and on the other hand, the "new york times" is
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reporting on the latest strategy to stop trump. it includes a delegate by delegate effort by which an independent candidate could get on the general election ballot. let's bring in jacob rascon who has been covering donald trump for us. what is donald trump's focus right now? >> what he is up to is talking on the morning political shows. he also said when asked about the violence at the tucson rally that we don't have much violence in general at our rallies going after the media for highlighting that violence. this moment was the most violent moment we have seen yet at a rally. prot tester was knocked to the ground and beat on the ground. we talked to him and the only thought that was going through his mind, when it was all said and done, it was worth it.
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>> the anger is palpable. violence is now inevitable. scores of protesters in every donald trump rally. >> there is a disgusting guy who puts a ku klux klan hat on. >> a protester in a white hood led out behind another who was attacked by a man in the crowd repeatedly punched and kicked. >> what's going through your mind? >> protect your head. what was going through my mind is put your arms over your head because this political movement got to the point where you may get beaten to death in a rally. i got my [ bleep ] kicked. i got beat in the middle of a political rally in america, right? >> this is trump's campaign manager who looked more like a bouncer grabbing the collar of one protester and another man pulling the young man back.
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the front-runner hoping his tough talk on immigration resonates. >> this country has a big, big problem with illegal immigration. >> a key issue with they rally with him with efforts to stop trump growing desperate in utah and beyond. reports of a stop trump campaign led by the ever unpopular establishment whose captain is voting. >> they are coming together behind this campaign. >> utah showing a sizable lead while despite a difficult road ahead, he won't be anyone's vice president. >> under no s. are you kidding me? >> in the trump supporter who beat up brian sanders was charged with misdemeanor assault
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and injury. donald trump is ahead here in arizona and expected to win, but the grass roots efforts you have seen, the rallies here in tucson and phoenix and salt lake city are growing more organized and bold and urgent. >> that was a brutal beating. that guy did not let up. punch after punch. it was hard to watch. bernie sanders will be campaigning across washington state following saturday's press conference. going to casey hunt in seattle following the campaign. sanders has a steep hill to climb to win the nomination. are the caucuses and primaries more favorable than the previous contests? >> alex, good afternoon. you have that right or at least that's the perception with bernie sanders campaign and supporters here in washington state. he is expected to win the caucus
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here. this is kind of the center of bernie sanders support in the u.s., if you will. seattle where we are is the site of the most per capita donations to bernie sanders. he talked about this with reporters while campaigning in arizona. take a look. >> we think that the nature of the timeline for the caucuses and the primaries have favored secretary clinton in the sense that many of them have been in the deep south. as we head out west, we think we have a chance to pick up a whole lot of delegates. states like california, states like oregon, states like washington state. we think we stand a good chance to win there and new york state. we are feeling optimistic that we can pick up a whole lot of delegates. >> of course still an uphill
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climb for bernie sanders, hillary clint an's lead is significant at this point. he would have to do remarkably well in what's left to challenge her for the nomination. he is saying he thinks the super delegates should switch over from states he has won the popular vote. that's a tricky argument to make, but he needs to keep supporters motivated. that's all of the small donors who were giving $27, but adding up to millions. he needs that money to stay up on tv. >> john kasich is hitting the sunday talk shows to make what could be his final stand in the 2016 race addressing rumors that he will coordinate with ted cruz to knockout trump. >> if somebody is willing to talk, why would i not go there.
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explain that to me. the message and the vision i have matters in this country and the message that the people watching today in the living rooms that they can change the world and their neighborhoods and communities and their families, that's a message i think people ought to hear. it's a positive and a message that gives people hope. i'm going to keep saying it until i can't say it anymore. how's that? >> jennifer ruben, author of the "washington post's" right turn blog. by refusing to dropout, what is kasich doing to the party's chances in november? >> at this point all he is doing is enabling donald trump. he denies it, but it's hard to explain it any other way. he asked explain to me why i shouldn't go anywhere else. if he goes to utah or arizona where cruz could potentially win that outright or get many more
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delegates in a state like utah, he is in fact helping donald trump maintain his lead. this is frustrating to conservatives. he won one state and has fewer than marco rubio who dropped out. the perception is that he is doing this out of an ego trip and he wants to be the broker at the convention. if anything is to the entire mood of the party, it would be john kasich at the convention with a tiny number of delegates maneuvering them in order for him to be lifted into a position of being the nominee. that is not going to fly. it's going to be a problem if he is the margin of difference for cruz and winning a couple of crucial states. for now he is sticking in there and nobody will norse him out. >> the latest piece is on lindsey graham's support of ted cruz.
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they might consider that republicans is the last alternative to trump, but the tea party often vilified them. they are settling. there is a time for that in politics as cruz is learning. is it time for republicans to settle and if they have to, what does that say about the party? >> it is ironic that 17 people are down to this handful of people. i think what lindsey graham is talking about is reality. one person who is best able to stop donald trump from getting to 1237 and that is ted cruz. whether you like him or not, if you are in a state that has not voted, it's smart to cast that vote. that would throw things to the convention and you have candidates who were never on the ballot and things will play out. if the goal of sdediscerning republicans is that he is a
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racist who encounty jails violence and does not stand for the principals of the party of lincoln, they need to suck up it up and vote for cruz. >> you are reporting that trump is meeting with a number of republican lawmaker consultants in d.c. something he has not done since the fall. why is he doing that? what can he say to convince you? >> first of all, it's ironic that he is meeting at jones-day law firm with all kinds of connections. this is the typical backdoor smoke-filled room where you are not allowed to smoke that supposedly trump decries. will he build hotel in each of their districts. this is the height of hypocrisy. this is showing up at this deal to strike a deal with donald
9:13 am
trump. he is desperate and i think he figured out that he will have a convention fight and he better make friends. whether or not anything comes of it, i don't know. the optics are horrendous and he looks like an inside wheeler-dealer. >> after that meeting tomorrow, the public affairs committee annual conference is taking place. except for bernie sanders, they are going to boycott trump's speech. do you think it's going to be a tough crowd? >> people are going to not show up or walk out. there will be boos. the group is roughly 60% democratic. they are not very nicely disposed to him. the rest of them or all of them are foreign policy sophisticates and they know how the world works and they are horrified by someone like donald trump who seems to be willing to cut deals
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with any dictator. they think he is dangerous for the middle east. he is the main stay and will be a jewish coalition and comes in with a lot of anti-semitic troops and innuendos. he will be in for a tough time. i'm not convinced he will show up. i will see it when i see it. >> we will be watching as well. thank you so much. >> donald trump brought out thousands to talk about the wall. we will talk about exactly why, next. and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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completing rolling out a lame duck scenario if hillary clinton wins the election? >> yes. we will not confirm a judge to the supreme court. >> even if it means hillary clinton nominates somebody more liberal. >> it would be hard to be more liberal, but it's my shoep she will not be making the appointment. >> on "meet the press," improving president obama's supreme court nominee. a hillary clinton supporter and a former new mexico governor as well as msnbc contributor. good day to you. i know you heard what senator mcconnell just said. does the nomination have any chance of getting past the senate? >> it depends on the campaign that president obama's team does in various states with vulnerable republican senators.
9:19 am
i saw the senator from illinois change his position saying he would meet with judge garland. it's uncertain. the odds are he won't be confirmed this year, but in this topsy turvy world, if trump is the nom and the republican party continues to be divided, there is a possibility. it makes sense to nominate somebody qualified like judge garland, a moderate. this is politics election year. i say the odds are not. >> there those that have given all this volatility and he may be a sacrificial lamb. >> the president is right. it's his constitutional responsibility. i think the voters are going to react negatively to this and not
9:20 am
considering a president's nominee a year before he is out of office. mitch mcconnell is a serious solid guy, but i think he is academying under strong political pressures and it seems that the republican party is in real disarray now. there is no leadership and they don't know where to go. it's a good move to keep garland off from at least hearings. they are moving past the primary and is it the right time to do that? >> i don't think he is looking past the primary. she is taking bernie sanders very seriously. there is no question she is in the lead, but it's important to keep the sanders supporters and sanders in a positive light and recognize that he is a
9:21 am
legitimate candidate. there is races in washington state. the caucus states, sanders will do well. it is not sewn up, but it looks good. you don't want the organizations like bernie or bust to form that will not support hillary in a general election. the party is moving to the left. it's progressing. respect. that sanders is a legitimate candidate. i think it makes sense to keep the momentum going of a campaign that looks good for the delegates. i would continue to be respectful of sanders and not dismiss him and not say the race is over. >> he was at the border between arizona yesterday. he was on asylum and deportation. do you think his views could help him with latino voters?
9:22 am
>> i think secretary clinton is solid with latino voters. the biggest problem he has is he voted against comprehensive immigration reform and changed his vote the next time, but he will have a tough time explaining that. border states, hillary clinton is strong and deservedly so. she had a good strong record on education and job creation. i think those states are going to be tough to crack those voters that that's throughout the southwest. you are talking about nevada and colorado and states that already voted. arizona, new mexico that will be coming up. he is in good shape. >> his building a wall solution really seems to resonate with the people in that area. he is on the border with his solution. let's listen to that. >> nothing is more important
9:23 am
than having boots on the ground when you detect and be able to be there quickly. not be there in six hours after they are gone, but quickly. >> you are the former governor of a border state. boots on the ground. a ball. is this what the people really want to make their lives better? is that why the mess annuals seem to resonate? >> in a republican primary, they resonate. no question. a wall is totally impractical. it doesn't work and it's discriminatory. president obama put more boots on the ground and technology at the border. my state right now there security issues with them. >> is this what the citizens of arizona and new mexico want? is this boots on the ground and do they want big walls built? to get a sense that the people
9:24 am
who live there want this? >> in a general election, this position is not going to help with voters as you mentioned in arizona and new mexico. in a primary the republicans are anxious for this kind of very, very tight security. i'm for more border security. there problems in my state and arizona, but boots on the ground, more border patrol agents, more technology. a wall, these overly discriminatory practices keeping deportation, that makes no sense. how can you deport 11 million people? donald trump is for that. cruz, i don't know if he is for that. he got a negative policy too. in a general election, i'm happy for them to take the positions in the primaries. in the general election, this is not helpful to them in border states like mine and like arizona and like texas and california. these are not good general
9:25 am
election positions and that's what i'm concerned about. the general election. i think it's looking better for us in a general election for hillary clinton. >> it's good to talk with you. see you again soon. >> president obama will leave the white house in a couple of hours to begin his journey to cuba. a well-known cuban citizen telephoned the president ahead of his trip. who this man is and how he got through to the president. we've created a new company. one totally focused on what's next for your business. accelerating innovation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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with our reengineered deck to mow faster better. to find out more about the accel deep mower deck, go to at 28 past, giving you a live look at havana, cuba. just a few hours from now, the president will be the first sitting president to visit in 90 years. he is expected to arrive in a few hours. the trip comes more than a year after announcing restoration of diplomatic ties between the u.s. and cuba. ron allen is joining us from the white house. what can we expect from the trip? >> the president is going and
9:29 am
the first lady and the first daughters. there is a huge congressional delegation going. this is a spectacle. a huge effort by the obama administration and historic visit to try to engage the cuban people. the administration's position is 50 years of isolation and blockade and embargo has not changed cuba and improved the lives of the cuban people. the president is trying to turn the page about 14 or 15 months ago. this is a big step towards doing that. of course it's a step that met a lot of resistance and a lot of folks love opposition and feel it's not the time for the president to go to cube. they are trying to engage at every level and he released this clip had his facebook page of the skit with one of cuba's most popular comedians. take a look.
9:30 am
[speaking foreign language] >> one of the ironies of all of that, on a facebook page, many people in cuba don't have internet access. it's spoty and sketchy. a lot of cubans didn't see it. that's one of the challenges that still happens. they are trying to push the cubans to make changes. there have been a lot of changes every day. for example, ordinary citizens can travel to cube much more freely than a week ago. a direct mail service has started. there going to be dozens of flights per day starting up soon. things are changing and a lot remains the same. a very important time that the president is going there and ultimately historians will judge whether it was a success or not.
9:31 am
it's one of the boldest things president obama has done in the white house. >> it will be interesting to see how it evolves. mr. trump is heading to washington, but is he going there as peace maker? that's next. ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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plus the 12-hour strength of aleve... for pain relief that can last into the morning. and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. >> welcome back here at msnbc world headquarters, the place for politics. donald trump is headed to the nation's capital. he is meeting with lawmakers and key republican figures ahead of his speech. his campaign manager said they will focus on uniting the party and there has been an overwhelming response. this comes amid the mission to stop him. joining me now, jane, is this an effort from the trump campaign to avoid a contested meeting?
9:35 am
>> they need to look like a party leader. they need to be that party leader and there is a lot of people in washington who don't like him and they find him reprehensible like he is not supporting the values they were elected on and to avoid a convention, he will need to convince people he can win. >> do we know the names? that's an easy way to socialize that is not far off and mention the idea of a third party candidate. that's a way to stop trump. a third party candidate is putting someone else forward. so far they are looking to stop and the people who don't like him are hoping he can unite the party.
9:36 am
the "new york times" talked about them preparing a 100 day campaign. they are trying to deny trump the nomination. what is it about april 5th in wisconsin. >> they think the upcoming contest will be split between cruz and trump, but this may be one they can pull out of the hat to their strategy. the delegates he needs what they can pull out of it. >> they are talking about engaging in a delegate by delegate lobbying. can that be affected? >> this is how contested and there is not enough, more delegates and there is a lot of delegates who go into the convention uncommitted.
9:37 am
they are spending a lot of time working to persuade the people. they are favorable to an anti-trump movement. and they may have been in politics a lot longer than donald trump and may see he is not totally at odds with their personal views. >> okay. jane, thank you very much for straightening that out for us. appreciate it. let's turn the democratic race and hillary clinton sweeps five primaries heading into tuesday in arizona, utah, and idaho. clinton leads with 1,579 delegates to sanders's 859. in a recent poll, clinton is favored to beat sanders in the grand canyon state. bill clinton is campaigning in phoenix as she will to get out the vote events.
9:38 am
let's go to tucson, arizona to vice mayor and hillary clinton supporter. thank you for joining me. let's go to the first question with senator sanders. he has been critical of hillary clinton on her immigration stance. here's that. >> let us not forget that those children who arrived at the border to escape drug gang violence from places like honduras and other central american countries deserve the right to asylum. i would strongly disagree with secretary clinton on that issue. >> so you hear him there and he has been critical of her asylum and deportation's stance similar to president obama's recent push. do you think he could take latino voters from her? >> i think that hillary clinton has a strong position on
9:39 am
immigration that really recognizes that families are being torn apart by a broken process and system. senator sanders needs to acknowledge he voted against comprehensive reform when we had the best opportunity with senator kennedy's bill sometime ago. the democratic party and both senator sanders and secretary clinton are committed to fixing the immigration system and i think people here know that. >> in a recent arizona poll, clinton is tied with the republican front-runner donald trump in a matchup from the state of arizona. trump's build a wall and the deportation message, it's clear. why and how does that resonate with some arizona voters? >> i think it resonates horribly. people who live on the border recognize that our relationship with mexico is critical.
9:40 am
in fact there are deep, deep ties that go back generations. we need a sound strategy that is very targeted and that really addresses human trafficking and drug smuggling and cartel s and that is not fixed by a wall or thousands of additional patrol folks. it is addressed by a sound strategy that targets the violence and the real thing that threatens the security of all of us. >> how much time has secretary clinton spent in arizona? do you think she spent enough time ahead of the primary? >> there is no doubt that senator sanders spent close to a week and millions and millions of dollars in arizona. secretary clinton is investing in a different strategy with an understanding that quite frankly people are going to listen to each other here in arizona. they will listen to their family and their neighbors and friends.
9:41 am
she has a very strong ground campaign with four offices and organizers throughout the entire state. we are pleased to have bill clinton here this afternoon. she has a strong campaign and there is no doubt that senator sanders invested heavily in arizona. >> thank you so much. looking for america. crisscrossing the country to find out how americans feel. what they found and the stories they heard, next. not fair, he se you your rollerblades back. anddddd, she's back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. so you have 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral. i call it living the dream. american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. see you tomorrow. backed by the service and security of american express.
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whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. thousands hit the road to see what americans feel about the election. americans like steven diaz and a mexican immigrant. >> everybody wants to come here and i look back at one of the reasons why my parents came here and that was to create a better
9:45 am
life for their kids. for me. one of the reasons why i ended up joining the military, i saw how much this country had done for my parents and what they were able to do for me through hard work and following the rules. my american dream was living so that their sacrifice was not in vain. >> let's bring in the reporters right now. gentlemen, it's good to see you both. we will start with you here. this series starts like this election. it has a discussion of voters's anger. are they as angry as donald trump says? >> i think what we found is anger was almost too small of a word to talk about how americans are feeling right now. what we are seeing in this country is that feeling of unsettlement and this idea that america is moving without demographic groups and that people are a part of the
9:46 am
american dream. you found that concern all over socioeconomic lines and races and genders. >> one of the voters whom you spoke in georgia questioned the idea that this country needs fixing. what would be one thing that would change if you got the country back? would you take it back to the 1950s? white men controlled everything. is that the country you want back. from your interviews, what's the answer in that? >> the country is divide and the central theme we were trying to explore is what does it need to be in america today? in the reductionist atmosphere, it's all trump, all the time and the superficiality of polls. we are trying to feel what we are feeling and the stengz
9:47 am
there. here are people that are being discriminated against and we found that they in general were the most optimistic among all the groups we talked to. >>. >> do you get a sense of nostalgia at all and if so, is it resurfacing and why? >> nostalgia in different ways. on one hand you had conservatives longing for something that is lost and many idealists on the democratic side longing for a moment of idealistic flowering again. they found that with the sanders people he interviewed in new hampshire. >> the early primaries have shown what a trump voter and a
9:48 am
sanders voter looks like. the clinton voter is harder to pin down. they showed her the place holder. what did you learn about clinton supporters? >> i thought the most interesting thing about clinton supporters, they were amongst the least enthusiastic people in the election cycle that they thought that hillary was the best and most experienced choice. when people are looking at the candidates, they were not drawn to them in the same visceral emotional way that people were drawn to other candidates. >> since i know you have written about the clintons, have you seen something different in this campaign from previous ones? the backers have changed as a senator. >> it's hard to generalize, but generally speaking, the clinton
9:49 am
supporters are trying to be pragmatic and they want to win. that has been part of the degacy since 1992. figure out what it takes to win and work from there. in that sense, it's 1 siftent. in the sense of bill clinton who i followed a little bit, i saw him to be a silhouette of his former self and not quite the vibrant person he was 25 years ago, obviously. letting hillary trying to define herself. she has trouble with that for two reasons. one is that nobody is as good of a natural politician as bill clinton and she built up this defensiveness over decades trying to defend him. she worked through that and we are seeing the results today. >> there is another big topic this this series and election is immigration. here's the interview with the former superintendent of ellis island. >> i worked my way up to be the
9:50 am
superintendent of the statue of liberty and the largest migration of people happened during ellis island, period. we need to have those folks coming in and embracing our way of life and this country to make it stronger. >> robert, the voters with whom you spoke, are they swayed by the close the border talk? >> some of them are. immigration is the most intriguing and telling issues of this election. everyone thinks they know the answer of how to fix it. we talked to people who believed in building the wall and mass deportation and people who believed that the solution was getting undocumented immigrants to plant gardens and you had a group, one of the most telling examples was a group of young veterans and their friends. people who we call dreamer who is immigrated at a young age and
9:51 am
they talked about how this issue is messy for them and it complicates them. for a lot of voters, how do i fit into this brand of america that is big and changing and a lot more unwieldy than i thought it would ever be. they think of themselves first. when it comes to the immigration issue, depending on how threatened they feel with jobs or crime or economy, it really sways the ability for them to think about what they want to do or what they think should not be done. >> is there a part of this reaction that is a direct reaction to president obama? >> definitely. i always said the real american dilemma has to do with race. you see that with immigration and the fear of the other. of course many of the trump voters, the white males feel
9:52 am
threatened in other ways, but race is definitely a part of that and a reaction to barack obama, president obama is also at the center of much of what's going on this year. >> speak of the center, i want you to talk about texas. you describe it as the center of thing this is this election. why is that? >> that was david. >> i'm sorry. david, you answer that one. >> because texas represents the dichotomy of america. it has the strongest conservative base in the country and most pro voter id and changing the text books to eliminate liberal thought. that's where the longest part of the wall would be and is the center of latino america, the most growing population. if demographic is our destiny, everything in america will change again. it has that slash that is really at the heart of what we are write being this year. >> my final question to both of
9:53 am
you, what's your biggest take away in looking for america? >> i think there is one moment, alex, that stood out to me. when we were in debuke, iowa. his first vote was for obama and the past four years have been confusing for him. he tried to do everything possible to be able to understand where the country is headed and what he believes in. there was a proliferation he read so much, he talked to candidates and interacted with them and at the end of the day, amidst all the noise, he looked at his son and said who should i vote for? i think there was something very telling in that. what he really wanted was to have the country talk to itself. to have an opportunity for people to examine their lives and sit down amidst all the
9:54 am
punditry and come what they think the american promise is and what they can do to be a part of you. >> what about you, david? >> i would go to michigan, the heart of the trump democrats. they wanted to focus again on america, the whole trade issue and so on. i found a woman, a muslim american. she was focusing on america and working on the neighborhoods of detroit. she was as american as anyone in the woncountry. she put her efforts into improving the country. the clash is what i found most telling. >> thanks so much. great series. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> coming up, the poll that pits hillary clinton against donald trump. who comes out ahead? i have asthma...
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