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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, i'm thomas roberts in new york. the stage is set for a really unique day on the presidential trail. we've got 4 of the 5 remaining candidates all going to be showing up in the same room today. it starts this hour. everybody is going to be there except for bernie sanders addressing the powerful pro-israel lobbying group known as apac. hillary clinton speaking at the bottom of the hour. first, another chaotic weekend on the campaign trail. protesters and supporters clashing once again at rallies with gop front-runner donald trump. there was at least one incident on saturday where a member of trump's final security and his campaign manager personally got involved to make physical contact and should down a demonstrator. >> we all want to make sure that trump knows he's not like here and we don't welcome his hate here at all. >> it was a little intense. there were a couple times of friction where fights started. just had to get out of the way. >> sucker punched on the left. and then you saw.
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>> this and that and he's stomping me. >> trump is also on the list of speakers today at apac. several protests and boycotts are planned as well. but before all of that he is going to meet with republican lite leaders and power brokers d.c. long-time alabama senator jeff sessions who endorsed donald trump half the month will be there and politico is reporting that arkansas freshman senator tom cotton will alsoen in attendance. all of this as conservatives start a 100-day push to cut off trump's path to the gop nomination. and tomorrow voters go to the polls in three more states. arizona, idaho and utah. our political team is up and ready for us this morning. we want to start with nbc's kelly o'donnell who is at verizon center there in downtown d.c. hillary clinton comes in to this as the former secretary of state but what are we expecting to hear from her now as the front-runner for the democratic nomination? >> reporter: well, good morning, thomas. this will be an opportunity for
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hillary clinton to really show her prowess in foreign policy and especially in dealing with international figures and the unique security issues that relate to israel. she has far more experience on that than the other candidates. speaking first today will let her sort of lay the groundwork for her policy ideas and as the day goes on, the attendees here -- there are already many thousands behind mere here in verizon center -- they'll be able to compare and contrast when the republicans come later in the day. now we know that there will be an opportunity for hillary clinton to lay out her vision of what the u.s., israel relationship is and should be talking about issues on how to keep the u.s. and israel safe. and she'll also have some messages that i think will be a subtle, perhaps not-so-subtle dig at someone like donald trump where she will be calling for no
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n neutrality in the position between ourselves and israel and what that should be, nonnegotiable as the u.s. support for israel. donald trump has talked about his negotiating skills and about being neutral in the issue of a two-state solution between the palestinians and the israelis. that is not an issue that will go over well in a crowd like this where you have a lot of people who are concerned about policy as it relates to the u.s. and israel. so this should be a welcoming crowd for hillary clinton. this is a non-partisan group, apac, but you do have different constituencies, some who are liberal democrats, some who are republicans, and some who may fall somewhere in between. the main concern that brings them together is the relationship between the u.s. and israel. hillary clinton as a former secretary of state will find herself on pretty comfortable grounds here today and we'll be looking for those messages to contrast against someone like donald trump. >> it would also be a comfortable place for bernie sanders, though his campaign and he himself opting to skip it. why? >> he would, of course, be the
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first jewish-american to be on the top of the ticket if he were to get the nomination for the democratic party. the next contests are out west and so bernie sanders's campaign felt that the time involved between flying back and going back yet again was too costly in terms of that precious commodity of time for a candidate. so he will will be delivering a foreign policy speech, unmuone like he would give if he were here, but he'll do that from salt lake allowing him to be closer to the primary contest that happens tomorrow. donald trump will be addressing the apac meeting later today. nbc's katy tur joins the gop front-runner and joins us to talk about the issue, certain attendees are not happy that donald trump is going to be there. where of he goes he causes controversy. we've seen that over the last several months. but explain their main point of contention with his address today. >> reporter: well, there are a number of points of contention.
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a lot of people out there don't agree with his rhetoric or with the way he's gone about this campaign. they believe that he's fueling racial divisions, he's fueling ethnic divisions. they don't agree with his foreign policy. they don't believe that he ha is a foreign policy plan. they also don't agree with what he has said about israel in the past. he said repeatedly that he wants to remain neutral between palestine and between israel saying that in order to negotiate you can't tip your hat to either side. that hasn't made a number of folks happy. it was in the israeli-american community. he's also said that he didn't think that the capital of israel was jerusalem. that's a contentious point for a number of israeli-americans. so he's going to have to go in there tonight and really try to adr. es those concer address those concerns and try to mitigate any damage he's caused in the past and to try to tound a little bit presidential, to try and sound like somebody who knows what they're talking about when it comes to the
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unique cal lengths that israel faces and, in turn, knows how to talk about foreign policy. so far he has not been able to do that. last time he spoke in front of a large jewish group in december at at rjc. that speech was filled with jewish stereotypes. the room was laughing along with him in many ways, because i was in that room, but a lot of them seemed to be scoffing as well to his rhetoric. he said the a the time you guys don't like me because i'm not taking your money. but this is a much bigger gathering. it in a lot of ways could be a much more important gathering and it is a big opportunity for donald trump to come out and prove that he knows what he's talking about. we'll see if he is able to deliver. >> as you have seen following the trump campaign, off-the-cuff donald is the one primarily folks get. have you heard from the campaign whether there are drafted remarks? >> we've heard there will be notes through this campaign. i do not believe there will be a teleprompter. he always prides himself on not using a teleprompter.
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we've seen him talk off the cuff but we have, frankly, seen him reach for notes. his stump speeches are pretty similar from day to day. he doesn't change too much from his main talking points. so i think we're going to see much of the same talking points that we see on the trail from donald trump but we will be probably seeing him read from some prepared notes. but i don't expect to see him be giving a very rehearsed, very tight speech as some of the other candidates might deliver today. >> katy tur in washington, d.c. for us, great to see you, thank you. as we mentioned, the violence that was witnessed this weekend at trump rallies over the weekend. now this morning the campaign denying the campaign manager, seen her on the left in the suit, yanked a protester by the collar at a rally in tucson on saturday. that was just one incident. >> jacob, this seems to be a recurring theme for the trump campaign but there is video that
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goes along with this. how are they trying to take this off the headlines that there was any physical contact? >> they don't really try to take things out of the headlines. some of that may be on purpose. the issue with the campaign manager is separate from the protesting that we're seeing and the violence there. this weekend we saw very organized protests. in fact more organized and more bold than i've ever seen them outside of chicago. first in salt lake city on friday night, hundreds of protesters, mostly students from a chapter at the university of utah, part of a national organization that actually protested as well in chicago and st. louis. they planned for days for this protest. they held a rally. then we watched them go over and confront trump supporters. and it got violent at times. there were big shouting matches and some pushing. the police had to get involved. but then there were clashes with police as well which did get very violent. then moving over to phoenix and tucson as well, there you had
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hundreds of protesters. we were with some of them that had been planning for days, a very elaborate plan to shut down. they wanted to at least, the trump rally. they blocked in one instance a main road leading to the rally near phoenix. they were successful in that for two hours they blocked it. and it was very planned out. they planned on having their trucks towed. they kabld themselves to the trucks. very elaborate. then moving on to tucson where you had hundreds of protesters outside who were heckling the trump supporters, and then inside, of course, you had that video of that pro tester who was beat. he was sucker-punched and beat while on the ground. donald trump was asked about that over the weekend and here's what he said. >> how come a group of people is allowed to use horrible language, hold up horrendous signs, scream at the top of their voice, close roadways, close an entrance to a facility that i rented, so is it's my
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facility for the day. i mean they're not supposed to even be in it. okay? how come we're the bad people all the time? okay? what about the people that are using horrible profanity, horrible words, and closing up highways? why are they never the bad people? it's an incredible thing. >> we're seeing a lot of anger on both sides. but if i may say, being with these protesters over the weekend, hundreds of them in these three different areas, the protesters seem to me the more angry bunch in fact. they're very angry about this and they're not afraid to confront the trump supporters. they're not afraid to confront the police and they're not afraid in fact as well to get violent. they push and shove. so on both sides donald trump does have a point there that there is a lot of anger and violence in the protesters who are becoming more and more organized and bold. i would say going forward, we're going to see even more organization among these protesters in mostly groups that
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are not connected. they're just offended at some of trump's rhetoric. >> guys, in the control room, can we rerack that video jacob referred to about the violence with the one man -- that's the wrong one. this is corp corey. jacob, there was a woman. you see her at the bottom of the steps with a kkk hood on. she rips it off right now. they say that that man was reacting to that type of reference from this protester and that's why we saw that violence. donald trump was quick to point out that we didn't show that enough. what are you hearing about what these protesters -- the message they were trying to carry at this rally that incensed that supporter so much? >> so, we reached out to this person who was arrested and charged with assault with injury, a misdemeanor charge. an airman there in tucson.
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we weren't able to get a hold of him. we wanted to ask him about this. we did though get ahold of the protesters, brian sanders, who was beat up. he went to the protest alone. he says he was not with the woman who had the kkk hat on. we tried to reach her and were not able to. it is not an unreasonable thought to think that this trump supporter did see the kkk hat and attacked for that reason. again, brian sanders, the protesters who was beat up said he had nothing to do with that woman. he went alone. his neighbor told us the same thing, that he did go alone and he wouldn't have put that on and done anything like that. but we don't know really what the trump supporter was thinking. he snapped obviously and it's not unreasonable to think that it might have had something to do with that hat. especially because donald trump mentioned that on the stage. >> jacob, the other point about
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the campaign making physical contact, they deny? >> they sidestepped it saying the person who pulled the protester was somebody else. if you look at the video closely and repeatedly, that's also not an unreasonable thing to say because it does look like even though the campaign manager does touch and hold the collar of this protester, it looks like he's actually pulled by another man who's a member of the trump private security. so the campaign is saying, look, sure, he was out there. the campaign manager. but he didn't yank the protester as some are saying which may have been the case. >> so the guy in the black and pink strike is the yanker, corey's arm. he makes some contact with the shirt but they are saying the original contact was this private security guard in the black and pink.
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jacob rascon, thank you. all of that violence is likely to make its way into the conversation today with trump meets privately with republican leaders. nbc's luke russert is covering this for nbc. what do we know about this meeting? there are two sides from the republican party that are interested in attendance. >> reporter: well, thomas, we don't know a lot about this meeting and the trump campaign is playing the attendees' list very close to the vest. i've done capitol hill for a living. i reached out to numerous sources on the hill and no one's really owning up to this meeting, perhaps that's to protection their members which would be unpopular, or because their members are not going to actually go. schedule wise the senate is in recess until april. the house is not in town. with the "washington post" reporting that trump supporters, senator jeff sessions of alabama is the one who called this meeting to occur right behind me at the jones day law firm, a very powerful and popular law
6:15 am
firm amongst republicans here in washington, d.c. the idea that trump will sort of sit here and hold court, meet with different people within the republican party, perhaps members and operatives who have not gotten a chance to know him, to kick the tires a little bit, figure out what his long-term vision is for the party, especially if he is the nominee. most members of the republican are very apprehensive about him become being the nominee. a house of representatives, in theory, could be in play. many of the republicans thought that was unheard of especially after redistricting in 2010, that the senate might as well be lost if the trump is nominee because of his negatives being so high. we'll soo what progresses here. this is a very well staked out, tons of media outlets surrounding this law firm. there's also somewhat of a protest movement going on here. what i mean by that is there are conservative news if you outlets that don't like donald trump who are trying to look for any republican that goes in here to essentially publicly shame them.
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so there is a parking garage behind the law firm, i suspect that's where most people who attend this meeting will enter in from to troo i to hide their face. it's kinds of unique. since i've been covering politics, most people would do anything to get their picture taken with the presumptive nominee. in this case they don't want that. unique. >> luke russert, we'll talk later today. robebringing in the former bush-cheney senior advisor and msnbc contributor. also robert costa from "the washington post." bob, i'l you broke some news ab video trackers as luke was just making that reference there about conservative organizations trying to peg who's taking this meeting. what are you hearing? >> i'm hearing from several sources close to anti-trump
6:17 am
super pac that there will be cameras and trackers outside of the jones day law firm today to try to get footage of republicans who are entering the building. >> the footage is going to be used for what, bob? why would they want this? >> the strategists close to the super pacs tell me they may use these in ads against members of congress and senate who believe that trump's an acceptable nominee, that they think this nomination is going to go on for months and they want to shame some of those who are associating with trump. >> robert, do you think that's going to work or is the coalescing of anti-trump forces only helping the pro-trump forces, that is the voters? >> good morning, thomas. i actually think it may work. here's why. as a lot of people are reporting, donald trump as the republican nominee sounds good in theory to trump supporters. but when you take a look at donald trump, republican nominee going into the general election, it is almost disastrous. the senate most likely will
6:18 am
flip. house most likely will flip. a lot of people out there, myself included, who think that donald trump is a very, very flawed candidate on so many different levels. whether or not he is a true conservative. we don't know. when you take a look at his issues, if you can pin him down on any issues, he is very vague on specifics and looks like he has offended probably half-a-dozen constituency groups, if not more. when you take a look at his candidacy, it is fundamentally flawed. i think many republicans on capitol hill, particularly those who are up for re-election either in this cycle or perhaps 2018 are probably saying to themselves i probably want nothing to do with this. i am stuck between a rock and a hard place. it is a conundrum. mitch mcconnell reportedly said we will drop him like a hot rock. so this is really tough for a lot of republicans out there. >> rich lowery said on sunday we'll see a lot of these rats in the form of former elected officials jump on the trump ship and as soon as it appears to be
6:19 am
sinking in general, they'll scurry right back off. so from the issue of video trackers coming out there to potentially use this video in a way to link them to trump, shame them out of being linked to it, are there any other people other than tom cotton and jeff sessions that you've heard that will be attending? >> yes. i just actually spoke to a few people who will attend the meeting off the record. i cannot reveal their names but some very prominent republicans will be at this meeting today. former officials in the party. some current members of congress. you will see them going to jones-day, whether through the parking lot or through the front door. there's also a sense that many on capitol hill believe trump will be the nominee, they want to build a relationship with him. that's why trump's counsel has been privately organizing this session for weeks, along with senator jeff sessions of alabama. you'll have members of the establishment who are friendly with mcgann, the high-priced lawyer in d.c., and those populist conservatives who are close to sessions. they'll all convene today at
6:20 am
jones-day as donald trump kicks off this big day in washington, d.c. >> just for background on this, were they willing to comment about whether they're for trump or just going to sample trump? >> it was a mix. some say they don't really have a relationship with trump. they want to introduce themselves, they want to get to know him. they have not endorsed. others are very much leaning toward endorsing him but are reluctant to do so until they hear a few more policy specifics from him over lunch today. >> the other big event for donald trump today is apac and the address he will give there. as a republican, robert, has donald trump proven to you that he has the foreign policy chops to handle this on day one? and what do you expect for him to say to the jewish and israeli communities that might be skeptical of him? >> no, he has not proven that he has the foreign policy chops. i have no idea what he thinks about codifying a two-state solution. i have no idea whether he believes a 1968 map on borders and so forth. my understanding is back in december he actually offended a
6:21 am
lot of jewish-americans by saying, you guys don't like me in this room because i don't take your money, and my understanding is he also offended a lot of jewish-americans by playing up to a lot of stereotypes that people have about israel. so again, this goes back to specifics. if you can show me some tape or show me some policy provisions that donald trump actually understands the nuance of foreign policy, then perhaps maybe i'll take a look at it. to my knowledge what he does is he phones if a lot of these interviews presumably because he has notes in front of him or someone's whispering in his ear. but when you ask him specifics he actually takes control of the interview and turns it into these platitudes about something fabulous. this is not a candidate that's serious enough to be our next president of the united states. >> thank you, men. i appreciate it. much more ahead on msnbc live. coming up next, we take you to havana, cuba where president obama is kicking off his first full day of the historic two-day trip of the presidential delegation there. this afternoon he will meet with
6:22 am
cuban president raul castro. he is the first u.s. president to visit the island in nearly a century. something he joked about with his staff at the u.s. embassy after he landed last night. >> it is wonderful to be here. back in 1928, president coolidge came on a battleship. it took him flee days to get here. it only took me three hours. no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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this is a historic visit and it is a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people and to forge agreements and commercial deals to build new ties between our two peoples and for me to lay out my vision for a future that's brighter than our past. >> so you're going to hear those words, historic visit, historic trip, used a lot the next few days while president obama is in
6:26 am
cuba. first time a u.s. president has been to the island since calvin coolidge was president 88 years ago. for more on the president's trip, i'm joined by chris jansing who is live with the president in havana. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. this is the first full day that the president and his family are spending here in cuba for, as you say, this historic visit. they'll kick it off with a visit to the jose martin memorial here in havana about an hour from now. this is a place that everyone knows. in 1895, in a bid for cuban freedom, he gave his life. he is a national hero, truly here in cuba. while we wait for the day's activities to get under way i want to bring in the white house reporter for "usa today." good to see you. big highlight today obviously this meeting between president obama, raul castro, realistically what are we expecting? >> it is their third meeting. they've met twice before but
6:27 am
this is on castro's home turf. it is the real sit-down meeting where the two can meet face to face and talk about the issues. two issues that president obama can bringing to the table. economic liberalization, being able to enhance the entrepreneurial sector, small businesses, allow businesses to hire their own employees without going through a state sponsored enterprise. but also human rights. obama sees those two things as linked, that if they we can foster an economic renewal, economic reforms in cuba, then those small business people who aren't relying on the government for their jobs will have more political freedom as well. >> he's also counting on time, frankly, and young people here who don't remember and never lived through fidel castro to -- and who now have, starting slowly, more and more to get access to the internet. you see them sometimes on the street. there are groups of them who find a hotspot and who are looking for access. he thinks that that is going to be part of the change, that he
6:28 am
has acknowledged it is going to be slow. >> that's right. interesting in terms of domestic politics, that's what makes this opening with cuba possible in the united states as well. dealing with second and third generation cuban-americans whose relatives came here to flee the castro regime, who were wondering why can't we push the restart button on this relationship. >> over weekend, yesterday, we saw dozens of protesters who were arrested. they often are on sundays, they march after mass. they thought maybe as sort of a nod to president obama's trip they would back off. clearly raul castro and his government sending a signal, nothing has changed, we're in control here. >> these demonstrations happen every sunday. there are arrests every sunday. but there aren't usually 1,000 international reporters converging on havana to really put the human rights record under a microscope.
6:29 am
that's why these protests got so much attention. it is something that obviously obama has to thread this needle. right? he's got to figure out how to provide an opening to castro, give castro a lane to run in, push him in that lane without pushing too hard. >> in the meantime, we have this meeting going on. there will be an opportunity for them to make statements. still some question about whether or not raul rcastro woud take a question. whenever the president travels internationally, you and i have done it with president obama. usually after they have their meeting at the end, they both make a statement and they both take reporters from each country. not necessarily here. >> it is usually what we call a two and two. two reporters from the u.s. press corps and two reporters from the foreign press corps get to ask questions of the two leaders. it turns into a full-blown press conference. president obama is accustomed to that but president castro is
6:30 am
not. especially the foreign media asking questions. so we don't know what will happen. they'll at least make statements. president obama may or may not take an impromptu question. perhaps it is during this one-on-one bilateral meeting, depending on how president castro is feeling, maybe president obama can push him in that direction. >> it will be fascinating to watch today. you and i watched it in panama. big moment with the handshake. we'll see what comes out of this. thank you very much from "usa today." thomas, let me toss it back to you. >> chris, great to see you. thank you. i want to bring in to our conversation, executive director of cuba democracy advocates and he is opposed to the president's trip. we ran this "wall street journal" op-ed saying that the president must use this opportunity to call out the racist marxist dictatorship in
6:31 am
cuba. is there a way to pressure castro regime into accelerating change for the cuban people? >> the bare minimum for president obama's trip would be to stand by what president carter did in 1972 when he spoke on live television to all cubans. he recognized the courageous democracy leader who gathered over 25,000 signatures asking for fundamental freedoms in cuba. i note that he was murdered a couple years ago under the regime of general raul castro. i think the misperception is that he's a closet democrat or reformer that's going to come out. the fact of the matter is this is a leader who has tens of thousands of murders on his hands and the murder of very prominent pro-democracy leaders just in the last few years.
6:32 am
so i disagree and i think, frankly, a lot of this remind me of what was thought of ba similar al asad five or six years ago that he was somehow a reformer. but that's just -- the facts just simply don't support that. >> we know ted cruz is a cuban american. his father is from cuba. this is what ted cruz had to say yesterday about how dissidents are treated. take a listen. >> he a he not going to meet the dissidents who are being tortured right now by raul and fidel castro. who were being silenced for daring to stand up. he's not going to meet the ladies in white. and so when president obama's there with hollywood celebrities and rock musicians drinking mojitos, the political prisoners who are languishing are left behind by this president. >> we know that the president is scheduled to meet with dissidents. it is symbolic, certainly. what would you suggest that the president does to give that meeting more going forward?
6:33 am
>> first, we have to see. a lot of the dissidents scheduled for that meeting have been missing this morning. yesterday there was over 60 dissidents arrested. on saturday, over 250. in the last couple of days, over 300 disdints's loan have been arrested. some of them are missing this morning. so we're going to have to see. we know a lot of them have been threatened. their families have been threatened. just to not attend that meeting with president obama -- >> was this from the march after the mass, the dissidents that were taken after the march after mass protests? >> that's correct. this morning, a famous cuban punk rocker, he's been missing this morning. others that are missing, people don't know where their whereabouts are. that's of grave concern. we're going to see how this turns out tomorrow. the big concern here is the president has been saying and his advisors have been saying for weeks that the point of this trip is to make the president's policy reversible by cutting business deals with the regime. one thing we're seeing is this starwood hotel deal. this deal is being done directly
6:34 am
with the cuban military with raul castro's son-in-law. if we would have done that in the 1980s, say president reagan would have been cutting deals with the son-in-law, president obama would have been on a college campus protesting that. yet somehow we're getting this news today like this is okay. we're untrenching, cutting business deals with regimes that violate every single international labor convention and fundamental human rights standard. and that should not be accepted, particularly in a hemisphere with 34 out of 35 nations are democratic. that should be a concern for all of us americans. >> mauricio, thaunnks for your time. in the next hour we'll have live coverage of president obama's visit leading up to his meeting with raul castro. straight ahead though, we take you out west. we kecaught up with america's toughest sheriff. he is the tough talking sheriff of arizona's maricopa county
6:35 am
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one of arizona's most well-known officials is not shy about his support for donald trump. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio is known for being like mr. trump in a lot of ways. he says what he thinks and he has a hard stance on immigration that we've come to know over the years. msnbc's jacob soboroff got together with sheriff joe, even speaking with some of the men at that controversial tent facility. jacob, you got a first-hand experience. >> reporter: i sure did, thomas. i'm actually back here at tent city this morning where things are getting under way for the day at the infamous jail. joe arpaio is known as america's toughest sheriff. he's been leaked here in maricopa county where phoenix is six times. he's running for a seventh term. he's also made a lot of enemies
6:39 am
in the immigration and human rights community. we had a behind-the-scenes look the a how he operates. >> from my perspective in a lot of ways you are sort of the original donald trump. you won elections six times by saying what you believe. you don't seem to be a guy that wants to bend to the will of other political folks. you see yourself as sort of the original mold for donald trump? >> i don't know. i don't have the money, but one thing i did like about him, he speaks out. so you want to say that we have the same traits, okay. you want to go to the tents? >> what can presidential candidates learn from what you run this place? >> it cost $150,000 to build this tent city versus $80 million. that's one thing. other thing is, it is not a country club. you know that. you like the food? >> no. >> it's vegetarian. i changed it. why are you complaining? you committed a crime. >> yes.
6:40 am
>> right? >> he endorsed donald trump for president. what do you think about that? >> i don't know. i think he's crazy. >> he's trying to kick people out that undocumented. i understand we made a crime but everybody makes mistakes. >> are you here illegally in. >> yeah. >> you're not in here for that. you're here for other crimes. >> i'm here for dui. >> you're here for dui. you broke the law by crossing the border. >> so many other races commit the same crime but -- >> because they're here legally. they're not here illegally. >> but like i said, everybody makes mistakes. >> you're right. >> donald trump would send you out of the united states. >> yes. >> you'd like to see him sent back?
6:41 am
>> if he was sent back, then he should be able to come back with the proper papers and all that. >> that doesn't sound like what donald trump says. >> that's what he says. he says deport them but let them come back legally. >> bernie sanders. hillary clinton hasn't been here. what do you have to say about that? are they invited here? >> i'd love to get bill here or hillary. if you can line that up with be you get an exclusive. >> so what about donald trump? he hasn't been in here. >> i talked to him yesterday. he will be here when he wins -- in the general election, he will be in my tents. okay? >> what are you guys going to see when donald comes through? >> i won't be here. i'll be gone. i'll be happy. >> thomas, right back here is where jane sanders -- the wife of bernie sanders, the presidential candidate, just last week had her now-infamous run-in with sheriff joe arpaio here at the tent city jail. he less told me he invited hillary clinton to come out here. he wants to see bill clinton out
6:42 am
here. as you heard, donald trump has promised him if he wins the primary election here in arizona he will be out here during the general election. stay tuned to msnbc throughout the day because we will have more of my conversation with sheriff joe. back to you. >> that's a great conversation with the sheriff but also with that inmate who admits to being in this country illegally but then busted for dui and living in that tent city now. one caveat that would be for -- as sheriff joe pointed out, he should go back, come back here legally. isn't there a hiccup with the fact that at the's already been convicted of a crime and now having a prison record that he probably wouldn't be able to get back into this country under a president trump? >> that's exactly right, thomas. several of the inmates that we talked to do have undocumented immigration status at the prison. i want to reiterate, sheriff arpaio has been called out by a federal judge for using racial profiling in his policing tactics for singling some undocumented immigrants out not because of the crimes they
6:43 am
committed but because of their rights. that's something human rights organizations and imgrates rights organizations look very closely at when we look at sheriff joe. >> jacob soboroff for us in phoenix, thank you. hillary clinton is expected to take the stage very soon at the american-israel public affairs xhicommittee, the polic conference, apac. those comments live right here. stay with us. et. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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and clean and real and inside jokes and school night. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. straight ahead, we have new details on that donald trump meeting with republican leaders in washington, d.c. but first, hillary clinton is going to be taking the stage soon to speak at the american-israel public affairs committee policy conference. clinton is expected to hit donald trump pretty hard in that speech taking aim at his previous missteps on israel while underscoring her foreign policy experience. donald trump also addressing a pac today. secretary clinton takes the stage first. we'll bring you her speech live when it begins.
6:47 am
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we're getting some more information about donald trump's visit to washington, d.c. this morning to meet with certain gop establishment members, current and former. outside the jones dy law firm, right on capitol hill. and you sort of see behind me this cluster of reporters who have started to gather to see which mib members of congress are going to meet with donald trump. we got new information. our producer, the meeting is scheduled to take mace midday. a lunch meeting, and expect mecmembers of congress who have already endorsed donald trump to be present. jeff sessions of alabama, you have congressman duncan hunter of california. as well as perhaps congressman collins of new york. possibly they could be here. but we're starting to get a sense that this is going to be more of an informal gathering and if you have not had real experience with donald trump, come on by, or for those who are already firmly behind him, perhaps maybe a strategy session about what the next few weeks will entail, especially as he tried to become the gop nominee.
6:51 am
>> luke, the two different organizations, pacs that are against donald trump, our principles pac and conservatives against trump, have said they will not have video trackers there. i know you referenced the reporters. basically, is the media doing the job for the pacs? they don't have to send trackers because media folks are going to be there to clock who comes in and out. >> so it's interesting because yesterday, we had heard there was going to be some tracking, and then we hear now that perhaps that's not the case. why do you need to track when the media can do your job for you. you can save your money in theory. i do know there will be conservative media here that is firmly against trump that will try to shame anybody who comes in the meeting who perhaps is previously not disclosed as a trump supporter. but this is something that honestly you're seeing the full court press. everyone wants to know the details about donald trump. here we are standing outside of a very important law firm in washington, d.c. these meetings happen in the past, no one usually would pat
6:52 am
an eye. because trump is so secretive, because the party is coming to grips with what he represents, it warrants this amount of attention. >> i think a lot of people are concerned about transparency issues that go along with a meeting like this and what it means for events moving forward as everybody ramps up to the convention this summer in cleveland. luke russert in washington for us. thank you, sir. appreciate it. also a reminder for everybody, we have the aipac conference today. donald trump will be speaking there, and tune in to "meet the press" daily at 5:00 p.m. eastern to see his speech live. we'll be right back. volkswagen y is very important... so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats. hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening now! get a $1,250 volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on new
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welcome back, everybody. quickly to pass along, we have confirmed through sources that former speaker of the house newt gingrich is going to be attending the donald trump meeting in washington, d.c. also a presidential contender as we all recall, but that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. i'll see you back here at 2:00 p.m. eastern. jose diaz-balart is coming up next with the coverage of the
6:56 am
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that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard. and good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. i take you to washington, d.c. hillary clinton speaking at aipac this hour. >> this has to be one of the biggest yet. and there are so many young people here. thousands of college students. from hundreds of campuses around the country. i think we should all give them a hand for being here and beginning their commitment to this important cause. you will keep the u.s./israel
6:59 am
relationship going strong. you know, as a senator from new york and secretary of state, i've had the privilege of working closely with aipac members strengthen and deepen america's ties with israel. now, we may not have always agreed on every detail, but we've always shared an unwavering, unshakable commitment to our alliance and to israel's future as a secure and democratic homeland for the jewish people. and your support helped us expand security and intelligence cooperation, develop the iron dome missile defense system, build a global coalition to
7:00 am
impose the toughest sanctions in history on iran, and so much more. since my first visit to israel 35 years ago, i have returned many times, and made many friends. i've worked with and learned from some of israel's great leaders. although i don't think it sock rabin ever forgave me for banishing him to the white house balcony when he wanted to smoke. now i'm here as a candidate for president. and i know that all of you understand what's at stake in this election. our next president will walk into the oval office next


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