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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. good to be with you on this saturday. i'm frances rivera at msnbc headquarters in new york where right now we are watch get 2016 race on both sides of the aisle across two western states. results now being tallied at the democratic caucus in wyoming. we'll take you live to cheyenne. and in colorado, the gop convention under way, ted cruz speaking there last hour, looking to sweep the state's delegates. so what does that mean for donald trump who made a brief appearance in new york city this afternoon? speaking of new york, the turf war continues between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, both stumping across the city and upstate as sanders works to shrink the front-runner's delegate lead. our live team coverage begins now.
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we want to begin this hour with the breaking news from wyoming, as we watch the democratic caucus results come in. i want to go now to the capital city of cheyenne. that's where we find kristen dahlgren. kristen, good afternoon to you. it seems like to be a pretty good start, a positive one for hillary clinton. >> reporter: yes, so far at least in laramie county, frances. as you can see, laramie county doesn't mess around. a few hours ago this gym was packed with people, now nobody left here. more than 800 people came here today. most of them came with their minds already made up. there were only about five uncommitted people, voters here, and they were just given a few minutes to then make up their minds. there weren't enough of them to form their own little area, so they had to decide whether they would go for clinton or for sanders based on the speeches that they heard, based on what their neighbors had told them,
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and they then split up. at the end of the day, bernie sanders won the live vote here, but then when they counted the surrogate votes, people who voted absentee, the day at least in laramie county went to secretary clinton. so secretary clinton came away with 731 votes here in laramie county and senator sanders came away with 689. so just 42 votes between them. the rest of the state from what we're hearing from experts expected to be just as close. that's why it's taking a little while to get the rest of those results in. this here is the most populous county, they have the most volunteers. they did the count very quickly. i'm looking off camera here at the state chair of the democratic party and she's on the phone. she's been on the phone getting those numbers. as soon as she has them to release, we will get them to you. >> we'll check back in with you for those results. kristen dahlgren, as always, thank you very much. kasie hunt is covering the
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sanders campaign. kasie, how are we looking as far as reaction there where the senator is expected to do well in wyoming? >> reporter: the sanders campaign waiting for these official results to come out of wyoming. something of a surprise it seems potentially in the work as we wait for these official numbers. we were expecting bernie sanders to win in a potentially large margin. i mean you've seen him win western caucus states by quite a lot over the course of the last couple of weeks. and the assumption was that he might be able to pull the same thing off in wyoming. sanders has campaigned pretty aggressively in wyoming, as you can sort of define that. he spent last tuesday night in laramie, wyoming. that was the night where he won wisconsin in quite dramatic fashion. but at this point either way this is only 14 or so delegates, pledged delegates coming out of wyoming. the real prize, of course, is going to be new york. this is in many ways a must-win
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state for both bernie sanders and for hillary clinton. if sanders were to be able to take her on here, it would be in many ways a psychological blow. here's what sanders had to say about the new york primary earlier today. >> here in new york state where we were way, way behind, she was the senator here for eight years, that gap has closed. we are in striking distance here in new york. >> reporter: striking distance. so they feel pretty confident right now that they have at least a shot to close this gap with hillary clinton and come out the winners in new york. but we have to remind everyone, frances, that this delegate lead hillary clinton has is still going to be really, really tough to overcome. sanders doesn't just have to win states, he has to win them by big margins, especially in closed primaries where only democrats are allowed to vote, it's been really tough for sanders to pull out a win at all, let alone a big one. so he could potentially chip away at that lead but we'd need
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to see a significant shift to overcome it. the question, of course, what might happen in the event that hillary clinton does become the p presump tif nominee. if she is able to do that, it's not yet enclosuclear that the s would defer to her. they might try to fight things out at the convention, try to convince super delegates to switch sides. at this point we'll just have to wait an see how it plays out. >> with that challenge, we could see what the strategy would be leading up to new york. we've been hearing most recently saying as far as she's the new yorker, yeah, but she was born in illinois. can you expect as far as unqualified, whether that's going to go on especially knowing that crucial primary in new york and how that will be a game-changer for both.
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>> he said she was born in illinois, this is her adopted home state. he did a rally yesterday outside of the three-room renting controlled apartment that he often talks about on the trail. he's really trying to play up his new york roots. you can hear that brooklyn accent. so the one thing i don't think you're going to hear anymore of is this unqualified line. over the course of the last couple of days we've only heard him make that charge from the stump once and that was when he first used that line against hillary clinton at a rally in philadelphia a couple of nights ago. he reiterated it at a press conference the following morning. but after 24 or so hours of criticism for making that remark, he backed away from it and he said, okay, you know what, she is qualified to be president. but i think you have to think about it in a little bit of a broader sense, frances, which is to say part of the reason for doing that was to show that he wasn't going to simply roll over and let hillary clinton kind of steam roll through this new york
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primary. he was personally frustrated, irritated that she was attacking him in what he felt was a personal way and he felt he needed to prove he wasn't going to simply let it go, that he was going to hit back if he was provoked. that of course is the risk for the clinton campaign. at the end of the day hillary clinton really does need the energy, excitement, potentially the money from a lot of these bernie sanders supporters if she hopes to consolidate the democratic party and go on to become president. >> before we get to that point, there is wyoming as we wait for the results there. kasie hunt as always, i appreciate it. thank you. a busy week as well on the republican side. ted cruz is poised to sweep all of colorado's 37 delegates. so far it's been all good news for the texas senator. he addressed the crowd last hour. >> if we continue to stand united, we are going to win the general election, we're going to win the state of colorado, we're going to beat hillary clinton,
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an we are going to turn this country around. >> msnbc has a delegate hunter, jacob soboroff who brings us the very latest. >> we are at the under the radar ground zero of american politics right now and that is because the 37 dealegates coming out of here at this hockey arena may tip the scales to donald trump if he's going to win that republican nomination on the first ballot or if ted cruz wants to stop him. right behind these curtain, like the wizard of oz, is where it's going down. there are 6,000 republican delegates on the floor of this hockey arena. what you are seeing is the wheeling and dealing that goes on in order for ted cruz to clean up on these delegates. ted cruz is now 21 for 21 today. if he can win the remaining 13 coming out of here plus the three unbound rnc delegates that have their positions by virtue of their position in the state party, he could do quite well coming out of colorado.
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in fact he could sweep. right now msnbc has projected ted cruz will win colorado but that's not enough for him. he wants to win each and every last delegate coming out of here. if he does, again, it bears repeating, he will stop or could stop, have a great chance of stopping donald trump from winning that nomination at the republican national convention in cleveland this july. back to you, frances. >> that's jacob soboroff for us. the trail has been pretty quiet for donald trump. but he did make an impromptu visit to the 9/11 museum this afternoon and immediately and quite surprisingly headed back to his home base without taking questions from supporters. msnbc reporter gil brewster joins us now from trump tower in mid-town manhattan. appreciate your being with us here. clear up some of this confusion as to whether trump would talk to the press at the 9/11 museum. pretty much we're talking about
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four days where he's been laying low, very untrump-like and why that is the case. >> it's been very quiet covering donald trump who has pretty much been in his trump to your for the past few days. today he made an unannounced trip to the 9/11 museum. he went in between a half hour and hour that he was there, so a relatively short visit for the museum. didn't even go through the memorial outside. at that museum, the reporters there were expecting him to take questions. they were told by the campaign that he would come out. that after he would come outside and they were taken to a spot they could ask him questions. we haven't had an opportunity to pose any questions for the past couple of days because he has been off the trail. that didn't happen. trump went straight to his car and then came right back here to trump tower. so a little bit of confusion there and the campaign hasn't cleared up exactly why. there's a lot to talk about. donald trump obviously, we want to hear his reaction to what is going on in colorado. him not picking up any
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delegates. and then his campaign expansion, as they're calling it, as they're hiring new people trying to switch focus on dealegates a we get closer to the conventions showing that they're really taking this delegate game seriously. so quiet past few days for donald trump on the trail. he'll be back on the trail tomorrow in rochester and we'll see what he has to say, both about what his visit to the 9/11 memorial and the delegate game. >> we're going to see if he makes up for this lost time that we haven't heard from him. so a lot to watch tomorrow. shaquille brewster, as always, thank you very much. a reminder to watch "meet the press" tomorrow for chuck todd's interview with paul manafort about the role he'll bow playing in the campaign going forward. right now i want to take you to new rochelle, new york, where any moment governor john kasich will take the stage for a rally with voters. when that happens, we'll bring
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welcome back. back to the campaign trail where john kasich is in new york today. right now he's holding a town hall in new rochelle. earlier today, though, kasich said cruz and trump would be beaten in the fall and questioned the sincerity of trump's county chair supporters. >> we think we're going to do okay here. look, a lot of people feel pressure for any number of reasons to come out and say that they're, you know, for trump. you know, are they really for him? i don't -- i'm not sold on that. >> msnbc campaign embed has been following the kasich campaign and joins me now, i appreciate your being with us. when you talk about this rally, this seems to be the largest one he's done so far. talk to me about that and how you feel if that's pumped him up a little bit, energized him on
1:16 pm
the stump. >> yeah, that's right. so this was john kasich's biggest campaign rally that he's really held. i've been covering him nonstop pretty much since he declared his candidacy last summer. there were 3500 people, people were lining out the doors. he spoke to a really large overflow crowd before all of this. although john kasich is running far behind in the delegate count behind donald trump and behind ted cruz and he's far behind donald trump in the new york polls here, he's trying to do well in new york. he's trying to come in second place in new york and other eastern states like this. there are people that are saying to him basically at his town halls every single day now essentially saying stay in the race. there are many emotional moments that he's having with people where they're really begging him to stay in the race and saying that they want his voice to continue here. that was just one moment, that
1:17 pm
was one of them that john kasich had at his town hall today. there were also a couple of other moments, one where they were interrupted by disability rights protesters who he ended up meeting with afterward to talk about his disability -- defending his issues there in ohio. so back to you. >> kailani, thank you very much. for more on the gop race i want to bring in jeremy peters of "the new york times" and also political reporter gabe. jeremy, i want to start with you. especially now we have that kind of odd untrump-like appearance at the 9/11 museum this afternoon where he was going to speak, then he wasn't, also the shakeup with his campaign. do you consider that as far as what that could mean a sign of confidence with donald trump and his campaign or possibly more a sign of disarray? >> i think for the moment, frances, it's really a lot more
1:18 pm
disarray than it is anything else. it's not clear to me or really anyone else i think except those inside the campaign that the campaign manager, who has proven to be so controversial, corey lewandowski, is going to see his role diminished. we have this caricature of trump as a guy who points at people and says "you're fired." but in reality he's very loyal to the people who work for him. i think i would be surprised if he did end up firing his campaign manager. >> speaking to that, gabe, i want to bring you in before we go back to you, jeremy, there in colorado springs. in that sense he hasn't been out speaking until wednesday, donald trump. he has this event tomorrow, so we'll see if there is going to be any kind of a shift as far as his tone or message. but i want to talk about this new poll from reuters saying that if donald trump is denied the nomination, two-thirds of his supporters would still back the gop nominee. how surprising do you think the trump campaign finds that number
1:19 pm
now? >> well, i think the more surprising number continues to be the number of people who say that they wouldn't support him if he were the nominee. this is exactly the reason there is so much tumult surrounding the convention right now. the trump campaign is saying don't worry about that, we're going to be the nominee. this is one of the reasons you've seen him go quiet the last couple of days. they're trying to figure out exactly how to make that happen. are they happy to see that two-thirds of people would support someone else? perhaps not. but this is the reason that everyone is in a holding pattern and why you're seeing cruz in particular go so hard after these delegates. >> and a little bit of a boost there, jeremy, where you are, colorado springs, with what really looks like a sizeable victory for ted cruz there. how much will that help him? how significant is that? >> in this game of inches that the campaign is turning into, it's actually very significant. we're talking about 21 delegates that he's already picked up all of them at stake so far in
1:20 pm
colorado. he has a chance to pick up another 13 later today. it could come down to just a handful of delegates. and a state like colorado, contests like these that are caucuses that are filled with a lot of skaeconservative activis tend to be much more favorable to ted cruz. they're not favorable to donald trump paubecause he tends to dominate where plays where his personality shines through. people here on the convention floor don't care about that. they're more interested in a candidate who will come and talk to them personally and make an appeal. he was the only candidate to come in person and talk to colorado republicans. >> gabe, looking ahead in new york, assuming trump sweeps all of new york delegates here, a lot of it is being watched on the race for number two and how that will come into play. what will that do with ted cruz and john kasich there in that race? >> well, in particular you're seeing them go after number two
1:21 pm
because what they're trying to do is just get as many delegates as possible and then get in a position to select those actual -- who those delegates actually are because the assumption is that they will go into the convention in a position to fight on the second and third ballots to become the actual nominee, so it's extremely important for them to amass as many delegates as possible as we go down the line. the goal for them is to stop trump from getting the nomination, from getting to that number before the convention. if they're able to amass more and more, it's easier for them to make the case that i should be the guy that you eventually go to. >> jeremy and gabe, to both of you, thanks so much for being with us. still to come, we turn to breaking news out of brussels. authorities announcing terror raids have netted the man known as the man in the hat spotted on surveillance just moments before last month's attacks in pr brussels. what we know, straight ahead. 72% women say they often
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♪ with intuitive all-wheel drive. take on the unexpected. back now with some breaking news out of brussels. last night police raids rounded up several terror suspects and we know one of those in custody is the man seen at the airport
1:25 pm
with the two suicide baurombers. he's been called the man in the hat ever since that infamous surveillance footage. we know his name and it's someone very familiar to investigators. chief global correspondent bill neely is in brussels. bill, what more do we know? >> reporter: really significant developments here in brussels and a mystery it appears solved. mohamed abrini who was arrested here in brussels has admitted, say prosecutors, that he is the man in the hat, the man at the airport, the third man pictured alongside two suicide bombers at brussels airport just before 16 people were killed when their bombs exploded. he's in custody. according to prosecutors, he's talking. he has admitted that he was the third man. he said he fled the airport. he got rid of his distinctive white jacket in a garbage can and then he says he sold his hat. amazing that a man who's just
1:26 pm
taken part in mass murders sells his hat for a few euros. the important thing is this man is talking because he is crucial. he's not just a driver or a lookout or an accomplice. this is a man who is at the very heart of the terror cell that attacked not just brussels but paris as well. mohamed abrini's fingerprints and dna were found in safehouses here in brussels. his fingerprints and dna were also found in a car used in the paris massacres. so this is a man involved in paris, brussels, and british police are aware that he always visited the u.k., he visited england's second city, birmingham, last summer and photographs of a soccer stadium were found on his cell phone. so european police forces have had this man in their sights for a very long time. it's very significant, number one, that he's in custody. number two, that he's talking. he's been charged with mass murder. two men who were arrested with him have actually been released.
1:27 pm
but three other men are being charged with membership of isis and with mass murder. one of them is significant. he's called osama k. we know he's swedish. prosecutors say he was at the scene of the metro bombing. he was alongside one of the bomber -- suicide bomber who died there. they also say osama k. bought the suitcases that the bombs at the airport and possibly at the metro were put into. so in all the talk of mohamed abrini, the man in the hat, this guy, osama k., also very significant. two other men were charged with mass murder today. so a really significant set of charges, a significant 48 hours. it is proof that the belgian police and authorities are making progress. they're aided, of course, by the french police, also aided by the fbi. we know british police are involved.
1:28 pm
this is a western pan european effort to crack this deadly cell. brussels isn't relaxing because remember when salah abdeslam, the boyhood friend of mohammed abroken abrini was arrested, the attacks took plaes. it was almost as if the arrest panicked the rest of the cell into acting because they thought they too might be arrested before they could carry out any more attacks. so the arrest of mohamed abrini, the fact that he is talking, it's not impossible and investigators and police know this, that that could trigger someone else who's out in this city to do something else. so brussels certainly still on its guard. one other thing, we were at a raid today in the brussels suburb where there were more than 50 police officers, bomb squads, snipers, all searching
1:29 pm
one apartment building where they thought there might be an isis bomb factory or a safehouse. so the police are on the streets, they're on their guard, but the significant thing is that this man, mohamed abrini, is in custody and is talking. he may tell investigators a lot more. back to you, frances. >> bill neely for us there, i appreciate it. i have some breaking election news for you now out of wyoming with the democratic caucus there. i want to take you right to cheyenne. kristen dahlgren with those results. >> reporter: hey there, frances. state officials here have just declared bernie sanders the winner of the wyoming caucus. i'm joined by amy van clooef to give us the official results. what can you tell us? >> so we're only at about 76% reporting, but right now senator sands leads in terms of state delegates 121-94. >> how does that translate into national delegates then? >> in terms of national delegates, it will go
1:30 pm
proportionally. so senator sanders will get more national delegates than secretary clinton will. >> how close is this? is it as close as you expected? >> this is actually a lot closer than we thought. so really it's going to come down to every last county getting their numbers in. >> what do you expect that, all those results in tonight? >> we're hoping to get all results in within the next hour or so. >> okay. it was a surprise to a lot of people that secretary clinton won laramie county here given what we saw in the caucus room. >> sure. >> what can you tell me about the caucuses around the rest of the state? did surrogate ballots make a difference there as well? >> in a lot of counties, surrogate ballots did make a difference but in albany county it all just came down to turnout. >> tell me about that, because that was expected. >> albany county is where our university is, for those of you who don't know, and what really it came down to is we had about 930 sanders supporters out and only about 320 clinton
1:31 pm
supporters, so big blowout there. >> we talked about overall the statewide delegate vote. can you give me numbers at all on how close the vote was as far as popular vote? >> in terms of popular vote, it's still also pretty close. not as close as the delegate number, so it does come down to a little bit of delegate math. >> anything else that you can tell us? >> we're really excited to have just over 8500 voters out statewide today, which is really exciting for wyoming. >> and going into the national convention, to you expect them to have very close numbers of delegates? there are 14 still up for grabs. what do you project the shakeout there to be? >> i think it will come in pretty close but it's still a little early to say firm national delegate numbers. >> great. thank you so much. yeah, frances, there you have it, bernie sanders winning the wyoming caucus, making this his seventh state victory in a row. there's been a lot of talk about
1:32 pm
how he needed this for the momentum. this is the last state voting before they go to that big new york primary. bernie sanders keeps bringing it up on the trail, the momentum, having momentum going into new york so that's definitely something to watch as we move forward now. >> small as far as delegate count but certainly the psychological win coming before new york crucial as well. kristen dahlgren, thank you very much. appreciate that. i want to bring back in political reporter gabe debenedetti. when you hear bernie sanders has won the wyoming caucus, interesting to hear initially where he was favored, no real surprises there, but what's your take on it from that report that this was a little closer than expected? >> yeah, it's certainly interesting to see that secretary clinton overperformed in wyoming. this is a state that was really always probably going to go to senator sanders. he does especially well in these caucus states and these western ones. you look at idaho and utah,
1:33 pm
which are right near wyoming, of course, and he really, really beat her by large margins there. none of these states have huge amounts of delegates when it comes to the national convention so it's not about his final ability to cut into her delegate lead but it's really about his momentum play. so he's still going to say i've won eight out of the last nine or nine out of the last ten heading into new york, but in terms of cutting into her lead of a bit over 200 pledged delegates, this is not going to get him anywhere. the fact that it's closer than he expected, it's a bit of a disappointment for him. >> pausing now because we know that the senator is at an event in long island city. new york has been been aware that he has won wyoming. knowing that we've seen more of those attacks -- actually let's go to that event with bernie sanders in long island city and
1:34 pm
take a quick listen. >> so what are some of the issues that are out there that we have got to deal with? well, very fundamentally, we have got to address the massive attacks against democracy that we have seen in recent years. six years ago the united states supreme court made one of the worst decisions in the history of this country in citizens united. and what they said is that, okay, billionaires, you already own much of the nation, now we're going to give you the opportunity to buy the united states government. and that is what they are trying to do as we speak. you've got families, billionaire families like the koch brothers, the second wealthiest family in america and other billionaires prepared to spend $900 million in this campaign cycle to elect
1:35 pm
candidates who represent the wealthy and the powerful. $900 million. when you have a handful of families spending more money than either the democratic or republican parties, that is not democracy, that is oligarchy. we will not allow that to take place. [ cheers and applause ] and then in addition to that, in addition to the ability of the 1% to try to buy elections and undermine democracy, you've got another reality going on. you have cowardly republican governors all over this country who are trying to suppress the vote. now just think about it. think about the torturous path that this nation hasone through in terms of democracy. women couldn't vote,
1:36 pm
african-americans couldn't vote, poor whites couldn't vote. and we struggled over our history. good people stood up and fought back to expand democracy. and now as a result of another disastrous supreme court decision undermining the voting rights act of 1965, you've got republican governors figuring out ways to they can make it harder for poor people, people of color, young people, old people, to participate in the political process. what an outrage. and what i say to those republican governors, if they don't have the guts to participate in free, fair and open elections, they should get out of politics, get another job. >> just a little snippet there of this live event where bernie sanders is speaking right now. this as just a few moments ago we understand we're reporting that bernie sanders has won the democratic caucus in wyoming. he has not made reference to it from what we understand.
1:37 pm
he has not been made aware that he has won that, although he did reference it earlier. i want to bring back in gabe talking about this. looking ahead as we've heard and considering this even though we were just talking about the momentum this win may help him with even though it's not delegate rich, we're talking also on the other side about hillary clinton and this will be her seventh consecutive loss when it comes to the nominating contest what will we expect to see from bernie sanders leading into new york? we've heard of him saying his hillary clinton is claiming new york is her home but she's born in illinois and knowing the back and forth that we've seen with the unqualified terminology in there. what can we see as far as bernie sanders after this wyoming win leading up to new york. >> right. this just underscores how important new york really is for both of them. new york is the second-most delegate-rich state of all of them and they both have very close ties to this state. i think you'll see both of them continuing to sharpen their
1:38 pm
knives. there's no question that the clinton campaign is eager to finish the primary and move on to the general election, though they're still working on the primary. there's also no question that sanders is making the case this is not over. he is very enclosuclear that he going -- he's been leaning hard on the part of his speech where he says i want to tell you about the differences i have with secretary clinton. i don't think you'll continue to see them having the conversation over who is qualified. what you'll continue to see is rising tensions in some way or another because they both think that they have a pretty legitimate claim to being the proper southboun or daughter of york. >> hillary clinton upstate getting that working class vote and the very, very crucial minority vote in new york. how both of them will go about
1:39 pm
getting that. >> that's absolutely right. one thing that the clinton campaign has often pointed out is that sanders tends to do very well in states that are overwhelmingly white. wyoming is no exception to that rule. new york is a very diverse state. this is also going to have a closed primary, which means if you're not registered as a democrat, you can't vote in the democratic primary. sanders has not won a ton or any closed primaries so far. all of his primary wins as opposed to caucus wins have come in open or semi-open states where you can vote as a democrat or independent. so they'll be leaning very hard focusing on minority outreach but also focusing on trying to make sure people know if you're a true democrat, they say you should vote for secretary clinton, not for senator sanders who has been an independent for so many years.
1:40 pm
>> he is there at that lye event taking a nice sip of water. this as we're coming out of this win in wyoming with bernie sanders claiming victory there. gabe, thank you very much for your time. we'll check back in with you as we continue on this this. i also want to take you live to new rochelle, upstate new york, where john kasich has just taken the stage for a town hall. let's take a quick listen and then come back and see you after the break. >> i tell you an interesting story. i was not only involved and for those that are older and remember the screwdrivers and the wrenches that cost thousands of dollars but i was serving on an armed services committee that was filled with republicans and democrats, all of whom were
1:41 pm
committed to one thing, destroying communism. that was it. destroying the soviet union. there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the republicans and the democrats. no difference at all. and my mentor was a gentleman from alabama, very conservative. he was a democrat. he had his leg blown off in a mine field in world war ii. and he was the head of the investigations committee of armed services. we investigated why the military couldn't work together, fight together and win together. and we found that there was this problem, jimmy carter sent these helicopters to rescue our hostages in iran and the helicopters crashed into one another because the services hadn't trained together. we studied what had happened in lebanon where there were marines, but they couldn't -- they couldn't communicate with the navy ship. they could see it out in the med
1:42 pm
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breaking news here on msnbc, bernie sanders winning the wyoming caucus, winning eight out of the last nine nominating contests with 18 delegates now going to bernie sanders. to the republican race, ted cruz heading to las vegas for the spring meeting of the powerful republican jewish coalition. in fact he is the only remaining gop candidate there. it's being held at the venetian resort, a massive hotel and casino owned by sheldon adelson. vaughn hilliard is in las vegas. vaughn, we saw ted cruz making matza this week with kids there so why is there that push for jewish voters? >> i think for jewish voters particularly, frances, if you're looking at new york, it's trying to figure out who was the republican new york voter that
1:46 pm
ted cruz is trying to court. it's interesting when you're looking from the rural areas, is that the voter. buffalo, rauchs, blue collar or the bronx, brooklyn where the republican jewish population is based. which brings him to las vegas. sheldon adelson gave $90 million in 2012 to republican causes. he has 500 people that ted cruz will be speaking to. donald trump and john kasich turned down the opportunity to be here. simultaneously with that, ted cruz is also holding huddle meetings. he had dinner last night with his campaign staff plus 40 big-dollar donors to his campaign and would be potential donors and is again doing that tonight. this is a long-term campaign. we're going to be seeing at least two more months of this campaign going into california, which votes on june 7th and where ted cruz is going to hold his first two rallies on monday. but this is really becoming nitty-gritty. if you look at colorado, where
1:47 pm
he was able to wrap up 21 of 21 delegates. suddenly now you're looking inside of like arizona and south carolina. apologies, everybody, about that. back to you guys. >> apparently what happens in vegas doesn't necessarily stay in vegas when it comes to those guys but we appreciate it. thank you very much. i want to bring in tim miller, advisor to the anti-trump group. communications director for the jeb bush campaign. appreciate you being with us, tim. i want to ask you and cover a lot here. a retweet that you put out last night and it was donald trump, his tweet saying isn't it a shame that the person who will have the most delegates and millions more voters than anyone else, me, still must fight. and then you tweeted, and actually i'll refer to that article in just a second, you tweeted that this is a man who sees it slipping away and is grasping for a lifeline. tell me what you mean about that. >> what i mean is i think he knows he's not going to be able to go to the 1237.
1:48 pm
donald trump is usually mr. bragadocia, but this tweet showed weakness. it showed a sense that he knows he's not going to get to a majority of the delegates and so what he's trying to do is change the rules so that he would get the nomination even if he had just the most votes but not the majority of votes. unfortunately for him that's not how the system works. getting to 1,237 is looking really tough for him, especially after a bad couple of weeks. >> do you think that has anything to do with why we haven't seen much, heard much from him outside of this 9/11 museum visit today since wednesday, i think? >> there have not been any trumpian outbursts since -- after he lost wiswisconsin, he t a very petulant statement out where he accused ted cruz with no evidence of illegal activity. then he never packed it up and there was a lot of pushback on that. since then all we've seen is his new hired gun, a putin ally,
1:49 pm
paul manafort, who's come out on tv and now i think that there's some internal machinations in the campaign where donald trump is running into reality, which is if he can't get to 1,237, they're trying to make changes on the fly and it's creating trouble. you can see that in the state delegate battles like vaughn mentioned in colorado where ted cruz is beating him handily. >> i want to talk about this poll out today from reuters. it says more than a third of trump supporters would turn their back on the gop if he does not end up as the nominee. is the republican party kind of afraid of the backlash they may face in the fall without trump as the nominee? >> you're always during a contested, heated primary, these sorts of polls always sprout up. if you look at the democratic side, a number of democratic supporters are saying the same thing about hillary. what's interesting in numbers is the percentage of numbers that say they won't vote for trump
1:50 pm
far far exceeds the percentage of trump voters who say they wouldn't vote for another republican nominee. so as far as the party being fractured is concerned, it would be much, much more damaging to have trump in there and he would jeopardize safe republican states. we saw a poll last week in mississippi where he was only winning by three. if mississippi is a swing state, we can pack this up right now. >> tim miller, thank you very much. >> thanks, frances. >> haven't heard, mr. bragadocious? >> that's one of the nicest things have said about him. >> i can imagine that's the case. i appreciate your time. also this just getting in, we know when donald trump did make that appearance, brief appearance, not really sharing many words at the 9/11 museum today, that he donated $100,000 to the 9/11 museum, so that information there. when he made that visit with his wife, melania. we'll be right back.
1:51 pm
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1:54 pm
it is breaking news out of wyoming. nbc news projecting the vermont senator, bernie sanders, has won the state's democratic caucus. that news breaking in the last 20 minutes. so with that win here with 98% in, bernie sanders the projected winner with 56% of the vote, now extending the senator's winning streak now in that momentum with that win out of wyoming. i want to bring back in nbc senior political ed tor mark murray. when you're talking about the headline here, is the bigger headline not so much that bernie sanders wins wyoming, no big surprise really with that, but is it how close it was would you say is the headline here? >> yeah, frances, i think that's fair. i think that this is something that both sides can actually be very happy about. bernie sanders ends up getting the win as he was expected to do, really continues to end up
1:55 pm
having momentum going into the new york primary on april 19th. but hillary clinton kept it much closer than expected. one of the reasons why what was going on in wyoming was a closed caucus. and you end up having independents were not as able to participate. and that is actually very instructive and important as we head into new york because new york is a closed primary. that actually might give you a sense that hillary clinton is going to be your favorite in that contest because when you take independents away from bernie sanders, it really dilutes his success. he's been able to clean the table with independents, but when it's just been in the broader universe of democrats only, he doesn't do as well and hillary clinton outperforms him. >> so what are we going to see when it comes to the next following day? we've heard of course attacks on wall street, attacks on big money as well, attacking on whose home turf new york is when it comes to hillary clinton or bernie sanders. what can we see from him? >> well, you know, we'll endi ending -- end up seeing bernie
1:56 pm
sanders talking about the issues that he wants to talk about, on wall street, contrasting himself on hillary clinton on how he raises money for his campaign versus her on hers. of course it's actually been in the last 72 hours the democratic race has gotten a little more heated, a little nastier than we've seen over previous months. what is amazing to me, frances, and you guys are in new york, you know new york very well, this has turned into a senate or gubernatorial race where you have the candidates hitting not only the populated big apple in the five boroughs but also going to upstate new york. hillary clinton has been running advertisements in buffalo and rochester like she's running for senate re-election as opposed to president, so i think it's fascinate. we'll know who ends up winning ten days from now. but it's been competitive and new york is able to have the 2016 election almost all to itself, at least on the democratic side. >> very quickly in our last ten seconds here, mark, qualified, unqualified, are we going to hear any more of that from the
1:57 pm
two of them? >> you know, we've actually heard it more from hillary clinton lately. she's been reminding people what bernie sanders said. you see bernie sanders has stopped talking about it. >> all right, mark, thank you very much. good to hear from you and that does it for me here on msnbc. i'm frances rivera. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries
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the 12-hour strength of aleve for pain relief that can last into the morning. and now... i'm back. check your sunday paper and save $3 next week. let's play haushl. good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. after a big loss in wisconsin this week, hillary clinton went on offense and fired a shot across bernie sanders' bow. he hit back showing he can more than defend himself. the fight kept up thursday when he taped an interview for friday's today show. she denied ever saying sanders was not qualified to be president. friday morning, sanders called a truce, after two days of slamming clinton's qualifications, he took back what he said about clinton himself being unqualified.


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