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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts and we are live once again in schoharie county, new york. a beautiful portion of upstate and we're just one week to go to new york's 2016 primary. the stop trump campaign is running out of time and not even spending a single time. so is the writing on the wall? our nbc news "wall street journal" shows brand new numbers as well as quinnipiac, the demonstrating trump and clinton expanding the empire state leads and trump ratcheting up his attacks on hillary clinton and his trash talk about the delegate process. >> her whole life has been a big fat beautiful lie. it's been a terrible, terrible lie. everything about her is a lie. maybe in addition to winning, maybe we'll clean up the system. we might be able to clean up this dirty rotten disgusting system. >> the gop front-runner
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continues to demonstrate his contempt for the nomination process. rnc communications director will join me this hour and respond to trump's accusations that the system is, quote, rigged and we'll have his reaction to the breaking news from capitol hill. this afternoon, house speaker paul ryan will speak to the press pouring ice water on weeks of speculation that he might be gearing up to join the presidential race. we have a lot to unpack this hour. our msnbc political team is covering this jam packed political calendar on the ground and across the state. i want to begin with the breaking news. the house speaker, paul ryan announcement, luke, that he's officially not going to be making a run for the white house.
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>> the white house with fallout from the panama papers and sort of the cameron let up from the discussion. i'm wondering if you can just tell me whether or not the white house is following that and what we should expect the president to defend? >> josherne ernest saying he wi leave it up to him and luke russert still with us. and forgive me for jumping out of that so quickly to get over to the white house press briefing room but what are you hearing about why speaker ryan needs to make a declaration about his own non-presidential run at this point in the primary season? >> they thought this issue was put to rest about a year ago when nbc news was the first
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report that paul ryan was not going to run for president and what's been interesting is through the course of this republican presidential primary, this has been this hope mainly from the establishment class that perhaps the contested convention, paul ryan could emerge as a phoenix from the ashes of all the discord in the republican party and be the white knight they could rally behind. ryan views this scenario as problematic. number one, they are very much aware that paul ryan never ran for president. he was not out there raising money. he was not out there trying to get delegates. he was not out there putting himself on the line in front of voters. number two, they also realize that the delegates that are going to be at this convention are mainly going to be cruz people, trump people, maybe some establishment, but the anti-establishment forces will be very strong. number three, thomas, is the most important one but ryan sees as his best asset to the republican party right now is remaining speaker of the house and running a parallel campaign
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to whoever the nominee whether it's trump or cruz. if it's one of those two, which the polling reflects as not popular at the national electorate, ryan sees his job as preserving the house, helping where he can and presenting a republican party of the future, a more optimistic party, one more inclusive. remember, paul ryan has been outspoken about poverty, immigration, trade, issues that are not very popular right now with republican electorate. that's where he sees himself. they believe this press conference at 3:15 p.m. at the rnc, he will say under no circumstances will i do it. i'm not putting my name in the nomination. i'm the neutral umpire of this convention. i am going to shepherd the delegates through the process and that is my only role. so he's going to do everything he can. we'll see if that quiets down the talk. some people just won't let it go away, thomas. >> interesting. that party contrast between someone like a speaker ryan, who would be looking toward that
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more inclusive future against a candidate like a donald trump who's been able to invigorate voters from a certain divisive kind of rhetoric, but also politico had this headline about the fact that the reality is that polling on a national level for a speaker ryan, if he were to be the nominee, would fail against the candidate clinton. >> reporter: yeah, and they're cognizant of that and realize how messy this process has been. you have to project into the future and that's what they do with ryan and ryan is still a young guy and has a career ahead of him if he wants it that any party holding on to the white house for 16 years, extremely difficult to do. it's hard enough to deal with 12. the last time this happened, you saw what happened in '92 with bill clinton beat hw bush with the white house, they are aware of that and not to mention, think of the backlash against ryan from his own republican party. there are a lot of folks who call him a rino already and aware he doesn't want to deal
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with it and rather concentrate on his job as speaker of the house. >> nbc's luke russert. thank you very much. just a programming note, that's going to be coming up. the press briefing from speaker ryan from the rnc roughly about 3:00. nbc's jacob rascon following for us in rome, new york, east of syracuse. any reaction from the trump folks about the paul ryan announcement? >> reporter: we have reached out, but we have not heard back. after paul ryan takes the microphone and speaks, you might be a trump tweet and then see something from the trump campaign but so far, they haven't said anything. they've had a very interesting relationship as we well know. of course, speaker paul ryan felt the need to actually come out and talk about some of the things that trump has said, for example, the muslim ban that he proposed a couple of months ago and had speaker paul ryan say that is not who we are.
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we ha him do that on a couple of occasions and spoken on the phone. paul ryan has spoken to other candidates. so they've had a very interesting relationship and as you might imagine, mr. trump would be excited to know and to hear that paul ryan would not be interested in jumping in. he's talking about the system being rigged and corrupt, that would play into the argument and as we stand here and walk around in front of this rally and we talk to these folks here and in albany and on long island, this argument about a corrupt system, a rigged system resonates with them. when he gelts, mr. trump gets up in the rally and talks about it, the crowd goes wild. a lot of these folks, they are not used to being involved in the political process. many of them have never been to a rally. many have never even voted. in fact, just met a nice young lady here who you just registered republican specifically to be able to vote
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for mr. trump. >> yes, we were wanted to be in the primary. >> for the first time. >> and you've never been to a political rally. when mr. trump says, the system is rigged, what do you think? what does that mean to you? >> it means that i don't trust the machines. i don't trust the news media. i don't trust the negativity. every other word or commercial. i see it in one room and if you're not watching the tv and you hear the tv, it's one negative word after another. what about trump's troubles? his problems? will they be able to get the people back? he has the people. and he doesn't have problems except with the media. >> reporter: so what do you think we hear a possible paul ryan or a mitt romney or somebody else coming in and going to be the white knight and be the face of the republican party? >> i think it's disgusting. we didn't want him four years ago. we certainly don't want him now. the country has gone downhill. the country is in a mess.
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we voted since we were 18 but we voted with our conscience. we looked at the candidates and we voted the one who we thought would be the better one but never realized how dangerous it was to get the wrong one and we've seen it now. if you get the wrong one, you're in trouble. >> reporter: what makes you think mr. trump can fix this? >> his one purpose is to serve the country, not himself. >> i'm 60 something years old and for years, i voted for politicians. look where we are now. we got a businessman who's successful that thinks he can get us out of where we are and he's getting my vote and i hope everybody else's because i think he can do it. >> reporter: thank you for your time. these are the true believers. and this is what the argument is. that mr. trump is unlike anybody else. and that it's kind of scary sometimes to think about what might happen in fact if a white knight were to come in and i know mr. trump mentioned that,
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but if you talk spoupporters he, many say they aren't voting for anybody else. they're that committed. thomas? >> our jacob rascon reporting there. thank you so much. and speaking of that white knight and the ice water that's being poured on that coming up this afternoon, officially from paul ryan as we heard from the top of the hour, josh ernest. >> it's my understanding that the meeting that speaker ryan has convened is to assure everybody including democrats that don't need to be concerned, at least not this year. but i'll let him speak for himself about his own plans. i think democrats are going to have a forceful argument to make and will be part of making that argument and in some ways, already has been. >> reporter: speaker of the house, being the convention
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chair for the rnc and the july convention that's going to be happening in cleveland. one man that's hoping to be there is john kasich and nbc's kelly o'donnell is following that campaign joining me now from new york city and kelly, i understand you reached out to that campaign for their reaction to the ryan news. have you heard back? >> reporter: the event hasn't happened yet. candidates like to wait and hear what someone says before they react to it, but i can imagine this. john kasich himself spent 18 years in the congress. he could appreciate where paul ryan would be coming from if to remain speaker of the house and not take on the whim of trying to be a draft potential candidate. so i think john kasich would be pleased to know as the chairman of the convention, people realize there is someone who is the official chair, a being the speaker of the house, that plays
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a role and all those would play into what john kasich would like to see. we give you a behind the scenes here. this is this room he delivered an important speech and as his campaign life, they are resetting for a private event that will begin in an hour or so. if you see the chairs stacked behind me, there's some other non-political thing going to happen here in a short time. but john kasich in this room wanted to make a very important point that in many ways ties in the theme that paul ryan wants to project over the next many months about a more positive vision for the republican party. and in his speech, he talked about trying to distinguish a positive vision from kind of a darker america in terms of the rhetoric and the ideas that could put the u.s. in a much more dangerous position. both in terms of how people interact with each other here at home and overseas. here's a short piece of what john kasich had to say. >> some who feed off of the fears and the anger that is felt
10:13 am
by some of us and exploited feed their own insatiable desires for fame or attention. that could drive america down into a ditch and not make us great again. >> implicit there, the great again dig at donald trump and also, a very critical line from john kasich talking about agendas and fame and sort of what's happening with other candidates. that could be in the eye of the voter or the beholder to determine if he's right, but that's what he's trying to lay out here to be an alternative candidate from those front runners, trump and cruz and here in new york, as you well know, thomas, john kairsich is pollin second and hoping to pick up some delegates if he can connect. thomas? >> we were just looking at live images of john kasich meeting with jewish religious leaders in new york city. i think holding a box of matzah.
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my he brew is not very good but i think that's what it is. should we listen in to what john kasich has to say? let's go ahead. >> israelites led by moses were able to pass and escape the oncoming egyptian army. when i think of that, i think it's a great time. >> here we have john kasich talking about passover meeting with jewish religious leaders. i couldn't hear exactly what he was saying there. joining me from washington, dc with new reporting for us. mark, i want to start with the paul ryan news and while we are asking our different campaign reporters for reaction about the ryan news, it seems like he's coming out with a no, we're going to have the press conference coming up at 3:15 to hear it definitively from his
10:15 am
own voice but why does he have to try so hard that he won't be drafted? >> reporter: thomas, a couple of reasons. one as kelly o'donnell was saying, paul ryan will be the convention chair at the republican convention in cleveland in july and for paul ryan to be able to be in this type of position, he has to have 100% certainty he won't be the white knight and this comes after last week in which his speaker's office was kind of putting out some campaign-style advertisement videos but the reason to do with the donald trump phenomenon. you and jacob rascon were talking about this but if paul ryan who is house speaker, now kind of controlling part of the republican establishment, if people continue to see him as a possibility, even despite his denials, i think that only furthers the message that you end up having to a lesser
10:16 am
extent, ted cruz. if you are the republican establishment, you don't want to seem like you're taking something away. you want to have a definitive statement like we're probably going to hear from paul ryan today. so we'll have that again coming up in the 3:00 hour eastern and as we look at the numbers, the money mark for the anti-trump forces, we know what type of investment they made in wisconsin. ted cruz was able to win that state. but what are we looking at for new york? >> a big zero, thomas. so far, the anti-trump outside groups, three of them in particular have not aired a single ad, not spent a single cent in new york and it's an expensive state advertising-wise but there are some consequences if the stop trump movement decides not to take at him. donald trump could end up winning all 95 of new york's delegates if he finishes 50% in all congressional districts or above that and some people, you might wonder if spending half a million dollars, a million dollars in some congressional
10:17 am
districts would keep trump below 50% and rob him of some delegates. >> mark, thank you. i want to bring the conversation to miller, being the senior advisor to the pack and i want to start with the news about paul ryan. is there a a pro-cruz organization? >> i thought it would be a big stretch but here's the deal. open conventions to gubernatorial open conventions, you don't know what's going to happen. i think we have a role here on the anti-trump side to galvanize
10:18 am
delegates who do not want to support donald trump towards the best alternative and i think we've said for a long time it seems like cruz is the most likely, but you'll see what happens at a convention setting. >> the anti-trump organizations that had success in wisconsin. some said spiking the football after seeing ted cruz win there and defeating donald trump, why not spend a dime in new york for the organization? >> sure, i disagree with mark's assessment. mark's throwing around, well, if they just put in a million dollars into a congressional district, you could save some delegates. there are big media market states left. new york, maryland, california. this is an expensive endeavor. so what we need to do is figure out where's the best bang for our buck? >> in wisconsin.
10:19 am
>> new york is not related to what happened in wisconsin. new york is donald trump's home state. ted cruz won his home state. john kasich won his own state and trump will win new york and we said that from the start. it's extremely expensive. we need to go to places where there's a non-trump can beat them and look at maryland, nebraska, and california and that's how we prevent him from getting to 1237. >> looking further down the line is the primary calendar. with our principles pac. nice to see you. >> so we want you to join in on the conversation with our microsoft pulse question. should the parties change their nominating process to reflect the popular vote? checking out, the pulse is live at cast your vote. we'll look at the results. bernie sanders turns out massive
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the democratic candidates all over new york state rallying their supporters with a week to go. when it comes a brand new nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows that hillary clinton is dominating in an adopted home state leading senator bernie sanders by double digits. while brand new quinnipiac poll in the last hour demonstrates clinton crushing sanders by double digits. the race between the two with
10:24 am
increasingly and in new york city, hillary clinton spoke in an event honoring equal pay day and talked about the efforts over that issue. >> occasionally when i speak about this, people say, oh there she goes playing the gender card. and what i say to that is if talking about equal pay and paid leave and more opportunities for women and girls is playing the gender card then deal me in. >> bernie sanders is expected to hold his second event of the day in under an hour. at his rally this morning, he continued to call into question clinton's judgment. especially regarding her vote on the war in iraq. >> secretary clinton was a united states senator from new york state. she heard, she listened to the
10:25 am
same arguments from bush and cheney. her judgment was faulty. she voted for that disastrous war. >> msnbc's kasie hunt following the sanders campaign and joining us live from syracuse and he's double digits down in new york state. so what are they talking about expectations and also about the strategy with a week to go? >> reporter: hey. it's clear that bernie sanders has an uphill battle in new york and privately said this really is a must-win state for him if he wants to continue. he still has to show, of course, he's able to make inroads in big states and actually challenge hillary clinton's delegate lead. now to do it, he's obviously backed off of that criticism he made earlier in this month when he said that clinton was not qualified to be president, but
10:26 am
now, you have him out there continuing to question her judgment. he's been doing that for the last couple of months and now his campaign saying that she has credibility issues after she went after him on guns saying that many of the illegal guns that end up being used in crimes in new york actually come from vermont, something that the vermont governor has actually supporting her disputes. sanders campaign trying to use that as part of its overall focus to push back against hillary clinton. but the question here, thomas, is really whether or not they can scale up this campaign in this week in a way that is a serious challenge to hillary clinton? this puts bernie sanders himself really in a crucible. this is the most critical, the time at which there has been the most pressure on sanders. and you've seen sanders himself step into some of that. the new york daily news interview, for example, and you've also seen the clinton campaign putting more and more
10:27 am
pressure on him directly focusing on that interview. now calling him untested against donald trump. >> we know hillary clinton continues to go after bernie sanders pretty hard on guns, wall street, immigration. she's got the upper hand when it comes to new york, but how is that playing out for the sanders campaign? they try to push back against that but look down the calendar to the northeastern states that come up on april the 26th? >> reporter: it's pretty clear, thomas, that hillary clinton is executing the exact strategy her campaign preview, a strategy that's what set bernie sanders off in the beginning when he wanted to talk about how she was not qualified. her campaign telegraphed that she was going to try to disqualify him and go after him and that's what she's been. doing. we talk about more rough and tumble way of doing things here with the press in new york, particularly in new york city and she's been much more engaged in that than she might have been other places. you saw her criticizing his
10:28 am
record on immigration and guns, we just talked about immigration in the sanders campaign pushing back for the conference call today with latino supporters trying to point to that in the 2008 campaign when hillary clinton didn't support driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants, but this all taken together putting bernie sanders under pressure, kind of day in and day out, news cycle to news cycle will see how he weters it over the course of the next several days. >> msnbc's kasie hunt in syracuse, new york, on the campaign trail with bernie sanders. thanks. coming up, president obama is marking equal payday by designating the one time headquarters of the national women's party, a national monument. to honor the movement for women's equality. the president said he looks forward to a time when girls are astonished. that women once made less than men. saying we're getting closer to that today. >> if we truly value fairness, then america should be a level
10:29 am
playing field where everyone who works hard gets a chance to succeed. and that's good for america. because we don't want some of our best players on the sidelines. up next, all in good fun or no joking matter? hillary clinton and new york city mayor bill de blasio under fire for a cringe worthy joke. >> i'm sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. >> i don't like jokes like that. >> we have a live report. one week to go. msnbc, the place for politics. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it.
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we're following a development on the ground beginning with cal perry who is live on long island. once the heart of the state's republican party and we know cal, donald trump will headline the gop fund raising reception there on thursday. what are you hearing about it and what are the expectations about the total people to show up?
10:34 am
>> reporter: you're commuting to new york city about an hour and a half away. in 2008, thomas, there was a hate crime that took place here. an ecuadorian man. the new york times called the chairman of the republican committee out here in suffolk county a dangerous provocator. here's what he had to say. >> the reality is, does that mean no one's allowed to have anything in new york city where there are numerous hate crimes that occur and the cities across this country? so to pick this one issue, i think is wrong. i think that you have a situation where people are exploiting this circumstance. this horrible tragedy that
10:35 am
occurred in the community and the family. >> reporter: thomas, the reality is, of course, for both the trump campaign and the republican party, trump rally is always going to draw protesters but the location is what people are questioning and the new york times questions and what many people here are questioning and long island is also a consistent stop for all candidates for fund raising. we saw hillary clinton here yesterday. she had her own fund raising dinner. not a surprise he's having a fundraiser here but however, a surprise he's having it here in this town. thomas? >> msnbc's cal perry in patchhogue, new york. racially insensitive in a joke on saturday night live. take a look. >> i just have to say thanks for the endorsement, bill. took you long enough.
10:36 am
[ drum roll ] >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. >> that's not, i don't like jokes like that. >> cautious politician time. >> that joke caught fire over the last couple of days. an article calling it, quote, cringe worthy. the term cp time refers to colored people's time, often late to appointments or events. the mayor asked about that joke last night and he defended it. >> every actor involved including hillary clinton and leslie thought it was a joke on a different convention. that was the whole idea of it. i think people are missing the point here. >> we bring in joy reid. joy being the author of
10:37 am
"fracture, obama and the clintons, the racial divide." the mayor chalking up it actors playing out a part but what do you hear from people as they hear this and are people missing the point, that this was a mistake or that it was just a bad joke? >> reporter: well, thomas, i can tell you that out here in the bronx, where it's quite chilly this morning, this headline, of course, the clinton campaign woke up to this morning, new york daily news scorching them for that joke. it was a scripted skit that was performed by a member of the cast of hamilton, the stage play along with hillary clinton and bill de blasio. we asked several people we spoke to here in the bronx what they thought of it. people of color, whether they found it offensive. most people brought up the fact that bill de blasio is married to an african-american woman and his children are african-american. most people not exercised about
10:38 am
it. no one brought it up proactively but asked what people thought when described the joke to them. pretty representative what we heard so far today. >> i took it as a joke myself. but, you know, i believe that they didn't mean no harm. i think they just said it as a joke and that's what it meant but some people, because it's politics, so people read or hang on every word that you say. but it's important sometimes to choose your words carefully. >> reporter: and so i'll tell you, thomas, some very good campaign advice from several other people we spoke to today that the clinton campaign probably should have read the script before she performed it and maybe thought better of that as an idea to make a joke at this dinner that takes place every year like the gridiron dinner or the white house correspondents dinner. probably not a good idea to do humor but we didn't find anyone
10:39 am
proactively taking offense to it. thomas? >> so the timing of this joke and msnbc's adam howe wrote about it, the controversy couldn't come at a more inauspicious time. bill clinton has been in the hot seat for public racially charged clashes with black lives matter protesters and both clintons have been increasingly under fire for the support of the 1994 crime bill that's not been faulted for sky high incarceration rates, disproportionately impacting african-americans. so some people say maybe they take the fact that they have a long time confidence of black voters and they kind of squander it a bit by being so cavalier. are folks going to show that in the polls come tuesday or are they going to be able to look past that? >> reporter: well, i can tell you we did find strong support for hillary clinton here and bernie sanders. there's a sign by the icy man there and doesn't seem that this
10:40 am
is an issue that's necessarily motivating voters. the clinton have a long standing history with african-americans and on issues like the crime bill, it was kind of becoming a wash as our own colleague pointed out, the crime bill had so many hands on it including bernie sanders who voted on it. it's not necessarily working for the sanders campaign the way it might had he for instance like john lewis, a member of the house who voted against the crime bill. i think that's actually cut into the ability of the sanders campaign to really use the crime bill against hillary clinton because, of course, she was first lady. she didn't have a vote. so i think that is not something that's necessarily challenging her. the big challenge for hillary clinton, i think, is really going to be enthusiasm and whether african-americans who just for the people we've been talking to tend to be more on her side and are they as motivated as bernie sanders voters in i thi voters? i think that's the issues to eat into her margins with african-americans. thomas? >> joy reid reporting there in
10:41 am
new york city. thank you so much. coming up next, for everybody, it's been a big development and big talker this afternoon with speaker paul ryan giving an update coming up this afternoon and donald trump, he remains on the trail kind of challenging the system, the process. but i have sean spicer the communications director for the rnc to join me next talking about the way donald trump talks about the delegate math and also, why speaker ryan needs to make this important address today from the rnc headquarters. we're back in a moment.
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and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. coming up in less than two hours, expected to hear from house speaker paul ryan who will face cameras inside the republican national headquarters in dc and rule out a run for the presidency. there's been a lot of buzz over the last month about the potential candidacy of speaker ryan much caused by videos released by his office that looked like campaign ads. they feature sound bites from a
10:45 am
speech he gave last month on capitol hill in which he pushed back against the harsh brand of political rhetoric em bodied by donald trump and ryan also the chair of the republican convention coming up in july in cleveland and while he's expected to rule out a last minute bid, there will be a lot of people watching for how definitive or shermanesque a statement this is going to be. seanspicer is the communications director for the republican national committee. it is great to see you. thanks for making time with me. >> absolutely, thomas. >> so let's talk about this. this speaker ryan. do you expect it to be a definitive statement to lay to rest any potential for paul ryan swooping in and taking the gop nomination? >> i think speaker ryan made very clear multiple times already. i think this will be the 18th or 19th time he said he's got no intention of running. he wants to be at the forefront of setting the policy and talk
10:46 am
about republican policies, why the republican party, why the conservative movement provides the best solution to america and continue to rule out running for president and i think that echoes something that we firmly believe one of the three candidates is going to be the nominee and so it helps to sort of undermine some of this speculation that's continuing to swirl no matter how many times he says it himself. >> so sean, did you at the rnc encourage speaker ryan to make a statement like this or did speaker ryan come to you and say, i need to say this and help unify our party behind the eventual nominee that's one of the three remaining candidates? >> reporter: as far as i know, he made this decision on his own and as you've noted and i just mentioned, the speaker said he's got no intention of seeking the presidency that his job is to be speaker of the house to set the agenda and put forth legislation and policies that will make the country a better place. so, you know, this is just him
10:47 am
having to reiterate it again because of the nonsense and speculation that swirled around despite his previous attempts to quell it. >> i think there's been a lot of issue drummed up on the campaign from the gop front-runner donald trump talking about the system or his contempt for how the nomination plays out when it comes to the delegates. i want to play for everyone what donald trump had to say about the results of the colorado conventions. take a listen. >> you ever hear them say, it doesn't matter who you vote for. this is a great democracy. what we found out in colorado and in other places, this is not a democracy like we're supposed to have. we're going to make it a better democracy, all right. a better democracy and a fair democracy. and we're not going to have rigged elections in the republican party anymore. >> so sean, obviously the national party does not control what the state of colorado does. but what do you say to trump supporters who say what they saw
10:48 am
at colorado and how it changed the system last year to a convention from a presidential preference poll is less fair and does seem rigged? >> well, thomas, i would point to you the fact they had a convention four years ago. the rules that colorado and every other state in the district of columbia put forward were filed last october with the rnc. they were available to every campaign to understand the process and when you take colorado as the example in the news, the process in colorado is a four-step process from precinct level to the county level to the congressional level to the statewide process. so if you're a campaign and you don't understand the process that's going on, then that's bad on the staff. that's bad on the campaign. but the process and for each of these states has been available to evening one of them sinthem . whether you run for mayor to understand what it takes when you need people to get to vote and the process for absentee votes and the delegate to the
10:49 am
precinct but running for office entails putting together a campaign that understands the process. nothing rigged. it's all out in the open for anyone to see and i understand that people sometimes don't like the process or may not understand it, but that doesn't mean it's not fair and open and transparent. >> so when it comes to october, you talk about what was baked into the cake for colorado, also for new york in the primary, october 9th, you had to be registered for either party and here in new york next week, two of donald trump's own children can't vote for their dad because they didn't file as a republican in time. so as the rnc looks at the 50 state strategy, should restrictions on how people are allowed to participate in the primary and the general elections be reevaluated as a hiccup like that is revealed? >> well, with all due respect, that's not a hiccup, thomas. everybody understands. i live in virginia.
10:50 am
it's clear what it takes to register to vote in virginia. they make it easy and allow for certain things, if you want to vote absentee. i think understanding the process is part of the electoral system and of the electoral system, part of being a good citizen. just because someone misses a deadline doesn't mean you review the whole system. whether you're, as you pointed out, registering to vote or in colorado, these processes for each state are made very clear on web sites and out in the open and there is a lot of voter information that's available. just because somebody missed a deadline or didn't understand the process, it doesn't necessarily mean the process is bad. with respect to colorado, one last thing is that every one of those campaigns had an opportunity to have people there. i didn't hear any complaints about colorado's process before the colorado vote took place. so i think all of the campaigns understand in each of these states how they're going -- what the process is they're going to work, what they need to do to be organized and ready, and it's up to them to do that, not turn around and blame the system if it doesn't turn out. >> so let's talk about the
10:51 am
convention, because we have under 100 days to go. how much anticipation is going into the planning, and what's going to take place in cleveland as we're kind of swooping through the spring and everything is quite undecided? >> that's right. i think we've pretty much recognized that we're going to go to june 7 before we definitely know that we'll have an open convention or not. on june 7 we've got 303 delegates up, 172 in california alone. once that date goes and passes and we realize either we're going to have one of the candidates with 1237 delegates, they will become the presumptive nominee if those are bound delegates. if not, we'll go to an open convention. i think we'll have an opportunity as a party to display all the values and principles that put republican values and solutions in the forefront for america, but also be able to show the american people, and frankly the world, what an open and honest and transparent democratic process that takes place. this might not have taken place the last few decades, i
10:52 am
understand that, but i think the republican party is going to put on the best convention in history and allow the eyes of the world to watch how democracy actually works, how delegates who have been elected at the grassroots level come and then, you know, vote out in the open for all to see and choose a nominee of a major party. >> so we know that donald trump will likely go on to the convention with the delegate lead, shawn, so if he does not emerge as the nominee, do you think you risk losing some of your most loyal voters, say, if trump strikes out as a third party independent? >> well, i understand, look, thomas, someone has to lose, right? you've got three individuals going into cleveland. only one of them can come out and be successful, and i understand there's going to be two individuals that are probably not exactly happy. but i think what we want to do is make sure everyone understands the process is fair, open and transparent and unite the parties as we come out of cleveland and understand what the big prize is. understand that hillary clinton and bernie sanders would take this country in a very different
10:53 am
trajectory than any of the three individuals currently headed to cleveland right now. i think that everyone in our party needs to understand that their job is to get the support and votes they need to secure 1237. but when they fall short, and if they fall short, they need to unite together as a team and as a party so we can win in november. >> all right. well, i think it's an understatement to say it is going to be hot in cleveland this summer. shawn spicer with the rnc. shawn, great to see you. thanks for your time. >> good to see you, thomas. thank you. joining me now is ben ginsberg, an msnbc political analyst and partner at jones day law firm. ben was a rules maker at the 2012 republican national convention. ben, it's good to have you with me, and as you heard shawn say there, he wants to make sure everyone feels it's a fair, open and transparent process. do you think that's what donald trump is leading people to believe as we roll from spring into summer for this convention, that it's a fair, open, transparent process to get the nomination? >> oh, i think so.
10:54 am
look, there are two things going on, i think, with mr. trump's remarks. one is his statements about how the system is rigged is, in fact, a great motivator to his voters in the really important new york primary next tuesday. and secondly, if he wants to change the system, and if he didn't like the way colorado or any other state took place, he will have the ability to file challenges with the rnc and with the convention contest committee, and he'll have the ability to change the rules of the process going forward. so there are lots of avenues to achieve what he says are his goals, and he's given a speech that's going to get his voters excited about his candidacy in new york. >> so we know ahead of paul ryan's 3:00 p.m. speech, ben, on not being the gop nominee and not trying to be a draft candidate for it, he just released a video showing his visit to the middle east and also meetings with key leaders
10:55 am
there, it looks awfully presidential. so what do you say of the mixed messages coming from speaker ryan? >> well, i'm not sure i see any mixed messages. he is the speaker of the house. that's one of the constitutional offices that we've got. he is somebody who is also responsible for being sure that the house stays republican. this is an unusually tumultuous republican primary. it was today four years ago that mitt romney became the presumptive nominee after rick santorum dropped out. i agree with what sean spicer just said, that we won't know for sure until june 7. that puts more of a burden on paul ryan for the continued majority of republicans in the house, and i think he's setting forth an agenda for his house republicans to run on and continue to hold the chamber. >> what do you think, though, because he didn't really want to be speaker of the house. he kind of tried to give that
10:56 am
job to heisman, also putting out kind of a no, please don't draft me, and no, i don't want to be president. it kind of is the reverse psychology, in a lot of ways, for the rise of paul ryan. do you think that this will, this announcement coming up this afternoon on afternoon, once and for all end that? >> i think that's what his design is. look, he's growing very well into the job of speaker of the house. he is taking advantage of the opportunity to set forth an agenda, a positive agenda for house republicans to grow on. he's doing his job. and he deserves credit for that. >> msnbc political analyst ben ginsberg. ben, great to have you on. thank you for your insight, we really appreciate it. we want to show everybody the results of the pulse at this hour. you've been voting at, talking about what you think of the campaign system. are we going to show those
10:57 am
results? there we have it. should the parties change their nominating process to reflect the popular vote? 78% of you say yes, 22% say no. the pulse remains live. check it out. that will wrap up this hour. i'm robert thomas. my colleague kate snow picks it up right after this break. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason. cook healthy meals... yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause) good tuesday from brooklyn, new york. imer cahill. we're inside the brooklyn roasting company here. we continue the coverage for push for votes in the empire state ahead of the primary which is just one week from today. we talked a lot about the anti-trump forces over the last two weeks. is new york a new focus for those efforts? i'm told those groups are spending a grand total of zero on tv ads here, this on the el


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