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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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like in alaska. they've got igloos. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6. . good day. i'm alex whit here in new york. just three days until the new york primary. some of the candidates are scattered to the far corners of the country, in fact the world. hillary clinton in hollywood.
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bernie sanders bringing it back and ted cruz this wyoming. donald trump, rails against gop convention rules and ted cruz. >> we have a rigged system. the republican system is rigged. it's a rigged system. >> we're seeing republicans coming together and uniting behind this campaign. >> cruz is going really down. he's the last hope. he's the last hope to stop trump. that's all he's got going. >> if we unite, we're going to win this republican nomination. if we unite, we're going to win the general votes in three days. wee we look at what happens when they move to election prizes right here on msnbc.
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we begin with ta live pictue of syracuse, new york where donald trump will kick off his first two rallies. he gave two interviews and accused the rnc of changing the delegate rules. >> they keep saying it wasn't changed, but when they saw i was going to win colorado like i did florida, like i did arizona and like i did many other states, then what they did is they changed the system. it's a crooked deal. it's a rigged system. >> once trump wraps in syracuse, he'll travel to dexter, new york. on kasich is in new york and ted cruz is in wyoming. here's how cruz summed up his recent victories at a rally in new york last night. >> there are two and only two candidates that have any plausible path, whatsoever to winning the republican
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nomination. me and donald trump. what we're seeing happening all across the country is we're seeing republicans coming together and uniting behind this campaign. >> on the democrat side, bernie sanders is on his way back to the u.s. after a brief meeting with pope francis during his trip to the vatican. the private meeting took place before the pope left for greece. here is what bernie sanders said about the meeting. >> today was the highlight of the trip. i just expressed my great admiration to him. to see a man of his stature raising issues that literally transforming the world. speaking so much to young people about the kind of planet we can be. >> sanders will hold a round table at his hometown of brooklyn. hillary clinton has a fund raising event in los angeles this evening. this as bill clinton campaigns
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throughout new york for her. he's on his way to the second of four events after this event in albany this morning. let's start with wyoming. reaching out to msnbc hallie jackson. i know ted cruz is the only republican candidate who's there right now. he's expected to make his pitch about 25 minutes or so from now. how likely is it he's going to sweep all these delegates in wyoming like in colorado? >> the chances look pretty good. donald trump's own advisors are sayi ining he believes cruz wil sweep. trump has not committed resources or time in wyoming. cruz is. he's coming here in about a half an hour. we will hear him make his pitch. john kasich has a surrogate but the candidate is in new york.
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cruz, the chances look good. while cruz is working his delegate strategy as we have been talking about to be in place and prepared for a possible contested convention. a top campaign aide said none of this matter if he locks up the magic number by june 7th and the important date when california goes ahead and holds its primary. all of this, of course, is contingent upon keeping donald trump below that 1237 thresholds and having the delegates in place to move forward. >> what are you hearing from those in attendance. he's got a hospitality sweuite, the only one to do that. do you hear people invoking the name of donald trump or kasich? >> you hear a lot of cruz. it's a long hallway and you come
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in through the day and people and supporters everywhere. you see lot of cruz folks here. it's indictive of what cruz has done in preparation for this play and the other conventions around the country too. there's some 95 delegates at stake and 34 different events. i'm told by team cruz they have staffers in place at all of them. >> hallie jackson we'll check with you next hour and see if ted cruz is taking to that podium. let's go to syracuse, new york where donald trump is holding his rally today. quick travel. you were just onset here in new york. what about the more refined and scripted trump. do you think that's what we're going to get today? >> i think that you're going to continue hearing what he's been hitting on the campaign trail the past few days that the system is rigged. we're hearing him talk about that when it comes to colorado.
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we're heari ining him talk abou that when it comes to wyoming. he keeps ted cruz can't win. he's got to win in this back door, shady deal where the establishment picks delegates. he talked about it again on fox. take a listen. >> i don't want to waste millions of dollars going out to kcolorado knowing the system is rigged. i don't want to waste millions of dollars going out to wyoming to wine and dine and pay off all these people. a lot of this is a payoff. they treat them and take them to dinner. the whole thing is a big payoff. it has nothing to do with democracy. >> donald trump is saying we don't expect to get them. here in new york, much larger
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chunk of delegates. he's expected to win big here. we has to do well in almost every congressional district. he's got to do really well to sweep this state and get all those delegates. it's possible for him to do that because ted cruz and john kasich are not nearly as popular as he is in his home state of new york. two things when it comes to he's talking about this rigged system. one of them is he's appealing to voters who feel like they have been left behind by washington, ignored by washington. not represented by washington. people who feel angry the way the system works and people who think they can't trust the system. that's what he's doing when it comes to that. he's got to find way not to alienate this party loyalists. they are the ones he need at the convention. if this goes past the first ballot to a second, third ballot, that's when ted cruz could do well. he could get this election away from donald trump. even though donald trump will likely go into the convention with significantly more votes.
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alex. >> you've been following this campaign from the beginning. how much do you sense a change in tenor and or focus from the bluster where we might stop and say what did he say to something that's more prepared, more focused. is that campaign wide? >> it will always be an element of bluster. when you're preparing now to even a couple of months ago there's less bluster than there was. in the past few weeks he's hired some very experienced advisors folks who have a relationship with washington and know how a traditional campaign should be run. instead of hitting the rnc as he was earlier this week, in wall
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street journal op-ed he backed away from that and focused on ted cruz. trying to paint him as dishonest. he was there on time. he left on time. that is unusual for him. he usually meanders and goes on. this is a sign the campaign is trying to get control of their candidate in order to do well. they do not want this going for a second ballot. >> thank you so much. let's bring in sabrina and joy reid. thanks for going to the other side of the desk. it was your show a few minutes ago. i want to talk about hallie jackson reporting back there. this convention format has worked for him before.
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sg >> i believe it will. that's when donald trump brought in the idea the system is rigged. the rules have been clear since october. this is before donald trump started to win contest and really scare the republican accomplishment into understanding he is a real threat. it's hard to overstate ted cruz' organization on the ground. that's been the hallmark of his campaign. we saw it work in iowa in the caucus there. we're seeing it work in these conventions. if we go into cleveland in july and donald trump doesn't have that magic number, this is where ted cruz has a real shot to run away with the nomination. >> if he loses, donald trump, all the signs are pointing to ted cruz. if he loses it's his fourth loss in a row. can you afford to keep losing? >> people are paying more attention to the actual primary contest where votes are being cast in new york and the public
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narrative is driven by or will be driven by donald trump having a hometown advantage and probably eeking out a significant win here on tuesday. not this wonky delegate conventions that we're following that have an impact on cleveland but not necessarily the public narrative of the race. one thing to note is donald trump's campaign is not showing an understanding of how the process work. they had the wrong name on the delegate cards and the wrong number. they didn't explain to supporters what the process looks like. if he does look, it's not his campaign is invested in the same way. >> that was before paul came on board and all that stuff is on place. the calmer donald trump, will this make a difference with his fans? >> i don't think so.
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he's in a zone where it doesn't matter what he does. because he never mastered the process as you were just discussion, he's now running anti-process. whether or not he's slightly less outrageous, i think what matters is his complaint, his core complaint. i think it's too late for the trump campaign to do what career politician ted cruz knows how to do well because he is in politics. he knows how to go back to the louisiana delegation and game the system and do that plus add on authenticity with movement conservatives. trump has the complaint about process. that's what he's taking to cleveland is the complaint about process. >> bernie sanders not in the country, not in the state of new york, but he did speak with ann thompson about his visit and meeting with the pope. let's listen to what he had to say. >> i'm a great admirer of pope
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francis. when i received this invitation, i believe that i would have kicked myself for the rest of my life if i did not attend the conference here in the vatican to deal with issues. >> did you put the new york p primary at risk? is it worth if you lose? >> i don't think that's how it works. >> do you think it puts new york at risk? >> hillary clinton is fund raising in california. she has a double digit lead over saerns sanders. they do not plooef believe if h unable to win in new york, it won't be because he went to speak about a core theme of his campaign. he has been campaigning aggressively. it's not that he hasn't been in new york. i don't think they saw it as a
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major distraction. you saw sanders campaign hit for attending this high dollar fund-raiser. >> what do you think is the real goal? some say maybe he'll pick up catholic voters but contested convention for the democrats. we've heard about that recently. >> i think what bernie sanders is the exact reason he went. think about a guy who is 74 years old and really sort of talking about income inequality and big banks for 40 years or more and not gotten a stage like the incredible national stage he's been able to get running for president, i have the say i believe the new york times article. this has exceeded anything like their wildest dream. there was a certain point, probably earlier this year where bernie sanders started to see a president in the mirror.
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you have these two competing goals. one to elevate the issues he cares about on the a global stage. he wasn't invited by the pope but he went to this conference and met the pope. his issues matter globally and he's gotten his issues on the table. i think that's important. his goal at the convention they want to make sure their platform is is platform. the things he's fought for is on the table. now i think there's a part of them that wants to take hillary clinton down. that can be constructive or deconstructive to campaign like bernie sanders. if you don't take her down and she limps into the primary, he may get blamed. i think they've got to walk a really careful line. >> i'm curious about the line that has to be walked in terms
9:17 am
of the optics. when you look at the different things, you've got one the pope talking about justice and financial justice and you have hillary clinton between two fund raisers in california, star studded expected to make 15 million bucks. >> the thing about the fund-raisers is they get attacked by the sanders folks. she's raising money for 32 state democratic parties plus the dnc. what the hillary clinton camp argues is this is the work of party building. having a great speeches and rallies, but if you look at wisconsin where a conservative supreme court justice won at the sam time bernie sanders is rallying young voters but not rallying them for down ticket. that's the job of a party leader. running for the nomination is running to be the leader of the democratic party. >> give me predictions.
9:18 am
what do you think the headlines will read in new york on wednesday? >> i think hillary clinton has a sizable advantage. donald trump does too. anything can happen. we've seen bernie sanders pull off an upset win like in michigan. that was a unique circumstance. i think the people with the hometown advantage the prohibitive front runners, i think it will be a big night for both of them. if bernie sanders is able to come close that would change the public narrative moving forward where bizarrely he's been awarded by the media for narrow losses and not string of victories he's had in recent primary contests since they haven't done much. depends on how close he's able to get. >> okay. thank you so much for joining us. you're usually in washington. thank you joy reid for seeing us for whatever side of the anchor desk you're on. the questions about hillary clinton and what obama called the worst mistakes in his presidency.
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democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is heading back to the united states this afternoon after a meeting with pope francis. all this as the battle grows more intense. let's bring in msnbc contributor bill richardson. former new mexico governor. bill, always good to see you. as we mentioned bernie sanders met with the pope this morning. the senator spoke at a vatican conference. he was talking about the impact of political money on the big system. here is part of what he said. >> the consequences have been even more dire than the disasterous effects of financial bubbles and falling living standards of working class families. our very soul, our very soul as
9:23 am
a nation has suffered. as the public has lost faith in political and social institutions. >> can one run for office without supporting big money donors? >> i think in a presidential race you have to be financially viable. i remember when i was running after two primaries unless you have resources you can't keep on running. i think for instance with hillary clinton in california, i know that sanders is attacked her for the clooney fund-raiser. this is very common. this is money going to the democratic national committee. bernie sanders has a lot of money from actors, from the hollywood community. he's raising more money than hillary clinton. this is money that is from individuals in california that care about issues like animal
9:24 am
protection, progressive values, civil rights. they're not corporations. these are wealthy individuals. this is something that goes into the democratic national committee. it's part of our system, alex. you can't get away from it. >> they say the headline that says hillary clinton stands to gain $15 million from these fund raisers last night. a couple last night, 100,000 a couple tonight. at the very least does it present an optics issue when you contrast the timing of this. >> it's a temporary optics problem. people forget about that. you go on to the next issue. i think bernie sanders going. i know everyone is praising him for going to the vatican.
9:25 am
i do too. the pope is very popular. there's a catholic vote. when you're behind in a delegate rich state like new york, population wise. bernie is a brooklynite. you can do five events in new york and go to the vatican to push a theme that you're already known for, i think that was questionable. i would have stayed in new york three days before the primary. i think he made a mistake saying we should be even handed with a huge number of jewish votes that will be cast. i think somebody like bernie who has run a strong, good, politically savvy campaign made a mistake in going to the vatican, not staying in new york and taking that really, very
9:26 am
strong position on even handedness, pro-palestinian position when so many jewish voters will be casting their ballot. >> to that point the senator is saying that secretary clinton ignores the needs of palestinians and that fact is an impediment to peace. does she have a sound policy for dealing with the ongoing palestinian crisis? >> yes, she does. she's for the two states solution. two states, israel, palestinian. she has negotiated in the middle east especially when hamas was throwing rockets at israel. i think the israeli public thinks she's been a good secretary of state. p she was exceptional on foreign policy issues where bernie is
9:27 am
not as prepared as she is. at the same time, this vote, politically in new york, the israeli vote having known new york campaign there is huge, alex, especially with the older voters. >> also thursday night at the debate, secretary clinton was asked about her responsibility for libya which president obama said which was one of the worst mistakes in office. here is what she said. >> what we did was to try to provide support for our european and arab allies and partners. did i visit every capital and report back to the president, yes i did. that's what a secretary of state does. >> senator sanders cited the new
9:28 am
york times as saying secretary clinton led the effort for regime change. do you think he's trying to separate herself from administration policy, a policy she drove? >> here is president obama criticizing president obama's policy which he says he doesn't want to do. this was an enormously difficult issue, the libyan issue and what secretary clinton is saying is u.s. policy can't be made alone. they wanted a certain outcome. we want add certain outcome. libya, the morass that's happened since khadafi left is difficult to predict and control. i think president obama deserves credit for saying another alternative policy should be used. when you're secretary of state, you don't call the shots. you go into the national security meetings, i've been in
9:29 am
them and ultimately the national security advisor takes your recommendation of that group to the president. the president makes a decision and the secretary of state implements the decision. she was reflecting that. she was being honest and accurate. >> okay. thank you so much. donald trump hires veteran strategist and changes some of his campaign tactics. is he no longer an outsider candidate? how fast is it? plenty fast. but it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast.'s how well you mow fast!'s how well you mow fast. even if it doesn't catch on, doesn't mean it's not true. the john deere ztrak z535m with our reengineered deck to mow faster better. to find out more about the accel deep mower deck, go to
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♪ with intuitive all-wheel drive. take on the unexpected. welcome back. let's get a quick look at where the candidates are. we're giving you a live picture
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of a convention center in casper, wyoming. donald trump is in western new york where he's speaking at a rally there. he has another one later today. john kasich also here in new york for two events. on the democrat side bernie sanders is on his way back to the u.s. and will hold a round table on faith and social justice with one of my colleagues reverend al sharpton. hillary clinton has a fund raising event in los angeles. the tickets are huge. it's a big price which comes right after a similar fund raising dinner in san francisco last night with actor george clooney and his wife. scott, welcome to you. really $100,000 for a couple tonight. it was 353. not $3.53. $353,000 for a couple.
9:37 am
that's huge. >> that's an expensive dinner and $30 something thousands dollars just to get a picture with clinton. what we have going on is a clinton rally with a small group of supporters. the california primary is not until june 7th. this trip isn't about votes. it's about money. there was the fund-raiser last night with the clooney's. another fund-raiser this afternoon this koreatown. the sanders campaign is all about the contrast. there were protesters this san francisco. there's a 99% party going on at the home of howard gold. $27 to get into that. the sanders campaign is running an ad highlighting the average donation for the sanders
9:38 am
campaign. >> to make wall street corporations pay their fair share. >> to ensure a living wage. >> get big money out of politics. >> if any of that stings the clinton campaign, this will take the sting out of it. the expected take from the fund raisers this weekend as much as $15 million. alex. >> quite a haul for 24 hours work there. let's come back to new york and the jewish voters. among democrats hillary clinton holds a strong lead even though bernie sanders is jewish. a new piece highlights maybe how sanders harsh critic of israel and a two state solution that puts him in second place.
9:39 am
what are folks telling you there? do they detect the difference between the two? >> definitely. that's been the surprising thing here is the debate on thursday where there was the fascinating exchange between secretary clinton and is that right sanders on israel and its reaction during the gaza summer war. if he can couple his message with his heritage he's hit the daily double. take a listen. >> i am a bernie supporter. i'm 67 years old. i'm a jewish-american who have lived here. i live a few blocks from here. bernie and the pope, yesterday,
9:40 am
that's what they were -- the pope is in greece today. it's all wonderful for me. i can't believe the youth are supporting bernie the way they are. >> listen. that's a minority view. the view the u.s. should take a more balanced view. it's also a shift in american confidence. we've heard donald trump say that. >> all right. cal perry there. thank you so much from the upper west side. just ahead, the first lady of new york city joins me right here in studio. i'm going to ask her about the decision to support hillary clinton.
9:41 am
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it's the calm before the storm. bernie sanders is the only candidate with a scheduled appearance today. a new nbc marist polls shows clinton garnering 50% vote. about 17 points ahead of bernie sanders. i welcome you. thank you so much for being here in studio taking the time. who could forget the beautiful pictures from washington square park. we had 27,000 folks gathered there. it wouldn't have been more perfect for him. do you think the size of that turn out has the clinton campaign concerned? >> no, not at all. there's so much enthusiasm for hillary. the number that matters are the
9:45 am
votes on tuesday. she's got commanding lead, more states, two and a half million popular votes more than bernie. more delegates, more super delegates. there's tremendous enthusiasm for her. i'm very excited about tuesday. >> let's talk about secretary clinton who appeared last saturday. this was at a comedy routine. there's that one joke that everybody is talking about. we'll play it. >> i have to say thanks for the endorsement, bill. took you long enough. >> oh, snap. >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. >> that's not. i don't like jokes like that. it's not.
9:46 am
>> cautious politician time. >> all right. there were those who clearly were not in on that joke in the audience. i know your husband has said it was a scripted moment and that cautious politician was the operative word and the punch word. were you concerned about that routine? >> not at all. i read the script. i get that humorous objective and taking that one clip out of the entire program can give some people the wrong idea. the whole concept is about parody and satire. >> true. >> bill was making fun of himself and nothing negative was intended. >> okay. what about bernie sanders who, as you know, is consistently hitting hillary clinton on ties to wall street and the like and the fact she's not released transcript to some of her paid speeches that she's given to the big banks and financial institutions. do you think she should release the transcripts?
9:47 am
would that put everything to bed? >> i think bernie is getting desperate. he's making accusations. he couldn't give an example of any vote of hers that's been influenced by wall street. clearly, that's not real issue. i think it's a distraction. that's not what i care about. i care about her record. >> wall street accounts for a huge part of new york's income. about 35% overall we're told. that is generated from the financial sector. bernie sanders has called for breaking up the nation's largest financial institutions. were that to happen, any kind of impact that could have on the city's economy? >> bernie is very good about pointing out problems and putting forth these ideas. he has no real solution. i don't know what the solution is myself. obviously, hillary cares deeply
9:48 am
about how economics affects our country, affects our children and our families. what i hope voters are paying attention to is here is someone who is the most qualified candidate ever to run for president. she's a progressive woman who cares deeply about children and family. someone who moved through life as a daughter, mother, grandmother. she represents more than half the population and thinking about someone like that tackling inequality and someone who knows that the family is the foundation of our society. all families are the foundation for our society. when women do well, our families do better. she gets that. that's what we should be focusing on. >> do you have any idea how the headlines will win on wednesday morning? what are you expecting in. >> victory. >> for your candidate hillary clinton. >> that's right. >> if bernie sanders does not do well here in new york, for the entire democratic party, do you think it's a good thing that he
9:49 am
stays in as if to hold hillary clinton's feet to the fire. they say hearty discussion is good. >> i think that is good. i would say he should stay in. >> okay. awfully nice to meet you. thank you for coming into the studio. a brokered convention is looking more likely for the gop. still ahead, i'll talk to a former convention rule maker about what to expect in cleveland this summer.
9:50 am
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in syracuse, donald trump last taken the stage to one of his final campaign stops before the tuesday primary. with almost 100 delegates at stake, it would be an important win for trump as he keeps fighting to reach the magic number of 1237. let's bring in robert costa.
9:53 am
good to see you. let's get right now to what trump has done which is hired a number of veteran strategists on to his campaign after he's positioned himself as the outsider. ever since the beginning of his candidacy. might voters be turned off by the shift toird the party inside is? >> he's trying to make sure he's catching up to senator cruz when it comes to delegate accumulation. but at his rallies and his rhetoric and message, you still see trump holding to his outsider persona, someone who is anti-establishment and running against the republican national committee. even as these new advisers try to build relationships with the same institution. >> what about ted cruz who is reportedly focusing his energies on california even telling a crowd in irvine that the state will decide the gop race. true? >> true for cruz. he's in a survival mode. he's done well for the past month. the next few weeks will be tough for the cruz campaign just based
9:54 am
on polling. we at that time swing through the northeast after new york. trump is likely to do we. well. but cruz has a really chance of getting his own haul in california and especially some of the democratic district. >> and you wrote earlier 245 that week that john kasich is espousing a brand of republicanism that is still extolled by party leaders but has little currency with today's voters. what do republican leaders learn from his candidacy? >> it will be interesting to see how kasich does in pennsylvania in late april. this is a state where he grew him in mckees rocks and he's done well this polls there. if he could get second place there, it could give him a about bit of a bump, but mathemat mathematical mathematically, his candidacy is likely impossible to become the
9:55 am
nominee on a first ballot. so he's in dell galt accumulation stage, as well. and what we're seeing right now, the republican party establishment knows the base wants an outsider. cruz and trump are doing so well. but kasich still hanging in perhaps if there is chaos this cleveland, he could emerge as some kind of brokered candidate. >> here is the part that leaves so many people just scratching their heads like why is that. because kasich is consistently losing in the republican polls this primary season, but then when you put him this match-ups against both the democrats, he does well. and in some polls he does better than the other two candidates. so how do you explain that and does it suggest the republicans should not give up on him yet? >> the republican activists around the country who have gone toward cruz and trump, they have moved away from the kasich brand. it's not really about kasich. it's a somewhat quirky introspective figure. he's been anti-establishment as parts but also in the house for a long time, a two term
9:56 am
governor. and his model of having experience and ties to washington and a business career, base voters don't seem to want that. but many of the party leadership, they like kasich. they don't mind him hanging around. and they think if he can come to cleveland, he could gave some influence, he could help maybe sway who actually ends up as the nominee. >> so you've been following this very unpredictable race since the beginning. have you figured out some sort of a formula where you can tell us how it ends? >> well, it's a great question. and there is no real special formula. but you have to think about trump's number. if trump gets close to the treasure hold of 1237, could some of the unbound delegates within the republican party, those in the leadership, those who just aren't bound to a candidate, could they you've toward trump to try to avoid a contested convention. and that is something to watch in june after california. and what i'm also looking at in terms of my math and my own
9:57 am
chart, who else could really have some sway here if we're going to head toward a contested convention, could marco rubio throw his delegates in some direction, could some of the outside players have that kind of sway. >> i guess we'll see. robert costa, thank you so much. can donald trump still capture the handling i magic nu? that discussion is next. "day t"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites
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hey there, everyone. i'm alex witt. this is the place for politics and here is what is happening. we begin with a live picture of syracuse, new york. donald trump's first of two rallies in the state is under way. he is not letting up his fight against the rnc over the delegate system. . in fact here is his warning to the party. >> the system is a bad, bad system. and they got to do something about it. the republican national


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