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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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return to the race this afternoon for the first time since leaving the presidential race, giving this response when asked whether he and his supporters should support donald trump. >> this is a choice every voter is going to have to make. i would note it's not a choice we as the voters have to make today. the republican convention isn't for another 2 1/2 months, the election isn't for another six months. >> we kick off this hour with our correspondents tracking trump, ryan and cruz. katy tur has a more detailed look how the campaign is handling the party's division and search for a running mate n including this report that corey lewandoski is heading up this team looking for a vice preside president. what more are we hearing about that? >> reporter: it's a little unusual because usually the team heading up the search for the vice president has legal background and lawyer.
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corey lewandoski is not a lawyer but not surprising he is heading this because he is his closest confident and been serving as his campaign manager for a little over a year and donald trump has done pretty well and others have been added to his circle but corey lewandoski has maintained his position. it is very early on in the vp search. they've only been the presumptive nominee now for about seven days. it is too early to talk about a short list. marco rubio has come out and d said he does not want to be considered for donald trump, marco rubio and donald trump y saying the only ones that say they don't want to be vice president are those not offered the job. that is the task at hand and immediately is the meeting with the rnc with paul ryan and house leadership and senate leadership
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to try and smooth things over between donald trump and the party. i'm told meeting will focus on tone and how.dt donald trump ca and will change his tone and he is prepared to hit hard, his commitment to help the rnc fund-raise for down ballot candidates, down ballot republicans come in the fall. there is some worry out there, donald trump knows there is worry about there about having him at the top of the ticket. that campaign, his campaign wants to try and mitigate that worry. whether this meeting will result in a come biya, everybody holding hands, not entirely clear, all dependent what is exactly said and how things are handled on thursday. >> everybody will be looking ahead to that. ahead of that meeting, interesting ben carson was requesting a meeting with paul ryan ahead of the meeting, you pointed out corey lewandoski not
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a lawyer for the vp search team and to have ben carson reach out also seems unconventional. >> reporter: it is certainly unconventional and sources for the trump campaign said they did not ask ben carson to reach out to paul ryan ahead of their meeting. this is something ben carson did on his own trying to arrange a pre-meeting of sorts with paul ryan, they're okay with him doing it but wanted to stress they did not ask ben carson to do that. it is unclear right now if any meeting between ben carson and paul ryan has been scheduled. it is clear ben carson has increasingly become a close confident to donald trump as well and somebody who believes they can do good in smoothing things over and trying to relay donald trump's message and also donald trump's character behind the scenes to the republican party. >> thank you.
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i want to turn to russert. you have covered paul ryan a long time. what is the sense? what is he trying to accomplish in the days leading up to this meeting? >> reporter: erica, i think one of the articles in the "washington post" yesterday the title is trump is running to the left of clinton on several issues, specifically foreign policy, trade policy, taxes, things are very important to conservati conservatives, that is really the worry of paul ryan, he admitted in radio interviews, not all conservatives are on board with donald trump and a lot feel they have been cut out of the process and ryan is trying to extract some sort of concession to trump or some statement he can go back to his own house gop caucus and say, hey, listen i spoke with donald trump and he said he will be
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conservative here and i believe him conservative to these things conservative to us. so far, ryan feels trump has not done that. what will happen in the future a lot of this meeting is still getting to know each other and what the role for ryan will be at the convention. take a listen to points he said on the radio. >> we don't know each other. we talked once a few months ago on the phone, a very good conversation and i walked him through what our agenda project was in the house and a very pleasant exchange was with him. basically, put the building parts of party unity together and start working at it. it was told by the media he was thinking who should share the convention and possibly not the traditional role of the speaker doing that. my whole point is he is the nominee. with respect to how the convention is organized, i would defer to his preference. >> reporter: pretty striking there, erica, ryan said he would give up his chairmanship of the
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rnc if donald trump asked him to and whether this meeting will focus on some of the more bombastic things "donald trump said of barring muslims from coming into the u.s. and too slow to vevoke the kkk and making it extremely uncomfortable regarding donald trump. >> interesting to see. a facebook chat later this afternoon, what people ask him in that chat. luke russert on capitol hill, kelly o'donnell also on the hill where she's tracking senator ted cruz back in washington for the first time since ending his bitter primary race with donald trump. ted cruz gave his first interview since exiting t ing i6 race. how did he reflect on that and ending this bid? >> reporter: we'll give you a simple in just a minute. let me set the scene a bit. we are outside senator cruz's
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office and expect him here in the next couple of hours or so. you can see the family portrait will greet visitors here and product placement from the home state and many senators office will feature goodies from the home state. skittles and starbursts are made in waco, texas. you have a ready supply. there is the sweet. now, here this is sour part. tough for ted cruz to come back after losing his bid in the presidential fight. you'll be interested to know how he addressed it today. he wanted to reach out through glen beck and his radio audience to conservatives active in the party and active for him and to honor their devotion and support for him and to leave open the door ever so slightly if there is another presidential future for ted cruz. let's get a sense how that give-and-take happened on radio today. >> now, you say we need to watch and see. ted, are you leaving the door open to if nebraska were to somehow -- >> not going to happen.
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>> miraculously choose you tonight, pat's going for the hail mary. if that happened, would you consider getting back in the race? >> well, i am not holding my breath. my assumption is that will not happen. but, listen, let's be very clear, if there is a path to victory, we launched this campaign intending to win. the reason we suspended the race last week, with indiana's loss i didn't see a viable path to victory. if that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly. >> we see that if there were some extraordinary change that would upset what would be a seemingly unstoppable donald trump for the nomination, ted cruz is open to somehow reign e reigniting his campaign but the expectations for that are low. he was really answering that in the most favorable terms and with real clear eye'd cantor about his chances. there's work to do.
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he is a member of the armed services committee and just this week they're getting down to the business of the huge bill of defense and pentagon. his day job is calling and there is work to do. we will continue to follow him and find out his views on the presidential season going forward. he was number 2 in terms of delega delegates. that makes him a voice people want to hear for months to come. erica. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell right outside senator cruz's office with good trivia on starburst and skittles. thank you. i want to bring in chip, who served as chairman of the gop party from 1999 to 2001 and manager of mike huckabee's presidential bid. good to have you with us today. we just heard from ted cruz as kelly o'donnell was talking about. as we move toward july, move toward the convention, whether or not donald trump can unite the party, he has his take on that. senator marco rubio had this to
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say and i want you to look at this as a potential president. take a listen. >> as i said before, my policy differences and reservations about donald's campaign are well established and i said them often. i stand by those. those remain. i hope they'll be addressed. that said i won't stand here the next six months taking shots at him. people know how i feel and our differences are. he's the presumptive nominee of the republican party via the vote voters. i respect that. that won't change the reservations i have about his campaign or some policies he's establi established. >> marco rubio isn't the only one who has differences with donald trump. donald trump talked about uni uniting the party and said it would be great but we don't have to have a united party. you're a republican strategist and you've advised different campaigns. if you were advising team trump today, what would you recommend
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they do? does team trump need to unify behind more conventional ideals behind the party or go a different way? donald trump has certainly gone a long way. we had 17 run for president and a week ago ted cruz was still blasting away at donald trump. it takes time and the vast majority of those have endorsed donald trump and gotten on board with his campaign. what donald trump will do is more focused on uniting the voters than party apparatus. i think the party apparatus will come along as long as the voters come along. it's a neck and neck race with hillary clinton and donald trump. and the meeting with speaker ryan and traditional leadership of the party, he's reaching out to those folks and will continue
11:12 am
that and i think he will continue talking to marco rubio and ted cruz that quite aren't there yet. >> and you mentioned not quite long ago the fact that ben carson had reached out to speaker ryan's office. we're just getting confirmation. i'm trying to call up my e-mail. my phone froze. and confirmation from a source that carson's team did reach out and a phone call scheduled between the two prior to the donald trump meeting on thursday. how important is this phone call ahead of that meeting? >> it's not unusual to have people supporting the trump campaign to call on people they want to get to support the trump campaign. dr. carson is a great voice to our party and brings a lot to the table and having a phone call with speaker ryan kind of prepping him for the donald trump meeting on both sides is a good idea. he's somebody we know dr. carson is for trump and he has relationships all over the party and with speaker ryan and i
11:13 am
think he will spend that time trying to make sure speaker ryan comes out for donald trump at the end of the day. >> you just said his relationship with speaker ryan. what is his relationship with speaker ryan, not something we heard a lot about. >> you're talking about donald trump? >> no. ben carson. >> yes. they have a political relationship. more importantly, dr. carson is a very important voice to our party 123467 party. speaker ryan knows that. we want his voice in lots of campaigns across the country not just the presidential campaign. >> you made a comment about donald trump uniting the voters and the party. which is more important? the voters or the party? >> i think if you unite the voters, the party comes. >> chip, thanks for being with us. thanks for your time and insight. >> yes, ma'am. >> paul manafort will be on "hardball." just ahead, meet the man sarah palin says she is getting
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i think paul ryan is soon to be cantored as in eric cantor. his political career is soon over because he has so d disrespected the will of the people. as the leader of the gop, the convention certainly he is to remain neutral and for him to already come out and say who he will not support was not a wise decision of his. >> of course former alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential nominee sarah palin predicting the demise of speaker paul ryan's career in congress. the reaction was prompted by ryan saying he wasn't there yet as far as supporting donald trump. sarah palin seeking to support a rival to the speaker, tattooed, paul. >> ttp is a job killer.
11:19 am
it's going to kill american manufacturing. mr. speaker, you championed this trade deal. why don't you come back to wisconsin and debate me man-to-man, face to face, on the realities of gtp. if you don't want to debate me, maybe we can arm-wrestle. >> donald trump was asked about palin's push to turn vote airs intelligence paul ryan, here's what he said. >> i have nothing to do with that. that's her -- sarah is very much a free agent. she's a terrific person but very much a free agent. i didn't know about this until yesterday. i guess she's been fighting or endorsing somebody that's running against paul ryan. i didn't know about it until yesterday when i read about it. >> i'm joined now by paul nehlen, the candidate for congress running against paul ryan. he joins us in el paso getting a closer look along the border of mexico. thanks for taking time with us.
11:20 am
>> we may be having a rough connection. hopefully it will clear up for us. when we look at this race, based on research, there is not a lot of fund-raising on hand. paul ryan has about 7,0$7,000 o cash on hand and has sarah palin brought in donations for you? >> i would suggest otherwise. [ inaudible ] campaign i think in july. i put a substantial amount of my own personal money in. i've got plenty of donations come ing in now. the thing i would go back to is who's paul ryan to lecture anybody about uniting around conservatism, you look at president obama's -- [ inaudible ] -- partnership, as i mentioned in my video there and criminal
11:21 am
justice reform, paul ryan is the champion enabler of those. he's uniting with hillary clinton and uniting with barack obama an comprehensive immigration and criminal justice reform. it's not surprising. i'm honored to have governor palin's endorsement. look at the broad coalition, wisconsin's first district is ugh suffering under paul ryan's lack of votes on behalf of wisconsin's first district, quite honestly lack of votes on behalf of american workers. along those lines, whether somebody pulling for trump or cruz, i've gotten malkin's endorsement and tea party patriots serva s supporting me have somebody supporting me that polled for cruz and kasich.
11:22 am
the broad coalition we're bui building fund-raising is not an issue. paul ryan had $7 million. 83% of that came from outside our district and the vast majority from inside the d.c. beltway. >> you brought up a couple points here. you're talking about money. paul ryan has brought in millions of federal money well-positioned as speaker to do that opposed to a freshman congressman. i know you called on paul ryan to support the will of the people to endorse donald trump. if we look at the way things played out in wisconsin, donald trump lost wisconsin and the first congressional district went to ted cruz. so why should they support you -- why should speaker ryan fall in line behind donald trump when the will of the people and voters there in the first congressional district do not appear to be with speaker -- donald trump. sorry about that.
11:23 am
>> that's a great question. i apologize for speaking over you. the will of the people of the country have spoken. the first district did break for cruz but i would point out that paul ryan's hometown, they voted for trump. paul ryan's own hometown, if you look closely there is a billboard that says people need food assistance in speaker paul ryan's own hometown. you take those things an put them together sand say, paul ryan says he's for smaller government and passes 1.8 trillion omnibus. i'm not having it but speaker ryan delivered it. paul ryan was elected to congress in 1998. the vaunt budget guru. i have to chuckle at that. if i put a pile of money in front of you, erica, does that make you a budget guru you can spent 23,kwl$23,kwlo trillion?
11:24 am
of course not. paul ryan has no business experience yet puts out an op-ed in the milwaukee business journal paul ryan has a solution for small business. paul ryan is the-to d.c. and now he will tell us how to run businesses. i started out as a maintenance mechanic and run that business and run businesses around the united states. i was in charge of a fortune 500- [ inaudible ] -- i brought jobs back from mexico and jobs back from canada. i know what creating businesses and jobs are. i don't need a 5500 page deal to do trade with china. i sell to china all the time. you know how i do that? i sell great products to china. they buy them because we are absolutely the number one supplier of their technology. i put a 10 year warranty on it, erica. paul ryan doesn't have the solution because paul ryan's
11:25 am
never been a business guy. i'm not saying everybody in congress should be a business guy. isn't that how it started out in this country? farmers and business people, they went to congress. paul ryan's been a career politician. that's why -- >> what you're bringing up here is important and important to look at these things. we should point out just in terms of support we have this market law school poll from april. 81%, 81% of republicans in the first district say they have a favorable view of paul ryan. you're talking about his betr betrayal. i want to take a listen to some of the points that donald trump has made on some issues. >> we're going to save social security and medicare. i'm the only one that says that. i don't know how people make it on 7.$7.25 an hour. with that being said, i would like to see an increase of some magnitude. >> do believe in raising taxes on the wealthy? >> i do. i do, including myself, i do. >> the middle class has to be
11:26 am
prote protected. the rich is probably going to end up paying more and business probably has to pay more but we're giving a massive business tax cut. >> some of those positions do portray -- i am having a tough time with my words today, i apologize for that. it's my monday. some stances betray conservative values. he's trying to get to know donald trump better saying he's not ready to support him yet and for them to talk about these things, is that something you would like to see more of, more of a conversation there to see whether or not there could be perhaps a little more room in between? >> wall ryan was disingenuous when he pretaped that interview with cnn and flew back to the district and did politicking back for another candidate. if he wanted to have a true conversation, wouldn't you pick up the phone and been a decent human being about it and had one, instead of putting some
11:27 am
shot across the bow, with some cnn interview there at was pret. i think that's despicable. it's not for paul ryan to say what the will of the people will get. there's people listening to donald trump right now -- >> i have to interrupt you just a second as we're talking about paul ryan, we're seeing him come right back in. we're seeing him arrive on capitol hill. he had been in wisconsin, so we're seeing him arrive back there now. paul nehlen has been joining us from el paso, where he is checking out the state of the border, running, republican candidate challenging paul ryan for his seat in the first congressional district in wisconsin, sir. we appreciate your time today, thanks for bearing with a somewhat tough phone connection in the beginning and hanging in there and thanks again. we'll be following your race. still to come this hour, we are keeping a close eye on this massive tornado we are following the damage from. it was captured up close when at
11:28 am
least a half-dozen that tore through oklahoma tossing around everything in their way. >> it just blew off of its foundation there and pretty much parked in the driveway. >> we will take you live to oklahoma for a closer look at the damage next. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control.
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11:32 am
around you. >> reporter: that's right, erica. good afternoon. as millions watch the damage, others are picking up the pieces. this home was obliterated. there is debris everywhere. two people were killed here in oklahoma include manning in his 70s, a 76-year-old. in the past few hours the national weather service has said one of the tornadoes here was at least an ef-3 tornado meaning it had winds topping 136 miles an hour. as you can see, utter devastation here. residents here are cleaning up and a frantic search not just for belongings but one woman searching for her pets and able to find two of her cats in one of the homes destroyed. we spoke with the owner of this home behind me ripped from its foundation. she was able to survive because she was able to race to her cellar just in the nick of time. we spoke with her earlier today and despite all this loss, she
11:33 am
is grateful. take a listen. >> i'm very thankful. we bought our cellar a couple years ago. that's what saved me because if i had stayed in the house, you know -- >> reporter: how are you able to get through this? >> i'm alive. i have to keep going. i'm alive. >> reporter: national weather service officials are continuing to go through here today to assess the power of these tornadoes, one of them an ef tornado at least with winds t topping 136 miles an hour. many residents got a bit of a reprieve today. the sun is out and it is dry and they've been able to come here and get the cleanup effort under way. many are bracing for the possibility of severe storms tomorrow. millions of others looking at the potential for severe thunderstorms in this midwest this afternoon. >> gabe gutierrez on the ground for us. thank you. turning now to politics,
11:34 am
hillary clinton is turning her way through kentucky as she f e faces challengers on two fronts. donald trump has spent the past week attacking president clinton's unfy dealt. she has refused to respond re relying on her popularity with minorities and women to bolster support. in a survey monkey poll puts her ahead just slightly and a new quinnipiac poll suggests she wouldn't do swelled in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. back and forth in these numbers, always good to check in with you. one of the things we're noti noticing, hillary clinton, trying to stay above the fray, responding to these comments about president clinton's infidelity. how long can she continue to do that? >> for the next six months until november. she will try to do that by having events and policy roll t
11:35 am
rollouts that focus on bread and butter issues, campaigns important to women. today and yesterday she's been rolling out policy plans to try to keep childcare costs to a minimum, issues aimed directly at a lot of families and they will let clinton's past comments speak for themselves. there was an article today about how trump was playboy and past comments how it could come to haunt him and numbers favorable to clinton looking to consolidate her support with women and potentially break off republicans. when trump attacks her and attacks her husband as he has for her past infidelity and hillary clinton for being an enabler as he calls it, clinton will not take the bait and respond to the issues. >> i'm answering him all the time on what i think voters care about.
11:36 am
i'm's enering him on the difference between our records and experience, what we want to do for our country. how important it is to try to unify the country. i have been very clear that a lot of his rhetoric is not only reckless, it's dangerous. >> get used to hearing a version of that answer a lot in the next couple months, erica. >> that we will. alex, always good to talk to you. thanks so much. virginians are cast their votes who should be the democratic nominee. before today, bernie sanders was the favorite and he could continue to win primaries all the way to california on june 7th. and california he is trying to drum up support taking his own shots at the presumptive republican nominee. >> if you want to defeat donald trump, you want to see a major voter turnout, large voter turnout when millions of people are standing up and fighting
11:37 am
back, our campaign is that campaign. >> chris jansing was at that campaign event and joining us live on the road, looks like a bumpty road in northern california. bernie sanders at that event today, as we're moving forward to the primary season we're seeing favorable poll numbers, are you shearing a change in hi message or staying on the same points? >> reporter: yeah. he's gotten a lot of impetus for those polls. our poll shows head to head against donald trump. you see while hillary clinton be beats donald trump by five points, bernie sanders wins by 13. that q poll that looks at the key battleground states shows how well bernie sanders would do in a head to head matchup. the problem with that is it doesn't mean anything. you still have that high hill he has to climb with the delegate
11:38 am
count. one of the signs that the sanders camp sees is hillary clinton is starting to advertise in kentucky about the upcoming state of kentucky. nbc news has learned bernie sanders will also go on the air -- low six figures according to the issue that they believe this contest is far from over. we heard that from bernie sanders today, as he said, look, i know it's a long uphill fight but we're still in it. we're not eliminated and we're going to stay in it until the end, erica. >> and you will continue to follow it as well. good luck and put your seatbelt on when you sit down there, chris. >> thank you. >> we want to get to new information we are learning, a senator asked by reporters, leaving the senate policy luncheon if she would consider being donald trump's vp. the response, i'm quoting, i'm focused on iowa right now.
11:39 am
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this is video of paul ryan on capitol hill. he and republicans will meet with donald trump thursday. he's down playing what may come out of that meeting and so far not endorsed the nominee for president. mcconnell had this to say. >> there are at least half a dozen republicans not supporting donald trump so far. is that posture healthy for party unity? >> you can speak to each of our colleagues and get the take where we are. my view is we have a nominee and looks like he may be very competitive and we want to win the white house.
11:43 am
>> senator mitch mcconnell. facebook fighting back against accusations it is biased against conservatives. another update on today's microsoft polls question. should hillary clinton directly address donald trump's attacks on bill clinton's past? a look at your responses. the pulse is live. keep the conversation going by logging on to i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or twobout trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the...
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real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing former facebook employees say that facebook deliberately excluded conservative articles on the trending news sidebar and now the company is fighting back. >> reporter: social media giant facebook scrambling to respond to surprising accusation of political bias. it says the team of facebook employees in charge of the
11:47 am
site's trending list hat had intentionally suppressed articles from news sources. these news curators are coming forward to say they were instructed to artificially inject selected stories into the trend news module. they describe grueling work conditions and what they describe as humiliating treatment. according to a former journalist who worked on the project, workers prevented stories about mitt romney, rand paul and other conservative topics from appe appearing in a highly influential section even though they were organically trending among the site's years. facebook boasts hundreds of active users and this a trending topic all night long. during facebook's april keynote address, ceo paul zuckerberg touched on politics. >> we stand for connecting every person for a global community
11:48 am
and bringing people together. >> reporter: in response, facebook said it follows rigorous guidelines to ensure consistency and neutrality and 2, be inclusive of all privilege -perspecti -perspectives. we take allegations of bias very seriously across the political spectrum. saying it is beyond disturbing to learn that this power is being used to silence view points and stories that don't fit someone else's agenda. >> again, that was nbc's natalie morales reports. they deny consciously suppre suppressing conservative news and they were unable to determine if left wing news sources or other topics were suppressed. just a short time ago, donald trump posted a new and sure to be controversial video on his instagram account. i want to bring in caliperry
11:49 am
throughout this -- cal perry, throughout this season tracking donald trump and how the social media is working. how does it fit with donald trump's messaging? >> this is very much donald trump, his style. he just tweeted hillary has bad judgment and in donald trump style finishing with an exclamation point. he's linked to an instagram video. we will play the video for you, not give you the sound. it's a mash-up of the clinton clips and benghazi and it's nonsensical in its editing. we reached out to the trump campaign to try to determine whether or not they made this video or found it online from a supporter and reput it out there. that's important to find out.
11:50 am
throughout this day he's been tweeting as he does everyday. he started the day by going after marco rubio. he tweets, it's only the people that were never asked to be vice president that tell the press they will not take the position, that's a direct reference to marco rubio who put on his facebook page he wasn't inter t interested in being vice president. the other thing he's been at all day, he's trying to get the vote out in nebraska and west virginia with new slickly done ads. >> cal perry with his finger on the pulse. thank you for getting to the bottom of that. >> meanwhile, north carolina and the federal government escala escalating the fight over the controversial bathroom law. what comes next? we will take you to north carolina after the break. first, new york city going on offense about the future. today's 30 seconds on "the verge." >> kansas city has seven finalists in the new york city smart city contest and a $40 million prize.
11:51 am
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11:54 am
what we must not do, what we must never do is turn on our neighbors, our family members, our fellow americans for something they cannot control and deny what makes them human. >> attorney general loretta lynch there slamming north carolina's controversial transgender bathroom law. it led to lawsuits between the federal government and the state of north carolina over the rights of transgenders to have access to bathrooms that identify with their transgender.
11:55 am
tony is in north carolina at the statehouse and you have been talking to a number of folks in their area to get their take. >> reporter: that's right. i'm here in mecca, one of the oldest states and lawmakers have been coming here to talk through bills and legislation. yesterday, they made the point the fight over the bathroom bill is no different than the fight over counter-tops like these and voters are not necessarily connecting to this message. this is barry stiller, i'm interrupting your cobbler here. the attorney general says gender identity should be innate, a protected class. why don't you agree? >> everybody that's born is born to one gender regardless what cosmetic changes they make, they're still what they were born as. >> reporter: do you believe a person can be male on the outside put in their mind know
11:56 am
they are female. >> i think they may think they're female. as far as knowing they're female, no. >> reporter: even if you can't understand this why not enlarge in the protective group we have race and transgender people a part of that group. why not make it a bigger category? >> bigger category? >> reporter: protected class whose rights cannot be abridged. >> no. we're all human beings. >> reporter: that's a good note to end on barry, i appreciate it. erica, regardless of the legal future of this law, a lot of educational and cultural conversations need to happen in this state before it's accepted. >> joining us from i think you said it was mecca in north carolina's capitol. that's it for this hour. don't forget to tune in tonight for special coverage of west virginia and nebraska primaries at 5:00 p.m. eastern. chris matthews joined by paul manafort of the trump campaign.
11:57 am
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because no one kills germs better than clorox. good afternoon. i'm kate snow in new york. we will start with high school history class. you don't have to take any notes. we're coming up on the anniversary of one of abraham lincoln's most famous lines, a house divided amongst itself cannot stand. abraham lincoln was talking about our entire nation. it fits what's happening today in the party of lincoln. the civil war in the gop is not a new phenomenon, it's been developing two years but donald trump's nomination has exposed it. today, donald trump has no competition as west virginia and nebraska head to the polls and