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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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last hour, house speaker paul rain weighed in on the primary. there was a singular theme but still no full endorse endorseme.
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>> let me say this, we had a good and encouraging discussion. i was encouraged of what i heard from donald trump today. again, i am very encouraged. this is going in a positive direction and this is a first very encouraging meeting. >> our own katy tur is live following that meeting with trump today. >>. >> it was a positive move and a feeling it is time to unify the party. i think both parties wanted to do that. it was great and really a positive step towards u unification. halie jackson, again right now we know that donald trump is inside there. that's the law firm that represents the campaign. what more do we know? >> reporter: we know it is happening. he pulled up ten minutes ago with his motorcade. you can see the service agents that traveled with him and the car he arrived in and he headed in the garage and upstairs. trump could be having a meeting with his lawyers. he's here in washington holding a series of meetings that he has held through the the day. it started at 9:00 a.m. and he's been on the move quite a bit.
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key meeting happened at 9:00 this morning. reince priebus came out at about 11:30, we were there and he talked about it as you heard. and how encourages it was and a step forward. i have emphasized the real dirch dirc differences of the policy between the two. the divide between principles and the policies that trump has talked about like for his temporary muslim bans or some color of what's happening. we are three or four blocks away from the capitol here. all these meetings happening. a fair number of media folks are out here in addition to service and local washington police. it is less of an intense scene of what you saw over the rnc where you saw protesters and
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really at least a hundred members in the media and reporters. a little more of a mellow scene. trump is pulling up here and holding the meetings up inside. >> we have heard priebus and we have heard from paul ryan, we have not heard from donald trump and we have not gotten his take on how his meeting went today. we want to play of what the house speaker said after that get together. >> i think we had an encouraging meeting. it is no secret that donald trump and i had our dircfferenc. we talked about those differences today. that's common knowledge. the question is what is it that we need to do to unify the republican party. it is important that we discussed our differences that we had. it is important that we discuss
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the core principles that tie us all together. i was encouraged of what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get yourselves unified. from here, we'll go in deeper policy areas and see where that common ground is and how we make sure to offering the same core of principles. i was encouraged with this meeting. this is a process and it takes a little time. >> i think this is going in a positive direction. i think this is a first very encouraging meeting. >> it is an encouraging meet. katy tur is outside the rnc as i understand. katy, very interesting to watch the speaker dodging the last question there whether he will actually endorse? you did get the sense and sounds
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like what paul ryan is going to do at some point here in the not distant future. >> reporter: hey there craig, i am in front of the nrc where donald trump just left. now, jones' day is a few blocks away. the theme of the day is that they're very edncouraged. you heard paul ryan used the word encouraged over and over again instead of saying "endorse" and certainly the word that donald trump was looking for. when i spoke to priebus, he said it was an encouraging meeting and it was a good face to face and he believes that donald trump will be able to help unify the party. while paul ryan is not endorsing after today's 45 meeting, i don't think anybody expects him to do. there is a belief at some point he will end up endorsing donald trump and the trump campaign
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believes that'll happen. there won't be any drama on that level. it is extraordinary interesting that we heard from priebus and paul ryan and representative mccartney and we have not heard from donald trump. he has avoided the press at the rnc and nrc today. will he speak today. we'll find out. we are going to find out. donald trump campaign so far is feeling good about these meetings so far. i want to play a little bit of priebus of the interview. take a listen to how he describe the meeting. >> what was the mood inside there? >> it was a positive mood, it was a mood of corporation and a feeling that it is time to unify the party. i think both parties wanted to
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do that and this was great. it was really a positive step towards unification. >> reporter: what is one issue that paul ryan and donald trump able to come into agreement. >> i am not going to get in the specifics. everything you are hearing about is accurate. it was cooperative, it was great. >> reporter: a lot of reporting that there is concerns of donald trump plflip-flopping on issues and yesterday we talked about enforcing the muslims ban. paul ryan did not support that idea, was that discussed and he's going to back off from it? >> again, i am not going to get in the specifics. it can only be described as very positive and i think the first step towards the speaker and donald trump working together and unifying the party but getting to know each other, too.
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>> reporter: so positive for chairman priebus and encouraging for paul ryan, that is donald trump's senior advisor, walking right now. we'll try to find out what he can tell us about the meeting. this has been one day, the first step and what is expected to be many more meetings to come. craig. >> katy tur outside the narc. >> luke is also outside the nrc. as i understand and you correct me if i am wrong here. this is from the meeting from his campaign has had with congressional republicans. do we know whether all these face to face meetings have gone to great deals or great lengths to calm any nerves? >> i think to some degree.
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you are correct. over the last months there has been meetings -- senator sessions over the capitol hill club and discussing strategy to discuss a way forward. the purpose of the meeting that trump had today, i think was to try to calm the nerves of the nrsc officials as well as some of the gop leaderships. craig, there are a lot of republicans who are up for reelection representing blue or purple states. one senator who was at this meeting today is rob horton and he's facing the important battle in ohio. i am sure his electoral strategy was discussing between the trump campaign. mitch mcconnel spoke with supporters here. they discussed a variety of issues and it was constructive.
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mcconnell is a chest player, he's going to look at the map and see where donald trump can out or can hurt. but, trump is such a wild card and you have to assume if mcconnell would want some assurance with trump, okay, should we be worried of something else coming around. where are we at risk of getting upset, is there some speculations? so i think moving forward, the two things the look at, number one paul ryan continuing ef ll evolution. what does it mean for the electoral prospect and do they decide, hey, donald trump brought in all these voters, we'll keep our distance and we are for him but we are working to keep our own majority of the house and senate of the way we know how. that would be an interesting to witness. >> indeed, luke outside the
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narc. katy tur and halie jackson, thank you to you as well. let's bring in kelly o' donnel has been on capitol hill and we have been watching a series of meeting as we watch it unfold here. he was construct activii've and are you hearing? >> reporter: i have been working with some of the operatives around the country. they know there are some issues that donald trump presents to them in campaigns. they get that. at the same time, they're trying to define their senators who are running for re-election separately and so is mitch mcconnell. defining their own issues and
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separating themselves and personality of donald trump. talking to him about unity. what is achievable. this is what session has had to say. >> unity is the word of the day, is that up for reelection to have a better relationship with the presumptive nominee? >> i think so, he's bringing in a new wave of support. that's why it is so well nationally now. i do believe smart republicans, they listened to what the voters are saying and make sure they are hearing that plea to washington and responding e effectively. >> reporter: one of the details i am hearing craig talking to
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operatives is they are looking to target women and democrats and leading women to try to get a republican running. targeting already is beginning. craig. >> kelly, thanks, as always. >> congressman from pennsylvania is joining me now. you served on the trump's train and his supporter back in february. i want to get your sense of today's. i want to play for you and our viewers of the back and forth between donald trump and paul ryan. here it is. >> donald trump is calling for a complete shut down of muslims entering in the united states. >> i do not comment on what's going on in the presidential
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election. i will take an exception today. this is not conservativism. >> i don't know -- i don't know david. >> if a person wants to be a nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasions or no games. >> i don't know him well but i am sure i am going to get along great with him and if i don't, he will have to pay a big price. >> how did those two meet now? >> fighting the issues -- >> when do they agree though? >> paul agrees with donald's issues and listening voters than ever before for the republican
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primary and more trades. paul's issue is pro-life. i believe they have come together on those or getting close to coming together. >> you think they're closer coming together on trades. donald trump said we should get out of a lot of these arrangements after being one of them. we know that speaker ryan is a free market republican of the model. donald trump, not so much. >> let me talk about the treaty, first. the u.s. has been short in instinct for a long time and manipulation and currency. donald trump is the negotiator. >> and as far as more security as well. >> now, i am going to step
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further than donald did on foreign security and bringing up muslims. after i talked to donald, he looked at me -- no one should we coming to the country unless we do a full background check on them. >> i made it very clear. >> let's continue our conversation just a second. we do have trump on the move leaving jones' state law firm here at washington dc. >> we understand that he will be leaving any moment. congressm congressman, do you want to take a guess of what's happening there? >> talking to reporters and talking about those understand what it takes to race. >> this is his suv, this is his caravan leaving jones' day.
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the law firm here in washington dc. there are a lot of big firms in the city joined today. one of the biggest and we know that it is a firm that has long establishment ties with the gop and also of course, the firm that represents the trump campaign as well as donald trump individually. we do not know where donald trump is heading from here. but, he's leaving this law firm and he left that meeting over in rnc and he met with top gop senators and before that the big meeting at the rnc. and on first street here with the meeting with paul ryan. halie jackson is still standing by, halie, did he say anything? >> reporter: he waved at me standing outside here but that was about it. he has done that all morning. it is interesting. we heard as our colleagues
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pointed out, we heard from chairman priebusnd paul ryan but have not heard of donald trump. you can see secret service just kind of dispersing it at this point. he was with his aids, all walking down this building. trump's legal team he's meeting with his lawyer apparently. we are working to find out what happened inside this building. trump is uncharacteristically is quiet how this went. he's somebody that often likes to speak to the media. i would not be surprise at some point of the next 24 or 48 hours that we hear something from donald trump. heading back to new york and back home to trump tower as washington gets used to the idea
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of donald trump the presumptive nominee and coming to washington more often to build relationship. that's one thing we have heard on capitol hill again and again. trump will work on making sure that he has some good connections with these folks in washington. something that trump himself is acknowledging and we are talking about his vp selection process. somebody that he wants to be able to work with in dc that has relationship here and experienced in the capitol. so, all playing into the idea that this sort of specticle that we have seen. >> halie jackson for us, thank you. >> we just heard halie. >> who acts the most to trump's
10:20 am
ticket. what kind of candidate? >> a person or female who knows how washington works or how broken it is. >> those are the political system and has great relationships on both sides of the isle with the senate and the house. donald is a businessman and he has said consistently, i need someone on the political side that'll make a good team with me. >> we should know by trade. good to see you. >> much more ahead on the high drama of capitol hill as donald trump sits down with the republican leader at stakes. i will talk to a a former backer of ted cruz th. he was ted cruz's delegate wrang ler among other things. will he join team trump, you are
10:21 am
watching our coverage here on msnbc. >> we are not going to be okay with that and going with a hate message and we are going to stop them. >> reporter: do you think this is an effective way to get your message across? >> it is for people to learn it is not a joke. a lot of people think he can president. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone wi this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarilpainful,
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it is really kind of unparalleled i think. he's gotten more votes than any republican primary nominee in the history of our country. this is not even over yet. he has not gone to california yet. it is really remarkable achievement. this is what we think we can be aparty to helping and how to
10:25 am
unify it all. >> party unity on the line. it sounds like paul ryan is really coming around. trump is leaving the last of his meeting. he is now headed back to new york city with today's meeting between the presumptive nominee and the congressional leaders. republicans have been reluctant to back trump over his rhetoric and also took his shifting position on major policy issues as well. >> a key delegate strategist. you are and have been for sometime a respective voice in your party and you have been suspicious of trump's credentials. you heard paul ryan said that heather ha
10:26 am
he's encouraged. >> we believe in limited government. we believe in the constitution. we believe in the proper role of the differences and the separation of powers and thing like life. not everyone is pro-choice in our party, we accept all comers. these are things are important to us. we had good exchange of these issues. >> are you buying it. >> i don't buy it from paul ryan. i mean he's pro-life but he's not for limited government and has not stood up for article one or separation of powers. part of the problem with the narrative here today. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are viewed unfavorably because they have utterly failed the pursue of the republican principles by the base of the republican parties. looking to them as a sign to everyone coming together with donald trump is incomplete. the way conservatives view
10:27 am
whether or not to get behind drum is position base. does he stick to some positions that are based on conservative principles even when the going gets tough and how doues he convince us after election day. those are the challenges he has in front of him. >> if he does not do that and does not convince you, if he does not do that then what the? >> the usual response for unconvinced is they stay home. we saw as mit romney what happens when your key voters stay home, they don't volunteer or vote. >> those are critical things. donald trump has no daughters and sons root infrastructure.
10:28 am
he's starting all of those in scratch here in may and not back in 2015 like other campaigns did. he got some other challenges mechanically. he cannot afford to have conservatives, the main activist of the republican party on board. >> that's a real danger for him. >> it sounds like you are willing to sacrifice an election and the parties in the short term for ideology. would that be an accurate assessment? >> not for me but there are literally millions of conservatives who are asking themselves that very question. the fact they feel the need to ask the question, says a lot of terrible things about the state of the republican party and the lack of confidence of the presumptive nominee. it is a lot easier for the presumptive nominee to fix his
10:29 am
conservati conservative than rather mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. for donald trump to look at them as apart of the bridge is not accurate. >> are you going to vote for him in november. >> well, that's my intention right now but there are five months between now and then. if i hear more minimum wage increases or -- there maybe a lot of people sleeping in on election day. >> thank you, former attorney general from just over the bridge here in washington. ken was in over virginia for a number of interviews. with are asking you today of our polls question, should gop leaders rally behind donald trump and support him the poll is live.
10:30 am
there is your question there. >> pulse >> we'll also go jaywalking as well and we'll get some actions from our msnbc's jacob soboroff. >> i think it is slightly. you both have a
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i have an orc-o-gram we for an "owen."e. that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge. mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪ and sanjay patel is who you should hire. ♪ thank you. seriously though, stacy went to a great school and she's really loyal. you should give her a shot. sanjay's a team player and uh... . big day here in washington as the republicans welcoming the presumptive nominee. the highly anticipated brought
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out a slur of media on protesters as well. >> it was also though a show down between donald trump and speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> we just got this in. senator john cornyn, he tweeted this picture of him and donald trump, said it was a good constructive meeting with senator leadership. >> nbc's peter alexander spent a lot of time here on the hill. good to see you. >> that's the picture he wants people to see today. >> do you think the needle was moved at all. did they for paul ryan or donald trump or for trump folks? >> let's be clear for a campaign, the candidate scy at
10:35 am
that's the most unpredictable. things went well. we are not going to talk about the details. we are working things out. all the work we have heard today sort of give us cues of advance of this meeting. i thought it was pretty colorful. today was a stress test between the trump wing and the conservative wing of this party and the circuit breaker hell. everything held. in some form they'll find union. >> likely before cleveland as well. >> good to see you, i will let you get back here peter alexander, it is been a bit of a circus here. >> for a second. >> jacob soboroff is here as well. msnbc's jacob soboroff. when you hear that music, you know it is time to go jake-walking, what's the good word. >> reporter: there is a lot o
10:36 am
people out here looking to get some tours in. a lot of them have no idea of a historic day of the republican party taken place. i am walking around and talked to them. some folks are really interested and invested particularly in republicans and seeing party unify. let me give you a taste of what people are saying today. >> what do you want to see what's happening on this thing? >> i would like for ryan to endorse trump. obviously, it is not going to happen but it would be nice for him to close the gap. >> reporter: where are you from? >> holly and michigan. >> reporter: one of the guys that won the state is here in the state capitol, do you know what he's doing? >> mr. trump. >> reporter: what does it look like, are they going to hug or talk about certain point of
10:37 am
immigration. >> that i don't know, it is small baby steps. >> reporter: definitely no hugging. i don't see why there cannot be any hugging. it is an important day and we have been talking about all day long for the republican party. what republicans and damemocrat and folks are coming here. >> the white house's briefing right now. josh on the meeting. >> what i find to be interesting of this process is speaker ryan has described is viewed as the entire republican party including the presumptive nominee should rally behind the agenda that speaker ryan has put forward. the reason, he maybe encountering some difficulties.
10:38 am
he's the speak otherf the house. he should be using the responsibility he has to implement that agenda. >> that are an important part of the job that he had right now. unfortunately, republicans seem to be focused on the elections than they do embracing on the responsibilities to deal with the results of the last election. they gave them the majority of the united states congress. right now, we see republicans focused on the relationship of the presumptive nominee than on things like passing a budget or passing funding to a zika virus or passing much needed funding to release the financial turmoil
10:39 am
that had a negative impact on three million americans worked there. >> and unfunding programs to fight opioid addiction. so, if republicans had much conviction about their agenda. they'll be trying to implement it now as oppose to trying to convince other members of the republican party or the presumptive republican nominee of what they prosed is the right thing to do. if they thought it is the right thing to do, why won't they implement it right now. >> all those are things that i have said, president obama believed there is a priority. so i think that's why there
10:40 am
maybe skepticism outside the republicans party. they have not done anything. >> do you think it is a show? [ inaudible ] >> i am not going to -- i don't know anybody that's going to be a asleep over the meeting. >> thank you, josh. >> with the summer games and in light of what's happening with brazil with the impeachment starting with the out going zika crisis and outreach in brazil. will that impact the president's potential decision. >> there you have it. white house's spokesperson, josh
10:41 am
earnest, taking a few questions on today's meeting on donald trump and the gop leaderships. >> he's saying on other things that he does not believe anyone there. kim vogel, our chief political in the washington post and anne jered, both are joining me now. it is good to see both of you. let's start with our specticle that we have here. >> trump has to kiss the rain for some extent. he's going through the emotions and he's doing things that's no concession or what so ever. you have paul ryan can bring him to his terms and mitch mcconnell as well. there are policy differences. i don't think we'll see a resolution of that. you will see both of them kind of laying the ground work to be able to coexist.
10:42 am
so we are seeing a framework beginning of an uneasy perhaps but perhaps the elections going forward. we have not seen or heard from donald trump just yet about these meetmeetings. we heard from priebus and paul ryan but so far nothing from trump. i fiebind it interesting, do yo? >> donald trump is certainly not shy on social media. he knows how to find a camera in any settings. he did not seek it out today. trump came to the home turf of mitch mcconnell and paul ryan today, that's significant. i think to the extent that this is a real contest between trump
10:43 am
as a presumptive nominee and the party that will have to rally around him to whatever extent it will and can before the convention. it is interesting on neither side had there been anything that sounded to me like real concession or like much progress. i mean if they are building the bri bridge, the best they got today is a little bit of a platoon bridge, it is not structured yet. >> this is what paul ryan said. >> how do we keep adding and adding voters while not subtracting any vot voters? >> to me that's a positive position and applying the problems that we face the country today and offering people favoritisms. >> we heard this from the
10:44 am
congress and at the top of the hour from pennsylvania as well. when you start to really pull back the rule, you got a speaker of the house who is talking about having a -- speaker of the house came out and the day after, donald trump said we should have a typical banning on muslims. no, that's not what we do with this country. we hear that he wants the conservative campaign, how do you reach that divide. >> we have not heard any cohearing or any regard. i don't think we'll see that. as far as the other thing that speaker ryan talked about there, bringing in new voters in. trump as strong supporters and they are dealing a new type of
10:45 am
voter. he's growing demographics like women voters and hispanics. >> plus, you know, i think that's a potential area where we could see some coming together or ryan could see, yes, trump brought new voters in the process and giving him cover to say, i support him. to give him the key. >> young we'll see that frankly craig. there are philosophical purposes. trump's campaign wants the key. >> as we have this conversation here, you can see that plane donald trump's there on the national about 10 minutes from where we sit here in the capitol. wrapping up a world win day for donald trump of a series of meetings this morning.
10:46 am
so i am curious, what is a curious meeting of -- the law enforcement that represents him and the campaign. he's going head back to new york or back to the moment and expecting them to react and meetings as well, a lot more to get to, we'll continue with more from the nation's capitol after a quick break. one group is not ready to wave the white flag. #trump. >> what they are demanding trump to do now, that's next. >> the concerns he raised were concerns that are all of us in the conference. whether you support trump or oppositions, all of those, share those concerns about the back of policies. that's a very big deal. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close.
10:47 am
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why would do something about
10:50 am
that? their actions on immigration and they have constantly working with the candidate. >> one protester outside rnc headquarters earlier today as donald trump and speaker paul ryan took their first steps toward party unification. the protest is a reminder of the turmoil that a trump nomination could incite ahead of the july conventi convention. let's just start with your reaction to the meeting today and this move toward party unification. >> well, listen, i understand the position of speaker ryan is in. he's got members of his own party, members within the house who have different opinions on donald trump. we fundamentally believe there are two things. the positions that donald trump takes that are counter to the republican party and the
10:51 am
conservative movement. there's also the serious character issues that republicans shouldn't have to spend the next four or five months defending, the statement that he makes or judgment that he lacks. when we came out and said the vote hadn't been earned yet. i enjoyed when he said our standard bearer must bear our standards. i think that remains true. i hope differences remain between them. >> your group continues to call on trump to release his tax returns immediately so we get a better understanding of precisely it is he's made his money, how much money he actually has, some of these business interests. he indicated on tuesday that he won't do it. this is what one voter told our reporter earlier today here in washington. take a listen. >> donald trump said he would release his tax returns. now it sounds like he might not do that. >> i don't think it matters.
10:52 am
>> reporter: so it wouldn't affect your vote one way or the other? >> no, not at all. >> does it really party to jo john's pac? >> it depends what's in them. most tax returns are fairly innocent, so they don't matter because they don't reveal all that much. sometimes they reveal the charitable giving. in this instance, i think they could show a lack of justice but character issues of honesty. is he telling the truth when he talks about his business success. so i think that, listen, he'd be the first presidential candidate in 40 years not to do so. if i was on his side, i would be telling him to release them now, too. if they don't show anything, get them out of the way. if they do show something, the delegates in cleveland deserve
10:53 am
to hear it. >> they could also show that perhaps he is -- he is spent more money overseas than he would care to -- but you've got to wonder, why he hasn't now and why haven't folks taken to the streets to demand it. >> which is why every candidate ends up putting them on public display. in the end, they don't really end up showing much that makes anybody too upset. and you want to get it out there because then people wonder what actually they say. for years when he was demanding president obama show a birth certificate -- >> and said he would have released his returns -- >> and never did. >> how much longer is your pac going to exist? >> we think there's an important role we can play and making sure that that's separate from what people view and hear from donald trump. so we're going to continue to do that. we're going to look into how we can make sure the delegates are empowered to protect and
10:54 am
preserve values and conservative positions. >> roy, thank you. joining me now, senior editor of digital and video content cal perry. lots of response out there to this summit of sorts in washington, d.c. >> trump is some kind of genius when it comes to the media, that's for sure. his facebook page is the only thing that's actually acknowledged he's in d.c. he hasn't tweeted. i do want to show you something that frank thorp put up, our producer in d.c. here you have donald trump protesters and then as we swing around, you have the media. that gives you the idea of the craziness that descended on that corner of washington, d.c. paul ryan puts this photo up, my most important meeting of the day, meeting with a group of school kids there. you may ask yourself where's
10:55 am
hillary clinton. online, today she's attacking donald trump for his meeting that's taking place right now. she had a video prepared, an attack video which is really clips of other republican leaders saying negative things about donald trump. the gop had a response ready to go. this is playing out on social media, but certainly all the attention right now seems to be right there where you are on capitol hill. >> all right. cal perry there at 30 rock. thank you. let's get an update now on today's microsoft pulse question. should gop leaders rally behind donald trump and support him. that was the question. the results, this is actually a pretty close one here. 51% say yes, 49% say no. the pulse is still live. cast that vote at that is going to wrap up this hour of news from here in washington, d.c. again, a look back at the day that has been in the nation's
10:56 am
capitol. the upper right, the protestors outside the rnc for much of the morning as donald trump met inside with reince priebus and speaker paul ryan. after that, there was the meeting between donald trump and senate gop leadership. and then 2kru6donald trump, heao jones day, a prominent law firm here in washington, d.c. a firm that represents mr. trump and also represents the campaign as well. and then on the left side of your screen, the trump plane at reagan national preparing to take off. i'm going to head to reagan national as well. my colleague erika hill will pick things up after the break. we'll also waiting on democratic reaction as well. this is msnbc. why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months?
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is that speaker ryan has described his view that the entire republican party including the presidential -- presumptive presidential nominee should rally behind the agenda that speaker ryan has put forward. i think the reason that he may be encountering some difficulty is that he's the speaker of the house. he should already be using the responsibility that he has to implement that agenda. and that is not at all what republicans have done. >> that is of course white house press secretary josh earnest reacting to today's breaking news out of washington. donald trump series of high stakes huddles with republicans. the next reaction that we will be hearing will come from senate democrats, expected to hold a news conference at any minute on capitol hill. we are waiting for that. we have a number of