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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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most were egyptians. there were six other nations represented as well. just moments ago, secretary of state, john kerry offered his condolences of the victims. >> i want to express my condolences to egypt and all of the country by the disappearance earlier this morning. i think everybody, our thoughts are with them and with all the passengers. >> we are expecting the daily white house's briefing to begin in a moment. we'll monitor that closely and we'll bring you any news at all as it breaks. joining me now, kelly, from the latest from london. >> we heard possible debris found from this plane about three hours ago now. we heard this greek military officials on greekal visi telev.
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one of the objects appeared to be a life jacket possibly from an airplane. even at that point we did not have confirmation that in fact this was debris from the plane and now just within the past 15 minutes or so, egyptair confirmed they did not have any sort of confirmation of debris found in the mediterranean. it is 130 nautical miles from the karpathos sea. i am look for signs of this missing flight. it took off at 11:00 paris time all seem to be going complete normally until about slightly three hours into the flight. about three hours into the flight, greek aviation officials say they contacted the plane,
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as it is ready to transition into aerospace, they spoke to the pilots and were in good spirit. they tried to contact them again about 20 minutes later, there were no response. there after the plane disappears from radar. we have this report from the greek's denfenseman, it appeare that the plane made a 90 degrees left turn and a complete 360 to the right before dropping thousands of the feet and dropping off radar. no contact since then. a search was initiated almost immediately, the greeks and the egyptians and navy plane from naval air base and sicily joining the search as well. the results of that search so
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far as i mentioned are just these couple of pieces of possible debris have not been confirmed as part of this flight 804, andrea. >> kelly, thanks so much. now turning to our panel of expert, former chair of the national chair transportation safety board and our ntsb investigat investigator. debra, first to you, one of the first things, first thing they'll be looking at in terms of airport security and baggage and any kind of insider job if this does turn out to be not a mechanical failure but something far worse terrorism. >> you know, any investigation they want to lockdown the evidence as soon as possible. these are things that could go away with the passage of time. they want to make sure they locate individuals they may need to interview. really important to them
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regardless of the outcome or the cause of this crash is to get some of those devices that could really give them actual information that they can determine what the next steps are. finding those recorders are always one of their first priorities. the first day belong to the response and the responders and the recovery operations. >> and rick, what is the radar telling you from what we can tell? >> right now there is a little bit of mix message in the radar. the civilian radar which is based on what's been published on the internet has stopped at 80,000 feet. officials from greek got other information determining left and right turns. that's not on the civilian radar. they are using probably a
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mosaic. they have to determine whether the flight made those turns or of a break up. those what's call ed skin paint. we don't know what the context is right now of that radar information other than what they're telling us and it is kind of crypt i cic at this poi. >> so there is no way to infer if there is any catastrophic event. >> i think they know more of what they are releasing. for them to say they are airing on the side of terrorism type event rather than a mechanical event, they must have more information they are releasing which would basically drive them in that direction. >> debra, what about the airport and egyptair, we know there is a number of incidents in the past with egyptair. this plane is relatively new and reliable plane. >> absolutely. this is one of the work forces,
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very safe aircraft but always in these investigations, there is so much that we don't know and whether it is past or investigations involving german wings or egyptair. it is really important to let those facts play out in to looking at all the factors. this has not yet been ruled a terrorist event. they got to continue to gather all the information they would if it were mechanical failure to make sure the fleet safe around the world. >> is there any comfort in the fact that this was in a heavily air traffic area of the world, the mediterranean and not only because commercially aviation but also because of rescue missions and the migrations from that region from sierra and from the civil war that's just a whole lot of eyes and aircraft in the area?
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>> you know i think different from what we saw certainly when 370 was lost. we got good radar coverage that helps a lot and they know the last note position and they know where to start looking. mediterranean is very different than the ocean when you look at the ships that are there, others that may spot debris or witnesses or surveillance or photos could come up. it is going to be a more travel space so that all plays in their favor. rescue operations or recovery operations will have assets that are closer by and that's also helpful. >> greg, what about the track record of egyptair itself and their officials, have they stepped it up in this instance after some acknowledge failure in the past? >> i think that's going to be one of the questions if you go back to the event that happened off the coast of new york. the egyptians did not like the outcome that the ntsb determined as far as an intentional act
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when they lost that aircraft. then we have metro jet. because it was became and under the scrutiny of egypt, they took the brunt of the heat when security came into question. now, they beefed up security based on that and we know that there were probably three security folks on this particular flight, but this is going to be a national embarrassment if in fact this is a device that took this aircraft down. it is going to show that they did not do enough to ensure the safety of the flight public. >> you are refer to the egyptair flight that went down off the coast of nantucket when it turned out the ntsb conclusion was it was suicide by an officer. >> to this day, they don't except it. if you look at metro jet, the rest of the world including the russians have determined based on their look at the evidence
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that wallas a terrorist act and bomb on the airport. that has not been conceived. they have not finished the report. >> debra, if this were in u.s. territory, what would the normal response be by tsa? what would be the demands of ntsb and other officials and interviewing all of the baggage handlers and other personnel and mechanics, anyone would have had asset to it >> the great thing in the u.s. is that we have experience and cooperation against all the federal agency. ntsb and other organizations like fbi and local law enforcement and tsa would all work together. they work on the briefings that would take early on in an investigation to provide that neutral assistance. they would continue to do that if this were a u.s. accident. i suspect that the international
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authorities all over the mediterranean area are beginning to work together. this is -- there is no such thing of a domestic event anymore. everything is international when it comes to aviation. >> go to that point, there are no american citizens that we know of on board. with the airplane not being american origin. is it likely that it is french since there was an air bus or would they call in the fbi for forensic help given the fact that we have no specific u.s. interests. >> for the security side, they'll be relying on authorities in the region to assist them. if there were any calls for assistance, the u.s. often offers that through -- there are many air parts and pieces that
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the u.s. can be involved and the ntsb offers assistance. we know the french do a specific job, they have strong security and they'll do a good job. international investigations require a lot of cooperation and whether this plane left from france or another location, they're going to work it through. >> we know there were intmmedia stops before it went back to cai cairo. >> debra hersman and greg, thank you for being with us. we'll continue our coverage. cbs news reporting legendary 60
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minutes correspondence, wily safer has died at the age of 64. our thoughts are with him and his family and his colleagues at cbs news.
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as we continue this coverage of the house of intelligence committee, after the briefing he said at this early stage of investigation, they're unable to draw any conclusions o f the cause of the disappearance. given the isis bombing last october of the egyptian air crash, terrorism is a possible
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cause of the most recent crash. he will be joining us later in the hour. from more of the investigation into the flight 804. joining me now is our former deputy administrator tsa and our corresponden correspondence, our colleague and friend bog hager. first, to you, to you, i know y familiar with the region and you have been at the cairo airport recently. tell me about your theory of the case. what possible concerns that you see yourself at the airport being in cairo. >> i agree with everything that's being said. in respect to the region, i would say there is been a long history of the region there things that could go wrong. when i look at this, the numbers
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and the area, back and forth through cairo and paris. i think one of the problems right now is they're from a terrorist perspective, something that isis had been able to manipulate. we are i don't want to draw conclusion but possibly someone putting something at the aircraft. >> could a timed device going to paris and go back to cairo? >> absolutely. >> bob hager over decades of investigating these disappearances and crashes and catastrophic event, what are the first warning signs and concerns that you would have looking at this scenario? >> well, first of all, let me say often at this stage, the first thing is any thought of anybody living through in case there is a rescue, i am sorry to put that to rest and sadly,
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somebody fell that distance in a short time of a plane going down 70,000 feet and no chance anybody survived. to the issue of what happened, i speculate but the speculations could be done strongly that this was an act of terrorism. it sure looks like that from all circumstantial evidence. in an investigation you need positive evidence. it is hopeful that these first disputed reports whether or not they may have sided a couple pieces of wreckage. that's hopeful. that could lead them to find more wreckage. in this case, the black box boxes -- if it is a bombing, the data would stop immediately so that's circumstantial evidence of a bomb but not positive.
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you need the wreckage, this is a long process and got to find the black boxes and hope to bring up wreckage to the surface. >> john, what about the signature of explosives, if something is under water, is it still possible to do the forensic if they were to discover pieces of debris, can they try to reengineer it and figure out what happened. >> i think what's hard is the french are going to be a big part of this. it is professional and i think that'll have an impact on the investigation, they'll be able to tell us if it is an explosive device on the aircraft. >> the other piece that you mention of the possibility of an insider job and access to the aircraft and various airports on route to paris or back or in pair rapi paris itself.
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the expansion in the area and with that said, what about egypt standing up to airport security, have you seen any improvements over the year? >> i think there is been issues there. we are talking about metro jet having occurred inside the fall of this year. it takes a significant amount of time to upgrade a program. they know they are working at it, they hired some hououtside companies, it is a matter of time. unfortunately, this is coming pretty close together. >> can you talk to us a sbout t air bus. >> this one is reportedly 2003 according to egyptair, that's a relatively new airplane. in general, what about the air bus many. >> yeah, the air bus had great records. it is made of composites.
9:21 am
this is indeed the work course since equivalent of boeing 737, what it means to air aircraft fleets so there should be no question about the general safety record from the a through 20. they find it is a bomb, it is important to know was it from the passenger compartment or in the cargo. all of this can tell you the flaw and the security rule that had to be tightened and things like that. >> and, what about the crew hours, the pilot 6,000 hours and the co-pilot 4,000 hours. >> both are very experienced. >> yeah, you got safe plane with safe records and experienced crew. it is more of the circumstantial evidence that we are speculating that this is was an act of
9:22 am
terrorism. >> when you look at the flight path, you mentioned there were other stops and how much down time is there between take offs and landings as it went from cairo and paris. that was a pretty ambitious schedule. typically it is refuelling stuff and exchanging passengers a couple of hours. there could be some maintenance check and things like that. when i look at it passengers from the standpoint coming from paris, screening at the paris airport is really good, they use area that is are considered high threat. that's what draws me to the idea that maybe somebody from the inside put it on there, not necessarily paris, it could have been tunic a. >> bob hager, when you been
9:23 am
involved in these in the past, these investigations, i think of twa and some of the other deep water searches that have taken place. what are the beyond the initial search and rescues and what is the mechanism and who is involved in that? >> it is who has the best asset and is willing to turn them over. when we did the rescue operations, recover the break a. wreckage. it is always difficult, i mean, lowering divers in those kind of depths, it is tricky. you have to have camera to locate the wreckage and radar to map the bottom. it is a tough, tough job and really heavy equipment to get the wreckage up to the surface. that's only recovering the
9:24 am
wreckage and now you got to bring it some where on shore and try to piece it together and look for tiny little clues that may tell you whether it is an explosion or where it is coming from. it is a long beam taking business. >> josh earnest, the white house's press secretary is at the podium lets listen to him. >> the president has received multiple updates from his national security team. u.s. national security and aviation experts have been in touched with their counter part in france and egypt to offer assistance. many of you all have probably also seen from the department of defense, united states' navy is working to deploy a piece free o' ryan aircraft. at this point, to go straight in our question, it is too early to say what may have cause this
9:25 am
disaster. the investigation is under way. investigators will consider all potential factors contributed to the crash. obviously, united states government will support our efforts and we'll do that and the president asked his team to keep him appraised of developments. >> switchi >>. [ inaudible question. >> well, administration has made clear for several months now that the u.s. legislation to address the crisis in puerto rico must provide a workable and comprehensive restructuring authority with a appropriate over sight. >> we'll keep on air for further
9:26 am
questions. joining me now from paris frand msnbc from new york. what are officials saying given the presence of isis itself from paris months ago. >> i have been in touch with those over there but i am actually in new york at the moment. >> thanks for that. >> they were the first to come out and thought this was a terrorist act that this is most likely a bomb. they did not say definitively but you got officials coming out saying that's the most likely option and we have the egyptians saying the same thing. security is at a high level and you may not notice it. some people missing at the airport are saying life seems to be going on almost as it was going on a day ago. >> chris, when you are flying in
9:27 am
and out of the world, how tight is security. i have not been there since the attack seven months ago. in fact, it is very tight but not -f there is been article recently in the french press saying, you know, the airport is still too convenient for people in paris. it is too easy to get through. in fact, it is harder to get into the airport now than it used to be. the screening is good and i am among those and people have been talking if this bomb or device if there is a terrorist incident, it is not brought on by a passenger, it is more likely the work of somebody on air crew or conceivably on the
9:28 am
ground crew. >> you spent so much time in y cairo and seeing egyptian officials before. what is your experience in the last 24 hours since this happened. >> well, my experience has been similar pattern that we have seen in the past, egyptian officials are going to be reluctant to come out with information. there is -- this is being treated as a national security. with that comes the complications of egyptian power dynamics of all the information relaying off the chain of commands all the way up to the high cell of government and whatever information that is shared by the egyptian government will be very selective and keep in mind when the metro jet airliner was taken down according to isis and western intelligence officials back in november, it was several
9:29 am
days after the attack that the british prime minister came out and said that we believe it to be a terrorist attack and the egyptians began to go along with that theory and afterwards they were saying this is an accident and they try to put forth some evidence that it was an accident. as we are seen today, there is going to be reluctant to come out with the information. they are sharing the information they have most importantly with the family and we hope so with the sake of those families. as this drags on, you will see a push back by the egyptian government to keep all scenario possible and maybe weeks or not months before they come out with a definitive report as to what may have been behind this. in retrospect of what we saw in the path even flight 990 out of u.s., an egyptian flight was taken out by the pilot. egyptian officials did not share
9:30 am
that consensus and they did not believe it was taken down completely. they say it was a result of a mechanical failure. they hold strong to their narrative despite what evidence emerged. joining us now is eddie coleman. there is no conclusion of any kind. officials are forward leaning and suggesting this could have been something that was not mechanical. evan, what about the groups in the region and not only isis but the whole area and especially the sideline now and with different factions. >> sure, and the factions that was brought down the russian hairli ha airliner, they were able to do that because they had an insider which is notorious for having
9:31 am
terrible security. obviously, in egyptin, a lot easier to refer to an insider than it is in paris. one of the questions we have to ask for ourselves, if this is isis and al-qaida, they would they bomb an egyptair liner or 747 carrying hundreds of people. if this was terrorism, i don't think we know it for sure yet. if this was an insider, was this insider of paris degall? again, egyptian liners filled with mostly egyptians. the fact that isis issuing threats to france in the last few days, i don't think that has any connection at all to what happen here. there is no claim of credit from any organizations, isis, al-qaida, you name it. nobody has claimed credit yet. we have to be careful about even suggesting this is terrorism.
9:32 am
until we recover the wreckage and we see whether or not there is chemical residue of explosives, it is hard to make that determination. at this point, everything is unlikely but possible scenario. >> and just to clear one thing up that some people maybe thinking of. we don't know of any surface to air. they could take down an airline or if it was at 37,000 feet and that's still before this reported at a sharp altitude. >> the russian military or what they did to malaysia airliner ukraine. isis in the heart of their territory in syria do not possess of any weapons shooting down an airliner at 30,000 feet. imagine over water at hundreds and miles offshore.
9:33 am
that sounds ridiculous. so again, if this was terrorism, it probably was something on board and we really don't know what happened here. it is too early to say, look, you look at an air bus airline that relatively newknew the idef mechanical issue that would be far fetch. >> thank you, we'll be back with much more of the disappearance of egyptair. stay with us. it was epic. i can't believe i got it. that's my boy. woah! look! that's my boy. you're proud to give each other your best every day. and at banquet, we want to give you our best. that's why we're adding 20% more chicken to our chicken pot pies
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880. officials say they have found debris but it is still unclear if it is from the missing plane. 66 people were on board. three of them are children. and lets turn to msnbc's kerr simmons live in paris, you can tell me whether this is coincidence but the french extended two months of their stay of emergency from november 13. isis potentially aimed at the upcoming -- is it also not so coincidence because of what happened? >> reporter: i think it is coincidence, we don't know for certain. it is not surprising because we already know about the numbers of intelligence lead they have been following, the number of terrorism reulatilating issues. it is likely a coincidence.
9:38 am
by the way, we have been talking to airport officials who have been expressing surprise speculations that this maybe terrorist related and officials at the airport saying security here was increased after the charles degaule attack. we cannot know until we find the plane and the wreckage boxes. >> joining me now is michael ahead of the faa. what position do you have now? >> first of all, traveling at that altitude -- nothing that lo looks appear to be catastrophic.
9:39 am
look at the situation in which the aircraft takes off france after november attacks. the attack and the sideline in egypt where a metro jet plane and they found a device of a metro jet plane inside a soda cap. i think that the terrorists are looking at the next generation technology. unfortunately, technology we have many air filters is not as modern as what we are going to see emerging. >> one of the largest airports, terror operations of the french and the kbriets are not up unitp to the latest generation? >> i am not necessarily saying it. how could an airport of such great security and state of the art, how could that have
9:40 am
happened at that airfield. we are going to look at the other leg to look at the family and pilots and do a wide sweep prior to charles de gaule. >> joining us now, congressman, you you received a brief briefing, what do you know at this point? >> reporter: we are determining if we have any imagery from space or signal intelligence or anything we can contribute in term of sharing information of people that may have been a pea passenger manifest to shed life on this. we don't know the cost of this and terrorism is a possibility here. if it does turn out to be
9:41 am
terrorism. it signals a whole new level of vulnerability. we are not talking about a plane leaving from the middle east. we are talking about one leaving from europe. this is an airplane where there is been an effort of improving security since the attack and before the attack and that would mean there is a long distance to go. >> was there any kind of warning as you go back to the signal intelligence, any kind of signature or coded messaging that you have been talking about. >> nothing that i have seen yet. maybe we'll find something or indication that we had earlier that this was talked about or in more general terms, sometimes we'll get indication of aircraft in europe and multiplicities but it may not be specifics than that. here if this was something that was placed on the aircraft, one of the aircraft and of course,
9:42 am
isil. yet, if it had to reach the region to paris, it would be extraordinary and something beyond what we have seen in terms of that isil franchise. >> what about any possible names that may be run through or the computer checks of people who may have been in the area? >> well, you know judging from when we have seen these tragedy in the past, it will take 24 hours before we have gone through all the manifest to see whether there is any likely suspects in terms of who might be responsible. that's looking at who's on the plane. as we saw in the attack, the aircraft, it could be employees
9:43 am
who either in wittingly or helping people getting on the aircraft, it is not someone that's going to show up on the manifest and we'll be providing whatever intelligence that we can to the french and egyptians to help with that investigation. >> after what happened, do u.s. officials and intelligence go to egypt and having any kind o of -- about mechanic or baggage handlers or experts who worked on this plane before going out of cairo particularly. >> we have relationships with the egyptian and intelligence service, but, i think certainly the early and even middle part of that investigation, i think a lot of our people kept at arm's
9:44 am
length. egypti egypt wants to maintain control out of that investigation as they could. i am not sure if we could complete visibility or adding people on the ground there to assist with that investigation. >> and chief congressman. thank you for being with us. >> it is been more than 15 hours of egyptian air disappeared off the mediterranean sea. we ha we'll have more coming up on this search right here on msnbc. we're creatinghe operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool.
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9:48 am
been in service since the mid 1980s. it is a safe and reliable airplane and with safety errors. so the investigators are going to look at maintenance -- first, we got to find the debris. we are starting to hear some indications, that's the first step. >> and still with us is michael, former chief of staff with the faa. the level of cooperation with the egyptians, of course, is always a concern. >> we have a bit of a cultural clash here. we have french and the russians and egyptians. we are going to have maker of the aircraft itself and ntsb
9:49 am
will have to be invited in. you may remember the crash of new york. egyptair 990 where ntsb is clear from everything. egyptian from this day will not admit the cause. while the good news is we have a debris feel and we'll get the black boxes and deflect data. that's the good part. the second part is once again are we going to spend -- looking at the wreckage itself and figuring out something structural happening to that plane. >> john cox, what about passengers concerned of safety as it relates to travel season d we got a lot of young people going abroad and tourists going
9:50 am
i abroad. what concerns and guarantees can anyone travel in the region and other parts o f the world have about our own safety? >> andrea, i think it is important to recognize that even though today we have a tragedy, it is a sad day for aviation. overall, we have never been at a safer time to travel by air. we are going to fly some where around 3.7 billion passengers safely this year on something over 40 million flights. in no way taking anything away from this tragic accident and we are watching unfold now, as far as i fly virtually every week and the safest place i can be is on the airplane. >> john cox, thank you so much. our air aviation and analyst . d thank you from the faa.
9:51 am
>> we'll be right be with the campaign trail reaction. stay with us.
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joining me now is nbc's halie jackson with reactions from the campaign trail. i think you are in new jersey where donald trump is appearing with chris christie in about an hour or so. lets talk about his tweet "looks like another terrorist attack." certainly, jumping to conclusions there, could be a stampede to use it as political issue. >> reporter: potentially, andrea, i would not be surprised if you heard donald trump and chris christie will be with him add the fundraiser talking about this. we expect to hear remarks from both politicians from around 7:00. there is no confirmation that this is tied to terror. what happened with the egyptair
9:55 am
is related -- he quickly tweeted that around 6:30 or 6:40 talking about what he believed to be. donald trump of what we have seen terror attacks have been frankly a boost in polls force him. you saw that after paris and san bernardino and it propelled him above from his primary challengers back in november and december, given that for republicans, terror has become the number one priority. the number one issue for gop voters. the question is what this means for donald trump in a general election in a sense of discussing foreign policy and discussing national security. donald trump will have to answer to those questions. andrea. >> indeed, halie, it was out of san bernardino and paris that came about his muslim ban about
9:56 am
his most controversial proposal. it is a strategy for the secretary of state. thanks so much i know you will be all on this story. my colleague kerr simmons is up next live from paris on msnbc. is about vision and integrity, confidence, inspiration, and passion. ♪ pitching wedge. thanks phil. and always having the courage to take your best shot. see the best of the best at the kpmg women's pga championship and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen.
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i want to express my condolences to egypt and all the countries impacted by the disappearance early this morning of the egyptair flight over the mediterranean. the united states is providing assistance in the search effort and authorities are doing everything they will can to find out what the facts are of what happened today. >> reporter: good afternoon, i am kerr simmons at msnbc, live
10:00 am
at this hour. the place where last night at a 320 took off. we are trying to understand what could have caused this tragedy and looking at effects of this. people like you and me using it to go on vacation. what may it mean for us at airports. some of the details we have heard through this morning so far, two pieces of debris according to a greek official and a life jacket found off the coast of greek. it is not clear whether those debris relate to the aircraft itself. the aviation minister of a possibility of a terror attack is higher. there is been no claim