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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  July 22, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> the question now, has that been that announcement, that leak been delayed by the event overseas. we are fortunate, we will have all that covered as we go to "meet the press" with chuck. >> we are waiting for a couple bits of news out of that front. i am chuck todd. we will start, of course, following the breaking news in munich, germany. munich is on lockdown as police search the city for as many as three armed attackers, and the death toll has risen to nine, and the attack appeared to begin at a local mcdonald's and continued in a nearby shopping mall. police are calling this a terror attack, and it's not clear if there are ties to anything islamic or radical on that front. local german news reports, the
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german government, as well, called an emergency meeting in berlin within the last hour to discuss security operations. now residents are being told to avoid public places and stay off highways, and stay away from public transportation, and stay away from nightclubs and hotels and video posted to social media believed to be taken at one of the scenes shows a gunman open fire, and we should warn you, this is very disturbing. [ sound of gunshots ] >> there are reports that a gunman was shouting sexenophobi obscenities. president obama pledged to give munich any assistance it needs.
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>> there were shootings in germany and we don't know what is happening there yet, but obviously our hearts go out to those who may have been injured. it's still an active situation, and germany is one of our closest allies, so we are going to pledge all the support that they may need in dealing with the circumstances. >> meanwhile, we are following another developing story, hillary clinton on the brink of naming her running mate. she is expected to speak soon as her event in florida. i am being told that's not the plan, while she will still hold the rally, the -- any news may not happen until later tonight. they had a staff meeting at brooklyn headquarters and the staff was told that there was an
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announcement coming and to stay tuned. they were not told who the pick is. do not expect the announcement in a few minutes now at this rally. any announcement about her pick is likely to come after as she travels to miami where she will be spending the night. it's important to note, moments ago hillary clinton did tweet something about the situation in munich, quote, monitoring the horrific situation in munich. we stand with our friends in germany as they work to bring those responsible to justice. we are dealing with both of those stories right now. i will go by phone to our producer, one of our top producers in europe. it's andy echeart. it is three gunmen or could it be one? >> the police are telling us the
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witnesses saw three gunmen. police are going after three people, and the latest development is they are now speaking of nine dead, and that is nine dead, and one of them they are investigating as being one of the attackers, possibly. they have not confirmed that fully, but they are investigating and tweeting about it. i think they are getting a little closer, though it still seems that two people are on the run. they are keeping the city of munich on lockdown. >> andy, you are a native of germany. there has been speculation that this is basically a hate crime or hate group from a far right group. walk us through that situation and why there seems to be more and more evidence pointing in that direction? >> well, i think at this point it is still speculation, but it
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wouldn't surprise me if it's a right wing group. the latest intelligence report that comes out annually said the right wing scene is radicalizing very, very quickly. you might remember that we had an incident in germany where two guys killed themselves in a car a few years ago, and it turned out these were members of a terrorists cell that had been on a killing spree for almost ten years in germany without anybody noticing that they were actually a right wing terror cell, because germany had not seen that for a long time, and it could be that we are seeing a right wing terror cell that erupted and did that. >> what are the motivations these days of these radical groups? >> well, obviously, chuck, they are using the refugee crisis in europe as something that feeds
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their cause. we have seen similar developments as in other countries where the political scene is turning to the left and the right to much to the extremes and right wing parties are gaining momentum. also people that want to join more radical groups like the neo-nazi groups that we have seen in the past. >> andy, our man in germany, the man on the scene and we will check back in with you soon. thank you, sir. i will turn now to my call ka -- colleague in our london bureau. >> and a spokesman said when
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somebody with a gun in a major shopping center opens fire and that many people are dead, we have to work on the assumption this was not a normal crime, and it's a terrorists act. the reason, chuck, it's so hard to get firm information, the authorities in munich are getting varying reports from witnesses in munich, and it takes manpower and time to get accounts, and there are so many moving parts of the story, and a manhunt is still under way, and this is the third largest city in germany, and how did this unfold. 6:00 a.m. local time, witnesses described three people with gun and the attack appears to have begun at or near the mcdonald's attached to the olympic shopping mall. we can assume it would have been packed full of people on a friday evening, kicking off their weekend, families likely out and about.
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this was the second attack in germany in less than a week. there was a stabbing by a male migrant on a regional train in munich. isis claiming responsibility for the earlier incident on monday. no clue at this point who or what the motivations are behind the attackers in this case, and this is the third major attack in europe in just eight days. difficult and dark times, not just in the region, but globally, chuck. >> it definitely is, and it feels like we are at a weakly front, and obviously we heard andy echeart say, whether it's an extremist that came through the refugee crisis, and it's interconnected to the issue of immigration that is not popular inside of germany. >> that's right. it's not popular, but it also -- you know, germany has to take some credit for the way it has
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handled the immigration issue. germany was one of the first countries to really fully open their doors to migrants and immigrants. this was greeted with a lot of celebration by some parts of society, but i spent quite a bit of time in the past fall reporting in berlin, and i can tell you there were certain segments of the population not happy about it. germany does have an aging population, and there's economic incentive to have younger working age educated migrants come into the country, but there were resentments, and it's too soon to jump to those speculations as to how they might relate to the shooting. we just don't know who is behind this. no claims of responsibility at this point. >> important to give everybody as much context of the situation overall. lucy, thank you very much. as i told you at the top, we have a couple different stories that we are following right now at the top. hillary clinton is going to soon
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take the stage in tampa, florida. i am going to check in with my friend and colleague, andrea mitchell who is there. andrea, we know -- here's what we know. we know we will find out who hillary clinton's running mate is today, we just don't know what time. >> exactly. >> we are not 100% sure who is it, maybe 85% sure. >> reporter: we know there is going to be a text sometime tonight. all of this was expected earlier today. she is very late for the rally, which was scheduled for 5:00, as you know, and she stopped in orlando, and she was at a memorial in orlando, and she was speaking to some of the people involved in the terrible nightclub tragedy, and now we will be at the rally and then we expect a text going out tonight of who her running mate s. and all eyes are pointing to it
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being virginia senator, tim kaine. and we know the other person in the mix just boarded a flight to chicago. he's headed back to the midwest, not headed here. at this point, tim kaine is in the northeast, and he was in boston, and he's going to be in rhode island and don't know if he is flying here, and whoever it is will be here tomorrow. >> tim kaine, a lot of speculation about kaine, it seems she is leaning that way. if it is kaine, give me the why kaine, andrea. >> reporter: he is the only person, actually, within this group, and we understand in 20 years who has been a mayor, a governor, and a senator. he has executive experience. he has foreign policy experience. she said all along her top
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priority is somebody that could step into the command in chief role on day one, and he's the closest of fitting that category of a nonmilitary person, because he is on the foreign relations and armed services committee, and he has been very involved in afghanistan and iraq and the battle against isis, and in fact, demanding congress have more oversight, saying the president does not have the right to actually be processing this war, which is a war on the ground in syria without congressional approval. he has been very involved on foreign policy and even though that all along had been her top priority, i was told it became more important this week as donald trump said what he said about not sticking with nato allies until they anted up. and especially after pence was chosen. >> let's go down to some of the
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negatives. a couple things developing today. number one is a lot of progressive voices are starting to express disappointment in the idea of tim kaine. tim kaine is no dlc centrist type, but he is not a bernie sanders and elizabeth warren democrat either? >> he supported trade agreements, so they will have to deal with that. he has been in favor of wall street deregulation. the sanders people have to be mull afraid, and we have heard they have not seen a huge amount of blow up, and they can deal with that. this is really inside politics, but they would be very excited, and i spoke to virginia there, and bobby scott, an african-american would become the next african-american
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senator to be appointed. you would have to run again next year. in virginia, there's a lot of people wanting for that seat if he steps aside to run for vice president. >> and the governor of virginia, none other than tera terry ma c. >> we'll check back in with you when hillary clinton gets there. we will see her remarks when they start. we are also going to continue following breaking news out of germany tonight as well, but for now we are going to sneak in a quick break. we'll be right back. ♪ take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you. nissan safety shield technologies,
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we have a couple stories we are following, nine dead in
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munich, and one might be the gunman. we are also watching the stage in florida where hillary clinton will take the stage shortly. she will roll out her vp pick tomorrow in person in miami, but we should find out who it is sometime this evening or perhaps tonight. we'll be right back.
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joining me now is cal perry. you are monitoring a lot of social media for us, videos you are seeing online and what do you have, what are you seeing? >> this gunman outside mcdonald's that you showed at the top is the chilling piece of video and really is the only one that we have that shows a shooting taking place. there are two locations we know violence broke out, mcdonald's
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and the mall adjacent to the mcdonald's. as andy exheart reported. authorities are looking for two, possibly three gunmen. what we are seeing consistently is witness reports at the scene are often incorrect, and the other thing that happens, and germany, a difficult country to get a gun in, and you will see plain closed police responding with weapons, and that has a knock on affect that there are more people reporting of people with guns. imagine a friday night in munich with the night clubs closed and the entire transportation system shut down and highways in and out of the city closed and we have authorities checking the ninth body and we could catch a break and find out this was the
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work of one gunman. >> it feels like the initial reports are always multiple gunmen, and it feels like nine attacks out of ten, you find out it's just one. it's sort of eyewitnesses hearing something to their left and it was really to their right and things like that. >> if you have a shooter at the mcdonald's and then makes his way to the mall, you have two separate sets of eyewitnesses, you have eyewitnesses at mcdonald's and eyewitnesses at the mall, and this idea of other people with guns, in europe, not like the united states, not such a common thing for people to brandish weapons in public, and that will cause witnesses to call authorities.
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>> it's 11:20 local time, and it has to be odd for munich to be shut down on a friday night. >> what was eerie is the police said we have not had an operation like this in ten years, and they had the world cup and munich is deserted, and further than that, the highways, leading to switzerland and austria, you have the thoroughfares where we have no cars on the road, and add to that you have the u.s. consulate in munich in a shelter in place order, and there's a subway station next to the mall, and this is a huge mall, for people living in washington, d.c., this is the size of tysons, and this is a massive mall where you have two department stores with hundreds of shops in the middle, and you are seeing a picture of
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it there from google earth, and the concern is the gunman fled into the subway station and popped up anywhere in the city. >> thanks, cal. we turn to our chief foreign correspondent, richard engel. richard, i want to talk big picture here and that's a shellshocked europe. it feels like -- it doesn't feel like, but a week is not going by until there's some incident in europe and it feels like there's a week that doesn't go by and there's an incident in this country, and there seems to be anxiety and up heval in kwraour
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>> germany, angela merkel, she gave a speech and it sounded like an open-door policy and hundreds of thousands arrived in germany alone. that was the story of last year. this year the story has been terrorists attacks. some carried out by the people who arrived, and others who were already angry and in muslim communities across europe. we don't know much about this attack. we don't know if it was a neo-nazi group, somebody angry with the muslim presence in germany, or if it was isis directed or inspired. either way, it's two sides of the same coin. two groups that are trying to play on the hatred, trying to play on the divisions in the country because europe is going through such an unprecedented period of turmoil. it's also brexit -- >> i was just going to say, do you draw a straight line?
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do you draw a straight line from basically the syrian refugee crisis to brexit to what we are seeing in germany and france? >> i think you can draw a straight line. a lot of the brexit anger was about internal european migration and the people in the uk were famously angry at the polls because they were taking the blue collar jobs, and there was anger that the british society already changed because of immigration, and then there was the fear, somewhat unrealistic, but there's a fear that now all the syrians and middle easterners are coming and we had the poles first, and then we are losing our identity, and then people went for that opt n option. i think it's having a major impact. there's talk of other countries following suit. fences are going up. >> it's interesting you say this, because i also ran into a
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group of international academics, and i remember talking to a german professor recently and i was talking about our own economic anxiety and middle class revolt taking place in this country and this person said to me you are describing germany's middle class, there's the same sort of anxiety in the german middle class, good jobs disappeared, and some of them due to trade agreements and some of them due to globalization, and immigration is playing a role as well and germany's economy is basically where the top is doing well, but, again, the middle feels under served. >> i think when there's a feeling of anxiety real or perceived, it's obviously fodder for strong men. not only right wing strong men, but a lot of the strong men offering law and order. i think you are seeing that in this country and in europe, particularly eastern europe. there already has been a rise of parties who say we will do the
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right thing and we will seal our borders, a victor, the main campaign was build a wall across the border to keep the migrants out. i think it's a universal tendency when faced with fear, when faced with perceived lack of control, and i think there has been more of a lack of control, more of a real lack of control in europe, particularly with the migrant crisis than in this country where it's more of a perception of loss of control. >> other countries in charge of their own domestic security here, but what role does the eu play? >> not much. the problem is, it's none of them, and a bit of all of them. there's no real central repository for intelligence or coordinated defense strategy or
2:27 pm
standing army. the european political institutions pass laws that are sometimes binding and sometimes recommendations, and i think that the content suffered because the government is in a fish nor foul situation. now faced with brexit and the terrorists threat, what is it going to do? is europe going to tighten its hatches and become more centralized or will it allow more brexits and become more of an economic union and i think the profound choices are being debated and made in europe. >> the most stable economy is angela merkel, and i hate to put it in these terms, but who this shooter is and what motivates them will depend on how much of an impact this has on merkel, does it not? >> if it's a right-wing
2:28 pm
anti-immigrant extremist, this is somebody who obviously hates angela merkel and hates what she has done and hates that she has put out a welcome mat, and just a week ago, a migrant wielding a knife went on a rampage on a train in germany and one of the people germany is trying to integrate, just an attack a few days ago on the train was carried out by an immigrant from afghanistan was in the process and getting the kind of help germany is trying to offer. if this was the work of an an - anti-neo-nazi type of campaign, merkel can say our policies are unpopular, and this is the right wing and extremists and neo-nazis in germany don't normally have a basis of support, and if it's isis, it
2:29 pm
goes to the heart of what has been mostly her open door policy. >> richard angle, chief foreign correspondent with a brief visit here, good to see you on this side of the ocean, my friend. appreciate it. >> thank you. we will have another break and we are waiting for hillary clinton and having a campaign in tampa, and we will dip into that, and she is likely to say something about munich, but most likely about her visit with the orlando families. your car got rear-ended and you needed a tow. did your 22-page insurance policy say, "great news. you're covered?"
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at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. we gave you a response to the munich attacks from hillary clinton earlier, and we now have our first response from donald trump on facebook. he put out this statement, quote, our prayers are with all those affected by the horrible attacks in munich, and this cannot continue, the rise of terrorism threatens the way of life for all civilized people and we must do everything in our power to keep it from our shores. to learn more about what is
2:33 pm
going on in this attack, i am joined by tom costello. i heard you talking about your own experiences in germany. we need to let people know, there's some people making assumptions this is definitely some sort of extremist islamic situation and some are definitely saying it's neo-nazi stuff, and the bottom line is we don't know. there's different reports indicating different aspects of this, but explain your experience in germany. >> first of all, i underscore what you said, we don't know yet if this is some sort of an overseas or out-of-country terrorists cell that has been activated inside germany or a far right wing extremist or extremists involved in today's killings. and the current special forces have been activated from bavaria
2:34 pm
as well as federal police on duty. this is very much an all hands on deck situation as they continue to insure that there's not one than one shooter, and that's not -- what am i trying to say? it's not at all conclusive at this point. >> i think they are pursuing the idea it might be one at this point. >> that's correct. >> that's what we are trying to figure out. go ahead. >> multiple reports right now, and they are examining one individual's body and he might be the individual outside of mcdonald's. we were talking about the turkish population inside germany which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million people who have some sort of a tpau miller connection to turkey. they brought in large numbers of
2:35 pm
people from turkey to help rebuild the country, and as you know, germany became a powerhouse in the '50s, '60s and '70s and as they rebuilt their economy and country they were largely using the labor that came from other countries including relying on heavily the turkish population. as you know, there has been a fringe extremis neo-nazi group in germany, and i saw that firsthand. i was on a train with a friend of mine who was german, and we were going through a german train yard and there in spray paint on a concrete wall was graffiti, clearly written by a neo-nazi, and it was very offensive. what it said is re-open auschwitz for the turks. that's not the opinion the general population had, but it
2:36 pm
has been the neo-nazi view. it's still illegal, of course, to fly the nazi symbol in germany and it's illegal to have published hitler's auto biography, but it continues to be the element of society they deal with. the vast majority, and i want to underscore this, the vast majority of germans turned their backs 100% on that page in their history and tried to show that by embracing the refugees from syria and iraq over the last year or so but that, as you might expect, angered that nazi element. >> it backfired on merkel with multiple parts of society, not just one fringe over the other. tom costello in the news room, and thank you very much. munich police are tweeting the following. the public transportation and
2:37 pm
urban and suburban railways will not be in operation until further notice, so the manhunt continues. executive director of terror, malcolm, what do you know? what are your sources telling you? what are you hearing? >> i am getting my sources straight out of germany on german television and media and it's following a little faster ahead. right now we know there are eight victims, and german police just tweeted a little while ago that they do believe they have a suicide, and that that person that committed suicide may be complicit in the operation. >> is that a 10th death? >> no, that's the ninth. >> this is the gunman or the ninth death? >> the ninth death could be the gunman. >> not a shoot-out. >> he may have committed suicide at the scene. they found the body. that was just put out by the
2:38 pm
munich police. however, an interesting facet to this entire attack is coming out, because as richard angle said, we are at this point where everything is nebulous. initially we had the belief this could have been isis and terrorism on the basis of the fact these attacks were reoccurring, and there's a little tidbit that rings my bell. there's a report that the gunman went to the bathroom in the mcdonald's, and came out with a firearm and specifically started killing children inside the bathroom of the mcdonald's. the eighth victim to die, by the way, was a 15-year-old german girl. that struck me as quite interesting, especially on the anniversary of the norwegian right wing extremist that mass murdered -- >> i believe it's the world's worst hmassacre in the last 50 years. >> yeah, individual massacre. >> yeah.
2:39 pm
>> and he executed children of what he believed were liberal politicians inside norway, so he would expunge norway of this, you know, this generation of liberal children who were tolerant to people who came from the west, and he had a lot of american supporters and right wing extremist that he followed. we don't know that for certain. we don't know anything for certain. >> say that again? >> today is the fifth anniversary of that. has that been a symbol that some neo-nazi groups paid owe phaupblg to? >> well, even some of the neo-nazi groups here, you see them, their blog and chatter and people who thought haefe was a hero, a norwegian knight. he took his ideology from
2:40 pm
extreme radical citizens. and then we have an incident five years later, and the first victims are children if that's confirmed, and then commits suicide, none of that spells isis. it does not. and until we get more from the german law enforcement, that little bit of speculation is starting to have more credence now. >> before i let you go, and i don't know if that's a sense of relief that it's not isis and happens to be this, but let me ask you this, and i understand that isis becomes more -- all of a sudden there's a global reaction rather than this, but are we seeing -- are you seeing in europe a lot more individual groups unrelated to isis just starting, you know, terror groups or -- >> there always has been terrorists groups inside europe,
2:41 pm
but they died down. >> do they appear to be more active? >> what we are seeing, and richard angle made a good point. the direct line from these terror attacks to, you know, to europe, you know, that we are seeing now is not just from the immigration wave, this starts with september 11th, the u.s. invasion of iraq and the economic downturn in 2008 globally that affected the american middle class and the german middle class and then the wave of migration where people are affected by all of that coming to europe, and we have seen right wing groups in europe rise, and you know, even this misperception of people in england that thought the brexit was going to stop these hoards from coming over into england and all of this is interconnected and leads terrorism on one side and leads to right-wing extremism and
2:42 pm
anti-immigrant sentiment on the other side. >> always appreciate your wisdom and views on this one. thanks very much. we will have much more on munich coming up, and we are keeping an eye on tampa, florida, where we expect to hear from hillary clinton. she will be taking the stage. will she start teasing anything about her potential running mate. we'll be right back. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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tampa, florida, as well as the developing situation in munich, and right now this is one of the introducers at the rally in tampa where it's unlikely we are going to hear anything about a vp pick from hillary clinton at least at the rally and it's more likely after the rally. joining me now from tampa is one of my colleagues that is monitoring the situation there, kristin welker. well, we think we know what she won't talk about in a few minutes. go ahead and tell us. >> reporter: i think you are right, we are not going to hear her talk basketball the vp pick at the rally, that's the one thing we do know. the question is, will we learn about it and how quickly? we anticipate we will learn something later this evening, possibly on social media, and then we are expecting her to appear with her vip pick tomorrow and she has a big event on miami. who is it going to be? that's what everybody wants to know, and i have been talking to my sources and working the phones and it still consistently seems to be tim kaine, and all
2:45 pm
signs pointing to the former governor, and if you ask why, and they say he checks all of the boxes and fulfills her number one priority, which is the person that she picks is ready to assume the office of the presidency on day one, and there's broad agreement he is the one that has enough experience to do that, and he also happens to be fluent in spanish and that helps to energize the key voting bloc. tim kaine is pro trade and they don't think he is tough enough on wall street, and they are prepared to feedback on some of the criticism, and we are watching other big names, cory booker, and at this hour, tim kaine seems like the likeliest. secretary clinton is about to take the stage here now. >> we will go ahead and see what we see -- see how quickly she starts talking here.
2:46 pm
she just stopped in orlando earlier today where she met with the families of victims of the horrendous munich massacre. she put out a statement but we were told it's unlikely she will address munich aside from the statement she already made. we know tomorrow she will appear at a rally with her running mate. when she announces the running mate, we expect that to be sometime in the next hour or so after this rally, and it will come out via text message. one thing the campaign is proud of, the fact that within an hour or so of the announcement and it officially has not leaked out. here is hillary clinton. >> thank you, tampa!
2:47 pm
thank you, all, thank you so much. whoa. are we ready to go win an election in november? [ cheering ] >> well, i think after the last week, what we saw in cleveland, we better be ready to go win an election in november. i want to thank dilia for those wonderful words about her life growing up in tampa and her strong endorsement. i want to thank my long time friend and colleague from the senate, your senator, bill nelson. i also want to thank your great mayor, mayor bob buckhorn.
2:48 pm
i also have a few others to thank, because i am thrilled to have so many strong florida leaders here with us today. county commissioner lles miller and former senator and soon to be congressman, charlie crist. former mayor, sandy friedman. and we got a great group of state representatives, council members and so many more, and i am grateful to each and every one of you who are with us. i got to tell you, did any of you watch that convention in cleveland? well, you know, it was kind of traversely flattering. it's hard to believe they spent
2:49 pm
so much time talking about me and no time talking about jobs or education or health care! no matter what your political leanings, i think we can all agree that never in the history of conventions, certainly, but i think even more broadly, have we moved forward together by pointing fingers and scapegoating and blaming people instead of rolling up our sleeves, getting a plan together and then working to achieve it. now, i mean, something has gone terribly wrong when one speaker says vote your conscience and gets booed.
2:50 pm
i mean, i never thought i would say these words, but ted cruz was right. in this election, do the right thing and vote your conscience, vote for your future, vote for a united states of america. n now, look, you know, i think -- i think many of us felt that those speakers, including of course their nominee, were not talking about the country we know and love. they weren't talking about the
2:51 pm
work people do every day, the opportunities we try to seize, neighbors helping neighbors. i didn't hear any of that. instead, i heard about donald trump's dark and divisive vision. last night's speech took it to a whole new level. he offered a lot of fear and anger and resentment, but no solutions about anything that he even talked about. he didn't have a jobs program, did he? all that talk about keeping people safe, i didn't hear any plans about what he's going to do to support our police, to make sure that we are all
2:52 pm
working together. you could listen to that speech and you could think my goodness, he believes america is in decline. and i got to say, as he said this last night, i was pretty shocked. he said i alone can fix it. now, just think about that for a minute. because it's really important. his vision of america is one where we americans are kind of helpless, we need to be rescued. i can't really imagine him on a white horse, but that seems to be what he's telling us.
2:53 pm
i alone can fix it. well, he doesn't understand that americans, we americans, we are strong, big-hearted, results-oriented, generous people in america. i've spent a lot of time, a lot of wonderful times traveling across our country and i've seen people fixing all kinds of things. i've met educators like delia, working with teachers and parents to turn around schools and give kids a better chance. i've met small businesses and entrepreneurs who get up every day and work really hard and you know when they make a contract for their goods or their
2:54 pm
services, they expect to be paid. i've met so many wonderful men and women who serve in our military. they know their job, they know the grave responsibility that they fulfill, and they get up every day and they do their best, but i've never heard one of them say oh, i can fix it alone. i was in orlando before i came here to tampa. and i had the great honor of sitting and talking with some of the residents of that beautiful
2:55 pm
city and hearing what they are doing together to deal with the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in american history. the mayor spoke with great pride about how his city had responded. the police captain in charge of the s.w.a.t. team talked with such conviction about how when the moment arrived, the police in orlando were ready. they had trained. they supported each other. they were ready. the captain didn't say i can fix it alone. he made isaid i'm a member of a the best team that anybody could have. i met some of the hospital and the medical personnel who were
2:56 pm
there to take the wounded and worked so heroically to save lives. every one of them doing his or her part, triage, nursing, doing everything. i didn't meet anyone of them who said hey, i can fix it alone. i've never heard of an american leader or at least someone who wants to be an american leader claiming that he's all we need. that's not a democracy, my friends. as i recall, we had a revolution to make sure we didn't have someone who said i can fix it alone.
2:57 pm
the other thing he said that really shocked me, it is hard to know where to start, isn't it. well, last night, donald told us i am your voice. well, i don't think he speaks for most americans, do you? he doesn't speak for small businesses like the ones he has consistently stiffed and driven into bankruptcy and financial peril. he doesn't speak for the workman that he's employed on his
2:58 pm
various projects, then refused to pay them. he doesn't speak for the housekeepers and the cooks and everybody working at a hotel in las vegas that he owns that have voted to have a union, and he refuses to even talk to them. he doesn't speak for immigrants. he only speaks against immigrants. he doesn't speak for people with disabilities. he doesn't speak for our military, which he has insulted consistently and in particular, prisoners of war who sacrifice much of their life because they
2:59 pm
serve us. and contrary to what they tried to say at their convention, i don't think he speaks for women. i don't think he speaks for working families who would be devastated by his reckless economic policies. he doesn't speak for anyone who thinks our country should be standing together, not splintering apart. he sure doesn't speak for me, because i know we are stronger together and that's what we're going to be next year.
3:00 pm
now, starting on monday, starting on monday in philadelphia, we will offer a very different vision. it's about building bridges, not walls, between people. it's about making the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. it's about embracing our diversity that does make our country great. i have to tell you, in orlando today, in listening to people who had been there that night, meeting a mother whose son died, meeting others who barely escaped after hiding


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