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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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at the top of the hour. we begin this hour with a brand new report from the new york times that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg will endorse hillary clinton during a prime time speech at the convention this week. the times saying his surprise move comes as a result of the millionaire's disappointment with donald trump as the republican nominee. mr. bloomberg has not been a member of the democratic party since 2000. new reaction from the newly formed democratic ticket on the eve of the convention. here is part of their first sit-down interview which will air tonight on "60 minutes." >> i'm going to respond to what he has said that i think is so fundamentally at odds with who we are as a nation, where we need to be heading in the future and the kind of dangerous, risky
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position. >> she has been good at letting the water go off her back on this. that's not the way i feel. when i see crooked hillary or "lock her up," it is ridiculous. it is beneath the character of the kind of dialogue we should have. we've got real serious problems to solve. most of us stopped the name calling thing about fifth grade. >> bernie sanders, who will speak opening night, has this take on tim kaine as the vice presidential nominee. >> he is a very smart guy, nice guy. his political views are not my political views. he is more conservative than i am. would i have preferred to have seen someone like elizabeth
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warren selected? yes, i would have. >> and donald trump coming to his defense against the attack of the democratic party. >> he is the only one on that side that understands trade. he can't do anything about it because that's not his thing. he has been gamed. he has been -- it's a rigged system against him. what happened with the choice of tim kaine was a slap in the face to bernie sanders and everybody. i was shocked. i love it from my standpoint. >> nbc's kasie hunt joins us not too far from where we are, at the site of the democratic national convention. good afternoon. definitely not the way the campaign wanted to kick off tomorrow's convention. what's the mood inside the camp? >> hi, alex. everyone here at this convention hall, it's been getting busier and busier all day long as people finish building out these sets and places for the delegates to go.
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balloons, of course. we had a couple fall down when they weren't quite supposed to. the rest of them are still up there. for the clinton campaign, it's actually one of the tougher moments so far. the timing really couldn't be worse in a lot of ways, right as this is about to kick off to have this e-mail leak thrust into the spotlight. these staffers at the dnc talking about, it seemed, ways to influence the race that hillary clinton was running against bernie sanders. the clinton campaign had managed to quiet a lot of this down. what seems to be happening quietly right now is a lot of confusion and back and forth. it's not clear that the dnc itself has a full understanding of what the clinton campaign wants to happen. debbie wasserman-schultz had always been at the center of many of the sanders' campaign complaints. almost ensured that the clinton
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campaign wouldn't fire her ultimately. but this could be changing that. her role potentially diminished here. it's not clear what the future holds at this convention for her. and bernie sanders, not very happy about it, of course, still. take a look what he had to say to chuck todd on "meet the press." >> nobody has apologized to me. as you just mentioned this really does not come as a shock to me or my supporters. there is no question but the dnc was on secretary clinton's side from day one. we all know that. as i said a long time ago, the time is now for debbie wasserman-schultz to step aside. not only for these issues. >> i have covered bernie sanders quite a bit over the course of the last six months. the reality is this leak plays right into bernie sanders' sporters fears, accusations about how this process played
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out. they've said the system is rigged, that hillary clinton's nomination was preordained by the elders. it's done nothing to dispel all that. if anything it adds fuel to the fire to the bernie sanders' supporters gathering outside the convention in philadelphia. we're expecting more protesters to come here at the dnc than what we saw in cleveland last week, alex. >> lots to cover on the heels of that report. i appreciate that. laura olson, morning call and ann guerin, covering the clinton campaign for the washington post. first one being michael bloomberg announcing he is going to endorse hillary clinton. keeping in mind the guy has not been a democrat since 2000. ann, your thoughts on that? >> it's not surprising. he is much closer ideologically to clinton than to trump. but clearly it's a blow to trump and republicans, coming right on the heels of their convention
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and on the eve of the democrats. they're all new yorkers, bloomberg, trump and clinton. so one new yorker siding with team a new yorker versus team b. and i think, you know, that's not surprising. >> he is speaking at the convention. that's a pretty prominent position to be in. >> it is. some of the folks that secretary clinton may reach out to are the bernie sanders' supporters. outside city hall on my way over here, those folks may not be looking at the words of michael bloomberg in a positive light after they've been pushing back what they feel like is -- >> how difficult is this wikileaks release of the e-mails yesterday? how much do you think this will dominate the conversation for the sanders' camp? what will it take to appease them? >> pennsylvania delegates for sanders we've been talking to, they've had a number of concerns that they are still just not ready to come around on to support clinton. this seems to really kind of seal some of the concerns that
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they had instead of pushing them closer to secretary clinton. >> do you think there was an unfair advantage for the clinton camp, ann, in the dnc? >> certainly there was an institution and organizational structure that benefited her because she is a life-long canned democrat. >> thereby party loyalty or did something creep into the mix that they didn't think bernie sanders ultimately would be able to be elected president? >> certainly many, many democrats who were not active hillary clinton supporters felt that it was going to be difficult, as a democratic party, to have sanders as the national standard bearer. there was raw concern that he would be an imperfect menlg
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messenger for a general election message. the dnc was actively helping her. there certainly is a wide perception that the dnc, you know, was sort of waiting for sanders to go away and for people who believe that, this e-mail is simple confirmatory of -- it gives evidence to something they already thought. >> you brought up the demonstrations, laura. i want to have you two stand by right now. let's go to nbc's jacob rascon, standing by those protesters who apparently are heading right this way where we are. jacob, where are you? >> reporter: we told you how we thought this was bigger than anything we saw in cleveland. clean energy revolution. that's what this march is supposed to be about, anti-fracking, among other things. we'll walk around back this way
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so that you can tell just how many people are blocking streets right here. we'll have you just look at the crowd as we go. and you have a variety of different causes, even though it's sponsored by clean energy revolution, they say. a lot of those that you talk to, ask where they're from, they're from out of town a lot of them, support bernie sanders and feel like the dnc convention in philadelphia was the best place to have their voices heard. it's notable we did not see a lot of the bernie sanders sporter protesters we usually see at trump rallies throughout the year at the gop convention in cleveland. instead, they're showing up here. back here, you have almost a separate part, but it's all part of the same, blocking off several blocks here. in the distance, you may be able to tell that that's city hall there. again, mostly people from out of town and mostly bernie sanders' supporters. and this is what we expect all week. alex?
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>> okay. jacob rascon, we hear them loud and clear. thank you very much for that report. ladies, back to you the both of you. laura, anne, how much do you think demonstrations like this will spill over to the convention floor, laura? >> a lot of people out there were sanders' supporters. i was talking to a sanders delegate from north carolina before i came. she said she's with sanders and hopes that secretary clinton can come around to her concerns about fracking. we're in pennsylvania. this is a pretty large topic, given the activity in this part of the state. >> your expectations, anne? >> my expectations are that the efforts by the clinton campaign and dnc to nutritioneutralize t incomplete. the platform concessions.
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yesterday's discretion at the rules committee about potentially reducing the role of super delegates. all those things were intended to, before the lights came on, mulli fy sanders and prevent something from erupting on the floor. i think there's a chance that there's a small floor demonstration, not a large one. sanders is on track to go on tomorrow and only say nice things about hillary clinton, as far as we know. >> were they to say debbie wasserman-schultz, you need to resign, would that placate the sanders supporters? >> that would certainly give them a head on a stake. i don't know that that's what they're looking for specifically. certainly she appears to be having a far less of a public role than expected. there's some back and forth now about what exactly her role had been and whether it's being actually reduced or not.
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certainly, she has been a very prominent figure leading up to the convention. if we don't see much of her this week, that will, itself, be in essence a concession. >> ladies, laura and anne, thank you so much for being with me. we'll hear from a pennsylvania senator next on how this is all playing out. i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time.
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republican nominee is not on the road campaigning today. to counter the democrats message this week.
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clinton campaign asserting today that russia leaked the dnc e-mails to help donald trump. what does the trump campaign have to say about that? >> reporter: the democratic national convention was supposed to be a smooth, easy, no-controversy affair. this wikileaks submission of dnc insider e-mails has rocked the boat a bit. the campaign chairman for hillary clinton says the russians were behind this. and because putin and donald trump have a relationship, this must be about helping donald trump. one of the top spokesman for donald trump responded saying, quote, you know the clinton campaign is desperate to change the subject from the disunity at their convention when they're the ones bringing up compromised e-mail servers. their time would be better spent apologizing to bernie sanders for the mistreatment he received at the hands of the democratic national committee. kon donald trump, using twitter, has been talking about bernie
10:19 am
sanders, too, encouraging sanders to keep up his fight and shine a lot on some of the behind-the-scenes e-mails that appear to demonstrate that, in fact, there was some effort inside the democratic national committee to help hillary clinton, something that bernie sanders and his campaign charged throughout the primary process. so, it's a little messy on this beautiful sunday here in philadelphia. this will be a story line that will continue in the days ahead, especially with bernie sanders having a prominent role at the dnc convention and his supporters, being among the delegates. alex? >> a beautiful and hot day here in philadelphia. thank you so much, kelly o'donnell, for that. let's bring in pennsylvania senator bob casey, joining me. thank you very much for being here, as always. i love speaking with you about many things. let's go right to bernie sanders, what he said this morning. we'll get your action on the other side. >> the dnc was not running a fair operation. that they were supporting
10:20 am
secretary clinton. debbie wasserman-schultz should not be chair of the dnc. and i think these e-mails reiterate that reason why she should not be chair. >> do you agree? >> alex, i think there should be some accountability here. but, look, that's really a decision that the democratic national committee has to make. but there should be accountability. but i'm not in a position to dictate what the dnc should do. the important thing here, though, is as much as mr. trump's campaign will make a lot of this, there has never been a more disunified convention than what the republicans just had in cleveland. it was really a disaster for them. this convention, not only from the vantage point of hillary clinton's early supporters, like me, but the whole party -- bernie sanders. the whole party is coming together to make sure that we tell the world more about hillary clinton's plans for the middle class and also making
10:21 am
sure that people know more about what donald trump has not proposed, which is almost nothing when it comes to strengthening the middle class or raising wages. >> but in the spirit of unity, senator, and trying to, you know, put the focus on what happens 99 days from now, would it help matters to have debbie wasserman-schultz step down? >> reading all the e-mails, which i haven't done, conducting a review and making a determination. i don't think a decision like that has to be made today. just to make people feel better on a sunday. we have to make sure that people are held accountable in circumstances like this. but the most important thing here is what's going to happen this november. and i think we have a chance to talk about hillary's ideas, her very specific plans, talk about what a great running mate tim kaine is and move forward. >> what about this whole russia
10:22 am
connection, that russian hackers have released these e-mails? where does that come from? is there any basis to that? >> i guess there is some reporting about that connection. i haven't read those stories. >> okay. tim kaine, what is it he brings to the ticket that is better than anyone else could? >> she made a governing decision for the country, not just a campaign tactical decision. >> in other words, were something to happen to her, he would be the best candidate to step into the office? >> and someone she can work with, be compatible with and turn over major responsibilities to, just as president obama has with vice president biden. that requires a personal chemistry, confidence and rapport. i think that will be there. tim i've known for a long time. i knew him in his time as governor and then forward.
10:23 am
this is a person with remarkable character and compassion. we have a lunch every tuesday. i tend to sit at his table. you tend to sit at the same tables, like in grade school. you can tell that in those circumstances more than in a public setting. >> i want to take a look at polls. neither trump nor clinton have broken 50% in the polls, an unusual number of undecided voters out there. it's always about getting out the vote and turning out the vote. do you have concerns about that? the likability for both at this point isn't that high. >> i'm not concerned. and i see everything through the lens of pennsylvania. i think this state in large measure, will dictate the outcome. in other words, the winner of pennsylvania will be the president. i think that will be hillary. >> but, you know mr. trump says it's going to be him. >> i know, but i'm willing to bet you.
10:24 am
>> ooh. >> i look at it in terms of where things are. i don't think it's a lack of enthusiasm. i just think people are going to be tuning in over time. i don't think -- because the conventions are early doesn't mean folks following these races and making decisions about candidates. when they take a close look at both candidates on two big issues, economic security and national security, i think hillary will win that debate hands down. >> one poll in which mr. trump is leading hillary clinton. >> alex, you know there are a lot of polls out there. >> true. >> it feels to me, if you could, with precision, be able to say what it is right now, it feels like it's close. >> yeah. >> but that's pretty consistent with our state. it's been a blue state. other than '08 it's been pretty close. it will be hard fought, work
10:25 am
hard for hillary. when people know the difference between them on a whole range of issues i think she'll do really well. >> there is a reason why philadelphia, the state of pennsylvania was chosen for this convention. how big of a bump do you expect or hope she will get coming out? >> we've cornered the market on good history here. >> right behind us, in fact. it's pretty spectacular. senator bob casey, thank you for your time. >> thank you. happening out now, out of control with no help from mother nature, live on the ground in california as wildfires trigger evacuations for more than 1,000 residents. to do one thing & another. only at&t has the network, people, and partners to help companies be... local & global. open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. i'm not a customer,
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happening now, wildfire in southern california is forcing hundreds of evacuations. that fire is burning out of control in santa clarita, 30 miles north of los angeles. scott cohn is keeping an eye on this for us. any containment or is it still raging out of control? >> reporter: we're looking at
10:29 am
10% containment here. alex, we know 18 homes have been destroyed, another one damaged in a fire that spans about 35 square miles. authorities are investigating the death of a man who was found in a car in the evacuation area. they're not sure yet if it was fire related. the winds are coming out of the south as opposed to yesterday, a little bit of relief from all the air quality issues they were dealing with south of here in los angeles. that's potentially good news as far as keeping it out of populated areas but bad news for the firefighters as winds pick up. 10% humidity. temperatures that have cooled a bit but still 97 today. temperatures back up into the triple digits all week long.
10:30 am
conditions are favoring the fire and not the 16,000 firefighters who are fighting it. alex? >> don't like to hear that, scott cohn. thank you for your report nonetheless. taking it to the streets. bernie sanders' supporters expressing their philadelphia freedom. the latest, next. staying in rhythm, it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones,
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we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. protests are certainly under way, not far from where we are. larger than any of the demonstrations we've seen throughout the republican convention. nbc's jacob rascon is marching right along with those protesters. people are coming out despite the heat, jacob. set the scene for us. >> reporter: and it is so hot outside. 95 degrees or so. this may be the coolest day we get all week, as you take a look again. this is where the march starts. the clean energy revolution, they call it. and i'm walking alongside a couple of organizers. this is winona and david. you come from washington, d.c.
10:34 am
you're from california. >> right. >> why come here to philadelphia? >> well, i'm with food and water watch. we've been organizing for the past six years to ban fracking and for clean energy revolution. we are telling democrats that their base wants a clean energy future and we're here to make that demand. >> and for you, david, why not come to cleveland? >> we believe we can move the democrats. why would you want to push an elected leader that won't actually come towards you? we feel our best chance is likely with the democratic party. >> and, besides, philadelphia and pennsylvania are one of the most impacted states in the nation from fracking. people have lost their water, their air is dirty. and we believe it's important to bring lots of people to pennsylvania to hear from the impacted people about what's
10:35 am
happened. >> reporter: how did you get so many people here? there may be 1,000 people here blocking several city block. >> people know fracking cannot be made safe, the hundreds of thousands of pounds of chemicals they're pumping into the ground, the stories about people's water being poisoned and suffering the health impacts and people are outraged about it. >> we have more than 1,000 groups from all 50 states that are here, who have helped to organize and bring this huge crowd out today. people are not going to say no for an answer for the clean energy revolution. >> it's important to note that a good majority of the americans, overwhelming majority of democrats want a ban on fracking. we need the party to also be consistent with the majority of americans. >> reporter: thank you, david and winona. we'll turn around and leave you with this. front of the march. police off in the distance. they do have a presence, albeit small. first march of the dnc much
10:36 am
larger than anything we saw all last week in cleveland. >> yeah. apparently, jacob, you're heading right to where we are in independence hall. anybody reacting to the wikileaks controversy? are you hearing from them about that? >> reporter: which controversy? did you say the did. -- dnc leaks? >> okay. all right. you know what? i'm actually going to take it back now. it's clearly very loud there for jacob, who couldn't hear me. thank you very much, jacob rascon. we'll get more on the leaked e-mails, that suggest that democratic staffers were working behind the scenes. bill richardson, former governor of new mexico joins me now. welcome to both of you. first let's talk about bernie sanders, who says that dnc was not running a fair operation. does he have a point? >> it appears from the leaked
10:37 am
e-mails, he does have a point. i was chair in 1999 and 2000. when i became chair i had already given al gore a thousand dollar check. first thing i did was to give bill bradley a thousand dollar check so i could treat them both equally. the dnc has to be fair and even handed. this is very disturng. i hope the secretary, when she reviews the facts, takes quick action and says whoever is accountable has to go. i don't think there's any choice. >> in one of these e-mails dnc staffers suggested ask about his belief in god. >> i find that offensive. i like bernie sanders. i'm a nonpracticing jew. we were raised jewish, and have an affinity with jewish people but my relationship with god is my business. >> make several points difference with my peeps. my southern baptist peeps would
10:38 am
draw a big difference between a jew and an atheist. >> just because you don't participate in organized religion doesn't mean you don't believe in god. that's highly offensive. it offends me. i'm not a person who wears my religion on my sleeve. but it also offends me. i don't know how bernie feel bus i don't like it. >> governor richardson, clinton campaign manager mook suggesting that the russians leaked this to help trump. what's more significant in your mind? >> look, they are offensive. i agree with governor rendell. bernie sanders has been an upfront, positive presidential candidate. i think at the same time, look at the timing here. wikileaks, no friend of the clintons. the russians, i don't know if there's an involvement there. i'm not -- i don't have access to some of this intelligence. but the reality is, this is a
10:39 am
convention where bernie sanders and his followers have gotten an awful lot of very positive things in the democratic platform on foreign policy, on student loans, on a lot of issues that are important to him. on the rules committee. you're going to see right now, i think, a unified convention, hopefully, that is not marred by this wikileaks controversy. it's not good. it's not good. at the same time, bernie sanders got over 30 states. he has been acknowledged as a leader of the party. he has is going to have a great future in the senate, pushing a lot of these issues. so, i think it's important that this issue is stabilized. but it is going to cause some concern the next two or three days. there's no question about it. >> and governor richardson, on this wikileaks e-mail
10:40 am
controversy what does hillary clinton do now? there have been a lot of concessions thus far. >> well, look, i think this is something that's very inside party issue. hopefully after a few days it will be resolved or tamped down. i think she has taken very positive steps toward bernie sanders, incorporating a lot of his views, showing his supporters it's very important we have a unified party, that she has a progressive ticket on the issues. she has moved considerably toward bernie sanders' position. i think it's the direction of the country, the vision of the country rather than some internal dnc frackas. >> i don't know if you can hear right now, governor. right behind me, everybody, we're hearing what jacob rascon was reporting about. there are hundreds of people now making their way. these are all people, many of
10:41 am
them, as jacob was reporting, sanders' supporters. they want to make their voices heard and are certainly doing it right now. i want to continue the conversation, though, on tim kaine. governor, he was not your top choice for the vp spot. why not? >> he's very close. >> resource second choice? >> absolutely, but i think tim kaine is a great choice. he's ready to be president. this what i love about hillary clinton. she picked someone who is ready to be president, has experience in the military, national security, foreign affairs as well as being a governor, mayor and senator. only 20 people in the history of the country have done that. so, tim kaine is ready. she knew because of his vote on tpp, it might cause her a little political problems. my message to progressives is, think about what tim kaine has done with his life. 17 years as a lawyer, representing poor people in housing districts, didn't go to
10:42 am
wall street make a lot of money. as progressive internally as he can be. i think secretary clinton deserves credit for picking him. i think they'll be a great team. >> we cannot ignore what's going on behind here. you are the chair of this convention. how concerned are you that there will be demonstrations like this that can be disruptive? >> it can be. i have a lot of confidence in the philadelphia police. civil affairs unit is experienced about handling demonstrators. because this is the home of the birth of the country, we have demonstrators here four days a week. i think we're ready. >> all right. governor richardson, i want to ask you if there's a moment for you that crystallized the point when you felt that hillary clinton would be presidential material. when was that point? >> well, the debates. i ran -- i was a candidate in '08. i didn't do too well, but just seeing her at debates, her experience in national security,
10:43 am
working families as a senator, homeland security. issues that are important to average people. she was the best debater of all of us. and i saw there a supreme intellect. i also was a congressman when she pushed this health care initiative that gave health care to 8 million kids. kids were insured because of her initiative. i knew there was something special about her intellect, about her commitment and so it crystallized in those periods in the early '90s and when clinton came into office, president clinton, and she was pushing the health care initiative. then in the democratic debates in '08, when she was far better prepared than anybody else. i think president obama was obviously the one that inspired the most. but on the issue, she's always been very strong on the issues. and i agree about tim kaine. i wanted an hispanic on the ticket, because i'm hispanic and think we deserve that.
10:44 am
at the same time, i think tim kaine fulfills that commitment with spanish speaking, with his experience in the peace corps and national speaking experience. >> governor richardson, thank you so much. wish you were here with us, sir. the governor and i are going to unplug during the commercial break and take a look at what's happening just on the other side of our terrace here. it's quite remarkable. we'll have more reaction to what's happening near philadelphia as well as a trump supporter as to the controversy about the wikileaks e-mails. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
10:45 am
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10:48 am
i'm looking now -- people are so upset when you use the word muslim. and i'm okay with it, because i'm talking territory instead of muslim. just remember this. our constitution is great. but it doesn't necessarily give us the right to commit suicide, okay? we have a religious, you know -- everybody wants to be protected. and that's great. and that's the wonderful part of our constitution. i view it differently. >> joining me now on the phone, sam clovis, national co-chair for the trump campaign. thank you for joining me. can you explain what we just heard in english? if he were president, how would donald trump treat muslim immigrants? >> i think the whole issues we're talking about immigration here, the much larger issue, and dealing with the ability to vet individuals that are coming to this country and getting the cooperation of our allies across the world to make sure that we all are sharing information,
10:49 am
we're doing the right things to make sure we know from where these people are coming and what their motivations are, their ability to support themselves, and their connections in the country. we need a stronger vetting system. i think that's exactly what mr. trump is talking about. >> okay. now, sam, the problem i have with that, i understand it when you've just explained it to me. it was not clear when mr. trump was trying to explain it on a national broadcast earlier today. isn't that of concern, that he's not going to be able to explain things clearly to the american public if he's the one sitting in the oval office? >> i think a lot of people in the american public already understand mr. trump perfectly well. i don't think that it's really -- what goes on here, often times, alex -- and i don't mean any disrespect at all. i think you guys do a tremendous job but sometimes we all get spun up on the inside of the beltway, inside new york or sni the punditry and we're expecting poor decimal place precision and
10:50 am
everything. the american people don't have that standard. they want a leader, they're looking for a leader and i think they've found one am mr. trump. >> so, sam, on friday, mr. trump held a convention wrap-up press conference. he ended up ranting about ted cruz, a candidate who has been out of the race almost three months. which raises this question. can anyone actually control trump, keep him on message?
10:51 am
10:52 am
i think we're going to be in great shape when he get in the white house on january 20th. >> all right sam clovis. thanks for phoning in. i do appreciate that. we'll be right back. ♪
10:53 am
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10:55 am
amidst a lot of commotion and demonstrations behind me
10:56 am
here many philadelphia, the editorial page editor for the philadelphia ink inquirer. do you have expectations for the event? >> we do. we want people to come here to be boisterous. as long as they are not violent. >> what about the expectations for the convention? do you expect unity? do you expect a bump for hillary sclnt. >> i think the candidate always gets a bump. here she'll show some of that intimacy. some of the personalable she hasn'thown on the campaign trail for the primaries. people really need to feel close to her at this point. >> do you think philadelphia pennsylvania general is going to remain in the hands of hillary clinton. >> i would think so. i think people say between pittsburgh and philadelphia you have a lot of red leaning individuals but i don't think mr. trump has made the
10:57 am
case for pennsylvanians to follow him. >> this was a quick week. we'll have you back on next saturday. and for all of you thank you for joining us. i'm alex witt. up next chuck todd's interview with with bernie sanders and donald trump. stay where us here an msnbc i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. ♪
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so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. this sunday, the democratic national convention gets under way here in philadelphia. after a raucous and unpredictable republican convention that ended with the nomination of donald trump. >> i am with i am with you. i will fight for you. you, and i. >> this morning my sit-down with donald trump. on his convention speech. >> the only negre views were a little dark. >> as if he's backing off hn his muslim ban. >> i don't think it's proecht. in fact you could say it is a expansion. >> and tim kaine. >> tim kaine was a slap in the face to bernie sanders. >> plus hillary clinton and tim kaine hit the road


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